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The Weekly orb. [volume] (Bisbee, Cochise County, Ariz. Territory) 1896-1900, February 05, 1899, Image 1

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Tb? fbllowing ia an eutliiie of tho bill
to be introduceiHn tho nsaembly in tho
All ore?, tnilinga and mineral bear
ing material of whatever character,
shall be assessed for thopurposea of tax
ation for territorial, and county pur
poses, in tho following maunor: f
From the groia yield, return or value
of ores, tailings or mineral bearing ma
terial of whatever character, there shall
b doduttftd the actual cost of extract
ins; said ore or minerals from mines ;
the actual cost of saving said tailings,
tho actual cost of transportation of said
orcK, mineral-bearing material or tail
inKi to the place-of reduction or s.iloii
$$; Wwr ni the actual cost of such re'Juction or
"'-l';'1 sale; and the remainder shalt bo
deemed net proceede, and shall bo
sacssad and taxad as provided for in
, this act.
It shall be tho duty of every person,
. corporation, association or firm or coin
, pauy engaged iu extracting orei or min
erala in this territory to furnish the
, clerk of the board of supervisors, of the
. county iu which tho mine is situated,
bi-annual statements, under oath or
aflirmation, of the total number of tons
f ore oxtractvd by him or them, and of
' the gross yield of tho same in dollars
. and cents for each preceding six
mo'iths, commencing on the first day of
July, eighteen hundred and ninety
i Bin, and for each succeediiv.' sis
months, Yiz : First of January and July
of e.ch year thereafter; such otatemont
. to be made and furnished to the clerk of
the board of the several counties, within
twenty days after the expiration of tho
ix months for which statement ii re-,
quired. The statomont required under
the provisions of this act shall be sub
stantially in the following form :
Total Amount of Tax .
Not Yield of Value in Dollars and
Actual Cost of Reduction or Sale.
Actual Cost of Transportation to Placo
of Reduction or Sal.
Actual Cost of Extracting tho Same
from the Mine.
Gross Yield of Value of Same in Dol
lars and Cents.
Number of Tons Extracted for the
. Quarter. s
Names f Owners.
There shall be levied and collected for
the territorial and county purposes a tax
of two dollars on each one hundred dol
lars of the net procee.ia of mines, as re
quired or assested under tho provisions
of this act, said tax shall bo appropri
ated 6 follows :
Twenty-five per centum shall bo ap
portioned to the territorial treasury for
tncral territorial purpoies, and twentv
fivc per centum shall bo apportioned to
tbe county treasury of the counties in
which the mines are located, and
twenty -fivo pr centum shall be depos
. ited in the road fund of such counties,
to bo used and disbursed by the board
of supervisors in, tho construction of
public roads, highways and bridges, as
provided by law, and twenty-five per
'centum shall be paid into tho school
fnnd of the counties in which said
. vines are located.
A Senora Mine Sold.
From parties who arrived last evening
1 from Nacesari, an Orb reportor learns
that the Gregg, Normire mining prop
erty, consisting of 94 pertinancos, had
been sold to John A. Cruse, represent
ing the Sonora Investment and Improve
ment company. The price paid for the
property is said to ba $-15,000 in gold
, coin. The property is situated abont
, nine miles from Nacosari where tho
Mocteiuma company are at work.
The claims show up an abundance of
, exceedingly rich copper oro on the sur
face, so far tho the depth oi tho oro
bodies has not been determined, as all
the work has bean done on the surfaco
From panieu who have seen tho prop
erty we learn that if the oro bodies go
down tho mines will bo ono of. the big
feat and richest in the state of Sonora.
. Several other parties wore after tho
; mine and an offer of $40,000 was made
. for it about a week prior to to tho price
, offered by Mr. Cruse.
Mr. Cruse will be iu our city the early
, part of next week, when we hope to bo
able to give our readers somethiug
" , urthr eJIregarding this property and the
intentions of the company.
J. V. VieWcrs' carload of CCC calves
. ironi tho Graham county range took a
prize at tho Denver stock show, a fact
i which is highly creditable to tho com
i pany and to Arizona. Mrs. Adalr'a
purebred Ilerofords, won the first prize
; for southern calves. Whitemau'a lot
from Tascosa, Toxan, gained the second
, prize, while Mr. Vickers' lot captured
third award, a silver medal, As Mr.
Vickers remarked, "this is bettor than
, not being in it." Tho Chirlcahua Cat
tle company have been at great expenbe
i. to breed up their herd and.doservo the
,,. distinction jivf n .thorn.
