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The Arizona daily orb. (Bisbee, Ariz.) 1898-1900, December 01, 1899, Image 4

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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.V 5f 5 ffr U " , , ;Nf "CATION FOR U nMutet US. flat to colk ehyUVo -cmig. ap ,. nrVT "
HB Lt cl:m ao-om.nwIMrt', rt.AvJv ft, , ,.J .,' r TjbliH Bupplindwill. ' Li'"'"a StBt.eB La,ld 0". Tucaou .Art-, slnn,nK- llie) ; n .. br..a a ij,j !,,;, 0 ltf Vri v f,,jU''C """J -l ,'
" '- iliektllifliiit.feMihrKnt luv.-n) !,(lV, lM Tho iMlrona'aol the ! f , mmW6',1'1' 1M ,s;y No. 0.'. Comatock Loda. Cc-f - atatute. state, mlnuM V nu mcnVTf! :M'","V M I
' -PUblic.i .VuMlv M.lhMtcl .! -.,',.... . . .'... , ' i J:U. 'J13 HEllEDY GIVEN. That f ?in ng at corner No. 1. being ,thy -JILTCN R. MOOUE. Wanen Mining , V' i"1. " 11 i
-.'J "-""vtiw.-l'i:yV!lTa:.- "i-iico oi uwipter Bit of Title ' mv est corner of locationami Men- - . Uejlatec. decrees 4S minulo Eiit s - . W
i" '4 JS'-A. i'AS'fA.S .iivi i'.-ft.vv ., J hi.-.ty-tft-o of the Revised StatutcB o -alwIth tftrntr ?,"o. 2 of the Corifl- te of Jlrst ptibliouKon. Fvidayn;. .froiitrue.i-tir.n,i,7.i, u ' i,,4t K Jjli
. -"-''-'.. ;,- j. Ul.iii;. .
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Bisbr.e trade ospack! 1 v caterod" lo. -
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jil'ct.io'iis I'ji.r'i
.the JCiri::::r ..axl
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o' ' Vitli iK
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FjKi)l.iJ.ir,rV ! Ui:W."ii.-.'.-..' i i . Pi.ViiiHuuoii
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on at tho popular Santa"
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::.jfKoAVN,,v..v .
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jortaiit. Gateway
4 T k.J M . J .j
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A: sedv. !s&W$h- -- ' ,;
u&!jr ynv 4i f ifeuS JaOTil ' &m iiii kSfcTt'v
" '
I Coi-per Unlncr anil Townslte Imurove-
J xut-nt Company, a Corporation, whoss
1-i-s.t wince ap.jre.ss is BIsbec, Arinma,
bj L..;t-n He!n. Us apthoilstjd agent.,
whobtf jioatomce address is , Los An
Ctv'ts, CaHfornia, elaimlns the follow
ing jo le mining locations, to-wit: 1.109
feet of the Copper Glance Lode, cover
ing SJO feet. North,' 49 degrees C2 ,mln
ui.s Wqst from the discovery shaft,
and COD feet South, 49 degrees 5g min
ute a East therefrom, with aurface
ground COO foot In width; 1.109 feet ef
the" California. Lode, covering 210 fet
North, CQ deije West from the dis
covery shaft, tnd S99 feet South, 50 do
green East therefrom, with aurface
Sjpmid 600 foot in wid'th; 1,134 feet of
I le .Contentment Lode, covering 800
feet Nprth. 43 degrees 27 minutes West
from tho discovery ahaft, and 314 feet
South, 43 degreea 27 minutes Haat
therefrom, with surface ground 101 feet
In width; 1,134 feet of the Confidence
Lode, covering 910 feet North, 43 de
