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The Arizona daily orb. (Bisbee, Ariz.) 1898-1900, November 28, 1899, Supplement, Image 6

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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axst, ' a a tf a,tsri a-.a a k a
;'fl5iflil)ii,r.lVitttr(miin).l.it.wa. iiuwU" fiinm'M-k mom?. Tables' mippUedwltl,
-' tlii k'A .Mid m.-trkt'l ulfoi.lH,' at livft .v 1 let-live primm. Tin ji.'uronage of the
HUitj(.iHih)t)cutfiil!y soJuuU'il nti'l sutufm.timi gu.iruutueii.
. A- C.VSWANAi,'.r,'ro-iriLeUs".
:,1 A , Survey No. 1392.
1 1 v jl J V'
- '" ' "& & &:& ft. P stP & is M S ' " t ft 4- 'St? SF" R I
f ff - if?t fc -i3 U lra A? L' W "& i'Hv- l- H 5i FJ if8 M '
, Bisbce tr;dejcpccia3y catered to.
LS0N LARRIIill, Prpietjfc.
IAiRBAKE, t - . " "'ARIZONA.
a ' it .
1 J T -'"J :-
V. H
hjf A.
t! ' a
-o-VKO I--
T-n'.-TfTIv P'T "K. i
Uami ei' aim 4i 4
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. ..;;., To'uUiJortlicm or Eastern points;- Close' coni-
'fitctiOTis made at Kansas City, and" Chicago -with all1
. tli Koi'theru nnd EcujteruTiii.-
fHKeucii mm, mm -m mo mm sleeping
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tourist -nm
' -
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Vv lUnito Harvey Katinir Hoaho.;. Fn'l Mi.innatiou clmorfally furnished
vWj'Oii nppliuttiMi to
lionl A'l I'll IVtso. 'J'lss.
or W, R. HUOIVN,
T. P. 0 P. A., El Paso, Tex
. AM
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,"s -. "
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I'u'.U J 'inUB i andCfllce. Tucson .Ari
zona u (.r 17th, li'J'X
M'' !: iri HKKKBl" OIV13N, That
1,1 1'uy.i. no of Chapter il of Title
'Iliii j-iu of tlnj Uavlsed Statutya of
i ie t 1.1a Ht.tccs, the South iJlshee
' iiiifi Mining a'iU ToVnsit6 Improve
i h .11 Cumijanj. a Corpoiatlon, whosJ
.,: ortiu' .-uniess Is Btabee, Arizona,
.- 1 iui Jtim, Its authorized agent,
1 .. nostofllce address la Lod An
v. (. - cu ifom.A claiming: the follov
1 ij io e mlruii' locations, to-wit: 1,109
f.vi of fie VoppiT Glance Lode, covei
. , t, 'i feet Noun, 49 ilegrees 62 mln
ii a v'ert fiom the discovery shaft,
'it -Oil ftet irouth, 49 Cegrees 52 min
t Kst fieiofrom, with surface
.,'. '""' f "t ni width; 1,109 feet oe
, r. .firima Lode, coverlnj; 210 feet
.ttn :.o tio,;r. fs West fiom the dls-
ok :l...Ct and 8!i9 faet Toutti, 50 de-
- i " tli li'iom, with surface
,roui, 6M U'Lt m width; 1,134 feet of
hi nti nii"int Lode. coverlnR 300
f . X it Hi, 4J decrees 27 minutes West
i t .n. dinovp'jr shaft, and 234 feet
uih 43 drriveft 27 minutes Eaaf
'!.ti f oin, w.th . urfoce ground 600 feet
in v,dth. 113( feet of the Confldftiice
l.od oMnn;,' ''i0 feet Nor.fn, 43 de
5,i(t. ;'5 minutes West from the dis-
n . i shaft an i 224 feet Gputh, 43 de
u 5-5 ii'lrvi a fiast therefrom, with
ft- i" Li.nl 000 feet In width; 1,134
l e oi thu l'o retook Lode, covering 910
feet Mirth 43 ik-i'-ees 23 minutes West
f, "i. 'lif c'lEroM'i-y shaft and 2i9 feet
;ui .,, : i'.-t'-il1- 23 minutes l.ast
Uiftrtrorr. v lh surface gronnd COO fe;
In v nlth; I .' fi-.-t of the Bryan Lode.