, ' J' ' ' ':m. ". it '.&". vt.'.- kl i;: -."' ,'',, ,;,'.. .jKcuAstevitei1
Good Repo'rts from fhe Soutli Bisbeo
and-Cochise Properties.
Sunday afternoon several specimens
of rock wore brought up from the bot
tom of tho South Ilisbso company's
shaft that 1ms created quite a demand
for that company's stork during tho
past two days. Tho lock ia of u Eoft
formation, composed chiefly of lime,
iron and spar. The whole .bottom of
the ahaft, which is now down to a depth
of 450 feet, is in tlits samo formation;
several small pieces of copper oro have
been found (imbedded iu the formation,
which elearlviiuTictfes tho close" p'rox-'
.... . "... t
lnuiy oi iwi ore uooy, . ,
Ace rding to tho views of over forty
muTcr?, employed in tho Copper Queen
inino who huvo been shown tlio rock,
the foruiutiou is a first class indication
of an oro boy, the same being encoun
tered iu many of the Btopos iu the Queen
company's workings j ut prior to the
finding of tho ore bodies. The speci
mens are on exhibition at tho Turf
saloon, where tiioy may be seen.
From prejont indications, it may not be
be but a few days whon the Onu will have
tbe pleasure of announcing to its. many
readers the opening up a lare lnuiy of
ore on this property. It is currently
reported that the price Qf the stock will
be raised within tho next few days to
thirty or forty cents.
Most encouraging reports corao from
tho Cochise company's propertied. The
shaft is now down to a depth of 140 feet
and this, morning tho eight hour shift
struck into a email body of susphideore.
An aseay of ore found iu the shaft sov
oral days ago bhows six par cent copper
ami $2.50 in gold, besidss eomc silver.
A contract is soon to be let for sinking
the shaft to the 200-foot level.
During the past thirty days over 200,
000 shares of the company's stock has
been sold in this vicinity, and orders for
stock aro being received ttlmort daily by
mail. Tho outlook ia indeed most en
couraging, and a raise in the price of
this stock may bo" looked for at almost
any time. In conversation with Supt
Muheim today, that trontloman ex
pressed himself as satisfied, and stated
that if an oro body is not 'struck within
the next fifty days, all indications which
lmvo heretofore been relied on Mill
prove a failure.
Tho company is already making
arrangements for the erection of a steam
hoist, and is now corresponding with
parties for the purchase of the necessary
Mining men aro finding considerable
encouragement in the steady rise of the
lead markot. Even tho most conserva
tive now predict that it will reach the
5-cout limit. It would be impossible to
estimate what could bo accomplished in
the production of tho mineral if the
price reaches five' cents and remains at
that point. Nearly all tho great silver
mines now lying iello will produce a per
cont of lead that would pay tho minor to
open them againv All theso vast inter
ests will undoubtedly becomo product
ive if there is a pretty plain indication
that the price of tho heavy metal will
remain at a substantial figure.
In the mining business it is difliult te
estimate what tho rise in prico of a few
cents means to tho miners and mine
owners. For instauce, if there are a
few dozen mines that can bo operated
on a 4-cent market, thero are probably
100 that would pay to operato on a 5-
cent market. The lory grade ore miuoa
aro in the great majority, aud whore the
market price of a mineral will justify
thoir operation it means thousands and
millions of dollars will be added to the
capital produced.
There ia also considerable encourage
ment in the general stable condition of
the mining stock market. For the past
year the riso in stocks has boon steady.
Month after month they have contin
ued to males hatter showings, until tho
presunt ruling pricos h.ivj boon rj ached.
The mind owner li-n no room f)r com
plaint so far during tho pivsjat year.
Every indication nigHos that the pro
duction of last year will bo augmented
by many millions additional at the close
of tho yuar 180'J.
Those facts should ba kept bforo the
people at all times. Advertising will
attract capital aud capital will develop
the hundreds ot now mines that would
becomo producers at any time if aulfi
ciont capital could Iw applied to develop
thorn. Dover Tiinas.
Tun Papago comity bill is faring
badly in the hands of the committee on
counties and county boundrieo. I tie
quite probable tho bill will be recom
mended not to pass.
Doputy United States .-Marshall Gra
ham left this morning for Tucson, tak
ing with him L. Rodri;UQZ,tho mejcal
The Cochise Cappar Mining Co.,
Bisbee Arizona.
Incorporated Uuder tho Laws of the
Territory of- Arizona. Capital
Stock $5,000,000, (Limited.)
