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The Arizona daily orb. (Bisbee, Ariz.) 1898-1900, October 05, 1899, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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''SiiKBHIlr- ' '"' -A. it JL- . XlJft.JB.XV-r 1 X,yik MrA mJLJL- J . SS-.-F lJKLr .---'. - . VC-v a
MW- .--- - r i " . .. - : ' yI
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flL'V M' A-rt
'J' 'y.T.L..!:' .
i.- i T elBHBt . ' I f: - -r 1 - . ,,.-. i i tt- -.-.-..-.. t, tttwtty -v i- - i --v t- T--V t- ...::. -J :- SK
SSmKWOTJIME ' IT -? I .!" blbj;Ji, ajjZoxv'A, miKbUA) u,VJiiiru vS-JA. 5. 'i99. . A NUMBER 2 -;; ""2v S
SKRfiffiSTfs 'J, ,, -- - 2 -- LS : : . H
taravfcMKi -a .. v ? t - . w v tii ;. iii . nnin . iniTio- Pr. nrice 01 Aiiniicaiion 1- - m
1Aiy -Si , L.ht'.' . l.nDaa-m:Ui was able to . fiul Hi H I k.1 ' m 'lB
m-I-iO-f ..-? , ., -.' i.-I fMlritnn-'knnTlontln Vn.ltS1 S,.-,,,.., K' ,00 I I W U I 11 MT 'Wf '.".A M
nake vour rail purctiases wnne meo j . ,o, ptcinienf f u.t- r .Tl -; ;. ' .'. ' 4 V ft 4 B-- . -' .'
Pnl,.. " ..i.ti.i.iiu 111,1 .... .-... u. o. unuu uuti-u, xucson, Arizona,! r -- " 1 m ,.k. - jik. ' -.- - i j m
I.li.1 ..iiytiiiuv, ami ni.n September 12. 1S83. r - .?- ' 'k.- 5r. K
. 'Y- . ..-......'.. - -.... 1H
IH1.1H'UB eiuei til , Notico j lit-riihy. eIvoii that ih pumiimco . ?.':. J -; : in. IIB
'ft ferSWiqi tn 4,1,1" Rf "in Unltotl Statsa Miuhijr Lnus. Martin ' :t" ' '-? .:
M itAhWI'IIV )" . ''t;. CW County, Arizona Territory,
. J hpft. mrtr - vintton for patent for K.00 ft.-'
Now is th,
- our stock is
jnwufctures. u
for. tbe sudden-
" : .-!' i
..SJhlB.WL ' ..tiJ-'",4 iT
nake-vour Fall purchases wliile
Jith all the newness of tlie-latc
iTORTBRS, so badly needed
es in weather, in great varieties.
95c tfp .
fAT JTtfms TW1 A BliANKETS in crft' brown
SSSSSUud white, 10 and ii,.:trom 50c up to $6.50
Ladles and Children's UNDERWEAR m pants and
invests, in.lunion suits, Inlwool and in part w6ol,ythe heavy
1 'W f ii. 4- .1 rn
weignt,cTrn 00c a suitjr.v ?" v
CA, ANJ5 JACKETS i plush, pc.aite,
astranbeuv 1 a.I in melton; an cxtr.io Ijnary large line
lo stltvt frrtm. 4i.KO to ' fher.
, ,,, . ,.T,J -y,-,,,, - -
ok si MiHiaefS
'aKns'.MvPiv Ti'tr MfBrt
Cdvareu liati truuuQii vi
ro.waS' !
:-.- :
. v -H.'tf. -. ! Tj,
.vtSle mat trit,
.-"ffm'j'kf.v .. 1,
sb'slL -& fH SSL
Ilfillf 4-
m$SF?m aK- .
V " est -'&k.
Q BffViSlA IK' St,-'
I isir.w
SBaSiB TBVwti a a 30
nis asi
the kiu
111 1 1-1:1.
to in crc
tion in c
n- :m o.
-'.nply in
e havi'i.
