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| Go to the Store Which Sets thB
| Prices and Makes Others Folio J
at prices to meet your expec
[ii] tations. We sell at prices that reliable [■] flHj
8 goods can not be sold for less. We
^ have the stock to please you.
lxcoj. .sl ;\x>oco x:\^cxx)oooooocx3:v:>cxfcg^
G11AS. DEPPS Cigars
Barber Shop and Bathrooms and
Ketchikan. Alaska Tobacco
in II «...!■■ ..TT-r-a.i. r.. - ^mct
: Northern Machine Works
V/. F. SCULCIMN, Prop.
General Machine and Blacksmith Work
Iron, Steel and Piping on Hand
Special Attention to Mine and Marine Work
Ketchikan - Alaska j
ISSSSSiwifiSit^■ .lii2£sj££sLi*l -.-.^ZL
* iing'R
We Make a Specialty cf Fine Cedar Shingles Sawed i
From the best of Alaska Red Cedar. Patronize Home In- [
dustry and Save Money. f;
| INMAN & BORCII, Proprietors P
ji Ketchikan, = = = = = Alaska |
ijti Nothing but First-class Work Satisfaction Guaranteed !y
Ketchikan Steam Laundry
A. #
\V. F. SMITH, Manager 4
| |
Send in your work or leave your orders,
$ and Maude will call for them. 1
New Town Ketchikan x
<•• ;■ y*.-•>?5"i»"i-9>*a■! 5»M* i'i
| The Tyee Cogger Co., . |
frij Are Prepared to Purchase COPPER, GOLD E
Ep and SILVER ORES. Smelting Works at Lady- p*
smith, Vancouver Island, B. G. Convenient to g*
the E. N. Branch of the G. P. R. and the Sea. E
Li _ E
| - B
Operating the Fast Steamships
Jefferson and Dolphin
Carrying U. S. Mails Between
Seattle, Ketchikan, Juneau, Douglas, Haines, Skagway
Jefferson, northbound. July 2. 14. 20. Autr. 7 Southbound. July 6, I«. 30. Auy. 11
Dolphin, northhound, July 9. 20. August 1. Southbound. July 1; 18. 24. August 5
The steamers Jefferson and Dolphin w ill make excursion trips via Sitka, bculnnintr Juno
27th. and eontinulm; until August 7th.
S. S. I’arnllon will call at Tyte. Kluwaclt and Hunurs Bay until further notice
Steamers and sailing dates subject to change without notice.
• Through tickets and bills of lading issued.
For further information apply to
H. S. REYNOLDS. Acent Ketchikan, Alaska
S. A. LOVE Freight Acent, Seattle. CHAS. E. PEABODY, Manager, Seattle
HI British Columbia Ccast Service L—j
fal \*
[=1 PRINCESS MAY North bound June 10, 24; July 8, 22
Lm South bound June 13, 27, July 11, 26 ~
[n] L"
North bound June 17; July I, 15, 29 n
[h] PRINCESS BEATRICE Wh bound Ju;e 20;. Jn'y ‘® it
J=| August 1 r—'
a L!L
Bates NUt-ject to ihanpt* w ithout notice r-r
es ®
=i Arrive North Bound May 22, June 2; Depart South Bound May 24, June 4 —
<’nmurt inj.'at Varu-oim r with Canadian Far ilk* Hallway Odnpan* s trains daily =
ral for S« iiitle tinrl nil points Ka>t. or with iioat f»>r St little, via Victoria. ihiough ■
—1 tickets for all Pu,■< t Sound. Kastcrn and Furoptnn points. p=
B F. E. RYUS, Agent, Ketchikan. S
1 J. COYLE, J. W. TROllP, |
— Asrirtant G. P. Afit-.J Vancouver. General Superintendent, Victoria g
■IS 5] (§ f ©£ <§ Bis
Subscribe For the DAILY MINER
Ketchikan Power company, met with
a painful accident between eight and
nine o'clock this morning. While
engaged in loading some heavy tim
bers onto a scow he was caught be
tween two t f them at the bottom of
the slide, with the result of having
both legs above the knees badly
bruised, though fortunately no bones
were broken. His injuries, however,
are such as to incapacitate and excuse
him from manual labor for an indefi
nite period.
Congressman Wesley L. .Tones has
announced himself a candidate for the
Senatorial toga now worn by Levi
Ankeny. It is sincerely to be hoped
! that the next Washington legislature
! may have the good sense to give him
| the preference over all aspirants.
