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Published Every Evening', Except
Sunday, by
Entered at the Postofflce" at Bisbee,
Ariz., as second-class mail .matter.
By Mail, One Year S7.S0
By Carrier, One Month 75
Advertising- rates will be made known
on application to this office. Legal pub
lications in conformity with Territorial
Statutes. "Reading notices, 10 cents a
'ine for each insertion.
Communications relating to new or
editorial, matter, should be addressed to
Editor Cochisk Review
All remittances and busires.s letters
.etc., should be addressed to The Bisbek
News Company;
TpE Denver Post, a democratic
P9erj says it is predicted that
Arapahoe coupty will give a repub
lican .majority of 10,000 if the war
ring democratic factions keep up
$heir present lick.
.'PRESIDENT MoKinley is a fara
erA -,M&t owns a 100 acre farm in
Starkicounty, fifteen miles distant
from his home. The president's
farm is well cultivated and pays.
Bryan is a farmer and is now fre
quently referred to as Farmer
Bryan. So both presidential can
didates can talk with apparent in
terest on the subject of raising car
rots and turnips, Whether they
really feel an interest in, or a lik
ing for, the arduous task of run
ning 'a ranch is extremely doubtful,
but then the agricultural vote is n
prime incentive in the matter and n
knowledge of the price of alfalfa
mays earn ; a vote from an honest
'lVis now. asserted on all sides
' thai 'the Itussiaris are as cruel and
Te guilty, of acts as fiendish as the
Chinese themselves. It is reliably
recorded that the Russian soldiers
suspecting the fidelity of the 200
Chinese coolies .murdered the cool
, ies and piling them in a junk set
fire to the junk and sent it adrift.
It is perhaps as "well not to take too
many prisoners in this war. The
prisoners' are an" incumbrance, and
they are Chinamen too. The an
Bwer of the victorious soldiers, who
word asked where their prisoners
were, is the answer that will prob
ably apply in the majority of such
cases 'we have no prisoners." It
ma'y be .surged that humanity for
bids the slaying of a vanquished
foe "but it will, generally be argued
that the ordinary rules of civilized
warfare do . not apply to a war
' brought on by f he hideous cruelty
of a horde of barbarians, and that
punishment to be commensurate
with the crime must be an effectual
wiping out of the armies of those
barbarians that are met in battle.
Doctor Talmage asked the ques
tion; "Is life sweet to you?" In
the abstract life is sweet to every
one. The prisoner in the dungeon
clingy to life. He hopes that the
day will come when he will once
more enjoy tne Westings of liberty.
The murderer, condemned, finds
life'ltoo sweet to be readily yielded
,up at the gallows that awaits him.
Xife is sweeito oveiy man in that
sense, bu it the, question is consid
ered and,v 'aWered from the
standpoint taken naturally by the
wretched, the unfortunate, the out
cast 'then life is not sweet. To
thousands Jife is not sweet, it is a
curse. Tovthousands of toilers life
is merely a drudge, a march to the
grave, unceasing, without ambi
tion without hope. Life cannot bo
sweet to those.pn whose toil the
stfnseta and rises. In whose
weary life the night closes merely
to give strength that the day may
brlflg the,same weary round. No!
UfeiOjJhese is not sweet. They
live, N merely live! To the Bmug,
sleek divine who asked the ques
tion1,, Hfe is sweet. Why should it
not-bef There is in his well fed
comfortable career absolutely
nothing to cause hopelessness.
No fear for the morrow's meat and
bread. The well groomed, well
cared for citizen merely looks down
at the struggle around him. To
him life is full of hope, and ambi-
lion. To the true humanitarian,
who sees the sorrows and cares that
besot his his less fortunate brother,
li! i bad, and all he can do is to
try by kindness, fair treatment and
encouragement to alleviate the suf
fering of the crowd, and io feel
for them, that life is not sweet!
The fire yesterday afternoon
again brings up the question of the
necessity of providing the home or
the business house with the Chroni
cal Fire extinguisher
there are occasions
extinguishers might
much, but as a rule
at the com
mencement of
most effective.
the fire they
As we
have gener-
ally been informed, the article
has been too costly for the ordi
nary citizen to purchase, hence
their scarcity in town; but now
recognizing the danger that this
town is always in from fire-, Mr.
Walter Douglas has arranged to
furnish the Chemical Fire Extin
guisher at half the usual cost. This
will place it within the reach of all,
end there is no doubt that where it
lies in the power of a householder
to procure one or more of these fire
extinguishers he should do so with
out delay Their efficiency' 'as a
means of extinguishing flames has.
been proved beyond a doubt, and
it is poor policy for the sake of
saving S6 or so to run the risk of
destruction by fire of valuable
propertv that might be saved
through the prompt application of
this useful invention
The local lodge of the Independent
Order of Foresters met last night for
the transaction of the usual miriness of
the lodge.
