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(f -i
r. ri
!H':'J CLchool Opens Monday,
55$ 'f5eptember 11 1
Your Boys and Girls should be prepared for this
occasion, and it is the Mother's duty to see that the
l little ones are properly
Children's Scliool Shoes in great abun
dance can now be found at our store all Sizes, all
Widths, all Toes, and a " Big Saving on Prices ! "
Ktt's' "Waists, strong and durable, yet -very
neat in designs ; cost is positively, cheaper than you
. buy the goods and make theru.
I cry thing .needed in the way of "Wearing
Apparel for your children cfcfi tfe!"gotteh here at
h vZL-LXS XlTLg3jC
Nothing is eo
mado in my shop
--l"ra,3T3 STfLt,
That is one satisfaction yon havo in donlini: with mo;
another is, that you aluriys get tho best of goods, tlrst
elaes woik, and leasonabfu piice).
A. CHAHPAGNF, The Bisbee, Tailor.
m Ppuau mi
Fiiruiiurc, Bagg; FrI&'iat and
Kxpress ISelavercd Fir (5E5apt!y
Claims for breakage or arty failure to promptly attend orders
will be quickly and fully purd.
fU Office at Floodgate ca Main .Street.
On its left Awith the Clerk will receive Prompt Attention.
W - l2sCkka, Eslutuut mm XnHAaai-vift4ap'
Bisbee Transfer Cop5afiy9
. Fre'uM. h tMagfi and JlxpvtssjM'M1 to any miri
' of th(S"y-
Prompt Ser-vV 2scl Quick Belivcry.
Mining proie tes jibioed m i'oiiiiiiiim. Min58 ex uninei
lud rejmrted on. Correspondence solicited. All work
promptly attended to.
f. :-. '0OD, 144 Peuaington Sirest, Tucson, Arizona.
Fo-nuilv ol Cmi Jr. v.'oo J, Denver, Colo.
ajuiurnia Maine
i UtJ
eVcsh tisuf, Jttip'us, Pork, Veal, Saws-
sa'Jjfi.. ttto (Jiwoj Cuts, of J feats
O.Uj. :'.. ;.V Dread Daily.
O Goods Delivared' Freo to
ngwT.Tn..M..jtfii , - .avr
James F, Trotter,
V nited States l)epiit3"M5enilyv.cyor and Civil Engineer
t dlcv tn Waltiice ll!illttnr
v.'-it!iir 'rt2f r
,... 94iB.n.j
. - -J S.A 4 -ik. .
mm ltiiriiiuvr. -.--ts vit.xij
IN -
15 vH KS'.cjriia:; it.i.i.ivyciik drriizvi.,
m " . . . ..:... 1
21 J0"AJHW Jltsiiuiv m ," "' ttwv'AM "t'lmfi"1"' k enier uniii iiirinur nuiiuu. m, uiu j " !&
n LMmJ.. ' " i$' 'bi'' t. ' . -f fcj )L C"
B - ......,.!.. i.. .. I IL.it ..U tit 1.. I . HI- cflillu .if l 1 ....,, ,i .M , .1 ... , lllll.ll II V I III IV 111 111 '
clothed and shod.
provoking to the average man as to buy
now suit of clothes anil find that tlioy do not lit.
l 2. fl
t:J .W( ,tt-v ('
.-gKi ja
i ('
All Parts of the Town. -S
1 . 1 ii ,
itlHOec Arizona
r A T?S U.S. Dcpaty
H. . 1 JJA iJ-' IV
if 4 i). i t -i ,
t- '
ff5 (Rl
&iiii ra
sura i I .hipirra isct
&C it a i3. v' a a tis a s. ii a. kj c o
Fresh From the" Vire3 from AM
x .
Pmt I'mri-iRCO, b'opt. C--Qi:e rf th-
m-n i.outble uiehiWu.r.d co:ipe: i'o1!B
eei known was ended, tonight wlm
theio was rendered wbat will doubtless
bo ,tbe final decision lq t..e rtioobe
Hearst contest for phu.s for a group ol
buildings to bo erected at Berkeley foi
the use of the University of California.
These magnificent structures as do
signed will coat between ten and fiitecn
million dollars, and thf totnl ovp0"1
Uire required to cairy out in its com
pletion the idea of electing here tbe
finf-t edueat'onal equipment Ku tbe
world will exceed tbe lrser sum jn-n-'
time I. lin winner of the '"'rat prize
I t lie api io I (.!--liiti i i.. lion'' id,
oi Paris, who will receive a promium oi
$10,000 foi his plans.