io(i.n" l,04rt fit North, 18 degiees
" niiia"s et from the discovery
sli iff, r 1 :; f. ! South, lj degrees 35
r.'i n't.--. I. r tn efrom, vlth surface
B-oui I WJ fit in wl'dth; and 1,500 feot
fot' tli' "r"1 ' Loo . coveilng 1,140 teec
S(, , ',?..., k s -0 minutes East from
the u.i,t.ucri :L:rt and 360 feet North
12 degrees 10 minutes A'est therefrom
with surface ground 6C0 feet in width;
all bearing gold, silver and copper, and
.situate In the Gila Land District, War
ren Mining District, Cochise Count'-,
Arizona, has made application to the
Tnlted States for a patent for the saW
mining claim, which is more fully de
scribed as to metes and bounds by the
Offlcip.l Plat posted on the claim, and
I by the Field Notes of survey ther of,
on flic In the office of the United States
Land Office at Tucson, Arizona, which
Field Notes of sur.vey describe th
boundaries and extent of said claim or,
tholsurJaqe wiUi magnetic variation n'
H degrees -45 minutes Eaat a.s follows;,
Suwcy No.' 1892. Copper Glanc
' ode. Beginning at corner No. 1, beinjr
he Northwest -corner of location, a
tne post surrounded by a mound of
jtones, scribed 1-1392 C. G. L., whence
heiNorth end conter of the Bryan LoJe
if this euivey bears North 13 degrees
!1 minutes 30 seconds, West 47.2 fe.
iiid the point of intersection of the
North end line of this lode and the
North end line of the Bryan Lode of
this survey bears North 4G degrees 5
minutes, Ea&l 1,134 feet to corner No. 3,
thence South 4G degrees 52 mlnutc3,
, West COO r.et ;o corner No. 4; thence
1 North 4S defiees 27 minutes. West l,i31
feet to corner' No. 1, the place of be
ginning, Suivoy No. lo92. Comsto'ok Lode. Bi
ghinlnjf a: corner I.o. 1, being the
Northwest corner of location, an j i-e.i-tlcal
with corner No. 2 of the Confi
dence I.odc f this survey, and corner
No. 4 of the California Lode and cor
ner No. 3 of the Copper Glance LoJe
of this survey, a pine po3t surrounded
by a mound uf earth and stones,
scribed 1-1392 Ck. L.; whence United
States mineral monument No. 4 beais
North 33 degrees 38' minutes. West
3,033 feet; thence North 40 degrees 02
minutes, Fast 600 feet to corner No. 2;
thence South 43 degrees 27 minutes,
East 1,134 feot to corner No. 3, thence
SSi 25KE-
du i filed
yov1''.v4 rfj,J . rvntgt. ..ytjjj
i j
pie.-crili d i
their ad vet i
accorcing tv i
thercuiiucr . .in ii
t law, wkj. i..v. .i.iui.w. ui u.w Ojnit i
states LaitLl Ohlce at Tu.son'Aiisbna,
iliey w.l Le buirsd by tlw provisions
.,i i.'.iitl t'.atu.e.
Kegister. '
D.te of first p. b'.lc..tin, Friday, Oc
tober 20th, 1S93.
i'i a
i s .
M. A. No. C93, Survey No. 1282.
. D5
t'lCrisott ,
A'i il si
A ( j ' t 1 -,M 11
i'oo: in ground to b.d r c.c
l'llli VS. C. JL.."'if. C. wJiuiica -CJ.iUe"
fata a mineral r.iji.uiiiuitNo. 1 of tl
AVy'rion Siinin.T Dlatii.-t, btrs Routii
Ueiecs 48 "minutes East 5,387.4 tv
fro..i uue conur vA.'i; th mce Sojti.
Ci Oegrqes i3' fnlnuu-p ',"est, i0 fcrt to
center of East side "n i a olnc jzl 4
feet long, 4 inches ajua c e:t U: c.janc7
of stone3 1,000 fvet eime bem r H
comer No. 2, a pine icst 3 f- t'.ong.
