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I _ ; i; : —i3GX3©0®OO©0GO3®OO©GOO3X9O©®®©<D©0GX50®O©®SC
v Co to the Store Which Sets the
| Prices and Makes Others Follow
vyrE sell SHOES and CLOTHING
g ▼ ▼ at prices to meet your expec
1 0 talions. We sell at prices that reliable 0
« goods can not be sold for less. We
S have the stock to please you.
Barber Shop and Bathrooms and
Ketchikan, Alaska Tobacco
Northern Machine Works
General Machine and Blacksmith Work
Iron, Steel and Piping on Hand
Special Attention to Mine and Marine Work
Ketchikan - Alaska
I-3r>wiwgwtui«i. a-aJ MBSamaB
Shingles - Barrels
We Make a Specialty of Fine Cedar Shingles Sawed
From the best of Alaska Red Cedar. Patronize Home In
dustry and Save Money. jj
INMAN & BORCH, Proprietors jj
Ketchikan, = - - = = Alaska |
:: \
i i Nothin; but First-class Work Satisfaction Guaranteed 1
:: 1
t « 1
Ketchikan Steam Laundry
! ! W. F. SMITH, Mana;er !)
:: 3
> ■ Send in your work or leave your orders, ‘j
'' and Maude will call for them. j
;; 3
;: New Town Ketchikan j
i i 1
1 The Tyee Copper Co., Ltd. 1
s S
J9 Are Prepared to Purchase COPPER, GOLD E
H and SILVER ORES. Smelting Works at Lady- E
rja w
g smith, Vancouver Island, B. C. Convenient to g
J3 the E. N. Branch of the C. P. R. and the Sea. E
s I
a |
Ha Duncans Station, : : Vancouver Island, B. C. %
The Alaska S. S. CO.
Operating the Fast Steamships
Jefferson and Dolphin
Carrying U. S. Mails Between
Seattle, Ketchikan, Juneau, Douglas, Haines, Skagway
Jefferson, northbound. Dec. 8, *20. Jan. 2. II. Southbound, Dec. 2. 11. 23. Jan. 5, 1-1.
Farallon. northbound. Oct. 29. Southbound. Nov. 3.
j Calling at Wrangell, Douglas. Juneau, Ruins and Skagway
Steamers and sailing dates subject to change without notice.
Through tickets and bills of lading issued.
For further information apply to
H. S. REYNOLDS. A;ent Ketchikan, Alaska
S. A. LOVE Freight Agent, Seattle. CHAS. E. FEABODY, Manager, Seattle
|. * * V
0 ©@®®[|
fgl British Columbia Coast Service ^
F South Bound Dec. 14, 31 and Jan. 14, 30. a
£ Ncr.h Bound Dec. 11, 28 and Jan. 11, 27. ^
3 [i
Cates subject to cliun-e without notice ®
5, Connecting at Vancouver with Canadian Fat-ilk- Hallway Coapuny's Irairs daily ®
for Seattle and all points East, or with boat for Seattle, via Victoria. Through rz
m tickets for all Fuael Sound, Eastern and European points. I?
■] F. E. RYUS, Agent, Ketchikan. Qj
|| ^ssiftant G. P. Agt.., Vancouver. General Superintendent, Victoria |
30 il(f€©C®€&©©[iL©[email protected]@flCIE©,©000li
g Walhintgon, Dec. 20.—A fist tigh
S b 'tween two members of congress wa
0 t'ie edifying spectacle tliat was wit
g nassed today on tlie Hoor of the housi
* by a hundred congressmen and a gal
^ lery full of visitors, mostly ladies
a Congressman Sharp Williams of Mis
§ souri became involved during the ses
3 sion in a word war with Congressmat
g Dearmond of Missouri. Tlie dispute
k was over a committee appointment.
5 Immediately after adjournment WiL
ft liams made a remark reflecting on tht
5 veracity of the congressman from Mis
jy souri,at he samo time striking him ir
S the face. Then tlie trouble began.
2 From a standpoint of results, the Mis
fl sourian had all the best of it. He
a came out without a scratch while Wil
2 liams was literally covered with
D blood.
Jacobs Cre^k, Penn., Dec. 20.— An
explosion occurred yesterday in the
Darr coal mine here which has added
to the long list, of mine horrors that
have been occurring with alarming
frequency during the past six months.
