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The Arizona daily orb. (Bisbee, Ariz.) 1898-1900, December 10, 1899, Image 1

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PI II .BL 1 I I Hi !! in III lll i II n I 1 i n i !! Jh ii i ! i i i ii ill II -.- - - - - .--
NK&v'i ..',: -. Q&nti Thic Arizona news. '! a -z AT . ,-
&M?f BUB t,"AM4M 1PJ1MI
?a.7t . : BVBraiMMDt bt-vb n-.ps-.A . : . L ,j! - wbba, am avaoBvai i l n.- & r
If HEfRipSi
srssa aiiiu. viauD uaj .
Designated OnvBiorp TzZxkxL -
ents for the little onea, as Well as the" blk fdlUa. . ,..'.,.. i
ri.r4-A - Cfr.i as 4ius headquarters for iBa'., object ot tne meeting win De
jO&-7 ui,m,mi.i.iw,v,.. . . . ",v. . , ,,. . r .i. . f' -a : ., . ; -,. ,..,.-- I m Wk w, frppj
TOVV. IN ABUNDANCE, ccTnlrrie'ln'rlrcwcjV nnd'nnWi
waRonB, c-rw, and everythuK-Hso"ti'ko ttiQjlttOj-tVt? jjlad.
K . .OY WORK, BOOKS, CELCULOJT CA'SESV mnfflers', ailk r.tiil lineu
rtBXICAN DRAWN WORK, nnd.othfir nralul as woll as ornamental articles
for tUe KroA'n jwojnle.
""illinta ClaUB inviWyoa all to,corae and tee .. -.-,-. '
flain Street'
Keeps on hand a 'large assortment of
Also a full line of- the. leading Patent. Medicines, No
tions, Toilet4 Articles and Perfutnes. Physicians Prescri
ons carefully and. accurately compounded.,
jy I I I ' '' Mlllll II !. Maui , T11111 I'l 5S
Blsbes Dray and lagpge Oo:
Furniture, ,13aggage, FreigSat and
Express ttcliifer'ed P oniptty
1 1
Qlaims for breakage or any: failure :to proniptly attend orders
will be quickly and tuny piu- ,, .
OfFicfe-at' Flo&ugate on Main Street. -
Orders left, with -the Clerk
-T- 3S3;- Si:odm cCgn:.
I Bisbee Transfer Compai
Freight, JBaggage.
to any part of the
Pronap'i Service and""iIck -Delivery..
The California Market,
t-: CtrSNEY BROS, Proprietors.
FresliBeef, Mutton,. PJor .yaaSsttsaga, Etc.
Choice Cuts of Meat vonly.
' Fresh Bread. Daily. .. T - -
Goods J)dlyer3FrSa to
A - j-r rfU it r -v Ut rt !'
Ma-VC 1A
-Mining .properties' placed-on commission. 'Mima exftmiiuv.i,
a-.idrHi'.WHd oiu CamiSpandii.w.) sjlioitad. 'All work' '' : ;
'proinpdy HttomU'il to.. . -, ""-
r-T. P.' WOOD, iM-Peanmgton.Strest,-Tucson;--Anau-
;; -s .-James :JP
Vf ;W
i r-
' Iff
5'j.V'!''r;.i r A' -
Mew in T--iimc. ?T'iU',rc
m -..,.. . . : '.ttvt: '''' r-YlTJiiT i .' .r : "'"
I - --.. ,,,- v v , -..-? , . , -,- x - -M . " Kho,,p.Me an. Retat. . oro.'irtHJ'liN rnM.m.o.U
f ; Msnylng at .& rrcft f Prices. ,. ;t,$L!4l ,M,rn. Wm iffi p,f ., ,,,,,,,,,5. .,; f 4... u. ,y,
' i
' , j. -L.
T-floH horpps,
Neac tfte Floodgate
will receive Prompt Attention.
i jw
j ?
and E-xpress delivered
City,. .
ill ?arts of-
Wo)l.;nenYor. Colo. '
and Civil Eui.
.. irf :.i':vwj!ias.
' " "
' -
A mass meeting is hereby
called to be held at the Opera
House this (Friday) even
ing, in which the general
,public of Bisbee is interested.
Let there be a full turn out of
the .business men, miners and
hetf people generally The
object of the meeting will be
made known upon- the assem
bling of the .people. Copper
Queen Band "will be in attend
ance. Everj'body turn out.
tf- - .t. Many Citizens.
Mok iTen poaitively cures sick head
ache, indigeelion and 'constipation. ; A
delightful herb drink. Removes jail
r.uptions of the skin! producing, a per
fect complexion, or money refunded. 2o
eta. and 50 cts. For Bale at Hisbeel
Drug Store.
To Whom It May Concern.
