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The Weekly orb. (Bisbee, Cochise County, Ariz. Territory) 1896-1900, October 16, 1898, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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It i. tcli'om tl at vt ti-ib livo iMi o
poitnniiy to ulaiucat a tuket. fioin iqj
" to ImUoni, that. pM-Hi'iiis a moii aucHpt
-' alilo niray of naniiiiliilCH tlitiii ilm' iioni
iiintiil hy t lie (hniuciatK oi." uim-I; n
. .today. It in a moo tliiii: wiinn'i-
''fi-iini Col. Wilson down t) thu la i
s, iiamr on t'c tii-kut.
Colonel Wilson is not on tho count;
tii-kt't. oxropt a- a iiwler in th r in- fo
, t .cofiurcNR. Tliin i-t Mark Siuiin.'rt olil
coiintv am) ,w fthcr. Iu or ai y itlur
p Otl iii.iii i on tli litiu!itiii"t ii'lct! in
' Cotill M) rJltlilty. Voil
may va.pr ilui-
tlie hcml of-tlu Hckft vitl ivu
v. Ill i f
ivot's than lii o'iionout. Bm of iln
,Pojniit t.ekit:
S' Tliere i Scott W-liitc, our oapahlo
& sheriff, n'way ali'M ii t-io uxuuuiion nt
liis diui!8. Thu luui-ilativi! ticket, i
CHpecmlly Rtr'oh in it make up. AI. I).
iScr.bner, for thu council, iTtliormulily
fatutliar with can ty ulTn r., anil is tiiHt
' cut's hudliioH iiiiiu. Eu, Of Helicon,
Cap,t. Tcxi, of Ho vie. mi 1 tint oilun
'yuician. Col. Ahko (.t ay, ai a tVu
' olutfilto Win l'hwy .tic p ntc.l .iii will
do sotiK'thlu forCii'lii-uco in tV.it i.iri
while in I'aoi'iux. Wciitwnrili is a rcg
ular pacer of th Uob.-rt J. onlcr, .ilv.iv.-t
cruf.inu' tho line in the limit. Ai lur
Jrrnuk llait', tho icpu'ili'-au-i h ivj con
cctloU Iiih election vvr s.nco W.ni.-
w:ih hlitlicil. On down thy linn au
Edwuv Lund., Jwiiuo I'ernu and .McKay,
lonlit-mct ultnrnoy, piohatc jiiilu and
nHSCMSor, tespeciivilv. Iliey u ill make
(threat lilit. Ili-liccanil the north-ciM
Bcutton' of Couliifu huvq two excellent
canditlatcri who will ncuiae cinint)
nffaiiB w iih the id- a ol uutti-iv; down ihu i
tnjc itiic. liete u cc i here inadu to
JIcshth. .MC. 1 e ton an I II. It. Ut-1,
t jlhe iibn.iiiucd I'orsiiperve-ors. I'lu pm
cinct ticket is all iijMt. Ivoop voar i-ye.
on the denize atiu ticket tn.in Col. Wil
son down to the last name on the 1 .it:
Colonel Wilson will sweep thulorri
toiy like a pr.ur.u tire. The iVimi In of
Kf,ud uoveninient aru tf-tttin alo-n-ed.
The uo.-it of uiaintainiui; the pi'.H m
haa been more than doiih'ed dining tho.
iactsyear. Tho lax levyraii'ei (f53,O.W
inone'inoiiey tli.tu' the franklin idluuii-
W ' '.'ietrution did, yet tho territory liana Ided
, ireailvu half millihu to thu tiiiinu-! m
(Iebiedrie.su iliuiii the p.wt year. Al
tcaily f'J,5U0 haa la-eii-hwijcd fiom tho
looiny received for thu H.diMif capitol
liondn. Thci-e IioikIj tui'.'lit have ocen
sold above par, in faui.a bona lie offer
of. $100,11) was made and Jj'o.nOJ -na a
Kimriuit;u wafl deiuwited m tho Valley
'bank, as evidence of t;oo.l laiili. Thu
boinl.s wero fofil to an Olio in in lor
('.17,500, who did not have a cent on de
posit. The aduiini"tratiou wa ted for
linn to Mind thu ?"), JJ. N'lelTnt h -a
been made to m'cuiu tins rot ir i of this
money to thu tieainy. The Inriiu
anioui ta i nil out of the treasury to
Bidsiili') lie nous apura haa not I ecu
returi o.l. ' n or ri. s
QuiTi?a i- t . u v i . a up from the
Phemtx R"i ubliciin le nu-to th- hoys
-do n t ptingie nnne readily. Ilcqnnsn
lla'vebeen Mint mine, p.-rh ;h all iIi.mc
holding place under ttiu Mmpny re.'ime
asking them to come in. Speeiu
amounts have been name 1 in some in
atunces. This venlicM Uio stattmoui
fiequcrily luadctnut theu. o. p., esne
cially here in Ai.z na-h n-no-MiU-ion
i xcept to get olli e, belli.; nold toeto r
by the cohesive power of p ihiic plan ler.
