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The Arizona daily orb. [volume] (Bisbee, Ariz.) 1898-1900, December 20, 1899, Supplement, Image 6

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Ftatt, V.
M. A. 699, Survey N. 12f2.
united Slatoa Land Office, Tucaan ,Arl
aona, October 17th, 189.
f?i .mivunawuAj .? nWntAa.. Ulv nf 11 r la
Thlrty-tv of tha Revl&edL Statute f
the United States, the South Blabea
Copper Mining and Townalte Improve
ment Company, a Corpoiatlon, vrhas
fPoat Office address la Blsbee, Arlaona,
fby Lynn Halm, Us authotlued agent,
who; postofllce address la Los An
Celeti, California, claiming the follovr
lng lode mlniiy; locations, to-vrlt: 1,199
feet of th Copper Glance Lode, cover
ing 800 feet North, 48 degrees 82 min
utes West from tha discovery shaft,
and 209 feet South, 41 degree 52 min
utes East therefrom, with surfaao
ground 600 feet In width; 1,108 feet a
the California Lode, covering 210 faet
North, 60 degrees Weat from the dis
covery ahaft, and 888 feet South, 60 de-greea-EaBt
therefrom, with aurface
Kround 600 feet in width; 1,114 feat of
the Contentment Lode, ooVerlng MO
feet North. 43 degreea 27 minutes Weat
from the discovery shaft, and 244 feet
South. 43 degreea 27 minutes Bast
therefrom, with ourfaco ground 808 feet
in width; 1,1 J I feet f tha Canfldanc
Lode, covering 818 feet North, ii da-
grees 26 minutea Wast frara the dlf?
covary shaft and 224 feet South. W da-
greea 55 minutes East thefefrora.'.wHV
surface riound 08sfeet lwiutn;. i,i,
feet of,th Coinstock Lode, coverlna; 815;
fett North, ii degreea :.' minutes wi
from the discovery shaft and 21a. feat,
Smith. 42 'decrrcea 25 5 minutes .aati
).heref romt s 1th surface ground, 8a feat
in width; 1,300 feet of tha Bryan, Lode,
covering 1,040 feet North, 18 degrses
38 minutes Weat from the discovery
shaft, and 2(0 feet South, It aegreas U
minutes East therefrom, with surface
ground 600 feet in width; and 1,680 feet
Jf the' Modoc Lode, covering 1,148 foot
South, 12 degrees 20 minutes East from
the discovery shaft and 3(0 fee't North,
12 degrees 20 minutes West therefrom,'
with surface ground (08 feet In width;
nil bearing gold, silver and copper, and
sltuate'in the Gila Land District, War
ren Mining District. Cochise; County,
Arizona, haa made application to the
United Statea for a patent for the aald
mining claim, which ia mora fully de
scribed as to metes and bounds by the
Official Plat posted on the claim, and.
by the Field Notes af urvey thereof,
on file in tha office of the- United States
Land Offlca at Tucson, Arizona, which'
Field Note of survey describe the
boundaries and extent of said olalm ou
th surface with magnetic variation at
11 degreea 41- minutes Saaas fsllawav
Survey N. 1882. Copper Gianoe
Jode. Beginning at oorner No. 1, balag
the ..Northwest corner of location, a
pine post Aurrounded' by a mound of
atones, acribed 1-1883 C. G. L vrhaaeo
the North end center of the Bryan Lode
qf this survey bear North 18 degree
SI minutes 80 seconds, West 47.2 faet
and the. point o& intersection of the
"North end line, of; this loda and the
ffortn end line f the Bryan Lode ai
'this survey bears North 46 degrees 62
mlnutei, East 85.6 feet, and United
States mineral monument No. 4fbaar
North 27 degrees 15 minutea Wet
84llf fe'4t; thanoa North 4( degress 6.1
minute .feast 85.6 eet to Intersecttan
with line 1-2 Brj'tn lode of, this survey
at North- E0 degrees 17,mmute3, East
225.6 fcet.from cornor No. t Biyan lode
aforesaid, 600 feet to corner No. 2;
hencc South 48 degreea It minutes,
j-jast i,iq rest 10 corner o. ; tnence
Sutti 46 degree 52 minute, West (88
feet to corner No. 4 identical with cor
ner No. 2 of the Contentment Lode of
this survey; thence North 48 degrees 52
mnutes. West 530.78 feet to intersoa
tlon with line" 2-3 of Bryan loda of this
purvey at South 18 degreea 22 minutes.
