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The Arizona daily orb. (Bisbee, Ariz.) 1898-1900, August 22, 1899, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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csr. . ' 1.-1 s
? We" are Still .
On All of OUR
we must makeroom for OUR Fall!
s V
Slock. Come and
AtoiihSt"argaiiiS"(We Offer. f
S-uLits tliat Jtrlt
kilTebsrs 3E
That is one ratiifaction you have in dealing with me;
another is, that you always feet the best of goods, fitst
class work, and teasonablo prises.
A. wiim ii'wjiMt
a u MntnMn
TIA1 GRIFFITH, Proprietor.
Finest Turnouts in the City,
l4x-oAi? Vrot-4rti4 Vw flir nol.
haught and sold. Complete hack service. Hacks mil
meet all trains. Good service, ....
Upper Main Bt. - Bisbee, Arizona
BisfoeeTransfer Company,
Freight. Baggage and Express Delivered to any vari
of ther
Prompt vService and
n i .
Assayer and
- 'Mining properties placed (n commission. - Mine3 examined
nnd H'ported oi. Coirttapondence solicited. All work
promptly attended to. w
M. P. WOOD, 144 Pennington Street, ' Tucson, Arizona-
Formerly o( Cono&Wool, Denver, Colo.
m"J-S. I LL.
r-a ' p " Tin;
vaiuorma Ma
os,t Lcc
sages, ebo
T" Only. "Frk
& Goods DeJivered''Froe to
TUppcr Main
James F
United States Deputy Mineral
ir.ee Im Wnlincc iiuii:m-.tf
J$ L& .v XJ VV JLVi
'iTinner, Plumber and
3 T ,t ,
jjtvtjiiui jtiitiKi voo;
1 " " - ulA
Summer Goods as
See some of the J
- A
'. Nothing is so provoking to the average nun ns to buy c
new suit of clothes and find Hint llicy do not fit. Sum
mado in my shop
The Bisbee, Tailor.
nifj vu
OUIb fiiuuibe,
Am fi iiintitli TTnrcpt I
- City.
fuic2 IDelivery.
T-i tiimimi
V;r.-, J'crl. jSrtus-
Cats of Mtiioto
Bread Daily:
All Parts of he Town-
St., Bisbcc.
Surveyor and Civil Engineer
lltslicc, Arlzou.i
O. K. Street,
- JLiLX e Bisbee, Arizona.
Sheet Metal Worker .
. . ...
h uou;;iit aim usiiii
Fresh From the Wires .from4 All
Wi-jpl.v.v, Aii7... Am. C2 Jwrv hun
.Jicd Indians .it Jliuk'd ih(!iu camp at
Njivnjo Splines are on a bis: drunk, and
since one of their number was stabbed
by a gambler, they threaten to extermi
nate, all the whites in this section.
Troops from Wingate have been ordered
to the scene. Serious trouble is feared
as a result of the ditfoiences.
Paris, Aug. 22. A dispatch from Ems
savs that Colonel Schneider, the Aus-
' 1 1 ll)llltai HI' l llf ll Til')", wlirwo
Alleged lettei liHrimntatniK lnlue ba.
hi i'ii oneol tbo pruicipui wtiipons of tlip
pro-petition, hub tt.uied lor Paris wth
ihe mti-ntion of u.titutmi; pi breedings
ui loi0vry an I t nplnj ik ii of foi(;ti
documents against those responsible for
tho authorship of the letter which he
Fresno, Cal., 22. The Co-operative
packing house and Seropian Bros, pack
ing house, both just completed, located
on tho Valley rrad, were burned to the
tsround last night. The loss is between
f 50,000 anu $75,000.
Denver, Aug. 22. Reports from "Vic
tor say that the business portion of the
town is burning; the wind is blowing a
gale and the loss is certain to be heavy.
Cripple Creek has sent its fire appar
atus. Both the Western Union tele
graph office and the telephone exchange
are burned, eo that details of the fire
are haul to get. Among other in
stitutions burned are the Victor bank,
A'lam8on Hardware company store, tho
Bodton Clothing House, Merchant's cafe
and Sexton's saloon. The Victor hotel
and Gold Mining company's buildings
are in danger. The fire utterly destroyed
the buines'' portion of Mic df , upii ;
i i )-o totimatt 1 a. "2,000,000.
