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The Weekly orb. (Bisbee, Cochise County, Ariz. Territory) 1896-1900, September 24, 1899, Image 2

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Entered nt tho postoffico at DUbee, Arlzo
vna, is mall mattor of the second olass, May
23, 1696.
"One j oar, by mall or oarrlor 53 CO
Six Months 5t)
Tin ee Month,.., 1C0
TKUMS Strlotlj in Adanoe;
Advertising rates will bp made known on
ppllcatlon to this ofllce. Local publications
-Inconformlty with tho Territorial Statutes.
lUeadlng Notices 10 cents per lino lor eaoh.ln-
ToAdvkktiskbss Cuts Intended forlnsor
"tlon In these columns must be on metal bases
or they will not be accepted.
Communications relating to news or edi
torial matter should be addressed to Editor
aP-AU Remittances and business letters
should be addressed to
yiibee. Arizona,
. JL. Ine Agent, 21 Morohants' Exohance, Sun,
Francisco, Is our authorized agent. This
paper Is kept en file In his ollice.
iii Pp ol i!ol
: , ' . '
The uboo (ltiotntlou, in substanoe, has
'been put to thoOitn in the form of a ques
tion with roznrd to the official counsellor of
'the county, to-wlt, the District Attorney.
Tho Interrogation is based on tho faot that
tho tnx-puyers havo been not only paying
tho salary of &n attorney to protect their
Interests, but additionally, they have been
compcl'cd, by ordor of tho couit, io pay
largo lums to outsido attorneys, principally
for the prosecution of criminals, hich sums
It is claimed should i ot bo allowed, or If
allowed, should bo'pafel by tlio District
Attornoy out of his own salary.
The Orii has attempted to malte suoh ex
planatlon as would justify tho District
Attorney and satisfy tho tx-iaors that
the Democratic party, by its representatives
in ofHco, was living up to the pledge mad
during tho last campaign, to givo such an
' economical administration of public affairs
as would, as far as possible, alleviate the
burden of taxation, and glvo assurance of
-olEelal houes y in all brauohos of the county
i goerinnent. -.
In tho face of nil the efforts of tho Orb to
show good faith and duty on tho part of tho
District Attorney, we are continually bolng
reminded of the faot thut, among other
things, there wavirot ono single conviction
' secured at tho last term of the District Court
1y the unaided efforts of tho District Attor-
lioy ; in all cases hero ocousod porsous wore
'not prosecuted by other than tho District
Attorney, mid were sentenced" to punish
s incut. vieiecuo in which tho accused plead
It Is also poihted out that instead of ro-
"duoing the rajteof taxatlou it has been
'"jnateriilly inci eased; and while the.Omi has
attempted to show as much asv possible, tlut
career, other than dereliction on tho part of
tho District Attorney nre nccouutablo for
this fact, tho nnswer has invariably oeon to
the effect that if the District Attornoy .would,'
5 himself, perform tho duties of the office to
which ho' wai elootod, wl hout putting tho
-1 county to considerable additional expense in
pa iug others for doing it for him, it would,
"ft not materially lessen the tax rate, at least
show a desire on tho part of the District
Attorney to not inoreaso it.
Tho Oiui worked faithfully and sincerely
to aid in the election of Mr. Land, boltoving
v It was working for tho host Interest of tho
' count at largo; to havo it proved that all
our efforts In that direction wet e ns "love's
labor lost," Is, to sny tl.e least humiliating.
' Tho Onb is not disgruntled nor has it any
prhatou to grind; and all that it has said,
is spoken in a spirit of filondly counso ,and
- admonition. If thoDemooratlo narty is not
ablo to fulfill Its plcdgos, made, to tho voters
boforo olectlon, with regard to tho adminls-
1 trotlon of ofllco by its candidates, it were
better, before tho next comentlon of tho
party, to oiler the Inducement of faithful
support to somo good Democrat. Onpuble of
perfoimlng the duties of tho ollice, to make
his rcsldenco in our count sufficiently long
to qualify and becomo tho part 's candidato
for tho olllco of Disti lot Attorney next oar.