"Wliile eveiy Ai'h'.onau appreciates the
fei vices of I be Rough Riduisand honor
. tlieiii in tl.o lughi-ft degilo hrihesei
vjee they lerforiiied. h is neither ju-
, to them, or. thete'irtt.'iy. loiiiuisi Upon
; 'them lespoitFibilliies 'hey would sli.!,iniv,
from asitimuig; l'i?ciiiJa a ciiizeu lit?
displayed I eroitoti a a Mildiei it dot
.not lt.llo that hs heiv no a-, a soliliei
qiinlifies him to erfnriu Hie duties o
jud.i'on i he beiu h. I!ccaue ho ha
on fame in I i.ti'.u for his country dner
not necessarily tjiiti'ify him tij law
JIMll'.er. Ilccaitt-o he Inn; (chui ned lion
ooable (iuihIh in thu front of the l it lie
. doun not confer the right o a political
j arty to appropiiate hl Valor An t pi
trlotism foi paitlsUll lil'i-po-en. Insiend
of giVing the full credit to thu Amt'iiitu
oldk'.r in tlie catifie of the wlmlo .o.tn-
. ,lly, and not to thu uurow desigun ot
purpoae of paitisan intoioiH. There is
!, not a democrat in Aii.Mim who dow noi
. nppM'Ctitto and honor iho . illant ltoiih
It ders h unicli tia doen the motit cut hu
idas'ic lopublican, but they will no1
Bully or MRtn that tcnuiiiciippreciutiiiii
bytliajVing it into the political Held,
l.efote tne bljod of tho wml h of otn
lieiovs ih dry, mtther will thoy ntt-nun
to utilize the glory and I'lamo'i' of then
j .BchieviniciitH to blind the peoplv to the
v important h-site Leiuu tl,im. J-itp-
Iriot.c? Is t a fui of in r Ct ion ol
luroic Rcivico(or n H'.itH'u. p ity to
. aitept ti Jdo .ii f o-i on (Up t- hind
tho heroiMot, Laiu.i.n.''-iH it hero-
Un which th Md.-jCTvlin offered hit
life in fn-o Cul.aim apt leciale. , to ho
ii.-i'd'hc a ftty to icdiice his own peo
!!. to a noro daneion.-i l.vely than
t a 1 1 "tli.it from which lie fr- ed the
Ciihans? Tho slavery which the jnl.l
harniiH ait arieniptin to fislen upnii
t e ,in r can people and all tho.i iiiiliiM-
t i . AM tKiu nro many c.i me.-!
I'licio ate mat y wionns conwuitiud in
theuanie.of Iumoch under tho j.'lamotir
f v. clone for the country, in the pres
enCeof poiupuil jmr.i 1 of fl . ting
hoiv.uiii'or u.ei:Ioil-oi tiu-e!ry .if.pUf
latiumi'in i- tu c y of 'rhVeoi'le.
i he pci pi.-.", - '
Hie to, (ilijiean pirty .if .Vruui.i lrt
endoiVed withoii qu.iliticati m tlcuold
Mainlaid. iw- hl'I fonli in tluS.. ti'iuw
p atl'orm. Tne dunocrit'c puvy li .a
en loreed tho fre'o "ilvcr doctrine, as hoi
fo th in the Chic ijro platlovm. The
iswiie in AriZHia between the two par
t.es is clear ami definite. It is fren ml
ver auainst the u'ol.l or aiiihiHtandard.
