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The Arizona daily orb. (Bisbee, Ariz.) 1898-1900, October 03, 1899, Image 4

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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,$ ' 5', ' -!'v "&? ""ANvfiil.nirietywiia felt for Ukk wl.d
MJCctl ,prCVI.UF-J UwMa . Wo.vfcfidhho doctors snid
.. ' . i . pri
,v"- '" s Jiff, flm mild no: live til! nioi'ninU" writiYs
,'fVBWW.Mrti &MI. .Lincoln, whp -intended licr
..SnMribeforTiu:Olu. " . Hrt. ft-nrfnl nlyht. ;;,AH tiiliit:lU,-.B)io-
'" . V to-dftto juii i.iiiHUJKUi -iiiRUHB, inusfHiotj'iinj-iroin,feuiiioHui, uui sue
""StA-riff Scott Yfil: is ip town to-luy. fitted. lor Dr. JCiiiji'a New Jjiscovery,
la.MVrfvlM'm'i.;uili,ory iM m."
.; ..... . . liftV-Vi.t!1 li'tul ciiicH her erf Consumption
. . , , .Uter three imi'dl dosts she Hoit easily 1
i:imrie8-now.raiiii, wio m. muiwn at- H h All,i,ifs.further ipocoinp.etely;.
toi:u:y, enmt) m uwiay iroiu lumusio-iu. ,.,...i .,
I -
2'liid niiirvaloua medicine
Mi&s Morrinni Was yt-Metday tiblo to ;. Lm,rrariti!ed .to cure all Throat. Cheat'
, u'tulue chargis of lieVclttSsea'iii tli pub- Kim jLlinK Disuuses. .0i1y oO.i and $1,00..
;Uu HuttOul. i'l rial liotlleafreo tt he BiBbua Driij
Go and seo llioee new B.teefloUllnB1 Store and Copper Qu,?.U!t-Co.
beds!, at B'.F. Graham & Go's, t'lirnitino
.stqrv. . " -w;1' '. ", Sl'J-tf
. MrslfolYy Uramlop baa. moved into
the Smith lealdi-nco nvar Hip scIumiI.J
Do you want your old watch nood.ua
sow? II eo have it icpaiicd by Hinkle,
,t)ie jeweler, in lilewett's shoe atom, t
', rocrastinatiou la the thiel of time I
Ha hay II inkle., the jeWcIer- catch the
Jiief. Blewett'a ehoe btoio. . t ?
files' Maty Goodbody-hmruetor of
hoio. .Forles&ona apply at residence Of
.; .MrVVilllu;u.lI. Biophy. ' - loitfs 1-w
. . Mrs, Sign-inn,' waa tliia inormuK pro;
fuestlng very favofably hr'spitcof m
iiieVero itijuriea. In view ij"lior ill heiltj'.
previous iw. avuidutil eeibua cqmpli-
;cation8 wjjre at llret feaied, htifliavti
!een al'ipareriUy averted, veiy happily?
Ackku'V 'suush JtHMKOy NViLU S5TOP
".a couish at any ttlne. and will cure the
.worst cold in twelve tioura, or money
.refunded. '25otH., an'd.BU eta.' Voir isalu
JBisLtuDiuu tore. ". ,
'JEhere wab quite a lively poker game,
'laalint: a fewtibura, in one of the ealoona
yealerday, and at ita cluau it waa found
.that a miner who ia not at all addicted
to poker aa-a -habit, waa the man who
Jaad gotten aVvay with the bauage.
President 'king.Farmer'is bank.Brook
Jyn,Mich., Jiaa uaed Uu Wittia Little
Karly''Iii!er8,. in, Ida family for years.
Saya they are the beat. Tiieae famous
.little pilla'cure couatipatlon, billiousneaa
.and all liver and bowel troubles. Cop--
perQueeii store. t,
' Xt seems to be underatood that 8 J .