' This would bo 1 etter than that the tax
pa ers should sond their money out of the
county to scouro tho service they have a
right to expect fiom their duly elected
Tim Ouu roitorntes that it has tho kindest
' fcallngs tow nrd Mr Lund, and w ould rejoice
ti rco him acquit hlmsolfctodltabl ;butour
duty to tho tux-paers of Cochlso county is
still greater; ami wo would be doing less
-than our duty by them, if wo wore to keep
fclleut In tho face of repeated and apparently
well grounded complaint. Wo hopo this hint
will bo iccelvod lu tho sumo friendly splilt
It is offered .
Uoot hug been boIiik over tho
iui oi trooiwinp nvuJlnblo on tho PuolUo
f . . . -. . .
Const for rrupgoortntionof tioorn toMnnlln
. .. -. .. -.
th ,?'' '" "Jt antl -itloil that tho piiHjnt fleet 1m
VWllelont to tet tho twenty now roglmcuts
nil thoro hj ChrUtmun. It Is llkoly that ho
J III ni rui go t ( h.irtor u lilltlonul vessels.
Thk trial lrli of tho Vnltrd States torpedo
1 front Tulliot, wliioh la lielnir equipped with
' oil fuel fin uncus nt tho Noifolk mivy jnrd
f 'will iiil.o plnco short!). '-Tho Innovation Is
;l)tli tf clofloly ntchod l nauil officer', somo
flL ''n "I'Paioritly ijulto Eoeptlcnl of tho mio-
"W,"cess oi tho no fuol for war khl 8, though,
If succiH.ful. It uould ieolutlonlzo nuuil
"'" NKt.oatATloNS hotweou tho United States
ntitl CI nt Hi (tnlit i(i4.l ! li ln. .!
Hlluebth ciiAIdnkauiMCiiiialalmvoiiriio.
tloi.ll ln-c.i concluded, lloth countries mmlo
conievi'l ih, hut tho result of tho negotia
tions iiuikt ho accounted as ti lctory for
ScoieUiry Hay, slneo mokt of tho inutorinl
point i over which thoro w us a ditpute havo
been determined in our favor. Cauadu lier
elf Inn lioan htually Ijuored. Great
llrlt.iiu i,1iouh uj disposition to pounlt hor
American colony to cumo dUboiihlou t o
twoo'i tho tvo croat KiiIIbIi upeuUIni:
nations. I
orlmo over carried rnt In that Ktuto. Capital
punishment for hlnh ay "robbery Is usually j
suppo-od to prevail lu tho more sparsely
jpopulatcd nud'los'i well oidered cominuul-
tin itwi.n.1 a.,iii . .i "" ,"'
ties jt hcoiiis that they uto strict or about I
A .,,,.,.,...... i I. ..i.......
thco things lu VlrRlnla than thoj are lu tho
wlldwost. If capital piiuUliinont'wuJ ctor
justlHub'o It Is im ti punishment for tho
crrnuio t nil n robbery, lu which tho acts or
ImmlliB orten luipolll tho live of hundreds
ot peopln. Tho penalty khould Lo strictly
entotrcd an.l (piloklyn.irjlo.l out.
Bishee piomifts to out rival Butte in
tho production of copper, within a few
National politics are already warm
inn up, and largo dailies are beginning
to boom the presidential candidates.
On account oi tho heay shipment of cattle
to Cuba, beef is becoming scarce in somo
portions of Mexloo. An export duty is to
to be placed on cattle to pi event such heavy
Cochise county is now J enjoying a
mining prosperity that ehe baa never
before experienced, and during the next
year it will for surpass what it now is,
in the lino of mining. v
IfoII of tho rnilroadB aie built that
have filed articles with the secretary of
the territory, Arizona will be well in
terwoven with steel lails and the echoes
of her hills will reBound on all sides
to the wistle of the Eteam hoise.
Now is an excellent time for President
Loubet of Frauce lo get to the front with
a 'solution oi the Dreyfus problem. A
fulfand complete pardon for the prisoner1
would fill a long-felt want, and would
probably save a heap of trouble in the
Likutkxast Pkary'b latest "daeh for
the pole" accomplished little beyond the
loss of seven toes, sustained by the lieu
te'nant himself. Peary, however, shows
a disposition to saciifke the other three
in .another effort to leach tho mysterious
regions of the Arctic.
