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The Arizona daily orb. (Bisbee, Ariz.) 1898-1900, December 07, 1899, Supplement, Image 5

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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M. A. TOO, Survey No. 1393.
UoLef 4! LOfflce, Tucson, Arl-
Ttober 17th- I89s
ThlrtvTnce. of pter .Six of Title
lb nTi the Revsod Statutes of
CoL xG. States' the South l8bee
niAiTt n s UIUI "-ownsite improve-
"wntcompany, a Corporation, whoso
' fflt34JrSi3i3isbee. Arizona. by
v. HeIm' ,ts authorized agent,
Wjose postoHlce addms la Los -An-T!l
1 C,aUforn'a. claiming the fotlow
J, ioc,c nilnlng locations, to-wlt.
1 ftft ot tne Atlaff L. coverlne
io feet North, 26 degrees 14 minutes
f o the d,S("very shaft and 293
ieei South, 26 degrees It minutes East
"n. with surface grow M teet
in width; 1,497 &wt of the John and
Jmes Lode. covering 1.037 feet North,
ii lr'e8 1S minutes West from Oms
aiseovery shaft" and 420 feet South, 27
degrees minutes Eat therefrom.
MCh surface ifrbund COO feet In width;
1.500 feet of the 'Alabama Lode, cover
ing 1.225 feet Ndrth, 17 degrees 38 min
utes Wst from "the' discovery shaft and
. feet South?; 17; deg'i'ofl 3S mjnutes
East therefrom'. with1 surface" ground
w. ret In wldthV 1.C00 feet of the Alma I
, iXjja. epverlng 120 feet North, 17"
- minutes west from the discov
ery shaft and" 1,380 'feel South. 17 de
crees 38 minutes .East ihejeffom with
surface ground 000 feet Iji, width; 4.500
ft or the Aflcc Lode. ' covering 3
leet South. 17 degrees 38 minutes East
from the discovery shaft a"i 1.120 'cct
North, 17 degrees 38' ' minutes West
therefrom, with surfni e ground 600 feet
In width; 1,284.1 feet'of the Chrlatmaa
' Lode, covering '.590' feet South, IS
grees 33 minutes ftasffrom the dl
covery shaft and- iol.f feet North,- 18
degrees 31 minutes 'West therefrom,
with surface ground 600 feet In width;
.!2M.ft. of tl& Six'tflV-TbAn1ode tiov
.erln 270 feet South, 18 degrees 51 aiin
utes East fromrthe discovery shaft and
l.H.l feet North, IS degrees 33 minutes
Vt therefrom, with surface ground
C0 feet in width: 1.4S2.8" feet of tlw
Hmhllton Lode, ya.-ertnB'iQpjCectijouth,
J2 degrees 20 minutes Kastfro'm the
dtaeovery shaft and ,1.133.8 feet North,
12 degrees 20 minutvs West therefrom,
with surface giound 600 feet in width;
1.4S.'.S feet of tlie Agnes' Lode, cover
ing 1.2M feet North. 12 degrees 20 min
utes West from the discovery shaft,
an.l 132.1 feet South, 12 decrees -0 mln-
ati Bast t'urfrom wtth surface i
ground COO feet In width; 1,252.9 f.eet of
the Alaska Lode, coveting 300 feet
South, IS degrees f) minutes East from
ttt dUcvery
cry slnift noJ ?52,S, fee.t
legrces 33 'orinTilesV Wt'aC
N..-th, 18 d
th lefrom
In width.;
O'Neill Lode, covering 250
II dejtrces 33 mlnuten East"from the
discovery shaft, ami 'l,002;O-fetiNdrtlV'
, with s..rf.tc gidundQflfeat
: 1.25 ; reeiAfcttckcy
'V. IS "tgrees S3 minutes .West , therefrom,
'yKMfi surface' Rtcuind CvO' feet in width;
lJrS rcet f the V.Tatprlov' Iiodccuver-v
ln,7 1.150 tftf. South. 12 degrei.:J mlnr
ut!fEafctfrom the.eiovery'shUft a'nUj
350 fet North. 12Megrees 26 inlniitej:
Wst thciefrosn, with surfaces ground
a. ..4 l ... 1.141.. 1 rnt aa4 .if thaArl.
mvii ir.i iuiii: i.u'ju iccl ul ... ... .
t j . 1 - ii,'vvn.(i, -. north so degrees 17 minutes, .isast 600
ona Lode, coverlns : 340 tert-". " feet to corner No, 2. thence South IS
d!!ie.Si "4,nUie,B 2!rRiawMwe. 33 minutes. East 1.384.1 feet to
""' "ii "" "c """"
,.(.., I'nsf tiiei'Lirom. wttn sunac.
grrtnud 63jJ feet in width; 1.422.2 .feet
of the Nellie Lode", covering. ,20 feet
Notth, 80 degrees 17 .minutes East from
he discnveiv idtnft and', hlli'.2 if-J
Jjftath. 76 degrees 14 minutes West
therrfrom. with surface ground CC0 ft'tt
In ldth: and A.'fVt pi P H
r.ti. Lde". covering 900 Uei 'South, SO
de-Tecs 17 minutes .West ftom the dl
coVci y hat and 0 .feet orfh SO ife
irfV'j 17 minutes East therefrom with
suit'ace gtound COO feet In width: iN
beating gold, silver and I eopmr.- an.l
sltur.te in the Qlla Lahd.'Diijlrlct, bar
ren Mining District, Cochise County,
Ariznnn. has mads application to the
T'-t.' 5fitrs for n patent-for the eald
jBlnlny clalmr which is more fully tie
v . as to metes and. bounds by the
Ofiftal Plat posted on the .claim, d
by he Kleld Notes, of ruivey thetuof
-n n'K In the office of the United Stales
Xtu! Offlce atfcTucson, ArixonawWch.
