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The Weekly orb. [volume] (Bisbee, Cochise County, Ariz. Territory) 1896-1900, May 15, 1898, Image 1

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Bimk of the If iritotiul papers nri giv
ii g M.nilii nwie "1" iIihii Iiewi-yiHil.
The Sj nnii-h Veula ialnml licet neems
lo I e on.n: ' "' bee;in out of the viy
ot the Oiffdn.
ii ,...i..i A....i..nn .ill
(1 irmr iiuini ' ' . . .
wntc'iinstore lonr thrm!to rolling up
ward fro'ii a lluvma.
Tktdy Roo8kvklt'jJ enwhoya p'ohihly
rnn iliow n fv tiieko to the bull
fiphteri". Chi'nL'o Rrconl.
. . .
i ................. ... -i
'' he rernte! in Spain, thi nrineipa'a be-
inc inemler o' the -ov tl f unilv.
. .
RU-1 ' .J , SS
Oor ni'tlor.t'bi'i't i-vii id fin:-w of
lm i luin.'rmeri'f. Th'y bphomIIj' settlK
' the quest'nn in nv" fi'W xhotn.
' ' Witt, it l Friubiy vl'rn Pnmp'on
"clean out ihi rnjv Vcile fleot? "The
'." .Lotte tlieiliiv.'lx 1 eMrr t ho. deed."
Thr lioiue willptui a fl.nf tlicsc divi
lms n lonesome look, as if the inhabit
nt "ad jrone to tl e irnr for fear of a
Pfwky captuu'd 100,000 tons of eonl;:
which is contraband. As an publisher
of coating stations the new admiral U a
tU'R'rh fUl'crsa.
.. ,, . o.. :..i. .....
A tUUA.i rr(K.iri o;n .-miiiiii'i. uidiu
" awt cclebr.tiiii ib capture of four
Ampiiean orti Mobile, Jlostoii.Ten
sajjl i A'i-1 'h (lpon.
f'. Kdccatio ci. Notk: Admiral Dewey
Iri''."" .l"x,m', to matriculate a few moio
TOemlH-rs if tlio chii in lauguaev uor
. ,. v'beingorgaii;T,-l ! vh r.
FPANtsn piiilo is fast ha4enii: to a
fall. As goon as we can move Spain to
accept i he. inevitable, Uncle Sam wdl
be ici.dy to quit. Slay' heaven hasten
the da).
At the same time, one can't help
' pi'yiiu the b'tilu lsy kiiiK of Spain.
Vi.fi 1 his mbpr.ihlo war is not of his makfmr.
.;iipw.uni raiiier play maiulvs any nay
-.IriMIV ., - . '
Kcsbia fs to have. a l'.',500-tnn battle.
hipand a 0,1 00-ion piotected cruiser
budt in the Cramp yards at Philadel
phia, contracts having just been signed
tolhia tffeet.
' Uncle &ai simply bad to win the first
battle of the war. He needed, t-uch a
victoiy in hi business to serve as a pat
lein foi others yet to come. Hence, he
went for It and. irot. it.
. WKTLKn is walking nNipl the htreets
"of Madrid as-uring thj maddened popu
lace that everytliiiu will com j out all
jinht in due time. That man incapable
of joking at n fuucia'.
" AcriNa under llkincn's orders, the
port otlicers of Havana liavo destroyed
;the wieek of the Maine with dynamite.
Ihis is the only naval victoiy that Spain
1 uh won suve the ar Iii'l'iiii.
Victory lesteil wi(.h the stars and
stries. The Morv of our hisses mint
, come.laler. It will 1h a painful one at
.," Ihe best. The consolation of. victory
will l'e that it pioini.-es to hasten the
..'v. 4-i.il V hostilities.
..' -. - . ...
. Spanish honor anil tie pi ice of Span
bh I oi ('sine ninving in o)posite diiec-
tioi .the.foinier f'dlowiiit II e flight of
' , fitboy'a famous kite, and the I itter
?. plunging hcadlnni! in ptitsuit of t'le
lamented .Mc.Gmir. .