"Klil'ler has sold, or at least bunded, his:
l.'rbup of miuiiiK properties just south o(
Kwn to tome eaateru parties, whose
repreaei'itativea'haye been herefpi; some
days.' Wowere 'unable thus far to ob
tain the facta in the matter. ,
' "When, our boys were almost dead from
the whooping Cpiifel our dootor ipvv.e
One Minute L'du$h CuVe. They recover,
.edrapidly,' WiKeal'. B'. lklles, ArKyle,
Pa. It cures touha, colds.'Kfippe and
Ii. &eilncr roDtOFOijtinj: The Zeltnbr
Piai-.o conipany ofj Loa Angeles, .came in
on the aftprnoon. tv;aia yaatanhty and
loft again this morning, . lie will' roMir'n
here in abiiut ten- days,. britiKinj; witli
him a carlo.ui of piauo't to be disposed
of in this maikct. Mr. &lner will maka
his headquarters at jewelry stqreof H".'
SchmiediiiHvyhera ho. will be pleased to
seo all who desiro.to. examino Qr pur
clinse pianos. . ilia inatr.umoiita are of
'"t'n&'vdry heat make, and aroaold witli'or
1'Aaiantee'. Hia pnuoa are reasonable
ani"hia tenna eiffly-. ' '"'.
"7,' . ,A ?rif5htfuL Blu-mler
..Willoften ,ca1ii-o,-'li "lioirililo Burn,
Snafd, -Cul ixf Bruise1" Bnckfen'a Arnica1
j9ac.j.l!iu boat in the .world,, w.ill kill
thiuiaiu amViitomptly heal- it: Cure's
.OliCTOs, Ko.v.ijr,.;Sore3, Ulcnr?,. ikiilrf,'
Feiop.a, Corns, all :ijkiu Enitiotia.
Beat Pile cure on earth. .. O.nly 26 ct3.'a
box. Cure, guaranteed. Sold by tho
Bat'bee Drug Stord,.vand Copper Queen
Co. . .
t''" XT'
iP ."-'
- -- -.
B- iHirmsliers,, rjmerariteciors
tj- :.;4fJK" Livery, Feed
and -Sale1 Stable.:
frSBiaeraiiif th 'Shops, Harness
''- - ' W mh'X m. fr t?orti:ait,c.f . , -, 1M
W" " . ii-1 .-.A j . LJ d.Vfcf.. .'A V.O . i J j. 4 irMMBBB
i;?v.. w-r- -m W 4& m mm .. . .a . ,r? " 'i-JtMSS
v ti irj. s .u ITU .if if a a - " - '.g-uaniiati
lAMbf ra uewev ;
. .- : :.V ' MSafl Will be published by us shortly. It in , 1 M
-, -""- " now being rt.jidJ&jjs-O&iieavytpa WMS
' '-fcf hi it fbri'n'Miifnoie' For framing, by cue of ihe largest art iiP
litliograpn hotu-.es iv.k America..'! jitiae; famous trench stUle of
of color
7. . : ' "
plate work: ' Every American family will want one of
these handsome piaur.es of Admipa.jDew-Sy... It musti)e
! rlihembereU that th'-i fjictu"re:viiT be iiitno sense a cheap chro-
nio, but will be ail 'c. simple of the very highest style of il'imi-
naled printing. ; Jt.will b&qu ornament to "any drawing rDomi
1 or library. Our.re lders can have the Dewey portrait, at what
it costs its, namt'ly twenty cents per copy, by merely
n ,
tTtl Ci ''I'Ml'l 4- -! M mA r Tj t . ..- A .. t. . T. .. '1
""iS:."1 H13"' "& - u"s, ;j,u.,i auui c, v-iw-pciSjfjf wuiaieuiu, ' niung out tiie coupon Delow, and sending it to this oihee
Kiigs urauite ana linv Ware; btoves, liaiiip,,.,,. ? UruXXh .v,tiA- a-t -I-! j
..,.-. ijy -.-.. OK . mm;' . - ' ;;"... ; rtis pub,istj thajgfjae.sjeftarag orders m advance as-
1- .ClT - -and China 'Crock dry Ware.'.- ' '' ' f4 W&W c)?ls hSffea.Wifiibe had on 6ne coupon,
" ':: "' " " -- 'MoyM'ute twen cents is s'enH or each codv. Write
v n.omo-.o. i,.W,.0ot...l-,ilv-iv .-SJCVi r iia!.-?-1"?-.
ff , fcM W fcJg.T. .wy I wwwjm .y.mMlll !! IIWIM HI M Hi ll ! M. M M J i
" fc-A
uh throat and lu'uj; troubles. Copper
ueeii store.- J' ' 'lI ' ' ' ?