. . o
Notice ia , hereby given that on. the
14th day of November, 1899, the annual
meeting of the stockholders of the Co
bro Grande Copper. Company, for the
election -of Directors, was bold in the
office of said company-in Phoenix, A.
T and that at such4lWt(on the follow
ing named persons were elected Direct
ors of said compa'ny, viz.: E. B. Crage,
J. Henry Wood.AureJio Melgarejq.W.'M.
Adameon,Con. O'Keefejthat.immediate
ly'npon the adjournment of Kaid stock
holders' m'eetuig, at the time ahefpbee
mentioned, a meeting of the Directors
'was hejd in the office-of eaid company.
for the" purpose of organization, jnd that
at eu-'h meeiing the 'following named
officers jvero elected ' by "the ,B.qard of
Directors, -viz. : E. B, Gage, President;
Aurejio Melgarejo, Vice President; J.
Henry Wood, Secretary and Treasurer;
Con. O'Ki'ffe, Superintendent.; an) that,
the eaid Board of Directors of aid corn
puny nr(, (lie only lttnlly elected, 'qu.ili-IL-.l
iiini ui,!Uin Board of L). rectors .uid
oere..,. , ., . fc. . .
Notice is aUo iven tlat on the -25th
Jay of November, 1S99, an injunction
order -was -issued, out of the District
Couit oi Mariroiw county. Arizona,
upti (iiu oithtr of W'ihter Street, judge
of paid com t and Ohinf Justice of the
Tertiioiy nf .-rizm-i. Jn the cauae enti
tled 'I'll? IVi'ruoiy of Arizona on com
jihiint of (J. V. Ainworth. 'Attorney
General, on rcifmn of K. B. Gago, J.
Henry U'oo.J, Odti. O'lvei-te, nieiio
Melgan jo aiid V; M. Adaimion.vs. Wil
liam C. Guvne, Ginrgo Mitchell, George
A. Trend well, Scott Whins anil Wio
Wylie, by Vhicli injunction order tha
snid Greene, Mitchell, Tieatlweil, W1ite
and Wvliw wyre restrained from acting
as and holding .ln'inpclvus out to be tbe !
director! or officers of theCobre Grand"
Copper Company, and from in any nian
her intoife.ring with or attempting to
interfere jwith the prouerfy and' effe.cii
of paid company, and .from exercising
or atteiupling lo exercifo any of iiy
rilils and franchises, and irom intei
feiinu with the actM ami doings of 10. B.
Gago, J. Henry' Wood, Con. O'Kec.'e,
Aurtlio Melgarejo and W. M. Adainsou.
rr either or any of them, as directors
an'd officers of said company, or in the
exuictM'S of the riu'hSM and fraiichienof
eaid company until the further ordor uf
said court. d7 lw
Stylish," ' ' :
Serviceable '-
ffall .Clothing!
In gouti mj.Uting n clunsa of
.... - i
lolhio our, advantnuos to
dothij " - hpuld not be ovor-liftik-
!. Vi .;,;i the choicoMt :-.d
KWellfat i..-.rtmcnt of f.ibrl.:
V'sciio to Attain. ioirr-Oxr illi
our prlistin cut' urn! tinl-h, our
pro'luciioni phut the jpnarer
among tli- well dres'on Prices
con-iteiit to tho values.-
ri ;.-.l J- S t
i j'vV t, f-P& vOi
Interesting items Culled irom Our
The Tucson Citiuen is authority for.
the Btateinent thatgeott Wito ha died"
his resignation with the board of super
visors, as-ehcrif? of Cochipe county, to
take effect the iirstday of Jaunaiy, IU00.
George. Nolac! Kocklnnd, ()., payB:
"My wife had j;l's forty y.ar-. De
Witt's Witch Hiz.l Salvo an ed t"-r. It
is the best salve in America." ii heals
everything and ctt?B5 nil -kin diaq'nncn.
Copper Cioeen store. .
The bulging bootrf-confTin'J"
rome uo coatiy Dricir, cont;rtK-. anu
stone structilre3 are bring . erected
throughout .thtvHo'wn. Jerorao ia bound
to double in size inside ot a year. Je
rome HuBtler.
Dr. W. Wixon, Italy HiU.N; Y., says:
"I heartily recommend One Minute
Congh Cure. It gave my wjfe. imtnedi
ftte relief in suffocating asthma." Pleas
ant to take. Never lails to auickly cure
all coughs, colds, throat and lung trou
bles. Copper Queen store, i X
Work on the Gold Cliff mines a
Pearce ia to be resumed. The company
have arranged to do eome extensive
work, and a mining superintendent
from Colorado will-'take charge of the
development work.
"I wouldn't bo without DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve for any considera
tion," writes Thomas B. Rhodes, Cen
terBeld, 0. Infallible for piles, cute,
hums and skin di?eases. Beware.1-of
counterfeits. Copper Queen store.
