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' Mies Corino P.radahaw was a paaaen
gcron the incoming tmin today.
"Wood for eale, $7.50 por cord, J. Car
denas, 0. K. street.
A.W. Howe returned today from a
two-weeks' viait to Loa Angeles and
t vicinity.
RoyAL Worcester Corsets.
at "THE FAIR."
Mrs. Bert McFtirhui left on the train
"thia morning for a visit to her old home
in Texai.
If you aie of proj ur age, Fly will tak
" a Tin Type for you; if a baby in armB
be will not attempt it., aulS-tf
' Mrs. Kate Humphrey is confined to
vher room and bed with a slight attack
of fever.
To arrive, at 0 K Eivery Stable, a car
load of first rlatB buggies of all kinds,
built to order, for B. F.' Graham & Co.
- Jess Fisher came in yesterday from
"the San Bernardino ranch, and reports
prosperity in that section.
FOR RENT. Furnished rooms; ap
ply to Mrs. Hodloy. Apply on premises.
K . Sll-tf
"- James S. Williams, the druggist, has
been on the sick list for a few. days, but
Cr is able to be about his buBinces today.
RoyAL Worcester Corsets.
at "THE FAIR."
- Miss Maude L. McKibben, of Do
'troit, Mich., is making a viait to the
copper camp a nd will remain for several
Mrs. M. Martin will open a boarding
'houee in the adobe house, opposite the
1 Czar shaft, on the 10th of the present
- month, when elie will take a limited
number of boarders at regular rates, lw
"j Deputy Sheriff William Hildreth
came in a day or two ago fromNacq. He
' is nursing a lame leg, caused by a fall.
Nothing serious. , ,
'OK Livery Stable will be restocked
with, a .complete lino of new buggies,
eureys;' carriages, buckboarde, moun-
tain spring wagons, traps, everything
to make a first class livory stable, in a
'fe,w days. t
', FOR RENT. Threc-roomcd house;
,rooU location; $12 pur month: apply ut
thisollice. Sll-tf
Georgo Dun opwied lits doois for bu.si-.
J- ness tliid morning, unci appears to bo do
N ing a good business for tlio first day.
Give him a call..
"bnV positive guarantee. Cuies heart
burn, raising of the food,; distress after
' eating or mrv form of dyspepsia. Una
'tyittle tablet gives immediatu relief 25
cts. and 50 ctn. For sale at Uisbeu Di ug
W. 0. Green only remained at homo
a' few days, and is now in Now York
. again. ,, ,.
RbyAtiWoRCESTER Corsets.
i, ' ' at "THE FAIR."'
W. H. Brophy,' manager of tho Cop
.per QutH)n store returned today fioiu'liis
eastern trip'wlicro he has been pur
chasirtg the fall and winter supply of
goodsfort.hu company.
Anyone wanting tin or eheet-iron
work, should call ou E .0.' Ord & Co.
Next to the Brewery. ' E7 if
', J. A. Irwin returned today after a
znontbB' vitit to various pails of the
.-Golden state. He will remain for a
week or ten days in the city before leav
ing for 1ub old home in Texas.
For Sale A twoToom furnished
house, good lot, centrally located. RenU
for $15 per month. Only$50J. Apply
at this office. j 7i f
, Felix Leavii-k, the Denver mining
H jman, returned lodayfrom that city aftur
1 -a two weeka visit. He will leave in
the morning for his claims in the Mon-
tazuma canyon in the Huachucus.
For wounds, burns, scalds, sores, skin
diseases and all irritating euiptions.
noihing so soothing and healing as Du
Witt's Witch llazul Salve. Mrs. Emma
Tsolles, Matron Englowood Nursery,
t .kChicago, says of it: "When all else fails
in healing our babies, it will cure."
Copper liueen store.