Thi3 company owns a very. valuable
group of mines situated in Warren Min
ing District, County of Cochise,, Arizona,
lying immediately east of and adjoin
ing tho town of Bisbec; and Adjoining
the property of. the Copper Queen Con
solidated Mining conminv on the North.
"jrhe la'ttor company has bao.u ill oWrtcltm
ior aooui twenty years, rum. 'tuzipioy
about 1500 men daily in the operation
of its mammoth mine and smelters, aud
a3 a result have produced Copper to
over 34,000,000 lbs. during the year 189S,
and tho net proceeds of such production
are reported to have been over $2,000,
000, and it has been said by experienced
miners who huvo noe'n under" their om
ploy for years, that the Quadn
mine now has sulliciont ore in sight'to
keep thorn in constant operation for tho
next twenty years, without further de
velopment. Is it not reasonable to bsliovo that tho
property of tho Cochise company is fully
as valuable, when it is within such cloo
proximity to such a wonderful mine?
The blasts set o5f in the underground
workings of the Quan proporty can
easily bo felt and heard at the ahaft of
our mine, and oftimes the concussioa
bus attracted marked attention.
The original owners of these valuable)
mines are local business men, well and
favorably known in Bislwe and sur
rounding vicinity, who are doing their
utmost to make thiien'orprbion success
in ovory roapect. T!iu board of direct
ors are original owners, ami are donat
ing their service to tii company until"
such timts as tho ths mine will pay divi
dends. They own tho controlling inter
est in this proporty, and as a protection
to stockholders have placisd their entire
interest in escrow for a tersi of eno year.
Tho stock books of our company are
now open for subscriptions, and a lim
ited number of sbaros;ira offered at ten
cents pur share. No application for leas
than 10'J shares will bn accepted.
Tho company reserve tho right at any
time to adyance the prico of shares with
out further notice, or to reject aiiy
application for' stock whenever they
deem it discretion.
Every cent received from the sale of
stock will be expended toward tha de
velopment of our property aud the ereo-
,tion of hoistiHg works, and all other
necessary improvements, and to make
our enterpriso a succosa in every partic
ular." We invite investigators and their ex
perts or' their engineers to closely
Bcrutinizo our proporty.
Applications for shares may be made
to any of the directors of the company,
or to any of our legally authorized repre
sentatives. L. O. 8hattuck, Prco., )
J.MoHEiM,Supt.&Tres. VS. K. Williams,
G. W. IIill, Vice-Pros ) Secretary.
Bisbeo, Arizona.
Reduced Rates.
For the meeting of the Arizona medi
cal Assocition in Phoenix, January 31
and Februay 1, 1899, the fare from Bis
beo fto Maricopa and return, will be
$11.30. Tickets sold on tho certificate
For tho celebration at Globo, Febru
ary 15, 1899, tho fare from Bisbee to
Globo and return will bo $14.00. Tickets
to be sold for uso on trains arriving at
Bowio February 14 and 15, 1899
and to bo limited to February 20.
Acker's Enhmsii Hkusdy Will Stop
a cougli at any time, and will cure the
worst cold in twelve hours, or money
refunded. 25 cts. and 50 etw. For sale
at Bisbeo Drug Store.
For Sale.
1 5-room house, right in town; furn
ished or otherwise. Terms very reason
able. 1 lot on Chihuahua Hill, 50x70 feet,
all grodeil ready for building.
1 6-room house, partly furnished;
prico and terms topuit buyer.
For rent, ono frame house near
Shattuck's Lumberyard.
For further particulars apply to
S. K. Williams, P. J.
AU members of tho cemetery commit
tees are requested to mcot at Marks &
Wittig's burborehop, on Sunday even
ing at f o'clock. Business of impor
tance, will bo transacted.
, For fur robes, whips snd harness, go
to the N. K. ifarnojs .Shsp. They will.
Jj treaty ypujjght.
"v3--' "y '''' l ' . W
Tucson has an Old Stiff Club.
The Arizona ShrinerB intend to visit
the City of Mexico this month.
The Arizona Sportsmen's association
held a tournament at Phoenix Wednes
day. A Tucson marble worker states that
Arizona produees marble equal to that
of Vermont.
A. U. Brown, of Kansas City, has pur
chased 10,000 head of cattlo 'in the Gila
"salley. t
It ia estimated that 20,000 .bend of
cattle will bo shipped out of southern
Arizona this month.
Burglars are laying in a heavy supply
of clothing at Tucson, and none of them
have beea caught yet.