$!.! V '
JwA ''
tf l-V. I
cryyijju.wti ?;
itiiiiBt; u.u
sA and output
yyo.iie any imgn
. . 'i 'change in man
' -r?(VofIr. (Vtol'-i
' lif tl'". I'OWlwV A-'-'
rod at the conclusion
that the btt inh'iests of the omptinv
would be Bervod !v such nctiou. The
demra . or
ttbft held
tv Costelloon .'.t c'j of indiviilunl ini'in-
'""tSn'l'.llH Mtiititl 1 of the "' iwev" uiul 10 loot of tlio
i' il'u... '.1 i Sinoclor. yoiiisvordoposits, situntcu intho
At till'. C0hri v'...5 'Mhiltii- 11 Uti'ifif. Pnnl.Un o..' ...
vi i ''" r-:- ----, -www...... vuu,i.j,
'.' . (.v. i ' TV.a.a.I.v. ... .-T jl.,.n ..tt tlnpn ntln..1 1... a
official plftt herewith po.teil, and liy.tho Held
notes on fiifc'tn;tli otlioo of tjie Heirlstor of
tlie Hosntpr 6f the U. S. Land Office, Oila
Lund Uiptrtatt at Tucson, Arizona, as fol
low h. vizi',
"Ik'illowor" Chilm Beginning cornorNo.
I. u pino post, 4 foot lone;,.'! inches, square in
nintuid of;iit6iie, inscriijed l-lS83r B.- -I. C,i
Whfiiico Ui' 8. il. M. No. 4 boars N. 43 doc,
20-win. ii. S0J1 foot. Tltonce S. .asdec,
11 .ulu. ',. V' v loot t i-ui i.. '. . . a i iii(.
por, i iflf hi.,,4 mcliw .viii.ir ,-i ni.i'i'i I of
enck, inETlbi d "-i.!S h. M. i . 1
The New Fall millinery is now
Ready for Your Inspection
."'fj'f --
j'' "S";i,'s' .-' , . , .
r1 v-
, .
th pufrirtP-Plitnie?, , v i.ont to iimrfn yito Uie f.tto
ny uosiei
hers of tl
.-..........- A...I .. ..-....;
. v tf-r ' Sn iN ,1 T 5 " J fM ft J I i "' uui(i,ij tuni nuiv uu uc);uvtL
umaao vvaisrs, -urew&eiDy l-auias amrwniuien.jwiinapiMMixiAnk." Mi.aieenp further
r ' -
JFind Shdes.are our Latest acquisitions.
.T1i nMCo'xf, B- tj-1 i i:' ii.j j ..n - ii';5;
i in, miiiiuu ur i dtLiu .pj-cti jh iimnea ana inc a
vantH;r to be nrcrued from seeing the assortment in its
.Nothing is eo provoking to the average man us to buy a
new suit of clothes nnd find that tliey do not lit. Suits
made in my shop ; v' :'
asl-rsbtsr 3Tit,
j-jr That ia one efft'i.Iaction you 'lisrv.e lu dealing with me;
H"$ $ 5,lo!ihSf isi-tliit yoiij always get tlie beat of goods, firat
iate J Ja?ifork'; and reasonabla'prices. .' '
A. CHAflPAQNE1, The Bisbee, Tailor.
Ihm mm
fl H R h wit a g a
di3 &S
Funaitiirci Baggage, Freight a aid
Kxprcss delivered X2oxuplly i
Claims for breakage or any failure to promptly attend orders
- . will be -quickly and fully paid.
Office at Floodgate on Main Street.
Orders lefith the Clerk will .receive Prompt Attention.
r. .
Bisbee Transfer Corripaiiy
Freight, Baggage and Express delivered
?to :any part of the City.
Prompt Service and Quiclt -Delivery.
The- Califfciiia Market,
., KEINEY BROS, Proprietors.
' -v . 4'-wk:, t., .-, ..