Frank P. Powell, representing the
firm of E. Goslinsky & Co., cigar and
-.tobacco dealers, of San Francisco, is
".'Tisiting our city in tho interests of his
' houBe, and paid the Okii ollico a pleue-
ant call today. He is stopping at the
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is a scientific
compound having tho endorsement 0(
' eminent physicians and the medical
press. It "digests what you eat" and
positively cures dyspepsia, m. a. i
.Ketron, Bloomington, Tenn., fays it
.cured him of indigestion of ten years'
standing. Coppor Queen storo.
Robert Clayton, who was shot B,,i""--. u, iajhuu oaso. iickcih ,
Naco Saturday last, died at the company or ,l0 ,nt nif(' rK Storo. Music;
lionnitiillantr.M.L.iLllo'elwk. Xour. '' Cl"u " '"'' f V0 pieces. I
rangoments havo been mule fur the in-
terment of the remains. His father
. ...
anu mother arrivetl on the ti am mid
afternoon and probably tho funeral will
" take-phico tomon.ow afj'oTuoou.
FOU SALE Furniture complete for
0. rooms, bjals, bedding, carpets, chairs,
uiniug ruom ami Kiicnen uxture., eic. luei cuinpiexioii, or moueyfieiuiKioii. zo
' The houscr-for rent, i.-jcilt'ion, old ctH. and 50 cts. For sale .at Bisbeo
v Catholic Church, Quality Hill. SI) atJ)iuTSton. . ,
At about 11 545 Saturday night tho
west bound"oxprcs8 pulled into Cochise
station, eleven miles west of Wilcox.
Everything was quiot and tho station
agent and trainmen were about their
business as usual, but in a very short
time a slight commotion was noticable,
and one of tho brakemen was soon going
back to tho rear end of tho train with a
lantern on one arm and the other hand
raised above his head; then it was
noised around atr.ong the passengers
that anold-up was in progress. Two
masked men had como upon the scene
and had o'rdered the brakoman to tho
rear, and ho was not slow to oboy or
ders. The robbers compelled tho trainmen
to uncouple tho baegage, mail and ex
press cars, and pull them a distance of
about a mile, or possibly a mile and a
half west of tho station, when they were
stopped, and the work of blowing open
the safe containing money and express
matter was begun, tho robbers using
giant powder to accomplish their pur
pose. Two oxplosions was all that was
necessary to cause tho iron boxes to
open, when tho robbers secured their
contents and made good their escape.
No one on tho train was molested, the
highwaymen stating to the trainmen
that it was not their intention to mo
lest any one, Faying that all thoy wanted
.was in the express car. Tho mail car
.was not disturbed at all, and but fur the
delay of an hour and a half, the passen
gers were not inconvenienced in the
least.. The only damage being done
was to the roof of the express car and
to the company's safe.
, i(No clew as to who the men were who
did the robbing, or as to tho direction
,they took after leaving the train, has
yet come to our knowledge. The
amount secured by the robbeis is not
'known, but ia thought to be consider
able. The above information was gained
from an interview with Mr. Frank P.
Powell, a commercial traveler on tho
train at the time of tho hold-up, and
who is now in Bisbeo stopping at tho
Queen Hotel.
A Night Of Terror.
"Awful anxiety was felt for the wid
ow of the brave General Burnham of
Machias, Me., when the doctors said
ehe could not live till moi ning" writes
Mrs. S.H.Lincoln, who attended her
Ltjiat fearful night. "All thought she
must soon die from Pneumonia, but she
bi'gged for Dr. King's New Discovery,
baying it had more than once saved her
life, and had cured her of Consumption
After three email doses she slept easily
all night, and its further usocompletely
cured her." This marvelous medicine
is guaranteed lo euro all Throat, Chest
and Lung Diseaeea. Only 50ij nnd$1.00.
"I rial bottles free nt the Bisbeo Drug
Stoie and Coppor Queen Co.
A Frightful Blunder
Will often cause a horrible Burn,
Scald, Cut or Bruise. Bucklon's Arnica
Salo, the best in tho world, will kill
the pain nnd promptly heal it. Cures
Old fir res, Fever Sores, Ulcers, Boils,
Felons, Corns, all Skin Eruptions.