The Solmonville Bulletin aska this
question of Smith, Brethitt.Cox.Elling
wood and, Wilson: "Are you going to
be candidates for delegate to congress
next year?" "We think the Bulletin a
little bit previous; time alone can tell
who the democratic racers will be. Per
haps there will be some dark horses
The Oiih oldce is in receipt ot Vol. 1,
No. 1 of the Arizona Graphic, published
at Phoenix by Paul Hull. The mission
of the paper is to advertise the resources
of Arizona by description and illustra
tion. A paper '0"f this kind has long
been needed in the territory and we are
under the impreesion that tho Graphic
can fill the field. The proptietor has
our best wishes for success.
American capitalists are Btill acquir
ing new mining interests in Mexico.
They continue buying silver mines just
as if the metal had a real commercial
value without the election of demagogue
Bryan and the introduction of his absurd
and disltpnest silver coinase schemes inr
htothe financial system of f the United
States. Silver has commercial uses
which will extend and which are per
manent, so that there is no danger of
the metal becoming less ptecious than
it is now.
The celebration in Miouor of Mexican
independence was most fittingly ob-eerved-in
our city, by thecitizensof that
republic. A parade was formed on Sat
urday afternoon, consisting of floats,
representing battleships, the band,
email boys in uniforms represortiim the
etateB, besides their order? and citizens
on horsebick and in carriages. Exer
cises weie held in the Opera House in
the atternoon and at night a giand bill
was given, which was largely attended.
National salutes were fired at sunrise,
noon and sunset; and, on the whole, the
affair was ono of which the committee
in charge may well feel proud.
Quite a romance is liable to result out
of the recent affair which occurred at
Naco last week. In the article which
appeared in tho San Francisco Examiner
of Tuesday, the 12th, containing an ac
count of the killing of Clayton and the
killing and wounding of tho Mexican
guards, thero also appeared the name of
a wen Known cowuoy. imagine ins
surprise a few das since to roceivo ri
!....- :., t :..:..,.. ...!...!.. r ..,.,
i icnoi in luiiiiiiuio muium urn; miu junv
marked San Frnncis-co. '1 he letter was
well written and asked his forgiveness ,
! for having taken the liberty of writing !
i to him. but as eho had alwavs admired
I-----. - -...--
the Hestern cowboy, and as ho was per ,!ral hundied thousand dollars havo
idol, fiho hoped it would be overlooked. ( already been advanced for the develop-
Tho letter has alieady been answeied, pientof the mines.
innd when the young man pops to San ( AYhile in Denver, Mr. Shirley oideied
I Francisco this winter ho will hunt the the machinery .for a 20i)-ton smelting
young lady up. i plant. An electric light plant, saw mill
I ' l and all the paiaplianalia of a first class
In the United States seriate ono man mining camp will be pnt in as bortn as
on each side, a democrat and a republi j men and money cm do it. The inachin
can, is selected by his party associates eiy is now on route to the mines,
to arrange pairs. Whenever tho roll is Mr. Shirley was itu:jnip,iniQ.l to Alex
I to be called on any pnrty quif-tion tho
aheent Democats nro paired against the ,
absent republicans, and in cbeo more
1 .
f " Party thnn o! tho 0tl,or 1,,,p)en
to no out of tho ciiiuber enough ot
tliopowhoare pi esent refrain fiom vot-
ing td fill out tho necessary pairs'. Sen
ator Pasco, of Florida, has of lute years
represented tho democrats in thoso ar-
rangoments. Ho so ofton had to piir bee. Mi. hhirh-y's peoplu urn ibtiriug
himtelf to make things como out riflrt. I on I uilding a rnilioad fimn tin- unrip to
that itiised to be eaid that he never cast I'tmnect with the nmd luuuirrg lo Unity
n direct vote. This was nir oxaggera- mas or wiijitbo iiisbio load if it is e.
tion. Sometimes ho voted, but innroj tended into Mexico. Thev prefur the
otte whe ,ii8 ,a,nu h :o9
8ny-: "M" President, 1 am palled
with tho senator from Dash. If he were
preeont he would votoave, nnd I thould
. ,, ., , ., . .
voto nay," tho last par tof he statement
' . '
varying, oi com so to suit circumstances
WANTED A woman to do house
workund lu'hteookin,:. For pirllculars
apply tj C. A. Fernando, not later than
S p. in., Central Lodging Inline. Mli-tf
Benson, Sept. 14th, 1899.