", rr . .
iaS .'' ' m. i'ie veriweive iiiinuicii iMauila
! 'v4' "' ' "' ' '" ''"' '''' c !I0,,P What a elori
'- ous chance tbi will bo for life pres.dent
t" net lid of etly isditicians and ollice
icckeiB by inak ng them consuls or gov-
.J, ertiora r something!.,: in thesu little
. jslHi.ds. t ,
.Tiik rcor Spaniiuds who are suffering
IJcjibIid and death for the sake of a
jniuiarchfcal government, cruel in its do-f-igiiB
and execution for peisoual gain,
aie the bulls r-cnt into the aiena to lie
r-laughte'ied, ai.d they do not know it.
ill is to be hoped that the existence of
I'ticle Sam will prove a new era to
(.. r i ...1. i...t
"" i-Mioi-nv .v.iH irsoum
firm 11 pinnacled War would lie the final
Iransform.ui.i.i of the United Stales
, into a great military ower with all its
eiormeiia icsource. biriiessol to the
win chariot Defeats for our -qu tdrotin
at ll.e outset w-miI I s.arou-o the ,o,)le
that only a miw of the flrit rank would
litreafter satisfy them. T .0 vo.vd.irv
11 n oi ihu civn war .en us, lor mat
period, Ihe foremo t mil tary nation on
.earth: mid n Ion iln.wn.mir I'linnVt.
.' ' mo iu. ti in w.e lime, fhvb inn cone-
,- now would Jam! us at tlm on 1 in Ihe ,,M ndenfj l;w Spain can go 011 pay
rMinu imaillon. IV. pie u Ii 1 il.Kiirove ing the i.iteren in her debt while do
. oaiiU wari tl.crjforo, Jiuv-CYery reason fravin.' ttiu c-jflt of tho Cub-inand Phil
-j saw that it it upon 110, to uivu the gov- j Jppm oporatlonj.
ttimni'iit tlicir wiiinnst niul most loyal
nupport in onk-r that thu hostilities
may Im hh hrief aM iKit-pihlc. For one
tliinir may m: taken for jrrantptl : The
UiuumI StiUt-a wilt now acconiilith
wliat it tins et out to accoinlih, and
no ilii?ent or f:iiiml.lin: hy aiiy korty
n-lcttizeiis WJtl swerve li.t uovennueut
m.. f
fi;m it b pari on1.
The Itip'ra1, of IMailrid, Fays con
corning lit. Cuban oitu.ition: "The
moment h;u Arrival fur proving the en
ilu i unco and coimuoui oiiroliiera who
iIl-.Iim, to'niiarclKUoulorv.'' Tl
' Tli, i...
tnitiMilt wTll'be observed .should read.
"who desire to go to iilory." This U all
the criticism we have lo offci. an the
reference to time is ubf-oluttlv coirect,
Mn. Disomy Ma ten with great exact
ness what Would have I) en the revenue
umli r inn taritT It. II ui-.d by lmw much
it would h;iM) exceeded exneiiditures, if
war had not iuteiwitud. Wo k now not
wheie he gets the itfoimatioii, hut it is
afe to wager that he experiences greater
lehef from tlio said lutetvention than
any other man in the government at
Lincoln (iii.ce sad of some measure
which he was urged to adopt, that, in
iffeel, "it would have al out as muoh
force as an elder quirt chaiged with
tosewater." 'Ibis homely phrase ap-
. pi.es, equally as wen to mucn ot Hie
- ,,
stiategv winch is I eihg developed and
wasted in local, elides in these piping
tunes of war, us Well m to the el'fo tive
nesa of Spanish gunnery so far as de
inouMr.tted. TuEgfcat naval' engagements of the
present generation have taken place in
the orient. The China-Jupauce uav.tl
fights and Dewey's victory at Manila
give the east the position top of column
next to uie war rea ling matter. Next
to these coii;es (ho bomhaidment cf
Alexandria, but the ind. cations .uc that
the east wtl! Minn have to move over
and make room for a fietdi story fioin
the west. It Sampson ami Sjhley are
allowed to meet the Spanish fleet in
tho ni'ddle of the Atlantic the woihl
nnllimVo to revise its stones of naval
"Remkmbek theiMaine," in blo-id red
letters, floated out from the lookout on
Admiral Dewey's flauship, serving a
erriblo warning upon the lechero'ts
Spaniards that" vengeance wis at hand;
that the first opportunity since that dire
disinter was at hand to luac'i the.su mur
derers that the men of this na'.ioii pro
posed to wreak a feaiful ven.je.inee upon
the pe etratois of that outrage.- The
way that gallant llidiip pmrcl shot
and shell :nto the ranks of the Sp:inia.'d
wa evidence that the brave men had
the sad remembrance of their dead com
rades in their heaits.
