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Stikeen River journal. (Fort Wrangel, Alaska) 1898-1899, November 11, 1899, Image 1

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Just Arrived! J\ New Stock of
Silk /V\ittens and kid Gloves all of the Finest Quality at RIGHT PRICES
STATIONARY NOTIONS Including Pens* Pencils, Penholders, Inks, Eclipse mucilage} Pocket books etc! etc,
.'V Large Assortment of
Poker chips. Playing cards and pipes. THE BEST Brands of Tobaccos
We Always Car ry in Stocac a complete Line of Cutlery
Including Joseph Roger s celebrate l silver-plated Knives and Forks Pocket knives, Hunting knives, and Razors. Best Razor strops.
Carpenters’ fools in Great Variety includingths Famous JENNINGS’ Bits
Our Stock of Groceries are always complete.
Duncan McKinnon.
Hud son’s Bay
(INCOIIFOKATF.D ItiTO.i . IN( '< )l 11 *< »1! ATI!l > ldTO.
Strathoona and Caledonia
I limning I l*-:>nUirly. H.irittg Season of Navignt io:i, from
Wranael to Glenora
Carrying Her Majesty's Mails. For Freight ami I ’assrngrr
rates apply to the < 'oinpany's Agent
Duncan McKinnon
Si, re a' < I lotion and Teslin l.alte Carry a full Stork of
Provisions, Groceries
Dry Goods
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Wholesale and Retail,
Honest Goods at
Honest Prices
Casca trading
Operating tlie MtigniiiceU River Steamer
Capt. J. Whitmore, Master.
In connection YA/ifH Pack Trains.
Prepared to do all kinds of PACKING and FORWARDING
o,nd making THROUGH RATES o Dease Lake and all other
Interior Points.
Carrying the United States and Her Britanic majesty’s Hail.
Trading Posts at Telegraph Creek, Dease Lake
and other Interior Points stocked with a Full Lline
of General Merchandise.
For rates and other information apply on board steamer or at
■ Reid Sylvester
r Fort Wrangel
I) idaktmknt or'Tiik In'iekioh
Uukat Britain Alaskan Bound’ky
Tiik Exited status ok America
and tiik Exited Kinodoxi ok
ASKA and tiik Dominion ok Can
It is li 'I'chy ayr.I bet ween the Gov
ernments of t lie I’nited States and of
Great I Iritaiin that the boundary line
bet. ei i i a laid a anti the territory of A la
ska in the territory of Alaska. >in the
ivy ion about the head of „ynn (’anal
shall be provisionally tixed as follows
without prejudice to the c tiins of eit
her partv in the permanen adjustment
of the internalional hound: y:
In the rcyion of the Dal' i Trail, a
line beyinniny at. the pe,\ West of
Porcupine ( reek, marked on the map
Xo. lb of the I nited States ( onnnission
Dee. Ill 1 S<»5. and on sin < t .s,,. I,1' of the j
Brit ish ( onmiission. Dee. .'ll. 1-'I7. with
the ntinihi'r (i.allit; thence rumiiny to tlie
Klehini orKliiheelai Itiverin the dir-;
eetion of the Deal; north of that river,
marked fit DO on the atorsa'nl I'nited
Stat «s map and fitD.'i on the aforesaid
British map: thence followiny the liiyh
or riyht bank of tlie said Klehini river
t * tic junction thereof with the t'hil
cai 11 i\cr. a mile and a half, more or
i ~ . i." ' li of K Iuk wan. providiny that
pci'-.'i > ..dmy to or from Porcup
ine ('ree'; shall lie free I\ permitted to
tin .w liie trail beteen the said creek
and tlie said junction of the rivers, in
to and a toss the territory on the Can
adian sale of the temporary line w her
ever th t rai I crosses to such side^ and.
subject til such reasonable reyulal iolls
fortlic protection of the Revenue as
tlic CanatPan (lovernmeiit may pre
scribe to carry them over such part or
parts of the trail between the said
points as they lie on the Canadian side
of the temporary line, such yoods and
article.- as the\ desire, without bo5ny
required to pay any customs duties on
such yoods and articles: and from said
junction to the summit of the peak fast
of the Chileat llivrr. marked on the
aforesaid map Xo. lb of the I’nited
States Commission with the number
n-ilb and oil the map Xo. 17 of the afore
said British Commission wit li the num
ber f hib.
< >n the Dyea iiml Skaguay Trails, the
summits el the (‘hilooot anil White
I hisses.
It is understood, its formerly set forth
in communications of the Department
of State of the i’nited States, that the
citizens or subjects of either Dower,
found by this arrangement within the
temporary jurisdiction of the other,
shall sillier no diminution of the rights
and privileges which they now enjoy.
