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Che Bttkeen River Journal
VOL, 2, NO 43. FORT WHANG EL, 'ALASKA, SATURDAY, Oct. 21, 1899. PRICE, 10 < ’ENTS. JL
xt rdi ary Value
Colgate’s Toilet Soap, Perfumes, Hair Oil and Bay Rum.
A Complete Line of Cutlery Silver-pated Knives, Forks and Spoons.
! . r\ «
Lanterns, Ollcoats Oil sacks etc. I
Our Stock of Hardware Crockery and Groceries are Complete, !
Duncan McKinnon.
Hudson's Bay
Strathcona and Caledonia
Running Regularly, During Season of Navigation, from
W:rangel to Glenora
Carryiug Her Majesty's Mails. For Freight and Passenger
rates apply to the Company’s Agent . . . .
Duncan McKinnon
Store at Glenora and Teslin Lake Carry a full Stock of
Pro visions, Groceries
Dry Goods
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Wholesale and Retail.
Honest Goods at
Honest Prices
Casca trading
Operating the Magnificent River Steamer
Capt. J. Whitmore, Master.
In connection w/ltH Pack Trains.
Prepared to do all kinds of PACKING and FORWARDING
-ind making THROUGH RATES ‘o Dease Lake and all other
Interior Points.
Carrying the United States and Her Britanic Hajesty’s nail.
Trading Posts at Telegraph Creek, Dease Lake
and other Interior Points stocked with a Full Lllne
of General merchandise.
For rates and other information apply on board steamer or at
A. V/l/. Jones Reid & Sylvester
Five Sisters Block Fort Wrangel
Victoria B. C, Alaska.
Two Old Friends Meet.
Of a truth this is but a small world,
and its area is daily getting more cir
cumscribed owing to moro rapid means
of transportation. A striking proof of
aforesaid smallness of this earth occur
red in the office of this publication yes
terday evening, when Mr Louis Wat
son. of Watsonville, who has just re
turned fiom Dense lake met Mr. W. J.
Smith of the Wrangel Fish Curing Co.
The two men were well acquainted
on the diamond-fields of South Africa
3o years ago, where they were both
engaged in mining for the precious
stones during the stirring times of 1899
It is needless to state that they were
both delighted to have a talk about old
times, and we could not get in a word
edgeways, in fact much of what the
two gentlemen talked alaiut was Greek
to the scribe.
Mr. Watson is a man of brilliant at
tainments and wide personal experience
and we would be glad to have him stay ;
with ns, but we are sorry to say he has J
left on the s.s. Cottage ('itv to resume ,
his duties on the staff of the “Victoria J
Art in Wrangel.
If any one imagines that .the artistic I
spirit is dead in our city they have but
to east their eyes around our streets
and note the varied business signs de
signed and executed by that pas'-mas
ter of his art John Stephens, among
numerous others may l>e noticed his
two latest achievincuts, viz; the sign of
tne U. S. Saloon, and even letter yet
the blazon of the ‘•Hunters' Ilest" in
itself a veritable work of art. Mr.
Stephens is one of our best known and
respected citizens, and it gives us great
pleasure to give praise where credit is
Kaake Mission.
S. K. Moon of the Kaake Mission has
just returned from Kansas where he
has been visiting friends and relatives
Mr. Moon has been engaged as mis
sionary among tne Kaake Indians con
tinuously for the past eleven years and
undoubtedly deserved the vacation and
rest from his pastorate duties. He
speaks in the highest terms of his con
gregation, and says that they are the
brightest and most intelligent of Alas
kan Indians.
The Edson Academy.
Prof. Edson intends in the near future
erecting a building to be utilized as a
Terpsichorean Academy. We have
been privileged to examine the plans
and specifications of same and. they are
most ornate. It will be a circular build
ing with waiting, dressing and refresh
ment rooms included. The floor of the
building will be composed of ingrain
vork, polished after a secret process of
the Professor’s own. The interior dec
oration will be mainly composed of clas
sic reproductions of Correggio and
Titian. The apartment which will be
devoted to the dispensing of light re
freshments will be a miracle of art, to
attempt to depict it in accordence with
the plans would simply beggar discre
tion, we may however state that among
the numerous paintings will be that
“Chef de ouvre” of Altheny Jones,
“Napoleon crossing the Alps in an
open boat.” The waiting and dressing
rooms will be a marvel of combined ele
gance and comfort, and the whole will
be a great evidence of the enterprise
and public spiritedness of our worthy
citizen Prof. Edson, and will also be
yet one more building of which our city
may justly feel proud.
The 8.8. Al-Kl arrived at her berth
last night, and left for the north 7:30
this morning.
Coming Down.
We shall to day have the pleasure of
welcoming to Waange' quite a number
of distinguished personages, who are
now en-route to our city via the Sti
keen river. It goes without saying
that wo shall be more than pleased to
see these gentlemen in our midst if only
for a few days, they are well and fav
orably known to most of us, and for the
past two years have done some magnif
icent pioneer work.
Warburton Pike Esq.. the celebrat
ed author of ‘‘Barren Lands,” is ac
companied by the following gentlemen:
Mr. Marriott, manager Casca Trad
ing Co., Telegraph Ck.; Mr. Higgs,
manager Casca Trading Co. at Lake
ton: also Messrs Maher, Gibney and
Grainger, who are connected with tire
above mentioned company: Mr. John
son, the able accountant, Mr. <'lias.