Oxn of Gen. WeylVa ntorcsting
s'atements in 'his speech before the
Spanish senate was that ho had prom
ised Prime Minister Canovas del Ua
till to he i early with 50,001) veterans to
atiaek the United States bv April, 18.IS.
As that promi-o must haw made some
J tune before. Canov.is' death, ii reveals
fhe temper of ihu Spin sli premier of
the day aid tho earlv designs of the
eunscrva'ive party upon thisenntry ,u
ca-e the canipiigu agiimt tho in-urrei:-lion
hail gone on Nueces-. fully. Invade
the United Stale-! Such was Wevh-r's
programme It is a pity that his plan
The Cincinnati Knqtiiror say: '-The
emperor of Germ.inv succeeded to tho
throne aftera period of war which will
always be conspicuous in history. Mo
bus not. been satisfied witbpeico. Ho
looks foi glorv in the clash of arms. He
is now pho.ving foiiip iestlesn-eiR to get
into our little affair With Spain. If he
gets a part in that tragedy, I hough, it
will bo under circumstances that will
bring so many other rulers and govern
ments in that ho. may not be able to
plivn star part. T'-me are other dilli
culties. ton. It would, Im awkward to
get young William info a fightwiili his
amiible grandmother of England."
Titi-nn is materiil teasnn for French
pympath v! inin. The London
COIie-POIldeilt of the New York I'lnnn.
. ... . . ....
ciiil Olirouiclo writes under date of the
nt, inRtunt : "It is estimatol that
French iiivesiments in Spain are not
Jh than four milliards, or HU.033.013
,,,, hXmm (80),0)J,03.)). The
haukrupiev of th Spanish government,
fmvcd prolml.lv bv a lurlhor great
,f(.precitio,i of the paper mnncr and
widespread failures i 1 commercial and
niianoial circles, would inflict terril.h.
losw upon Freiieli inveitors." One of
,1.. - .. .1 ...
AVhem the war between this uotintry
and Spain will end U just now n eonjVc
ture. The outbreak of a revolution that
in now threatening Spain may result in
overthrow of the present government.
The nituation in Spain m.iy draw their
of attention
from their miw wluuli
an cariy prey to our
.will tall
fleets on account of their ignorance of
our uove.mants. They have ho lar ilis
played very poor maikstnan-diip in
every enaeinent. Mot of tluir uu
cineers sue English who are cither
iii('o:uie.eut or hIio.v n ia:k of inte.-c.U.
Afte"- tro.iiH are 1 in ls 1 i-i Utilnanl
, llvaim captiued. the. b.ickh ,ne ol Iioh
, tnitieH will tiuuouiiic uy im nni.c-u ami
a speedy termination of the war may he
looked for. J lie war department is put
tii g ft lib ( veiy iffoit to habteii matters
and have is-sued orders to prutcuutu the
war with vior. using both land an I
naval forces. The American people
trust it will sjoii bj over and their
honor upheld.
Since the war with Spiin hi.: in tluri
has been a difference of opinion am in;
newspaper as to whether thu I1.-lli4.fr-,
cuts could use he Sue, canal. This inn
been set at rest hy an (WJicial of the
state department at Washington who
has given out I he pioceciiings of the
.-.onvention of October 21), 1888, which
gave out the principle of the ne.utr.ili. 1
tion of the Suez canal, and which was
signed by the six. great powers and Tur
key, Spain and tho Netherlands.
Snictly speaking their action doe nit
hind the powers that were not parlies
to the convention, lint as 11 uih is of any
impoitance except the United Slates,
and all have .distinctly acquiesced in
what was done, the pmoiicil result is
much the same as if the whole body of
civilised nations had fonnally exprjsicd
iheir adhesion to it.