. Fre'sK;Beef, Mii"on,' Pork, Veal, Sa'irsageyEtc.
Choiue Cuts of Meat only.
-'- J- v i -"Preslt ' R ead Daily, t .,:
1 HP.WW i'l -u w
Oipr4if nia
All Parts cF the Town-
Ja.St., Disbce." .' T.. .,.;:
propevtfo'; an'! thoso
!- ti'Mnir ni the
Ap;'ii,-.atiot! h:id
It'Xtcan uuv
,t 1 It. i .air I iii-
mil !. I '-' ft 1.
i ,,-! ". .1' I'
iin in- in mound .f
-M " ." c N 1 .
- ... ' . ' I; nM
1 f
st.iU'd th.it a fvnilic:ita haci V(on ftirrnnrl I in inound of -tone, inicnliri) 'i-l'Aia
. , , , , i i J.'bpnt!ti. ftrtdfj- 11 min b, to rot nir No. J. j
tv. mi- nut,, in iinu i n.'i;tu" juo jifiiH
i u'lUw of v. lua'ulc c; jvm pinjirtitii- iu
Llio i'urtaua diotriot of tin; 'Jaiia.i.ad,
upon which Mr.Greeno holds.a contract
for purchase conforming; to the require
ments of the Moxican laws rind mining,
regulations. For tho working of this
property a complete reduction works
has already beon ordered from Fnzier
& Chalmerf, of 'Chicago, the 'largest
manufacturers of and dealers in mining
machinery in the world. Also, Mr.
Greotle, in connection w.Uh George
Mitchell,, now miihagcr of the Cobre
Grande company, is perfecting arrange
ments toward the formation ot a com
pany to take over and, operate other
copper properties lying between the,
Cohre Grnndo propevtfo'; r.n
aire.1 ly it lrnr,l 'o
Piif"!a. nil (h.-l,n't.
alrca'tv hpoi; iija.'n to tlu M
(iwiii.i;. 11 miu. iu. WO.ti lect to iniiia! Mini. n( putll'etv i; Inn ri-ont tn Uo mo-it-iriim
"Uplltowr" Aiul '.SHlO,"'r . a n.r j,-t. 41 "-"I'iCLJ 1 IUV C,v'Xllt T.O De nieiUlOtteO.
foot h-tth 4 iin.lios soiiurt- in iiuiiiiid ol s'diit-
itu(riitpil 1. M. IS. M. c, li.-'i i,.)i.o loot lo corner
ma. 5 T!ifnr N. 28 dog. 4S miu. R.jjM feet
to Crrhor ho i, uino nol 4 . fent
ton. 4.- inPlHm ' square in moifild1 Ofi
rxnigt.-i rcuiiuo n. 93 aBT. li nun. v. 4jojm
fro fQYHC of bcffiiintas, ContoLoBH? iSJSn
"Sinnrlor" (, tnim Ueuiiiniuirat c,i ner No.
1, i,'-itirnl witU lostlon voi iii-i- and cor'noi?'.
;.u. 2. BeitlowM", whence t S.Ai.M. i-,o. 4 on.
N. lOdof.lBinin. B.',J U.,lioct. l hence S. l dog.
'C lain V. 11S fo'tooorSl ji .No -,ifi.io pot
.s. m. t;
ilowpr;'' marked in nddttlon; 4-i b. ai. O.
Tliencp' K 5 dtuf. 11 win. W. tfll.fj
fe.r ' to , corner No. 1, tho plnco
of ", beginning-. Containiner 18.18 not n'ox-os.
Totul' not area. 88.39 acres, und forin
Ji'tr a'.portion of tho tiiartor of section in
township- ,-wOUth of rano 24, East meridian.
The locatioi of this mine is recorded in tho
oltice of the County Kecurdor of CochUo
Comity on paces 115 and J -10 of book llijf
Minun Lodo Claims.
Adjolninsr' claimants aro tho Cop. Q. Con.
