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Town Tattle
Caning Att ractions at Opera House
- Jan. 14 St. John's Guild.
' Jan. H Spanish American Alliance.
Feb. 20 Cha?. E. Shilling in Two
Married Men.
' Feb.-22 MaequeradJ Ball.
Mar. 17 St. Patrick's Ball.
Mar. 20 Chae. Harrison's; a week's
From Saturday's Pally.
Maricopa creamery butter at the
' Burn. 1:W"'
Get vour pictures framedatB. F. Gra
him!s. t
Del Lewis returned yesterday from a
abort trip to.Tombstone.
See that new stock of furniture at B.
F. Graham'.
Wood for ealo, J6.0D per cord, at tho
0 K grocery. ' m8-tf.
Miss Winnio Miller left this morning
for Willcox.
Coffee like your mother used to mako
at the Can Can. . 'slTt
A fine line ol Holiday candies,
cryBtalized fruits, etcn at the Burr's.
Ptrry Smith will leave tomorrow for
bis wolframite claims near Dragoon
I guarantee all my suits or pants to fit
er no Bale. Harris, the Tailor. tf.
You can trad your old furniture or
stoves for now atjB. F. Graham's.
Just received by Mrs, J. Blewotta fine
lino of ladies' fall and winter hate. 2t
The case of Lao Sugieh. churged with
-"Belling liquors to minors, is being triad
before a jury in Justice Schrioisher's
court. The jury, had not brought iu a
verdict up to tho hour of going to press.
Dr. F. A: Sweet is confined to his
home with a severe attack of inflama-
tory rheumatism.
All persons holding couponB on Jono
k Kerinett for photos will plcaso call
before January 15th. CouponB good for
60c. but must bo presented on or before
' Jarraary 15th, 1899. Satisfaction guar
anteed. Jones & Kexnett,
Great "Western Photo Co., San Francisco,
California, J2-td
Richard Fleischer, representing tho
"Las Dos Naeiones" cigar company, of
Nogsles, is in the city visiting our mer
chants and taking orders, for that well
known brand of cigars.
Just received a carload of furniture a)
-"-B. F. Graham's.
Suits cleaned at 'i on Bhort 'notice at
' Harris the Tailor. ' tf.
Reliable werd comes from Tucson
L that smallpox ha9 brokon out among
the sporting Iraternity. E. C. Bartlett
y one of the proprietors of the legal Ten
der saloon, is one of tho victims, while
two-other sports have been taken to the.
pest house.
Just received, a nice line in dinnu
sets in decorated chinu ware, at B. F.
Graham's. t
The public is hereby notifiod that I
will open a new photograph gallery in a
short time. Parties wanting good work
will do well to wait a few days.
d23-tf C. S. FLY.
Mr. Tonkin Williams and Miss Alvina
' Dozois will be joined in the holy bonds
of matrimony this evening by Rev. D.
Roberts. The wedding is to be a family
- affair, and will take place at the resi
dence of the groom's parents. Miss
Mae Cobbo will officiate as bridesmaid,
while Mm, Tonkin will act as best man.
A new lino of fancy, French and do
mestic pants patterns at Harris, the
. Tailor's. t
Bcdlounges and coucheB made to crder
at B. F. Graham's.
Through an oversight on our part
wo failed to mention tho dance given
by tho Rathbone8iaters, at tho Opera
Housu, on Thursday evoning. Tho
dance wan-quite well attended consider'
- ing tho inclemency of tho weather.
Tho music by Prof. Hemplo's orchestra
was excellent and dancing was indulg
ed iu until a Into hour.
..At MlssBurr'a Oyster Parlors' you
can get the best oyster utews or frya in
Dr. J.C. Lannorborg Eyo Specialist
. has located in Bisbco and will remain
forntdeast two months and possibly
for good. Peoplo having defective oyo
eight will now havo an opportunity to
receive "proper treatment for their
eyes. If you suffer- with headache or
jiervousnoas bo sure to have your byes
xnmined; a pair of properly fitted
glasses will relieve tho pain and give
you perfect comfort. Consultation
frco. Office ut the, Central Hotel.
"Win. Lango has retired trom the firm
ofQuinri A Langc, and Mr. Quinn has
assumed full contiol of the business.