The convention I'eclares that the
canal is to he open in time of war as
wull as in time of peace to al! ships,
whether- belligerent or neutial, but no
acts of hostH ty are to he committed
either in the canal itself or in ll.e sea to
a (iisiauee ot tmee miles trom eittier
end.of.it . - !-- -" -
The entrances are not 'o he blockaded.
The stay of tho belligerent vessels of
war or their pti.es within the ports at
either end U not to exceed twenty-four
hours, and belligerents are not to em
baik troops or munitions of war within
the canals or its ports.
15y n-ung the Suez canal Spain's ves
sels will be compelled to go only 7,2.)0
nines 10 reach AJiiiu'a. 1 lie steaming
radius of the Almirante Oquendo, Vis
caya and Inanta .Maria Teresa is 9,700
mile-, voing at the rate of ten knots,
and they, therefore, could gm t he entiic
distance without reoalin. If neces
sary they could take eoil.e'-s ti'ong.
None of Commodore Dewey's, vessels
has such a gie.u steaming lahm, an t if
they shoul I be sent to the ..Mediierra
neau they wuul I have to tak- colliers
alont. and might be cuujit wit'iout coal
in that sea.
Mr. John Petiuso:i, of P.itt-ville, L-i..
was very agieeably surprise I nulling
ago. For eiglite-1' months he h 1 1 been
troubled wit'i dysentery and h id tr.e I
three of the best doctors in New Orleans,
besides half a uo.en or more patent
medicines, but icceivedvery little relief.
Chamhei Iain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea 1'emedv, having been recom
mended to him, he gave it a trial and to
his great surprise, three times of that
remedy effected a permanent cure. Mr.
Win. McN'uinara, a well known mer
chant of the same plac is well ac
quainted with Mr. Peterson and attests
to the truth of this sra'eni-n. This
remedy is for sale by J, S. Williams fc
w., uruggntR. m
Notice ot Sale.
Notice is lieieby given that we will
pell at hihlic auction at the Palace
stables at U) o'clock ii, 111., May 20th,
one hay horso branded X on left
shoulder; also one spring wagon and
harness, the piopeity ol Charles Daley.
Tho above Mini is to fecure the pay
nientof ihe sum of (-12.70 for feed and
caio of Hiii.l property, and also the cost j
of said (ale. - .1. S. Wiixtamb & Co.
Dated Bnbco, Arizona, May 13, 1838.
Notice to (tie k-tioilc.
Mr. John Heaton has been appointed
personal lepiesentative of John P.
Martin, president of the South Uishco
Towr.sito and Improvement company
with an ollie.j in the Norton building,
where lie will intend to al, bmiiiess of
the cottpany.
All panics knowing iheniF.elves in
,,uule(l ,0 tlio undersigned will please'
call and eetllu at C. A. Ove.lock's, as I
need the iimni'V. J; a. Miliar.
Our linu ot wall paper is tho very
latest, being designs of 181)8. .
a23-1- AoatisT J0KM8.
Bv W'ESTEnN Tuess
VAsnt.VGToy, M-iy 13. Seeretary
Long at 11 o:l ek this morning re
reived a dispatch from Sampson that
the Spinish s.iu.iilron bad been sighted
wes. of-Martini pi".
Washington, May !.'!. It is discov
ered at noon that the Sp-.niah fleet is 1
big one. accnmpinie 1 by sn-iply ship
Navy department olliciil.i believe that
tho licet is biund for Cienfuegos.