grees 26 minutea West from the dis
covery shaft and 224 feet' South, 4 de
grees 25 minutes East therefrom, with
surface ground' fiOO" feet in width; '1,134
f eetpf the Comstock Lode, coverlnfc 915
,fcet North, 43 degrees 25 minutes West'
from tho discovery shaft and 219 feet
Sbtith, 43 degrees 25 minutes East
tficrefirim, with ajrfaca ground 600 foet
fn, wWth; 1,300 feet of the Bryan Lode,
leoverfng i,-040 feet North. 18 degrees
S3 minutes West from the discovery
ah'JVf t, n-nrt 2C0 "feet South,-18 degrees 33
minutes East therefrom, with surface
ground C00' feet in width; and 1,500 feet
of the Modoc Lode, covering 1,140 feet
jBouth, i2 degrees '0 minutes East .from
the discovery shalt and 360 feet Noith,
12 degrees 20' minutes West therefrom'
with surface ground 8C0 feet in width;
all bearing golU, siher and copper, and
sltua'cdn the GllaXand District. Wa;
ren Mining District, Cochise oouutj,
Ariaona, has made aiy.iyf.Uon to the
Vr:tel.lS,.tCS for patent for ,e sMI
mining cluhn, which is more fully 4c-
aciiDeu n?,to metes ana oounus oy me
'Oll1c!(il.'Pla,ti pasted on the( claim, and
by the Field NoteB of burvey thereof,
'onflle'ln the office of the United States
Ptand Ofllee nt Tucson, Arizona, which
Field Not-s of survey describe th
bb'.'.ndarlos'andc -tertf'f Said cla'.m o:
tirfnra.wlth :n',.sn:lIcivailalIo::i - J
nits i;aoi aaiouuw?,
M. A. No. 60S, Survey No. IISS.
No. 4 of the California LoJe and c'or-
ui iMa J of the Copper Glance Lode. NOTICE
'J- ihls survey, a pino jiost surrounded
hy a inounil of- unrMi ii otn,,,.-.
scribed l-u-fe Ck. ,L ; ..vhence United
ptates mineral momimnnt Nn a lion.-o
North 33 deKreCB 38 minutea. W(.st Tlnlf'! Rtritns T.anil OiT3jo. Tupann Ar!i
-. . - .. ..-. w-...v.U -.. -r -.w..r ----
zona, October 16th, 1893.
Martin Costello, whose postofllce ai
dless Is Tombstone. Cochise Codnty,
Arizona Territory, has- made applica
tion for a patont fpr. 1,495 linear feet of
the "Roy" and 1.495 linear-feet of the
"Leo" mining claim-, bearing topper
and othdr minerals, .situate ip the
"Warren" Mining District, Cochise
icuiiaea -west- 7ia rt ...
center cf cnU tide' -Jin e. a pine p.Jit X,
"1" '"" l"',3 sjuftreU.rnjo.ind.
tl degrcts -J nil
v ,
1 . ..
pa.--; :nv
The direct thru:"Tliri lr i n Wt.t . t i i I
it. . t .;'. x'.7. '. ' . .
noTiu, east nnn -otii )"!.
xio i t ) nil
idimh I'l the
north, past nml -oih i')"!.' Lt.Wi'tjrnnj.T ivjt (iii..'ii" iviiv '"'iroifuti
cars. Ko la? ovi'i :' lT,iv ,A.i. ji IVWnu,!!'i'f.r U-vori - tinKims Now
For mHMl.-c TMn.'Sj-' ,, .1- .-f'-: ' ''"' ' s , "
A F. DAiiiiY iri'w:-; ,,,....:..- - u. v,;.rrnTi$. v
173: 7tT.f,Tf -i vr'-J-l- - T , . ..,;.. ,.
aaaaWBBafa'JvKB.- X 'uwiuwi.mMy? ?MBBm 1
fTaVfea aw nm 'i TlTTn aalaam ii TWfh i M '
,iii JaKaWSEiaffiKMI K
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L'U' Ilk! Ill IU UinUI UIIU 1 Ul lUI Ulll U
K ,m,-" " --"".r." -" -
IT '
f'ujvey No. 139). Copper. ,.Glane.