To the BisnKE Orb :
Please permit us to correct a mis
statement relative to our school which
appeared in your paper of Went date.
You say, "It appears froin an editorial
in tho Breeze that the scho'ol trustees in
our neighboring town havoemploved a
gentleman to teach the school in that
place who is afllicted with tuberculosis,
at least one physician has to certified,
etc." All of which is not true, and
does a great injustice to our school,
which we claim is equal to any in the
county. Professor Kirech was principal
of our school last year and gave general
satisfaction. No one denied but he
taught the best school we have had for
vears. Last year tho trustees did not
requite the teachers to file a certificate
of health with their applications and
there-was no scarecrow "tubeiculosis"
made his appearance, notwithstanding
we had tho Bame teacher last year as
this. This year the trustees' did make
an order that all applicants must file
with them a certificate of health from a
practising physician beforo their appli
cations would bo considered. Professor
KirBch Underwent a thorough examina
tion by Dr. I. H. Walkins, a practising
physician of this place and who is em
ployed, by the Southern Pacific Railway
company as their physician and surgeon.
Dr. Watkins gave a certificate that
Professor Kirsch was in no way physi
cally incapicitted to perform the duties
of a school teacher, which was filed with
his application and we employed him as
principal of our school. There has been
no phvsician certified to the contrary;
Profeesor Kirsch has not been examined
by anv other physician, tfhich fact the
editor of the Bieeze is well awate of,
and if he wished to do justice by the
school, as well as Professor Kirech, he
would have corrected your airicle in
place of reprinting it in the Bieeze.
Every one m Benson knows there is no
truth in the item, consequently it does
no harm in our town ; but iwe are sorry
to say tho papers from our neighboring
towns copv from the Breeze, which has
the suppoit of a very small portion of
our town, and in towns wfiare they do
not know the facte, is where our school
gets the black eye. Through the influ
ence cf the Breeze there was a petition
circulated in town asking that Professor
Kirsch submit to another examination
by what they teimed a reputable physi
cian. The town was thoioughly can
vassed and they succeeded in getting
four families n ho have school children
to sign their petition, and one of tho
four has moved heie from Kansas with
in the last three weeks. J
We atk yon to publish Hheatxvye in
fairness to all, not that we Inwe any
fight to make on tne Bieeze, but simply
to correct a misstatement wjiich ap
peared in your columns as comiiig from
the Bieeze. We,astrustees,claira to havo
done our whole duty in selecting teach
ers for our school, and we aie encouraged
to see that we have the support of the
whole town, except peihaps the Breeze
and one or two whom he influences.
We wish to say in conclusion that our
school opened on Monday, September
11, and all the pupils in Benson are
attending except one boy, L. W. Cooley's
son, who is taking private lessons from
the editor of tho Breeze.
H. W. Etz, ) TrilRtpPB
W. H. SKiNNEit.f ' lrU8tee8-
The Cananea Properties.
James Shiiley, the tireless mining en
terprise pioinotei, is atiain in Prescott,
after a business ttip ranging from New
Yoik City to Mexico. As usual, his
labors have not been without tangible
lesnlts. In fact, from information gath-
pit'il l,v flin roniirrpr. Mr. KliirlriV linn
, this time succeeded in placing on foot a ,
very considerable enterprise looking to
the development and working of a most
valnnble mining proerty in the state of
' ,. .. , , .
coiiora, niexrco. up naB Biicceeneu in
interesting Now Yoik capitalists in the
Pur-nnni's mining properties, which lie
in the Cananea mountains, and adiacent
in ilw Pnli.n fJr.n.t,. nrnnriiiii
,.v..wwv - .. -w. ...wr..w.