Futoy No, 1S93 Atlti LoiU K-,i f
nlnv ftt corner No J, t '"Nor tn- -
cot.. "f location and Identical with
.)?- TrJ.-ng'.e T-i. Surej
11m. hi pn- i st surrounded by
a ii ond of stoneb, ji.r' " 1 A J.-U3'
'W. C. bears South 26 degrees 14 min
ute t East 100 feet, nnd a pine pof-t stir
.m.niitd Ijv a mound of stouts, sjrlfoed
I.A. Ij.-IM . 'cin i"i
..l. . l.n.. V,..lk TA
0 de
i'3 minutes. East 10
fect an -J
;nhl 'l States mineral monument No. 4
he-ti J,Torth 5 electees 18 ml-tutts. Ea?k
BO "i', and bdng the center of shaft
of the South Blsbee Copper "1
Inr rnd wnjilt- Imniavement eetn
(!! thence "Mr'h 70 degrees 19 rain
ut, East 600 feet to corner Ne, 2.
"thettt'' South :6 degrees 14 minu.cK.
Ti'r-' 1.433.0 IBCl lO ciirn-r iio. f .,n-..i-.
go'i h "0 elegree' -? m!tm?s, '.7't 8H
ref to corner No. 4; Ihcnre North
ii.f 14 mlnu'es, West 1.4!ijM '"t
to earner No. 1. the p'a-v of b'ertnning.,
" rvey No. 139'.. John and' Jme
Lr-, Beginning at e o: ner N. 1. beln.e
the Northwest cotn-r of location.
nir"io.st set In a .round of stones,
8cr!''el 1-13M J. '- J-. Whenc UuU.il
itrtrs mineral tnonumrnt No 4 J.-ai
Hj0",h 0 degrees C mlnntca. W-hI 5.S0T
,.' thence North 70 d ?". 29 m'u-"ute-
East i4 1. 1 f' '" mrnar N .. 2
"tVnce South : .i.'v:v" -.ilnvticM
Enrt 1.W3 fee ' or"'r "rt' :: t',',,s'
qn,.M, ; desT'H- 9 nt'ti t' " M'
tee. te. enrorr ?."' I: "" N" ' '
Scrret-i 14 nlnuf-v w t ft ..
"oornr .So. 1. th p'xer n' t.t-etnn.ne
inalnir at corner iso. 1. nunc wi
C... .vJ.. Mmcr ef location andWen-
2m. ... ...,n n..l .William A.
DrS.cn .v j .-rr 7i&fflVh. V minutes, West CQ0 feet to comer No.
SvWlng 1.110 feet Jlouth, 73 degrees 21 H4 ll2!" .'0 Corner " h ih'
mlttutes West from the discovery shift. X Jftl n-r.:-.rf, T o V
an 1 317.6 feet Sort fc ?3-deS ?ln. B ';'j "' ' '" V, :
- A . ..ni....l,net ithftwirrnm.
I ....lnriV Tand extent of said claim on Ii.. whence United States mineral surveyed) .4t,5 acres. Net area
U,rVi,H-n! No. 4 bears North 11 dc-8 .n?as-96 Lode, 15.535 acres.
i..., 'nra. rT surv.v unurinK .'... . "T .--.. v.. ,.. .. .vvv ,
. I" - 1 i. t'nt,ii P!r,t ni foiiou-- '-'rrna 39 minutes West 8100 feet, thence" H Total and net area Sixteen to
ij XI ii K - v .,,1. -a .!-,.-.- oft ...in...n i?..i rAn iff.nft 17.40 nnrfiR.
Mk . . "' ' v -vii-i.i . 4iiijiuiu; juci uvv
Una. tmnrrt. ivh )tajrtl''VJa, xjj,; v.-.nw y-livS 'fr
No. 4 Atlas Lode of this survey, a pine
post surrounded by a mound of stones,
,'acrlbed l-ia3 Aa.-L whence United
I States mineral monument -No. 4 bears
North 0 degrees C4 minutes. West 7,200
feet, thence North 70 degrees 29 min
utes, East 600 feet to corner No. ";
thence South 17 degrees 38 minutes,
East 1,500 feet to corner No. 3; thence
South 70 degrees 29 minutes, West 600
feet to corner No. 4; thence North 17
degrees 38 minutes, West 1,500 feetto.
corner No. 1, the place of beginning.
Survey No. 1393. Alma Lode. Be
ginning nt corner No. 1, the Northwest
corner of location, and Jdenttcal with
corner No. 2 Alabama Lode, and corner
No. 4 John and James Lode, and cor
ner No. 3 Atlfua I.ode'of this survey,' rt
pine post surrounded by a mound of
stones, scribed 1-1393 A. L.. whence
United States mineral monument No. 4
Dears North 5 degrees 32 minutes. West
7.031 feet, thence North 70 degtees 29
minutes. East GOO. feet to owner No. 2.
thence South 17 degrees Si minute?,
East 1.500 feet to corner No. 3, thence
Squth 70 degrees 29 minutes. West 600
feet to corner No. 4. thence North 17
degrees 38 minutes. West 1,500 feet 'tr
corner Ho. 1, the place of beglnniag.
Survey. No. 1393. Alice Lode. P
Sinning nt corner No. 1. being the!
Northwest corner of location and'Idon
fleal with corner No.' 2 Alma Lode noI
comer No. 3 John and James Lode of
this survey, a pine pastjwrrounded by.
a mound or stones, scribed 1-1393 Ae
L., whence Ujilted States mineral mon
ument No. 4 beats v North 10
degrees 21 minutes, We 6,910 feet,
tlitRce North 70 degrees 29 minutes,"
Eat 600 feet to corner No. 2, thence
South 17 degrees 38 minutes, East 1,500
feet to corner No. 2, thence South 70
degrees 29 minutes, West 600 feet to
corner No. 4. thence North 17 degrees 3 J
minutes. West 1,501 feet to corner No. I, J
tne piace or uegtnnmg.
Survey No. 1293. Christmas '06 Lode.