Lori'e. I Beginning nt corner ls'o. i. belru.
the Northwest tirner"'of location, a
nlrid pdst'psiirrounfled' by a'n:oun.l o:.
rst6n6s,(.?crlbed.llC92-C. G. I(., 'whence
TtHe No'itl. end cnter'Vjf 'the Bi an Lode
or inis survey oears North 13 degrees)
31' minutes, 30 , seconds, West 47.2 feot
'.ml "'tfie i;o!nt of inteiscction of tho
Ntfi,yiciiJ J!r,j or tlilH':od und the
North 'end llm of Ihe' Bryan Lode or
rli Biirvey bears North 46 deerees 5-'
mimuci. ICust SC 3 feet, and Unlie I
Stales mineral monument No. 4 bear.
N'ohtli 27,degiets 13 tnlnr.tus V.'er.
i,ii7 re;; thence .ort.i 46 deqriofeB .
minutes, Eas..S"...' feut to' .Intersection
With line 1-2 Bryan'Iude of th's suivey
it North .SO. degrees 17 m"nu'es, Ejnt
2:5.5 feet fiom corner No. 2 Ijryjtn lcxle
Uforraaid, 600 feet to corner No. 2;
Ihonjce South 49 desrees 5J minutes,
Cast 1,109 feet to corner No. 3; thence
South 46 degrees 52 minutes, West COQ
feet to corner No. 4 identical with cor
ner No. 2 of the Contentment "Lode of
this survey: thenqe North 49 degrees 5l'
minutea, West 530.78 'fpet to intersec
tion with line 2-3 of Bryan lode.oH thj
survey at South IS degrees 33 minutes.
Cast '494.91 feet from comer No. 2 of
Hie Bryan lod.e nforasald, 1.1U3 feet to
coiner No.'l, the PTace of beginning.
Sur'e No. 1002.. California Lode. Be
lnninw at Corner No. 1." "belnsr tiie
NorthvctcornorAof location and'lden
Mcal with corner-' No. 2 of the rCoppcr'
Glance Ldc'e of thls'survey, a pine P3t
lurrnunded by a mound of earth and
stones, scribed 1-1392 Cal.. L.; whence
(Tnlted Slates mlnqral monument No. 4
bears North CI degreea ;4 ' minutes.
West 8,375 feet; thence Ntrth",.4Ct,.(e:
grccs 52 minutes! .East 60fr f eet to cortW
No. ?; hence South' 49 degrees 52 min
utes, East 1,109 fcetto corner" Np 3;
thence South 4GdegreeB 62 '" minutes,
West- GOO feet to corner "No. 4; thence
North 43 degrees 52 mlnutes,sWest 1,109
'feetto corner No. 1, the place of be
. Survey No. 1392. Contentment Lode.
Beginning at corner No. -1, being the
Northwest corner of location, a pine
post surrounded by a mound Of earth
and stones, scribed 1-1392 Ct. L.;
jvhence Northeast cqnter'bf th'e Modoc
Lode of this survey bears South 1 de
gree 47 minutes 47 seconds,,. East 6M1
feet; and corner No. 3 of the Bryan
Lode of this survey bears .South Sf de
grees 24 minutea 7 seconds', East 97.98
feet and United States minera'f monu
ment No. 4 bears North 26 degrees
20 1-3 minutes, West 9,306.1 feet; thence
North 46 degrees 62 minutea. East i.b
tetseetlng line'2-3 of the Bryan Lode of
thla survey at a point 3.52 feet KorCh,
46 degrees 52 minutes East from the
North. end 5enter of this lode, and North
18 degrees 33 minutes', West 238.G2 feet
from corner No. 3 of Bryan Lode afore
said, 600 feet to corner No. 2: thence
South 43 degreea 27 minutes, East 1..13I
feet to corner. No. 3, Identical with ear
ner No. 4 of the Confidence Lode of
this Biirvey; thence South 4G degrees
52 minutes, "Vest 600 feet to corner No.
