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The Weekly orb. [volume] (Bisbee, Cochise County, Ariz. Territory) 1896-1900, September 04, 1898, Image 1

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Troubles in Manila.
New Yokk, Sept. 3. A Herald special
from Manila pays tliat u party of tagalos
-on Tuesday night, uii'lur tlio command
of an insurgent lieutenant, entered a
flouring null in tho San Miguel district,
Beared, away or kidnapped two employee.
and tied tho engineer and liis wife to tho
" rafters. An alarm was sounded, and the
Fiist California regiment turned out.
Four outlaws weio enptnned. ;Ono of
iliem, cljiitnjjng to lo the president of
" tnTilliVrictrBSW t!e outrnto was com
mitted in defiance of iho auihority of
Cen. Aia Pilar, tho insurgent leader
controlling thedietrict, under whose or
ders it is. policed
filar has eet up a faetion apparently
opposed to Gen. Aguinuldo, whoso fol
lowing ts gradually splitting into inde
pendent factions, each leader desiring
to establish bis supremacy and laying
the, outrages at the door of tho others
while professing friendship for the
Arnericans,whoio troops have shown
their perfect ability to preserve order in
tho city.
The transport St. Paul arrived today.
' Gen. Merritt's last order beforo ho sail
ed commends tho gallantry of the troops
in action and mentions the California
Government Will Let 'Em Go.
Washington, $ept. 3. Having ar
ranged for the release and return to
Spain of the Spanish sailors captured
J."'4' -.K.tinn n( fVrtinr.l'fl fleet.
uipSpani3h government is now seeking
to teenro tho release of tho Spanish
toldiere who are still held captives in
this country. There are a fewof these
confined at Fort IcPherson ..and our
government is entirely satisfied to be rid
:.oItliem. jQju . government having
finally consented to rolcaso tho sailors
upon condition that the Spanish govern
ment would transport them homo. M.
Thiebaut acting in tho interest df tho
Spanish government has just made ap
plication to the state department for
similar treatment in the case of Spanish
soldiers. The request is now under
eonsiderrtion and will doubtless be
No Prosecutions.
Washington,, Sept. & It was an
nounced at the treasury department to
day that there would be no prosecutions'
to the recent investigation of the
manner in which several Jbpusand liomlfs
were Bubscribed'for in-New York City.
Secretary Gagg had conferences today
with eomo, of thoio involved in the
" scheme for securing subscriptions at
Wholesale. .A.aa result, in all cases
where bonds were Mibscribed in an in.-
(proper way, the bends will not bo issued.
Will Soon be Home.
New YonKSept 3. The pay roll of
"Hough It idem is being prepare ,nd
tlicy will bcmwterwliwt on Tuesday or
Wednosdaynoxt and sent home, with
the excepton who are still sick and un
able to move. A big demonstration
awaits tbein when they, come over and
a patriotic farewell will follow tho brave
westerners on their homeward journey.
Colonel Roosevelt, is. personally directing
tho transportation nftbem, and their
cars will, go through to tho destination
of every company. Tho boys are .as.
anxious to go back as they wcro to go
to the front, since tho war over.
third of the approximated 220,000 men
called for by tho president in the two
proclamations imiu'd by him.
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Russia Peace Program.
Bi:iu.iN, Sept. 3. It is the intention
of Knsfia, recording to tellable informa
tion obtained by a correspondent here
of the Associated Press to convene a
poaa t'onferi'ttcj after tho adjournment
of tho Spanish American conference.
Express Cos. Subside.
Chicago, Sopt. 3, Adams, American
and rnited States ix.jrcss companies
have all agreed to hoar the war tax
themselves hereafter.
For several hundred years tho closo
of each century has been signalized by
bloodihed, disturbance and revolution,
in,.(uie or more of tho great nations of
the Old "World. A fe,w months ago it
looked very much as if tho nineteenth
century wns to furnish another instance.
The United States was at war with
Spain; and the great powers of Europe
wcro confronting each other in Asia,
like angry tigers, aim prepaung to
spring at each others' throats. AH at
once an apparent-change, ims come over
the aspect of events, and it now appears
as if the year 1900 might mark the be
ginning of a new and world-wide era of
peace among tho nations of tho earth.