The republican party dam not' di-cu-s
the i.sui!. Tiioyd.uo not meet t o Ij
uiiiciitu'y on thu. ivue. .
On tiioii' 'ii I p'.uf inn tli c pi i -o Col.
llrn.lie. the hertiof Li ti.iisiu.t.. An A i
zona hern, and attempt to hide ilie sil
ver i-Mic hcliind Iiih ii mi an 1 In., j to
use liia u ory and hcroi-m ti forjo iln
coal Hiaii'laid cluitux ii on the p. o,ile i-f
thi nl vr trejUM'ol leiruory. I'u m
t.ick tneiii 1 1 icy would citn.n-l m to
wniii.d .ir de.-iliM' Ail.-, ci ;'.( luro, wh-li
t tev two li.m u'-ta decoy or fort Mention,
toil vtrov ihc rtilvcr iuieie.it. thii til" v.;r
mi iiit of Ai-i,0.111. Oli. iiii 1 1 On in
tid.iH'S toe! 'lis noiilioi ju-t. air, nor
t : part of heroism, to couip 1 in to
b ay our friend, to ivo .the sacred rinti
ot the pcple, or to ptotiut t.iem against
t .e all duvouriii in.i.v of the uunuv
b.noudof the I in 1 AI.ih, however, titi.li
is fate. The onu tnusv. needs aaffcr for
the many; Mich is the uaiur.il law of
Hi'-. I'lio rd.itost H"0 I to the gicatc&t
uuiubci- must piev.nl. Siar.
F in Fiiiluy'a l'.u.y.
The dt'iiuind fort-ii(till,cottai;e.-i.i8 daily-iucrea.-iug,
and thu demand for ice le
daily decri-aidu.
J. II. ilcl'Iiefsoni'ilf'
eieciinc i wo frame dwelingn on the lad !
just above thu Warren laundry.
Mrf. M. CioH'V, the popular pio))ri-
ctici-s 1. 1 the lJecMiiier, is conliiicd 10
.'i -i r..oin with illiu.-s.
Judge E. M. Mi fmil, o Trefl.ott, i a
VlhllOl li Ihsie-. lie I- un hi w.y
liniiie iiom. lhruiia.no, .Soiiora.
J. It. S i man h making rp ue cxtcn
eivo iiiiprovemciK'i on hu lunm on
Qu.di y II ill.
Jlrs. Dr. Toney piescuted her hue
band wih an utgl.i mind Imv on Tin
tin v. Mother ami sou aeoth do,nL:
Disbud irunisus to bo thu bittle
grouii'i wm rj thu turning ulcci.ni vi I
ho heni, a- a c will poll-.aliout I al. il.o
oua in ii o juiimy.
A puny cf Denvi r capitalists ate ex
picicd licin i-hoilly on their way to
.'i.oin, heiuthe go to inspect tome
co or propel ties. O.ip! lie.itou. the
W -II kown pjospeorand scoui, will ac
company tlie n from huro.
Tuten Mexicana wc.o arrested at
I'cane on .Monday lajti charged with
ihuk.ilugul two of ihoir coniitiyiuen
ai tlie .Alid ilii'i.rcli c.tinp one tiny i.isi
week. l'i o pnso.icis li.iV' l o u vl . to
await the uciion of the gr.uid jury.
'J he cafe in the Can Can restaurant at
Tomb tone wua opened -on Tuesday
night and $4t)) in mouy obtained, by
the inhber. Theto me no clews to I lit:
rotihcr, hull. It he n.n-t have liecn ae
iiiaiiileil with ihu siii'i in. inn. c, I'om
ilo wy in uliU'h , tin-deed ivas acco.n
plNhl'd'. ""
Henry I'lillwcit'ii miner .vholtii biicu
op rutin.' fifty iiuIsh I elow llisbie, in
Sonora, wf thro vn ly a'huckiuc hoise
nt l-'roi t las, the animal falling on
him and f'asurini thu Immuh of li-s
r ght lei;, A uvsican tenm loouglit tho
wounded mun to Li Moritu whetu a con-
v-ymiuu w'it. secured ami ho
ua j
brought here yesterday. Dr. Kdintind-1
w is mi iimoivd and phmo 1 thu inj ired '
linibtn splintt mil llinlweg- is restinj: !