East 494.91 feet from corner No. 2 of
the Bryan lode aforesaid, 1,149 feet to
corntr.No. 1, the place of beginning.
survey No. 1392. California L'dde. Ba
Klnnlnp at corner No. 1, being tha
Northwest corner of location and iden
tical with corner No. 2 of the Copper
Glance Lode of thlB survey, a pine post
surrounded by a mound of earth and
stones, scribed 1-1S92 Cal., L.; whence
United Slates mineral monument No. 4
bears North 81 degreea 24 minutaa,
West 8.875 feet; thence North 48 de-
grees 62 minutes, East (00 feet to corner,
No. 2; thence South 49 degrees 5! min
utes, East 1,109 feet to corner No. S;J
thence South 4( degreea 52 minutes,"
West 600 feet to corner No. 4; thence
North 49 degreea 52 minutes West 1,109
feet to eorner No. 1, th place of be
ginning. Survey No. 1892. Contentment Lode.
Beginning at corner No. 1, being the
Northwest corner of location, a pine
post surrounded by a mound of earth
and stones, scribed 1-1392 Ct. L.;
whence Northeast center-of th Modoc
Lode of this survey bears South 1 de
gree 47 minutes 47 secdntls, 'Ea-tt 69.41
feet; and corner No. 5 of th.e Bryan
Lone or this survey bears South 86 de
kib "" neiruinto, r.aoi. ,.,ajand followlng described lodes are le-
feet and United States mlheral monu
ment No. 4 bears North 26 degrees
x- 1 .I ' "w,1.w?i;. I
North 46 degrees 52 minutes., East In-
rn't xn Mrntv .no. 3, id, , ; .4 ,U) mr-
,.r Nn 4 ' tl.c r.infld'-i r. f.nd nt
thin a'lrvej ; thtnet- touh ! !:'.
52 minutes, Wert 60) fe-;t to '"rn-' No
4: thence North 48 degrees 27 minutes
West intersecting the lire 2-t tt t
Modoc Lode, of this suivej, at a point
579.3 feet from eorner No. 4 of thin lode,
and South 12 degrees 20 minutes, East
293 fret from corner No. 2 of the Mo
doc Lodo aforesaid, and Intel seetlng
line 3-4 of the Bi yan Lode of thla aur
vay, at South 43 degrees 27 minutes,
Eit 2 feet f"im corner No 1 of thla
iAi ,wd NojMi SO degrn-w li .nirmlcs
I i"i vi 1"' feet fioin cotnM ho o. lU
iTtrinn Lfiir -fmrvutd 1H tf tu
i-fcr '''' 1 'i e ii' jc or h-jitumrrg
Vorlhvo-' lo'iuT of iop.niuti '! '
! viih corn.r No, 2 of thu Conteninicn'
, I t"l ef I'll.' survr-y, a piil pfst tw
'u' xl by u mound o' en.ty n.
stor.T, citlfcd 1-1J52 C . I, vuiii-nce
i'nlt'l States niliieral niuiinmerit No
i b us Not th itt dcr,ree r.d nilnufft!'
1 y .,t i-,i r , (j,..,,, Vfi.iii Jti fir
gri-ee 52 minutes, E:i't tO'J fit to '
mr No. 3. hMo Sffoth H rtaaauttt 37
this survey at iv point 3 52 feet North . ,lnffA -. . th Ji?,,mt..v t- ts,,.. . . ' a.. 's.? i V f -f v .rfc- j? r K t C ?PS.6V& t .
,alrt M0 ..t to corner N. : tll"nc-,lCoc),lM. Coiitv ibonf TV ' 5 '' ' ' - , Zks S .' .
"- i-- - - r in iir.iuii ii;n irrii t i i cj .i i fc- ,-
minutes, Bast 1.134 t,to avrnw N. ?,
them; Soutk 41 degraoa 62 minutea.