Beginning at corncf No. 1, being thi
Northwest corner of location, a pine
post surrounded by a mound of earth
and stones, scribed 1-1393 C. '96 L.r
whence United States mineral monu
ment No. 4 bears North 14 degrees 11
minutes 45 seqonds, Wcjjt f,376 (l;
thence North 80 degrees 17 minutes,
East 600 feet to corner No. 2, thence
South 18 degrees 33 minutes. East 1.2S4.1
feet to corner No. 3; thenc South SO
degtccs 17 minutes, West 52C.8 feet to,
-Inter.' ect line 2-3 Alice Lode of this sur
vey at North 17 degrees SO minutes,
West' 678.25 feet from corner N0..3 Alice
Lode of this survey, 60 feet to' corner
No. 4. identical with corner No. Alas-
ka Lode ot this survey, thence North. J
Ih tii'iMc sz uiHititc". we hOy.li if
,to point of Intersection with Jlne 1-2-A1-
tce Lode of this, survey at 514.51 feet
"North, "0 degrees 10 minutes East from
'01 nor No. 1 Alice Lode aforesaid,
(MSkl feet to ". No. 1, the t1co of
Kujvcy No. 1391. Slxtecn-to-(Vie
J.de, Banning nt ti)ni-r No. 1, belnr
'1. Xoiihwc-st co;nrr oO Ht,atl6n a'iU
t0..ii(',.o) iJdli pmnui- TCn " nf thi I
0Viffm.is fiC Lole of thin 'Mirvey, a J .- J, tu.nu N m 9 iUi, -
pine post sutioundc-l by a mound at i u Xast oi0 teet la coiner No 4,1
earth and stone, scribed 1-1393 15 t
1-L whence "United States mineral
(monuTncni no. .oets norm iv aegreea
31 minutes, West 6,450 feet, thence
. .. - - . .
. rnrnfr Nn 9. thpnna Smith Sn dpe-rM
."--.----. -'" - --.-. - V..W-. -ci---.
North Wept cot r.cr
location an-l
lMli-si jvltfc comer No. 1 of Alma
Lode and corner No. 3 Alabama I.o.lc
of Ihlj survey, a pine po-jt un'ouuVd
by n molin-l of earth and stfi
aorlbeA 1-1S9S H. L whence Unltou
Sj!jtes3MIneral monument No I 1mmj
fStisth 7 degrees 39 niimUrs Wtst .MO"
f',et, thenee North 70 degrees 21 mlu
;t;es" Ea.t f00 f.-,k to eo-n?!- Nt. ..
Hience Cemtlt 12 tiegreA 20 rnimitfyJ
rast S2.8 feet to corner No. 3, thence
.Squth TO elegise? 29 minutr West GO'S
fi'e't to corner No. 4. t,he,;v,e North 12
Vgree? 20 minutes West MKS fet to
Corner No'. 1, the plae-e of heglnninij.
iMirvey "No. 1393. Agnes Lode. ? I..i
T'h'nlng at coiner No. 1. being th
'orthlWcst foris-T of location hi!
identical with corner No. 4 of Alice
Lode, earner No. 2 Hmjllu Lode and
corner No. 3 of Alma Lode of this sur
)fy,a pine post surrounded by amound
' n"
- to corner No. 2. thence South 12" n
- " r-itnttrs rast US2 S ft fo(;0
it" N ; h, nte South 70 durrcen I
...-...,,,-, wu reel IP eorne-r no
LU"n.1' N ,:Ul 12 dcK 2 minute
ft . I. . .. . . . 4 -4-
,i-.m I -i i. ft lo corner No. 1, the i
-...rm '".
k w......u ..... ..... . K...
of pfirth nnd stnnps. nrrlhed 1.139.1 Ac.
.-5ry 4o. jj.i. Alaska L.odo. v.gln-itonlllct -jrlih Agnes Lode or this fiur
n'ng at corner No.l.belnc- the North I vey. .390 acres. Net area Alaska Lode.
V. est lom'r Of lac.lttnn n'iln nne
'ti n mound of earth an uto'n s-rlbrd
: IC"! A. Ij whence Vnlled SlJrs
'."tutat n'onument No. 4 lais N01IV
Otgift 1 nil-ittto 1" Hc-oni's V.et
r.9 foil, thTf Airth 80 ',' s 17
ilniits Lat 73.2 ffot to r!n l.
"e-rllon with lin : 3 li. r T.oOo of
.....-.,., .. .. a..., ,.w..v .
;i nrvr- :u .-.ncth '.7 .'.rf
""nut s W.st f ST' f f,
N'o. 3 AlliM Lode jfortppl''
: 'ti.r
0'V f.,'t to
" !': No. ?. iheni't'
c'i'"i K dcrti-T-
1 minutes l-'nn
liR.'i (-( t cornrr
:i. 3. tliftiiy ?Aith 0 iVt-m.., 17 ,).n
!S V erfj.r.. ,, ,.,n.r Ko
i.nce cTPir No ? t-r
nut !ln Ul .if.i- I o.l or ni mi
" nt "o'Uh i" '.''ri- rj mlmtt..
' 't '"1.4 fet fiont to 1 o :
" l.O't n" 1 for'":'
ifurriinP I5" ' f " '
p aca n' "",in'
'urVer' No W? ,
lV... J!. -lri.Jn,7 (.
ng tJt" Niir'h v,.,t
"itlon '.-"i J i"!-ul
-J .
Il,' It
r 'I '. .; .
it No. 5 A.10 f..v;,. ..f nlV-ui Vreya 01 a en. aoove awenn-
'car North 12 urgr-i. 2lt n,inut. .-V ''" ?. u,e1,,,en"rI , ' ,'V Tr'
V6.4 fet. tltner. Vr-ilh A.lcZ '"( I- ""tlow. Title eielmU l.at-
Mlnntrs W.st .W.I6 f.H 1.. ,M,m .7- f':uul mllt ml a hal.f Soulh lrf
itfrsi ,Vn tiit'i l'-c? 1 mi... T.i.' t - Town of l.lsbes, In the said Warren
... ,..,. r v, r,, ,. irjlnve: Of tho Atlts txl
' '.( ct :lii!iii HooV 14. pag" 640; of the Join V
hi." 11 :nd'l tir itj.Tiintea f.ole lit flMik 1'. Pgs i. of
'i u'- -t.n-in
iitrvey. a rim- rosi
or tbf r--, ,,,., nv
n:o"nd of ear.th and
' v,rl
U't '-(!