Tho arehitectuic of all the buildings
will be classic, of tbe Grecian typo,
with modern variations to adapt them
to the purposes for' which they are de
signed. Washington, Sept. 8 Activity in the
war depaitment offices and tho close
filming that is being done regarding the
available fone for tho Philippines, indi.
eate an early movement. It has been
known that a forward movement was
contemplated in Novemberbut there
aie now indications favorable that the
cimipaign may begin at least a month
earlier if there aro fnvorablo weather
conditions. By October 1 .Geneal O.ie
will have an mmv of .11,000 effoetive
Tluy .ue bavins pome tiouole m I!-..
son ove. -il,ol matters, in thi: It up-
pears, f.om aned.tonalin the "Breeze,"
that tbepcboo. tiustee- in our neighbor-
ing town have employed a (ytnllemin to
teach iu tlia school at that place who is
cfHieted witn tuburculosis, at leadt hoc
I 'ivfroian baa v certttied, und now ths
boiiid pav tlioy don't want anyonu so af
fatp Wo be in tlw scbool wiili the child
reynbich m ju-sure to all isp"ifeotlv
,ftbt. But, as tho Bree; sngaesH, it
wuuli' be lriidly fair to t iko the asser
tion of one man in a matter where
fiiei' injufiuco might poisibly lie in
fliet d "ipon anothei. Hence it would
be but lair Xo all concerned for the
toadu'i, wbo has been employed, to
undergo an examination by otht,t
phjioians, an 1 if ttioy confirm the
judgment of thi oik who has nboady
certified in tho cape, then tbe itentb-
man slioukl giacetulty witluuaw. wtiici.
wise he uaubt to b allowed to nil his
contri.-'t with tbe' board and teai.hl.ie
term out.
Ojr Mexican (rieuds nt N-n-o are.
rnikiuggicut 1 reparations lot a uloi 1-1"
ous tune on the 15th and Kith atitfefrj " "
celo..ation of Mexico's day r "libera-1 Attention, Smokers!
tion from tbe oko of Stwifn. AH kinds I
I of .um.eing auVr.U bo h.i.l, and
'. ..ucally tho'" peculiar to tbe Mexi -
.ri, irtmlK' ucb 1.8 bull-fi-'htp. !ioie-
lajing, eiiittin ntituij:, tiape.e acting
and various, oiher atlileitc ,.Kt.-, etc.
Or.Uoirf will hi there to declare tho! -- -
glonea ot Mexico, uu.loi 0 republican lllK liBICH ,,,,, .,rr -.. nMtay
iormotgON.iiin nt. Hut to ,o H all UHiSH MW. LSFE M2M. COMPWlY
up in a low words, it wit! be a tegular j QK i'OKTLA.', WMNE.
old faahioneil rourtli ot July celeoration
. be ih a- i I10111 this o.hi ,- tomorrow.
t e. 'pioitui.it , i)ecttuUu:i
slimil 1 b- i.-ikei t iijsaii et boodb. If tbi-
wan done much lni'oiuerneiue might be
a 1 1 1 I .t lli i il.l 11 1.: rt.IJt ! lied 1 h.
plan to e, lend the bulkhead ffom the I
Hood cat to the coinpany warehouse,
which was talked of tome time ago, but 1
never put into execution, was good and j
for tho bet intmeuts of tho property
cwneis on the north side of Main street.
Ah it now i.s, all tho celais in thu unv t
aio liable to (jllevuiy time it tains euf-1
ncientiy nam to nuiKe tho gulch tun,
thereby cuufcing much daniego to tho
pmsoiiH occupying the buildings, no,t
of -.hoiu aio untoii,
iicienlly hard to make tho gulch tun,
Acioiding to a dippatih to the Salt
Like heiuld from Venial, Utr.h, the
U01 k:u.i.steis of that section havo sti ujl;
.ivintliei i-mig which ndd3 to tho i l.-on-0111en1i!
they havo experienced hui-jo '
the occlusion of sheop fiom tho timber '
u'teiv.'. A number of herds havo beon
moving 111 tlio direction of tho Uuitah
icicivation Finco the admission of uheep
at the rate of $50 or 1,000, aid the
Indians', feaiing tluit tho lango for their
poniiB will bo to.inusly affected, aio
now making a loud protest, and is 10
poitcd that no more will bo allowed to
enlcr until further notsco.
