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The Weekly orb. [volume] (Bisbee, Cochise County, Ariz. Territory) 1896-1900, February 12, 1899, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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The a6th Days'. Proceed
ings in Full.
Paositif, February 10, '.IMP. '
Hpectul vorreepondence to The Ohb.
The hoaM wns called to rdor at 10 a.
m., all mombara present. - .
Prayer by tint Gbaplnin.
Minutej road and approved.
Adams introduced H B CO to allow
-weekly papara to bid on .printing.
Evttiu II B-C2. .to .employ at ,hund
labor, porsona confined in county Jails.
II B 20, pravidiug frco echop) buoka
waa pasted.
House went into wholo committee to
consider Papao county bill.
xI)oau.gaye-doties ho v;ould tomorrow
move to reconsidbr titt vote on tho
Papao bill. ,
Sandora waa called to tho .chair and
the board of control bill was considered
in commitiee of the whole.
The bill was reud in fnll.
Doan offered a substitute. ,
Tito substitute adopted and bil
referred to judiciary cooiiaitted.
C l 16, peddler's license placed on
final passage and carried.
C B 7, an' act relating to incorpora
tlen of towuf, was referred to judiciary
committee. ,
0 B 18 by Finley, to authorize rten
i ton. of commission for collection of poll
tax, was read lirst and second tint j an 1
referred to judiciary.
H B UG, b.r Mooro, an act to pay mil
age to live stock inspt-ctors und Uett-u-tives,
passed to a secoul reltng.
II B 67, by More, to penun!intly lo-.
cat territorial prison at Pc'uhcoU.
' Gray tuoved to muko special ordor H..
B 36, equal Huffrao, carried.
Measagj fr. m council reDOrtiu p.i4.
aepf C. B. 35, by Goldwaier, liuiitiiik'
the terms of territorial occurs.
Adams offered substitute to submit
the matter of eqii.il suffrage to tin- tjml
fiud voters at tho next general eloction.
Moore moved adoption of substitute;
Committee arose, reported favorably,
and under suspension of the rulen the
bill was considered engrossed, rend third-
time and passed the house.
Adjourned to 10 tomorrow.
Met at usual hour and roll call showed
nil members present.
1 Journal of yesterday reud and ap
proved. C B 38, an act to provide for direct
legislation ta tho pcopte of Arizona,
C B40, introduced by Goldwater, cre
ating a board of public works and eqiuh
ization, read first and second time by
title and 200 copies ordered printed.
O B 22, by Goldwater, an act pertain
inn to to registration in incorpoiated
cities, wax read second time.
(J B 35, by Goldwater, airact limiting
the term of territorial otiicers, paused.
Adjourned until tomorrow.
Mrs. Catt, tho oloquont advocate of
woman suffrage, made a telling speech
before the legislature last evening and
was heard by an audience that crowded
evoiy foot of tho largo hall of the house.
Arguments logical, natural and convinc
ing, and justice and the cause of human
rights mutt ever be, says tho Phoenix
Herald. She left rnnuy of her audionce
wondering, not whether the full rights
of citizenship would ever he granted to
to the wivee, mothers, daughters and
sisters of our country, but wondering
that they had been so long suppressed;
.wondering that in an enlightened .go,
a civilized and intelligent governmet
should continue to treat women as hayo
the savago and barbarous tribes of .all
the ages gene. That Mr8, Catt opened
the eyes of some of our legislators and
more of our citizons, in a mattor whero
thoir barbarous inheritaace of a ten
dency to deny to woman a share in the
making of government, there is no ques
tion. Woman suffrage, Mrs. Catt inti
mated, is one of tho inevitable advances
of the age: is a moral growth along the
lines of higher civilization and cannot
bo stayed.- It it not merely a result of
agitation any more than 1 as been the
lifting of any great wrong in the gov
ernment of tho pant.
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treat you ri;ht. -" nW-t f j
Fresh From
the Wires
j. '.i ...
from All
. Washington, Feb. ll.-Up to tho
close of office hours last night, General
Otis had sent no news to tho war de
partment indicating further conflicts
With tho natives Ho had few casuali-.
ties to report, these in answer to inquir
ies from anxious frieuds of ldividttal
soldiers, And he gave notica that he hud
been obliged to buy a large numbar wf
korscs to supply transportation needed
ovrinjfiq-the lengthening of the Amer
ican lines. .
, Secretary Alger fully expects that Otis
will make o terms with Agulnnltlo'
while tho lattor is under. jarms, -and-tlie
'contJitroubf' dealing wi.h him at all. is
the return of the insurgents to- their
homes aud the'surrendor. of their arms.