The Government af the I'nited States
will at once appoint an officer or offic
ers in conjunction with an officer oroffi
ce.ts to he iiitmed lie named by the
Government of Her Britannic Majesty,
to mark the temporary line agreed
upon hv the eree-tion of posts, stakes
or other appropriate temporary marks.
They Prefer Veal Now.
Mary had a little lamb, that time lias
passed i.wav. No lamb could follow up
the pace our Mary sets to nay: for now
she rides an air shod wheel, iti skirts
too short by half; no lambkin •shares
her airy flight but you should see her
calf. But who is there that can com
plain or cry in woe. “Alas!” So long
as Mary’s calf’s all right the lamb can
go to grass. So all the men delighted
gaze, their joy is not a sham, for while
the other critter is out they have no
A Colored Soldier uses a “Razzer”
on a Prominent Citizen and
Inflicts an Ugly Wound.
On Wednesday evening last, a stab
bing affray took place at the Warwick
saloon which very nearly caused the
death of one of our most prominent cit
izens. . C '.
it appears that at fcliout I0:4b p. m.
Mr. Healey and M i'. Garrett., the lat
ter one of the proprietors, were play ing
a game of cri hhage in the so loon when
Corporal [.loinor and Ityjvate Harris
mine in. Joiner and Harris had been
drinking hard till day and were in a
quarrelsome condition. They immed
iately began to inter"ere in the game
and when Mr. Healey objected they
called him several vile names and show
oil light. Mr. Healey at once jumped
to his feet only to lie attacked by Jo'n
er who made several pus-os with a raz
< r. The spectators at once interfered
and ejected the soldiers.
1'pnn examination Mr. Healey found
several cuts in his clothes and a gash
six inches longs cross his abdomen.
H<‘ was at once taken up to Dr. Hen
driekson s office v ■ i■ > u imod .. n
carefully stitche: ., ,4 Hi si. A v r\ ,
little moiv and Mr. i bully would have!
been fataly injured.
Congressman Snl/er On The
Alaskan 'Juestion.
Tlie .loruNAI. acknowledges tin- re
ceipt of a very interesting 1 ■ • 111■ i- from
tin* Hon. Willia . i gn-." man
for New York and loader for tlie lower !
House of ( ‘ongrrss, .Mr. Sul/.er sa\s i -
“The spietidfd editorial and eartoon
of Mr. Hush in i -■ X'r.v. York World of
Oet. -•> iiuent “Tlie Alaska Boundary
Tangle" sum tlie whole ease up in a
nutshell, mentally and ocularly. I trust I
tlie President and -Secretary of State
will see them anil read them, and he
governed accordingly.
“l-.ng'land's greed for gold has instig
ated .Canada to make preposterous
claims to our A.aska territory. These
alleged claims are naterly untenable,
and about as jusiiliabla a> Kuglatid's
cruel war against the Boers. Kngland
always strikes wherever gold is found.
'I'lc thirkers of the world know the
reason why.
“Kngland wants a port of entry on
Alaska soil for the reasons you mention
and for ulterior and more hidden pur
poses. 1 nder tlie guise of temproary
friendship slit* is now sei king to hypno
tize tlie wabbling Washington adminis
tration to cede her Alaskan territory.
Why should we give up an inch of our
hind'.-' Why should we expatriate it
singl»> citizen who now lives on Alaska
soil and under the American (lag? if
Kngland wants an entry to U*e Klon
dike let her build a railroad on her own
territory from Fort Simpson to Dawson
City. And she will if we maintain out
“Woe betide the Administration if it
gives an inch of out’territory to Great
“The American people ars watching
Mr. McKinley and his pro-Knglish Sec
retary of State. They will not tolerate
nis sacrifice of American rights and
American soil in Alaska, and they are
opposed to help Great Britain in her
unholy war to subjugate South Africa.
“The little, Napoleon of the White
House should remember the sayings of
the great Najjoleou, “Beware of perfid
ious Albion!” Wir.biAN Sulzer.
Washington, I). G.
Glut rcli A n non nee nient.
The subject for the sermon next Sun
dap evening at the Presbyterian church
will be: “Why do people go to church”
'"he subject is suggested by a late arti
cle by Dr. Lyman Abbot in the “Out
look” upon the same sub net.
Will he Missed.
Dr. I'. W. Lupsloy a well known and
mueli respected plivsieian of this city
left for Skaynay on the s.s. Farallon
Pnesdny last. The Doctor came here a
year ayo last March and durine- his stay
made many friends who sincerely re
ffret his departure. Ilis ssccess in prac
tice together with his jpmial qualities
made hin?*a favorite with all classes of
imr varied population, and we feel cer
tain that we are expressing the feelines
of all \\ rane'clitcs in wishing him
every success in 1/fk new home.
I? --
•OtJoii: have mercy'” a mdther
As she humbly knelt at the cradle s side.