4; thence North 43 degrees 27 minutes.
West Intersecting the line 2-3 of the
Modoc Lode of thiB survey, at a poipt
579.3 feoY from, corner, No. 4 of this lode,
and South 12 degrees 20 minutes, Hast
393 feet from corner No. 2 of the Mo
doc Lode aforesaid, and Intersecting
Una 3-4 of the Bryan Lode of this sur
vey, at aouin w "egress a minutes,
TCnst 82.6 feet from corner No.! of this
lode, and North 80 degreea 17 "mlnillea.
East 244.23 feet from corner No. 3 of the
J'UOu leei; tiience North 46 degrees 52
minutea, East 600 feet to corner No. 2;
thence South 43 degrees 27.. minutes,
East 1,134 feet to corner .No'. 3, thence
-outh 46 degrees 52 minutes, West C00,
feet to corner No. 4, thence North 43
ucgrees 27 minutes, West 1.134 fept to
corner No. 1, the place of beginning.
Survey No. 132. Bryan Lode. Be
ginning at corner No. 1, Ixlng the
Northwest corner of location, a Dine
post aurrounded by a mound of stones
scribed 1-1392 B. L.; whence United
Statea mineral monument N. 4 bear.
North 23 deureea 47 minutes West, 7.
819.6 feet; thence North 80 degrees 17
minutes, East 300 feet; whence corner
No. 1 of the Copper Glance Lode of this
survey bears South 13 degrees 31 min
utes SO seconds, East 472 feet, 374.5,feet
intersecting' line l-.2-of the -Copper
.Glance Lode of this survey at North
46 degrees 52 minutes, East 85.5 feet'
from corner No. 1 of that lode, 600 feet
to corner No. 2; Ihehee South 18 de
grees '33 minutes, East 494.91 feet to in
tersection of line 1-4 'of the Copper
Glance Lode of this survey at South 49
degrees 52 minutes, East "578.22 feet
from cornefNo. 1 of tho Copper Glance
Lqde aforesaid, 1,061.35 feet to Intersec
tion -with line 1-2 of the Contentment
Code of. this survey at North 46 de
jrreea 52 minutes, Ejst' 303.52 feet from
minor No. 1 of Contentment Lode
'.foresaid, 1,300 feet to corner No. 3 of
Mils lode; thenci South SO degrees 17
minutes, W.;-Ht 244.23 feet to intersec
tion 3-ltn line 1-4 of Contentment Lode
if "litis survey at South 43 degrees 27
nlnutes, East S18-feet from corner No
I of Contentment Lode aforesaid, 600
feet to corner No. 4, Identical with cor
ner No. 1 of the Modoc Lode, cf th's
S'srvey; thence North IS t degrees 33
minutes. West 1,500 feet to corner No.
1, the place of beginning.
Survey No. 1392. Mddoc Lode. Be
ginning at corner No. 1, being the
No: thv.es; coiner of Ice. tljn, and Kle'i
ilt-al M,i(h corner No. 4 Bryan Lode of
this survey, a pine post surrounded fo
.1 mound of earth and ptoncs, serlbo-1
1-W92-M. L.; whence United State
relnerlil- irrfc:iair.ent No. 4 hqais North
-'3 decrees -2 minuti ?, West 9,113 fcr
uin . cchs,r No. 1 of tho Con'cntineni
Lode of tills survey beais Nth,C7 tit
Trees 4i.mliuites, Kast"v'17',j.fe;t, h r.c
North SO de.ees 17 n lniite. Vast 3".ri.7".