Certainly General Otis is not now ex
pected to take any action that will
amount to recogrition of tho insurgent
as a foe to be treated with on the basis
of an independent uaticn. There waa
also an absence of news from Iloiio and
it is believed that it will bj several
d'tys before anything is hecrdfrom that
Otis wired later: ''The insurgents
collected a considerable forco between
Manila and Culoocan, where Aguinaldo
is reported to be, and threatened an up
rising. 'We drove the enemy out easily.
Our losi-erf 'blight; input-gents cousider-
alile. Attack preceded by firing I toil)
Admiral Dewey's yesels."
Genera' Wood, speaking thro ih the
Committee of Military Affair.-, has iii
forinei the House that not inoio thaii
fifty per cent' of the Amarioan tronojH
in tho province of Santiairo aio fit fur
duty. The statement uin-hes onlv to
the province of Santiago as yet, for the
reason that this is the only part of the
island which has been occupied by
American troops long uuouirfi to test
their ability to etand the climate. The
troops uil't'er the .command of General
Wood have had no especial hardships
thiust upon thorn. They have had no
fighting to do, ttiuir principal service be
ing gairieon duty.
As yet there ha been no organized op
position to American occupation, neii.
Gomez chuina to hwve an afii)y--if -lO.lKij
men awaiijng events, but tt.eevpiu lin-y,
aie looking torward to thf must hope
fully is the ai rival of the, pa ttia.-ter.
Gomez wants $40,0J0,00J to dtstrihu v
rimong hia men, biu-uouli probably
take leas. The sum of $l0,OJl),0JJ is
wanted to provide fiavuna wan a-Mwer
system and topnt the city in a linbit
able couditiqii. The ni'moy outlay i
the leant serious part of fie cojt. Undei
reasonably good government, says the
Sun Francisco Bulletin, the island will
to time leturn any amount of. nionuy
that may be uexpeuded m putting tnins
in shape, but there can be no compensa
tion for tuo flower of American man
houd that wiil be a sa rifice to climutw.
Noone kiioiv ho.v it m. be later on,
but at tits preset! tim theCu.ia u look
tuiuewnai coldly up. n olliaero and men
' uln;ue tikiu iiieir -iv a .u esauuili
oider .n Cub. i.
Tuk tJ.izeite ny that the mistake of
the womnii'e, lights' movement man
iiyers mik in isot stringing Mrs. Catt on
the legislature when tho suffrage bill
was under actual consideration; That
ypech inailu when the iiomo was in
committee with, tho bill before it would
have cait-ed ai unanimoiH vote in its
NniiaER 1 volume I of tho Jerome
linger has reached this office. Thjs
ppiey little weekly is published by D. D.
McDpnuld, who announces that tho
lliiftlur ih h''most roliablo paper"
pulilifhed in Jerome, "axeept the Re
'portur and Minin News." Here's our
i3Sf rfro. Sic. "nud may you lif long
unit ljiO.-psr." .
A young lady 'whose address is Corn
ville, Yavapai county, writes to the
ed'tor of tlie Jemuiu Hustler that sh u
"tiead on tlie-iuairv" and that she
wis-hes to foi in the uequ Jin tuiicu ofMitue
Iakv young Kciillemun between tliu ages
of 21 and GO veurs. Here is ax extract
frmn her letter: "lam the belle of thete
d'intina uud attract litusmartatteiichiin
wherever 1 go. 1 am a grate favorite
wilii all the boys on the crick an bev
tal duels hayo bep fit over m-. I end
vet married any'dav but would not
wie mv fut on' any hay ditter that
ever run barn ficteon the sand planes
Tiv'tho Verde. "ITiTii six. 'feet thiee'in-
dies hlh and way 113 pounds. 1 have
u rubey complexion and soiiel yes. 1'
live alone With my mother and make
t lie liviii' liliiit' our -10 Uciefurm. 1 am
37 yeai ol uk'u and nin tiud of bein' a
olu iimiiI. Now, Mi.ti.vr, pleaue give
my letter a place in your paper and
obliuc a lonely ole maid.
.Sal Skinne., Comvill, Arizona.
As the lecult of strong drink, another
killing has been recorded at San An
tonio, Texas, and two more men have
gone to render an account of their do
ings upon this earth. Both men leave
families to mourn their loss. Tho
"Pass City Independent" has the fol
lowing account of the sad affair: "Bob
Marx, an ex-ranger, .and proprietor of
a saloon on Laredo aud Commerce
h treat .in San Antonio, aud John Bwu
ett, proprietor of the Silver King,
Turf Exchange and Cotton Exchange
in San Antonio, were both shot, the
results from which they both nied in
that city Thursday morning. Jlarx
was drinking heavily, and had jubt
previous to the killing been released on
bond on a chargo ot firing a pistol in
his own saloon, and after liin release
he walked over to tho Silver King land
began a quarrel wth Bsnnctt. Ju3t
what passed between them is not
known, but eyo witnesses say that Ben
nett fired after he had fallen to the
floor. Neither party spoke after they
wero shot, though Bennet lived for
several hours after. Marx leaves a
wife and nine child ron. and Benneit
leaves a family.