4 inches square set in .rouni of J,t?s,
10 Inches in grounJ, s-rled I .vl L:
M. C; thence north 43 flagreea r: ,nln
utes West, 300 feot to South e . in
ter a pine post 22 feet high r-t in
mound of stones. IS lnche3 In r-inf'
bciiuuu, Jj.il. u. i;;41. 6)1.2 f.e . tfimtf
United States Land O.'Ilce, Tucson, Ari- I
zona, October ICth, 1899.
Martin Costello, whose poatoftlce ud-
lrrKi l Tnmbstono. Cochise Conntv-
South 4G decrees 52 minutes, West 60U1 Arizona Territory, has jmadc applloa- bearing to corner No. 3; a pine j-ost $
tlon for n patent for 1,49j linear feet of le" long, 4 inches so.uare, set u.t X
the "Roy" and 1.4S5 linear feet of th chiseled In bed-roc'.c. suirmno-a :. a
"Leo"' mining claims, bearing copper mound of stones. eilbed D 1341-1 1IC;
and other minerals, situate In the ' thence North 54 degrees '', minutes
"War.en" Mlnln;? District. Cochise ' East, 730 feet to center o. int' side
County. Arizona Territory, and de-I ,Ine- a l''ne I'03t in mount'. v'U-nes;
sciil'od In the official plat and field , W" fcet same bearing to cor -.or. No.
v.otes on iile in this office, as follows. 4 identical wll.'i"a corner. Z.-U '- 'loh,
viz: I a P,r,c post 3 feet Ion?. 4 inci..s .'.i'-!ire,
"Roj" Lode Claim. Bsslnnins at , for 1:: inches in gi:ou.id,"sui Jur. J .by
corner ?To. 1, iuentical with location V"""-"u .iunea, ecnuzu i xi- u. m.:
Unite 1
4 blears
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El PaBo, Texas
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irtrlfl'i riviliTttinw m- lar-minnar i- i" -w
nlnutes, Enst 85.5 feet, and
stales mineral monument No.
Vortb. 27 degrees 15 minutes West
,117 feet; thence North 46 degrees 0-
ilnuies, East 8".5 feet to, intersect o
with line 1-2 Bryan lode of this surve
't North 80 degrees 17 m;nu:en, East
"fi.S'feet from c6iner No. 2 Bryn lode
foresaid, ECO feet to corner No. ?,
hence South 49 degrees 52 mi mtU"
East 1,103 feet to corner No. 3; thenci
?outh 46 degrees 52 mlnutcn. West GO"
eet to corner No. 4 Ulenticl with cur
ner No. 2 of the Contentment Lode o;
this survey; thence North 49 destees 51
minutes, West 530.78 feet to Intersec
tion with line 2-3 of Bryan lo-le of (h'.s
survey at South 18 degrees 33 minute
"int 491.P1 (opt from corner 2-0. 2 of
" Br: in !o(e afores.-.M, 1 "no fit to
nrner No. 1-, the p'ace of 1 ginning.
Survey "No. 1392. Callfornl.t Lndo. Be
Innlng at corner No. 1, 1 oing the
VTorthM'fst rorppr of locnfo-i an! Iden
tical with corner No.- 2 of the Copper
Glance Lode of this survey, a pine po3t
surrounded by a mound of earth and
stones, scribed 1-1392 Cal., L.; whence
dnited States mintral monun ent No. 4
bears North "31 degrees ' 4 minutes,
Vest 8,375 feet; thence North 46 de
crees 52 minutes, East GjO feet to corner
No. 2; thence South 49 decrees 52 mln
utes, Eoct 1,109 feet to corner No. 3;
thence South 4G degrees 52 minutes,
West 600 feet to corner No. 4; thence
North 49 degrees 52 minutes, West 1,109
feet to corner No. 1, the place of be
ginning. Survey No. 1392. Contentment "ode.