The old Morgan.City ten stamp mill
forty-eight miles north west trom Phoe
nix has started urJ on'eorae high grade
ore recently extracted frormthe mines
worked by T. D. Bennitt, and others in
that rich mineral district. Star.
Dr. H. H. Haden, Summit, Aalabama,
savs: "I think Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
is a splendid medicinp. I prescribe it,
and my confidence in it growrwith con
tinued use." It" die'ests whit you eat
and quicklv cores dyspepsia nd indi
sostioi. Cji;?r tjii't'"i Hi'
J. B. EvAnj, auditor of ha Colorado
Iron Works, has lff. Arizona'' for his
home in Denver. M-.5 Evans success
fullv Fiinprintendd the erection of the
Val Verde eme!ter,.oneof .the best plants
of its kind in the west,-so says the Pres
cott Prospect. .'"""
You never know what form of blood
poison will follow constipation.- Keep
the liver clean by using De Witt's Liftlo
Early RierH and voii.will avoid tronblb.
They are ftfmotis' little pilln for constipa
tion and liver and. bowel troubles. Cop-,
per Queen store. . , ,
C. E. Eicbelbereer, of tho Tyson dis
trict, Yuma county, is pushing develop
ment work on the old Apache Chief cop
per mines. Tlio re8ult"sofar has been
very satisfactory. Several now bodies
of ore have been encountered, some of it
assaying-sfs liigJi as $100 per ton in cop
per and gold '
, "J. J. Bridge, editor Democrat, Lan
caster, N. HMi': "One Minute Cough-
Cure is thq best remodVfor croup I qveit
used. Imine'iiatclyJrerlie'ps' and cures
conglp, colds, crbu'pJSsthmn, pneumo
nia, bronchitis,- gripb1 apd all throat
and lunj; troubles. It: prevents con
sumption. Copper Qussn store.
Hon. Gnorne Olney of Graham coun
ty, ia in Phoenix. He mvs Graham
county if moving alons finely in a bupi
nep way. Slirford is buililinK up snr
pri?i:iily -aIiiIh Clitton and other min
ing t't'iitwrs ate on a boom. Mr. Olney
represented Graham count'' in tho last
coinii il nd did it in n nriiu erthat "
hichlv cieditablo to luui'lf and Jus con
sMttvicy. Sfr.
."I .had dyspepsia ltfty-seyen yeatn
and never found perrnUrfont relief till I
used Kodol Dyspepsla'Curo. Now I am
wnll and feel lik a n;w man," write1
. J. Fleming, Murray; Nob. It is the
la$t disputant known. Cures'all forms
of indigw'tion. Pb-iciins oveiynJiere
pieicribe it. Copper Queen store.
Appropos of Ibis fb'nndry iroposition
re ciii py that ihrfifie a good opnnino
iere 'or a small r.lnn't." 'Prices fctiaVallr
on highv and ny)h)nt. asrollows:
? m. fron. 10 10 lo n'er ton? roke nlmnt
?S i-' r top, l''.froiiMj3 to 7 l(.r dy,
. .i!jjjj 4'c;ii ) H' I'enip j-.sr poor..'i.
In-Kinds of eirMo'if' will "vry much
1 1.. m.un df.ni 'I'd ill '-oine fromnn-rtr
mdi nn'd niM'lt'i't Pnthpetsi.
I.Gripn. -'1i :'i Kftr n'ee,iu, -.v
!lv des" trov 'l'uH. of n:oiie. I
lw (i'k-vturn 1y thm Mk.-
la the beat fliivout America. Ithealal " ' f i . -T-m -T'.m-1-' -'
. .J-..-
e'6e0044tett4m'' ,
The Furniture Room ?
until Christmas will de the storm center of interest, ,
WotitJiat the holiday spirit,
will be lacking throughout the rest of the store, but ths
Dolls, the Games, the Toys, everything, that appeals & '
childish hearts, will be in the Furniture Stors.
Boxes and Cases are being opened and their com
tents made ready for you. The toy world grows apam
but we shall have more to tell of this shortly.
For some reason or other the approach
of Thanksgiving Day turns feminine
thoughts linenward.. We are no, better
prepared now than' at any time, for we
endeavor to have onr stock alwaycom
plete. However, this is an opportune
time to tell of ; 1inena table linens par
ticularly. ' '
Bleached Damask, 65 inches Wide,
35 cents a yard.
Bleached Linen Damask,. 50 inches
wide, 40 cents a yard.
Bleached and Half Bleached Linen J
llv.i(cl. ... Vln.nl ..... li.nntA.uiadl i . .1
uauivkBm. ah A-Awi.li nuu jreuuiufci ti;ai uo"
signs, 65 cents to $1: a yard. r
Two examples of superior mmlitr
Damask, bt th bleached, full 72
wide. Ono ck-sign ia carnations - i
on a Si'.tly dotted backgrotmc .'
other lar-e pansier on unrounds '.
fine, gatin-uuitdied damask; 1. -
$1.50 a yard respectively.
