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The Weekly orb. [volume] (Bisbee, Cochise County, Ariz. Territory) 1896-1900, November 20, 1898, Image 2

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r.cui.iHUKi) kv; iy iSvtJuxa
futered at the pout office at HUbce, nt isoo
oml clnsi mutter May 12. 1807.
Advertising rates will bo made fcnov n on
application to this office. Local publications
; comorm
catling N
In conformity with the Territorial htntntes,
Reading Notices 10 cents per Hue for eaqhin
To Advertised: Cuts Intended for inser
tion in theso columns must be oc metal biu.es
Or mcy win not uv wopyreu.
Communications relating to news or pdl-
.rial matter should be
MT-All Remittances and business letters
hotilu be addressed to
HUbee. Arizona.
JU inr Agent, 21 Merchant' Exchange. an.
firancisco, isk our authorised nijeiit. Thl
paper is kept on Hie in his office.
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FRIDAY ,1 N0V.11898.
Tokto Ricans will not be full-fledul
Americans citizens, says Attornev-Gen-
e,ral Griggs, until the peace treaty bo-
comes tne law ot the lanu. mat sounus
sensible. Tho peace treaty will not bo
qome law until it has been confirmed
and ratified by the United StateR Senate
and by the government of Spain. '
'The ciul service
Washington holds a
commission at
different view 'of
Jthe spirit of tho reform(lw fiom what
ia entained in- the posl-office depart
ment. Examlners'uriderthe commiss-
ionvnjre warned not to mix up too act
ively in politics.' It is a necessary rule;
office-holdersa're not employed by all
of he people to serve the partisan
ends of only a part of the people.
Ik a review of the late war with Spain
the New York Evening Post Bays. : The
navy was not interfered with, as Secre
tary Long called to his assistancein the
administration of his department the
'ablest and most experienced naval men
obtainable; with such counsel he made
no mistakes. But not bo with Alger.
Ho surrounded himself with personal
favorite? and sent the men of recognized
ability as far as possible from the coun
cil board. He decided to run the whole
'trfeased thing himself :ho determined
Hh,a( what thero was,in thiaaffair should
be for him and bis personal friends.
And he did run it: he ran it with such
blundering impetuosity that ho came
very near to losing a whole army corps,
a corps made up of as fine fighting ma
terial aa the world ever saw, but com
..snamled by well, commanded by a per
sonal friend of tho tec ret a ry, a friem'
vwjio never could be dangorous in a po
i Uticjji.way." Tbe Post has been ithor
oughly Republican in its political views
and persistent in its support of that
party and of President MuKinley'a a'd
ministration in every respect excepting
tho War Department jinder Secretary
Alger. This department" find its- Secre
tary the Post has with equal persistanco
. strongly attacked and continues to at
tack more bitterlyHhan haa any Demo'
cratic journal in tho country. The Post
is accepted ag one of the rnost ably con
ducted, of, the New York journals and in
supposed to represent a constituency of
greater wealth and. influence than any
other republican, journal in Jtlio United
Stateb. How it can reconcile its ex
pressed views regarding tho manage
inent of tho war with its support oj the
administration "which conducted this
management ja certainly too tough a
cpnundrum for tho Oan.
Tile statement has been made by
prominent journals that President Mc
Kinloy delayed positively definite in
structions to the American Peaco Com
missioners at Paris until after the elect
ion that by tho result ho could deter,
nine flow far he would be supported by
tbe people-, through their representa
tives in Congress, if ho adopted n vigor
ous policy upon the part of this country.
This could certainlyvnot be trite of Pres
ident McKinley as such a supposition
is plainly nonsensical. It is.a very dis
tinct reflection upon his ability, com
mon sense and political perspicuity to
admit such a proposition. Mr. MoKin
le.y ii very much of a politician
and during a the late , campaign
tho republican party needed the
war issue in their business. However,
in the east especially they wuntcd to
keep the question of territorial expan
sion entirely in tho background. It is
ficm prominent leaders of that party
that strong opposition-to tho takii g
over of tho Philippines havo'"'nlready
manifested itself and will bo exhibited,
whenever tho question comes up Jur.
Anal settlement. A decided position in
favor of doing so would have losfthe re
publicans many votes of republicans
who, as they term themselves, are nnti-
jingoists." Tho republican purty is
possibly to bo disrupted over tho ques
tion of territorial expansion and Mr.