West (08 feet ta corner Ne. 4; thehce
North 43 degrees 27 mlnates, Wut 1,13
feet to earner Na. 1, the plae if be
ginning. Survoy Ne. 13S2. Comstock Lcde. Be
ginning at cornsr No. 1. belna the
.Northwat comer of location, and Iden-
ucai win cornar No. 3 of the Confl
denca Lode of thin survey, and osrnet
No. 4 of the California Loda and cor
ner No. 3 of the Copper Glance Lode
of thin rurvey. u pln post sunoundod
uy i mound, of earth and. stanea,
scribed 1-1382 Ck. L.;; Thence United
StateB mineral monument' No. 4 bears
North 38 degreea 38 miuuteav West
9.03S feet; thence North 46 decree H
minutes, East 600 feet to cornor No. IS;
thence South 41 degree 27 minutes,
Eaat 1,134 faet to corner No. t, thence
South 44 degree 52 minutes, West 800
feet to corner No. 4. thenea North 4$
degrees 27 minutea, Weat 1,134 feet to
corner No. 1, the place of'beglnnlng.
Survay No. 1382. Bryan Lode. Be
ginning at corner No.-l, lying tho
Northweat corner of location, a pine
poat aurrounded by a mound of u:onen
acribed 1-1M2 B. L.; whenca .United
State mineral monument N, 4, beam
Noith 23 deurt-i-B 47 niinurH tt. -81.
feat; thence North 8 degrees 1'
minutea, East S00 feet; whence coi net
No. 1 of tha Copper Glance Lode of this
survey beara South U degrees 31 min
utea JO seconda. East 47.2 feet, 874.5 feet
Intersecting Una 1-
of the Copper
44 dejti
Lode of thla survey at North
rees 52 minutes, Enst 85.S fct
from corner No. 1 of that lode, aso f.t
to, corner No. 2; thence South 'it re
grees 33 minutea. East 491.91 feet to In
tei section of line 1-4 of the Copper
Glance Lode of thla survey at South 19
degrees 52 minutes, East 572.22 fee'
fljom corner No. 1 of the Copper Glancf
Lode aforesaid, 1,661.38 feet fo Interaec
tion with line 1-2 of the Contentment
Lode of thla survey at North '46 de
grees 52 minutes, East 393.62 feet from
corner No. 1 of Contentment Lode
aforesaid, 1,308 feet to corner No. 2 of
thla lode: thence South 80 degrees 1"
minutes, West 244.23 feet to intersec
tion with line 1-4 of Contentment Lode.
of this survey at South 48 degrees 27
minutes, East 82.6 feet from corner No.
l'of Contentment Lode aforesaid, 600
feet to corner No. 4, IdentiCa-l with cor
ner No. 1 of the Modoc Lode of this
survey; thence North 18 degiees 3J
minutes, Weat 1.509 feet to cornar No.
i. the place of beginning.
;' Survey No. 1382. Modoo Lode. Be
ginning at cornor No. 1, being the
Northwest corner of location, and iden
tical with corner No. 4 Bryan Loda of
Uhis survey, a pine poat surrounded by
a mound of earth and stones, scribed
1-1392 M. L.; whence- United States
mineral monument No. 4 bears North
28 degrees 2 minutes, West 9.117 feet
and corner No. 1 of the Contentment
Lode of this survey bears North. 67 de
grees 48 minutes, East 21T;5 feej; .thenc
North 80 degrees 17 minutea, East 855.77
feet to Intersection of line 1-4 of Con
'enfment Lode of this survey at South
43 degrees 27 minutes, East 82.6 faet
from corner No. 1 of the Contentment
Lode aforesaid, 600 feef to oorner No. 2
of this lode, Identical with corner No.
& of the Bryan Lode of this survey:
thence South 12 degrees 20 minutes.
East 393 feet to point of Intersection
with line 1-4 of the Contentment 'Lode
djf tbl survey at South 48 decrees 27
niinntes, East 554.7 feet from corner
No. 4 of the Contentment Lode afore
said, 1,500 feet 'to coiner Nn'3; thence
South 80 degrees 17 minutes, West 600
feet to corner No, 4, thence North 12
defreea 20 minutes, West 1,500 feet to
corner No. 1, the placa of beginning.
Total and net area of Coppar Glance
Lode, 15.17 acres. jV
Total and net area of California
Lode,, 15,17 acres.
Total' awl net area of Contentment?
Lode, 1K61 acres."
Total and net area of Confidenc"
Lode, 15.61 acres.
Total and net area of ConiatocJ:
,Lode, 15.61 acres.
