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4rt- W C-X' CthMXV. 0tCai mftS''c$
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dx i3 tut i"
On All of OUR Summer Goods as
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. . . . .... .
' J'resU From the Wivp$,-.".from Alt
Points. .-Sto
i::r.''.o.i, J.jftii if. A.if. A:v.lLli
.s: .cr.iiiO i'o!i;:Lj tjiy ,it.. ti'j'.tfrfc, r
piultcniivuof tli si arrival at Jlmin .is :r J.
I we must mae roomaor uuic ran
fStock. f Come and See soma of the
f Astounding Bargains We Offer.
: c?rv
ww n
?! i j
c ir.B
V -i
lcauenot tiio rcvouu'.on.witoii? minc!
tanlv-fixpenlpd. Iif' ariv."t',J tl "nte
.Ulcd, will com)!ft'..'ly tnrn popular
opinion which lias licon partly undecid
ed. Consequently lliw ciilcf 'ujeet oi
the i, ''" meDj?i, tu intt'rcvpt JimisdS,
ami a i)SJBKr uf aiiaed roitfe v
fpatrdtitte const wl!T-Wafers' tau
every Btr-otge vecsel and to capture
JimiiH'7. .jiiiU'r .my '.air, iiruiud or not.
Xu v VikfAu',1 19 With Sir Tiiomaa
rPiTit-;.iJ.. i' -;i:l 'A slt:i.tiil(J)J: nil ll Pnl.l
i.'.vr. -..- i -- -- - - - f;"
trK nnd tbr'lcre.l liv ,i broii'l band
mtvwwwv 'iwri'u i.m
i3-ULiti3 "tta-at 3T.lt,
Nothing ia eo provoking to the iivnrnge man as to buy a
tt - now suit of clothes and find that tlmy db not lit. Suits
nindo in my ohop
.l-w-ais 'Fit,
That ia one tntif'faction you have in dealing -with .;
another i8, that you always p;et the best of goods, first
class work, and reasonable prise.?.
A. CHAHPAGNB, The Bisbee, Tailor.
MMTft) fwf Murcraw
iillllbu LiSolJ, Ittfl i.iiiu mm L-..::Jibi
TIM GKi; nVH, Proprietor.
Finest Turnouts in the City,
Morses boarded by the week, day or month. Horses
bought and sold. Complete hack service. Hacks will
meet all .trains. Good service, ....
Upper 3Sa5sa St. - EMybee, Ariaoaa's
'I.. ' - -
Ekep Yi)Of Money at Heine.
.n.In.ip v '. unty (New Mexico)
!;vTi,i .) following sensible
"l'.i;r. . 7,o Home Peoplo" to
..,:i'''.- . viiis conclusive evi-'-
:" ; mm iff of Sun Juan
i . v ! !I:i to QLi-rtfr",
w-- . ,. . ii i - r eastern cttica for
pt ii. ti'.khy the local mer-
i r. - - sornion, and should
bo .iK-iuu i ml uy some of Bisbeu'a
:$$ 'Ji wliohre tjuiltv of the same trli-s,
titf' i.v fVisi Html Hwny for what lu
ll;' PP pnttii- they tiso. Mere is vhu
tli" sidnx l)f5i to s;iy:
1 ,vo!it;omery W.trd ' (!., of Cliicai(0 ,
i3afcmi?pt winch Uie lniex uas orten
I.lfa Qj.but'With wbicii it hte never j
ilft; jBiines-j. , Whether "Afoutgoipeij'i
nufir,-.eprvtrtiiiwmi ajanwtw 4sf0eN .
know not, but. the firm io doubt less,
rompi-oeit of eiy estimable pontlemen, '
noiiP f whom navo ! tir Unov.-ii'dj;
itvpr . liited thiu tow i j it' v surely
't ''.v irtxc.i in il..- Mty tor thi-ii
111 till1 U ...sUL lOftS.