James Quinn is a young man, well and
favorably known i business circles
hero. Ho is full of energy and by clow
'and caroful attention to business and
fair dealing the old firm huve grown to
a position most enviable Tho business
will bo continued at tho old stand, and
by tho same traits that characterized
tho'old firm, Mr. Quinn. hopes to merit
a continuation of the patronage hereto--fore
so liberally bes.towed.
John Huffakor is confined In the com-
pany hospital, suffering from an attack
of pleuracv.
II. C. Jagger the well known hard
ware drummer of Los Angeles, is regis
tered at the Bessemor.
Library lamps and stand lamps just
received atiB. F. Graham's. '
Pettv larceny thieves nro making .
thomselves obnoxious by impropriating
provisions from Store Houses in various
A fine assortment of the latest styles
of ladies felt hats for sale at Mrs. Blow-
ett'd, regardloas ot cost. JU-"
Another fine assortment of spuru.
bridled and saddles just recieved at the
O K Harnoss Shop. Call and see theut.
Supervisor Benton returned yesterday
from Tombstono, whore he has been at-
attending tho meetings of the boaid.
Fob Salk One adobo and one frame
house in Tombstone canyon, largo lot.
for furtlier particulars apply te Steve
Miller. ' J. 131 m
Tho Spanish-Araorican club will giv
a grand ball tonight at the Opdiu House
in honor of the anniversary of the or
ganization of the order.
Bisbeo citizens geneially are deeply
interested in the outcome of the asses
or business.
Our printer having arrived from San
Francisco, wo are now prepared to turn
out work three days alter aittinna. All
the latest styles of finish and artistic
posing. All work first class.
Jones & Kknnktt.
N. B. Will havo a fine lino of views
of1 tho city next week. Call and sea
them. J2-tf j
U. Eichwald, representing the Sua
Antonio brewiug company was in town '
yesterday leaving this morning for El ,
Paso. -
For fur robes, whips and harness, go
iu mu .a. iv. iiniima oiiujj. uoy nin
.!. W 1.' II i .1
treat you pght. nz-U
Harry Chenoweth, custom's luspe.ctor
at Noguies, who lias bean in our city
for a couple of days past left this morn
ing for Nogales.
For the best cut and most stylish gar
ment, call ou A. Champagne, tho Bisbee
Tailor, Brewory Gulch. n201w
H. Herkowitz, the Naco merchant, is
in town and registered- at the Norton
Several prospectors have anived in
Bhsbee during the past few days from
Sonora. They brought some fine look
ing samples with them which they are
haviug assayed.
The J. H. Jack Lumber compsny has
purchased the Landgicu propsity on
Clawton avenue, adjoining Lho leatdcnca
of Dr. Toney, and will use it is a lumber
Services at tho hall over the Opera
House tomorrow morning and even
ing. A Sunday school will bo organis
ed iu tho morning at 1(3:00, a cordial
invitation id extended to all.
Mr. Murphy, of the Huachuca Water
company, accompanied by Mike Hrophy
aud E. B. Mason,' went totTom batons
this morning on business.
In the item which appeared in the
Oim a few days sinco in regard to tne
Cochise copper company's properties,
the depth of tho shaft should hare
been one hundred and fifteen feec in
stead of 85. , The assays of tha ore
found in the shaft shows 10 per cent
copper. Three nize of the stuugercoa
tmucs to increase in width as the shaft
is sunk. The eight hour shifts are now
at work aud will push the work as
rapidly as possible
Judge Williams came into tho Okb
office thiB afternoon in a furious state of
excitement, his face was. all red, he
was pulling and blowing like a porpui,
all out of. wind; his hair was turned the
wrong way, and ho was trembling like a
man irosh from a Turkish b.uh of ico
water. We tried tosootti him, but it was
no go. Finally he quieted down suffi
cient to say that it was a shoel of a tramp
up the hill to this oliico wiuiout his
cane. We were agieeable nod h went
away apparently
Monday, Judge.
satisfied. Call again
A Tonncsseo lndy, Mrs. J. W. Towlo, of
Philadelphia. Point,, hu-j boon using: Oha:n
borluln's ChurIi Komody for hor baby, n ho
I subject to Uio croup, mid bays of It: "i
find it just us good us you cluim It to vi.
Sinco I've lmd your Couuli ltoincdy, baby 1ms
been tlirotteucd with tioup oor bo muiiy i
times, but I would t'ivo blm u dosn of tho
Koniody. and it )irvcutcd lits liuvlriff it
every tlrao." Hundred of mother "' Ibo
htmiu. Sold by tho UisHco Drug Store.