Mineral monument No. 4 bears Nortb
19 degrees 27 minutes West 7737 feet,
thence North 80 degrees 17 tnlnutey
East COO feet to corner No. 2. "thenco
South la degrees .33 -minutes Eust
1252.9 feet to corner No. 3, thence
South 80 'degrees 17 minutes West 600
feet to corner No. 4, thence North IS
degrees 33 minutes West 1252.9 feet to
corner No. i, the place of beginning.
Survey Ttfo. 1393. Waterloo Lode. Be
ginning at corner No. 1, being ihe
Northwest corner of location and Iden
tical with corner No. 4, Alaska Lode,
of this survey, a pine pott uaounded
by mound of earth and stones,
scribed 1-1393 W. L., whence United
States Mineral Monument" No. 4 bears
North 13 degrees 31 mInutc-3 West S316
feet, tfcence North 70 degrees 17 min
utes West COO feet to corner No. 2,
thence South 12 degrees 20 ' minutes
East 1500 feef to corner No. 3, thence
South SO degrees 17 minutes West 600
feetflto corner No. 4, thence North 12
degrees 20 minutes West 1500 feet to
corner o. 1, the place of beginning.
Survey No. 4393. .Arizona Lode. -Be-flnnlng
at corner No 1, being the
Northwest cprncr of location and Iden-
J tuzil with corner No. 3, Alaska Lode,
mU corner iso. , watenoo l,ou or
tlih suivey, a. pine pet nr-ounded bj
ft mound ot jeajtu ana atones, strioett
1-13&3 Ay. L., whence United States
Jlinetal Monument No. 4 bears ;horiu
l'J degrees 19 minutes West 8936 feel,
thence North 80 degrees 17 minutes
East 600 feet to corner .No. 2, thence
South 12 .degrees 20 minutes East 1500'
fee"t -to cornel- Ko. 3. thence South 80
degrees 17 minutes West 680 feet to cor
ner No. 4, thence North 12 degrees 20
minutes West 1500 feet to .corner No.
1, the place of beginning.
SuiViv' .No. 15UKJ. .Lai-l Chance lode.
Hr cinnlDfr at earner No. 1, being 'the
Southeast corner of location, being
Identical with corner No. 1, Margareta
Lode and corner No. 4, Waterloo Lode,
of this survey, a pine post surrounded
by a mound of earth and, stones,
scribed 1-1393 L. C. I... whence Ujilted
States Mineral Monument No, 4 bnw
N. 15 degrees 3 minutes West 10,414 feet,
thence North 12 degrees 20 minutes
West 583.6 feet to corner No. 2, thence
South 70 degrees 29 minutes "vyest 1433
ftet to corner No. 3, thence South 13
degrees 20 roJnu.es East 440 feet to cor
ner No. 4, iece North 76 degrees 14
minutes East 1422.2 feet to corner No.
l..Uie place of beginning.
Suivey No. 1393. Nellie Lode. Be
ginning at corner No. 1, being the
Northeast conuy of location and iden
tical willTwratr Nv. L JOarareta
Lode, corner No. 4 Waterloo Lode and
comer No. 1 Last Chance Lode of this
survey", a jilne post surrounded by a
liiounu" of tarth and stones,' scribed
1S1333 N. L.i whence U. S. Mineral Mon
untrt No 4 brar3 North 15 dcgiees 3
.ninutt'S West 10,414 feet, thence b'oiiclil
, Uigurs :i" mlnutis W?Gt bOO feet to
coinc No Z, thence fc'outh 7b deirrees
it i..mutts VCSt 11J2.2 f -f t t tOi 1 f
tner.ee Nosth 76 degrees 14 minutes
Esrl4S2 feet to corner No. 1, the place
of beginning,
Survey No. 1393. Margareta Jpd
Beginning at corner'" Mo. 1, being the
Northwest corner of location and iden
tical with corner No. 4. Waterloo Lode,
aud'coiner No. 1. Nellie Lode, and cor
ner "No. 1, Last Chanc-a Lode, ,y .thin
survey, a pine post fc..tiounded by a
mound of earth and stones, scrlood
l-lttS M. 'L., whence United States
Minctat MDUUtnttit No. I beau North
15 desteob'3 minute-', Weft 10,411 leet,
thence Koith 80 dogis 17 minuies,
East ICtO ftet to couui'.' No. 2, thence
Suuth 9 de-glues m tiihiutLS, Witt HO
feet to ttntr No. 3, theitte South 8U
degietM 7-"iiiinut, We-wt 1-00 feet to
joiner No. 4. thence North 'J degrees
,u nUnutusj, 3-ust I.C0 fitt to corner No.
1, Hie place of beginning.
Tolui uiid t.ot area Atlas Loda, -0 3JS
at rw.
Total arid net area John & Janus
Loue, lO.siO at-tcsJ
Total apd nU area Alabama Lode,
Total and net area Aitua Lwde, 20.64S
Hi'l . K.
T-Jfl iid net atca A'ice Lode, lO.Clil
rrv,4i -,. nhrl.lmin '96 Lode. 17.4S0
acretu-Less atea In conflict with Alice
t.(1 nf ti,i Riirvpv. 1.4S0 acres, and I
urea In conflict with Delavin Lode (un- i
tr r. . M. . . I
Total and net area Ham Hon Lode. '
2C0 acres.
Total and
net ara Agn.fi i.oue,
.... -.. .