Total area Bryan Lode 17.6.9 acres,
less area In conflict wl'h Copper Glan e
Lode of this survey. 1 S3 acr:s, and.'leW)
area in conflict with ConientmTt Lode
of this survey, .?4S acres. Net ara of
Bryan Lode, 14.912 acres.
Total area Modoc Lods 20.61 acres
lews area In conflict with Contentment
Lode of this survey,. 1.10 acre?. Net
area of Modoc lod, 19.54 acrsa.
v Net area of this lode clainf, 111.6:2
acres. 1-
The surveys, of. ajl. tha. above de
scribed lodes are identical Ith, or
within their respective locations. This
claim Is located about a mile and a nair
South of the. town of Rlnbee, In tht
said Warren Mining District, s&M
Countyof Cochise, and will, when pub
lic land surveys are extended over this
section of country, be embraced ap
proximately In Township ii South,
range 24 East, Gila and Salt Itlver
Base and MbrlcHan, Arizona.
The amended locations of. tV.c Iov
corded as follows: Of the
Of the CPppoi
Glanre in Rook 14, at pifje 5.C; of th
California, in Book 14, .it pm;.- 5
the contentment. In Hook1 11 f1 p
roctton of ih fci-i jii oi i. , f ("
pojiit at tti abfivp ' rv . ? M"
ipi tS i i . s'i'i" n '!i .e 1,;lhJt
vd on the i !-ir ', .1 . v.-. y (j ., p d
termltn d fiom tr h n -i
this claim being for the .i.iiUi fXi .
each lode thereof as lurai?" hove r.ct
forth, respectively, togeih 1 rlth tile
surface Kround shown upoij iiie ntllcrnl
plat aforesaid.
The adjoining claims aie: Combina
tion, St. Louis and Illinois claims (tin
surveyed), Shattuck, Kculiug, et. al ,
clitijiHntu- rtuolipy O N'.M!.', SI-tpcn-to
! and .-V-laiiJi. cI..im (u.' .N '
lIKi i'!ic i -tpp'i .111 )Otr , K.
C'rtlvji (imnliej.Mi U t ' "
M ' '
(ui!survev, 'it ..' ,
1'ertliig, iialmnit.- ihn'.i (tv""' -uviyv1)i
JQfctin- .ll'iaji'v if Ha-
non ciulusnts w tllo',r. urtdt-s va
cunt i.nd unoftcupIeJ 1 .icl
.Aii'v and ah peiii ctilmntf ,l
'vft'l' tc mlntnu iticnM c Iti. lo"
urlbW, aitiveyen. pi nwu a:. n
for, ar hm-ahj' iHttd Xh n4es
ii mm iiaiiiiiimi' ir'iMMaai
i calms are duly filed ua
a &t and thr i emulations
vrlthm the time pievosibea
a the Kaglster of the United
l OiHce at Tucson, Anzouu
barred by the provisions
"Vst publlaatian, Friday, Oc-!8(9.
their ad
by law,
they v
f salt.
Data r
tabar 2r
i. Hi, Survay No. 12S2.
United St.
aona, C
Martin C
dress ia 1'
Arlsona 1.
tioa for a ;
tha "Roy"
i Land Office, Tucson, Aft
er 16th, 1899.
Ho, whose paatoJMee ad-
ibstone, Cochise County,
.'tory, haa made appllca-
ent for 1,495 "linear feet of
A,id 1,495 linear feet of the.
i claims, baarlng copper
nerals, sltuato in the
Mining Distrlot, Cochise
"Lea" ml:,
and other
County, Ai
acribed In
ona Territory, and de-
offtcUl plat and field
notea an 11 . is1 this offlce, as follows,
"Roy" Lv.j Claim. Beginning at
cornar No. I, identical with location
corner, u pi - post 3 feet long 4 Inches
square, set X foot In ground, to, bed
rock, in mou. ! of atones, scribed 1-128
It. M. C, t, -ence United States min
eral monun:. nt No. J of "Warren" J
Mining Dlstr ct bears North 02 degree-
J2 mnutes Kv.-t 4,'.'Ji feet, thence Soutl
49 ilesre 0 minutea Wet 1.495 fret-
to corner No. 2. a plna post 4 feet Ions
4 Inchea sqii re in mound of stories,
acribed 2-12S2 R. M. C; 'thence South
47 degrees 1C minutes East 593.3 feet to
oorner No. 8. identical with location
corner, a pine post 4 feet long4 Infhts
square In mound of stones, scribed
8-1282 R. M. C; thence North 49 de
grees dl minutes-Eaat 495 feet to corne
No. 4, a pine rmet 4 feet Ion;; 4 inchos
-quaie in mound of stonss, acrlbofi
4-1282 R. M. C; thence North 47 de
crees 16 minutea 593.5 feet to place,uf
beginning. Variation at nil camera L
degrees 20 minutes East.