Best Pile cure on earth. Only 25 cts. a
box. Cine guaranteed. Sold by the
Haibee Drug Store and Copper Quoen
Played Out.
Dull headache, pains in various parts
of tho body, sinking at the pit of the
stomach, lo33 ef appetite, foverishness,
pimples or sores aro all positive evidence
of imDuro blood. No matter how it be
come so it must be purified in order to
obtain good health. Acker's Blood
Elexir has never failed to cure Scrofl
ulous or Syphilitic poisons or any other
blood diseases. It is certainly a wonder
ful remedy and we sell every bottle on
a positive guarantee. Sold by J. S.
Willhmib & Co.
Saloon For Sale.
On O.K. street. Fixtures, including
billiaid table, are ilr.t class, Also fur
niture, beds,, bedding, bedsteads chaiis,
stove, cooking utensils, tables and a
I barber's outfit. All will bo sold at very
I reasonable prices. Apply at this office.
A2U tf
Sick Headache absolutely and d or
manently cured by using Moki Tea. A
pleasant herb drink. Cures cons tip,
1 ation and indigestion, makes you eat
sleep, work and happy. Satisfaction
guaranteed or monoy back. 25 cts.
! ! 50 cts- or Bale by J. 8. Williams
& Co. i
'J'heie's always hope while there's One
Minnie Cough Cure. ''An attack of
' " 'y ' '" oau snape,
nun i wun nuiir i mi iirsi siauea 01 con-
I sumption. One Minute ("o-gh Cure'
completely enrol nin," wiites lldun
Mcllenij, Bismarck, N. I). Gives in-
sluiit relk-f . Cupper Queen ttoro. J I
Duice to hj uiven at the Opera flouso,
C? I O.l I... T ..-,' -.- n. i
"'t- " '" ' nt tho box
1II,J; Pr" Um the evenu.u-of
I in i niien.
( Moki Tea poiitively cures sick head
I ache, indigesti-in and constipation. A
dilighlful herb think. Uemoves all j
etuptions of tho skin, producing a per-'
b. f. Oram am & co.
House Furnishers,
0. K. Livery, Feed
and Saie Stable : :
Blacksmith Shops, Harness
and Saddle Shop
' H ,l.
House Furnishing Goods, Furniture, Carpets, Linoleum,
Rugs, Granite and Tin .Ware, Stoves, Lamps,
and China Crockery Ware.
Corner O. K. Street
and Railroad Avenue.
White pique skirts at reduceupricfes
at BlewetUs? , afl-tf
Go to 0K Livery Stable, if you want
good driving teams. t
FOR SALE A first class organ. Ap
ply to Mrs. Wm . Case. J3l-2w
Maps of Cochise county for sale at
this office. 25 cents each. tf.
For cold air flues, roof plates and
guttering, call onC. A. Newman, mlOtf
A full line of ladies' wool skirts, all
colors, just received at Blewetts. all-tf
Go to B. F. Graham &Co. for Furni
ture and House Furnishing goods, t
Latest styles in millinery goods .at
Mrs lilewett's. JG-tf
For Salt FiiFt-chiFg E&te or&an ; $35.
J. II. Jack Lumhei Co. auM-lw
One nevr and - -i.: nl li.tml' li:n ti-"rr
J. II. Jack: Lumhei Co. auii-hv
Fly's I'Jiotogiaph Gallery oppui-ite
residence of Win. Hump, ' Biowery
gulch. 'nilo-if
llain, hail or movt, that watch must
go. Uinkle, the j.-wcli'i, does, that, at
Blewell's shoe store. t
B. F. (milium & (.'. wit knv two
cxil stiin ijf luuiitMu unit Fin iit.-''in
goodt- in in m week
Does ymu watch have fiti- or e p.ii-iiin?
Iliukle, tho jewelei', tines ihcin. At
Blowett'8. f.