nicely at tho .Norton House, lie will ;
bo confined to-lna room at least three
waks. " j
Kergrant V. W. Green wool who was
nt Ibinky O'.S'uil'i side wlnjn a Hpani"1! j
bullet 'Ktruuk" Caplnin O'Neil in thu I
mouth causing instant death, arrived
th a morning. Tho Sorguiut recelvd n
bullet in ijm leg a 1 1 ninth r tru t!t t' e
iiintep o Ubo r it ' i it in I wn jtnii'i
el from Hi- li el. T u- inmciigor of
ileath the Sergeant carrie- on his watch
o-'ta'n. lie wdK-i witn a etnn mid vl 1
go to the hospita'. Ale!; Klcr Mid
Gieeiiwool met near tho lUroy and
tho twot..l!ed over their wir expe
It'no s of lule lint. On-enw ol is w II
along aj r bin bariing ibe Ini'nu-
ittos niiNi twr.cd, is lit to lLht uaiti it
j ntcumary.'
i a Eira mji k.r:j ; .! i
Two ilen Dead, An
m if.- "" 'v - III .ill! IIU Ull"K ill I
rioxiicr Likely to ja,l,'," ( p'i,.ihi.hi-. During
f-t Li'"' .',:uo ,,!,".Fv"F,,JJ"'.ti.'i'itt1il uaa
Da K'Vy pV'a-GF'5'1'"'? 1,'-v,, '"' " .t''','!t,,'itc.i'rir'ii. I n.--Cr'l7JllI
tsil -C 'dale will I e at iiiit'iied in JiiM.ce il
r'ously Cut.-, i
A Forty-five Bullet Causes
a Sev:re Wound A :'.'
j Small Knfi Does
Wicked Work. " ' " "
Hisln-e, du'rinj; ibe pa-j. tweut v-oir
Jtnili-S has had mo-e tlim hei- Muirc of
"'venis, eic.li ll n't i'ionicli' I- lieliic.i
Two iiii'ii :h .vc'; a-f-ed i.ver 0 o g at ,
beyjiud., an a ti.rd may lako iTn-j.mi-m'v:
Merri'it TI ibon engiied a reotn rarly
Wed les.iay 'veiling at i Le N'orto'i Ho.u-u
atr.l diiilig tie afteriioou.yu-iterd.ty the,
nou'eKC per weni 10 mo room out waq
uuaolc togain an t'Utur.ice. Mr. Norton
was nofitie I and rapped vigofiftaly upon
the door without icnpose 'l:-oui5 wilhin.
lie n onu.ed a chair and lo.N.iiu over
tin tiao-oin disciivere'd thu o.-cun.i.tit
lying ii the lied up, ar inly .lead. Thu
dour was for ed ail I the body o Hub
foil was. tu .ii I -t ho col I l i death, he
evidenrVyfiavi ig expired s.-vtral hniir.s
An iinsinc I mite
flo: "Ynu will iiuil my grin and a de
cent suit to bury me in at the cxprur-s
olliie." On the dead niaii'i. clntiiei.was
found two dollars, in ch uigo and two
lctteifitlKted Willcox, Uci. 1!.
i'E. A. Xiel.uls', ifnin-t, and h
O.e to
o her
to Ja
s rrcee, of Mii'shce. 'Iho latter
ttt-n u ilic iiiii ur oi a ie ,uj 1 1 1
wa .1
h ii i I.. a . r ,i u. Gloi -, he hav n. or
mu iv St.. p, i-i I ai Itiax-e's. Ilo 'Mjn
teem. t nave chaiiucd his in n 1 and
came to binbec, going to the Ii'oriou
House. At the coione.-'a inquest, l.elit
in Ju.-lii'c i'eriiii'r oilic--, it mis ,-lio.v'n
thai Ho. is ai had taken a narcotic. Dr.
