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Town Tattle
0t vor pictures iramedatB. P. Gra
Idr. Ragsdale, the hoodoo, has gone
'at of business.
Coffee like 'your mother used to make
(4t the Can Can.
rBedtounees and coucltes made to order
Vt U. F. Graham's.
Quite a number of strangers were
vtgolng'patsengers this morning;
t Fob Salb Furniture for a three room
'bouse. A bargain. Apply nt this
'See. Ju5-tf
'FrdeiCiou8 ico cream and enka co to
iUw Burrs, Wallace building AlO-tf
W, C. Greene and Georgo Mitchell
' 'arrived on tho afternoon tinin ftom
- 9t0BIX.
tpUrantee all'my suits or pantB to fit
Wnoeale. Harris, the Tailor. tf
AJ1 kinds of upholstering and icjmir-
W dost at B. F. Graham's. t
AIUs Jane Critchley went over to
(Tombstone this morning to visit her
'toter, Mrs. Esther llafferty.
If you want a new hat, neatly trimmed
te wit your tasto, leave your order at
Mrs. Be'wett's. JCtf
'Call at "Tho Owl" lunch counter, in
'front of tho Turf saloon, snndwitches,
atewa,etc jl2.tt
, 'Rev. David Roberts wont down to
'Benson this morning, and will hold di-
Tine services at that place tomorrow.
Latest styles in millinery goods ut
'Mrs fclewett's. JO-tf
You can trade your old furniture or
1 lUvM'for new at,B. F. Graham's.
'For tin roofing and guttering, go to
v'JeMph Schwartz, Now is the time be
'or therainey season. A. 14 tf.
Services at the Union church tomor
row as usual, Sunday school at 10:30 a.
'as. and preaching in tho evening, by
the pastor, Rev. Pritchard.
For Sale Two thousand shares of
South Bisbee stock. Apply at thW of
4 Ice. Jul3-lw
Vluxlgingu and board for two single
'etleinen can bo had by applying at
-th Out ottice. Location good.
Uudge Robinson and wife expect tore
'tarn to Tombstone tomorrow morning,
feut business may detain the Judge here
' m day or two longer.
If you want a cool, refreshing drink
'Call at trje ico cream parlor uud get u
drink of Coca Cola, lteusus heurlache
ad cures the blues.
For bath tuba, sines und plumbing
' go to Joeepu Schwartz. A. 14 tf
Y. It. Martin, of Silver City, Now
'Mexico, John McKinnon, of Tucson,
and Albert Rossiter, of Bak'crsQeld,
California, are registered at the Noiton.
For home-made cantines, call on
Joseph Schwartz. l'atiouizo homo in
'd8trv. , A. 14 tf.
' The rainy season oppears to have ar-
rtyeuj'tftid, it- behooves our people to
Solace their back yards in condition to
iteeeiye all the benctitB of a thorough
hashing off. t ,
, ,. Lost. A pair of spectacles, ou Main
jtUrfeet; plain rims. The Under will be
lewarded by taking same to Burr's ice
Cream parlor.
Do Witt's Little- Early Risers benefit
.pttrniuneutly. They lend gentle assist
ance to nature, causing no pains or
weakness, permanently curing conatfpu-
iieaaud liver ailments. Copper Queen
""Wining Co.
Grade Downs, one of tho soiled doves
' - Upper Brewery gulch, had a hearing
l before Judge Scrimsher yesterday after-
koo& ou a charge of burglary, but for
the lack of testimony to clinch the
Jxhargu, the case was dismissed. .
';JftaC received, a ulcer line in dinner
Kts in decorated china ware, at 1). F.
'braham's. t
TftiA Pnnnaii Dllonn ntnnlA timri tnVnn
AU Wf'V. VtMVf.. V,'IV ...YV WVbll
out one of the old furnaces, which has
teen in operation fur over threo years,
.and aio erecting a new onoin its stead,
Which will be ro idy for use tomorrow.
'''Suits cleaned at $2 o.t shoit notice at
'Harris tho Tailor. tf.