San Francisco, July 12.—Three
members of the crew of the whaler
I Olga are held in prison here as wit
nesses against Capt. Klingenberg, who
is under indictment for the murder of
, Hngineer Paul, of the Olga, in Octo
| her l!)l>5.
Pittsburg, July 12.—Mrs. Thaw this
j morning closed a deal whereby she
' received $2,000,000 for 1000 acres ol
; coal lands in this state. She sold the
property, which lias been the main
source of income tor the estate, to
raise money for her son's defense.
Tokio, Japan, July 12.—A semi
official newspaper in this city pub
lished what purported to he an inter
view with Premier Ito on the situa
tion now existing with regard to the
United States of America and Japan.
In the course of the interview he
said: "It is my idea and the wish ol
the governmental party of Japan to
see nothing hut the best intentions in
the actions of the United States, but,
and I wish it were otherwise, I can
bib, feel that there is something sin
ister, something threatening in the
transfer of the battleships of our
neighbor from the Atlantic to the
Pacific coast. It is rather difficult to
accept the assurance that it is but a
maneuver, and that that country is
trying to ascertain just how mobile
her big ships are. They say the move
has no connection with the Japanese
Anierican situation, and I sincerely
hope that what they say is true: but
as a loyal son of ray native land I can
not put away the notion that the ves
sels are being moved to get them into
position to threaten my country.”
Washington, July 12.—President
Roosevelt yesterday gave out what he
considers is the remedy for the abuses
flie railroads are now perpetrating,
lie suggests that the national govern
ment purchase and hold enough stock
in each of the larger railroads to
secure a representative on the hoard
of directors, and thus keep advised ol
the actual conditions of the business.
The socialists of this city hail this
with joy, seeing in it the entering
wedge of government ownership ol
the railroads for, they say, if it is
well for the national government to
hold an interest in the railroads and
take part in the management of the
roads, why does it not apply with
equal force to owning the entire sys
tems? The railroad interests are rid
| iculing the entire scheme, claiming
: that such a move would he nonsensical
and impracticable.
Seattle, July 12.—Alaska’s gold
fields and copper deposits have
achieved world wide fame and well
entitled to it they are too; but now it
appears as though she is about to
acquire more renown. Some time ago
some strange ore was brought down
from near Nome which defied all local
and national assayers. They could
not decide what the peculiar metal it
contained was. A piece of it was sent
to the Society of Scientific Research
in Paris, France, and the discovery
was made that the rock contained rad
ium—the first ever discovered in a
free state. This occurred last spring.
Immediately an expedition was fitted
out by the French society and last
night Henri Bertholoot, a member of
the society, sailed on the Pennsyl
vania for Nome to locate, if possible,
the ledge whence the specimen had
been secured. If the rock occurs in
any quantity it will be tiie richest find
of any kind ever made, as the price of
the metal at the present time is five
million dollars a pound. M. Bertho
loot says he is satisfied that it is the
only deposit in the world where rad
ium occurs in a free state.
Butte, July 17.—Nicholas Kent,
assistant postmaster of this city, is
missing, and with him $10,000 of the
post office funds. ' It is generally be
leived that lie was demented.
Tacoma, July 17. — Congressim r
Cushman announced this morning that
lie would support his collegue Wes
" ley L. Jones in his fight for the sena^
torship of the eastern part of thii
> 1 state.
Born.—To Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hil
liard, Thursday night, July 11, 1!)07,
at. 11 a baby girl. Mother and
child both doing well, and swelled
head of the paternal parent expected
to regain its natural proportions just
as soon as ho recovers sufficiently to
be able to realize the fact that the
same thing has happened to others
several thousands of millions of times
heretofore prev iously.
Miss Alice B. Hamblett, a former
resident of this section, anti who was
for a time teacher of the native school
at Port Gravinn, died at the home of
her sister, in Seattle, on the Jrd inst.
She was a sister of Jj- ph and Ellis
Hamblett, who are inlet ested in min
ing properties at Thorne Arm, in this
district, and was a won n of consid
erable literary and musical attain
Col. J. H. Conrail, the Windy arm,
B. C., mining operator, and well
known in this district, was a north
bound passenger on the Seattle yester
day. He is on his way home from
London, in which place he sojourned
on business during the past winter.
Mr. C. H. Black, of Seattle, and his
Detroit friends left on the Seattle yes
terday for the round trip to Sitka and
all intervening points of interest.
Mrs. Kazis Krauczunns left on the
City of Seattle yesterday, for a week
or ten days’ visit with friends at
The new planking on the Dock
street front of the Ketchikan Club
building was a much needed improve
ment, and one which makes the prem
ises look much more respectable.