The lemoval oftho Cuntom House from
L.i 'Morita to Naco. ia expected at uur
time how. . However, nothiiig .definite
.pan ye't be stated concerning the exact,
,date. The railroad oificiala and other
A,tlflu1jur.oa are acting toward expediting
't,he nuUleV as much aa possible.
"If did ma more good thai) anything 1
ever used. My dyspepsia. Vas of, months'
standing; after eating it was terrible.
Now l"am well,' wiites S. U. Keener,.
Iloisinuton, Kas., of Ko'dol Dyspepsia
Cure, It digests what vou eat. Copper
Queeor Store. " t
The territorial law of A.rixpna requires.
that all locations and .registrations of
infnes and mineral deposits made in any
cf the mining districts. of' the territory
snail bo filed with.the co'uiity recordor
for record within ninety days after the
same shall have been located. 'Bhe.law.
has been interpreted to exclude the iivat
da the day of location- and include
tho last day. Thus a claim, located at
any hour on January first after mid
night December 31at, would count Jan
uary L1 aa tho first day.. January 3 2nd
day, etc; " The ninety iays woufd there
fore expire April 2.nd armidnight, in
any year-exce)ting le'A'p' year.
An inventory and appraisement of the
property belonkitig to tho estate of the
late-W,0. O'NeinXBuckoywas filed in
the. probate court 'ye6twrday"in'Yu'apui
(county. The-ApruieJin'en'C AT the estate.
agKrega.tes a' value of'' $71,250: 'The
JournaP'MiiiHi'-says'th'at th6 two princi
pal itenfd arU'What aro"kli5'wn as the
O'Neill bdlldiiig'iii Phdjilixl which wltii
the lot ia valued at '.-10it)tJf)i; and.(h.e
WashiiiRtbh stre'et property there valued
at' $15,000. An in treat in the J. B. Kdnv.':
Hardware company of Phoenix, the H.
H. (McNeil PriptinK' c6mrj!iiy, midland,
at 'Buckeyo'afo among other items bo
longing to thostale.'
James Garrett, Jr.', was arrested laat
week upon complaint of liis fatho'r, who
claimed that Jiimea had assaulted him
by striking him coutrai'y to the peace
and. dignity of, the" territory and tho
"statutes-thereof'and also in Violation of
the divine command "Honor thy father,
etc." Justice Williams set his case for
yesteiday afternoon and moan while the
Corner O'f K. Street
rner : is., street "ffls ,i Zs. hTH
and 54allrpad Avenue S55 3. 9 aj&n C ' L ''
The CQipmencing vof the building of culprit was released upon depositing $20,
When ma case was called
yesterday James failed to appear and his
the railroad tdNacosariia being delayed cash bail.
i . . i .i
uy reason oi wio cpmpauy uot. uaving
yet been ablq to complete arrancraraoiita
with the Mexican government for the
necessary coiiCessioua, but '.no delay, is
expected nowto be of short duration.
Experience is the best teacher. Use
Acker's English Remedy in any case pf
JouIim, colds 'or croup. Should it fail
ic- nlve immediate relief money, re
fundedi 23 cva.'nnd'SO cts2- Sold by J.
S. Williams & Co. -
Therowas iut!inucli of, a .D.ewoy cele.
IjuRtfVin tho 'wflid, utf there was very
little-noibe. "tlast niglit tho, patriotic
. kcitl2iVlJr,.W'Xlutlttrlmfoil.lhe l'lbneer
band.'andkept it playing until long-after
jnidiiitfhviu h6"norof tiiu hero of'Manila
Jjay. Be publican., . i, '
nick; Headache' absolutely and per
manently cured by using Moki Tea. A
pleasant hurl) drink. Cures constip,
atiou and, indlgenttou, maxes you eat,
sleep,' work and happy. Satisfaction
guaranteed or money t back. , 25. pts.
an,d 50 eta. For salo by J. Hi "Villiatri8
& Co. f'
The Al Cattle company luivo sold their
lauds in ihe ylcinltyof.F.lagstaffto some
Michigan capitalists. The purchase price
is said t$::be UO.OOO. The amount of
land is estimated al about 120,00'J acres.