jlept to in?ei section of 11:. q 1-4 of Con
tentment Lo.'.c of this susvov South
II decrees :.7 mlnut.'s, 1.- .'. feet
'rom coiner No. 1 of the Oonvntmeht
J-ode aforesaid, 600 foot lo c-in-r Nu. l'
of this lode. IJentlcnl u'.th comer No'
! ot the L.r'nn J-Oi'e ct thii iri'o
hence Po-ith 12 dcfiee; 1'0 minutes
East 93 feet to point of Inlers-ctlo'i
with l$e 1-4 of lhv Con'entmont Lole
if tl.(s suivey at South 4J dorroes 27
minutes, rait 3M 7 foo fio-i corner
No.-l of tlvj Contentment Lbf.p afore
aid, 1.CP0 foot lo cm nor N. 3- thenoo
-outh SOVafier-s 1! minutes, Went 600
feet to cortier No. 4. thence Noit'i 1"
lefrees 20 minuter, West 1.510 fet to
corner No, 1, the place of beginning.
Total and net aieaof Copp
Lode. 13.17 aire,
To.al and net area of C.t!iforni
Lode, 15.17 acres. '
Total and nt area nf ('on'e.ilrr"'i
T.ode, .15.C1 acres. . ,
Total and net, aiea of " "W
Lode, 35,61 acres.
Total nnd net area of v.or.is.oc.
Lode, ifi.f.l arres.
Total' area Br'an Lo:1 17 Si acr
'ess area In ccnlHct wl h CoppT G'ani t
Lode Of tl.is survey, 1.83 ccr s. nd Un
irca In conflict with Contrfifment Lo '
of this survey. .94$ acres. Net area 01
Bryan Lode. 14.!,I2 acres.
Tjotal area Modoc Lole CO 61 nt
less aiea In conlllct with Contentmen"
Lode' ot th'a survey. 1.10 acres N
area of Modoc Ipde, 19.54 acres.
Net. area of this lode claim, 111.6 2
The surveys of all the above de
scribed jodes are Identical with, or
within their respective locntlons. This
claim Is located about a mile and a nuH
South "of the town of Blsbee, in th'
said Warren Mining Distilct, said
County pf Cochise, amf will, when pub
lic land surveys are extended owr thU
section of country, be e:i braced ap
proximately In Townsr'Mo 23 South,
range U East, GUa and Salt River
Base and Meridian Aiizona.
The amended locations of the aoov
and following descil'oed o,Us ro 10
jcprded as follows: Of t e Coppci
Glnnco In Hnnk 14. nt pairc 3 0: Ot the
California, In Bool U,, ot pfg 0D .
Uic Contentment, In Book 1 1 . t p'd
531; of the Confldence, in Boil. 1''
page 657; of the Comstock, in Boo't 1'
at page 532; of the Bryan, In Boo'r. 1
at page 534, and Qf the Modoc in Ttoo'
14, at page 556; said book being of t'i
Records of Mines of the Regret- f
Cochise County, Arizona "Territory.
The presumed general course or di
rectlon of the. vein', lode, 'or mineral dp
posit oCthe above described lodes re
spectively Is shown upon" the plat poit-
ed on the claim, as nearly as can be de
termined from present development
this claim being for tllo .linear feet of
each -lode thereof as hereinabove set
forth,' respectively, together with the
surface ground shown upon the official
plat aforesaid. '.. '
.'iu.v..3 X..,VJ Lcl?L JiU.V.AL'H.. ...I.. ,. . 1
corner No. :, a phi,' j-ost 3.fU l,il '
4 Inches b(1ut,re sot in mouni of W,pa.A I
--!. ij .
" r: tliepce north 49 dtirreaa i ml .'.
ueirWest. 300 toH to Eout'i ,....
ter a' pine post 'J'i feet high , -.; rtl
rnound of atone.?, 13 Inches In S:dau
scribed, L. M. C. 1-I44.;-r-i 2 , ,e", 7,ut
bearing to corner "N'a, a.pl'e pt't i .
ieei long, incnes sjiiaie,. st op .X '":"
chiseled In bed-rock, sui-muniicd by t,'. "
mound of stones, scribed i-'.u,.Lic " i
th&nce North 64 degree :;' :,.lnutta- y
iuBi, iwj reet to center or We,t'!iliW
Una n nf- -. . .