rKWtmxBom . . fc - ' evaftsiciC9vpjrvc
f -, iLai
i,-!- . -ti2!!s
Ta? !v rnd Stand Covers. QjST0M TA!LO!?r-
fercen, llytoK'at her topmast tiuck, the mey 'to vo; n.-ip support our scnooia
pi.1t.n.Whr Rl.mnrnRk swiniMn,. t 'l" ulurt l,KU1 U,L a3ala" lu "P"B
anchor bffo a striking reeemblanco t..
tij) the ro.iil.- iii.d bridges, the building
tipof the towns and the progress of the
the Columbia. Straight as a reed ai.d , ci.untv. At.i vot tliov derive nossiblv
very strorg is the Shamrock's mainmas:.
It is held by three steel wire ehrouds O"
each sid ect up with turnbuckles. Tho
licok itself is of steel covered at present
with tarled canxas. The crew are :i
Kturdv lolking lot of sailor men.
San Fr
of Pugilis
canto a gi
tnctsco, Aug. l). lneueatii
Jim Franey will doubtleht-
eat reaction in the camivn!
j a- Kir u Kvjiiuo each year from the
! ptni'if oi tl" ?6ction as any other firm,
, ai li.iii.e or adioad.
"Iil vnu evr reilect on the natural;
mevit ;l!e icc i!ta of this sta'.o of affairs,
dear i -ale! V Money sent to Montgom
eiy .ud ;ii.'iid bo kissed a sweet good
bye, for unli k Uiefriskyfeline.it never,
news coiuf.'. b.clc. Tlie practico makes
tuned liarder and money scarcer, and
dopint"' Uiu local business people of
piDtns j'istiv tioirs. And yet, because
-oiiiu ariiclt- ;,- catalogued at a lower
price t tin tUi- homo merchants ask,
a n..t vf. iy v jll-meaning but short
--, lit.-1 p.r.-..iw will sit down and order
i. it; aiticie j i-' think of it! order it
; . .) a Jrm ( rporation doing business
a i r&r .
Bisbee 'Trahsfer Cpm.pa.ey,
Freight. B(iggage vnd Express Delivered to any var
v of the City.
Prosaist Service a sad Osalci: Htel2very
"Assaver and Chemiat, .
Idining propertieB j !.ica;l .st commission. Jlines examined
and roportctl on. Correspondence solicited. All work
promptly attended to.
Ii P. WOOD, ii4 Pennington 'Street $ Tucson, Arizona.
I'ti ;n . ' v i - i ' '"- Vv,ii!. D.'liVV i", ))' .
of pugilism with which this city has
been aurfuted during the past eighteen
months. Popular sentiment is risin
against this sport and seven members o:
the board of supervisors have expressed
themselves as -individually ugaina.:
granting any 'more permitn for bosin'-Ltnite-iui
a character jitompted by tl.t
N-itioii.il. Kxcolsior and other clubs.
KetineM, Atn(. l'J. At the conclusion
of the (k'p)si'ion of Colonel Picquart,
Generals Merrier and lionet ropo av.d
at-k'd to lie' c'ifiorittsl' t.v viMaaiAa-..
Confrontation, however, h.st-il only a;
few minutes an I did ii' f prove at all
sensational. After Colonel Picquart had
ic.teratt'd hi.i btati.ini.-nts tho conit ad
j .in ni"l until tomorrow. The i'.mi.
of Colonel Picquart occupied wto entire
Los Angeles, Calif., Aug. 19. -The
Santa Fo officials who are uqjv here
staled today that tho work had been
begun on tho railroad from Williams to
the Grand Canyon. The road will be
ktinwii nn fl.n Knntn. fo Rrntiil Paniw
..... . e -r . - 11?.. -.1 .i
.,.,., , ... , ,. ., , Munies-piiis oi raoiugomery warn, mej
Itulroad, and amII be 02 miles lo. ... t . i :
;ao wruittt, they arc not shrewd, they
Lombaid, (Joode&Co., of K-& Yu. :t, wtjrey harking tip the wrong tree,
hava. financed tho 'company. Twehrw-j'fnu, v. -e and pound foolir-h," they
miloaaio already graded. ' --a.ud vi k:;w1 of straining at tho gnat
t'fA) swatuMiug the camel.