'i.iw.ir I
Tptal wu Alaska Loie. HM acrns. ;
1'sit atea in eonlllct with Alice Loile ot
this iurvty. l I'aO atics. lewe atea in ,
lS7r:l nriva
m.iv. .....-..
Total and net area Buckey O'Nell
Lode, 17.207 acres.
Total and net area Last Chance Lodr,
19.C50 hi r.
Total and net arjft Vaterloo Lod ,
j'o'.a and' nit are Arizona LeJc,
.c.f. o li.tif'.
'l.j.at and net ro.. Aiatgareta Lode,
!.)iu .-.ct's.
To 1. n an i nrt urea N 1! Lode, 1S.0)7
ta of this lo;' e'.I.v.. JOt.K:
acrt r.
i.i.,; Diiiirict, eto v oui.iy ei u-.
.... I - ... . M
iis-. nd will. When pubik Ud tir-1
"-I i ,111; ilrsi'rliui: looca ar re-
till' .MuVntra Lod In "m.U l. r4igo
I'n etJfe-o ATr.Ta Is-,:r BiruTt M. . !
fin,t.n.f ....... . ..
' a,i ts tended ovvf mis section on . ' . ., ", . ' ' "-
.,' I . i lit Tin n. Arizona, vrhtili flolil nnlM
. ... .n irp nr noii fn m a r. nnt un,
:" " 'Kr -',,, T-.fT n .' "v l1,,r,li,(' the boundaries and
j;.n M.fi-mv Un.v. .-ul J4ildU. ,;,!, magnetic rivlatl.v, aMl d.'groes.
,.,,! j. .ujjja 4i minutes Fsf as foli-iwu. to-v.-lt:
.- r - -- - .-urvvy 4i. i" 1 rnwil t Ilia i.O'".
!M1: of the Alice Lode In Bo6k 14, page
' 558; of the Christmas '96 Loda in Book
14, page 637; of the Sixteen to One Lode
In Book 14. Dage 540: of the Hamilton
Lode in Book 14, page 555; of the Agnei
L.oae inTBook 14, page 536; of the Alas
ka L6de in, Book M. ,page 538; of the
Buckey'Nell 3pde 'in Book 14, page
bd9; qs (the Waterloo Lode, In Book 14,
page 559; of the Arizona Lode In Book
14, page 533; and the locations of the
above descrjbedAahd following lodes
,are recorded as' follows: Of the Last
Chance Lode;ln Book 14, p.ajje ?12; of
xue x.cnie ,L.oae."in .upon ii, page 711;
of the Margarefa Lode an Book 14, page
710 raid book being of the records ofi
mines of the Records of Cochise Coun-.
ty, ulzona.
The presumed .general course or di
rection of ihe vein, lode or mineral de
posit of the above described lodes re
spectively is shown upon the plat post
ed on the claim as nearly as can be
determined from present development,
this claim being for the linear feat of
each lode thereof as hereinabove set
forth, respectively, together with the
nirfaro ground shown upon the official
plut ihcicof.
Adjoining claims Are "Triangle
i-ja-im," survey No 1019 "Hob frnaH
, John Claim," survey No 1020, owned by
applicant herein: "Dellvan, Danvlll
and Jfyp'-'b.ett todCS" JunsiirveyeuV
LmteTl iS.tArizona Coipei and Smelting
Co., claimants; "Rathworn Lode" tun
sUrveyed, Brophy and O'Haie, clalm
dnts; "John P. Jr." and "William A.,"
stjrv'ey No. 1394, applicant hcrahv
clalmkrit; "Magenta Lode" (unsurvey-
ed). Thomas Hlgglns, claimant;
"Black Warrior" and "War Eagle
Lodes" (unsurveyed), Lewis and Welch,
clatmMts: "Wales,", '.'Rustier," "Ger
many" and "Sister' Lodes" (unsur
veyed), Maurice Denn, claimant; "Mar
tin Lode" (unsurVeyed), Gemehie,
Waddell & Jerrlng; .claimants; "Modoc
and Bryan Lt)des," survey No. 1392, ap
plicant Herein, claimant; "Combina
tion" and "Reward" Lodes, Shattuck
and Keating, claimants, and vacant J
ana unoccupied land.
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely the mining ground, vein, lode,
piemlsesoraLny portion thereof so de
scribed, surveyed, platted and applied
for, are hereby notified that, unless
their advene claims are duly filed as'
according tu law and the regulations
thereunder within the time prescribed
by law, with the Register of the United
States Land Office at Tucson, Arizona, J
they will be hanwd Ty the provisions
of said Statute.
'" Register.
Date of first publication, Friday,
October iOth, 1899. '
M, A. .701, Survey No. 139i
I nlted States Land Omce, Tucson,
Arizojt'i, October 17, KS9t
Soliu .- TTPRFPV ejiVEN. T1 at
i.i , ii. . (f el, ipur ix tf Titte
T'di t.v -two of the Revised Statutes) of
... iT"w.n ...f.u
the South Bisbee
i Townsite Im-
f.opi)er Mining
ptovemeht Company. a corpora
tion, whso post office address
Is Blsbee, Arizona, by Lynn
Helm, Its nuthoiized agent, whoso post
office addtcss Is Los Angeles, Callfor
n'a, claiming the following lode min
ing locations, to-wlt: 950 feet of the
Crown IClng lode covet Ing 348 feet
South, V5 csree3 West of the discov
ery shaft, and 606 feet North, 15 de-
gtees East therefrom, with surfaces
CtnuadOO feet In width; 934.35 feet of
the Iron Cap lode coveting 175 feet
South, -IS degrees West from the dls
eovery shaft and 779.33 feet North, 18
tie grec, East therefiom, with surface
ground 4SS.35 feet In width; 1004 feet of
the Raven lode covering 199 feet South.
