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When th Mtrcury Gtta Dorn That
Low Honey FUm.
The Up-to-DaU Hatpin Is Extreme
ly Dangeroui.
Spurring' his jaded horse to renewed
tfcrt whin the animal should be refreshed
proper food and rest, is about as sen
f as prescribing nerve tonics, alcoholic
t ,'i')ounds, coca mixtures and cocktails
li.ch only spur on the already weakened
r rvous system. Neither does it do to put
I'..'.- nerves to sleep with narcotics. When
t i , worn-out, broken down, jaded, and
i - c fleets of brain tire as well as nerve
... in ss, sleeplessness and fatipue, take
: i. roe's Golden Medical Discovery, a
' ' -.c which will do you lasting pood, build
j if', increase your appetite and strength
; in prove the condition of the blood.
1 the blood is impoverished the nerves
f he effect. Nervousness in nine cases
i f ten i the ''cry of the starved nerves
i i id:' Fted the nerves on rich blood
f nervous manifestations will cease.
'. hrx it en seven months since using Ir.
i" '!.'' !i-n Medical Discovery, and I only
let i flirt e 1-ottlesof the medicine when it made
r:i- s-l '.i ce a new man." writes S. A. Miller,
..; , :,r. or Mr. AmiK Ilyre, R. I). 10), Dayton,
r.. ''I had ('.iwt'jred with two local physi
i Hthoit lu-tu in. 1 felt nil worn out, ami
K:; an awi'ii! misery in my hack for two years
ts'-tU'i d a ehaime for the better when I
't can u.-ins your ' Golden Medical Discovery.' "
To pi its knowledfee of your own body
in sickness and he;;l!h send for the Peo
ple's Common .Sense Medical Adviser. A
Look of 1008 papes. Send 21 cents in
stamps for paper-covered, or, 31 stampa
f""" cloth-hound copy. Address Dr. R, V.
Pierce., Mi'! Main Street, Bultalo, N. Y.
Twelve Thousand Ton of Dressed
.Heat Sent Out to Consumers
In One Day.
Lie enormous output of a Chicago
stockyard is well Illustrated by the fol
lowing figures: At one of these places
alone in a single day, as many as 26,000
cattle, 29,000 hogs and 27,000 sheep, or
a total of over 80,000 animals, vrll arrive
in the stockyard3.
The 26,000 cattle would arrire in 1.313
cars, and the animals would weigh 30,
407,000 pounds, representing, dressed,
tne enormous total of 18,000,000 pounds,
or 3,000 tons of beef furnished by Chi
cago in one day.
The sheep would weigh 2,234,000
pounds, and would make 584 tons of
mutton, while the hogs would yirtd
2,616 tons of pork.
The cattle, sheep and hogs combined
would give a grand total of 12,000 ton
of dressed meat distributed among the
consumers of the world in one day by
this single livestock market
The meat would fill a refrigerator
train oTer eight miles long, and the
animalg, as receive, would make a
train of 1,887 cars, or a solid train of
14 miles, or a solid procession of ani
mals, in single file, extending over a
distance of 80 miles.
A chinos Remedy
Hydrophobia is treated in a highly
original manner by Chinese doctors.
Two sandstone bottles half-filled with
wine or spirit are heated until the liquid
boils. The contents are then emptied
and the redhot mouth of the bottle is
applied to t he bite and held there until it
is filled with blood, when the same pro
cess is gone through with the other bot
tle. A decoction is made of glutinous
rice, called kian-ml-ou-lou, in which
seven cantharldes are boiled. The flies
are tak-en out and the rice is given to the
patient, who is to be kept quiet. The
celestials have no less than 16 kinds of
cough the cough from cold, damp, heat,
grief, anger, fatigue, indigestion, the
obstinate cough, the night cough being
among them. Before a limb is ampu
tated the member is dried up by exposure
to the sun.
The American ship C. F. Sav
gent has arrived in Portland from
Alaska, with 40,000 cases of cai.l
aalmon on board.
Impure blood always shows
somewhere. If the skin, then
boils, pimples, rashes. If the
nerves, then neuralgia, nerv
ousness, depression. If the
stomach, then dyspepsia,
biliousness, loss of appetite.
Your doctor knows the
remedy, used for 60 years.
KetnrtiluK frm the ('nlmn war, I wg a
perfnot wreck. Mv blooii w lisil, and my
health wag gone tint a few hottles of Ajer'S
Sarsaparillii completely cured me."
!f. C. Ikikhlkk, .Scranton, Pa.
f 00 a bottle.
All li mrtist.
f.nwell, Mftfl.
Aid the Sarsaparilla by keeping the
toovvc'3 rcs'lar with Ayer's Pills.