The manifesto issued by tho Czar of
Russia was doubtless, to sonif extent,
inspired by a realization of the growing
ower of tho United States a power
with which the European nations had
not yet begun to reckon. Should the
suggestion of the Russiau emperor bo
accepted by the other European powers,
we may oxpect to see arbitration take
the place of war to a great ex teat. dRheJ
United States and Great Britan might
set a good example in this direction by
leading the way with tho arbitration
treaty which recently failed to eecure
the approval of congress, or with n mod
ification of that treaty. Such, action
would probably soon be followed by
otlior nations, and before many years
wo might hope that tho forco of enlight
ened public opinion, backpd by tho possi
bility of armed intervention, would be
sufficiently strong to make physical
arguments among nations as unpopular
and unBual as they aro now among indi
viduals who pretend to civilization and
Tho above is an excerpt from the Los
Angeles Times, and is a consummation
devoutly to. bo w.ished, but will s'nrcely
bo realized, for even at the time tho czar
was writing hh manifesto the uglv fur
on the back of tho Russian Dear had
turned wrong end to and the British
Lion had begun to wag his tail and emit
.ominous rumblings over conditions in
tho Orient; while here at home, althoueh
peace appears to be, an assured fact, and
tho disbanding of a, great part of our
volunteer army basvbeen ordoted, yet
thoy an still under -arms and subject
to military orders, and but yesterday
or'ern were issued from, the war dQpirt
ment at Washington for all volunteers,
absent from their commands, to repirt
by letter at once to thior company or
regimental officers, giving tho reasons
for their absence. Orders woro also is
sued to batallion commanders forbid
ding tho. issuance of furloughs to more
than five per cent of their commands.
Why would all these thing bo if tUq
millinnium was so slose at hand? Still,.
it would be ,i, glorious day when the
drums shall fliavo ceased to beat the
log roll, and Peace spread her white
wings from polo to pole. When the
Occident nnd the -Orient shall erabraco,
and lovo and peaco crown the whole
human race.
PitKK coinage o: both gold and silver
at a r.ttio of 10 to one, without awaiting
tho consent of any other nation, has
been endorsed this year by every demo
cratic convention, utata or "county, i'i
the south, west and central states. Sil
ver is a moio pronounced issue than it.
was two years ago. Then the republi
cans worked the international bimetal
lism racket everywhere except in New
England and New Yoik, Now that tin
administiation opposed Wolcott's con
ference and assured the defeat of bimet
allism, the g. o. p. stands squarely for
the single gold standard. Taking ad
vantage of tho war they hop:, with the
liberal use of money, to bo ablQ to carry
a number of silver states. Tliethreo
silver partiu8ai;6 vet, divided while' the
gold standard crowd presents a solid
front. Silver men must stand together
orlefo.it is inevitable.
John Siikkm.vn lias not. changed his
views about the management of tho war,
so far as tho war i.cpartment goes. "If
tho man at the head of that depart
ment," says he, "is not competent to
manage his department so as to see to
it that men under him perform their
duties propcrlyjgho is not fit for tho no
sition." "The story is going tho rounds,"
said tho intei viewer, "that an olficetiO(
the war department upon whose official
act depended the promptness of for
warding tho supplies, has been so intox
icated at times as to have been incapable
of attending to bis duties." Sherman
said : "If that is true, if oue soldier has
died because a responsible officer -was
drunk, that officer should be cashiered
no, 'he should be ." Sherman
filled tho blank sentence with a gesture
toward his throat.
If every voter in tho United States
would perform his political duty as lion
tly and patriotically as ho docs his
private duty, we would have peace,
Udcnty a.nd prosperity.
Thk Tucson Star with its usual fick
le4. - "ithes out thiH morning in a long
edigriii supuortiugiR. .A.. F.JVjnrose
as republican candidate for delegate to
congress. In the first few lines it states
that a "telegram hasbeed received from
Col. Penrose that if nominated for con
gress ho will make tho ace. This meanB
business. Penrose will be nominated.
That is certain." How the demopopi
can editor of the Star knows thisjwe"are
Unable to see. In tho first place Col.