....c, a iic uusi in mounu n
County, Aiizona Territory ,' and de
sciibed in the offlc' 1 plat 'and field 1,500' feet same bearing to comer Jo' "
notes on file In thi3 ofllce, as folloCvB, 4;,rdentIcal;M'ith -a corner of loc4; i.i .-
v'z: a P'ne post 3 feet long, 4 inches atj's' -"' -Mt
"Roy" Lode Clai i. Beginning at set 18 Inches In ground, eurrouni : l,yV '
corner No. 1, Identical with Ideation Wound of sfono9.'si-rihii i.iiu.i . n ... .
C.; thence South. 49 (Ipptpph ci t-ii-,..i ... .,.-
.. ,-ww -.'.... W ' '
corner, u pine post 3 feet long" 4 Inches
square, set 1 foot In ground,, to bed
rock, in mound of stones, scribed 1-1282
R. M. C. whpnee United States min
eral monument No. 4 ' of "Warren"
Mining District bears North 62 degrees
22 minutes East 4,225 feet, theno South
49 degrees 01 minutes West 1,495 feet
to corner No. 2a pine post 4 feet ion's
4 Inches square" In mound of stones,
scrlbfrd 2-12S2 Rs.. M. C; thence South
47 degrees 16 minute3 East 593.5 feet to
corner No. 3, Identical with location
corner, a pine post 4 feet long 4 Inches
square in moundc of stones, scrrbed
S-12S2 R. M. C; thence North 49 de
grees 01 'minutes East 495 feet lo corner
No. 4, a pine post 4 feet long 4 Inches
square in mound of stones, scribed
4-1282' R: M. C; thence North 47 de
grees 16 minutes 5935 feet to place of
beginning. Variation at all corners 1J
degrees 20 minutes East.
Area 20.25 acres.
"Leo Lo.'.e Claim. Beginning at cor
ner No. 1,' Identical with location cor
ner and with corrrr No. 1 of ."Roy"
lode,' sciibed in addition t marks -already
noticed. 1-1232 L. 'M. C, whence
United State3 mineral monument No. I
bears North 62 degrees 22 minutes East
4,225 feet; th'ence. South 49 degrees 01
minutes West 1,495 feet to corner No. 2;
identical with corner No. 2 "Roy" Lo
scrioed, in addition, 2-US2. L. M. C.
thence North 23 degrees 5,0 minute
West G12 feet to comer No. 3. n plnf
post 3 feet long 4 .inches square In-
mound of rock scribed 3-12S2. L. M. C:
thence Noxtli 5 degrees 22 minutes
East 1,470.5 feet to corner No.i4. a pine
ppst three feet long 4 inches Jyiunr' I"
mound. pf stone! scrl'-'el 4-12S2 L. M." C :
thence'So'uth 23 degiees 50 minut?s
East l!22 5 feet to corner No. J, the plare
of beginning. Variation ot all jcorncrs-i
iz degrees ro minutea East.
Area 1S.G0 acrer. -H
Total area of both lode claims, SS.S3
acres. ,
In Township 23 South of Ranir L'4
East (unsuiveyfd), GIl.innl Salt
River Meridian. The locations of thpo.
mints Is recorded fh th ; Recorder? of
fice cf Cochise Coirity, Arizona. ' "n
pa?cs 07.V6-7 o't Book 9, of Records of
Mln A"dJo!n!n c'aimarj'.s are the
"Wood Chopi'tr," si rvey No. 1"61, anl
"Tip -Top," survey ,No. "67. .pn Ihf
Northenst. aril the''"Waqner," sairvey
No 1121. on the Southeast. ,,
All persons holding adverse c'a'niF
thereto are' required to present the
same before thld office wlihln titty
days from the first day of publlcntlou
hereof., or they will be barrel by virtue
of the provisions of the statute.