Impure Blood
Defter Than m Revolver In the Itaada
of a Woman AHMktd by a Hlgh
wsrnuin How It la
I sd.
"What shall we do in case we are at
tacked by some ruffian?" is the question
women have aBked In every part of the
country since the recurrence of the bru
tal "hold-ups" by tramps. The man to
whom the question is put, says the Cin
cinnati Enquirer, will immediately an
swer: "Carry a revolver." But wom
en dread revolvers almost as much as
they do the possibility of attack when
out at night. Few women possess the
nerve necessary to use a pistol with ef
fect when set upon by a burly stranger
in a lonely road. Then there is the ob
jection to a revolver in the possession
of a woman that she would be averse to
suspecting the motive of every man she
met, a.nd would probably fail to draw the
revolver until too late for fear of mak
ing a foolish mistake. What, then, can
bb provided for her that will be as dead
ly in her hands as a revolver, and yet
absolutely g.if t so far as she is concerned,
and ever re.nl y p.t hand whether wanted
for uso or not?
The answer to the puzzle has been pro
vided by those who make women's hat
pins. A hatpin has been designed and
will soon be ready for sale that is in
tended primarily for use as a weapon of
defense. It is in reality a stiletto,
masquerading as an Innocent little hat
pin. It is made of fine steel, that will
bond but will not r-'ak, as sharp as a
needle and hardeneu at the end so that
it can be used with deadly effect as a
dageer, and with a handle that enables
a woman to gTasp it for use ae a weapon
and hold it so that it cannot easily be
pulled from the hand.
There are two ways of holding the new
hatpin. It can be held with the thumb
pressed against the top, or with the but
ton grasped in the palm of th hand.
In either way it Is quit as terrible a
weapon as a razor, and one moreover
that cannot easily be wrested from the
hand that holds it
The method of using the new weapon
to the best advantage when attacked is
to aim at the face of the highwayman.
It is not likely that he will wait for the
Wow. A woman armed with one of these
stilettos, even if she has not the slightest
idea of the rules of the dagger duello is
likely to do more damage in a few sec
onds than a hungry tiger. The wicked
little blade is so small that it is impossi
ble to grasp it to wrench it away from
its owmer, and yet so keen is it and so
light that, used by a woman frenzied by
fear, It is likely to be more dangerous
to a highwayman thaa a Oatling gun.
In considering the advantages of this
weapon in the hands or women, those
who advocate its use point out that
every woman is laminar with its use.
While the average woman would find a
revolver Cumbersome and difficult to
draw from pocket or bag, the hatpin
ean be whisked out in a second by a prac
ticed hand. No woman would care to be
forever plucking a revolver from her
pocket when out In a lonely district And
yt there are times when a suspicious
looking character comes Into the offing
and prudence whispers: "Beware of
him." While moat women would shrink
under those circumstances from pulling
out a revolver, It is an innocent act to
put the hand to the hat and draw out one
of the stiletto hatpins. With this in her
hand the nervous woman is ready for
the stranger, whatever his intenUons.
If he is an innocent man he will prob
ably take no notiee of the woman's ac
tion. K he is a rascal it is more than
probable that he will mark the motive
for the act and lei the woman pass unmo
It Is an axiom with the members of the
police force that the woman with the
hatpin is more to be feared than an
armed and desperate burglar. The rea
son is that the burglar's hand could not
travel hlpward without a bullet or a
club disabling his arm. The woman
with the hatpin, however, has to be
watched with lynx eyes, and even then
is likely to have the weapon concealed
up her sleeve for use when opportunity
somes. The inventors of the stiletto hat
pin had this In mind when they decided
to design a weapon that would be pe
culiarly a woman's weapon, and yet b
sufficiently deadly to do as much damage
as the most ardent opponent or tne gen
tleman of the road could wish.
t'aea of th Telephone
To the making of Irish bulls there is
no end, according to Marshall P. Wild
er. Here is one of the latest breaks of
the Celtic species, if the humorist is to be
An Irishman Just over sees a telephone
on the wall, and never having seen one
before, asks what it is.
"It's a telephone," he is told.
"Phat's a tlllyphone used for?" qnerieE
"Why, to talk through, of course."
"Can I talk to Mike upstairs through
thot thing?"
"Why, of course."
Pat goes to the telephone and calls up
Mike. "Is that you, Mike?"
"Yes," oomes the answer.
"Well." says Pat. "stick yer head out
the window, I want to talk to ye."
Rochester Post-ETTiress,
aiimona of Dollars Additional Out
lay Nceltatd br Stover Cold
Snap In the City of
Hew Tork.