McKinley wants to bt) with tTieiTblgkeSt
croud, but the election oil tho -8th iust.
could not have enabled him to form
much impression as to what side that
crowd will bo found on. Speaker Reed
was beaten on tho Hawaiian question
and his active nnd determined opposi
tion to further acquisition ( territory
by this country is well'VkhownA He- is
too el rong a man to bo turned down" by
the McKinley wing of l!jte party Whlftr
Sk Iu viainrallv ami iy-klff !. tl m Ih..
t w j t pvilvU HU 1UI" I
peiialisthodoea not fit.V91polan8 I.
wjtb McKinley at its
i liilr or tntia
cUo indeed uniunit u bo i m uuii .iim
self. The fight as it will be made will
be surely a yery pretty one.
iiji '
("A Htatcmeut. ,
RlSBSxrAriz., Nov. 16, 1898. "
Editok Orb!
Dear Sir :-
I herewith i'ndoo."Jv state-
mentof tho eetuea and receipts of
our entertainment given forthe bonefit
of tho Rough Ul'lers, which I wiah you
would kindly publish ..
The money waa. tendered to Lieut.
Wilcox,- wljo-atrvleed-tHe Dramatic club
to turn itover to the cemetery commit-
heJU.as theywere in need of. fin ds and
W-fKonehhe jfofBiilera npedetl it .
Receipts . $uw -'o
Books25each $ 1.25
Tablets 1.25
Paints, "tableau lights.. 2.50
iDrayaRO 7. .?.:... 1.25
Kent of Opera"IIouhe:.r.. t&.OO
Dance music?. I? 20.00
Printing V". .00 '
Prompter , 3 50
Janitor...' .... t ....... 5.50
Cotuines... 7 00
Balance .
.-..-.:. 06.25 '
$ 40.00
Olive L. Rakkr,
Lkt the silver men get in line, pcleut
soma paper as,an ntliuial patty oigan in
each county, support that paper and be
gin the struggle fur 1000.
Thosk who clamored loudest for
statehood now seem averse to muking
any sacrifice to obtain the privilege.
Should our prenent governor resign in
favor of Colonel Uiodle, a big stride
would (bus be mude tuward statehood.
One man's ambit.on should not sta.id in
the way. Enten rifle.
The diffeience between the Chicago
Yirden Coal Co'., Virden A Auburn, and
the striking miners has been settled
and the shafts will soon bo in operation.
Hie company agreed to pty the state
scale of 40 cents per ton, hut did not
want to tear down the stockade.
Finally tha company accepted the
offer of the miners that they would
take it down and chaige the company
nothing for the labor.
Thb Prospector's Bisbeo correspond
ent in a ireent it-sue of that paper saw
dt to refer to the performance recently
civen here bv tho Bifibee Dramatic club
and exercised his undoubted right to
criticize it. He kindly complimented
Miss Cora Gray, in her part, as the best
acted in the cast. He, however, was
careful enough not to commit himself
so far as to say that the part was well
acted), hut bearing in ''mind his widely
extended reputation "as a diamatiu
critic, contents himself with th'o .statu
nient that itwa) the'heHt.thewby in
terring that none weie gooi. The play
itself then appears not to haw pleaded
his cultivated taste', and, he "a'dds some
sane rcniarks on afuateuriem generally,
whichj in.view of His high standing an
authority on the subject, were very op
portune, a'though from Iuh pwn htate
ment he audience does not seem to have
agreed with him in their estimate of the
play, since he, adds "The play seemed
to pleaFe," after which remark ho re
fers to Mi8 Baker, but 'the" well known
correspondent was rather chary orrthia
ground. Being a very gallant fin n he
xtatcd hat Mjss aker was "dressed
with taste," thus establishing himself
an a judge of feminine apparel. It Is to
one of his closing remarks the Orb do
sires to call attention, i. e: "The
Rough Riders aro to get a benefit out of
the proceeds, so the bills eay." Thix
remark, under the most charitable con
struction, ca'nnot be otherwise construed .
than as a direct insult to the Dramatic
club and its mnibers collectively and
ind vidually, since ii distinctly conveys !