Beginning at corner No. 1, being the
Northwest corner of location, a pine
post surrounded by a mound of earth
and stones, scribed 1-1392 Ct. L.;
whence Northeast center of the Modoc
Lode of this survey bears South 1 de
gree 47 minutes '47 seconds, East 69.41
foot- nnl fnrr.pr No. 3 o" th- Pn 'i i
Lode of this survey bears South 86 de
grees 24 minutes 7 seconds, East 297.98
feet and United States mineral monu
ment No. 4 bears worth 2G degrees
20 1-3 minutes, West 9,306.1 feet; thence
North 4G degrees 52 minutes, East In
tel sectlng line 2-3 of the Bryan Lole of
this survey at a point 3.52 feet North.
46 degrees 52 minutes East -from the
North end center of this lode, and North
18 degrees 33 minutes, West 238.02 fet
from corner No. 3- of Bryan Lode afore
said, COO feet to comer No. 2; thpnc
South 43 degrees 27 minutes, East 1.131
feet to corner No. 3, Identical with -corner
No. 4 of the 'Confidence Lode of
this survey; thence South 46 decrees
52 minutes, West 600 feet to corner No.
4; thence North 43 degrees 27 minuses,
West intersecting the line 2-3 of the
Modoc Lode of this survey, at a potnt
579.3 feet from corner No. 4 of this lode,
and South 12 degrees 20 minutes. East
393 feet from corner No. 2 of the Mo
doc Lode aforesaid, and Intersecting'
line 3-4 of the Bryan Lode of this sur
vey, at South -43 degrees 27 minutes.
East 82.G feet froro comer No 1 of . "-
lode, and Nor'h SO .'rres 1'' :"innV
Fast 214.23 feet from 'orner No. In U
Prvnn T.o.io. nfvTP'd 1 '31 f - -wriwii-
No. 1 ' o 1'' rr nf bc-ii"!-?
Hiirvpv No ?fli Cnnfl ,-'co T rule 't
1 i n til-
feet to corner No. 4, thence North 43
degrees 27 minutes. West 1,134 feet to
corner No. 1, the .place of beginning.
Survey No. 1392. Bryan Lode, Be
ginning at corner No. 1, lv ng th.?
Northwest corner of location, a pine
post surrounded by a mound of stone
fcrlbed 1-1392 B. L.; whence United
States mineral monument No 4 be-r
''No i i - ' d" ees it V'A'-'i
819.6 feet; Ihence North SO degrees 1.
minuter, East 300 feet; whence coiner
No. 1 of the Copper Glance Lode of th's
survey bears South 13 degrees 31 min
utes 30 seconds. East 4Y.2 feet, 374.5 feet
lntei sectlng line 1-2 of the Copp
Glance Lode of this survey at, Norl'i
4G degiees 52 minutes, East 85.5 feet
from corner No, 1 of that lode, GOO feet
to corner No. 2; thenc'fe South 18 de
vices 33 minutes, East 491.91 feet to in-teisc-etion
of line 1-4 of the Coppei
Giant e Lode of this survey at South 49
"egrecs 52 minutes, East 573.22 fee.
fiom corner No. 1 of the Copper Glance
Lode aforesaid, 1,061.38 feet to lntersec
tlon with line 1-2 of the Contentment
Lode of this survey at North 46 de
siees 52 minutes, E?3t 303.52 feet from
crr.er No. 1 of Contentment Lode
' foresaid, 1,300 feet to corner No. 3 of
-bis lode; thence South SO degrees I"
rinutes, West 244.23 feet to lntersec
ion with line 1-4 of Contentment Lod'
of this survey at South 43 degrees 2'
"Inutes, East S2.G feet from corner No
I of Contentment Lode aforesaid, GO
feet to corner No. 4, Identical with cor
ner No. 1 of the Modoc Lode of this
survey; thence North 18 degrees 3:
minutes, West 1,500 feet to corner No.
t, the place of beginning.