Every time the mercury hangs about
zero for three or four days, the expenses
of New York are increased by millions of
dollars, state the Sun.
Public arul domestic economy in this
latitude is adjusted foi a winter tempera
ture of somewhere betwee-u 20 and 35
degrees. If the ordinary expenditures
of the people of this city are estimated
it about $3,500,000 normally a day, the
increased cost of living in extremely
cold weather is probably more than half
a million dollars a day. In addition to
this, there is an enormous loss from the
incapacity of thousands to work sX all or
to do their accustomed full day's work.
The increased cost of food alone is en
ormous with a fall of 20 or 25 degrees
below the ordinary winter temperature.
The most expensive foods are then con
sumed in increased quantities, and hun
dreds of thousands increase their con
sumption of alcoholic drinks under the
false impression that they thus keep
The consumption of fuel in zero weath
er is increaeed somewhat between 2.r and
40 per cen t. To the ordinary household
er who heat a his own house it may be in
creased 50 to 75 per pent. Lone house
in the suburbs increase 'their fuel con
sumption in very cold weather by nearly
100 per cent.
It is impossible to estimate the wear
and tear of extra clothing in cold weath
er, but with all the hundred of thou
sands who cannot stay in doors at such
times the item aggregates a large sum.
The increased cost of local transporta
tion, whether the power he steam, elec
tricity or just mere horses, is a very' im
portant item. The fuel necessary to gen
erate increajsd power of one sort or an
other is one elemett of this cost. Horses
must be better fed with the most expen
sive kind of provender, and the wear and
tear of rolling stock is greatly increased.
New York's bill of repairs for the two
recent cold snaps must be greatly be
yond the normal. Plumbing repair bills
alone have probably exceeded those of
the three summer months.
The waste of water alone is another
considerable item. Doctors' bills are
trebled and quadrupled for thousands.
Even the item of domestic breakage is
considerably increased in cold weather,
and there is a large loss from damage to
perishable food.
If losses of income, of production and
from breakage and damage of various
kinds be considered along with Increased
cost of living the seven or eight days of
extremely cold weather in January must
have cost New York almost as many mll
liona, and If the loss on sales caused
by the lessened stream of buyers from
the country be considered the bill will
be enormously increased.
A Vcrjr Aaoloat Bvtton.
While workmen were excavating un
der a house in Salisbury square, Lon
don, recently, they came upon a nearly
complete skull of a woolly Siberian
rhinoceros. Although the lower Jaw
is missing, the specimen is the finest
and most perfect ever discovered out
side of the Siberian tundra. The find
was made in a bed of peat, and near
by other bones, believed to have be
longed to some other species of rhin
oceros, were unearthed. It is a far
cry backward to the days when Eng
land was the home of such animals.
-I Cl'i
( )trdet
via '
F conic Line.
ThroutrhBtRTKiHrfl sleeping rr1 Hi: y between
'irilen awl f'hii huo via tho iconic ' l'e.
Through Rt mlnnl sleepine cars dail " between
'olorado Sprints anl st lxuia.
Through utau-lard ami tourist slecpinK cars
oilr lirtwocii Fra'ipifeo and Chicago via
l.os Angeles atil Kl I'asn. .
Through sfHiKlard slopping car and chair
irs daily between St. Paul and Chicago.
Be sure to see that your ticket reads via the
Great Rock Island Route
The bwt and most, reasonable dining car ser
vice. Middav lunch 50 rents.
For rates, folders and descriptive literature
write to
i . R. r.flRUiM r.rn VJ. BAINTER I
it."1 onrc eek "'t '
and Oictu' ee t
Zi Alder St.Portland, Ore.
fegetable Pr cparalionfor As
similaling the Food andBegula
ting the Stomachs and Dowels of
Promotes Digeslion.Cheerful
nessandRest.Contains neither
Opium.Morphine norIineral.
fimtfikm Seal'
ItothtlU Sclit
jtaise Seed- t
J hpprrhunt -BiCttrbmakSoda
CImtfied Aiyar
hutttnrfwn Flavor:
Aperfecl Remedy forConstipa
fion, Sour S to mach, Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions ,Fcverislv
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature oP
f mT Rational ank
Transact a General
Collections made on all points on reasonable terms. Surplus and undivided profits 35,U00.
Photography for the
Half its Former Cost
American Jr.
With Double
Plate Holder
Our facilities enable
us to furnish cameras
of the highest grade at
prices which cannot
be met.
Send for illustrated
catalogue telling all
about our 27 styles
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946 Si. Paul St.. Rochester, N. Y.
For Infants and Children.
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Always Bought
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hor over
Thirty Years
I O. W. OONSER Cashier
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Banking Business.
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A Use
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