A Mother Tells How She Saved Fr ; "3'ru- enough, tho homo Vmsimi33
Little Dauglitsr's Life. ami twmUl always place their wares
isitft a.'.oiiable price. But that done,
;?.ort' i " pxaise tor any one in farm
"ou or ..tej, or on La Plata or San
.loflh floiiitf away from home further
U8h::l.i.'-tngo to mako purchaaoa .f
goods that arc for sab here.
r(. !'r ' ome ponr'R- It pays and
Io.. inn."
... .. wulioii urepe material, frinaed
and embroide're with Gilt Cord as only
the patient Japanese can do it, in I
delicate shades of Pink, Blue, Green
and Yellow. These are distinctly sum
mer table covers and aro cool and com
forting to look
at cheap too...
.45 and 85 cts. eacl
A trifle premature, perhaps, but thia
is merely to suggest that we are ready
with Fall Samples of all that is best
and proper iu materials for Men's
matlc-to-measure Clothing.
Promptness in delivery and complete
ness in assortment aro some of the
advantages to be derived from an early
Trousers, from $ 4.00.
Suits, " $ 14.00.
Three kinds as an index to many more;
all equally good Linen Values:
DamasK Towels, 19x42, knotted fringe,
blue borders and solid white.
3oc e'eh, $3.25 a doz
Damask Towels, 22x49, knotted fringe,
border of blue and green, and yellow Soft Bosoms, Collars and Cuffa attach-
and green. C( Th'0 gooaness of these shirts should
35ceacn, o.oafloz sen them( lmt there-a ami additional
Hack Towels, 20x44, damask figured incentive in tho prices:
and satin finished.
4c e'cSs, $4.25 a-doz $1.25 i.5o and 2.oo for shirts,.
tho tormer prt.'fsof which were 1.75,
.1 tl: jiiKutiS i'f two thousand miles
o en -. ' ,1,' "" 1 I ;
be, out isn'i, ti'.f having ot a mail pi-r-oentagt,'
of its tost!
"The idea "f living and letting hve,
the old rule of doing unto oth-usnas yo'i
v.Ould th.at others should do uutu you
tft.ffew vbleii'.e every time im.'imii
ircciic. hot .o-theiv .-tit-"
are flll 1.0'ua extent ;'
must lely on one an -, :i--r . ..
Tiiejhcui-.e n.eich-uit'-, for 1.' ' .i.-. n '
asked to carry 0:1 their book .3 lii .-l'J vuv
in. not '.' a!! t irm-s iy c.isii nn- go ' . 1
retail and on credit .any articlo of Mont
gomery Ward, John Wanamaker, or any
othtfr caaterii linn?
"f th-'-a a those who calculnto that
tho art- i--. -g something smooth and
I ay flag : s loy for themselves by get
ting i )ks or their shoo strings
thrUfc-.. i. mail, or by ordering their
V'fifilins "1, postago stamps .and
Ready Blade Slieet
2.00 ancis 2f.