Sam Guyot, the indefatigable com
mercial traveler, is again in town.
Attempted Suicide.—Fred Gervais,
a miner and prospector, who is the
owner, or part owner of some pros
pectively valuable mining locations
near Hollis, Prince of Wales island,
sometime during the night of the 9th
inst., or early morning of the 10th,
attempted self-destruction by slashing
his throat with a razor. The fact
that he had been acting rather queer
ly the evening of the 9th was reported
the following morning to some of the
residents of the place, a number of
whom went to his cabin, outside of
which they found ample evidence of
some kind of a tragedy having been
enacted, and going into the cabin
found Gervais on the bed rolled up in
a blanket saturated with his own
blood. In talking with him during a
subsequent partially lucid interval, he
made a rambling statement that tho
officials from Ketchikan were on the
beach and had given him the alterna
tive of paying a line of $200, going to
jail or taking his own life, and that
he had accepted the last. He also
stated that he would have completed
the job bv shooting himself, but for
te fact that he had no cartridges for
his gun—which statement was sub
stantiated by the condition in which
the gun was found. The would-be
suicide was brought over from Hollis
by A. S. Cobb and Amos Duncan Fri
day morning, and taken to St. John’s
hospital, where he is under the surgi
cal care of Dr. J. L. Myers. The self
inflicted wound consists of a cut about
six inches in length across the upper
and fleshiest part of the throat which,
however, did not reach the windpipe.
Tile man is undoubtedly insane.
The cause of the explosion which
destroyed the barge Japan and the
lives of several persons, is a mystery
which will probably never be satis
factorily solved. The identification of
the remains found the following
morning near the scene of the disaster
as being those of Tracy, the cook, is
by no means complete, and t.he con
census of opinion appears to be that
they are those of an unknown stow
away. If this theory he the correct
one—and not a few persons affect to
believe that there were several of
that class on hoard—the supposition
that they engaged in a fight and that
most probably a shot was fired the
bullet striking one of the boxes of
powder ar.d causing the explosion may
not be far wrong. This theory is,
however, mere conjecture upon the
strength of which it would not he safe
to base a positive conclusion.
An Italian sailor, whose name the
Miner has not been able to learn, was
taken from the steamship Halvard
last evening to the marine hospital in
a badly injured condition. It appears
that just as the siiip was about to sail
from Mt. Andrew where she had fin
ished taking a cargo of copper ore,
the man accidentally fell into an open
hatch, falling a distance of fifteen
feet upon the hard ore in the hold
with the result of an ugly cut over
the right eye, a fracture of flip lower
jaw and of the knee-cap of his right
leg. His injuries are of a very seri
ous nature, and the surgeon fears
complications that have not yet de
The steam tug Marion went to the
Uncle Sam mine this morning, for the
purpose of towing a scow load of ore
to the Hadley smelter.
The steamship Halvard cleared last
evening with apparently the largest
single cargo of ore ever shipped from
the district. The number of tons
could only be guessed at, hut as the
ship was laden to her full capacity, an
estimate of 2,BOO tons would not be far
out of the way. The cargo was made
up of about equal parts of Rush and
Brown and Mt. Andrew p oduct.
S. J. Goodro, cne of the owners of
rich bornile property at Karla bay,
arrived up on the City of Seattle, pre
pared to commence the work of de
velopment, as soon as the steamer
Alaskan, which is bringing material
i and supplies, can deliver them on the
ground. His plan contemplates the
driving of a tunnel and a number ol
cross-cuts, for the purpose of determ
ining, to somo extent, at least, the
extent and value of the ore body.
Dr. W. A. Wise, of Portland, who
has been here for some time making
an examination, for himself and
others interested, of the Sea Island
company’s properties, on Kasaan bay,
expresses himself very well pleased
with the outlook for the development
of a profitable mine. He says if thoso
interested with him in the property,
accept and act upon the report he will
make, he has no doubt but that the
work of development will be com
menced at an early day, and there
after pushed with the utmost vigor.
The skating rink will close Satur
day night, and remain closed until
September 1. In the meantime Capt.
“Jimmie” Sayles will jingle the
bells as master of the good ship
Arctic, for which job no person in
this net-work of navigable waters is
more competent.
Chas. Deppe, the tonsorial artist,
and Mrs. Deppe, accompanied Mrs.
Fred Patching, who had been their
guests for some time, to her home at
the Portmann salmon hatchery, day
before yesterday. Charley will dis
port himself among the trout streams
of that immediate neighborhood for
a week or two.