TVMx.il,. ,s J, iii" i .
luivDftuiv-uiic ""'""' UUAUtA ,
wagon, ono tum-tablo truck, on water (
wagon, one Benecia horsepower, ono ,
six-inch valve Shu Joso pump. For ,
prices and terms, enquire of K.
Kchmieding's jewelry Etore.
Tho boaul of supervisors has allowo.l
Sheriff White another jail guard. Tnii
is made a necessity by tho largo num
ber of prisoneis confined in tho county
jail. With tho former fotco, wh'in
Sheriff White was away on dutv, anil
Deputy Uravin c.illu I on a case, it hft
Jailor Uitcho to watch tho prisoners
both night and day, thoro liiving been
from flftoon to twonty-live for the pist
six months. Sidney -Mullen of our
city has been appointed to fill tlw posi
tion of additional guud and will m-min-hlo
dutioa at onco. Sid. bus hud wmie
oxporienco in the sheriff's ofli-w and
will mako a valuable addition to
Sheriff White's forco of deputies.
, From Friday's Daily.
Thos. Sutton, the candy drummer is
in our city.
Mrs. II. F. "Williams of St. David is
a visitor to our city.
The cemetery committee are to give a"
masquerade ball on tho 22nd pf Feb
ruaiy. It. A. Packard will mako another
shipment of beef e.iu'le to Lob" Angela,
from Nac0f iu a faw dliy,.
Several inches of snow fell last night;
amj s H consequenco tho Iioubo tops
am adjacent" mountains were covered
wilh "the beautiful" tins morning.
! j jj. Anderson, the California cattle
buyer, is iu town looking after beef cat
J Allot the employees of the Southern
( IMific ndlroad have Qrders
( nirinK them t0 be vaccinated or loose
mr .
j .
I ... .... u..B oi u. hub. xuc-
men oi uocuiso county, meu in canoru
sunday last at the axe of G4 years.
i Jan. Kally was convicted of petit lar
ceny hi Justice Schrimsclier's court this
moinlns; and sentenced to twenty-five
1 davs in Hotel White at Tombstone. He
' appropiated some paint, brushesetu.,
winch had been iutrusred to his care by
Tun Giiffith.
The town is flooded with tramps of
the- hobo variety, who live by visiting
the back doors of private hoiibes when
the man of the house is absent, and
begging meals. The best guard against
i thete follows is a lot of unsawud wood,
kont in plain sight.
k Yesterday afternoon as engine No. 6,
which was bnngihg in the regular train,
stiuck, the switch near the depot, the
forward truck struck a lip on the rail
and soon the engine was running over
the ties. Engineer Stoller "applied the
breaks-and stopped tho train just as the
i --OV--
i engine
struck the edge of tho. culvert.
engine was pulled back on the
track without much tiouble and with
out any serious damage.
Tho ease of E. Sugish, for selling
liquors to minors, will come up in Judge
Scrimscher'u court tomorrow afternoon
at 2 o'clock.
Wm. Tonkin, of Tuctoh, a nephew of
John S. Williams arrived today on the
incoming train.
Jas. Chatbum, of Los Angeles, is a
visitor to our city, and will remain for
several days,.
Jacob Miller, tho well known drUm-
mer representing Goldbaum & Co., of
Tucson, is interviewing our merchants.
Tom Vaughn roturnad yesterday
from Tombstono whore ho has been
for a couple of weeks past. ,
A crowd of Bisbee members of tho
Masonic fraternity, exoect to go to
Phoenix Monday to witness 'tho con
ferring of the degree of the Mystic
shrine, and naturally look forward to
the event with pleasant anticipation.
Dr. G. W. Hall leit this morning on
the Nacoaari'Staga for the Moctezuma
company's works where" he will assume
his duties as com pan physician, "and
Some of the stockholders of the South
Bisbee company were incoming passen
gers on the train today. Tho annual
meeting is to beheld on the company's
property ou tho 17th mst.
The roadbed ol the A..& S. E. ih to be
changed in the vicinity of what is known '
as tho Boston mill hill. It is the inten
tion to follow around tho point of the '
hill in the flat and meet the present
road at a point above the mill. By
doing this the heavv grade is overcome j
and the engineers will be able to pull
much larger trains this wny.