A Wonderful Cure rf Diarrhoea
Auomimnt Yrii!n;t editor had
almo- Kuen up, but was bromht ba' k
to perfect heahb b Chamberlain's
5lic, ("liuli'tj .iiJ Incrrhoea iriiiibdy.
Ibid his ed.tonal.--J1' . the Times,
jjihtiOiip, Va. . I pufferfd withdiani.ooa
f a l r.jr t t" enH H -1 ' t I p 4 .-t
' i, .; ,-uied. I had i . ii-u- JlM
i"ii I ucn?v ana ittiTare l ioiuucb mirv
tb .t 1 batf almost deoiA'J to give up all
mj.tis oi ieeofrry uiifi wait the revolt, I
! bin uoticioK the m4vrt.i8ement of
Clinmberhtin'a Coljf' Cholera and
! oea Remedy and also some test-
uiioiiijua bulling nviv auuiu wuuueriui
cures had been wrought by this remedy,
1 derided to try it. After taking a few
dofes I waecntirelyiweilof that trouble,
and I wish to sav further to ray roariflra
.nu u now-sutter isibat 1 am a hale
una htarty man today and feel as well
as J evei did in my hfo (i. K. Mouk.
j u) b ail druggists.
l , - .
W. J. Spradirm, a wtttliy cU'.iemar
i tuMicllinc lirtie i-toik iKtercflt1- in Cbior-
ule . M., while al a n idup, intd a
sliot at bis lioufekuepeiit Aimo -Mc-Kinstry,
the ball taking effect in tho
fleehy part of the neck. This attracted
the attention of cowboys nearby, who
on seeing the woman fall off hbr horse,
and Spiadling lide off at a rapUl rate,
took after tho latter and in few
minutes had his body riddled Nvith
bullets. Six penetrated his body and
head and killed him instantly.
.?800 for $500 The Ballenger cottageJ
for Bale 4 largo rooms and wardrobe
closet, including basement;, 2 rooms 12x
12, kitchen 12x15; basement floored 15x
7; water in bouse;1 healtliy location;
high ground, N. E! of yater works,
Tombstone canyon. Apply to J. F. Bal
linger, or I). A. Maikey, at'Chisholm
building. t al5-tf
News is voiy scaice in Bisbee just at
present sort of lull after tlie storm, ps
it were. , " I
Mi'lAL! -One six r.iori houf-e Uith
I'.itli and I'ei ( unec'ic.if ; best bca-
, ,lon ln U,U'K ":"e 4' lot- c l"
I ,e,lt houee J' "J r "fil- U 1une
Otto Von K el. ,27-tt
I FOR SALE I'he property on M.un
dtreut, fepown its tho ila.sion House,
furuitpie, eic. Appiyonfehe promibcs.
W. J. Chillis w,U paiui.vju a sign foi
50c. or$LW. ' .' a2atf
One new and 2 second-baud harnoss.
J. H., Jack Lumber Co. aull-lw
Depart-. ; in La Calm
An i vu!a at I 'i Ctina
'IuomIuj. . 1 l.n
Ill' It
eune'rt . i u.ni.
Satiinlu .
' rW'
' Lenv
Anaiiis Ho'ul. liis'oeo. ui
t. Ul.
. ai'i j. lii t uiui s!atU'jl',V
Kim. .,( in MkU io"f. iv-nneuM ana re
turn -M o-j. j
' .iic iro'n La Moijt-;1,11 Canamw. and
return : CJ. tF',, .
Kxoev ulji'Keortieiirlit Wo j cr p jinvi
When you vat j. souiiac
1 -Mexican Cijjar
, and u good smo!-o,o,iil fur tl.e
''fut Hot Kucioues,"
Miitoin No.rale. i'o -vl erdi-ywdb
(iv( 1. ci-.-i-.M) I' J i.)
1 ,i d . u A' b tl i peiatien oi
a . tai'uo et t'- ! Itive (! M ,t . ; t . Tb "
.1 '.V uoni i ..!. liiiMoild dom; biuu-),t-under
Mi'-h 1 1 vsl psovie'O". It
p . , n.cie ;ro m ' vv f 'I ' 1 li i'i ' pol
1 '.old', tj :n ""t '.nut of is.l 1. '8
tibut r.iiy othei company. It's iiiHii
i.mto iu uHtcdjw in overv way.
Cr II, Adams, N. W. (Jiiask,
Manager, Keaidont Agent,
Phocnis. Oisbee, Arizona.
tii' t7T
""" R. ?$$'
; STa I If taR?)
IS h r B BW
A representative estab
lishment eateriug to a
representative people.