The cause of the explosion was the
igniting of tiro damp by some unknown
- cause. Two hundred and ninety men
are known to have lost their lives in
the explosion. Efforts are being made
to recover the bodies hut the mines
is so full of gas that the work is dan
gerous. Thirteen bodies have been
recovered, three of them being head
less as a result of the force of the ex
Seattle, Dec. 20.—Judge Reid ar
rived here today from Washington
and when informed that there appear
ed to he a hitch in the matter of the
confirmation of his appointment to the
judgeship ot succeed Judge Wicker
sham lie was very much surprised.
He stated, however, that the hitch
. in the confirmation would not alter
, him in his course and tliat he would
proceed to Valdez by tlie first boat
and hold court upon hisarrvival there.
He stated that he did not place much
. stress on the matter as he belived
his friends in congress from Oklaho
!| ma would look after his interests.
1 Washington, Dec.20.—Delegate C'ale
has introduced a hill along tiie lines
i of local option that is to apply only to
communities living in towns not, in
corporated. The bid provides that
on licenses shall lie granted in such
■ communities unless so favored by tlie
majority of the residents. Tlie bill
also provides that- all persons living
within a radius of two miles of the
unincorporated town shall have a right
to vote at the election on the subject.
New York, Dec. 20. — Vessels com
ing in today from a voyage around
Cape Horn state tliat in passing signal
fires were observed on Straggler’s is
land and it is believed that there is a
I possibility of the signals having come
, from rr,embers of the coal laden ves
sel, Arthur Sewall. which misterious
Jy disappeared in tliat neighborhood
about four months ago.
, Washington, Dec. 20.—Congress
; man Jones has introduced a resolution
I calling for a complete revision of the
scale of pay for the array, navy, ma
rine corps and revenue cutter service.
There is a good deal of inequality re
garding the amounts of the sararies of
the men engaged in tlie various de
partments and it is to correct liiis evil
| the bill was introduced.
II Washington .Dec. 20. —In regard to
11 the ambition of Seattle to have the
! government, locate a mint in that city,
I the treasury department has come to
j j the decision that it would rather
i have a sub-treasury on the Paeific
; coast located in that city than a mint.
| Seattle, Doc. 20.—Judge R oid today
j stated that, since lie was awaie of the
l fact tliat many factional fights were
l being carried on in Alaska he would
| not make any allegiance to any factii n
[ and that he would administer the law
in the way lie understood it.
San Francisco, Dec. 20.—It is an
nounced here today that arrangement
1 had been completed with Jim Jeffries
' to referee the coming match between
Attell and Moran. The fight will lake
[dace cn New Year's night.
New York, Dec. 20.—James Ham
ilton Lewis has announced that lie will
accept the nomination tendered him
: by the democrats of Illinois for the
governorship of that state.
■ Washington, Dec. 20.— Congressman
Humphry has intruodeed the hill that
provides for the appropriation to bo
made hv the government fur tlu Alas
ka-Yukon Exposition.
Washington, Dec. 21.—President
Roosevelt wired to Governor Sparks
of Nevada today, stating his reasons
for having ordered the regulars from
the Presideo to Goldfield during the
recent trouble there. Toe president
states that lie was appealed to by
« prominent residents of Goldfield to
- take the action hc_ did, they having
conveyed the impression in their «p
J peal for tlie soldiers that an insurrec
J tion was likely to occur at titty mo
] ment. The commission appointed to
J investigate conditions in Goldfield
1 have reported that no trouble had
been mapped out or intended by the
f strikers. For this reason, and also
J because Governor Sparks has refused
j to call a session of tlie state legisla
j tine to consider whether the troop
j are needed they will lie withdrawn at
•i once.
■j Goldfield, Dec. 21.—When the news
; that the president had decided to
J withdraw the troops from Goldfield
] reached here there was a flurry of
i] excitement and resentment. The
chamber of commerce has wired
a President Roosevelt that it would not
J be adv'sable to take the contemplated
J step. The president is also in receipt
- of telegrums from nearly all the more
«* prominent people in Goldfield exptess
1 ing the same opinion.
(Prom Friday’s Daily)
The regular annual election of offic
ers of Ketchikan Lodge No. 159, F. iS
. A. M., took place at Masonic hall las'
> night. The officers elected for the
ensuing year were: James Millar, W,
. M.*: W. Edward Z.ili r, S. W. : Johr
L\ Barber, J. W. : J. E. Lathrop,
Secretary; J. E. By us, Treasurer.
These officers were all re-elected.
Officers unpointed l>y the W.M. were;
Rev. J. A. Chapmau, Chaplain; Jno.