" , gnperlnt indent Ben Williams, a;corc-
I'pariied by Prof. Ricketts, arrho.tfrom
Nacosari today. He reports everything
tooving on sraoothely at the company't
woks in that camp.
. t Fresh Phoenix cream for salo at the
Burrs, Wallace building. A-Otfl
'heie will bu Sabbath school ut the
'kail over the opera house tomorrow
asornk'ig at 10 o'clock. The pastor hav-
, 'Issgono to B mo.:, wo aro unable to
state whsthei'R v. Chase will pieach in
'tfee evcniHg or not.
v''' JL hew line of fancy, French and do
asestic pants patterns at Harris, the
Tailor's. t
1 " T"ho South Biabce people aro pushing
i "'development work as rapidly us possible
And although nothing has been said
-pbotit it, 't has leaked out that theii
propel ties never looked better or more
..(promising than at present.
,5?lM'f.e. was apparently u, very heavy
'raia on tho 'south siJo of tho Mule
dtoattntains last night after midnight.
TWL. ..i... nnnlil lift li. irfl vnvir lfa.
;ytictv ii town and sounded like the
nMng of many waters, quite familiar
lstb experienced liiabeecar.
Wood for sale $7.50 per cord by Jul
ian Cardenis,0. K. street. jI0-tf
Prescott isto have a now postollico
this month. '
Donttea iMinienes, "was up beforo
Judge Scrimsher lust night on a
charge of drunk and disorderly conduct
and was fined $12, and now languishes
in Del Lewis' boarding house.
For cold air flues, joof plates and
gutteiing, call onC. A. Newman, mlOtf
Thoie is a rumor that Cubro Grando
mines, in the Cunane.is, Moxico, will
soon change hands. Tho names of the
parties into whoso hands this valuable
mining property will come, aro not
given, but they aio said to bo wealthy
New Yoik people.
For Rent Thioo good, largo adobe
rooms in fine condition. Furnished.
On school house hill. Apply at Onn of
fico. Tho Cochiao Mining company is now
down to a depth of 820 feut in its No. 1
shaft, and have stalled to drift at the
300-foot level. Superintendent Muhcim
ropoits excollont piospects and indica
tions improving as development work
For galvanized iron tanks and cau
toenb of all sizes go to C. A. Newman, t
Mr. and Mrs. B. Laekamp, Elston,
Mo., writes: "Ono Minuto Cough Cure
Baved the lifo of our little boy when
nearly dead with crfcup.". CopperH
Queen Mining Co.
Tho Easter Sunday Gold Mining Co.
is pushing work on its claims in
tho vicinity of Solomon Springe, and aro
taking out a good quality of gold ore,
which averages about $175 per ton. .A
car load of this oro is now sacked and
will be shipped to the smelters for treat
ment in a few days.
Thomas Rhoads, CeDtorfield, O.,
writes: "I suffered fioin piles seven or
eight years. No remedy gave me relief
until Do Witt's Witch Hazel Salve, less
than a box of which permanently cured
mo." Soothing, healiug, perfectly
harmless. Beware of counterfeits.
Copper Queen Mining Co.
Work on tho new school building is
going forward as rapidly as possible, the
carpenters having the frame work very
nearly comploted. When this is done
an outside wall of brick will be built
around the entire upper story, which
will make our public school building a
very substantial building indeed.
W. W. Yandorbilt and Rev. Albert
Queto, of Prescour, and Benjamin Oino
and James Shirley, of New York, ar-
nveu in msueo tlio day bjfote yester
day and loft yesterday for the Can.tneas
nheio they aro interested with W. C.
Greene in tho Cobra Giando mine.
They will loturii Monuay next and
while here may bo Eeen at the Norton
House whtio they havo rooms.
Gun-shot wounds and powder-burns,
cuts, bruises, sprains, wounds from
rusty nails, inbcot stings and ivy poison
ing, quickly healed by De Witt's
Witch Hazel Salve. Positively pievonts
blcod poisoning. Beware of countei
llets. "Do "Witt's" is safu and bum:.