T.liAiiii i tiitviiia fw if, Aunt ! 4 4 t(t
a doien I
Tttt Miflia afuvirtiirl fs rtlail 'Kaim I
""' u""""l - KV1.' "' F'"l " .
med or fringed, oval Sha.wd or square.
' Doilies of every sort ana size. ' '
; No matter how' cheap'the skirf, un
less it hangs properly. It is not wortli the
urice. This tells of skirts that have
that "hanV1 about tiiera that marks J
thorn correct. Thoy are little priced,!
too. Three examples : ' '
Black Brocaded Skirt ...;.-.$t.73
Black "VVoieted, Sarge.. tight lit- .
, ting across hips and back -
plocket at side .'."... 4.25
Gray Worsted Serge 4.0 .
lit thebowls of which are embossed
views typical of Bisbee, -alse "flisbee,-
Artwiia." They are of sterliug silver
and come in two site? tea and coffao.
Neatly packed, as we'll "pack (them, for
von, they'll be welcomed as rouveniri
by your far-away friends. $1.50 and $2
pin h.
The -'Hardware Store llpi!
think it is. It will furnish many a Hint and a help to self-
ing what to give. Christmas is so near that perhaps a Mnfc
ii:-twowill be welcome. For iustuuee:
. Rogers AA Silver Plated Tea Spoons a a dozes
Koer:4 A A Silver Plated Table Spoons ... 4 a dozefi
A dollar more on.a'dozeii would be nearer the real taluott
,". Carving Sets from $2 a set to a8 for a fiTe-pieco.fet v
pearl handle, witn 6011a snver
-'-.. .' ' " !':' "$ --
. ' ' ' " '1 ... ,J
i- aasaaaa. m . . . t-:fi.v
.v " "a""- r r l ' i&fL
-...-... v ,W , , .. ii.ii!-ir'
.''-'-' '" a?'.;,,
. .. ,j.ji
imbued by holiday go&,
The same old struggle the suppltat
,rng of the old by the new. Nlgkt shirt
have the advantage of seniority yoa'sii
always worn them. Pajamas will even
tually win, however, because they at
so much more cremf or sable. While tfc
conflict is on we show both ktads !
partially. Night shirt ia Mcstia aa4
Outing Flannel from W ceats tanueat-
up. Pajamas i Madras,
and Flannel, $3 to;$4 a si,t,
-- '
- Tliore'a a satisfaction tn haviagetathM
made to your particular measure aad f
j nj,iterhd to jour particular liking. Whoa
the fit is absolutely guaranteed, riik
on rour part whatever, and the mat-,
rials to cboos'j from are practically cas
lirntod, tho satufactiou is corapleto.
Jne woolttoa market rj3icn the gen
eral proaperur of t.io comiuarcial uorlil
J R" "P,,rtiriilB"(lancT .ol Prw "!
xi;., ,.,,., !, ., :.L UM
! cii.i ivu .n.wu wnu mmm wtwm
or moid samples, but evory day or so
rtceive a list of "outs," whteh leiseaa
your assortment to select fron.
It's overcoat weather now. Got
loot .over th samnles and gtt arioai
any way : ,
""'' Trbuser f roia ..... i $i.0t-
Siii tcjfroru , . . . . 14.09
Ov-ir.-cv from 14.00
If rnu'.-rf 4i-n'l with roady-m.i4f
ci-itHins, v"vm .i s?"j that eodloi ai
mv.; h-'iiis , it i esdy-mado clotk
.ns rti-i tif:
iUn'a .Suits irons. . ..$? 30 to IUM
Men's Overcoats from 7.30 to lT.lt
Bovs jiro Well cared for, too.
Reefer and Box Overcoats from siasa
4 .to J2 years.
Yiv'tce and Reefer Buits t fit bojts sf
4 to 13 years.
Thjije.piece Snitu, eonsWiafc KvOa
vest,- knee, pants and maalB) dMt Mr
boy of 9 to 13 ywri.
Don't neuleet the little mca.
wimuimga. .,-v
nZty 'iTTH
L-SiM,. 'Si-1!
. 7":.7
K'-:i i.'-.x
n'a-Vk .
!:.. m.
r . , m -
wt r,3ikiw
r ,"i
13 v t:jv
f. v.v,, , -.
tvtef Hrf rmTTt tifJxS'JiJiSZ, rT JT.rTSTfrT?.' py!T?yT" t '. .
o --"3MawT?Sia?iraPW4S siia ,CyV1iJS:3?"'rsrVyii
J59aWil5WSe8a WSS3WiW !5iteKSrCeBS.

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