It. Beegle, S. L). : Bert Lund, J. D. ;
Chas. Deppe, H. S. ; Chas. Guzman, J.
S. : Kasis Krauczunas, Marshal; C.
U. Symonds, Tyler. Installation will
take place on the 27th inst.
(From Saturday’s Daily)
Harry Lang of Metlakahtla is reg
istered at the Stedman.
Ernest Steern, Ketchikan, and Geo.
Redmond, Niblack, are registered at
the Revilla.
Weather permitting, tlie Alert will
make a run to Mary’s island and Tree
Point light house tomorrow with sup
In the matter of the estate of Nich
olas Leguineche, before tlie commis
sioners court today, Fernein Baramer
was appointed administrator.
The Alert is on her regular run to
Mt. Andrew,Kasaan and Hollis today,
carrying about the usual number of
passengers and about the same amount
of freight.
The launch Teddy left out early this
morning on her regular run to the
West coast. She carried a number of
passengers bound for Sulzer and a
quantity of mail matter for West coast
Chas. Baine, who was arrested on a
charge of having made an attempt to
commit a crime, was up for a hearing
in the commissioners court this after
noon. His case was continued until
Jimmie Muwllakiroi, a Jap who has
been employed in this city for some
time, was arrested toc’ay on a charge
of having furnished one Chas. Stack,
a native, with whiskey. He was ar
raigned before Commissioner Stack
pole today and his trial will lie heard
on Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Tlie launch Uncle Dan arrived in
this afternoon from Hadley, where
"lie lias been laving for several days
awaiting favorable weather. She war
loaded to tlie guards, a part of her
cargo being halibut. There were also
a number of passengers from Hadley
aboard who were formerly employed
in tlie Mamie mine. The Uncle Dim
started for the halibut banks vv.tb
the intention of tishing, but because
of the severity of tlie weather could
only get in a few days.
The gasolene launcli Yankee, a hali
but fisher, arrived in this morning
with, eight boxes of halibut which will
lie shipped from this place for Seattle
0:1 the next south bound boat. The
company operating the Yankee have
decided that hereafter all halibut
shipments will be made from this port
instead of from Petersburg as hereto
fore. The advantage is tlie better
shipping facilities to be had here.
Hut one line of steamers stops at
Petersburg and shipments are there
tore subject to long delays.
As an aftermath of tlie higti-u pot
latch held a few days ago, a number
of natives who utilized tlie occasion
as an excuse for getting drunk, were
arrested. Their trials came up today.
Chas. Stash was found guilty on a
complaint of being drunk and disor
derly aud was fined $2(1 and in lieu of
pivment he is now confined in tlie
city boarding house and will remain
there for ten days. He won’t feel
lonely, however. Another native
named Joe Brown and a native, John
Nowhiskey were also initiated into
the mysteries of prison iife for a sim
ilar length of time.
The Ketchikan Power Co.’s tug
Vigilant lert this morning for Yes
bay, taking a scow loaded with lumber
and machinery with her for the hatch
ery at that point. A pump is part of
the consignment and the lumber is to
be used in buildiug a pump house.
The Vigilant will return sometime to
night in order to make her special
trip to the West coast tomorrow. She
will return from the West coast in
tune to go to Metlakahtla next Tues
day, taking the native employees ol
the mill to their homes in that town
for a five days celebration of tlie
Christmas holidays.
On her return from Yes bay the
Vigilant will make a special trip to
the West coast, carrying a quantity o!
freight to Sulzer, Calder and other
West coast points that has been ac
cumulating since tlie destruction ol
the Alaskan which made the regular
runs to those places. It is probable
Hie Vigilant w ill make but one trip
in this capacity, as the Ketchikan
Steamship Co. will lie able to resume
the regular service to tlie West coast
in a slioi t, time. Tlie launcli Onward
left this morning for Luring with a
cargo ot freight and a number of pas
sengers for that place. The trip is a
special one and not on tlie regular
(From Monday's Daily)
Mrs. Mary Baronovitch of Kasaan is
registered at the Stedman.
John Wick, of Hadley, David Nicoli
and Geo. E. Brown of Kasaan. and B.
A. MeConkey o Sulzer, are in town
and stopping at the Revilla.
The Alert left at, 8 o'clock this
morning for Metlakahtla, Dolomi,
Niblack and Chomley on her regular
i un.
The Vigilant will leave out tomor
row morning tor Metlakulitla, talking
the natives employed at the mill aid
their families, who will spend thd hol
idays at that place.