Copper Queen Mining Co.
A good story is told of ono of Bisbee's
business men, who has had some
trouble in making. collections of late
and yesterday, driven to desperation
from worry and failure in this lino of
his business, ho went into Judge Wil
liams' olfico and applied for a writ of
garnishment, lemarking that ono of his
customers from whom ho could not col
lect, had nothing visible upon wich ho
could levy except a iino set of false
teeth, and these he wished to attach.
Tho desired paper, howovor, was not
issued, but a roaring laugh was enjoyed
all tho same, and tho cuitpmer still has
her teeth.
Dyspepsia can bo cured by usIrr
Ackoi's liyppepsia Tablets. One little
Tablet will givo immed.ato icliof or
money refunded. Subl in handsome
tin boxes at 2o cts. Sold by J. S.
Williams & Co.
Thellisbeo base ball team, consisting
of W. II. Broomo, Miko Delanev. Jack
Walters, Charles Donovan, Jack Still
man, S lines Munch, A. W. How'o and
Fairbank by John Twomey and at Bon-1
son bv Mr. Ar.i strong, which additions
will coinuloto tho peieonnol or tho Bib
bee team. Wo hope t bo able to thiow
our hat hid in tho air ami ahou, or
tho victorious Uiebej lo.i, but fear tho
failure 01 their part U kjap up their
prac ice buio at homo will bo the means
of depriving us of ,that pleusuro, still
tho team 1ms our best wishes (or success.
A Night Of Terror.
"Awful anxiety was felt for tho wid
ow of the brave General Burnlmm of
Machia, Mu., when the doctois fuid
tho could not live till moi ninj;" wutew
iMrw. B. II. Lincoln, who attended hui
that fearful niuht. "All thought the
must soon die from 1'neumonin, but she ' a atatuto of the btnlo of J.Ia.no. The
bogged for Dr. Kiius New Discovery, I onl' eo"M""y the world doing bttsi
Baying it had more than ouco eaved her 11C8S um,ul uuc!l n '1 pioviaion. It
life, and had cuied her of Consumption im's ,upr(i loportioimtoly to living pol
After three email doses she slept easily , i:v ' in settlement of policies
all night, and its further use completely
cured bor." This maivelouH mcdiclnu
ij Kuarantued locate nil Throat, Chest
and Lung Diseases. Only 50c and $1.00.
Trial bottles frco at tho I) is boo Drug
titore and Copper Queen Co.
John Tracy returned from the Ilua
chuna mountains yesterday where ha
went to take Sam Spalding and family
who areont jiicnicing. Mr. Gray Biys
the country' between the Mule moun
tains and the Huuchuca's is looking
splendid, tho grass is starting up line
and is thick on the giound. Stock is
in lino condition. In the mountains
vegetation is rank and tho tree folugo
beautiful. Ho reports door and wild
tin key plentiful and all kinds of small
gamo in abundance. Thcio is also sonic
uuar, as no was mane p.untuuy aware
late Thursday night when ho was
awakened from his slumbers by the
tramp, tramp of biuin around the cabin
in which ho was sleeping, but as ho had
lost ho bear the monarch of tho moun
tains was allowed to proceed on his
woy lejoicing, withoti' dibtui banco
from Mr. Tracy. A social danco was
enjoyed at the school house in C.u's
canyon lnursu.iy evening uy t no ics
id tints and a number of ladies and gen
tlemen who aio lustic.itiug in thai
neighborhood. Mr. Tracy says it is
simply lovely in tho mountains and
that theio aro a number of people from
Bisbee and other localities spending the
summer vacation there.
i Played Out.
Dull headache, pains in vari oua par
of the boJy, sinking at tho pit of the.
stomach, loss ef appetite, feVerishnoss,
pimple3oreore3aroall positive evidence
of imntiro blood. No matter how it be
como so it must be purified in order to
obtain good health. Acker's Blood
Elexir lias never failed to cure Scroti
ulou8 or Syphilitic poisons or any other
blood diseases. It is certainly a wonder
ful remedy and we sell every bottle on
a positive guaranteo. Sold by J. S.