Penrose is not a citiaen of the territory
of Arizona and therefore is not eligiblo'
to bo a candidate. In the second place
Penrose could not bo nominated in the
republican convention. He cannot even
carrv his own county, which is Cochibf .
Thk demonetization of silver has done
more to cause lard times in this coun
try in general, and in Arizona in partic
ular, than any other move ever gotten
up by enemies of the people, in the his
tory of the world. While some people
of the far cast are in doubt as to what
their trouble is nnd who struck the
blow, tho men of Arizona look at their
closed silver mines and their depleted
purses, and know that they are hit and
know who struck the blow. They also
know that the republican party is
pledged to those who struck that blow,
is defending them an 1 is backed up I y
their ill gotten wealth.
the nation. He is thediumpjqirof the
rig'-ts of the mnssjs. , H
Silver is the issue and the principles
advocated by Bryan wilf be asJlftStingas
Tun defeat of J. W. Payne's candi
dacy for the councilin G rami in county
is now assured,. He has the Vuppor'. of
"Pinhead" Ilngl'iiv of. the Tucson Star.
WHEBKare all the candidates foro'lice,,,
t' is fall? Cctno. gentlemen, geia moe
on yon or there will ho somodtsappoii t
mei t- in vour tanks. In other words. '
declare ynv-HYtThtions.
v It is said that Mr. Piatt started tho
governorship boom tor Teddy Roosevelt
just to fr3liteiiGovcnioi-Black. He
might as welttry to stop'-a'thfrter,---cl
shellnow mutri-break that.liooir
Ouu navy well deserves the ...... .
dation given it by Secretary Long, that
it went through tlio war without an
error. It is doubtful if such a thing
ever happened before.
Now that the democracy of Ohio have
cndoisedthe Chicago platform, reiter
ated the free silver clause and declared
Bryan to be the logical candidate for
1900, do the billbynum republicans of
Arizona still believe is a dead issue?
An apologist for the camp at Montauk.
Point says "the hopitals are somewhat
disorderly as yet, but they are well ven
tilated." Tho war department has also
been very disorderly, but it will be well
ventilated before tho American public
is satisfied-
-I.M?ut.sivy;.Miss Arnold forsed Lieut.
Hobson to set the paec, and galland old
Admiral Schley had to trot it for two
heats, .at Washingtod the other day,
when twa i ladies rushed at him for a
kiss. The admiral's salutes were heard
the full length of the war department
- Tan pu blic, school .l San tiaap.. ,wilU
reopen Septe.m ben J5, byomlerof Gen.
Wood. The schools have-virtually been
closed for more than thtee years, and
the reopening is only one of the good
results that will follow American occu
pation if politics is kept outo5 the game
for a while.
No onpAvould object to the peace com'
missioners receiving $24,000 a year each
if Spainfiootfi the bill. But it does seem
that if the best men of the nation can
afford to fight the war to a successful
finish for from $13 to $2o0-n month, the
peace sommissioners should be satisfied
with about $24,750 eah aR a stipend.
England and Germany.
Lo.vdo'n, Sept. 3. A report is current
iero that tho treaty of alliance between
Great Britain and Germany on the lines
of thenpoeeh of Mr Chamberlain, Sec(
retarv of the State for ho Colonies, whb
actually cam pie tod yesterday, jit is
said that Quid Pro tjuo for Genuity's"
support in Egypt, Great Britain will re
cognize Gorntany.'s claims to utilize
Syrians an outlet for her surplus: population.
One Third flustered Out.
Washington, Sept. 3. Tlio statement
prepared at tho war department shows
,'tnat83of tho organizations iit tho vol-
,untcer nrmv have received orders lcok-
,lng to their being mustered out of tho
jurico., Tltis ptobably represent.) oiioj
In the United States wo are slow to
recognizo the need of mining laws which
nro intended to do away with some of
tho evils effecting mining", or at least
reduco tho number ns much as possible.
In fact, wearo slow to recognize the
evils. It is different in most European
countries, and in tho Australian colo
nies they aro just awakening to them.