II. W. Lewis, secretary of tho South
Bisbee, Coppor Mining and Townsito
Improvement company, arrived yenter
dav irom Los Angeles nnd will remain
in ot!r city for several days. Several
other of tho oftici.ila of the company
will bo heie in a dy or two to attend
tho annual meeting of the stockholders.
Billy Hessong, well and favorably
known as the driver of ono of the Cop
per Queen delivery wagoni, is handling
tho ribbons for the old loli.ible transfer
company. For promptness and- dis
patch, see Uillv.
Tho Biabeo market is now tpippled
with venison and it is tho only market
in tho territory that in. The meat is
bioughtout from Mexico and the cus
tom officials issue a cor t idea to to tho
' effect that the deer wero imported trom J
Mexico. Theio is nothing in the Ari-
zona statutes that can prevent the sale
of this moat as it can not be proved that
anyf tho deer wero killed within the
bounds of Arizona,
A lltiem.ui who roccntlv shipped a
bu,ch of onttlJ from m,be8 ., author.
Uv fnr tho Ht-,nmBnt tilt.t rr. T. oa1i
Allen, inspector for the bureau of nni-
! inal industry, while strictly com teoua
and honorable in his relations with
1 importers and shippsrs, takes every
precaution to prevent the admission of
infected cattle. It is this gentleman's
' belief that the health of our cattlo is
safe in Dr. Allen's hands. News.
Word conies from Tombstone, to the
effect that Attorneys Land and Clark
o.uno near coming to blows over a dis
cussion of tho assessor question, 'before
I ho bo.ird of supervisors. Law books
wero sent living through tho nir and
for a time it looked nj if ther.s would bo
bo a lively setto. Sheriff White hear
ing tho disturbance from tho olllco
below rushed up to tho scouo and. soon j
had matters smoothed over. !
From Thursday's Daily.
Considerable building is going on in
upper Tombstono cauyon.
There are reven patients in the com
pany hospital at present.
Tom Hagan, tho well known cattle
man, is in Phoenix.
Don't forget to attend tho dance given
by the Rathbono Sisters at the Opora
IJoute this evonin.
Wm Mm ph y thf llnwlmm wut(jr
company man, id expected in today to
further investigate the opportunities
for putting that wa'.er into our city.
S-mator Vunerleft this morning for
Phoenix, lo be on hand for business
when the roll is called next Monday.
Dwight L. Mcody, tho noted evangel
ist, will pass t'iroiigh Benson on Satur
day on his vay to Phoenix, where he
will hold a series of meetings. He
will pay p. visit to Tucson after his stay
in Phoenix, and may be prevailed upon
to come to Disbee.
Jack Rabb leturued yesterday from
San Francisco where he has betm for
several weeks on a vacation. He will
tesutuo his position with J. A. Irwin
& Co.
Fred Myers, a former resident of,
Bisbtfo, and who formerly held the posi
tion of receiving clerk for the Copper
Queen company some twelve years ago,
has ictunled here after an absence of
about ten yearB. He noticed a vast
change in the tpwn since then.
Several hobos who havo been confined
iu the city bastile for ten days past
weie released today and escorted to the
Clty limits.
Bisbee must be getting in on tho tail
end of that California storm,-as it has
been raining or Bnowing alternately
ever since yesterday morning.
Wm. Hughs has resumed his job as
fireimU) with the A. A S. E. after hav-
ing a several weeks vacation. j
J. A. Rockfellow left this morning
for Tombstone where he will remain
or a few days on a visit to his fa mily. ,
He expects to return here the first ef I
next week.
i The storm last night did considerable
damage to goods in the company storo.
The water running down the walls
damaging some of -the goods, in ladies'
department. ' '
A party of seven hunters who have
been down in tho Ajo mountains" for
! a couple of weeks returned yesterday,
bringing with them twenty carcasses of
venison, which they disposed of to C.
A. Overlook k Bro.. tho enterprising
The Queen smelters are again in full
blaxt, and the minute all at work again.
Mr. and Mis. Hugh O. Prazier are
both confined to their homo with an
attack of la grippe, so report says. ,
The Spanish-Ammie.ui Alliance club
will give a dance at the Opera House ou
Saturday evening.
Mis Winnie. Miller will leave tomor
iow for Willcox, where the will remain
for several weeks on a visit to her sistei.
Dave Colin left this morning for Puoe
nix, where he will again enter the cigar
business with his brother, Adolph.
Robt. Grant, accompanied by his
brothei Stewai t returned yesteiday from
a several months' visit "to their home in
Nova "Scotia.