J 5 flegrowi YTt-rt nt the discovery shaft
ar.a S14 feet North. 18 degrros 3"ast
Ihotifrom with surface ground COO feet
In nidth: 1229.6 .f.ct of the Monarch
lode coveting 270 feet South, 19 degrees
CO mlputes West from the discovery'
shaft and 959.6 feet North, 19 degrees
80 mlnutr-s East therefiom, with sur-
foiv gtound 60O feet In width; 1210 feet.
rt i'.e. Uncle Sam lode covering 340
f. .t South, 15 degnes West of the ells-civyj-y
!-,ft and 830 feet North, 15 d.-grr-s
E.i.U thrverrom, with nurfaeo
riound COO feet In width; 1191.7 feet of
" Trann Atlantic lode covering 100
foet Pout". degrees West ftom the
lovcry shaft and 1031.7 feet North
1 i ilAH-rnAit Pant l. -..,.,.-, ...f.l. B,t.
" "-" 4.,4 V...4..... ,.,4... 04.4
face ground 600 feet in width; 1413 feet
of tht South Pol lode covering 270
I feet South, 10 degrees West from the
V-, T .vr " .V
IV4 f( - 3 1 Tt3 V ktie I 1,11 ' ' It l It II il'JIAlVVV
ground 600 feet in width, 1001 feet of
, ,, u .. . . ,. 'r 0-n . ,
l'"l Itl " fc.W I 1 - i'VH
S'dt. 18 degrcei "tt from the dls-
cfi, htitt And ?Sl feet North. IS dc-
glces j-aHt. the r from, ltli sutftict
Krouna 429.C6 fe-t in width. 100 feet of
t the, LtIla Mack lodo Lowering 110 feet
bouthi lo degrees West from the dis
toVery shaft and 290 feat North, 15 de
gtces East therefiom, with surface
cround 532.0- (iW in wteitlt; 00 feet of
the William A. lode covarlng 110 feet
South, 11 degrees Wtst from the dls
covety shaft and 570 feet North, 11 de
grees East thereft om. with surface
ground 600 feet In width; and 778 feet
of the John P. Jr. lode coverltig120 feet
South, 18 degrees West from the dis
covery shaft and 530 feet North, 26 de
grees West therefrom, with surface
around 429.5 feet ia width; all bearing
gold, silver and copper and situated In
the Clla Land Dfstrlct. Warren Mining
District, Cochise County, Arizona, has
mude application to tho United 'States
for e patent fer the said mining claim
which ia In oe fullv ilem-tUml hh to
niftm and IjeuwH h tho OuVlnl Plat
' , y . . . . . -. . ,
IIIIMII'll III! AIJII I .111 III t n nw r,;it II I 1
'"" V ' f " ' ' ..l"J ''r: ""' V".'
V. glnnlntr at corscr Fo, t. being the
S.-ittth W.'Rt cofric of location, n pln
rot. In a moinvl of urth and Htom
e. rllied lOIJI C. ?. r. r)ni" V. ?
w'r.v-dl puvtyo'Cit v,. j Uraro Soul
ctK.WM. jairTwt; twsv
South 78 degrees, 62 minutes.East 532.1
fqet to corner No. 2 Identical with cor
ner No. 1 Iron Cap lode and corner No.
4 Raven lode of tys, survey thence
North 16 degrees 50 minutes, East
9J4.35 feet to corner No 3, thence North
7S degrees, 52 minutes, West 'E0O feet to
rorner No. 4, thence South 12 degrees,
43 minutes. West 950 feet to corner No.
1 the place of beginning. "
Survey No. 1394.' Iron Cap lode. Be
ginning at corner No. 1, being the
Southwest corner of location and iden
tical with comer No. 2 Cnown King
ilode of this survey, a pine -psBt' ' in a
mounu or earth and, stone scribed 1
1394 I. C. L. whence U. S. Mineral mon
ument No. S bears South 41 decrees.
53 rn.inu.teis. West 7fS7.S jJfcE, thence
.jouui ,b uegre.ee, "52 minutes, East
4S8.3") f'ft to corner No. 2, thence
North C dc.;tccs, 12 minute. East
353.24 feet to corner No.3, thence North
IS degrees, ? minutes. East 600 feet to
to corner No. 4, thence North 78 de
grees, 52 minutes. West 436.2 feet to
corner No. 5, thence South 16 .degrees,
30 minutes, West 954.35 .feet t corner
No. 1 the place of beginning.
Survey No., 1394. Raven Lode. Be
c'nnin? at corner 'o. 1 h I (g ,t.he
Fouthmfcit ewtruea- oX taVitrtion ud Id'en
tiral with ce.rier No. 4 Mona-th lode
of this fiurve a pine pot surrounded
S'v a mpun 1 of stone neiibtnl R. L. 1-
..ii wnence u, a. .Mineral monument
No. 3 ?Mi3 South 53 degices. 43 min
utes, West 2027.3 feet thence South 71!
degrees, 5 jiitnutoi, East .600 feet te
corner No. 2, thence North 11 degrees,
1 minute, East 998.1 feet to comer No.
3, thence North 78 degrees, 52 minutes,
West 488.35 feet to corner No. 4, thence
boutn 17 degrees, 24 minutes, West 1004
feet to comer No. 1 the place of De
ginning. - --
Survey No. 1394. Monorch Lode. 'Be
ginning at corner No. 1 being the
Southwest corner of location a pine
post surrounded by a mound of stone
scribed 1-1394 M. L. whence U. S. Min
eral monument No. 3 "bears South 88
degrees, 44 minutes. West' 1264.3 feet.
Wsce South 78 degrees, 52 minutes,
East 600 feet to corner No. 2, thence
North 17 degrees, 33 minutes, East
1229.6 feet to corner No. 3, thence North
78 degrees 52 minutes, West 600 feet to
corner No. 4, thence South IT degrees,
33 minutes, West 1229.6 feet to corner
No. 1 the place of beginning.
Survey No. 1394. Delia 'Maek lode.