Williams & Co.
If Children were Taught
in school that good health is
impossible with bad teeth there would
be fewer toothaches, fewer sick people
and fewer large dental bills. Every
thing has a beginning. You havo the
choico of utton ling to your teeth v hen
theio is not much to bo done, or you
can put it off until there will have to be
j u gieat deal done. It's the falsest econo-
my to procrastinate. The present is
the time to act.
Dk. W. K. CHAAinr.its,
Chi&hohn Building.
N. Assgiwis, Prop
Cigaio, and Tobacco. A full assoitmcnt
of Candies, Fruits and Nutu.
Cor. O. K. &. Railroad Ave,
Strum Hou
P2r;4--Class Koa'rd
Day, Week or Moiirrvr
Mii8. A. W. Stiibjim, Proprietor.
THE . Sf .
Horses boarded by the
day, week or month. Rigs
furnished on short notice.
hoksrs taki:n cake ok at hatks to
6u1t this times.
Horses Bought and Sold
E. E Ci3lA2SAr.lI & CO., Prop
(i.n'cokpoi:ati:i) IS-iS.)
After Ujf.iiH extended iuMiu.uiuo te
emed automaticilly by tlmopjintion ol
than any other company. It's
ranto isyiltcdo in everv way.
G llj Awajib, N. W. Chahi:,
Manager, Resident Agout,
Phoenix, Biobee, Arlzomu
l'OUN D-.V eJirolt for St'3 on Tutnrn Count j I
lluifck, 'filiate, O.illtornui, ilrnw u in finur of
Sun l'ratielseo lliri.- Owiwr run havo miiiiio ,
by provintr propertj ami pioliu; for this
notice. J1J!tf !
WANTKU A t'ooit copper in ojtcity, or'
group of claims. Send full docrlptlosi of!
pioperty, location, illstniuo from railroad,'
water, f Hoi, clu Hond baiiiplo of oro ly uvul
or oxDius!, prepaid. Acliliesi, HOBUltl'
rtUKNHAM. 121 Camp ft, Providence. 11. I.
rOU SAI.R Ono nu'ilhliii lieavj sat double
harness complete. uUti one heay rot chain
li.-.rnoss ultliout col'ars. llotli sots hao
bi eei'lilnir anil In first clns-. f.hapo. Applj to j
the OKI Reliable Transfer. J5tf
IfOIt SAI.K The O K llarnoss Shop biisl-U0-.S,
ttoolt i.ml llxtm es. Will ro. t rooiii for
sa.-no. Applj to 11. 1 Graham & Co. Jlltf
FOUND A luily's black capo with fur
triininlnss. Ortnar cm lmionunio bj culliiiir
at thUotlicu und paying Un' thU notice.
lVUl KENT -Four lurnUhuil iooiiu, bath
loomii connection without otra charge.
Applj to S. K. William. JJ7-tf
The Cochise Copper Mining Company,
Bisbee, Arlzoua.
This company owns a very valuable
group of mines situated, in Warren
mining district, county of Cochiso,
Aiizona, lying immediately east of and
adjoining the town of Bisbee, and ad
joining the properly of the Copper
Queen Consolidated Mining company
on the north. The latter company has
been in operation for about twenty
years, and employs about 1,500 men
daily in the operation of its mammoth
mine and smelters, and as a Jesuit
has produced copper to over 34,000,000
pounds during the year 1898, and the,
net proceeds of such production are
reported to have been over $2,000,000,
and It has been said by experienced
miners who have been under its em
ploy for years, that the Queen mine
now has sufficient ore in sight to keep
it in constant operation for the
next twenty years without furthei da
velopaneut Is it not reasonable to believe that
the property of the Cochise company Is
fully as valuable, when it i3 within
such clofcc proximity to such a won
derful mine?
The blasts set off in the underground
workings of the Queen property can
easily be felt and heard at the shaft of
our mine, and oftlmes tho concussion
has attracted marked attention.