Jt is also reported' that the company will
jiut in a large sawmill plant in Fort
'alloV .to cut tho timber on these lands
Vito lumber Coconino Sun.
bail wai declared forfeited.
In tho course pf some pf his remarks
at thq receut session of the Institute of
Mining Engineers in San ;Franoifcco,
Prof. James Douglag referred to ft prob
ability that at an early day electricity
as a motor would bo. largely introduced
into the working of, tho mines of .thef
,vHbi vuceu c'jmp.iiiy.- AS. wuuw oc
well foi1. Eomo of our working mon ' to
LOST A'ladia'agoM wtntch with short
garnet chain. Lost betweei. Opera
Mouse and ball ground. Inst Sunday.
Liberal reward to finder. Leave at" the
uostoflice. ' S25-Gt.
Go. to O K? Livery Stable, if you want
good driving teams. t
Ifor galvanized iron taid and cant
teetib of all sizes go to C. A. Newman.
Maps of CochUo county for shIo at
this ofiicQ. ,25. ceuts each. tf.
For cold, air flues, roof plates and
guttering, call on C. A. Newman, mlOtf
A full line of .ladies' wool skirts, all
colors, jusf. received at Ble.vetts. all-tf
Go to D; I.-Graham & Co. for Furni
ture and blouse Furnishing goods, t
.FOR UKN-I?.- Furnished rooms-; ap
ply. to Mrs.-Hodley. Apply on promises
... Sll-tf
. Go to.l'v G.,0rd&Co. for. tanks ahd
plumbing.- .N.e.xtdooreustot Breweri'.'
U;F;lyl(iPlQtograph .Gallery dpp6s'ite
residence.- off i. (Wtn,- ilarriPf HVfewerV
guloh. pilit-tf
B. . F-irahara.-HSf Co.- will Mvef two
carl';adsof JFuuature and ;- Furtiihhin'
goods iu next wcok.
Folding beds' rtt B. F. Graham & Co's.
from $lu,up'i0- $85; a fine line of them
uow ready, to be Hhmvn. ' SlOtf
To arrive; at O K-L'weiy Stable, a car
load of first .clas.i. buggies of all kinds,
built to ordoti Ior.B, h Graham & Co.
Anyone .warning tin ar. sheet-iron
work, should call pn 15 .G. Ofd. & Co.
Next to ihe. Brewery. 87. tf
Does your watch have fits or-spasms?
li inkle, the jeweler, cures them., At
Blowett's. f
Avoid assessment wot k and have your
claims patented befoie Oct. 1st. Geo.
C. Clark, E. M., Howell ave. S15-2w
Kuin, hail or snow, that watch must
go. H inkle,' the jeweler, does that, at
lilewett's shoo store. f
If you want'a now Ii.tt, neatly trimmed
to suit your taste, leave votir order at
Mrs. Bewt'tt'a - " '"" JC-tf"
The latubtnovlty.out is' a'Visiting
uard.putupin-ljodks, with ivhandtome
rilumiiiimi case. When you want a
FOIt SALE Or.P siy.rrwiini ikuuu u-iili
V, .. . .
oatn and water connecNons; hpst Inca
.tion in town. Also one extra lot. Can
rent houk at '$30 per month. . luquiie
of Otto Von Kanel. (,27tt
it Slop, Thief ofTi.njnnii,:ivp you
watch repaired. - Ifinkl'c,' the " juweler,
eaves y'op. the", seconds ,JJ)evvts (hoe
for- .'.'', . ."Jt;';,:H!.lm
y. F; Guilmm &-Coilin'vo.juyt icc.i ived
a carload of furn'ituio 6't'itUi;ii. Pricea
tiglft; terms easy Cn'li.imd yeo' their
iiew iroodfi.
V. For!" "Sahi A iv0.foinii1'-hed
for -i'lo ipr nionjlv OnljOAi.ply
lu-Miiamce. -.- 'jyiTif
;EQA-t?- A iwtififiri5r7r,a,ed
house, iio-ar Opt'ia llvtiLiuisii'sain.