Beginning at corner-No. 1 being the
Southwest corner of Jocatipn.RnddeJf
tlcal with corner rNp. 2, "iRaven" lode
anu corner i No. X Monarch lode and
corner No. i4. Uncle Samlode of this L
suiv.;y, a ptne post surrqunded by a
mound of atone scribed -1-H594 tD. M. C.
whence U. S. Mineral monument No. S
bears South 64 degrees, 2 minutes,'
West 2473 feet, thence North 1 degrees
1 minute, East 401.6 feet to corner No.
2, thence Sputh 70 degrees, 54 minutes.
East 299.7 feet.to comer No. JS. trvetcvi
fouth 71 degrees, 10 minutes. "raat2o5 1
f-et to corner Net, 4. lhcnce Squth 11
degrees, 2fi mlnuterB, West 400 -leet to
corner N-qu i., thcaice North 70 degrees,
51 minntep Wet 332 9 feet to comer
No 1 the place of bgining.
Survey No lSt1; Uncle Sam Lode.
Pegirftiuwr a. corner No. 1 being the
South rttot ccrnsr of location and iden
tical with corner No. 1 of the Trans
Atlantic lode and with corner No. 2 of
the Monarch lode, claims of this sur
rey, a pine post surrounded by a
mound of stone scribed 1-1394 U. S. -L.
whence U. S. Mineral monument .No. 3
bears North 87 'degrees, 17 minutes,
West 1854.9 feet, thence South 70 de
grees, 54 minutes, East 600 feet to cor
ner No. 2,jthence North 14 degrees, 26
minutes, East 1233.1 feet to corner No.
3, thence North 70 degrees, 54 minutes,
West 532.9 feet to corner No. 4, thence
South 17 degraes, S3 minutes. West
1229.6 feettlo corner No. 1 the place of
Survey No, lf4. -Trans Atlantic lode
Beginning at corner No. 1 being the
Northwest corner of location and Iden
tical With corner No. 1 Uncle Sain lode
nnd rorrcr No, 2 Monarch lode both
claims of this survey, a pine post sur
rounded by a mound of stones 'scribed
1-1391 T. A. L. whence U. S. Mineral
monument No. 3 bears North 87 de
grees, -17 minutes, West 1854.9 feet,
thence Sciath '70 degrees. 54 minutes,
East COO foot to eorncr No. 2. thence
South 15 , degrees, 42 minuter. West
1191.7 fi.U, to corner No. 3. thence
North 70 degrees, 54 minutes, West 65
feet ti.fi corner No. 4, thence North, 1"
dtjrrccr, 2 minutes, East 1191.7 feet to
corner K. 1 the iwire of beginning.
Survey No. 1394. .South Pole Lolc. I
lieglnnir.K nt corner Iso. 1 being tue
Soneiiwcffi corner f location a pine
po?t surrounded by a mound of earth
rod nto.te scribed 1-18M S P. T
whence corner No 2 of th Undo sain
lodo and corner No of the Trars
Atlantic lode of this Hurvey bear South
14 dogrjfs 2 -lnueH West 319.S fct
mi U f?. Mfcwxat monument No "
bears North S3 degrees 31 in'iuit
West .'170 feet, th nee South 71 dc
KrueHi 10 minutes East 500 feet to cor
ner Wo.' 2, thence North 6 degrees h
minute, East 1448.9 feet to corner No
3, thence North 71 degrees 10 minute
West 391.7 tfft m enrner N. 4. thencfl
South 14 degrees S6 minutes Went, !'
a'il.'J.S feet to corner Ne. 1 the place of
de. 1
Purvey Ne. 1394. Bay State Lqi
iJCKinning at corner no. 1 oeins mo
jsouiiiv.'est corner er tecaeion ana,
Identical with corner Na. 3 of the
Delia Mack lode of this survey, a pine
post surrounded by a mound of stone
scribed , 1-1394 B. S. L., whoaoe
United Rtntes Mineral monument No.
.t benra South 61 degrees 42 minutes
West 2M6 feet, thence Nbrth de
,:rtr 44 minutes Hast 6IJ.1 feet ts
porner No. , thence Seuth T detprea
."V2 minutes FASt, 170.44 fet to vnrncr
vIo, 3. thence routh 71 dcgree.8'1'" nil
t Kjyit. 42J..1S feet te cernT No. 4.
tieiee -SiiiiUi SO rtrrrppji 16 ml mi t flu
V(;nt leOO.S .ft to eorner'-No. -5. thenccji
Votth 71 degree II minutes- West 4V t
'" f to corner Nc. 1 the plat'o of le-
Jt'as Cl.iltn Siry No. 13?X rlno
't ourroundud hy a mnm' of ee-th
id Bton.s .-rl!nd 1-15H VI. A. L.I
"trrey No. Wi. William A. UHli&ijiwSfmmzttft&l&ilt? 'J ?'' . Xhh
.tinning at oornsr No. t. b.-Inr Hi"1 "V. ''- Uftil5JS SZC,, ' rt'lfooarn)
''"th Eaft tiorncr of location nnd . "", "'T,nr.ileil- h VM-Mf
'MtticAl with enrner No. 4 t tlif-vl 1i IT Ii f 11 i) T F I ' f t'Jtf 7i ir "
Tfcff ,re"tria;'5''tMY4c Vtn-4"
ment No. 4 bears North 4area 14
minutes West 7200 feet, thence fvuth
)7S degrees 40 minutes West 00 feet te
eporner No. 2,, thence north M Accretf
16 minutes East T91.4 feet te cor
ner No. 3, thence North 71 degreee
40 minutes East 6 feet to1 comer Hi. '
4, -thence" South 26 dener 04"minjiteji
East 697.4 feet to corner jK. A -,
place of, beginning.-.
Survey No. 1394. John P. fx. Led
Beginning at corner He, ft fetta the
South West comer of loemtiea ant
Identical .with corner Ne. 2 Magnate
Lode survey No. 1027 and with corner
, No. 3 of the Bay State lode of :tha
survey, a pine post surrounded Try
mound of earth and stone scribe!