. Area 10.26 acres.
"Leo Lode Clajm Beginning nt eor
ner No. 1, identical with location cor
ner and with corner No. 1 ef "Roy"
lode, scribed in addition to marks al
ready noticed 1-12S2 L. M. C, whence
United States mineral monument No. 4
bears North 62 degrees 22 minutes East
4,226 feet; thence. South 49 degrees 01
minutes Weat 1,495 feet to corner No. 2
Identical with corner No. 2 "Roy" Lode
scribed, In addition, 2-12'82 L. M. C:
thence North 23 degrees 50 minutes
Weat 612 feet to corner No. 3, a pine
poat 8 feet long 4 inchea square In
mound of rock scribed 3-1282 L. M. C;
thence North 62 degrees 22 minute?.
Hist 1,470.5 feet to corner No. 4. a pin
oat three feet long 4 inchea .siuar In
mound of ston scribed 4-12sl' M. C:
thence South fi decrees 60" minutes
Eart 522 5 fett to corner No I, te-pla'o
of beglnnlnt. Variation ..t all corn.-is
12 degrees 29 minutes East.
Area 19 60 acres.
Total area of both lode olalras, 38.SS
In Townshl-a 28 South of Range 24
Baat (unsurveyed), Gila ;tnd Salt
River Meridian. The locations of thes"
mines la recorded in the Recorder's -offlca
-Of Cochise Councv, Arizona, on
peg 675-6-7 or. Book-f.-of Rcords of
Mines. Adjoining claimants arethtt
"Wood Chopper." survey No. 1061. an l
"Tip Top," survey No. 10C7. n 'the
Northeast, and the "Wagner,1" 'survey
No. 1121, on the Southeast.
, AH persons holding adverse c'alm
thereto are required to present the
same before this onlce within clsty
days fiom the first day of publication
hereof, or they will be barrel by virtue
of the provisions of the statute.
Date of first publication. Friday, Oc
tober 2th, 1S9SU.
fMinin .iinV Mn '" " v
Survey No. 1314.
United Stues Land Ofce. - .
in pursuance of the Unltvl S a .s Min
ing: Law's. M. J. Rropiiy nnd.E. B. Mn.
son. whose postotUce ud'rrss is Bist-ee.
Cochise County. Arizona, Inve Wad-j
application for patent for fifteen hint
dred (1,500) linear feet of Die L.ihia oi J
lode mining claim, situated In the Wjiv
ten Miniinj District ''ochlao -o.jii . ,t .
Tetritpiv of Arizona, as tUr rl " e-ju b 'i!''
the oillc'r.l plat horo.ith posted and bjl
th; Jleld notes on fl e n the ofilc- of
the RecUter of the United Gt.itaa Land i "v ,
OIHce, Gila Land Dl.itiict. T.iccon.
Vrlzona, as fo lows, to-wit: !fw
Mtignetlc variation f.i! a"! or.iiv i t
12 dcKrces .'C :r.lnut-s K.st t
lugmnlng :.t c-rncr o I ldentcit '
-inn -f ;l ti ;;jh'i ort-r Oj'nj:
.. J. t ' i ' t r
r .".v i fc.-..4.
One damp liute n iIiikc M.wn; flo per
Ouofinuie honruof three inrmS, nefv bluitt lck's Ituuher ji:-d; ten dvMi.is
month. AiinlvtoK K. tiltauitj
' nr t'-oii : iti"
4hL wiBw n 'MU,-
ifon tfrrarnntcod nrno ptt
in a wash, a witne carn X. i B,
" uiee. J rninaten ww tf
fofct. A pinn pat 8 ft lng,- inahaa
squate Mt in a mj,und .f Maw ome
foot In giaund ta W-rjok serUlad
1-1341 W. C. L. M. C. whenc. u2.