Date n-f.firsi pullcationi Friday Oc
tober ;cth, 1S09. ' ' r ,
Eaat 301.2' feet-to center'end monumen '-''t "'
Identical with .locatlon'l,mWuo"et,t; Ji' ;,-c '.-'
pine' post 3 feet long. 4;ihrhes.3if!:. ..:''";! . -set
on X chiseled' on a reef of 't.- ... - !
surrounded by a mound 'of ViS ..... ... .
scribed L. .M C.1J44; S91.7 feet a'.m-... , '
Dearmg to witness corner4o. 1, Mrta
described; 601.2 feet to corner. No l
(the true corner) the plao "af bj;t.n
ning: . , . ,. s -
Area 6f claim, SO.0JI acre3.
;"The said minim? claim being of rccri
in' the office of the Recorder nt Cofn s
County in Book 14. Record of MlneV
pages 22 and 23. at Tombstone, lniih
County and ' jTerrJtory. aforesaid.' tft -, "
presumed general courae-or dlri.'t.fn ,',:.
the said' Labrador, vein.-'lode oYi.-.ln-eral
-deposit help ahowa-upoh trrin-N'
posted herewltri, as near tra cwn' iV.l.
termined from present rfoVelof-i'V?,.
.fhls-'clalm being for fifteen h'in'l--i
(1,500) linear feet-thereof, togethor'wii'. .
the surface ground shown upon Mh
official plat posted herewith: the V i 4
vein. lode and mlnlnc ptvmina liwi
sought to be patented. pelnj? botirt?.'
aa follows, to-wlt: There, arenuf.
joining claims. - .
" Any and all persons claiming aJ- A.
veraely afr'pSriTon of "said inin"'""""
surface ground are required Mo" h. '
their R'lvcus clal.na with thp Res?..vr
of ft? United" sTates Un OfflV ' -.t"
Tucson. Plnm County.-Inrlhe-"'iVt 'c vy ."
of Arizona, during- the slac'ty .'u i
period of publication tihAWf..s.r -ili.-i'
w'ni'be barred, toy virtue rfrn:sjro?!a
lo'ns'cf tire'stqtute. Jv:-' .r- c (
if ' MILTON 'It: firvn-if-' " '
. k " ::. SR-vN'Jr." ' a
, - -1i
I'lrst ir.ii)ji.M'iou''.'OciohW iiritrts"'
"IT! I1IIW ! II I I II I I M ? '.
lU4uM.'iaTC Y; T1
a. a-s :
I THfaT.Y-feVENtH VAtf
rtLeiiiiVii .... .
J ' i
k'. i s
f.-i.VonLO-WlOE circuvai--qn. ' j 2?t
!TvTySa?es; Wcikly;JJu?ri- ,:k. t-- t
iNni'srrNSAGLE TO !lNrNO-.'-fK.5 '
UATFNT,' ' "
Mufi ' p ilictimt i
Survey No. '3'4 ' '
United Stales Land .Ofllfe; ' ' ' , . '
'I'fVr.iS'' ( f " ' '
In pursuance of the United S.u'is MIu- ,
in L'r.ws, M. J. Brcphy and l:. B. lla-'
son. whoso postofllcc adJreis i'.Bisba;' ,
Cochise County, Ar s ma. h.vc n-nJe I
application fqr i!.T,fcnt for fi,f:aen U'in
died (1.500) 11. tar fee' of Ihe lJlva io.
'ode mlnlnc; c il s f ate- , th . '.
ren Mining "pl.ttrlc. C.ic ".
Territory of Arizona. !' u f n, .
the olficiiil plat hercMith.iJO:' d :! J-
the field notes on (1 c in the H!.
the Register of tl o Uni'ed .A'jtcT '
Ollice, Gila Lmd District? Tj.