A man named Sheldon was arrested
lute this altemyou on a win runt uc
cusing him of disorderly conduct on
. a public thoroughfare. He wasn’t at
all choice in the language he used.
The Vigilant arrived in early this
morning from her special trip to the
West coast. She took out a quantity
of machinery and supplies for Sulzer
and other West coast points. Return
ing 'she brought in ten passengers
from Sulzer who will spend the holi
days here.
The steamer Edith, from Seattle,
arrived in late last night and leit after
clearing, for Niblaek where she will
take on a cargo of ore for the Tacoma
smelter. She will aslo call in at Gyp
sum. The Edith is one of the steam
ships absorbed by the big steamship
consolidation that was recently organ
ized in New York and is running in
place of the Fnrallon. It is probable
the Edith will make regular runs to
this port in the future.
Ketchikan Aerie, No. 102, F. O.
E. announce that the price of ad
mission at the dance to he given by
them on New Year’s eve has been re
duced to one dollar for gentlemen.
Ladies will be admitted free. It had
originally been the intention ro serve
supper to the dancers, hut owing to
uuforseen circumstances this will he
impossible. However, there will be
good music and a good time for all
who attend.
Tonight is the night of the big
event at tiie skating rink, when the
natives, in grotesque costume, will
carry out the ideas usual to a mas
que carnival. The event will be well
worth the price of admission. Elab
orate preparations have been made by
the natives who aro to take part.
The Jap, formerly employed in the
howling alley, who was arrested on a
charge of having nssi ted the natives
in securing whiskey, was tried today
and found guilty. Ho was sentenced
to pay a tine of $100 and serve two
months in jail. Another Jap, one of
those connected with the Jap restaur
ant on Main street, across the street
from Hunt-Lathrop’s store, is under
arrest on a similar charge and will he
given a hearing Thursday.
Two natives, brothers, Charles and
Rodger Bains, who were arrested on
a charge of having assisted in tiie
distribution of fire-water during the
potlatch of several days ago, are in
more serious trouble tl an that implied
in the complaint upon which they
were arrested. About the 12th of
November, tiie store house belonging
to J. R. Heckman & Co., located on
Pcnnock island, and in which the
company stores its explosives, was
hroken into and 28 cases of gasolene
and 4 cases of benzine were carried
away. The Bains brothers own a gas
olene boat, and were engaged in log
g n, and since the disappearance oi
the gasolene have been running tiie
boat frequently hut have purchased no
gasolene. Shortly after the arrest ot
Charles Bains on Lite charge uf violat
ing the liquor laws, lie complained
that he had recently been robbed oi
several cases of ga olene, taken from
his launch. Investigation proved he
had not purchased any gasolene from
the local merchants and he was liually
accused by the officers of having brok
en into .1. K. Heckman & Co.'s store
house. Whereupon he confessed. Part
of the gasolene, lie said had been
used. Tiie rest was cached on Pen
nock island, part in one cache, the
rest in it second cache. Accompanied
tiy the officers lie was taken to Hie
island and led the way to where ihe
first cache had been made. There was
no gasolene mere, but the native stat
ed that there had been a number of
trees cut down within sight of the
gasolene since it had been placed
ihere. Leading the officers to the
[Jace where the second lot was hid
den, twelve cases were found. There
were supposed to have been six cases
hidden in tiie first place. T lese we e
probably discovered hv the parties
who were cutting wood in tiie neigh
borhood and appropriated. The case
against the brothers will be call 'd
Thursday. It lias not as yet neen
determined what charge will be made
against the men, hut. thaie is little
doubt but what they will “get all that
is coming to them."
(From Tuesday's Daily)
Jack Inglehart arrived home last
night on the Jefferson from Scow ba.\
where he lias been engaged in haiibut |
A meeting of the Miners Union lias j
iiiun called, the meeting to he held at
Juneau on December 27. Routine bus
iness will he transacted.
The Onward is out on her regulai
trip to Yes hay and Hut Springs to
day, taking with her a number of pas
sengers and a cargo of supplies.
F. E. Cagle teturned on the Jeffer
son last night from Juneau, where he
has been acting as a juror. Tiie jury
has been excused for the holidays.
Otto R. Lounstorf and James fl.
Fox, both of George’s inlet, arrived
in the city last night and will spend
the holidays here. They are stopping
at the Stod in tin,
Tiie steamer Jefferson arrived in
last night from the north, bringing a
number uf passengers for this port,
mostly residents who have been absent
on business or visling.