the inference that theie-wassoine doubt
about the truthfulness and honestv of
the club in"thus 'billing" tho perform
auce. This inference was totally un
warranted bvt"anythig the correspond
ent knew or could ,possibly have learned
in the matter either before or after the
production of tho play. Tho members
of the club are all well known young
P'ople of BUbee. It waa plainly under
stood by tho club and its members
when a public performance wnp 'Hist- state dtpacWeiits ui Washington and
apokenpf among them that trie"proceeds'Hhe Cittof Mexico.
should bedonated to some worthy oh
ject, and this intention was publically
announced. At that time some of tho
Bisbeo rontinge'tit of the yltoiigh ltjders
wore patients In (he Copper Queen Co'h.
hospital here and the1 suggestion made
after tho affair, had definitely progressed
that they hs given the pecuniary bene
fits of the performance, was at once
adopted. After the pcrfoiinande was
over, tho bills paid, etc., a sum was
found to be remaining in the hands of
the treasurer amounting to $10, which
he waa instructed by the club to turn
rdverto Lieut. Georgo B. Wilcox, as tho
representative of tho sick Uough Uulors,
btitrlnpanwhile the eick.jheroes.had ro
coveWd su(ucientlynYleR!)t to-leave the
hospital, and they refused to accept it.
It tncnTjecamo a question as to what
disposition should bo mado-o ' thoi
money. However, at tho jiejtt moetlng
of tho Dramatic club it was deeuled to
timwlciit ann uramntic
ind stoWinliWofrecoip.tflaiid.eXpon(li-
- "Ti" Vl a k I , ull i
donate t!io monev to tho Bisbeo Ceme-
i,.,.,.Milnn. a,l,lnli ,1-na ilono. Kft MOKGAN fc
muol, fnpth'n T'rnnni.lnr'flBifibeCOrreS- FORDS, $8 J
v v, .....--.. r-: ,.,.., 4
criiic vii i'ohi- !
WroainanunR ino Bnwni.m..WWuiwpwu wm ' -
D louau'ou U9iawr paw " k" -
It is eviiuiit i atuictoiyin author
ity thinks Lieut. Hobson is wetting too
much glory out "of his effoits to fave
those Spanish v anele, Hobson U now
at ashington, being ra'tchUe I by a
board of naval ofRceis who are inclined
to stop his v.ork, on the grnind tttHt it
will coat too much money. If Iiobon
is not allowed to proceed with bin plans
for.pavit g thoFe vessels, the people w.ill
know o-y well that money hud UHthjng
1odo with it, but that jealnuey of Hob-t-on
and his reputation is at the bottom
of the whole business.
Speaker Rkcd'h well known views
against territorial expansion have nl!
ready kicked up a little dust among re
publicans in Washington, and talfe i
being heaid abnut-opposition to him as
speaker of tho Fifty-sixth congres Mr
Reed wentagainut Hawaiian annexation
till there was no way of fighting Hut
mennure fun bur, and will be known to
oppose any additional annexation,
theieforo some republicans appear to
have fturted it little fkht againnt hi
re-election as Hiieaker on the ground
that he is not in accoid with tho major
ity of his party in'eomjress or out of it.
Tupquestion of the utmoit gravity is
who beat Col. Brodie? Then- were four
geiitleinen who were claiming the ex
clusive honor of electing Biodie, before
election. Now these indiviilUtds each
claim that ono of the other four do
(rated the ..colonel The fact is, how
ever, they end claimed that the activity
of wiid individual would gieatly reduce
the colonel's majority, 'lhey now s'tnte
it as a matter of fact that th other fel
low defeated tl e colo-ei. From what
the Star can barn it believe the v all
coutrihuied'tlieir mite to the d feat bin
the prime can e was too many demo
cratic voters which believed inthe silver
'cause. Star.
Wilet E. Jo.n'je. piedicfs the're ap
pointment of Col. McCoid.as goveinor
of Arizona, within a fw week. N in
comes the Phoenix Entui prise and
strongly urges that everybody, both
democrats and lepublieans, unite in an
effort to secure the appointment of Col.
Biodie, the deleatei candidate for con
gtcsf lonal delegate. The perianal influ
ence with Piesi.Ient McKinley and otli
eis high in authority, whic.h dining the
recent campaign was eo fiequemlj
claimed for Col. Brodie, and tluough
which statehood could ceitainly be
secured, could 1 wielded as effectively
as uovernor as it ould have been at?
delegate to congiess; at any late thete
would teem to be a strong piospect of a
deiei mined ouposition to N. U. M irphy
retaining the position, Col. Myron H.