Mininar Co. on the south-west 'Sweop-Stnlte
eluiui). John Brady et. al. on tho north-west,
and; Thomas Higgins on tlio north and
north-eust. I
Anv und ail parsons ciaimln-adveraclvnnv
portion of. said mino'pr surfucuruund inro
rcciiiirbd to file their mlvorso claims jwlfli
tho HogUter of tho United States'Lund Olhco
ut TuoaoU, l'iimi County, in tlie Territory of
Arlzojitti-; during tho sixty duys period of
publication hereof, or they will ho barred
by, virtuo.-of tlio provi.ioiw of the statute.
' - MILTON K. MoOrtK, ;.
f. Koglstor .
Pflto "of flrt pitiilinntlon Rp(omlir IU
" Velvet "Hai& and Too ties Velkizt
: . - - . L . - r j i
:" Trimmedj, Hats' f for - riisssT!li8 ?
Lii.ldren7$ Frimmed Felt nats;'
Also ...The Popular Go!f Hafe.
Uf which we have made mention before ...
The Ladies of Bisbee arejnvltedtoinspectthis shoving.
. ji I
t r &',
"''!''' ,
' ,
rinmenl by Mr. Gioeno itinl his asfoci
ciat'3 for a cmicessio.'i '' the building
of railroad to Hdvo from theUatiancas,
a uinttincc of thirty miles. "All rondfl
lead to Homp,'" and i', nw looki as if
fiom all ditectioufl husiuesti is pointing
toward Bisbee.
oi' Applicatioti
LMi.-kg Application No. t'-O-. Survey No. i,ihi j
JiJ'l opening of the Hunting Season draws near and
with' ii conies thoughts of New Outfit a iTr rcplen-
... S. Land Officn, Tuoi:. Arizona. i l,SlllU! OT Ol.fl 0UthtS,--Ct SaUbSJlllUS Ot 010 7JitWW ' TUdflVSi
September H, lslW. s , . 4 r 9 i v--f
Ntj.iccishei'ebj - inpursiiuucoor t!..-L'niteJ bills SUOt't OCCGSiOtlS
Stnt' -Mining f.aws, iUrtin i oHtello. w ho: ! r j
oturrint.oT'ae'r, j There's many an Exclusive Sporting Goods Store that' '
natiui tor iiulfut lor IVil " t .it U.. ilultlo ! 7 , , . ,, , n ' , ,-, s, ,
crooow.- as
- , , , prtiieiusu.r -ij-iius i". ..in, v. mte.i ,111 tho uwcs a oi oa mj .so su i isi acioru a srooic or inese
a. u. i nncs, oi VAiuiniDu-, uiuo, ami i '"".-'' ""uu,c ""'. ';""" .V"1"",''! ,,7.1.7,, '
d. i). Miller, of Westmoreland county, ! f.XwVluuU'S. tui'it tiiX:;i j ijou'lljmd right at our hardware counter.
1 onnry.vnnm, left R,r thPirrnstotu lun.f- u, v , Lu,ui ,iA (;!1.t , a,, JJlktp, ., t1 Jjc 6rVt b; instaiieC-eVCri UCW WrinJcU
I I.! .- i... .m .1 ,. nil... .1 f.m ir.irlru ..,,- n, ' lit. -ull. 'TIa r.l it irlt.il... ,1 .1,1 lu Is. U: .
0l " V .' WW wwfc, .. tlAWln.,lTto. n nnfTini N,l- 1. Iflntlf lill Witt, L
Ilisbee in quest of opportunities for in'-
vestment in mining properties. A -day;
or two later we expect to publish the
details of a sale of properties here, now
understood to liavo been made to the
eiitlcmen named. .
FOR KENT. Three-roomed house;
good location; $12 per month; apply at
thlsoffice. Sli-tf
WANTED A good coppor jwoperty, or
group of "claims. Send full, description of
Jjronorty, location, . distance from railroad,'1
Witter,' fuel, btoj tend sainplo of ore by mail
or express, prepaid. Addross, ltOBEKT,
BU11NHAM. 121 Camp St., Providence. R. Li
Ion. corner uUo S.W. corner Mo.