Notice to Creditors.
Rstata of Patrick Cunuineharn, doceused
Notico is hereby given by the und rsigned,
administratrix of the nstatn of Patiiclc
Cunningham, decous d, to the creditors of
and all persons having: claims ntrainst the
sad deceased, to exhlb t them, with the iirc
pssary vouchers, within ten montho after the
iirst public tlon of this notice tc the said
administratrix at Bisbee, the same belnpr
the place for th tram ctlnn of business of
said estate, in suld county of Tochise,
Adtu Tilstiatrlx of the Estate of Putrlok
Cunningham deceased.
Dated at Bisbee, A T this first dn of
June, 1901.
First publicu ion June ?.I(i0
Minlng Application No. 714.
Survey No. 1464.
Unite- States Land OFriOE
Tucson, Arizona: Jui e 9, iWl
Not'ce If. hereby iven that Peter Johnson
and P H, Harrington whose uostotiico ad
Ares is 1 ifthee, Cochise connt , .rlz na
Territory, for ho'h, have this) da) filed their
applicat on for a patent 10 IZ'.i linnur foot
of the Erie ( att e claim mine or vein, heur
l ar copper and other metals, with urface
ground 60-tfe tin width situated in Warren
Mining District, Count of Cch!se and or
ritory of Arizona a. in designated by the
fl -Id notes and official platt on file in this
otllce assurvy Nuuiherl484 approxi at ly,
in Township 3 South, Rane ill East (unsur
vw ed) of Gila and Salt Hlver Bute end Mer
idian, Arizona, said survey io. 1481 being-aa
Kegrinnlnffnt corner No.l the N. W, cor
ner Identical with locution and with the N.
E, corner Last Koe of Summ r claim, un
curve) od, a ulno pos 4 feet on?,4 Insq m t
1 foot iu the ground, surrounded by a
mound of Mtunes, scrl ed 1-H84 K. C. O.,
whence U. S. Mineral monument No. 4 bears
N 07 detf i min west 480 80 feet, ai.d comer
No 8 Vce of spades Lode to 1046 bears N &9 d
16 min 3 see w 221, 0 left .Thence N,40 deyBS
min U 804 fo't to N end center idnntvnl fc ith
1 cutlon, u pine post sin Ibed 1464 E C. C,
C08 00 feet same bearing to corner number 2
tho N. 1? cornor, a pine post 4 feet Ion ,
4 inches square, lorlbod 2-1434 L C. O
wlium.0 onclnul locu io bears N. 44 deg 0
min oust 1 OiO foot: Thence S 52 deg 34 m!n
K 712.10 feet to cener of frame hbuse. 915 SO
feet, same bearing to intersection grraie
yui d f cm nt 18 deg E 11, 0 feet from the S
W corner. 1110.00 feet, same bearing t' inter
section grn eyurd fence a S73 deg48 min K
18 80 feet from the S V corner. Si 00 feet,
same bearing to o mer No 3 the S K- corner
a plue pot 4 1 1 long 4 ins sq scr i b. d -149 K.
C. C, whence original location bears N 6
deg 53 min K22,0 feet; thence S 46 deg53 In
N 80 ,0 feet to S end center, a pli e post
scribed 14-i4 K O C whence original loca
tion beurs S 43 deg 17 min K 54.00 feet, C08.0
liet same bearing to onrnpr No 4 the S YV
corner, a pine post; 4 feet Ions; 4 ins sq
scribed 4-1464 K, C. C, whei.ee original 1 ca
tion hpuisS46dog 25 min i-. 1W. 0 feet;
thonce N 52 dep 34 mlnW 13 2 00 feet to cor
uerNo I tho place of bogiuuliig. Mu'iietlo
variutlou 12 degrees Kast throughout
otal not urea oiittlo olaiui 18,198 acres.
Th? location of this mlue is recorded n
the recorder's office of deeds in book U
puifo 36V, of mines The adjoining clatmuiits
ure on the north otne Ky Chance, Umnvlllo
wiier;ou tho NV'est,Vorktown4 Inley owner
on tho south, Last Koso of Summer, Keuting
and hattuolc owners; on the east Itoindoer,
C, A, UvenocU own r.
Any and ull persons cluiming adversely
ato portion of tuid Erie Cuttle oluim, mine
or vurfuce ground are required to tile their
adver o cluiinr with the Register of tho
t nlted States Land Otllce at Tucson, iu the
territory of Arizona during tho sixty days
period of publlontlo i hereot or they will ho
burred by virtue of provisions " tho
Milton rf, Moom.,
i irst Publication June 23. U00
In the District Court, First Judicial Uls
n iot of tho Territory of Arizona, In and for
ti.o county of Cochise.
Louise B. Prle.t, plaintiff, vs. Ernest W.
Priest, defendant.