Tho tug Pioneer came into the
habor today towing the big hulk
Ernest E. Talbott, and bound for
Pleasant bay, on the east side of Ad
mirably island, where there is a fish
curing establishment.
Lnnnch Onwnrd Regular trips to Yes Buy an
Hot Springs every Wednesday at 8:00 a. in. For
charter by day or trip. Apply at Union S. S
Co.'s ofllce. Leaves from Gurney's Landing.
Stumer Merlon fnr Lennch Elk leave Ketchikan for
Hadley, s-30 a. m„ .Monday, Wednesday and
Open for chorter, Tuesday. Thursday. Friday
and Sunday. W. A. CONNELL. Master
A Modern Shop
We are now ready with the best
equipped carpenter shop in
Alaska to do any work
in our line at the
shortest possible
Boat Building
Our Specialty
Come in and see the wheels go
round. You’re always
Knight & Morrow
Ketchikan, Alaska
9 0
! Raber’s Barber Shop i
* JOHN RABER, Prop. 2
© 8
2 The best place in town |
2 to get a Shave, Face Mas- %
• sage or Haircut, or 6
| BATH l
0 Full line of §
9 9
| Cigars and Tobacco |
0 ®
• Will Keep Off the Flies. Used Success- •
J fully for Two Years and Praised and 2
• Recommended by Everybody Who Has •
| Used It. We Have Greatly Improved •
2 the Original Formula and Is now Better 2
• Than Ever. Made and Sold Only by •
Iryus drug company!
:_................._____ :
Ketchikan, Alaska.
Mrs. Sara R. Langston), matron.
Open to all regular physicians. The
best of care and attention.
Ketchikan Alaska
Ketchikan, Alaska.
Miss E. M. Deane, nurse in charge.
Trained and skilled care to all al*ke‘
rich or poor. Open to any physicians.
Ketchikan, Alaska
H. C. SCHMIDT, Proprietor
Bread and Pastry of all
Pies Like Mother Used To Make
Party Cakes
Made on Short Notice
Kriedler Bldg.
Newtown Ketchikan
Skating Rink
Ketchikan’s Popular
SKATES—Ladies 2ijcts
Gents 50ets
No Children allowed on the tloor
Saturday nights
Natives allowed on Floor Sun
day, Tuesday and Friday eve
nings, on and every afternoon
except Wednesday.
Soft Drinks of all kinds.
Seattle JceC ream
J. E. SAYLES, Mgr.
Ketchikan - = Alaska
| Pollard’s Fruit Stand |
® (Successor to J. P. Smith & Son) J
| Fresh Fruits, Candies |
§ Tobacco and Cigars |
* 2
J Always on hand. A trial 5
® will convince you that it is •
• the best place in town to ©
• buy these goods.*
« O
I have decided to Close
Out my entire stock of
Ladies’ Furnishings
Consisting of
Shirt Waists, Muslin Underwear
Corsets, Hosiery, Ribbons
Notions, Gloves, Etc.
Watch this space for further
The Milliner
ga K&asm poasn laemaci
y’ This week we have jf
| Special Bargains ^
r One three-room house, ^
^ partly furnished in a good |
g location. »
'ti One four-room house on h
I Water street, Newtown. §
g The best lot on Mission »
9 street must be sold this K
^ week. Come and see us. W
| Ryus Realty Co. f
nena nans* rjssmsa
i np T one those who
/YllC I UU se'dom writes to
' the folks at home?
They will know you are all
right if you send them the
Mail yours, or let us mail one
every wreek.
I. O. O. F.
Meets every Monday at 8:00 ]>. rn. at
Visiting Brothers are Welcome
N. G Secertury
Crown and bridge work.—Dr.
Bauer, Dentist, Ryus Building . *tf
R. B. T. will please you
Ketchikan’s Popular Store |
Someone lias said “man wants but little here below.” That sentiment is a good one, H
but we think the writer failed to complete tlio thought in not adding but wants that pi
IlitteGOOD.” 1
It has been our endeavor to live up to the last g p|
part of the thought, the “GOOD” part. We j
feel that we have succeeded. Our business is | pj
steadily increasing which means a greater num- | H
ber of customers for us to satisfy, and We Are -r, H
Doing It. Our stock comprises every thing I | |
that a general store in Alaska should offer for * |j|j
sale, and we know that you will be thoroughly | J
satisfied if you conclude to give us a trial. V» e | §§R
make a specialty of camp trade and guarantee jj m
that you get the goods you order. | pi
Yours for Business, *
Tongass g Company H
I Ketchikan = Alaska ft

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