Survey No. 1392. Modoc Lode. . Be
Tinning at corner No. 1, being the
Vorthwcst corner of location, and Iden
'it al with corner No. 4 Bryan Lode of
his survey, a pine post surrounded by
i mound of erth and stones, scribei1
-1392 M. L.; whence United State
-Inoral monument No. 4 beais North
3 degrees 2 minutes, West 9,115 feel
"nd corner No. 1 of the Contentmen
, ode of this survey bears North 67 de
ees 4S minutes. Dast 317.5 feet; tlunc
North 80 decrees 17 mlnvtes, East 353.77
.eet to intersection of line 1-4 of Con
tentment Lode of this survey at South
(3 degrees 27 minutes, L . feet
from coiner No. 1 of the Contentment
Lode aforesaid, 600 feet to corner No. 2
of this lode, identical with corner No
3. of the Prynn Lode of this survey
hence fo"h 12 degrees 20 minutes,
".ast 3C3 feet to point of Intersection
vith line 1-4 of the Contentm.-nt Lo.ie
f this survey at South 43 deirreea I7
Inutes, Eist 554.7 feel fiom corn--To.
1 of the Contentment Lode afor:
.ai'1, 1.CC0 feet to corner No 3: then"0
oulh 80 fegrees 17 minutes, West G'J
feet to corner No. 4. thence North 1?
'efrees 20 minutes, West 1,500 feet to
corner No. 1, the place of beginning.
corner, u pine poet 3 feet long 4 inches ' thence South 49 degrees 34 iai iute
square, bet 1 foot In ground, to bed- .a3X- " iect to center end inon ..ent,
veck. In mound of stones, scribed l-lt'S-2 Mdenllcal vith location roonu .it; a
R. II. C, whence United States mln- I'lt,e POSJt 3 feet :.ong. 4 inches " Jare
eral monument No. 4 of "Warren" i set on x chiseled on a reef of,, cks,
Mining District bears North 62 degrees ' surrounded by a mound of r ones.'
22 minutes EaM 4,223 feet, thence South scribed L. M. C. 1344; E91.7 feet surae
49 degrees 01 minutes West 1,495 feet a''S r io wunew corner o,, aireaay.'
a pine post 4 feet long t u"ea; dui.z reel to corner ko. l
er. a pine post 4 feet long 4 Inches ' j" the ofnce of,ft,c Recorder of Co.-hise
re In mound of stouus, scribed ! County ln Ecok 14- Record of .Mines.
T.-La'. i v.Z r.i ... cu oi
",ode, 15 17 acres.
Total and ret arsa
. He.- Q
of Callforn'fi
i res.
!"! -ir
r)"Mi,,,i. ; '.o :"rfE
less area ln conflict with Copper Gla,nfe
Lode of thl3 survey, 1.83 acres, and less
area in conflict with Contentment Lode
of th.s survey, Mi j '2.. -Tti. a a o
r- an lode. ll.i". v i.e.
Total area Mo oc Lo'e r0 6l acres
less area ln conflict with Contentment
LO' e of this survey, 1.10 acres N -t
area of Modoc lode, 19.54 acres.
Net area of this lode cla.m, 111.6"
The surveys of all the above de
scribed lodes are Identical with, or
within, their respective location's: Thit.
claim Is located about a mile and a nal
South of the town- of Blsl.ee, ln th
said Warren Mining District, s.tlii
County of Cochise, and will, whn l'
.If land surveys r.re v t-mlrd ovtr thH
i-etion of coun'.r -. be c '..opiI ' r
proxhnntp'y !h Twn"'"' . c .u
lange 24 Pari', CU - ' 'It '
Base and Meridian. Arizona.
'The amended locations of 'he abow
and following described lodes nre re
corded as follows: Of the Copper
L..uiite in i i ok . ), "i li'
California, 'n ro-i: ! t r. .0: o;
the Contentment, In '' n ' PAj,l
531; of the Confidence, ' -.': U, i'
page 557; of the Comsloek, In iooi; 14.
at page 532; of the Bryr-r- i !oolt U
at page 534, and of c "'t '' '
14, at page ?; ilcl ' v. ''; of tin
Records of Mines of Ilie g.-.id ol
Cochise Cornt:-, Arizona 'J''-i,i:,ory.
The I rt'3u..ied seeril if re o
rectlun of the vein, 'm 'r, nr "ii-r.i! J
poFlt of the a'-'O"" r3 : ', 'ci".i ie
pectlvcly Is ,0 on-n pit1 t'-.n ;iht po '
pd on the ci hii, ;-, vqi . v t !. H
to corner No.