If you want a nowhat.neafly trinnued
to suit your tatto, leave vour order at
Mrs. Bewett'a. Jfl-tf
Do you want your old watch good as
new? If to havo it lepaiu-d by llinkie,
the jeweler, in Blewett's shoe siou t
FOR SALE The propeityjui M.iin
Slicet, known a) the Mansion il.iiis.j,
furniture, etc. Apply on the, picinited.
J 27 luio.
Prociastination is tho thief of time I
So havo II inkle, the jewelei. catch the
thief. Blewett'8 pIioo stoio. f
If you find the way
to our dental parlors right
now it may save you a lot of expense
aud pain a year from now. I omo people
aren't very much concerned about
troubles that aio a year in the ilist:.nce,
but a year will fly around in a veij t-lioit
time. It's neither expensive nor ptin
ful to have little cavities in the teeth
filled. You'll be obliged foi the hint.
Du. W. K.O.i.uiiii.h.,
(;hish ilin Building.
IE ilil.
Short Order House
Short Orders also S. rved nt nil
Hours Throughout the d.sy . .
Table Sum Hod with EerUhln In Sprroii.
'Tills Kat'ihlUluiHiut IfcNowb FiiiiiHlicii. imii
lfjiod ami Koivlro will Do of tlio nesit"""'
wma t a
lo. jj. t:.
Funeral Directors
.SisToee, -&.. T.
VniTNTt-.il nliatlr nn tAI nn 1'..1 r ......
Hanlc.Tulnro, Culifurnia, drawn in favor of
ouu r runcisco lirni. uwnor cuu nave same
ur proving propony anu paying lor this
notice. J13tf
WANTED A trood conucr nrooertv or
group of claims. Sund full dohcriptlon of
property, location, distance from railroud,
water, fuel, eto. Send sample of ore by mull
or express, prepaid. Addross, ROBERT
BUKMIAM, 121 Cunip St., Providence. R. I,
FOR SALE-Tiio O K Harness Shop bust
ness, stock und ltxtures. Will re. t room for
same. Apply to a. V. Grahum & Co. J2tf
FOUND A ludy's black cupo with fur
trimming:,. Ownor curt have same b; culiini;
ut thidoUtcj und pajinir for this notice.
l''uit Uii.Vi -i'our fiiiulshud iooiiik, buth
riiO.u in coiuicctiou without oxiru chiugu
Ai.plj lu ti. k. VVilliuuia. J'Ji-tt
The Cochise Copper Mining Company,
Bisbee. Arizona.
This company owns a very valuable
group of mines eituatedi in Warren
milling district, county of Cochise,
Arizona, lying Immediately east of and
adjoining the toiwn of Bisbee, and ad
joining the property of the Copper
Queen Consolidated Mining company
on the north. The latter company has
been m operation tor about twenty
years, and employs about 1,500 men
daily in the operation of its mammoth
mine and smelters, and as a result
has produced copper to over 34,000,000
pounds during the year 189S, and the
net proceeds of such production are
reported to have been over $2,000,000,
and It has been said by experionced
minors who have been, under its em
ploy for years, that the Queen mine
now has sufficient ore in sight to keep
it in constant operation for the
next twenty years without further de
velopment. Is it not reasonable to believe that
the property of the Cochise company is
fully as valuable, when It Is within
such close proximity to such a won
derful mine?
The blasts set off in the underground
workings of the Queen property can
easily be felt and heaid at the shaft of
our mine, and oftimes the concussion
has. attracted marked attention.
The original owners cf these valu
able mines are local business men, well
and favorably known in iiisbee and
surrounding vicinity, who are doing
their utmost to make thi3 enterprise a
success in every respect. The board of
directors are original owners, and arc
donating their services to tho com
pany until such time as the mine will
pay dividends. They own the con
trolling interest in this property, and
as a protection to stockholders havo
placed their entire Interest iu escrow
for a term of one year.