Prominent, or ratlter first among them
is tho fact that poor mining endangers
the lives and health of thofo ongaroJ
in it. Bad work, bad timbering and
reflect of luivitig(poper :ieansof exit
inctFoof fho not oifiy endanger lives,'
but each year send scores of men to
their graves, and- makes scores of crip
pies of others. Poor ventillation ruins
the health of otherscores. Itgocs with
out saying tlut..a)l these things can
he largely, If-notaltogt'.tbor, prevented,
by haying better workmen and better
superintendence. Tho way adopted to
regulate tho evil is to provide for skillful
and adequate inspection, as well as
lii'ensiiig, after examination, all mine
superintendents and foremen, and al
lowing none but such to act in those ca
pacities. It 1b time that our Yankee
land caught up with "the procession, and
demand needed protection for miners.
Mining Reporter.
Duni.sa the past few d ivt. it is said
the president has experienced a change
of heart. Ho wanted only a coaling
station in the Philippines. NowJ when
tho great American people haw bpn
heard from, the president feels like ask
ing for Luzon, possibly the entire (.roup
of tlio islands. Davis and Fry nro in
sympathy with tho American demand,
while the other thteo members of the
commission will be subservient to the
will of tho president, having no convic
tions of their own . All live repttlicans.
Justice White being of tlio billbynum
Tni: Orb suggests to Manager Shat
tnck that he invite Rev. T. Dewtt Tal
mae to Bisbee to sneak in the nrw
opera house. That great speaKcr ai u
lecturer will be in Los Angeles abotjt
the 9th inst. and no doubt Bianco couvd
S'Ciro his presence by an effort. If 1 e
woro to eomo bore tho new opera house
would not hold half his audience.
The Bisbee lorrespondent of tlve
Tombstone Prospector intimates that
the Bisbee republicans would support
R. A. F. Penrose for delegate to con
gress. In this ho is away off his base.
Leading republicans in convorsatin with-
an ORn reporter yesterday stateil mat
Penrose is the last man that would re
ceive their supoort.
Mexico is apparently entering on a
period of "militaryism" more extreme
than anything yet suggested in this
country. At present most of the Mexi
can soldiers nro convicts a novel way
of disposing of the criminal cloment
but under a recent amendment to the.
constitution every citizen between the
ages of eighteen and forty-five jrars is
linblo to military service. Decrees reg
ulating conscriptions have just, beeu
promulgated, --but it is not yet known
how nearly, universal the tervicu will be
.required tob;
An official of tho department of state
has disposed of the fool talk about this
or that foreign government heing en
gaged in negotiating w-th Spain for tint
purchase of a naval or coaling station in.
tho Philippines, by saying: "By tlni
tonus of the protocol, entirely aside
from tho surron ler of M.tnili, Sinn
parted from her sovereignty over the
Philiplno islands, aiid tho sovereU'iitj
will lio in ahcyauce until the work of
tho peaco commission, which ni"otH at
Paris, Oct. 1, is concluded.
An exchange inquires i.ow Aguinuldo
can hope to maintain a provisional gov
ernment without provision-'.
. i . . . c ,
Gen. FiTziiuoii Lei: seems to bo the
only army officer able to manage a big
army camp. There aro thousands of
men in his corps at Jacksonville, but
there is very little sickness, because he
strictest attention to- the sanitary condi
tion of tbftcatnps and tho .manner in
vhich the the hospitals aro conducted"
and tho-sick carcdr-for.
AccoituiNO to reports a tanatioal war
has been begun' in China against all for
eigners, and tho leaders claim that tho
Chinese gods have authorized tho driv
ing out of all foreigners, and the black
fi-ig has accordingly been raised in that
rnitntry and there seems to be a war of
extermination. The lesult of it, will bo
hat in the end the Chiueso empire will
he divided up among the other nations.
TititoooitouT all sections of Arizona
rain has fallen during tho past weeks,
and tho deserts are covered with gwiss
and flowers. This insutcs excellent
pasturage for tho winter. It has. also
lone much to assist miners and '-ros-pectors.
Several mills in the territory
had for some time stood idle for lack of
water, while throughout much of the
mountain region the tanks were dry.
All this is now changed, and Arizona
today parents a smiling appeal mice.
.Much of this duo no do.ibt to the pass
age uiidopurutirtn of the limloy law.
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Consolidated Mining Co,
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Office! East Entrance,
S -vm' Mm
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