The work train which has been pick
ing up the small steel between Fairbank
and Benson for tho past tow weeks, re
turned today.
Harty Rafferty will take a run over to
j Tombstone and spend a short vacation
: wth his. mother and relatives as soon
hj niB injuredjiand will admit of his
going. ' '
Rev. Roberts, who preached at Ben
son last Sunday, is at homo again, and
will hold religious services next Sunday
at the Opera House, as usual.
I Teams will be put at work tomorrow
grading the new ball grouads, tho
dilectors having decided to do the work
themselves rather than let a contiact
for the same. Tho work will bo pushed
as rapidly aB possiblo and tho grouuds
I will be in shape for the match game on
! Washington's birthday, T
Another wedding on tapis for tho
latter part of the week.
A. E. Lulley is suffering from an
attack of la gtippe.
I. C. E. Adams,, owe of the grocery
clerks in tho Copper Queen store, is
confined to his homo with la grippe,
Quite a number of buildings aro beitm
oiectcd at K'ico on both sides of the
1 line.
Miss Mao Cobbe is suffering from an
attack oi la urippe.
I Mr. l'oi ro, who has been confined to
' hiw home for more than a mon
'typhoid fever, is reported conv
I Geo. W. Herdman, of Jerseyvillo,
1 Illinois, who has I eon isiting in our
city for soveral ijaya past, left this
moining for Tombstone, fioin which
place ho will go to tho Dragoons and
inspect tho'Bnrrott pioperties, leaving
1 for his home in tho east on Saturdiy.
T. R King was houud over in Justice
! Williams' court to appear before tho
1 next gVand jurv, on a charge of perjury,
' under $500 bond, in default of which ho j
will lomnluiii tho county jail. So.no
of tho goods taken f i om Mrs. Blowett's
ntore wero found m his pososijn, while ,
tho moitof the gojda hare not been r-1
G .S. Shibley.
Freight, Baggage and Express delivered to any part of
the City.
Protitpt fLcrvice aid tiiziclz elivery.
itunmmy i jm
Central Restaurant
Fresh Oyfllers and FiBh, Game of AH Kinds in
Season, Make a specialty of Dinner and Lunches
for Paitiea, evening or day.
HJpper liZaisi Street.
The Bisbee Tailor,
Will cut, fit and make to order
An Elegant Suit of Clothes for $ rr
Mine are not "misfits," but are built here in Bis
bee by home labor.
for one year all suits
jp(9BKJ0( )09WJ000a0OXOorjQE MM4oont4to44!M04toe
O K Stree Bisbee,
line Wines, Liprs anfl Cigars, Both Importea ai Domestic;
Fancy Groceries,
And make a specialt)' of catering to the public. Their
goods are fresh aud of the best quality, and are sold
at a reasonable margin. Goods delivered at your
door without extra charge and without dela
We Guarantee Satisfaction.
Remember the house Upper Main Street, Bisbee.
The cheapest and most con
venient way of securing title
to Public Lauds. Any non
mineral government land -ill
the United States which is
open to entry, surveyed or un
survej'ed, can be located im
mediately; without any re
quirement of residence or
improvement. For particu
lars address
Attorneys at Law."
Tucson, - - Arizona
A Fine Line of
Albums Bibles, Books,
StOl'y Books, etc., Can be
Seeil at MiSS BuiT'S.
T rdnrs hnfmn
-""" j - -
purchasing elsCWllGVC.
V. R. Stiles,
er Company.
Day andNight
and Mrs. T. J. Jolinston, Prep.
I agree to keep in repair
turned out at my shop.
. CITY JAIL . . "
3E.O. DUNN, Proprietor
In Coxxsctiox with CONGRESS HOOSU.
A Finst-cioss loioo House
Located on Upper Main Street
Newty furnished throughout
Large, airy rooms
or other ladies who wish to work
Can Earn Lots of Money
Working for us in spare time at homo on
our cloths. We offer you a good chance
to make plenty of spending money easi
ly, in leisure hours. Send 12c. for cloth
and full direction for work, and com
mence at once. Cloth sent anywhere.
Addiess W1NOOSKET CO. (S00-S) Bos
ton, Mass., Mfg. Dcpt.
Anchor Saloon,
Opposite tho Library.
Sid Harris, Prop.
Jlve Vh a Call.
- 9-' '
:i i
v v
J ,,, , -" ,-

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