Chuago, A ui. '22 Young Wurio, tbt
oikc fainone A untra) ian pujn ! .at, is dyi ng
m the Dunning inline a lum, w heie he
was sent a fiv moiths a) Die piiysi
ciuij at the institution say he can not
live moie than a couple of w6eks at the
outside, as ho has recently suffered a
general physical bieakdown and has
become violently insane.
Ponce, P.P. , Aug 22. It is now esti
mated that the bodies of 1,500 victims
of the recent huiricane have been bur
ied; that 1,000 persons were injured
during the stoim and that 2,000 people
nie still missing.
Wetumpka, Ala., Aug. 22 Peter Donin
and his 15-year-old son who weie under
arrest at Electric for shooting Hall
Jordand, a respectable citizen, wore
tt'lon from juil yesterday by a mob of
masked mo and lynched.
Chicago, Aug. 22. It is leported hcie
that James G. Hill, president of the
Great Northern, will build fifteen new
and fast steamers for the ti ana-Pacific
trade of the Great Northern load.
Los Angeles, Aug. 22. Chailes B.
Clapp, who,oimerly lived in Arizona
l Wl llliU!' I tllLH ( Kllll'l t'l l' 1,1
i '. i-"i r! v . t ' " i i . i ii lior
i - ig luin&v'li in t! e ).ea 1
JeniH', ti 'tuts Vug 2' t lif thud
i"'!ii)! the soccji I u"it iniitii.l v(
' c) fill In nii ill I'u ii't ni i i 3)
this morning. There v.as a laigo at
tendance at the Lysto at the opening of
court in view of tho possible reapjear
ance M. labori, leading eounccl for the
defoncp. But though he is progiossing
as satisfactorily as possiblo the phy
sicians deemed it best for him to keep
quiet. It is tonuderod that the couit
will get through with ninety odd wit
nesses by September and it is expected
that a vordict will bo dolheicd to the
court Sept. 7.
London, Aug. 22. Tho colonial oflico
on confiimation of tho despatch fioin'
Capetown paying that the fi.uiftvrnf
government had replied to the lhitish
agent at Pretoria, says that Sir Allied
Miller telegraphed a message to Unit
effect. All the ollk'iuh of the Colonial
office would tny in icgard to the matter
was that tho icply is not n complete ac
ceptance of the pioposal of Mr. Cham
etlaiiij secretary of tl.o colonies.
Baseball Notec.
The Brooklyn team Ptill leads in the
National circuit, v. Ith Boston and Phil
adelphia almost a tie for second place.
Sacramento, for tint fust lime this
year, leads in the C-ilifomii league.
The ooiies of three games at Tucson
on Ftiday, Saturday and Sunday last,
between Tucson and Phoenix, resulted
as follow q: 1st game Tucson 0, Phoe
nix 5; 2nd Tucson 7, Phoenix 9; 3rd
Tucson 2, 'Phoenix 11.
Tho Phoenix team defeated the Mo
renci aggregation at Tucson yesterday
by a score of 21 to 2.
Tucson vs Bisbee will probably be the
the next match game played 'on the
diamond here
-The Mo enu tt am mupt h ive wati'cd
9 piauuf gaii t with Phut'Diic before
QtgJT plaed Tucpoii, that i ldinit
i rom the score.
'llnri lie n rv l'w pitel t r- n the
tPiritotv th il ii d pitch 1" in i iik"- i
ball such as Donovan did on Sunday.
Baseball is still the principal talk on
the streetB, the games Sunday having
stirred up quite an interest in our
national game.
The Queen office nine is daily practic
ing for tho coming game with either
the lailroad boys or the clerks in the
company store.
The Bisbee Juniors and the Mexican
nine are to cross bats at the old ball
grounds on Sunday next.
Tho following is tho tabulated score
ot the afterntfon game botween Moronci
Second gamk.