) (loti, have ni‘*t*ey enn beer ihv j>r.i\ *• »*
And i ike my lulus in thy te:*V*r can
i *r liu* Anrel of Death is in tie* mom 4 . r
\nd i- eailiii-T aloud i <r my babe to regno.
I ton. tlien, alone hast the power r.» save
*>h: tio.l liave mercy .*tis all i crave. ’
A tlnyirravo 'nc-ith a willow’s shade.
Tellotb tiie answer Hie .Merciful made.
> i’at her in heaven proteet my bay
j-.1"'11 *^i'' '•'• '•f'. »it i,p y from sin’s decoy;
!• i o. i i re snare- and irmptut.ion* of i;frs dark
(.ua.id h.m and keep him pure for i lice.'. Uea
>'<• a mo:hr rpr.iy.-.l n< her fhirliiur son
\\ im: forth to battle the world alone:
A!o:i ‘.save i he iile-^inc iris mother /ave.
Anti thru pr:t,\ <'!• to < hid to keep and saw.
A no nlerer's uibhet liijjh in the air.
\:iv.' r *.l that noth *r's trusting pniver.
A tiititer mui /mi; liur h m -. them down
Toirethi-r tu fore tin- Hternul One.
And with tntstimr hearts impler -d heaven
W.'idd imar 1 Fir tinwer in ,p- n ,. hud ,,-v,.n
W'aild seeji tin iri los.umin-.' dau‘.''iier pure
And shield her. n vn from the !emp;"r's lure.
And t'roui "u rv stain '.viadd keep her free
i he liiie- : dal hi. an in eteanit.v.
A ■-•'If-sluin f i t . sc in,... i. i,..:rayed.
\Vu. 11 ■ "lily answer thill ileaven made.
A beautiful maiden knelt to pray
I* i *t* tli ■ 1 i i e of u P i veil om ■ fa r a way *
Away in the ii. PI- where life and death
Ha.'. - • P dsud in the sea la t hat t ije. with a
■ PI. I id her O' .Ml Ivies, prntin • tin- h • irt
* 'f him lluv |r mi 'in- I'.i. ui . dun :
V.'ie-M.'i . a-i. r on on the eaar-dni-'
Hetliou hi-ankle, a..- -tinu/in. his shield.”
A manali 1 corpse and a soldier-.-rave
Was the answer tin- Father of ftP-r.-Irsuave,
The niplit wtisilurk on ..c.-an- breast.
And the waves rolled hi”it in wild unrest.
When a stately canine wa. da-him.' "it
Towaads a breakers crest with her rudder
Around the captain iti wild .l.-pnd
Thecrew had mi thered and joint d in pi-, y.-r
To Him wild only had the poc -j-1,,
To deliver iiu-m froma watt r\ /nivi-.
A crush and a pulpltur wave . n
Were the answers of the Omn. >. it - m i
'Twas midnialit in the city's hettV -
And slumber rciirned oc'r home an
When the tire-tlend burst from its t, re
Ami wrapped all thintrs in bis flerce\- in ■
tilt: then lmw many n friendly prayer\
To Heaven for safety rent the air '
For homes, for liv.-- for loves, and tli-n S
Tin- flame- that crisped them sneered amot
Homes.!.- - ,.!s an-1 loved ones cri-.ped and
ehnmM \
Told how heaven I heir prayers had heard.
From tin- earliest dawn of nature's birth
Since sorrow and crime hud first darkened the
From clime t., clime, from pole to pole [earth
Wheresoever 'h waves of humanity roll
The breezy robe this iihtnei wears
Has quivered and e-lmed with eomniess
Each hour a million knee- are bent, 'prayers
A million prayers to heaven are sent
There,s not a summer beam but sees
Some bumble supplicant on Ids knees
There's not a breeze that murmures by
Hat wafts some faithful prayer on hi-jlit
There's not a woe that amietsottr race
i’.ut some one bears to the throne of - rue
And for every temp:we umy meet
We plead for (trace at the mi-rcy sen'.
lint til • .earns smile on and Heaven serene
Stii! b M ■' u • lull! :1s no prayers had been
And tell- sizes mom, us the brenehes wa ve'
"Wh -n in: I, isjti'.vi rless 1 eav can not save,”
' ■■rg i■; be let* the benifit of
1 1 , ;'s himl. No canvas win 7„.
made for money this year. Those who
desire to contribute either in money or
goods to help us in our work will kind
ly give their names and amount, either N
in cash or goods, to the parties who j
ave this mat ter in charge. The mem- J
bcrs of the committee are: Mrs. Geo I
Bailie , Mrs. Cagle and Mrs. Bennett. I
1 tie committee wishes to acknowledge I
a cash subscription of $5.00 from John I
Finlay-on for Etolin McKinnon. I

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