TVpply "al t'ipi'tiil'ce. f-. . 1 j-tf
(i. WANTED A " woman (o (! house
weak suid-liaht'cookliig For pi icnlars
.apply to C'. A.'Fcrnai'-d'o',' i-nf'' !.ii."-;ilian
3P.;ui Celifral, LoclgWfa liouM-i'. 'sf 0,'tf
'O it Liveiy Stniilu will lc ijhtoijked
j.witlr...T complete' line'of iiiUv I ii-jgies,
sjireits, i-c.vriagc, Ti'itMrlvia'.T-, ..loun
tfin Rpritig wagons, traps, e'l-iyiiug
to pmkw a firut elass'livciy stalde, in a
few duvs
. -To-TkorDailTOi'b:'- - ''."
: ! ' .: . " p -' ttfabik, Cocluso 'Co.,Mz.. . - --'
For- JwdniiliOMtlreirn- unco..
jui iic ;jj
' ' -...ceils
sejid?no cojfi.of he. Admiral Dewey For red
ill color,1;, as described ih eddy's paper,, v ,f-,. - .
Da e
Tinner, Plumber and Sheet Metal Worker.
tt: :iiia. uoou uoiiKUt.aua oia, ,v
I1 R
Pits ffill'life i .
mmlmmMwOmru JmmMmMWmuwMMmm
I o!rrKit-Hr- ; J
TM; GRI FFITHeProprietorv
Finest Turnout? Jn.the ,City
Horsesn bqaic"l Jgthe feek.f ddly o'k.mo'ktfc Horses
' ""15oughf duel sold. Complete hack service. Hacks will
meet all trains. Good service, ;
Upper MninJz-z.-. j- v.-Eib-er-ATrhajira
i.. i iny'V"
-e, -
ii '
f To I
Played Out.
. -i , t
Hull headache, pains in various parts,
cf the body, sinking at tho pit of the'
)omjHih,JosH ef appetite, feyorishn.ess,
piinplesOrsordsaroall positive evidence
pf imnuro bloop. No matter how it be
come so it must be purified in order to
obtain; gopd, 4ealilj 'AqkerV Blood
Lloxir has never failed to cure Scroll
illous or Syphilitic ppisoryi. or any. other
blood diseasB. 'It fi certainly a wemdor
fiil remedy and- we sell every, bottle oQ
ai poaitive. guarantee. Bold . ty J 8.
) Uliatn & Co.
jamtuarizo, tnemaeives, ttmorettcaily at cai n ia t0ni out, lenvliiK 'a short stub
least..wih the working of electric ma- jn tho cnb0. Tho ,.,$, o..0 ,,orror,ltP.i
diinor, in advance..,. , , At the stub, inalU,'-it-ensyto-tWnr.
"I-am often too 'busy to read your' """ a a book iusja UuMJjubsaVe
Raper Ihroutjh,' Writes. Sacramento, i slipped out and ancihr inserted. The
Qal., subscriher.'h.ut I alw'ays.iead the !C11S0 id " IJOig-ful ! - projects, itbe
advertisements. Without derouatinsr cart,- Vou can set them ut Tna Ottn
. i.- - -... .....
from; the value of the reading articles-, u,11J0l!i,,",J le3,
and items, I think u itema nro very ,' 'pj'oxiCF' rt CStiF
liin:n.DtlU;. 1VUUUIII.IV a. UiUHUU 10 uuy ;
about $400 worth of machinery and' ....rTncrrnVvn,...,.... ,
ppon looking throUKh your paper found , -j-roTICE JSHERUHY,GIVNy thotin-lcr-aiivertised