AB n
BH l'O
O. Poor, SI) 7 2
J. Poorinan, c 5 S
H. S. Van Gorder, 2b. 4 2
J Dornn, If 0 3
U. Grogorj.lb, p 5 3
H. Jolmson, i 6 2
S. Hojt. fcs 3 1
B.W.'Mooro, ss 2 2
V. Poor, of 4 2
K.EtorlMVily, rf 3 2
45 22
A1J li
Cronk, rf ;.5 2
Graf.o 6 2
Dolauoj, 3b. S. ,4 3
Donovan, p 4 t
1' '?li i t f
J out 1
liM,me ll i -W
ttlt"is J i
LotKlujf 11 " 1
11 27 9 11!
2 0
1 7
2 0
1 3
' ll
. 1J
i 1
1 I
, ' - - 41 ii. .13. ..m, M t'
l Bl MM l.
1 1 1 I 'j ') 7 R )
ni-h. o , 1 1 "2 1 II 1 -21
llinenri r , i t 1 1 S j I ..
liaso hit Uisbeo 1, Moronci It; passed
bulla Graf 2, Poormnu 3, Johnson !i; stolen
Imsos Uisbeo 7. Morenol 5; twj-base hits
O. Poor, S. Holt. Moore. Doipu, LocUllnK,
Mulouey (2); struck out Donovan 7, Grcsrorj
1; thrco-baso hits, Poorinan, Everluuilr;
homo run Donovan. Umnfic, Jamc3 Rose
Tune of game, 3 hours anil 28 minute'!. Two
men out hen winning i un was niudc.
A Mother Tells -How She Saved Her
Little Daurater's Life.
I am the mother bf eight childicn and
have had a great deal of oxpeiienco with
medicines. Last uiinmer my little
daughter had the dysentery in its worst
form. W,e thought she would die. I
tried everything I could think of, but
nothing seemed to do her good. I aw
by an advertisement in our paper that
Chamberlain's Colic, Choleia and Diar
ihoeaRemedy was Irghly recommended,
and sent and got a bottle at once. It
proved to be one of tho very best medi
cines we ever lud in tho house. It B.ued
my little daughters life. I am anxious
for every motlur to know what an ex
cellent mcdioiiu it is. Hal I known it
atrfirst it nioultl h.no Baved me a gi eat
deal of anxiety and ray little daughtei
much suffeuiiL' Yours truly,Mrs. Geo.
i -i
ii i ,ii , (r i
OI (yllHIli ll 1 -, I O tf.ll lU II l'd . i
;ieavan Ii ' ti 1 pionipt ami pernu
IV ut cu it, i iv in l i it .1 gn it f iv i
i (. w it' ' i ji i'V w I ' "' I i
sale'at Bisbee Drug Stoie.
Time Table
Icd Daily Staae.
Loaves Bisbeo at 'J a. m. ovory day.
Arrives at N.ico at 11 a. m.
Leaven Nneo at 15 p. in.
Arnes ut Biabeo at fi p. m.
Office tit Iloodrm Stoie. .Main fitrt'i'i
Ul I'tisc, Texas.
Tho inftU'rir liiitliHH-, traluiiiL ".chool oT t!.
u VjuLIimks 15us noss nml Saorthan
eml i..oiiijf lioul: l:r iniij, AriJhtnotlo, Com
niuici.il I.uw. hiisin.M Wiltnu', Spnlliii,;
Lrtti-r V, i itiuir. Uiipul Uulotilutin.r, Uusinov
l'n. otv n ul Ii"iial I'm inv. shni tliimit, '1iio
uiitin,?, .!ik,i iiulinii- in lt'jtuilii ir, Wlio'u
Kivli-I.t.7. iintnUoiuii, lii.ii!:liii( b Aotn i
Hum ie s Piuntit'O,
Wi. olrtr th )iup'ulnr atlv.inajs of ijlm
llltl CIlll IHtlOtlN 1111(1 pOUdMltl lll-tlllCtloil ll.l
dor tniiiirtl Kifi'tailtK. Wo ii opuro stutlunr
for tho liit ixisllioii. whloli wo fcitouro. Stti
(louts "llo"ie" lin'imiicotloii, W rit for mm
iitd Pull 'loi'iii 1:"1iik Suiitmnltii Ht. K.
tubllilicil IbMI. " K. ii. COOK. Prlu't.