Arl?onn. as fo'lpw o-i 1
Magnetic variation for' all (
12 degiees '5 inlnuv :i r "
' Bclnn'rg at c rncr o '
CO I 1U.1 Of lOCM'l ill i .
' " JMfkt CO" C,.i . ' jA '
: KIS1HG AHD SCfESflFM5:?BF4 ;; ti.
o:J) 'f.'Acr ?TjiRij?iir',,OM.
i t
is not only 'the most t
useful toihg.ever de
vised for .the ; family, '
but is distinguished
for its beauty as an
artistic "piece of fur-
fearning "more j)V oroportion "to "
cost than' any , other purchase
possible. ' .
either lock-stitch or chain-stitch. '
at the largest nnd bestroquippei
factory in the" world, where 1
every machine is carefully, tcstid
on practical stitching. ,
rrocs ut mrr in tmc wku.
-. ! 4
v iVitrr,
t i
-. tf
Bryan Lodo, aforesaid, 1,134 feet Jto
corner' No. 1, the place of beginning..
Survey No.t1392. Confldenao Lode. Be
ginning at corner No. 1, being tho
Northwest porner of location, Identical
with corner No. 2 of the Contentment
Lode of this Burvey, a pine' post sur
rounded by a mound of earth and
ntonea, scribed 1-1393 Ce. L'.; whence
United States mineral monument No.
4 bears North 29, degreeji "5G minutes,
West 9,161 feet; thence North 46 de-'
grees 52 minutes,. 'Eaat 600. feet to cor-
The adjoining claims are: Comblna
tlon, St. Louis and Illinois claims (un
surveyed), 'ShattUck, Keating, ct. al.
claimants; B.uckey O'Neill, Sixtecn-to
One and Arizona claims (Surey'No.
,1393) owned by applicant herein; Ke
ftlalm (unsurvcyed), Waildell and
O'Hare claimants; claim, name un
known Munsurveyed), Strong, Mathhw
and Sampson, claimants; Lulu claim
(unsurveyed), Gemphle, Wnddell and
Perrlng, claimants; Thomas claim (un
surveyed), Denn, Williams and Han
no'n, claimants; on all other sides va
cant and unoccupied land.
Any and all persons 'claiming ad
versely the mining ground, vein, lode,
premises, or any portion thereof so de-
Dcrlbed, surveyed, platted -and applied
nr "
One frame lionso of two roome, ci'ini l'ely nu
terms very low. Apply to S. K. William.
rnfizl- ". m'.4-
One frame house of three rooms; $15 pei" montli.
K. Williams. N ,
One frame Iioubo of thiee room?. m.ir nutt i k
month. Apt.lv lo S. K. W Mm n .
The Enjjlo IIoiifis four roiim-; wnn1
Overlook; $15 pr month Appli
Onu luiohn house, pix iooiii: 1 1" '' '
to S. K. WiIIihii a.
war Jfe. 2t iwei .awtk'.tgr 37 jotf -awhereby noUfled that unless
JiKNSivX, Alii.
First class rooniH from 50 conta por ilny upwanls- 1 toi fgu'1' a y i 0
in rooms. Gootl menls at 23 contR. Bar attnclu'tl to' tho .Itopgr'. JuV.it?
tion guaranteed or no pay. u ' "'
'. viao
' . . '.' HVB
- ' i'si
r ' ' ' - " ?iV'A
i t -' t' r
f T'J6"' ' "i' 'a S
-". ' IP" ' -Mm
4&BM& " .iK
. . ;- '. m
s . aiTMBML ' cnaaci
. .j I - v,,"fci '.fr ,ag
bh ' t 'WtlSfflE
tilt .' wt .. . f: rtt - . ism
i . '. . & Am
' '19
, , fjB
f " ai TKrarw
, -i -: - . -sa

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