jiut what I wanted" Mining T. B'"cil' riint!UWriUris of tho c,tntb a
. h ' Joseph b. Korton, tlocuux-d, to the crodllor.s
1'reSS. i and till iHirsoiia lmvltu clulins njridnst tiiu
, saia uucuii!ici, 10 oxuiiiit tneni, Willi tlia
1110 Ouil. IS able tp State .authorltivelylneefssary vouchor wltldn four luoulhi.
Hint. I,n i,iinn,.l nvar),Ml o,, ....u '"' r iu"mioi p iui noilco to
...... ...w -...,w,.,.u...,B .,v. ....wo iiiosmu uaimiiisirainx ut iinomcool uims,
sary ropainns ot, tneworkaol the Cop
perk Queen Co., and the consequent
temporary idleness of a portion of the
employes of tho company, will, doubtless
rot occur before the usual time, i. e. :
about tfio latter part of,dcember. Tlia
impression that it, would take place I
sooner seems. , to. have heroine quite
iff you find the way
J to our dental parlors right
now it may, Rave- you--a lot of 'expense
aud pain a year from iiojvj. ..Some pnople
aren't very much ronccrned about
(rpublos thatare.a:year"in "tliVllstance,
bifC-i year will fly around in a very short
time. It's neither expensive nor p.tin
fill to have little c.vi'ies in the teeth
filled. You'll be obliired for tho hint.
.,. .-. - 1K. W.-KrpIlXMHBhD,
Chlshqim- IJuildilnff. ' " f
4GEO. DUNN, .PrppiietQ-w -
" . -
ome:; Pjv&Jft-
- .
At a regular meotingof the "Board of
Directors' oT tho Cobra Grh'ndu'CopPQr
Co.,, hold ih Bisbeo September 23, Mr.
Geo' Mitchell "was appointed General
Manager,'of th Company itf pjacobf J.
U Costellc removed.
"?' ' ' .W, C GiiBBSfK,
Irt'siilenttCobre Grande Copper 'Co.
y;jep24-f , ,.,
' rv --n r-;.-4 .
l'OR KENT. Three-roomed houso;
.good location ; $12 ptijrpcnttip1 apply at
this of lice. ' '. SimfV
G, Jolnc-toii, in HiRbr.-!, Arh'.oiin, tho &iime
boiifr the iilaco for tlia fuuvnotioii of tho
busiiiooi of mild estate, in mu1 comity of
Couhiw. . AN.SIBL. NoltTdN.
Attinitdsiratrix of tho catnto of Joscpli S.J
Uatvid nt Blee this 2rul dny of a-spt., I8S0.
I III1...
...!.. AND
Short Order House
,VANl?pT-A "Jfjorf copper pj-oporty, or
ijroiipof oliitins. rh'ond full description of
proporty, louutioii, dUtnuco froiij iniiroud,
water, fnel.X'to. -Send sample of ore by mail
or express,, propaid. Address, HOBKItT
nt?.KNHAM. V1 Ciunp St., Prbvldclioe. It, K
J ? ' J. A. S. MILLER, Prop;
Is' now opeiiior business iij.thd. Duffy building,'. '.,.?;
Brewery Gnlclif-dn'dis now ready ; to fiirnigh.proriSi;.-.
"with the best of
FeshBread, Cakes-and Pies
At ed-Rock Vrirr.
He will alsdvcbiit"Miue business for a time at the ol
stand, O. K, Stieetnex.t to the Orb office.
,-m. . . "'
v'- J-J'1,
! use j- it'-'
El. Paso, Texas.
Tho mo(icrii,liiuiiio8 training tclioojoi tho
kT.JI.,.., ".
iwo Couksks' Hiisnoss nud, ShurthuniLi
(itilirurhis.ltoolc-Kcnpiuir' Arlthpiotlo. ComW
mereiiu imw, niiiiini-Ks writine, spolltns,
Letter Wrlttiur, ltupid Cnluulutin, llusincss
Piipoj'J unci I.i'tiu! foruiK, Slioi'tliajitl, 'Jy.po-
.iiiuiii, ""...?''.
V'k olt'er tltct.Hiipcn'ior advnntazo of.tplen
dlct equipment, and. poi-bonul intitrtictloii tut
ili.r tridlifd tnei'llllute. Wo rirniHtrn Kttulmitn
fpr tho lioil-pofitioiu v)d(i wo secure." .Stu
dents ''toiiio"lHiiHtiootioii, Write for line
uta l'u'll 'Jorni hcnhirt Sonteinber 1st. U..
,tuhtUl-J.lS31S. It. h. COOK, l'riti'l.
iipovJ mm i-i.Btii .L'onnti, hlioi'tliajiti, 'Jy.po
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