McCoid will be found quite active in
this opposition.
Tnx recent killing, in Nogules, bf Juali
Arvallo, a citizen of Nogales, Sonoia,
has given rise to homo very cutious'
complications. Arvallo luil a fk'ht dur
ing the night with James Temple, an
American citizen and freight conductor
on the Sonora railroad. Shoitly af'i
waid itseein8 that the two men met at
or near the caboose of Teuirlrf's train
and Aivallowas fatally shjt. This oc
cur red on American soil a id about a
third of a mile from the Sonora line. A
few hours later Temple was arte ted in
Noitalen, Sonora, for drunkenness and
flourishing a revolver. While he was
still itnarceratei the Mexican authori
ties learned of the killing of Arvallo-aiul
a chargeof mtirdet WHspiefenedanaiiiHt
Temple before Senor P. Sandovil, in y
or of Nogules, Sunor i. Frien Is of the
prisoner, aided by the American consul,
endeavored to have. Temple turned over
to tho United States authorities but
Mayor Sandoval, acting under instiuc
tion from the governor of Sx)nora,refused
this, staling that Temple would be
turned over to the Sonora department
of justice for ttial iu that sUto under a
cUm-o in a statute of the Mexican penal
code, which U: "Article 133, 1. Crimes
committed in foreign territory by a
1 Mexican to a Mexican; by a foreigner
to a foreigneror by a foreigner to Mex
icans, can, be punishe I in the statu uc
cording to its laws. II. If the accused
be in the state, whether he has come
spontaneously, or whether his extradi
tion b' been obtained." Tho solution
of.the.matter- has been referred to the
For Sale. One frame house,, six
looms;" one adobe hoitso, two ramus;
bdth' completely furnished. Situate
near the residence of Fred Fitch. For
prices and further particulars apply to
S. K. Williams. tf.
AVE ropair bills and all trouble by riding Chas
Tougli TlirentlTires. lteast puncfuies
perfectly, and arc as resilient as any other road
tire made.
Ctee Tires Repaired Free of Cbarie. Dnfina 189?
ilF delivered at our store. Tf your dealer hasn't them in stock we .will dclivet
it to you, express paid, if caBh accompanies' tho order. Price per pair, with
pump and reoair.outllt: 30-inch, $13;
DIAMONDS, -$7.50.
4 . w. A. M
. weiw, mtv. , f
The South Bishee
r MIH i 161
a t'"
Improvement Co.
CAPITAL STOCK $5,000,000.
Nonassessable and Carrying uo Pit-
' sonal Liability to the Holder
The group of mine's recently nurohn
ed bv the "South llslbce Connor win
Injr nnd Townslte Improvement Comp.
any" arc situate on the southwest aide
of this copper basin, nnd extend
from the top of tho mountains on the
west to the center of the basin on th
east. Few people have nny concep-
tion of ihe ore bodies or the unlimltpri
amount of mineral that lies in this,
basin. The Copper Queen Company
has been operating here for eighteen
.t.ais nun nre aown only ooo reer,
simply because they found sufficient
ore between there and the surface, to
keen them In constnnt operation. It la .
said by parties who have the opportun.
tty to know, that they-now have suffl-'
cjent ore In sight to maintain their
present output for fifteen years with
out having to sink another foot;" and
wnnr is true or tueir nronertv must
be true of this
when developed.
company's property
The stock books of the nbove com
pany are now open for subscription
and a limited number of shares are of
fered at TWENTY CENTS per shared
No applications for less than 100 shares
will be accepted. Applications for
stock or .copy of the prospectus to bt
made to
Fiscal Agent, Bisbee, Arleona.
Every dollar of thejiroceeds from
the -sale of shares of stock and from
the, sale of the company's town lots
and blocks, which we estimate will be
a large sum. will be invested in sink
ing shafts, development work, the erec-;
tion of hoisting works nnd modern''
smelters, and all necessary Improve
ments, to make this enterprise success
ful In every way. We can deliver our
coin? supplies directly from the rall-
rwau cars to tne smelters; nnd can
also deliver our bullion directly to the
we nave no salaried officers- t .e interest ol t ie public in mind, and there is nothing too good for him to pur
? nverv dollar w 111 hp nspil fnr So. .. ... . i ,. ....... . . . r
hence every dollar will be used for de
veloping the properly of this company.