4 Wngnor lodo, n redwood pot, 4. feet high
4 iuclies square, in mound of stotio. inscribed
1-1381 H. M. M. C. whence the U. S. mluerul
monument No. 4 bears N. 58 deg. 30 miu. K. 5.U5
fecti Thenco S. 49 deg. 1 miu. W. var. l'i.'.U
K. COO feot to corner No. 2, n pino post . feet
hlght 4 incites sauaro, iu mound of stone- in
scribed 2-l!)81 H. M. M. C. Thence. S. 41 dog. K
IU min. K 1600 feet to corner 3, a pine post
sot in ledge of rock in a mound ot fctone
post Js 4 feet high 4 inches square, inscribed
J,138f H. U. M. C. Tltonco K.U'J deg. Ul miu.
OOO-ffot corner 1, a plno post 4 loot high 4
i no lies S(iiuru in mound ot stone iucribcd
1-1881 H. 11. M. C. Tlionco N. 41 dcg. l'J min.
V. 15C0 foot to place of beginning. Vuriiition
of. all corners, Vi deg. -0 m:n. ii. Containing
twenty and sixty-fcix hundredth ('.0 (ij) uetes,
and forming u portion ol tlio quarter of sec
tion' in township No. -3 fc. of range 24 K.
uniurvoyed meridian.
Tito locution of this mine is recorded in
tho cilice of the County ltecordor on pago V0
of book 1;, CocbLso.County, Arizona. Kccords
of Mines.
Adjoining claimants are: A portion of tho
north-east boundary Is tlio south-west end'
linobf tho Wagner unit ilope cluims patent
No. 1121; tho ltoy claim adjoins it on tlie
north-woat ut a point about l',i miles south
of.tho town of Bisbee.
An)' and all persons claiming adversely any
portion of said mliio or mirfuee ground uro
required to file their advcr-oclunnswlth tho
kcglstor of the United Stule- Land Utiice at
Tucson, in the Territory of Arizona, during
tho sixty days porlod of .publication horeor,
or they will be burred by virtue of tho pro
vision! of tho statute
j " - Heglster.
Date of first publication Soptomber l'J.
Caution Nottee.
in load
ing, shell ejecting ovfacilitij in safe and rapid discEar-
ing you'll find here; always provided, it has sufficients
merit to warrant it a place in a stock that hasnothinig
out the very best.
Hunting ICniv esr Hunting Coats andXeggihgs, Rifles,
Shot Guns and) Revolvers of the best standard makes.
Ammunition of every Sort; everything in fact that
you've a right o expect here and All at Fair Prices.
FLra h&
a rfi.i. r.iKij oif
Assay er -and Chemist,
T ' I .
. ' ;.' '- i, r
i t , j -1 '
Mines examined
Mining propoitiea placed on co'uunission
and reporteij.pii., . CorreiBpondenco solicited. All work
promptly nttBHi'ied to. 'v .'
K.;P. ,W00D; ;nningtbhtStreetriTucson,, Arizona.
"Forinerlv 6f Cono & Wooa. Donver!, !?(3oib'. :
frames F. Trotter j
United States Deputy Mineral Surveyor and Civil Engineer
AOfllcu InkWallacc Uittiuini;
IilHbuc, ArUutta.
S5ft GEO. C. CLARK, ".5-
Assaying at Current Prices.
JiOBtPuoior.iU dUfi tjl .if Mum, Uaijriity ,of Mijsouri.
nn r,r i
(I n' Tiir-rinh
Mrs. M. J. Blair, Prop.
A complete line of the lutes styles
, of 1 Spring-and Suninior Goods Just
";.: 'Arrived. :". J
Pattern Hats of the Latest Design.
Hats trimmed to order a specialty.
Call and inspect my goods before
purchasing elsewhere
Piles' di n H
N. AngfJuis, Prop.
Cigai s, and Tobacco. A full assortment
of Candies, Fruits and Nuts.