There is an active, energetic consul at
Martinique, and it is btdiev.'d ho would
have immediately notified the state de
partment o; the ii-rival of the Spanish
fleet at St. Pierre if ho had been per
mitted todn.so. S mo naval oflictals
are inclined to the belief that the fleet
is going to meet the Oregon. Marietta
and Huffalo, hound from P,:ihi-i, Iira7.il.
to Kev West. They think this idea
reasonable. The Cane Verde fleet is
J500 miles nearer the Oregon and the
others than is Admiral Sampson, and it
is contended that tho three American
ships woiild be interrupted-anil tile bat
tle concluded "two days bef.iM-Sunpi.ni
could get to them. Commo 1 iro Retney
at Key Webt has been instructed to
Imri v news, to tho blockade fleet of ar
rival of Spanish fleet in West Indian
Madrid, May J3. Madrid has bee
thrown into a state of fervent expajt
ancy upon learning of the arrival of the
Spanis fleet off M.irtiuiq'ij. As soon as
ihe nesof thu fleet was received, the
government cabled Aeniiral Seryera, in
fot'iiiuig him of evjrytliiug Unit had
transpired since, the fleet left Cape
Verde islands; also gave him instruc
tions to put in at Martinique and take
011 co.tl from two large trans-Atlantic
steamers and leave immediately after
The destination of the fleet is not stated
but it will probably bi some days before
it tackles the American Mu.'t.
Wasiiingtom, Mav 13. The navy de-
1 partincnt this. in- ruing leceived the fol
lowing' illipulcirrroni Sanson iitiiicr
date of St. Thomas, .vesterday: "A
portion of the squadron under my com
mand reached Sail Juan this mori ing.
No armed vessels weie found in port.
As soon as it was light I commence.! an
attack on the batleriu defending the
city. T"is lasted about three hours and
icsulted in much .damage to the batter
ies, and incidentally lo a portion of the
city iidjtici nt to tl e 1 atteries. The bat
teries 1 cplied 10 mr flic, but without
effect. One man was killed on board
the New York anil' seven wounded in
the- squadron. No seriom damage to
any boat resulted. Sampson."
Hampton Roads, (on board the Texas)
May III. The signals to bo ready to put
to rea at early daybre-ik weru displayed
on the flagship ISro.iklyu at 2 a. in., and
was answered by all the ships in Com
modore Schley's squadron. The ships
have been in readiness to sail for live
weeks, so there remains little to do.
Sleani launches were put on board
ready for action. Keen hut quiet excite
ment prevailed on the battleship Texas
when theoidvr wa received.
London, Mav 13. Lloyd's agent at
Martinique coiifirnn earlier alvivi to
the effect tii.it the C.ipj Vordj fbjt wa
nt Fort de Franc.
Madrid, )l ty 13 The Spinish flet
iias been ordered to leave Martinique
immediately for an on known destina
tion. Key West, Mav 13. United States
troops, company E. 1st regiment, dipt.
I Durst, landed at I'untti Frieas, on the
j west hore of Cabanas bay, resterday
noon. I hey routed tlTe the Span
ish garrifon, killing one nlflcer and
tlire soldiers. The only American
hurt was 0. Aichlbald, of San Fran
cisco. One hundred Spanish soldiers
were in ambush, but by Indian tactics
the Americans routed them. The con
voy gunboats Mailing and Wasp shelled
the Spanish position in n twenty min
utes' engagement. One pris .tier wis
taken. He gives tho name of Francisco
Revetted and says there is no food ashore.
Key "A est, May 13. The expedition
which lelt here i-eveial d ivs ago on the
steamer Gussie, has lauded wi'h sup
plies f..r the insurgents, including Nten
thousand rifles.
Madrid May 13. The Spanish official
report of Ihe eiuagenient between the
American squnlion an I the fortiliea
tiotiRiit San Juan, Porto Rico, says the
damage done by the American flro was
ilicousiderablo add lossosof the Spanish
Kort Monroe, May 13 The flying
SaU.ldroil. Scllbv in inimnflml. mlliiil nt
4;ll this n. in., nniceedim-nontli nml...
JBenhd orders. Thoro aro ten 8hipB in
in tho nquadrou.
Association "Wines.
Key West, May 13.- Tho torbedo
boat Winslow, which was damaged and
lost 'fiVo men in the batt'.o ai Cardenas,
has arrived here, coming under own
team, two engines, but only one boiler,
she was in charge of Lieut. Bailey,
'.ransferred from the Wilmington. All
ho wouuled are on board of her.
Key West, May 13. -The funeral of
the four sailors shot in the Spanish
trap in Cardenas bay Wednesday were,
hehl here thU morning. A detail con
sisting of sixteen marines from the
Panther headed the funeral procession
with an es.-ort of ovor 2JJ iner. from the
war ship3 in the harbor.