Statos mineral monument No l of U
Warren Mining. District bers South
degrees 48 mlnutoa- East .M t..
from true ooraar point; thence So6r
it degree SS minutes "VYaat, 768 farti'
aenter of East aide Una, a plM po,t
faet long, 4 inchta siuar wt in raan4
f stones 1,608 feet aame bearing tt
cornor Na. 2. a pine post feet long
4 inchea square set in mound of.stoaa,
10 inches in ground, scribod ' 2-1344 l!
li:.C; thfjice north 49 degrees 5r.mUa':
utes West. 300 feet to South end cenT '-'
ter a pine "post 3 feet 'high set' in, '"
mound of stones 18 inchea in .ground '
scribed. L. M. ClUi. 631.2'f.e.. s,m
bearlng to corner Na. 2, a p poat y
feet long, 4 inches'' Bquare, set on X
chiseled In bed-rock, nut rounded by rt
mound of Btories, scribed 3-1344-MC-thence
North 54 decrees Si minuter
East, 750 feet ta canter of West aldV
line, a pine poat in mound vt si n-.-L509
feet same bcaringto c-r or jr',',
4, identical with a comer of locti-jft
a pine post 3 feet long, 4 InchcLBviua.
set 18 Inches In ground surrotinileni
mound of etonea, scribed 4-1344:1' M.
C; thence South 49 degrees 64 cWute
East 301.2 feet to center end.monu.r.uft.
Identical with location monut-icrtf a
pine post 3 feet long.J inches a:iuar;
set on "X" chiseled on -a retl f rci.s
surrounded by a'4 mound af stai.u
scilbed L. H C. 1344; 691,7 feet s,rae
'.caiit. to wltnee otjir Np. 1. already
."ibrllmd; 6d 3 fei to earner No, 1
(the true ctnr) the lao t. bsfeln
ninsr. .
Area of claim, 2.fr4 a'cres.
The satd mining clai:n being of recaj ,
'in the otlico of tho Recorder of (?Othlarv
County In Book 14, Record of M niMf
pases 22 and 23. at Jl'ombitone. in tk".
County and Territory aforesaid, tlm
Piesumed general ourae or dtrt-ct'-m f
he s-aid Labradorsr.veia, lode mfn '
eral deposit beljig shown upoft thi'ptar
posted heievith, as near ns can be de-i
n mined from present development.
hls claim being for fifteen hundraa
1,500) linear feet thereof, togethar with
the surface giound shoVn upoa' the
official plat posted herewith. ?h sal
win, lode and mining premises hereby
sought to be p.itea'ed. being bonndel
a follows, to-wit; There are no aa
oinlng cUlms.
Any and all persons clalmln? .aaV
vernely any portion of said m.!ne c
surfaoe ground are required lo file
Mielr adverse claims with the Register
of the United States Lind Office at.
Tucson, Pima County, In the Territory
of Arisona, during the sixty daya
period of publication thereof, or thy
will be barred by virtue-of tho raU
tana ef the statute.
i"iT.t PublicaMoB, October 21, 18W.
h not only tk Mioat
useful' thing evr da
rised for tn family,
but if disting uUhl
for- itc beauty as tut "
artistic iecc f fcr-
niturcc .......
arning more in vrosdrtiti
cost than any thv purdb(f
posciblt. j "
thar lock-ititch or cfcaii-aatiMlBV
at th largest and bMt-quipptt
factory in the world, wk
ayery machine is cara&iUy
n practical stitching.
aav r
TK SIMEi HAieFAtlfllkl
14.1' ..-!
CrT . v 1 '
, .Vy ?. .&UsUJl&. m
firv'-TvYitli .ltlSA it
(iff vRj-
l i
n.iu ih. t. .iu!n.(
v-it ry
ft. -
tnclutlcil : near
rct-idence of.C.
K V"
in .
...it c'.i . k the JKiumJ? .l.vliS.-.
8MH8 -
aa ja
. r
'JfSI '
t 7.31
' " H
mm '1
- .7
Si. vl
atim m
JgEkV 4 v.
jiSvVx.. .. led
jag "
v J
l or-no pay. , .,. . "
A5t. I?RTKMAT, rrerprfetic
. S
WMfti t iWiH'.4-l &?&

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