4 Inches square in mound of stones
scribed 2-12S2 R. M. C; thence South
47 degrees 16 minutes East 593.5 feet to
corner No. 3, Identical with location
3-12S2 R. M. C: thence North 49 de
grees 01 minutes East 493 feet to corner
No. 4, a pine post 4 feet long 4 inches
square In mound of .stones, scribed
4-iXS-' R. M. C; thence North 47 de
grees 16 mlK-jtes 3C3.5 feet to place of
beginning. Variation nt all corners 12
degrees 20 minute3 East.
Area 20.25 acres.
"Leo Loc'e Claim. Beginning at cor
ner No. 1, identical with location cor
ner and with corner No. 1 of "Roy"
lode, scilbed In addition to marks al
reaoy noticed 1-1282 L. M. C, whence
United States mineral monument No. 4
bears North G2 degrees 22 minutes East
4,225 feet; thence South 49 degrees 01
minutes West 1,493 feet to corner No. 2,
identical with corner No.-2 "Roy" Lode
scilbed, in addition, 2-1282 L. M. C;
thence North 23 degrees 00 minuter
West C52 feet to corner No. 3, a pine
post 2 feet long 4 Inches squpre in
mound of rock scribed 3-12S2 L. M. C:
thence North 53 degrees 22 minute"
East' 1,470.5 feet to corner No. 4, a pine
pest three feet Ion? 4 inches square ln
mound of stone, scrii-ed 4-12S2 L. M. C ;
thence South 23 degrees 60 minutes
East 022 5 feet to corner No. 1, the place
of beginning. Variation at all corners
12 degrees 20 minutes East.
Area IS.fiO acres.
Total area of both lodi claims, 38.85
In Township 23 South of Range 24
Fnst (unHurvpyed, G'la nn-J Salt
River Meridian. The locations of these
jnlnea Is recorded In the Recorder's of
fice" of Cochise County, Arizona, on
pages 575-6-7 ot Book 9, of Records of
Mines. Adjoining claimants are the
"Wood Chorper," survey No. 1061, an'1
"Tip Top," survey No 1067. on the
Northeast, and the "Wagner," survey
No. 1121, on the Southeast.
All persons holding adverse claims
thereto are required to present the
same before this office,, within sixty
days from the first' day of publication
hereof, or they will be barred by virtue
of the provisions of the statute. .
Date of first publication, Friday, Oc
tober t'Olh, 1SS9. "
Mining Applicn n NTo. 703 k
Survey No. 1344.
United States Land Office.
Tuck. . h .p 9, 1890.
In pursuance of the United States Min
ing Laws, M. J. Brophy and E. B. Ma
son, whose postoffice adi rd-s Is B!a e
Cochise County, Arlzon-t. have rnr--"-application
for patent for fifteen nun
dred (1,500) linear feet of the Labra o.
lode mining claim, situated In the Wii
ren Mining District, Cochise Couiu
Territory of Arizona,' as described h.
the official plat herewith posted and I
the field notes on file In the offlc c
the Register of the United States ji.
Office, Gila Land District, Tucson
Arizona, as follows, to-wif
Magnetic variation for a I corn i
12 degrees 15 mlnutis E- t
Rpglnnincr at p"rnr o " .
corner of location which corner being
(the true corner) the place f begin
Area of claim, 20.0C9 acres.
The said mlnln.-r claim beipg of reconl
pages 22 and 23, ct Tombstone H ttie
County and Territory aforesaid, the
presumed general course or direction of
the said Labrador vein, lode o-'rnln-
eral deposit being shown .upon t .. plat
posted herewith, as, near as can p de-.
tormlued from present . develo-nents,
this claim being for fifteen h"ndred
(1,500) linear feet thereof, togeth with
the surface ground shown upnn the
official plat posted herewith, tlVsahl
vein, lode and mining premises hereby,
sought to be patented, being bnynded
s follows, to-wlt: There are no' ad
Joining claims. ,
Any and all persons claiming' ad
versely any portion of said mliie or ,
surface ground' are required io' file
their adverse claims with the. Register '
cf the, United Stales Lanrf ( at.