Of a ;'" tirm iratt-i.,)!; torn, not cut,
and iiiii-!if I v nn a iUvp Jicni
72x90 wSiieets,
60c each, $6.00 a dozen
, iS 1 xqo Sheets,
. a-! 6 5c each, 6.50 a do3enlcalorinK80-JcTie3ttroallr'Kht' but as
JT. a' .0 I'p'ii V ' . j there are not many of a kind left, wo'vo
-ii. ...j. -''V"J, -- '-a-.i.s, I branded new prices on QCn Qnnl, nnm
LM OflOU uun
20c each, $..20a dozen
We've eorrll?d a lot of Men's Ties
Hand Bows, Club Ties, Four-in-IIands,
aud Tccks. The shapes, p.Uterna and
I am the mother of eight chiMrt-u ai '. '
haveliad a groatdealof experience v. ul.
medicines. Lart summer my hule
daughtiif.hail the dysentery iu :u jrst
loiiti. 'We thought t-he wouii -?:' I
I vt 1 ; '.11114 I ' ulii th
Best, at $1.50. . '
Men's Crash Suits-$4;00. r vf
Boys' Wash Suits-$1.25 to 2.00
V r
Women's Shirt Waists-50c to'1.25"
Colored Lawns, 8c a yard.
. SOAP o
Of the inakinir of soap then ia nohhe Shoo Store
Ki::r.:P.Y U:1S, Proprietor,;.
f ' "l K H T iT ' . "
t.uti.inj ei( IIH'U l.t iii lli'r go ,. I -.. '
ov an alv'.; vi.ii in "'ir pane r t!,a
' huii:.!-!'!.' -, l ' ....ind''i.-r
no ; iv.-i'iei; v wai ii-'jiii n 00:11 i.-i-n
Wsfor ,
(ill. ' ". ,. tiMiniH i.i! 1 wardobe
iia'.lenger .-nttage j
i'u.1, but tl.i.i I. as to io w:l. a new t-oap
,h ... .;. m d'Hei'Tit as can ! e i" ' soap
made u.-e anywhere an 1 tNeiy
a heie. This i- an exctintve t-o;.p, nidde
tliis particular place ami icr the!
M Utoii, Pork, ",'. Sans
r ' - OaU or Meats
-.1 .,.. a- i got a t..tth ut .,... Ii Y'l' '"":t,l.a;o.r,.-nt: --'rooms V2x h , . )o (j u rt.g,t);- u ,Wji, Tho broa,, toe and fiat
Pn M lo be one ot thy v.-y oerit medi- ); t-'-'tl 'IS: jflMtii.ot tioireiil&x ( , . a;ij M hi,r!n.h,. io mako it a sensible, c(
cities w ever had ifr'tiio J...use. It s-avod ; ' Watl r "" tt; lic?.i..y .oeaijon ; boe.ul(f(, it ( liaii ,.. M K00() Wc frhoe, specially whorw tlilare a
, .Ilore's the first hint of Fall ia
. fJF
C- Goods DelivbraF-Freo-to All Parts of (lie Town- -S
Uppi:r"nirnl:j SC.,. Bisbee. '" ..'
V .0 ;?yV-
i"ai !- af
ca.'i a a tD
i'-W.v'vc .
"Unitid States -Depiitsy" Mi tieral Surveyor :r. .tfilEntj
Cfilec In V.'allacu InajUljiir
tnv little d.a;;!.ter'- Ii!,'. I am ansi -.i"
Mr t-vaj'y irto.'ticr to knu.. ,hai:iti ex
.I'UeijCmedti.ino it m. ll.ii I known it
.: ': :tti mould liave p-ivt-l 1.1 a gieat
I. al 1 f at.Mntv Kti-i my lit. hi daujhti 1
iiiii.'hufieiiiij -ii'iim truly, llrn. h".
i' liJsuici.. ijibuiiy, iv. t. for said at.
