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The Arizona daily orb. (Bisbee, Ariz.) 1898-1900, August 10, 1899, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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v h; oooooacU
s- liwil II rl (llimmAt-
WE must have room
! i Stock, aud in order to do
: ; of the greatest clearing sales ever .recorded in uns
Xadies' white underskirts at
I cost from (v)c up.
,$ 'Ladies' crash ski its fiom,
Ladies' aud Children's colortflliose, the lopsy brana,
worth 35c and 25c cut to 15c.
Men's Tan shoes regular price $2.50, cut to. $1.50,.
Boy's -colored shoes, sizes &o 5, regular price 4x2.50
cut to jsV.dC
I .E'oy,s Tennis shoes, rubber
J Ail tie Balance of OUR Ms CUT 111 rraplii. -
If you want to save money on your purchases,
I this is positively the grandest opportunity ever
I offered.
Lots lor Sale at Naco, Ariz.
" Title Guaranteed, Prices Reasonable.
Apply in, Person or by Letter
Pli Liven. M i
Finest Turnout
Horses boarded by the week, day or month. Horses
oought and sold, - Complete hack service. Hacks will
meet all trains. Good service. ....
Upper Main St. - JSisbce, Arizona
Bisbee Transfer -Company,
Freight. Baggage and Express Delivered to any vart
of the City.
Prompt Service aaid $)isik; Delivery.
Mining properties placed im commission. Mines examined
and reported on. Corroopondence .bolicited. All work
promptly attended to.
N. P. Y00D, 144 Pennington Street, Tucson, Arizona.
burn 1 1 ' V Wti !, ln. r , ( !o.
KENNEY l$(03,
i'Fresk Beef, Mutton, Porh, Veal, Saus
mges, ete. Choice Cats' of Meats
'' Only, Fresh 'Bread Daily.
Goods Delivered Free to
Hcr Main
- James F,
'United States JDeputy Mineral
"OHIc-c n Wultncc iluilUiiii;
j A,
Tinner, Plumber and Sheet Metal Worker
Second Iluiitf CToochi Kcujjht anil Sold,
omoc . coewo090
Unr nn I Iff ft M -Lz X
Mil -
FAIR." .
for Our Fall and Winter
this, will inaugurate one
almor-t your own price,
35c up.
soles, worth 'Oc to 5oc.
1 life
TIM GRIFFITH, Proprietor.
in the City,
All Parts of the Town-
St., Elae?.
Surveyor and Civil Kugiueer'
liUibut:, Arli-.oim
O. KStrect
Bisbee. Arizona.
Fresh From the Wires .from AUl,or ,m u,fU ocs con8,:im,-v .u.'"' " T
Manila. Aug. 10 After a fierce fight
lasting livu hours, ,000 of General iilC
Arthui's men put 0,000 rebels to llixht,
just outside of San Fernando yesterday!
morning. McArlhur's scouts learned
that the rebels wore massing and intend
ed to march upon San Fernanda, bat
the general anticipated this move by
sending hie men after the rebels. The
enemy prepared for
battle when tlie
appppied and pontpstwl
eerv inch oi .ulvante. The tiring whs
heavy on loth id- . ibc
Amoricans, us?
inrnd, doing the raoat'-offectivo work
'I he cncin vh fin ill' put to rout, 1p.iv.
i j maiij c! id an i woundi d on tlie
field. The Americans forced the insur
gents back five miles before the rout
was abandoned. A late report from the
battle saya the American loss was ten
killed and eighteen wounded-;
St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 10. Mayor Zei
gonheim announces that ample arrange
ments will be made for the anti-trust
mooting of governors and attorney-generals
to be held in this city on Septem
ber 20. A meeting was called some
time ago by Governor Savers of Texas,
lie extended a general invitation to all
the governors and attorney-generals in
the United States to bo present. Replies
have been received from many of them
indicating they will attend, and it is
believed moie than.three-lourths of the
states will be lepiesented. The gathei
ing will be non-pat tisan.
Washington, Aug. 10. Meagre details
of the "West Indian cyclone began to
reach the navy and war department late
this afternoon in the shape of the fol
lowing messages: "San Juan dePoito
Kll'l, Vllg.1'- lllllatlt (t"!U iAl, Warli-
ing'im, I. '. -V HmiiIi!' liuiiuan
i ,i ti Im i'i tiuil. tore hou-t'i
I an 1 I'tlior Imil !ins;s damaged -nQ
I loniiiij; aii 1 Liuilx.. icjuiipd.
tuu Juan, i'orto lico, Aug. 1U. Jig
nal Oflicer Washington Oyclono just
passed over island; prostrated telegraph
and telephone lines; several killed. My
quarters wrecked and signal barracks
partially demolished. Many other pub
lic buildings likewise. Hundreds of na
tivo houses destioyed. Glassford.