ico by n technical engineer of Fraser &
Chalmers, and while thero located the
emelter site, started tho suiveying for
roads and put men to wmk constructing
roads anil excavating for tho tnrelter
foundation. A telephone line will ho
tonsil iictul from the camp to Nac, on
the bolder, and the prctieut tei munis of
the lailiond wiiieh i una south from His-
hitter cotnuctiou. lu
(.oiiEcnufiice mi
the stai ting up of tl.ctc mines, both tho
Ameiicaii and Mexican custom houses
will locate pennr.iicntly at Naco, which
will ba u great advantage to Mr. Shirley
and his people in the matter of tho
shipment of rnacliim-iy.
James shirley and his friend, William
Vanderbilt, of Piescott, retain one-quarter
interest in tliCBJ mines. Prescott
Copper King News.
The following article appeat s in the
Copper Situation, published in New
York City:
Mr. Stephen J. Whelan, lato superin
tendent of the New York Iron Works,
has been appointed supeiinten lent of
the copper Kingof Aiizona Minion com
pany, and Iiub taken charge of its prop
erties, making his he.ulquarteis at its
Barrett mine. Mr. Whelan is a man
well qualified lor his new position. He
has been making a study of mines and
mining for some time. He conies of a
family of mechanical engineers. His
father is now the superintendent ot the
Atlantic Iron Woiksof Boston, where
he has been in charge for many years.
The new CoppenKing supeiintendent
has been superintendent ef the famous
Union Iron Works of San Francisco,
which built the engines of the United
States battleship Oregon, whose per
formance in steaming from San Fran
cisco to the coast of Cuba, during our
late war with Spain, has never been
equaled. He was also assistant super
intendent of the D. M. Nichols & Co.
Works and of the Atlantic lion Works
of Boston. Though never directly in
the employ of the United States govern
ment he has done a large amount oi
work for it which has been commended
in the heartiest manner by the officers
who have had it in charge. He can be
depended upon to develop the Barrett
mines of the Copper Kin,; of Arizona in
the ablest possible manner, and also
their properties at Bisbee and Solomon
The Copper King of Arizona Min
ing company, has purchased of the
El Paso Foundry and Machine company
a fine new extra steam engine for use at
its Barrett mines. It has made a con
tract with the Colorado Iron and Fuel
company for a six months' supply of
coke for its smelter at Barrett, which is
now being delivered, and it has pur
chased from tiie Pacific Tank company
two large 6toiage tanks, having a
capacity of 30,000 gallons of water, for
In a very short time now it will
begin smelting copper, and very 60on it
will not only be earning its opeiating
expenses with its Barrett mines, but it
soon thereafter will be a dividend
earner and able to develop its Bisbee
and Solomon Springs mines also. Its
futuie is bright with hope, and before
another year rolU by-the Copper King
of Arizona Muring company will take
its place among tho great money-earning
copper companies of Arizona.
Benson Notes.
Miss Fannie Armitage pjid Benson a
flying ?iBit on Monday rjiforning. She
reports all well at Contention.
Our genial tonsorial artist, Mr. Zeek,
waB a visitor to St. David last Sunday
evening, incidentally calling at the Ash
burn ranch.
The Bisbki: Oiur is taking a firm hold
upon the affections of our citizens, its
columns are read with interest. Long
may it expand.
Mr. Ashburn and family are recent
arrivals from Kansas. The gentleman
is a brother to Oscar Ashburn, the well
known cattleman.
The work of boiing for artesian water
is going on and some of oui sanguine
citizens are taking up government land
in anticipation of success.
Four carloads of patriotic soldier boys
passed through our town since Saturday
morning; they were on their way to the
seat of war. God bless them all.
The very eligible corner store, form
erly occupied by Mr. Castenada and re
cently purchaed by Mr. Dibble, stands
dismantled, preparatory to rebuilding.
Morning and evening service was held
in the Methodist church last Sunday,
pHV. r. Uoherts. nflicintim?. This con-
dudes the pa.tor'a labors for the confer-
;unco year.