BialieaDfhg atoro. A
v9t4tn rccentfhspatfhcs from the nreft"
.iiitioy o;ettio.is in llio Ym-ui
jttweeu the Mexit-.n nud tho I
it if thought ii.'nieiueiit au
it en ond. A hveiy apiil toob
aft i'.alay and th Vaq1 is oarne
.vfhl lu'-tt and wcmi t.ut livii't' -i
itfClioM Stekiiijj r." -!" "1WVJ
, i'nruviMn cioftd it
..i-St "" ..3ft't!i:ru;,) j
fV'itt 01 .. amiMit'ii . 1 I i'-v.-1
.nti t ul iiuitli-.',: mt ti..) roiro.,
l.'.rh .rr....i,tM. M J.'. lit u atitr wil:!..
li'.mKt'.n.'cfi.yoii. Apply to J. F. its!-' ,an ;l ll
linger, ot U, A. M;. key, at t'iiih.'iui
buil'Juiir. ' aio ''
A M10 for Wotnon, made of Vebur
Calf. A leafier ss soft as vici. and vot
i-ii(iior to vii-i in that it will not pet-l.
It'f a hand welt shoe, made 01 a man's
la-t a manni-'ti shoe." so popular
heel eotu-
are hilli to
Copper vjTsen toap.
A l id
1 at 1;
Tiasie Tabic
i& Kaeo
Lo.ivt - Bisbee at a. ni. every day.
Arrived m Na 10 at tka. m.
I.ivea Xa-o at J p. m.
rmti tt'il.icduo .-i '.e. .Main Street
"'tW.:3Tiih BiJSlNESlS-
t-CH.-"r.. .
al:llCO. AriiOf!
. 1 ii' .-..' y
ft A. I1WMAI,
). K. Street;,
,vi. V-.', Ari.o..
I:uil tlic.r Iii'ltn' pi
B. 1 ..
Hll-.t' 'l!j
.t lj..l -!o;-.
ij,;i: lla a 1
ltl ; !
;t Cn-
ri .)
: Uvl;
Tinner, Plumber and Sheet Metal Worker
1 1 u-t 11 it
.0 l ltUH
.iv lor
d.:. -
.M. I , HI
ii 11 ii
1 t 1
j 1
, ...iu'vj. (. attii;:,' fc.hj(jlof ti.e
?? . .ii.;- l.iu ,ir mi'i ".tiortliun.i
v-, '-'mi liuoji- iH-iiiiiiy, Vwuliinetlu, Com-
. .ti i.uw. i.ituiuc. Vritiu Spultiiig,
,f t rfllcj;. Hi'i'W OtK.utwr -, (ttuine..
. 'k b.i:1 U ffi.l i" '. ... 1. ' ii'ju.ii. :il, Typo-
1 . -..... i.Jte'i 11. in. i" .'.'luitiifi. Wl.olo-
:, .'no.lao.i. .i.. .: Uy Autttn!
,,vl ' " tl O,
. it . a-i 1. 1 . .- ntlra.v!;-? of plon-
.1.11 . '. "t tial town 'tint, mi-
... . u'.l.i. 1 . . ..-,,. ." stuilcnts
,j. k't,.'t !i. ... .e-MQ.'Sui-r-u
1 ..(.!cl4n. hillo mrratoi
UflflfW SOtfi-irt' tSt. Iu
R. tf. Ui. Prtu'l.
! ll. .
.;l'U''i. Tho K-aceful and stylish ap-
' ( '.'jiaiioe so essential in women's shoesi
f 1.- i.-.i. lacking either.
$3.5 a Pair.
1 ...,!..- i- " - t.i.v. 1 ',, same last,
,. , , , ,; .. , in vu:l kid tor thosa wbo preier it.
I'ry it and bo pleasantly su: prised. w
- . , ' ?io.oU Jx. JLiiLllv.
I ...Infant Moccasins mad.) of a silk
5 striped cloth sowed on to soft leather
isolc", fur tops and tied with ribbon.
Onto littla foot co'ver fugs for cuto little
75c A PAlLi.
At the Grocery 'Counter.
! !eet.
4Wtei-w wurtowfc.,fVMt;xtjrw-.Mnri
1 fie Copper Qu
een I
-feP ' ' ifWfclr!' i'i J iy M J fi'l-fWl 1 .ri 1 i'i ' L Ir' 1 1 11 '1 iift)Ui ' "H' I i'"ii r1 H 11 i

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