San Francisco, Aug. 10. The First
Nebiaska regimeut has been ordered
musteied out here August 23rd, and the
Tenth Pennsylvania on tho following
day. "
S.m Francisco, Aug. 10. The trans
port War: en with the Colorado regiment,
on board, is expected to arrive this week
from Manila, and preparations are being
made to give tho returning soldiers a
fitting welcome
Omaha, Neb., Aug. 10. Four firemen
lost their lives last night in a blaze on
ttio upper floor f tho Meyer Chemical
company's building on Eleventh aud
Harney etieets The fire itself was
small, the fatalities resulting fiom con-
I.U'l ttl'll l I v IT
li tl i , An 10 k ' u- k 1 of
Pei.wi, put 'vit Hilly Oit of ( iiliiornw-,
111 t ne ii't'i ro lso I tonight
1'fnv. ,( 'o., vig. n 11 i. .
Smelting and Mining (Jjiup.uiy yaa m
corporated today. It is said the com
pany will build a smeUerin Denver to
compete with the .trust.
Yalp.uaibo, Aug. 10. A tidal wave
burst jnto riio bay yo&U-idiy evening!
tearing down the embankment nnd
sweeping off a numbjr of cars, locomo
tives and toirs of iiu'tcliandisd. The loss
is estimated at ono million dolhira.
Newport, U. I , Aug. 10. Columbia
defeated the Defender today bv 22 min
utes and IS ppconds in a -ill utile race off
wind fiom (Jiirdinoi's Uay to Newport.
ruu'lo riat.i, Aug. 10. I ho Iluy.thm
government soiled at 1'oit l.ilnsity nrina
and ammunition destined for tlu Dom
inican insurg"nta. Several Dominicans
in Hayli have been arrested for violat
ing tho neutuility laws.
Fois Sam: A Mupo 100111 furrtished
house, ccntially located. Apply tj A
II. Mel.e.)d, company stoie. t J-lw
The Price of Success.
The iiiutn wo nfoervo thCcrPftt fifjllt
ti .. !.. nn tn ihn
"ttoild, tl.i- more wo eonie to thirk that
What the average individual needs is not
(to much more wealth as moro leisuiu.
Time ! moie ih.m money. Ni w, n urn
to earn that tangible success by which
hho oiid judged merit, must sink all
hit) finer .operations in the slavish rou:
lino cf money getting. Whether you
obeive n great railroad, a prosperous
atoro, a successful newspaper, flr any
other thiiyiiig institution be asassured
it'Btands for immense pcreonal sacri
fice by the men that have made it what
ijLi s Constant and indefatigable work,
yirough the long days and often far into
o night, with no l"4- up on holidays'
ii?i-ifil '.tiain t.) the liit'.ii- ng point,
ftfVK11 cc 0I ' um,v '"" "U!I, l ' l",,alu,u
IX -1 - e . 1 . . i f J . i. ntn ..
jVx"""' non oi n,.n i wuu'acs inn
1 the Ihouglit )t tecrention, ana nr-
scice of all npnortunitv t" nnd"M out)
1 cnltu.iting t'ii- 111 in I - tin" i
part of the pnee a man must pay 101
succes, whether it is his own personal
success or the bucccss of some institu
tion for which he stands sponsor. The
fearful demandu made by our condition
of society keep individuals in a very
devil's dance to avoid extinction. Few
men ever havo any leisure. "Can't got
away ftom business," is tho universal
excuse, and tho result is, men become
machines and poor machines they get
rusty and crusty and" barnacles; they
slave themselvea todeath to work to the
pattern set by their neighbors; they
wear out rapidly and they feel too poor
to get out and give some ono else a
change. Enlightenment is going to bo
tho liberator of our race, and for en
lightenment wo must have more leisure
Socrates and Robert Lewis Stevenson
rebel cd at diudgery and spoke boldly
for leisuie, as few men have-dono. Rut
we will continue to goon in our self
destructive career, until, in due course
of vevolution, we have um our courae
and a new society, wit . new standards,
and new asperations have succeeded
outs.1 Exi-
A Mother Tells How She Saved Her
1 aiii tin inotl.t i ui oi-'tii 1 luiiiit'ii .iii 1
j ',ii nal 1 icat di 1' 11 v.pt.,ii"u w 1 1
im iin I i. -'l uniei' in v lt' 1
danuhttM halihi di- pioivin .'o I
f im. Wo tlimight ! wmil 1 i!i(. 1
lind (eril ! 1 1 11 mi .k 01 1 it
nothing seeined to do her good. I saw
by an advertisement in our paper that
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoealtemedy was highly recommended,
and bent and not a bottle at once. It
proved to be one of the very best medi
cines we ever had in the house. It saved
my little daughter'j life. I am anxious
for every mother to know what an ex
cellent medicine it is. Ifa 1 1 known it
at first it mould hivetavod me a gieat
deal of anxiety and my little daughter
much suffering ' Yours truly.Mrs.Geo.