The books of the company will be open
for Inspection at all times, and at tbe
annual meeting of the company, full
and exhaustive reports will be sub
mitted to the stockholders, for their
This corporntlon Is, composed of prac
tical business men. Upon request of
luterested parties, we will, with pleas
ure, submit evidence to show that our
claims are modest, In view of the, re
markable Indications and possibilities
of thlsJproperfy. r v '
T E. ROWAN, Treasurer.
Office No. 4 Brvsou Block. Los An-
les, California.
a (
firs. n. Crossey, Prop.
A FiVnt-Llai-si Hotel, .Centrally
Loi ated.
Elegantly Furnished Rooms.
I.mlited by Eleitmilv.
Equipped Vfter Modern -Melh-ode,
w ith all tire ronveuieui-es
ninth rontiilnite to the trav
elers' comfort. ,
The l'raveluiit Public h'lnvited
tocall.it 111K IJK-MiMEU.
-.InT CJilT
Open Uuy and Night.
Our Tables are always Supplied with the
Host the Market ufforili livery
.Oelioaoy In Its Season.
Give Us a Call.
A. D. Walsh, Proprietor.
ToiWhom It Ma concern.
Notice is heioby civeji that my wife,
Mtitha Andiovich, having leit my
home and boaid, 1 will -in uo wise be'
responsible'for anj delits contriu tedtby
he. M..G. Andkovich.
Dated at BiRbee. Oct. 24th, 18U8.
Do You Puncture
28 - inch, 2 2(J-inch, flO; 24-inch, $9
per Mr: PALMER'S, JB.ou: UAKT
m. . 1. W m. 14
irc, - , T .
i uwiiiAi ..
K!," peace is
m Proclaimed,
I will makeyouafiist-class
overcoat that the Spanish guns
cannot touch for $25.00. -
AH garments m ideto order. Mo ready-makes
Kept in stock.
Fit And workmanship. Satisfactory.
Tin London Tailor, Brewery Avenue, Bisbee, Arizona.
Keeps on hand a large assortment of .Jz,
Also a lull line of the leading Patent Medicines, No. - ' '' .
Toilet Articles and- Perfumes. Physicians Prescript,, 3 j JgaF
tions Carefully and accurately Compounded.
Also a well selected f,t k-1c of the bet
'all and see us.
T- S. 'TTvTillia.aLS ds Co.
and LIQrJ)5
cira of
Courteous Treatment and Prbmpt Service
SUMMER DRINKS Milk Punch, Eg Flip, Rocky
Mountain Cooler. Mint Julip and Quaker Lemonades
F. M. McKAY, Prop.
The Old Reliable Butcher.
Is now better prepared to meet the wants of the public than ever before. HI
Pr'ceH are as low i the lowest, and Ins
c ..we for the benetit of Iiih customer,,
w II do well to call and aetnrices.
And delivere 1 to any p-irt of tne citv free, ot charge. Give him a call.
Market at the corner of O.K. Street and Railroad Avenue
n st ass- r m2.1t of fr;sh candies in the
city always on hand. Fresh fruits of -all
kinds received daily. Oranges, lemons,
nuts, etc. Main St., nett to Dr. Sweet's
Land & Fennar
" Property of all kinds handled o'u commission
Houses' to Rent and Property for Sale
- ' estate business transacted
GEORGE smart.
J. A. IRWIN & CO., Props.
Carries the famous
iHternational and Sun Spot Cigars
Winters Go.. H
$ Arriveu. Q,
Suits to cider Slf.Oo and up.
jPanf, fit guaranteed, $350
land up; good materials. '
r j .
jj &4a,
The Senate
me best mm mm kepi oh hi
meats are strictly first-class. He keeps
fame's boo can use beef by the quarter
Tlie only first-class" Restau
rant in, the city. Tables sup
plied with all. the delicacies
cf the season. Meals at all
hours. Opp. ngius Hotel
R. R. Lockett, Proprietor
Real Estate Co.
' t
: w f1
'."?;' '-
k. .
e i
tj-ir. -
fn 1? " A, "fi
mT f ,

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