Large quarries of valuable marble are
being opened on Sycamour creek, and
are attracting great attention.
Fifteen Chinamen have been recently
deported who slipped into the United
States across tho Mexican border.
Nogales is enjeyine a business boom
and a great many buildings will be
erected during the coining month.
A number of cattlemen from Man
cop eeunty propose to introduce some
faney branding stock from Kentucky.
John G. Build has arrived in Tucson
in iearch of his brother, who has been
mieiing from Trenton, New Jersey for
fifteen years.
II. Beardsly of Now York, hai offeied
an immense sum for one of the wolfra
mite mines recently discsvred in the
Dragoon mounlions.
Benjamin Tucker, of Springfield, Il
linois, lias arrived in tho Salt River val
ley, whare ha proposes to start a ranch
for raising fancy breeds of hone.
Free. Scholarship at Ors&d.
Governor Murphy has received a let
ter frem the president of the Oread
Institute at Worcester, Massachu
setts, requesting hire to recommend
some young woman of Arizona .for a
f.ee woholarshipin that Ustitutc.- The.
letter states that it is desired that the
one who may bo selected bo a young
wsraan h&tweeu eighteen and thirty
five years of age, in tjooil health and
possessing a high school education or
its equivalent; that she be one having
aptitude for intellectual attainment
and desirous of securing a practical
knowledge of household scieaee and all
that pertains thereto. To such a
person coming to theschool by recom
mendation nud appointment of the
governor of her state er territory, tuit
ion, board and room will be given free,
and at the close of her coarse of study
she will be aided, if she proves compet
ent and so desiros, to position as.. a
teacher in her hones state or territory,
er elsewhere, should she so elect.
The governor will bs please to near
from anyone desiring to accept this
County Indebtedness.
According to Governor Murphy's
message to tho Twentieth legislature,
the county indebtedness of Arizona is
as follows ;
Apacho county $ 43,473 50
Coconino county 156,000 90
Graham county 147,304 70
Gila county 44,781 36
Maricopa county 267,630 43
Mohave county .... 105,363 29
Pima county 210,240 05
Pinal county 136,138 08
Yavapai county 310,153 78
Yuma county 88,f91 11
Prcscott city 91,261 90
Tucson city. 16,000 00
Tombstone city 13,812 38
Total $1,634,027 57
An XicJltor'H t,lfc Saved fay ciintn
iOt ti Cough Remedy.
During the early part of October, 1896,
I contracted a bad cold which settled on
my lungs and was neglected uutil I
feared that consumption had appeared
in an incipient state. I waB constantly
conghing and trying to expel something
which I could not. I becamo alarmed
and after giving tho local doctor a trial
bought a bottlo of Chamborlain'a Cough
Remedy and tho result was immediate
improvement, uud after I had used three
bottles my lungs were restored to fheir
hualthy state. B.S.Edwakds.Pu blisher
of The Reviow, Wyant, 111. For by J.
J. WillianiH & Co.
Accuu'a JlVBi'KrstA Taklets auh bil1
on a porfitivu guarantee. Cnres heart
burn, raisin',' of tlio foad, distrjsa afcsr
eating or any lorm of i-'ytpjp.iia. Ons
little tablet giro immediate rslief. 25
cts. md CO eta. For sale ut.Bisbee Drng
Items of Interest Culled 'from
'- .. '"StgSp'',!''.. '.'' ""?".,
'- --..5. A,ft- fv. - . .. ,s&iVy --.v.-'. 'L,
-i-i ' - '-'- " "''Ay''- .'.!''';i.iijr.;; - r -'4.5
- .., M. --yj ' wt ' ' ---- v "-- .,.'.-.i:irst'Hii! v
.......... .ufr4,i. "- .' " t
'" "' .;".
;.,? ,
1 ....'. .
m, m ti m m,
Finest Turnouts in the City,
Horses boarded by the week, day or month. Hores
bought aud sold. Complete hack service. Hacks will
meet all trains. Good service, ....
Upper. Main St. . - . Bisbee, Arizomn
- ms
sf '''
Company, I
'. . i;.", -.. .,-' l.fii.,. ..!,
,: - i i i
-.-r-i '-! - "j ...
(., f, n.eK "v .. -" '' '
'. '''4't-j- 'Hi10ri w - ' '
i ' ?j''rf k tyc i. -. .-tea
k . ' . y
.' '
KJfl.flaS'fe,viffiif A 7
..Jlp:-,, - v- k. ,.wi-.M, -c
?7.l ''' '" "' WMMMUWWb
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