T-Tb!; rtid Mand c v.
Oi (
the patient Japanese can do it, in
delicato shades of Pink, Blue, Green
and Yellow. These arc distinctly sum -
raer table covers and arc cool and com-
forting to look
45 anft 85 cts. each !
at cheap too.
Three kinds as an index to many more;
all equally good Linen Values
DamnsK Towels, 19-U2, knotted fringe, (
U1UC UUIUCIO illlU HUIIU U 11 110.
3oc e'eh, $3.25 a doz
Damask Towels, 22x-l), knotted fiinge, j
ooruer oi uiue ana green, ana yellow
A-r nrti tJliqnQ Hv3ed The B0tl"e8sof these shirts should
, m3iceacn,.ioacloz Bell theni( but thoro,a and ftdditi0Iial
huck loweis, zux-i-i, uamasic tigured
and satin finished.
40c e'clfe, $4.25 a zl&z
Ready Made Sheets,
Of a good, firm material; torn, not cut,
and finished with a deep hem:
72x90 Sheets,
60c each, $6.00 a dozen
MXQO S1K t ,
65.'e'ich, .6.50 a doon
1 45x83 J j Pillo.v Cases,
20eta1.i1, 2.2
Men's Straw HatsChoosefromthe
Best, at $1.50.
Men's Crash Suits-$4.00.
Boys' Wash Suits$1.25 to 2.00
Women's Shart Waists50c to 1:25
Colored Lawns, 8c a yard.
' "
Of the making of soap there is no
end, but this has to do with a new soap -
that is as difieient as can be from Foap
made for uee anywhere and every -
where. This is an exclusive soap, made
for this particular place and for tho
Cop; er Qcc:i Soap."
i'ut, U)i lot iiu.ei. aiul
Laundry l'urpoies
fry it and bo pleasantly .surprised.
At the Grocery Counter.
mm MtjnuuMi iininniM.onn "
ne LORee;
. i v- --- : -' r-'
Mining Co,
:i5 1 vfvti
Custom tailoring.
1 1t 'iiun i uro. nrii.irj hnt tlna
J is merely to suggest that we are ready
j with Fall Samples of all that is best
! and proper iu materials for Men's
made-to-mcasure Clothlnir.
Promptness in delivery and complete
ness in assortment are some of the
advantages to bo derived from aa early
Trousers, from $ 4.00
Suits, " v 14.00.
Soft Bosoms, Collars and Cuffs attach-
incentive in the prices:
$1,25, I.5l) and 2.00 forShirta,
S the forme pliticsof whicli were$r.75r
tKM -tmi um wtum
We've 'corralled a lot of Men's Ties
Hand P.owu, Club Tip", Four-in-Hnd,
au 1 feckb. iho shapes, patterns and
l. iloi in.'s of tlii- T.is ar all right. butRS
thi'ie are not many of a kind left, wo'ver
io. 25c Baft m
8 Here's tho first hint of Fall "in
tho Shoe Store.
j A Shoo for Women, made of Veloor
jCalf. A leather as soft as vici, and rot
1 superior to vici in that it will not peel,
j It's a hand welt shoe, made on a man'
(last a "mannish shoe." so nonnlar
) I t -ill i i il' Tt SJo
'h ,i .a
i i ., , t i' .it 1 btjtiHh ai
ft I i - v i i Ml WOIlU'll S S'lW!,
'Ill , 1 .'
Tho same style Shoe on the same last
in vici kid for those who prefer it. i
$3.50 A PAIR.
...Infant Moccasins madu of a silk
striped cloth sewed on to soft leather
sole", fur tops and tied with ribbon.
Cutu little foot coverings for cute little
icet. 75c A JPAIE.
r Oueen
" i
f4i : . , . x , -
" " ' f '
T"'" t

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