A special meeting of the Arizona
Stock Growers' association was held at
President Nichols' office in Willcox
Wednesday afternoon, says the Range
Nowa. The purpo.ie of the meeting w.ih
to draft, or at least to sgree upon a
measure to prevent brand burning. A
general discussion of tho subject; dis
closed a remarkable unanimity of senti
ment, but owing to the nun arrival of
cortaiu statutes which hud been -out
for, final action wai un trusted io I'-uiti-dent
Nichols, wiio whs auih -t-i.s j I hk
rediiested to it) to Tin mux .-n ilte cv
tieiirC ol the association and lo eoniei '' '
with the suiiliary bo-trd and .Wv.i Ut j airtf ,,'( J' Vi'v'"'a
lev'uliitors in regard
Narrow-Ganj Railroad' ilou'ts.
Fiaiiuls I. Ile.-n-yK q. oi ...n Fran
uisco is HI i!if cit) on- lu.ih Sd before
ibuCouiiuf Pi.v'.tu i.unl 0. itiK-; an i
knowing mat .ie I acinic futn . ilr wi i.
our luit.uug .aw- and vit i tin status ol
the Kairow uaugeHailioad Bonis ni- -ing
hie term of otliiv Uf aitoniey Kt n
eial of tliu t'errr.inV in 13JJ an 1 -lSJ-1,'
Wo it quested him f examine tile looenL
oec'.-ion f the riupi;eiiie Court of the
United nttttes icitnu to those' lionii
and io aivo Ui hli ipiolni a. o h po-i-jilty
old-'JeatM .'lie ,ieu h'i ailj.iijil
litoi'ticil .ihr.ni. . . J...
Air. Itrney kti I y on-'jiuwd .i do mi,
.ami he now --ca ei t .a. at er ml y di
e,Uding nil .hr i-i'sf oi ine , u i:i.' -u i.i
du mi- cast v.t M r-,. . W. 'ru i
and itoeiiiii.iec I'-. I, i u,ir-i' i.m
CUUlitV' tilt'ii'lli. il : i- (illiV.O .-I .icil
toe Comi'v has .n i.-xceiliui. cliiaj (
win i tie yuiijiiiioii Mo u.entf,'a.-) iicirom
any technieal points, ile. warmly o un
mendtt and approves the proposed phi -of
deiense winch ha.-i been o.uiiue I to
him in detail by tho two lawyers jiiht
named, bin does not think it would be
wise policy to tve the plan publicity at
ttfu um.
Mr. lie ne y is so we.il knqftp to evcrj'
heavy tax paver of this county as a
Kound and coiipcientioiis lawyer that wo
fte.l confident h'a opinion upon this
matter will measurably re assure th j:u
in regard to tliu support! danger ot
high taxation in tho fu uro upon this
account. It ikewise demonstrates ihe
correctness of our position in urging the
county to fight the case vioruiibly to
the last ditch. Fiouterizo.
tfTn:c inilieaiioij'are that connnr will
not!titly keep atfvaiicing in prlca- but
Hint in a very .short time it will go out
of iitlit. One uf the transcontinental
mads is fluring on putting down a
don hie trick three i nil ystsm to be
operated by electricity. This will in
sure a q.ifo speed of 80 lo 100 inileB per
hour, aii I will require the employment
of four copper cables some 3,000 miles
Ion, fvo for oacli track. If one of the
transcontinental lines adopt the 3 rail
ytein, all tho other competing lines
will havo to do tho same or almost en
tirely give up the passenger traffic.
The engineers say there is absolutely
nothing to take tho place of co'pper in
hand'ini: electricity and that the world's
visible supply of the metal is only
thirty day t present consumption.
Tun extradition treaty with Mexico
expired a chort time ago in accordance
o-uh'tho notiet given by the Mexican
kt'aee.rnment.iuid while it is likely that a
new ireaty will shortly take the place
oi that wtiich has exi ired, there will bo
n hiatus of sonic duration between the
two i readies. As it happens, there is a
reiniuably fi nail number of fugitives
fnm iii!iico in either country who might
i. nerit by the lack of a treaty. It was
thought that a new treaty would have
been roueluded by the late Sttnor So-uit-in.
loug the Mexican minister at
Washington, who might have arranged.