S.veei having given uiai i vinmc ,u his,
te-timou, Iroiu u.e elf ct ; of w.ncii h
d.ctl. Twie III in's lieav.) bicailnlig was
loud by iiL-ig.ibo'rs at about li o'cluek
inti' moiling, fii in in -a have "I'd
a o'l n in . 1'. e vct.i.ct ..i t e io
n i'd wa in a Loiilance ui li ticet.ic
ii.uiitol the a leniliiig pliVnii i in. .Mr.
liui.ccn.ll now it II i. on a long nine
ami Had not oo eiw-.l at a iy tun.; in il
eal, oiib u!' di'spo'iijaucy in ins m.i..iier.
iJicciue.l wib ali.iiit f ft-two Oin of
age', and of lolntil phy.iiuo. Recumly.
heluul b en worked al iriaml Reef,
nordi cf iilcISc , ami one ol hi leilers
iiiilicauil that he had h.id hid luck
there. irdl has a biothtir at M.'siCi.y.
nea I'lioeul.t, who his been lcL-gr.ipa-ed
ofT 1 luli-iii, 's death, 'lint icma.iis
wei.o piep.tied for burial by Underiakjr
Adam. ,
As a requel lu a li-ght cif yepiprijiiy
nun n nt', when Xjirniiin I i unli ill inter
le ed b, we- n Inn D-is la o i I ii'ii r
man. l)ii.-d,de, .v.lio i b' lli-.r kii i vn a
".Mih-is'sippi Tom," ptmre I hot shot
inio h.r .bull in fiont of ihu Fashion
bar fhorilv a ler -ti bc o:l: ih -i m ru-
iiig. A foriy live ha I nt re I the right I
hip o. 'I urkl.uii, the hulii t lol.iiu in
the giniu. T.iiuhull was taking a
dunk with an acquaintance at ilie n-ue,
when Drisdiile appio lulled and lliedtv.o
kIios, o.dy one doing daid.i,'e T.tur-
bull was lemuved to a loom in MN,
,;.., 0,.,in hm,.t., where he was
(lm.0l 1(ll(1(;r ,K, iUjue..0O, chloroform
n, !., Tont,v ,, v.hvun bon P'o-
cw.,t'd to thet.sk of lic.iin.- tue in H-!
g,i0. The hull was extra.'. ed about un
i, ,ur (,or t0 hMinnj ;l i t)u winiiid'i
d es cd and huul.ig-ul. Tru noull was
t.ken o his homo helo.v the b! ig duuip
mid was resting eay at l.nt acjo.tuts.
Tneio is dangerof ciimplicatioiH rutting
in that may r. stilt fiutlly, and it w.ll
bu a meraulc if the woiiiidc 1 in. in comuj
nut of tho a tnlr with h,- l.e, Tho-ia
who wllucKscd ihu'a ioou ig .-ay th it .t
was don without lining i, tie ptoxo a
tiuil, the a'-s.iiiiiiit b.n.ig itmler the in
iluencu o lipuir at th' tinu ot the
fimotiug. Ihoaftir nf Ihu morning
picvions ha I no do i'u Kinkled Dii.i.ile,
and, up ii h ci ig Tumi. ii. I a :. in Inn
t-iiipergn I. .u i u tiii" ' lam. O.licor
D.tle Gialitiin w.iS cul.cl a. id procucdcU
I to arrwut UriuUlu vhoiu ln,found in tl I
prev.otis. An iinsunel note, in pencn, ' lllH hoi. of . , ,.",,; CarriaiHL's
wab lying oiiajahlejyiiich jhtLilf ova,e.tf.l-Ml, hhWl u u.TSfpJitwa-o'KfciticJClS
Ifa.'l i vidi-'uily writ inn and lead a-i. f.d- WiUwina. :.:v",.: ..-'". ,'7T" '" ' $1
m-ui.Ii rlfi .ii ol I oh in i v of n i li ur
previinirt. DriHdnlo went f the Uvtio
quie'Iy and fiv. uml'l hve ihniijit
bun tn liave b t'n un er:an.i5t. . Ilnth
men have been- ficre so no- months and
have iviul;;il',Mrif ivcentlyois eiceli in'e
chips, dcdjin; at th.-fno c line in ili
casino i, Of III
wo, Tumhilll wa-i
physicallc tin
hc.-t man, ho being .in
1 un
oiiiu ons. win) ins iii. me t eniient v
it,- in. limbec; anivinii 'iho lasi time on
S indiiv. was found 'dead' n't hi f.ihe" 's
h inio thi- inorninir. Dec-aed has been
aldictedto morphinu and if few lp itrs
hif ireuicnir to bed lie tonkan overdo',
fid nini'tired ,hy his Mend S. E. Rob
o 'b. wli aKo.ioolc a dose but in lees
qiliiilitv. Th" coroner's jury, sittb g
t'HH aftornoo'i at .Tm-H cc WilliauiH'
oH'icc, leiidetid a verd ct in line with
tlie a ov" fn.nts and exlioiicrii-eil R.i -o
I-, tiom bJHine in the pieud-us". Ti.