The original owners of these valu
able mines are local business men, well
and favorably known in Bisbee and
surrounding vicinity, who are doing
their utmost to make thi3 enterprise a
success in every respect. The board of
directors are original owners, and aio
donating tiheir services to the com
pany until such time as the mine -will
ray dividends. They own the con
trolling interest in this property, and
as a protection to stockholders have
placed their entire interest iv. escrow
for a term of one year.
The stock books of our company are
now open for subscriptions, and a lim
ited number of shares are olfered at
ten cents per share. No application
for les3 than 100 shares will be ac
cepted. The company reserve tho right at
any time to advjince the price of shares
without further notice, or to reject any
application for stock at their discre
tion. Every cent received from the sale of
stock "will be axpended toward the de
velopment ot our property and the
erection of hoisting works, and all
other necessary improvements, and to
make our enterprise a success in every
We Invite investigators and their
experts or their engineers to closely
scrutinize our prcpci ty.
Applications for shares may be made
to any of the directors of the com
pany, or to any of our legally author
ized representntivta.
J. MUHEIM, Supt. & Treas.
G. W. HILL, Vicc-Prcs.
Bisbee, Arizona.
Whcdc&nio asi.I Kot.vll Dealor in
?-? n
rav i
rz k
Liquors. Mi mi cud loiws.
AWY'rniNQ ?.
I-or instance, to j
buy, sell or rent
proper ty, real or
i personal r it so, i
advertise in i
Jersey Dairy,
A. V. STRUHM, Pro.i.
Purc; Vvss Milk Delivered
All Parts of the City IHvcry
IN I.ARO: on
The Only Daiiv in Ilislieo Ilavin
Ulooded Cows.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Leave orders nt tho Stiuuun boaidint;
h6use or Uus olllcu.
0,000 yards of finest
color, 15 yards at 23 i3i
For 10 Oa3's only, begin
7th. Send early and gel
-A. 3
i'iu vJii.o
The Home Baker?
J. A. S. MILLER, Prop.
Is now open for business in the Duffy building,
Brewery Gulch, and is now read' to furnish patroiR
with the best of ' ,f.
Fresh Bread Cakes aiid Pies'
At ed-Rock Prices.
He will also continue business for a
stand, O. K. Stieet, next to the Orb office.
VjW Kg H Ha ftfk
That all
buy their
Overlock &
Union Harked-.
.Wstt:ri$frfrM -
lu d Ci DM U ij
Keeps on hand a large assortment of
full line of the leading Patent Medicines, No
tions, Toilet Articles and Perfumes. Physicians Prescrip
tions Carefully and accurately Compounded.
Also a well selected btock of tlve bafll
Call audf-co us. I
3T. S. XATillie.aaQ.s cSo Co.
Leaves Bisbee at 9 n. nj. eve "y
Arnvo-j iR Nhud .it 1 1 a. m.
Lenvep Naco at ." p. in.
A i rives ut llifibee at 5 p. m.
Olllco at Hoodoo !?tori', Main
, ,
boois, snocs oiifl Gent's Furnishings Goods
X Upjmlrhu: Kcatb Uono
DiaI mid Pinn Ctnra
OUU W 0 UG 01)5'
;; yd
" ?r
'v, ;.,
Sythles & C
1 8th St- r
.QECD. U1UNN, Proprietor
at the
of the best people of Bisbee
Meal and Breads of . . I
l.'iriSPCNSABLt: TO MlNIHC Meh. I.
t,A.PvL co'iri nit.
www, mw m ris riFic, pssss
mo Market St., San Fnvr'cjsco. Cai.
Attention, Smokers!
.When on wiiit n i.-oimlno
Mvicati CiKfar
nml n EOOilsinoUn.cull for the
X.aH lOos Nacicncs,"
JMnik'lii M(u-rnk-,s. Tw sulo w oo tt
S j
! , '
i, viS
.AJ Win?,S
.:. mxs&
$& &M

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