1-139 J. P. Jr. L., whence -Unite
States Mineral monument No. 4 beam
North C degrees 7 minutes East Uif
feet, thence South 71 degrees 10 min
utes East 429.56 feet to corner No. -$.
thence North 26 degrees 14 minutes
West 778 feet to comer N. 1, thence
North 71 degrees 10 minutes West C
feet to comer No. 4, thepce South ,8
degrees 48 minutes West 564.02 ,feet ttp
corner No. 1 the place tf beginning.
Total and -net area Crews King Lee,
lTiTJIO icrcs.
Total and
9 J70 acres.
Tofctl and
1-4S7 acrei.
Tout and
T6:829 aores.
net area Iras -.Gas TjcAo,
not ttrca Raven Le,
net area iManark Ljtf,
Total and net area Untie Sana Leae,
15.983 acres.
'Total uuid jjqt .area .Trams AtlanJ4
Lode, 16.385 acre.
Total and net area Senta Peie Le,
iu.usy acres.
Total .and'setrea 4r tmte Lee,
11.440 acres.
Total and net area Delia Maofc Lef.
4.37B acres.
Total ana nut re ftf-inta A. Lete,
4.687 acres.
Total and net area JeTm !. r. JeM. "
2.747 acres.
Net area of this Lede oiatnf. .WJ0
acres. t
The surveWbf all fm tkwt 8we
ed lodes are identical with er within
their respective locations. This oMbb
is located about a m(le nnd half Slh
of the Town of Blsbee.. In the sail
Warren Mining District, said Count
of Cochise, .and will, when public last
surveys are .extended' over this seotfjnV
Lef country,, be mbraced apf rexlsaate-.
ly In Township M Seuth. e ' L
East. Gila and Salt Rirer
Meridian, Arl0. .-'
The amended location -et fce
nnd .following described lodes an re
corded as followsr Ot Jthe Cwn Mtanjr
In Book 14, page 61ft; of the Iren Ca
in Book 14, page 616; of the Rare
Book' 14, page. 61T; -ef tthe frtnYre
Book 14, page 618; of the Uncle San la
Sqok 14, page 652: of the Trans Atlan
tic in iiook 14. ww 615: at the ftanta
Pol", in .Bpox 14, i.&2e 6J.9, of the Bay
State ja 3JjKJc 14, p&b J518, ctf tins eil
3ic 5 JSeiPfc It. p43rer.p, nd the U-
canons -of the .Weave descrtoefi ul
I low Ing lodes are recorded as -JpUavg:
I Of the William A. ia.Boek 14. affo e!S.
! and of the Joha P. Jr la Hook 14, pair
C(J2, sell ot the said hooks being of ths
'Records. of Mines of the Records at J
-ebise County Arlsona.
3Tli.e jcosupted .general course ar
rection of the vein, lode, or mineral
deposit .pf .tlte .above duscrlbed lodes
respectively its 'shown upon jthj. fiM
posted n jthe filain.iN aV .near as can be
determined Qrom presejrj. .development,
this claim beilng for tha .Una,ieftt f
each lode thctwf as' hfiMfnh(re set
forth, respective!., tojiethjr jfMM -two
surfaco ground itwrji npem !VM .(Baia
plat thereof.
Adjolnln.; -claims are: taJkaow
Lode" (patented) surrey lfiU, Tnsq
rora I.olc'' (unsurveyed), Poarce a4
Rial?, tdairsaf.'.s: "Untra Lode" aa
"SucufM ijode" (unatvej-ed), P.vtur
J'K.:j , .,-.. ..t,ii.; "Jcsiii Olencalra"
(paiiMi.-a; nt-rf f.-S: "Magnate
Lodt" ''!i.n.) v.ocx, WW; "Soeith
Blsbee Lodc" Vunsurtpycd) South Bls
bee -C. M. & T. I. Co., claimants; "Se
poy Lodo,". "Lilly Lode." and "Hygeita
Lodes" (unsurveyed), Muurjc Dean.
claimant; an unsurveyed ehifm, aaaia
nd owner unknown; the "Atlas Lode,
a cleim surveyed under surrey Na
iirs-. au unsurveyed claim, - narae ail
owner unknown, and the '"Macotilft
Lode" (unsurveyed). Thotnaa. Hlggiaaj
.claimant; on all other aldea, vaoaaH
nd unoccupied land. "
Any and all persona claiming ad
versely the mhilt- ground, vein, t4a.
jjeatafcea. ejr any. poiiloa thereof
scribed, surveyed, plaited and aasAed
for, are hereby notified, that. nnleaa
their adverse, claltpo are duly fllwd aa
according to lAw olnd tho roffu!n.tioty
thereunder within the tlnte prescribe
by Uw-with the lJuf'ter of th Uwlt
ed Statau Land Offloe at Tucsbp. jfc
eona, they will ta uarred by t)to ptv
vialona of nald. Statutes.
Mil, TON lt,JOOHB,
Pate of flr'bHeaa-prt.'aws,,
rf-, .
?1. lf
office kits2tSmi. &$
-) '
Sc4a .tr;
- -1
: -1 1
i -
dP Sar3auaril.l.
" tV.'lt r-'ij,' -"- -r
frrrfc JrY,M '-fca,';lv rtf
4nllrn4l Nr urltf. &?. mwu.f '. m i
n,,iw," . .. j
v 'a-- ud
i ' '
. i
yisjf j
i.2" .
' t
ra -
tvlT .jfe
traSt "t
Ifrtn" 4iW
t ?i .Vfc
S-vV ?
H i
". w ;?.
a-aF-ti'i .-
!.. -
i,"-'5 . .rs
3wT tv ' v
' , a
- ' ' ' in. 1 1 1
mMmgmmBwmm i .s443iKg
Mt9&Jnrr w1j!ct,rw'?ttstf' tiOTp&ut)?,i?v s 1- z: . &&i&i&'zs$x ;;' M&ri!3ias'i njcacv-y "3vrrir

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