Gitas. P. Mercer of Guard island,
J. K. Weitzel of Forest Grove, Ore.,
VV. A. Kelly and John E, Gamble of
Sitka, and Edgar E, Fish, city, are
registered til the Sledman.
The Nettie Bell, a gasolene boat
employed in logging operations on
the West ciiasr, arrived in this morn
ing la in'ging a number of men who
will spend tlu? holidays in tl is city.
D. G. Newell was a home hound
passenger last night on tiie Jeilmson.
He has been up at Windham bay
where assessment wotk is being done
for the Alaska Gold Mining associa
j Grand Display Of Christmas Gifts f
3 I
* Call and See the Display of •
Pyrography Outfits \
\\ and Burnt Work •
2 -- ■ -.. •
* Also our big display of Christmas Gifts •
;a _ •
|Just Received!
I " ~ I
a A Full Line of the Celebrated ,1
j --- . 1
f Banner Brand Boy’s Clothing r
j — |
£ "Rain No-Wet” Suits, Double Seat and Knees |
I s
f 8
1 Ladies’ Fail and Winter Suits g
S 1
f! The “Banner” Brand Ladies' Shirt Waists |
'J Skirts, Coats, Furs |
j 8
I __ ^ J
* Dealer in ^
* Groceries, Dry Goods, Fresh ^
^ Fruits and Candies, also a Fine $
> Line of Cigars and Tobaccos |
% Near Bridge on Ketchikan Creels 5
I \
| Ketchikan, = Alaska |
Funeral Supplies, Undertaking and f?
'! Embalming 'K5j
j A Licensed Embalmer. Galls promptly sj*j
| attended ?
p3^ = ^
' ■ "-t*. *v®y'^
If desire write and ship to
U Langgey St. Victoria B.C
3 and CUT GLASS. •
$ Repairing in all ts branches. No Q
i trouble to show goods. Prices reason- ®
* able. o
9 •
:8«8MC8880889ee«8«8 3®9f ••
) |
\ John Furlong §
o ©
.3 New Town Walk 0
) ©
Occidental Hotel
JOHN OLDS, Proprietor
Headquarters for Mining Men and Com
mercial Travelers. Elect* in Lighted
and Steam Heated Throughout
Ofi'.cc at Residence, Main Street
Ketchikan, - - Alaska
Physician anti Surgeon
Uni notirs : 10 to 12 a. ti... 2 lo,*> p. m.
Kesidence »nni OlTlct*. Mrs. A. K. Killy's [TUI y
Three door?* west <jf Turner’s
Ketchikan - - Alaska
Civil Engineer .uicJ Surveyor. U. S
Deputy Land and Mineral Survexor
Ketchikan . . Alaska
' ^
Civil and Mining Engineer
U. S. Surveyor and
U. S. Mineral Surveyor
J. L. Parker
Mining Properties Examined and Reported
Hotel Stedman, Ketchikan
The Fairfield, 6th and Madison, Seattle
.1, It. WINN ' ' N, L, HURON
Physician and Surgeon
Prince of Wales Island ALASKA
U. S. Deputy and U. S. Deputy
Mineral Surveyor
Particular attention paid to Surveys in the
Ketchikan District
Olflce, End of Front St.
Ketchikan. . Alaska
I. O. O. F.
Meets every Monday at 8:00 p. m. at
Visiting Brothers are Welcome
N. G Seccrtary
EDW. BROWN, Assayer
(Formerly with Garvin Cyanide Extraction Co.)
Opposite Daily Miner Office
Physician and Surgeon * r
Cor. Bowden and Dock Sfs,
ek phone, froin Ryas f tyujr X'o. jjr
Connell T hompson New 3ttfvn
Ketchikan . . Alaska
Western Federation of
Miners ,
The secretary's office at t he clothing sltjre
tf P. J. Gflmortva-d will I e open for the trin
uietion of business every work da> difrinjr busi
ness hours. Miners desirous of membership
may there make application to . J
PHIL MeCAUJUN. Siereiary
S. A. P uml :y 1 v
tl .irncy At Law ' i'
Offlot’. Duck StrePt opposite j *;
' •
Heckman's Store 1
l '
Ketchikam . . Alaska’^
! i
Bread ai d Pastry of all ; ‘
LVseriptioi s
, %
Party 'lakes r , ;j
Made on Short Notice
• V
Front Street
Ketchikan, - «*■ Aj ka

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