London, May 13. It has been sug
gested here that the Americans should
caput re. anil hold Cett'.T on the African
side of tho Streights of Gibraltar nnd
now used by Spain as a penal colony.,
With England holding Gibraltar and
America in po? session of Ceuta, as
pointed out, the Anglo Saxons would
dominate the seas. v '
Madrid, May 13. It is eaid tho Cape
Verde fleet has orders to to Porto Rn o
and engage S.imps.Mi's fleet. Note to
editors Malrid dispatches are often
sent out to misle 1 1. Tji 1 tw fbat this
morning are reported 403 milejapirt,
and so it would s.'yiu they annul tnsH
London, Mav 13 1 he London Timrs
in a strong editorial t-ays, in the fnluie
America will play a prominsnt part in
jiffairs of the world. It admits there is
much uneasiness in Europa ovar the
Philippines.'iniliilh'It m ly Indebt
ed, however, whether any concert of
continental powers ie po-sibl for tho
purine of attempting to apply coercion
to the JUnite.l States. Englaud assur
edly would 1101 join in any such enter
prNc, and might in certain circum
stances take active part. in foiling it.
"Washington," May 13. Secretary
Long submitted to the cabinet Ra.ir
Admiral Sampson's repirt of tho bun-
bardment of San Juan and stated that
the Cape Verde fleet liad been da
covered near'MartinitUi. Thor.; wu a
brief discussion and tho cabinet ad
joitriied. '
Key West, Mav 14. Tho cutting of
the cable at Cienfuegos is considered hy
naval experts to be the greatest accom
plishment outside the Manila affair, n
it reiiuers uianco impotent. 110 H
irtually shut out out from tho world
now, and can only wire Madrid from
Santiago do Cuba over the English
cable. This Gomez has planned to pre
vent. The Mangrove, tried to cut the
cable three weeks ago. but failed.
WARHtNaTON, May 14. Department
officials continue to be considerably
worried over a suspicion that France
is secretly aiding and abetting .the
enemy. The delay to a St. Pierre cable
gram from Captain Cotton giving the
information of the appearance of Ad
miral Oieyeas fleet off Martinique- gave
the Spaniards great advantage, enabling
them to get twenty-four hours Btart
of us.
Washington, May 14. A bulletin
says the state department has an official
report fro-n Curacoa that Spanish ves
sels have been sighted there. Curacia
is 50:) miles southwest of Martinique
and 700 miles southeast of Santia.ro de
Cuba. If ibis news is accurate it indi
cates tho Spanish fleet sailing away
from Sampson.
Washington, May 14. -Great anxiety
is expressed here for the Oregon, Dnffa
lo and Marietta, as the Spanish fleet is
from hist accounts headed southward,
and is over 003 mile- ahead of Sampson
and between him and tho thiee Ameri
can ships. The three vessels, which
left Ilahia some five days ago, should
now be off the northern coast of brazil,
and would p.ob.ibly meet the Spanish
fleet in the- course of the next few davs.
Denver, May 14. The city is cele
bratmg the Diwcy victory today. A
mounter military parade took place this
afternoon, led by the Colorado volun
tcers and nl uniformed societies partic
ipated. Thousands of visitors from all
over the state uniting with the citizens
111 wild enthusiasm. Decoration of,
bufJilingB is tupcib. Pi reci ackers and
cannon cause a continual din. It is a
greater day than has been the Fourth of
July for man v years. A pretty feature
of tho parade was the Confederate Y;et
erana and meinbera. of the G. A. If.
leaning on each other's amis us they
marched along whl bands played
"Dixie" uiut.'-Jolm llroirn'a lhdy."
St. Louib, May 14. Utmey day was
celebrated by an immense outpouring.
Fuji y fi.fty thousand strSngcro in town.
