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Published Weekly by
Uoldberg Ruppln Proprietors
101S Franklin Ave
Subscription 150 per year
Foreign 200 per year
All communications for publication
must reach this office not later than
900 a in Wednesday
Entered as second class matter No
vember 20 1908 at the postofflce at
Houston Texas under the Act of
March 3 1879
The ewlsh Ilciald Invites corre
apunden o on subjects of interest to
the Jowuli people but disclaims re
sponsibility for or indorsement of the
views expressed by the writes
Now Moon Kisle v Wednesday Nov 22
Thanksgiving Day Thursday Nov 30
Uanuccah Saturday Dec 10
Now Moon Tebeth Friday Dec 22
Fast of Tebeth Sunday Dec 31
New Moon Shebat Saturday Jan 20
New Moon Adar Monday Feb 19
Fast of Esther Thursday Feb 29
Purim Sunday March 3
New Moon Nissan Tuesday March 19
First Day Pessach Tuesday April 2
Seventh Day Pessach Mon April S
New Moon Iyar Thursday April IS
Lag lOmer Sunday May 5
New Moon Sivan Friday May 17
Shabuoth Wednesday May 22
New Moon Tammuz Sunday June 16
Fast of Tannnuz Tuesday July 2
New Moon Ab Monday July 15
Fast of Ab Tuesday July 23
New Moon Ellul Wednesday Aug 14
ItoPh Hashono Thursday Sept 12
The previous day is also observed
There is often found among our peo
ple those who while surrounded by
those of other faiths deliberately jest
at their people and believe themselves
above the mark for which their jest is
intended We witness men of our
faith and usually more often th03s
whose profession and standing should
gain and demand respect usually thy
renter of a throng whose dart is aimed
at the Jew and reviled by way of a
joke which is not alone an open insult
to our people but a far greater affront
to those of our people who do not sul
ficiently respect themselves to take
offense and yet out of absolute fear
that the other hearers might believe
that the joke Etrikes home the repre
sentative of our race if so he might be
termed but with apologies joins in the
laughter and thereby not only reflects
upon his own people but upon him
We must first respect our people
and if this is properly done there
would be fewer instances of an attempt
by way of jokes to insult our people
and create a little more respect from
those who feel called upon to use Jthe
Jew as thd butt of their ridicule ioh
theilelight of an element which still
exists and which gloats over the op
portunity t6 give vent to his real feel
ings and his lack of respect Let us
ondit altogether and1 when the story
teller begins to use your people as the
butt of his remarks give vent to your
opinion and show that what he says of
your people he hurls at you and In
the course of time there will be little
cause from embarrassment in certain
The united efforts of a body of men
and women is bound to bring results
We recall how in many quarters tho
efforts to frown at the movement for
elimination of the caricature of the
Jew upon the American stage and not
withstanding some of the faith took
no part yet the efforts of the great
majority received its reward and it is
rare indeed when we arc now forced
to blush while attending performances
and especially those at the vaudeville
theatres where most often wo were
confronted with this character
So in many things organization is a
necessity and each individual should
realize that to overcome obstacles and
in preparation for emergencies It is a
splendid rule to precede li by an or
ganization ready to meet and light for
truth right and honesty and in the
name of an organization present a de
fense which must receive and demand
Again individual efforts seldom se
cure relief and in many instances the
individual will have reasons to justify
his failure to lend his efforts at the
trying period when most needed and
all the more reason for the organiza
tion which is made up of the individ
uals and representative thereof If
you are not a member of some good
organization which embodies these fea
tures you are delinquent in your duty
to yourself and to your follow man
The Zionists of Texas will begin
gathering this week at Austin Texas
where the annual convention will be
held commencing January 1st
These people are engaged in a se
rious undertaking requiring the join
der of the radical with the conserva
tive whereby the benefits of each
might enter and increase the useful
ness of the organization and carry for
ward the object of the movement on
which uie organization is founded
Tbe people of Austin will properly
welcome the convention and by hold
ing the meeting in the capital city
they will increase its opportunity of
acquiring additional material and in
crease the activity of its labors Tho
Houston convention found tho organ
ization well established and at Austin
many questions discussed and encour
aged will again receive a hearing and
eome that are best for the organization
will be adopted
Propaganda work will receive a great
deal of attention and rightly so bo