u li a convention a' Washington, but
the work has now been transferred, to
the ,, Mexican capital. It is understood
ihajL'iino, progress has been mado. in
the it-troiialinn of a new treaty, though,
of coiii'ho. p.oiiio time may elapse bofore
ii iiieeineiit can be reached. It seems
ldi, low ever, that fugitives from
jubilee iv 'n.-"gain but little from the
i...-ei.f . t tii'iity, nmn; to the dispo-
i ion of the Mexican government to
exe.ciMi a .large degree of comity toward
tne Uu.tcd States in ca-es where the
suneuiler of fugitive is desired. This
lispobition may lead to tho surrender ot
some offenders, notwithstanding the
j lapse of the tieaty, in cases where pro
ceedings were begun before the old
tieaty expired.
to tho in op -ml
Altho.iglit th.) piin'ion bill" i the
largexlolalj annual appropiia. ions, hvm
the Ne.v York Sun, ana tin-, year
amount? t to $Mr L'3.',,SJJ, it pidi- ttid
houte Willi only a f-w n.unito-' lebato,
the dlsusyiuii ouciipym e. tuau a
pa;e ot he t ongressiouul iiccorl, and
breakiu all records o the paet foi
brevity. Tne current a, prupiUtton in
just v4,'jOO,Oo6 larger than that ( last
year. : '
Sixty Thousand Saacp Die.
It is estimated that b"J,00J sheep in
Southern Colorado are dying of cold and
hunger. .Many Ho -kg hve bjtsn aband
oned by tho herders.
"AnotU't 24 hours of weather such a
has been sweeping Wyoming since FeD.
1, auu 5U per cant of tlie cattle of Wy
oming will b dead," said B. Frank
Auntur. "The wiutoris, vithout exotf,i
tiou, tuo worst mat lias been ex, en
euccd in that part of tho country, l'uere
is not a shrub or bunch ot grass of any
kiiid vibiolo betwoeii tins city aud
Western. Wyoming along the railroad,
and it would be unrossiblu lor tlie cat
tle to find anything to eat, even n the.
weather was waim enough to excite
them lo such an attempt, .ill along the
hue oi the Union Pacuic the great wlitm
Stretch oi eiulicja piaiiiii can oe seen
dotted lieie and lliere with tinscarcasaw.s
ot uiiliuild. hiVun B.iouul i 1m ivvatnor
improve uiiue.ilately nun tho snow
oie.irn off g.i ilii.t uio came lemuiia g
l .. ... it, ,tii, i.,c I .ao hi. i
.1 t-io 1 -.ill. In H
. .. i ..nil. .li.:
fnfn 0"lil i.li.l "iuil, . ivoCKj .ilolln-
tnin .s.
Don't forget tho Okb ollice when in
need of joo prinriting. Wo will d
your job work on short notice and at
icu&oiiahlo prices.
lleadaoho is often caused by imper-.
lect vision, and pcrmanont cure can bo
had by weitring glasa fitted to eorrect
'vifguia-:ty of. refraction. Seo Dr.
1 ok &alk One adobe and one frame
house in lorjibatuue-canyon, large lot.
lor iurther jiirueulars apply to Stave
Miller. ' ' J. 131 in
, Open Dny and Nljrht.
)nr TrtliJ, uro olnuyb! Supplied with tbe
, . ot c-i'i .tiiniu nrtoruu rfvery
Pohuauy In its Reason.
ive Us a Call.
Hanniger & Co., Props.
1'. eluwnt
liiijjtel M
on - Mt'u;...tt.-ir,. ", . vu ft.' '
l..i .i, i.tini.i., ic ,, ,ii, (., ( ,1
tVtlu. ,. . w, -i, ,. , l I I. t.) lu
ll1 I is l.i.JlUt glV M ill it .i i.U i livM
c.f . ,.i..l J'J ,. .. t" ,,. jt , I)
1 Of, .'. l,e. A i. iuiiij ii .-i.-c, ic.ioj
li atoii.itile; uif... oint ,j. oo n" li, ninis wan
IjI. Apply
Oi Tucaon, Arizona.
''' I
Caplin Paid -Up.
$ 5o,000
Money iinisfors u mle liy draft, telert-apk
of en . to ,i .hit . ul ove. tbe world.
' :' '.
pf v n
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a-- ' ' r Bk. v ij- 't-z .TTr-. . v f ."x..jf-at -. , ' ;.." ..-.
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H. ."
TIM QRIFFITH, Ptfricttr.'
'. 'tp"
adooe wail", iv.j i uu kon.
j at, 0J o'h'co,''
A coun' )f i ! Mu u. Urrn- fad rp
itl n. oiie. ted.and tlie r lutereiUoaraf ully
tt. , looked oitr.
Finest Turnouts in the City,
ii in
Horses boarded by tbe week, day or inontb. Hoxsm .
bought aud sold. Complete back service. Hacks iHU
meet all trains. Good service- , . .
Upper Main St,
s. S. ' k If.i
Kt - . weft? v- i ??tfC''
1JMM'lf' ''-; " - '-'-. '(;-' .-. ..
twmi linn .,v-- '. I.-.
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