d.iceaHc.,1, who was iwe. f.' voirs'of a e,
.Iiih, like TtTilmriK, associated with lie
-ifjjr-i itiij fMit.'iuity f.ir ,-ome tun . T o
nneial of I'.kh tok pla.v at -1 o'clo k
thi" af. emno i.
A man naiin-'ii-...
nnt the
dit'i'f.ir leconler, li.m a'lnisuiiilei's'a'i i
ina with s-oii-e Mv,siciiu- at iho Sinel.il'r
ali'out ti n o'cjo'lc last, evening aiuK'in
mix up' Murk' kuo'.kWI down two .Tf his
npltoui'iits and mfii -ted three cuts on
the. person of a third. The cuts were
j'nm,je wjt
a pen'Kiiife, oneiii the aide
about an inch in depli and two oth-r.i
in thc-bick. Thuiiij irien are not of a
d-imnrnits liimre iiul-m it bo that the
' cuf in iho si le ha-? penetrate I the in-
t'stnies. Anto do Cirrizo-iii the injur-
jet man, a t eated by I)-s. S..vect juid
l Gieene an i they give an opinion, that
. the pilio ii !- ii u 1 1 m III" IlilC" isitlir'-
iM.ukih.il no- Iw.-i airti uhu i.l.i.l un o
nt.un t l.im;i nv mf ii-c-Mtj f.Mia- SI.,, should ! adm fal i to iho ,,. , . .' ., ,. ,,' '
oti.-L- will, .iiic.t.io inflict i.j.i a l'.di..a frii.Au iitiin -x ado-i of JI !.?SS'tlv iH -Ll,lJ,,J',s " ,,-reoa..1, ,:
i ' ' ' ' i J M ,.- i. ,r iwy.pi r "I - V
... . -',.. . , .?
a "
Ari7,uii-.C lt.lKlitS.
is no, gnod. o'r-i'V.-ii plausible
reason why (the adilission of Ariz nut
i t the. inioUj,-iH.i.fiill-fliiiLed state
a inu'il be'lij'laycij hyoild the fo.rhe. la
in s sio i of o ig es , s M iI.o'Lh'Au-g-
8 il n u it n w. jIlcm dnii to ih.-bo-i
miihoiuies, -fie. Iisi-a lea.ly am.
pi in anii.i opulatioii.i.f 'lilttjOOJ Minis,
over and nlmve the niillK: auny of no-
iiiadic cat lumen and the pio-nitfclors
uliOM din i veries aie fast brnghlg he!
up lnwiiid the fori'iiins't iniiiniz
Plate of tne lin-.ou. Sli.i has not
o.ly gold :.u I stU'er, butci.il up. I cn'p
J er, m ilnit. she is in t de pi'inleia.upoii
'a y Miiule I'laneh of the inimnj indtis
try. A'ld.to ibis ilicgreit v-tluo of the
il.:cii!eut "g a--s pi-uiicH in her moun
tain roue , aad you have a s atec.ipa
bl ur mi, oitiii4 m ire th i i a mill on
of i opul it ion, even .f -he d )-s li it iiiibU . i'i
, her ojn bieidnuffi, but i oidiged to rj
i.uiirt Hi. m iroiu .California, it is ex sj
change of produ :t.s that makes business iig
fa- itiili'ii.i is, and we all know how im
portant a p n t railio.tils play in the de
ilo(.iii nt of new states an I icrrit iries.
N vada was ailmi.ted iniii thu (Jul' n
in ISO I. as i; piiiiii-au meaMiie. It v:.s
tuciie, thai .-li.i had, a. that i line, oi,
0 J pi i pi-, Inch is t xi'ecdingly doubt
in. Si.e .nay imvo had 1)5,00), for V.r
g.uia City cerianly ha.f liJ.OOJ mid
'Carrou ai.outlO.OJJ, but it is very mil ii
to bute-iicd t ,at ihe whole st.i.u will not
sho.v much over 7,0JJ ut present,
boine of her laive low ns are rap d.y u
c.in.ug i iiih- iiilu-ts meat a a in ls.ull.