F. Burdick, Liberty, 11. I. For sale at
Bisbee Drug stoie. A
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure cures dv.'pep
8ia because its ingredients aie such that
it can't help doing sj. "Tho public can
rely upon it as a master lemedy for all
disorders ariglm; fiom Imperfect diges
tion." Jamoi M. Thomap, M. I)., in
American Jou'inal of Health, N. Y.
Copper Queen store.
Wall !'np2r.
Our line of wall paper is the very
latest, 'being designs of 1893.
AtlUUdlO 01:1:3
'A Fni;Iitf''l 1 I'i ur
'A 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 1 1 : i
t.ni 1 I urn
4 ru
' III 01 lillU-i' 1U kii'Il'd ill.i"
.ll0, tin 111 -' III II' HI' 11 W ll hU-
tin pai 1 tint 1 1 1 y lie 11 it. ( mi'
Old - n , ! 1 v. r - e , 1 !i lb, U".l,
d'olony. Coin.-., ad biuu LiupUuii.i
Beit l'i cure o.i earth. Only 25 cts . r.
box. Cure guaranteed. Sold by the
Bsibeo Drag Store and Copper Queen
Time Tifcblc
BisiGe & Haco Daily Stap.
Lp.ive ttiMieo at i) a. m. eve.'y day
ArriviM at X.ie 1 at 1 1 a. in. .
LoavoH Nac j at : p. 111.
Anive ut Ilistice at .") p. in.
Olllcu 111 ll))it Stiie, il tin Sirup
1 HL
1 r 11
U 1U Jl
mi uii'i h
rsounces the arrival of an immense
line of Furnituretwo full car loads
of nothing else but Furniture of the
newest sort.
Furniture is no more exempt
from the dictates of fashion than are
other classes of merchandise, so each
succeeding season finds new im"
provenients that mark manufactur
ing progressslight, but, important
changes in shape or finish that dif
ferentiates Furniture with style
about it, from cheap ordinary Fur
costs no
the stylish, excellent,
durable Furniture. Its
In knowing when and
where to buy. THE
TIME to buy is NOW,
the PLACE Is HERE. '
Iron-Beds, double ard
in white, blue and olive green,
from that up to $27.50.
Bed Rcom suits in birch, maple, oak and mahoganyl
finish, $16.50 to $40.00 a suit.
Children's beds and cradles in wood and enamelec jf
Little Beds, little prices. iSfe
Tahiti of mil id oik, fn
Chair, "li'i oik,t.m s.iuvl,
Sidc-b urd , .itid c iina cloets
T'ockt-rs in w(od, uphoKtei'ed and rattan the 11
-jst c-i.Kit- :u fr.Vbh an 1 si;
the picking out of any one as
Swing Rockers, oak finish, $2.00 and $2.50.
Dressers, commodes
oak, mahogany, maple aud white enameled.
Tables, cabiucts, cupboards, safes atid all sorts jf
Kitchen Furniture.
NoTK. A discount of
purchasers of Refrigerators.
make .the carrying of any
unlikely. ' ' ' .
lie Co
Department an
more to get
three-quarter size, enameled
T Jt
brass trimmings $5.00 and
two lpuothc, six and eight fee
$1.50 each, $S. 70 for set of
many styles.
ip s. Such anassorlment tlu
best is difficult, $2.50"to $10.0:
and washstands :o:ld pieces i
ten per cenj; will be allowi
This price couciSiiou is
oyer 'until next season ve
pper Q
3 a s a nj,
ifSlilifEU wU
- i
i .
WfSVl . J -
ShM' a fr . gr
S4,C"v.. aa

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