causeit is after all otto ftt tli e mUtifl
requirements in order to further the
aims of the organization and reach tho
high point for which they strive
May the gathering draw together
men and women serious and honesj in
this belief and thereby give to tho or
ganization that which is best and need
ed In the perpetuation of the ideals of
Zionism and tho successful culmination
of years of labor
May their work find new material
who will enlist and become active aud
that the deliberations and meetings be
held on a plane which will call for
commendation and bring praise to the
men and women who believe in Zion
ism its purpose and its future
Were Santa Claus a Jewish myth
and tho Christmas tree a Jewish cus
tom the Vacuum Cleaners of Juda
ism would have long ago ridden the
Jewish homes of the last speck of
these musty tornfooleries But bo
cause the Christmas tree Christmas
stocking and Christmas gift are non
Jewish customs they must be intro
duced in all the clover rational and
uptodate Jewish homes It is only
the cross and crucifix which are ta
booed from our homes other Christ
mas symbols and ceremonies are wel
come guests We can poison the minds
and imbue the hearts of our children
with the spirit of Christianity in a way
whicli appeals to them most and yet
without apparently doing any violence
to our Jewish conscience But do you
know why Because the Jewish con
science is dead She expired not on
the rack of martyrdom nor on the
battle field of pogroms but in the
tender arms of Brother Prosperity
The Christian Churches of America
will undergo a great test next Sunday
The introduction of tho New Year in
this country has become an occasion
ior revelry and ribaldry especially in
tho large cities in which the streets
and restaurants are besieged by a
boisterous and licentious mob whose
conduct tails nothing Bhort of tho
grossest form of vulgarity Inasmuch
as this year New Year is ushered in
on the eve of the Christian Sabbath
it is to be seen how far the moral
strength of the churches will be able
to check the scandalous conditions
which have heretofore prevailed Our
Gentile brethren could learn a great
deal from the solemnity with which
the Jewish New Year is observed and
the preachers of the Gospel could ad
vantageously point to the Jews as
models In this respect But when the
Jew is mentioned in the church th e
Christian ministers with a mighty few
exceptions assume towards liim the
attitude so admirably expressed by
the EngliflfcKb aruV MenteovU jjratftcct
livo In brass their virtues wo xvte in
water By tho way we know bfa
Society for tho Sane Observance of
Christmas that is headed by an
American rabbis and wo wonder that
no Society for tho Sane Observance
of New Year has as yet been formed
Is there perhaps no rabbis who would
accept tlic presidency j
We would like to hoar from an au
thority on the propriety of the adver
tising matter which a Jowish papor
may publish When the exchanges of
an Australian contemporary reach us
we always think that a whiskey man
ufacturer sent us a pamphlet as tho
advertisement of a liquor concern on
the outside of tho front cover almost
hides the very title of the paper Fur
thermore wc would like to knowhow
far the crusade of an indigenous con
temporary against Christians and
Christmas myths is compatible with
the reproduction df a giant Santa Claus
among its advertising matter
During the year just closed the Bar
on De Hirsch Institute of Montreal
Quebec expended 10000 in tubercu
losis work and 30000 in immigration
work Thereure now 988 contributors
to the institute
The Hebrew Philanthropic Society
the oldest Jewish charity in Liverpool
England celebrated its one hundredth
anniversary last Sunday
Mr Frank L Cohen has again been
chosen by the electors of the Spring
burn Ward Glasgow Scotland to rep
resent their interests on the Tdwn
Council by a majority over his oppon
ent of 1647
Mr Sol Levy has been elected to a
seaton the South Shields England
Town Council He is the first Jowish
Councilor in South Shields
By the death of Herr Julius Oestor
reicher the Jowish community of Bros
lau has received a legacy of one and a
quarter million marks 02500 for
tho establishment of an orphan asyltira
At a meeting of tho German branch
of the Alliance Israelite held in Ber
lln on the 6th inst a strong protest
was made againBt the attempt of the
leaders of tho Alliance in Paris toiatfpl
ish general suffrage and replace < lt by
cooperation A warning was uttered
against the procedure hi Paris which
signifies a destruction of the idea of
the Alliance Israelite Universale ana
may involve u dissolution of the Al
liance in Germany y
The Novoe Vremya is responsible
for a report from Stockholm announc
ing a petition of the local merchants
in favor of the expulsion of three thou
sand RuBsoJewish traders who settled
there during the revolutionary period

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