Good Fare,
Reasonable Rates,
Correct Service,
bc TV R-S sT
W1TTT so viHclJnmvness
SHJhx' ill. TfiMtntl M ri
Made Suilu and Shirtsin 4 wy thing wearable that is
suggest '! ! ,' tit" ehan$ivii season case ajter case,
pacha r 'llvr package o; the very newest swellcst
thin . ; om f 'ir Eitid -ify hard to ?iv.- precedence to any
ow '" ic. W' '' i , b: jit, and wh'tt to leave, unsaid is
d'OjjooaU to Cciuj.
The approaching school days, bringing with them
many wants for Boys and Girls Youths and Misses,
make it imperative thai we should mention how well
prepared we are to supply every such want.
Postponing for a brief time the telling of the new
merchandise, here is reading that should interest every
father and mother of school children.
The Text Books prescribed
authorities, and the prices at
are as follows:
Applrston'i r'r-t Reader
li. N-C'l'i '
Tl.nd " . .
" Foiii lh "...
lntioductory Fouitb
Reader ...
2atUTfti Advanced Cleograjiby. .
" Elementary "
Montgomory'H American MiPtoiy
" ; Begmnei's "
$1 00
NOiaj&L?te L,4Ti,:v; Edges bound with felrf double ...25, 85, 10 and 45c Qcb.
i " " ' inglo. . .. ... 16, 20 and 25c e
SCKArCH PADS and WRITING TABLT?TS -jled and unruled. Every eise,
kind and price.
LEAD PENCILS, Slato Pencils and Chalk Crnyona; Pens Penholders andlnk;
Rulers and Eiaeers all tho little things to complete tho School Ou::..
a . VTWtf UV.
:i;ife&T8Z&3;& fti9tK!
BOY'S l!l::ri::,:,r
or unhuindiied. Cheaper than you
i-oiild make them an 1 nn,de as well
as you could wiih 23 to 83c
MP rjlfTnC! -s'lk Wm Lore already
) lll!l0...tiwLwith elastic b.i-d
!ur attacbinn to ollar. (lay bright
plaid1- h. liked by b- 35 and 6oc each
DBS II M..: ';:.:.:;:,
Horn the summers telling, and a U
worsUMl dre!,ui"j fl0m ,a;,t fi,,fls0- 'Lt
j two Ion mto ..mp'o ch ,oe :,nd the
jpticos will nu.Ivj up fo. any lack of
3iyr &'ailt8..ui.lered
e, fo i'i . In ' ! " lime, e n n ;
to 1 iv .lie i'i '. vi I Ki'ii' wboie be
ttcn Ci'o mill the phiee ot
m.'iiuiaetuu'. Tin :ut' i t ted
daily, and, no denbt, will bo lieio g
i; in time to, met t your demands.
m ta
hf i Iffi if3 Vn
ol Time Needs
to tell of in Dress Goods, in
II rl. Wni-rui-M rfi rtnrl 'Vrt-il n-n
by the Territorial Educational
which we are selling the same,
' '
- fVt 1
Fi-t i-
:o ((."' bmeiic.
b.t'i.'ii tte Ies-
tfclPheldou'a A lva..c.
Sheldon's Primarv Language Les
sons 75
j Drawing Books, Nos. 1 and 3, each 10, ' 'ic
California System of Vortical Writ-
ing, Nos. 1,2, 3, 4,5 an 16, each 10a
American Spelling Blanks lOt
(ISIIl'S 8HlilIL.S;
j wean up, fast color sort.
Black Riblted, seamless, a pair. . : "
Black Ribbed, doublo knee, throe
tbr"d heel and toe:
0 to 7, lov; 7li to tHfc, 20aa -lil.ick
Riubed, hale finish, doul
knee, (special heel
5 to 7. 2'J ; 7'j, toS's.Zot'B
Mlack Ribbed, heavy weight,doul
km e and sole :
o to i"'.., 20c, 7,s to 12 25 ' : "'
tIleay Gray ltibbod :
ti 10 7V.,, 20c; 7 to 81-, 25c a 1 ut.
For IJoys-
1 -,-
te-kt.ilf. a Ei'Viceabie boe.
S 11 to 2. $2.0T;
-''.. to rSj, 2.25 a pt.r.
Forbids A kangaroo calf shoe '-.i
or biiitoeed. Mndo of a leather that
will noj-cracjeor scuff up. H .. ,
Sizes 5 to8,(.L25; 8 to 11, $1.50;" 1
-. 11 to 2, .75 a pair. , ;" ft-

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