Tho stock books of our company are
now open for subscriptions, and a lim
ited number of shaies are offered at
ten cents per chare. No application
for les3 than 100 shares will be ac
cepted. The company reserve tho light at
any time to advance the price of shares
without further notice, or to reject any
application for stock at their discre
tion. Every cent received from the salo o
stock will be expended toward the de
velopment ot our property and tho
erection of hoisting works, and al1
other necessary Improvements, and to
make our enteipriso a success iu every
Wo Invite investigators and their
experts or their engineers to closely
scrutinize our propoity.
Applications for shares may be mado
to any of- tho directors of the com
pany, or to any of our lega'.ly author
ized reprewntatlvts.
J. MUI1EIM. SupU & Tieas.
G. W. HILL. Vice-Pros.
S. K. WHiLIAMB, fee.
Bisbee. Arizona
l.ew Olllci m of
J.1 Willi iut:tio-'l. Now York.
M.U5X U. IIAltdV. Nimi'UN CHASK,
l'i.i:uO. HANKOU1),
Kppirrmtfd In Ailrnmi by Koiton Chute,
A.lnmr, Hoto', Pji'jeuij.. tvpVuiu
per in a forin suitable for framing, bv one of the largest art
lithograph houses iu America,
of color plate work. Every A
these handsome pictures ot Admiral Dewsy. It must be
remembered that this picture will be in no sense a cheap chro
rao, but will be an example of the very highest style of illumi
nated printing. It will be an ornament to any drawing room
or library. Our readers can have the Dewey portrait at what
it costs us, namely twenty cents per copy, by merely
filling out the coupon below, and sending it tc this office
at once. There will be such a demand for the portrait when
it is published that ue advise sending orders in advance; as
many copies as may be desired can "oe had on one coupon,
providing twenty cents is sent for each copy. Write
name and address plainly ; remit in coin or postage stamps-
To The Daily Orb,
Bisbee, Cochise Co., At'iz.
For the enclosed remittance cents
senclme copies of the. Admiral Dewey Portrait
in colors, as described in today's paper.
Date Address
VA Xlo
TViTYxT liF A ft
in mv MAIN
Tinner, Plumber and Sheet Metal Worker.
Second Iliad Gootla Rougrlit and Sold.
ice in m a lift
TIM GRIFFITH, Proprietor.
Finest Turnouts in the City,
Horses boarded by the week, day or month. Horses
bought and sold. Complete hack service. Hacks will
meet all ti-ains. Good service. ....
Upper Malm St.
The Home Bakery
Is now open for business iu the Duffy building,
Brewery Gulch, and is now ready to furnish patrons
with the best of
$ Fesh Bread,
A t ed-Rock Prices.
lie will also continue business for a time at the old
stand, O. K. Stieet, next to the
iwiiiiiwiliiMMill w-aBWty''wr'w'iyinn mhii
1 ra-
R ,:
m in iKK
7 hat all
buy their
S &ff
A m iin r r -, - -
C. A. Overlock & B
Union HarteeL
Keeps on hand a large assortment of
Also a full lite of the kreirg Patent Wcciciucs, No-
tioys, 'Joilet Ai ticks and Pcifiunos. Physicians Frescrip f
tions Carefully and accurately Compounded.
Also .1 well solec'tt'd stock of the l)CHt :
C!ii!l "ami see ih.
Man of the Hour,
A Magnificent
Portrait of . .
. . In Ten Colors . ,
Size, I4x2i inches.
Will be .published by us shortly. It is
now being printed for us on heavy pa.
in the famous French style of
merican family will want one of
T O. K. Street,
Bisbee, Arizona.
Sisfcee, Arizona
.GEO. DUNN, Proprietor
J. A. S. MILLER, Prop.
Cakes and Pies l
Orb ofiicc. ? t Vj
rBiicf5rA' n u uciuijAf
,A R
o the best people or Bifbee
Jf cat and Bread vf , .
A. j" - &&
I fi
snv ,w
L ' vl 4i .

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