, ,. ,., u,,i., i. .. ..., ,..,,. i,
i"'ao HJ """"' "" """ v" ""
the Huacliuc.i Siding school. We con
gratulate tho district and the children in
particular. A good conscientious teach
er is to be puzed in any community. j
Norman ltoboi ts left for Tucson Sep
tember 18, where he is to attend tho
Territorial University. Owing to his
sterling Qualities -nrd manly character,
his many fi iends predict for him a bt ight
futuie; his foimer schoolmates astern
bled at his home Saturday evening and ,
gave him a suipiiM'
The young peoplo i li
enj)jed thernr-elves.
A Mbit to our public school is a suffi
cient unarauti'O no to its effectiveness.
The choice of the trustees is indorsed by
tho community, with tho exception of a
few unimportant objectors. The indi
vidual seats introduced aro a bom to
tne Echolurp, as they can readily be
raised or lowered to suit the individual.
Also a case of line relief tuaps is on ex
hibition and for use. The advanced
scholars aro under the watchful eve of
I'lofetaor Krieli, while the primary do
'ptttlment has tliu advantage of the ox
peiience and ability of Miss Minion.
Kev. Piitchard yesteiday received a
letter fiom a woman, Mis. Collui", ho
is confined in the Uermisillo Jul on a
chiiige of mindering a Mexican who,
she claims, entered her houso and tried
to usoiiult her. Sue relates a pitiful
tale, but it does trot correspond with
the one fiom Heimbillo published in
tho Sunday Los Angeles Times. Tlie
latter is wiittcu by a man named Allen,
a correspondent of the Times, and id
undoubtcdfiil a correct version of the
affair. i
in in
ill Ml!,
Capital Stock
In 5,000,000 One
Fully paid up aud forever non -
personal, liability
E. D. Collins, .
C. A. Overiock, President,
Asa Barnary, Treasurer,
Consolidated National Bank, Tucson, Arizona.
A limited number of shares are now being offered for sale atTlO cents per
share. Applications may be made at "any time to the Secretary, and rro applica
tion for lebs than 100 shares will bo accepted, the Company reeerving the right
at any time to advance the price of stock without notice.
K """
Ageut'for Auheuiser Brewing Association,
Wholesale and Retail. -
Experienced Mixolo
gists. Well furnished Club
Rooms' for the use
of Patrons. J
, In
McKay & Fiulayson, Props.
Situated in
) Wallace
Office $
O000VmKC frfrfcfrfr CAlO0tf frftfrCOOSOTg 0OOC440O0
J. E. BROWN, Prop.
Carries the famous
Sills "Velvet "WTa-isIcesr
International and Sun Spot Cias
t ft
Wall Paper,
News Depot,
""ESY eJ n'ifb tiHt i
fttji nil va? iy.-cyj. kim.' uluJ
i LCfS Kftl
Houses looki d aftir m the nl rotue of the tenants. Hents v
collected, lein s ieani.al.ii'. Wnow bine the follow-
ing bargau s to offer for cufIi ; don't dMav it vou want to - . T
buyor sonic- out- elFPwill irei in nhe.id of von: - '
A four-room funiihed hoin-e. centialh located. '"
Two two-roomed houses, right in tow ii.
One two-roomed lionise in Urewery gulch, ncai oU guueyard; furrrishdl
otherwise. '
'uilding lots, already graded, $23. CO, up, in Bieei v gulch. ' ?t
One lot, Chihuahua hill, graded i.nd fniicea; 37x100 feet ifOO.
Ono hoiifcnndlot, ltrewerj Oulch. Gooti location, near wagon road.
A four-room houto, large yard, chicken rind out houses, together with oka
room adobe $400.
ill IliWli lift Ol
Dollar Shares.
assessable and carrying no
to the holder.
Asa Barnahy,
A. H. Campbell,
C. E. Ccmmi.ngs, Vice-President and Secretary,
Edward D. CoLLiNsJGeneral Manager
fi . -i"
i i Hi
New and Elegant Quarters
. in
es,Dquors and Cigars.
East Entrance.
HOWE,, Proir:
ff M (B illil:
'csw -
HTSiffl llffpp
i f
V i.ii. . 1
'u y

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