Cor. O. K. & Railroad Avci-
Not to Early to Think-of Them-
tamS IS TOxTELL OF TWO. KJNBSboth. equally,
f good from every point of view whether. it .bethapfxi
Style, reliability of Muterialfcxcellenceof Workman
ship, or lijimess of Price.
One is a Cheviot Serge., in nary and hlack- Jacket
L.L ''EKS an- ii.-i!i w.i' ti"l .1 r li'ivt
. 1 1.. , ., , .
1. " ' it V, , n-i.".iii,j, f 1 1 , 1 1. , ,.. ,-,,,. t .... ....
' , olit.mt uil fi.'Iit, title .-itett-st in .11 t ml c
of ftlO - frtain mining cluims in lin- liUiiehn- I
ui.au.d'rrH.'ip;,',?. ,ettTmnxon.has fly front, ivu h i wo rows of three buttons each; over
Siitd iittc'"tPd loeiiMo'is iro called "Sum- i ' , , V , 7 . j 'it '11 l . . J.Z jfl J.
niJl" iinct Monarch1. ..-.pectively. und "t- ,.; tS7 itched thrOU i OUt (VI th Silk, jtP.eVPS OC tight
I.IIV'-. .'I i, ,,,,,l,. .". ' Rl W"l..
tntd -r 'Ik' 1 11 hi 'i- li'i"!' ""I Wfll U'iowii hk
tni- OLi'lH)iJJ mid Ut. 1.a i.
-ittiuted near thoNUliiimt of the m.dille poitli ' , , '7 ,-,i, 'T,'., .,..rt 4 t4l 1, ,' S! J-1i, 7,-iWn, rf i it-
of the range betwew.1 th liCud of tlitmsy I U-ttd CdiiCd WitI thrCC rOV'S OT StltCtlWg, trW- tilling VSOf
r.nii Maple wiiim'U". li"'li eiainis 'ie not' . .,,, 1 -i 1. '
,,en r. I-, -an., aiiMiie.l.aeo vo.i utL-m-ii , 1 It ,'t !l SI IK . OKI ft I S 1 1 J fit Jill I ft i? OTCV HIPS Willi lIUJHiti
iut tf ronnti 1 ...
LSx Jilting, taring slightly at the wrist; bottom. i$ sctiUoped
d uoptoin i.ition l i.ud J 11. lipprtt .1.1
It V ilium n.
Jt'ui ther:im:i., nil milk di.ue i-u said
ground of tho OUTLUUlv and OUli-OOiv
WXa'KNSlON by snld parties aforesuld is
hereby claimed und the suuio will bo tor tho
i.enolit of said OUiLOUK .and OUTLOO.i
SX'IEKSIUN mining claims, tho jiropjrty of
,ie uuderslgnod, J . W. S 1 "Jill & 00.
September 2.itIt,.189D. scp'.7-lm
City garber Shop
; And
Bath Rooms.
Nfarks & Wittig, Proprietors.
.lair Cutting, Shaving and Shampooing
Lurgc, Coiivuulciit and Commodlou-.
Dutii Houius Attixciied. Uery-
thlng Mf.t-Cl:iwi.
.Main Strfut,
Attention, Smokers!
When you want n goiiuluo
nicxican Ci;ar
' und a good smoke, call for tho
,!'; l,a XJ09 Nncioncs,"
Mndcln hognlcs. For rulo every weh
straps al placket: pane' effect edged with three rows of
. Brice is $12.00.
'The other is of Chcvioh Serge also immvy an&Macki
Jacket-is tigtitj fit ting and lined withtafietasttk.SJcirk
is pl'ain, but 'liangs prettily an&tihat makes U.ajqi&
fa.n.hnru skirt. . 1
' - ;; f -" kP.KJLce!.$8;oo..
1 C)iB
am u uu
yiur s L
K3)l$.tJ - ,
:"..:(? :

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