Kky West, May 14. A fight has
taken place off Cienfuegos. The Marble
bead, Nashville nnd Windom woro
pitted against the forts. The Windom
has just come in with tha wounded
Americans. Two men killed nnd eight
wounded. The 3Kinish loss wa over
400. The action took place at the en
trance -6f Cienfuegos bay on Weduas
day. 'It was' begun by tho firing
of shelU lty-the Murblehead and Nash
ville in'thccrtly n.orninz, when a chip
tried to cut the cable. There was no
firing from the shore for two hours
while the emit- and. tb V n loui
-kept tip fire. Small' boats racceede.l in
grappling the cable, and before letting
go v.c-omplished its purpose, stopping
the cable Vusefu! nes.
ietaU of the engagement tritowthat
the American fought niainst fearful
odds. They wero victorious, rind-nt the
present writing tlie southern C.tbui as.
tort is in ruin, and the dead and ilyin,
fill the streets.
It was dete. mined somo time a?o lo
cut the Spanish cable at Cienfuegot,
thus preventing tho innvemanu of
American ships on that side b-inginide
known at Madrid. The task was as
signed to the three cruisers mentioned.
At 1033 yards the fort opened fire.
The Windom replied with her big for
ward rifle, and inside of a few minute
left Ihcjortificaiions nothing hut ruins-.
The NaBhvilleand Maiblehead mean
time sailed in close, cud made every
effoi t to draw the fire from what masked
batteries tb Spanish might have.
Under cover or a cannonade the NasIi
ville and Mnrblehead launched bo.ita
and their crews pulled .into the place.
When half way acroji the bay masked
batteries on either side of the lurbir
opened fire at the two lioat loads. . The
boats were riddled and the occupants
were: soon struggling in the water.
The treachery was qnukly atoned for,
From the guns of the N.iahv.lle and
Marblehead belched forth a rain of shot
and shell. Every shot went trnp. M...1
earthworks, gumi and Spaniar.la ivera
seen flying in tlio air us eaih shell
iln the meantime. Capt. McGuirelow
e.e.1 his boats nnd reaciiuiLtlj.tvMiiide.tr7
me iioiue.i or uvoiieait men were also
recovered. "We avenged them' eaid
Guilt. ilcGuire. "Wa sent iully one
thousand shells into their city, nnd -I
really believe there umn ba as many
dead Spaniardi."
The Windom arrived here this morn
ing with the wounded. Tlu djad will
be buried on Cuban soil.
Capt. Mailard of the Nashville was
struck o-i the hea I bv a shot which
only inflicted a slight injure Lie it.
Winslow lost three flngera of the left
The dead are seamen of the M irble
he.id. Gunners Robert Ujltr., John
Davis. Jo ii Doran. Ernest Sunezench,
Herman W. Kochmauter and I. Hjiu
derson were.woundo I.
ICey Wbst, Miy 14. The personal
bravery of the men in the "four butt
from the Marbleheadntiil Nashville at
.CieiiTuego3 win "wonderful. Thi man
all volunteered nnd work-id nt the task
laid ilown for them whde but fifteen or
twenty yards off the beach. Man after
man was wounded, b-it each man'a
place was tinmeately taken. The men
were made of stem Btuff, and two of
them, Hendrickson and Bnltz, nr
worthy of speciaLmention. The physi
chins say they cannot live. Ilenrickson
was shot throtyh the liver and HolU
had three bullets through the cheat and
one through the h:ad.v Hendrickson
suffers greatly, but- repeats: "I would
do it again if I bad to. Dr. Stavis saya
it will go down in history as a deed of
superb daring. The' Nashville and
Marhlehcad will take C.enfuegos, if they
have not already accomplished it.
Chicago, Mav 14 Ex-Banker Charles
Warreil Spalding was taken to Joliet
prison to lay" to serve sentence for hy
pothecating the lunds of the University
of Illinois while president of thu defunct
Globe Savin 1-8 bank
London. May 14. A dispatch from,
Yokohama sava 203 fishing boats were
swept away by a galemi.l tid.il xv.ivrat
Swat j. More than :i thousand 'mea'
were lost.
London, May 14. Mr. Gladstone U'
very low this afternoon.
'-'I- would not bo without Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy for its-weight inv
gold," writes I. J. Jones, of Holland,
V11. ,rMy wife was troubled with a
cough for nearly two years. I tried va
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scriptions from physicians, all of which
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