Walker, prospector; Mr. Laing, assay -
er for the Cassiar Central; Mr. Albert
McCleary, oimself a mighty huntv of
renown, and a prospector of wide and
varied experience; and last but by no
meuns the least, the eelorated mining
expert Mr. Hamfie'd who has been look
ing {after the interests oftiie Cassiar
A Large Assembly.
The usual weekly assembly dance]
took place in the Sylvester block on ■
Saturday last. The attendance that ;
evening was the largest since Professor !
Edson took it in hand to teach the peo
ple the graceful art of tripping the
light fantastic. Everyone appeared to
have left their business cares be
hind them, and one and all joined in
having a good time. Light refresh
ments were served during tt>e evening:
and as the clock sounded the midnight
hour, everyone retired to their respec
tive homes feeling, no doubt, that these
weekly dances are like an oasis in the
desert of life.
Professor Edson.
There remains not a shadow of a
doubt but that Prof. Edson is one of the
best and most efficient dancing instruct
ors on the Pacific coast, judging from
the rapid prograss his pupils have made
during the past month. Mr. Edson is
certainly a past master of the art; he
having had many years experience in
several of the coast cities.
His lectures on ball-room etiquette
are also certainly good: and Mr. Edson
truly puts into practice what he preach
Six (Hunt Grizzlies.
Hunter Smith, he of the genial pres
ence and the profound knowledge of
' seven-up, is in town, together with his
partner Brewster, he took a flying trip
up the [scoot river, and they made a
killing: six enormous grizzly bears,
averaging l,400it» apeice, having fallen
victims to their unerring aim.
Good boys! more power to your elbow.
Hunters Return.
W. P. Watson and E. Langworthy
of England, are registered at the Fort
Wrangel Hotel. These gentlemen came
to Wrangel some six or seven >weeks
ago and went up the Stikeen river to
the Dease and Teslin lake country
where they have since l»“en hunting
with indifferent success, having only
secured one black bear and a moose.
Their lack of success as hunters was
no doubt due to the fact that Mr. Lang
worthy was suffering from a lame foot,
the result of an injury of years ago.
M. Le. Grippe has make his appear
ance sn this city. We hardly need
state that he most emphatically an un
welcome visitor.
Farewell Party
One of the most enjoyable functions
that has ever graced Wrangel society.,
took place on Wednesday evening last
the occasion being a farewell conversa
zione and ball tendered to Miss Hofstad
by her numerous friends, a most pleas,
ant evening was spent by a very largfc / -
gathering We had prepared a com
plete list of the ladies and gentlemen
assembled and had intended to espec
ially mention those who seemed to de.,
rive the most pleasure from the gather
ing, but it would be invidious to make
comparisons for everyone seemed to
thoroughly enjoy it and lend themselves
with such eclat to the proceedings
that no discriptive language of ours
could do justice to the details of a most '
delightful reunion. , |.
We can only trust that amidst thg,,,,
delight* of the golden State of Califor
nia Miss Hofstad will sometimes re-1"”
member her many Alaskan friends.
Dear Mr. Kditor:
Having today arrived in your
city direct from Dease lake and think"-' "'"
ing your readers might like to know a,;|.
little alioiit the going’s on in the neigh
borhood of the Stikeen, ireluding Glen- "
ora, lelugraph etc., I venture t) write"1"11
up a few items; altho igh there has
been a terribie epidemic of scurvy rag
ing the past year I am happy to say the
sufferers have all been well cared foil"
and sent on! via VVrangel, thanks to the
energy and consideration shown by Mr •"
James Aorter, the B. ('. Government /,
agent on his own responsibility imined- (
lately the trouble occurred, and much
sickness was averted, and I am happy '
to say that only one death occurred out
of sixty cases treated. In July, other.*-*-,
scurvy and frozen cases were reported,p
but tliis time came from the Edmonton,
trail. The Dominion Government
showed much energy, and allieviated
the many cases that, came to Glenora.11
The Casca Trading Go. under- Mr.nim
Scott Simpson, being first to the rescue.i m
I must not forget to mention Dr. Barr.,-/,
of Scotland, who gave up his intention
of travelling with his party, in order to'
render all the medical aid possible."1"
He also invariably refused any i-cnum-g11"
eration whatever, although he never atij-e.
any never at any time begrudged aj(Jp
iwenty-mile tramp in the snow to re
leive and succor a fellow traveller, lie'
is in very truth one of natures noble-''"1
men. dv/
lhe Hudson’s Bay Co. under Mr.lot
Robson’s management at Glenora, ,j„
must also1 be given credit for much
Good Samaritan work. In regard to Ui
mining matters I may say that the"1"
prospects are most reassuring: several "!
companies intend establishing hydrau-Mr
lie plants next year, among these oil
might he mentioned the Cassiar Cen-((t
tral Railway Co., and the Casca Trad
ing Co., there are also several miners1,11
returning next year having good pros
pects, but stopped by the approach cf
winter: the Casca Trading Co.’a outfit, 1,1
with Mr. Warburton Pike were to 1°
have left Telegraph creek last Wed- “d
nesday, and may arrive at any time,
we passed them in our splendid canoe !-1
which was most ably navigated by Capt.
Bradley, a boat containing among d
others Mr. and Mrs. Robson and family d
at the timo we passed they were hav- 11
ing a rather rough time, but as their :i
boat was manned by a splendid crew,
commanded by Deputy Sheriff Malcolm >
McLean, we trust to hear that they f<
may arrive saftly in Wrangel. I shall »
have the pleasure of renewing my ac- r
quaintance with my many Wrangel j
friends, early next spring, when I re- »
turn to Dease lake’ i
- - Boms Watson.
■ ■ • £

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