Tucson, Pima County, In the T tory
of Arizona, dur'nx the sixty . t'ays
period of publication 'thereof, .r they
will be barred by virtue of thj ., "vla
ions of. the statute. t
" Ressner.
FirFt FublicaMon,. October 21, 1 -.
A y.t ii .iii.n . r . i jPy ' - in
T-.reniy FftKes; Wcekly;Hk.. .ed.
if ii i
'izsizz -om!ars 'rEn tear, xsio.
, Of. iA-5f-r St.. MiM Pi
-,,-.. ..-. V... -N- "
-awe -
I J ss
is not only the most -useful
thing ever de
vised for the family,
but is distinguished
for its .beauty as an
artistic piece, of fur
niture. . .
earning more in proportion f
cost than any other purchase
either lock-stitch or.chain-stitch.
at the largest and best-equipped
factory in the world, whert
every machine is carefully tested -on
practical stitching.
meM hi cvaav cm in tmi wonts.
tcrrdned from
' s p'im ' '-'
' .1 n 'o
, , ,-.
U t'C ?! li.i
,j 't tif-'i.-i-'' il.
The adlolnln-r
pm :i
. f. -i ,
'mo st
..tli llu
i he utllPhi
in'ti'v nt 'i'nT
iii-nt pi" . po 'on' o " 'ilenc
'h ro'n'er To ? 0" t'1" Co 't'-n'r11
' oe of th's sirvpy, a nine r"f si"-o-n'ii'd
l.v a :no"nd of earth an-1
stones, pcrlbed 1-1S92 Co. L.; whence
United Stntes mineral- monument No.
4 bears North 29 degrees 56 minutes,
West 9.151 feet; thence North. 46- de
grees 52 minutes, East 600 feet to cor
ner N. 2, tkrace ftutfc 48 dogi-aes 27
tlon, St. Louis and II Inols -laiiiis (un-
I surveyed), Shattuck. ICeaMng. et. al..
-claimants; Buckey O'Neill. Slxtcen-to-
One and Arizona claims (Survey No.
1393) owned by applicant herein; Key
clnlm (unsurotd,,
O'Hare c'nlr-a-- :; i t.
known (unanr ji
and Sampson, i 'j h
(uusurveyed), C ,
rerrins, cla.ma t , i. ;.ia
surveyed), Denn, ,,. j I ,
non, olahrants; op all other sides a
cant and unocenple land.
Any and all p'eison3 clalmlnc ad
versely the mining ground, vein, lode,
premises, or any portion thereof so de
scribed! surveyed, platted and applied
fpr, are hereby nntlfiod . that ' unless
lira Ail
jbg ft Sj3 gl
mw ri vi
ii m nil ki m i
3E3 SnA
mwmi ixxTia
One frame houi;o of two rooms, com plp'iiv it.iniblieil, isis.i Callioli
terms very low. Apply to S. K. Wiliiamc. .
cviAn. .,?
Baa xr fecm? xijt
One tnime house of thrt-c touins; $15 ppr mo.ilh, includiug water. A'
K. Wtlii.miM.
One flame lioucp ot Um town.", near .-shiti k-k'i iitmhci yani"; len i..
month. Apply lob. K. WUitani'i.
JiMI and
n.inip u il
ls, Mathuis
in pin. u
. I ipif .ipi'
' tin- u .
.tnd Han'
a per
niHP, four roouis; wator iticlu l I : nc.ti i!u. Mf-iilopcv l. A.
(Kcrloikj SIS pei mouth. Annlv to .S. I-
One aiiolip liou5p, t-is looimt; liht in to- 'u
In S. K. M illinn.s.
tpil tin I k' ii'ir
M- W
yiiiil kmmi hUIlL -
j; ICSSOX. -A7c!ZG1n
First class rooms fiom 60 cents per day upwind.. Vn i,.i fj.nillps a
iu looms. (!ood inejilb at 23 cents. I!ar attaehcil li iho' iioueo.
lion guaranlped or no pay, V
SAJII. FJR,mMAilV, Proprietor.

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