.Aii.oiia, un tl.enti.er I. and, iastrong
I H'
ai d Virile, ij.ie H not only ivich in tnu
pieoniiia uieial, hut li.n a oo l.eivy do- S3
po.itfs ol iioin.:.uii.-c and wuifraantu, ! jU
wnicu.aiv inili-pen-aUc in thu li.ir.ion- ICgJ
nig ol stieie lor armorpbite.
U itli u.e pi
lutein ucccca.iiiy that i.ov'cxi-ts for a rjc'3
larger an I more eiti.ucut navy, tne do
iiiiimt lor there metals must uicicu. o
raiher lli.iu d.miui.-h. The introduc
tion of canido p'Ot-ess into modern
iuiuiii' has, mot cover, reudt-red v.ilti-
ablw many j.u!il and M vcr properties in i
Aiioua liiai hitno'to count un tmilr
'wciihwl ut'a boint
a a word, Arum a I'-i
is a gieut teui'.ory and rapidly growin.', ,',i4
litigation lam aliu.uly b.'giiu to w...k Hy
woiiiieisin heriiiduair.Md improve. neni ; ' 'i
and the development of new waiur ays-1 3
tenia is daily bringing into cultivation $ii
many hundreds of luros that Iuvj hitli- j ""4
erto lain idle. i iM
Tnciv can ba no rcaaonahlo doubt that f$j
Arizmia bus nearly tout times as much U
po.uiluMoii in N. vada has at tho pros -
cut t me .Shu has a hui.ier clim.U'i ! Sn
than v-vada and isago.ddcal clowr the ;J
oliicr st.iics, from which tinmigraiiun is i
to ha drawn. Sim has as goo I cattle j
ranges as eiilinr Oregon oi W.isliiugf.'r
and can p.odiicj aclas of frui s thu
cannot bo grown prontahl. tu either of
those slatuj. hhu is UetiiL-ut in native
tiBab - r, to bu Btiro, but can urow in the
. ; I I III , . , i ! ... , .8..J. r, .,'
iJiext ten vcai.s 'iic.ilypim, enough - to
! make up th di fi ? n:v. Shi ixIiichh
inei.ns iqiiu tn t.i so of Oeixi,i, and.
pe.ieiies flint out nit l) Hiirp.'iBBebtlHH
cide of tho IVltware.rivi r. She grows
is hiyh a K'Hdeof wo"l;an anv .'f the
tates except Ohio, Oregon " anil" Ver
mont ; hiuI with nil tl'e u ilivia tii'H of
piimiuv prixbi
i t-, t-he 6 ,o".lfl,o, ImSier
be isolated fro
Ilia en tenm idle i; r Btii'.l'fkfuMn'
tl :
. , .. . ' .ilisa sirtiMJl uon.njajr, ni nj.-jiuucr- , ...
!":,V H"!' l rt". H'Vinl arrjVal ' c'itynd "' -,
ho d to N VidTiiiild Tiv themio Ail. 1 .. ' ,..v - V '.. .t I'- . ' ..-'
i ' '
oil a
- ,
"' A
m .
G?Jl 'J
Ato.f a. TESSfflP
V '7 jT
Ml-af '
-i.. 5-(-. -.
JT.-Jt ".
SIK im BE". TS . '- ,",. .
c tidies aLihitiven a Mifficientarea of
the nublic lnnde to be sold for educa-
tional purposes, to bring her nchool
facilities tip to those of th arljecent
ftntcs ot Coloiado and Caliiornm.
Ti eie ip no any quettion involved in
thip prop- s t'oa. It i eiiaplv a mjttter
of lonx-.def. rrl ju-t: to vijioroai, a.a
bluoaa'aud hopHab.e people.
' '' -' ' . ' J . , '"
Mining Co.
n (I i s E
is.! -
I 1 ' iA t IIUmkha.
7 . 'jWftPlW-.
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m '
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ii :i v
"yA,. S5-Stfirw -
I w. -I" fXJI . .W .-
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