Aotlou brought in tho District Court of
tho first Judicial District of the Teir tor)
of Arizona, in and for tho Con i.y of c'ochlse
and the complaint tHed in tho said County
of Coohlre, in the olUco of the clerk of uld
Dlstr ot Court.
The territory of Arizona sends irrootlnir
to Ernest W. 1'rlost.
You nro hern'iy required to appear iu an
action bt ought ngalnst )ou by the above
named plaintiff. J ouise K Priest, n the
District Court of ho J- irtt Judicial District
of tho Territory of Arizona, iu und for the
County of Coohlso, and to uuswer the coin
ulnint filed therein, within ten da s fexclu.
sivo of the day of service) alter the servlco
on you of this summons, (if served within
this county ;oi if served out of this county
but in this district, within tweut) days;
otberwlso within thirty days,) or judgment
by default will be taken against you accord
ing to tho prayer of suld compl int.
t ho Mild action Is brought to obtain a de
cree of illv rcn from the bonds of matri
mony and for general relief and for cots.
Given under my hunt and tho seal of the
UUtrlctt ourt of the first Judluiul DUlrict
of tho territory of Arizona, Iu und for the
Cou y of Coohlso, thl 2Xd day of June, In
the Jear of our Lord one thouiand nine
huudred, A. II. EMANU I.,
tfirst r ubllcatlou June 27, 1900.
Solomon Springs Consolidated
Mining" Company.
Know all men by those presents that
wo, J. C) Pritchard, A. J. MoDeruiott,
J. B. Angius, D. O. Williams, Kichard
Humphrey and Arthur S. Pritchard, of
the town of Bisbe, county of Cochise,
Territorj of Arizona, have this day as
sociated ourselvgs, together, for the pur
pose of forming;, la' corporation under
the laws of the Territory of Arizona,
and we do hereby certify and adopt
the following Articles of Incorporation:
Tito name of this corporation shall
be the Solomon Springs Consolidated
Mining Company, and its principal
place of transacting business shall be
at the town of Bisbee, county of Co
chise, Territory of Arizona.
The general nature of the business
proposed to be transacted is to pur
chase, own, sell, lease or develope and
obtain titles to mines, mills, smelters
and mining .property of every descrip
tion; the purchase of ores, metals and
minerals; to acquire, sell and deal in
personal property and merchandise,
and to do aud perform any and all acts
necessary or, incidental .to the afore
said business.
The amount of the capital stock of
this corporation! shall be Five Hundred
Thousand Dollars' (8500,000), divided
into 50,000 shares of the par value of
Ten Dollars ($10 00) each, said capital
stock to be paid on the issuance and
delivery of "the. certificate, of stock to
the purchasers thereof, and to be for
ever non-assessable. .
The, time, ofthe. commencement of
this corporation shall be the date of
the filing" df these .articles of incorpo
rationJ fo'r record in the office of the
County Recorder of the county of Co
chise, Territory of Arizona, and the
termination thereof shall be twenty
five years thereafter.
The affairs of this corporation are to
be conducted by a board of live di
rectors, to be elected annually on the
second Wednesday in March of each
year, and shall hold office from the
time they are elected until their suc
cessors are elected. The board of di
rectors shall elect the following offi
cers, to-witJ A president, vice presi
dent, secretary, treasurer, ,and such
other officers necessary for the proper
conduct of the business of the cor
poration; provided, however, that the
following named persons are appointed
to Berye as directors until their suc
cessors axe duly eleoted: J. G. Pritch
ard'A. J.McDermott, J. B. Ahglus,D.
O. Williams and R. Humphrey.
The highest amouut of indebtedness
or liability to which this corporation, is
at any time to subject itself .is the sum
of Eifty Thousand,Dallars (850,000).
The private property of the .stock
holders shall be exempt'from all corpo
rate debts and. liabilities;
In witness ,wherept,wfi, have hereunto
set our. hands this fourth day of Au
gust, im ' "" l "' '
J G. Pbitohabd,
A. J. MoDebmott;
J. B. Anoics."
D. 0. WlXEUMS,
Abthdb-S. Pbitohabd.
Territory of Arizona j
County of Cochise
Berore 'merSI'K. Williams, a notary
publio M and; for 'tne 'said county of
Cochise, Territory of Arizona,-Dn this
day personally .appeared..J. U.iPritch
&td, A"J.lieennbtt,'J. ,B. Aiigiua, D.
0.miams7 Richard 'Humphrey arid
AtthurJ S.-Pritchard; 'known rto me -to
be, the, persons -.whose names;, are sub
scribed to the foregoing Articles , of
Incorporation, and acknowledged to me
that they! each executed the same for
the .purposes jind considerations there
in "expressed.
GiVouucler my hand and seal at
Bisbee, CochlSe county, Arizona, this
4th day'of Aagust, A. Dt 1900.
S.K. Williams.
Notary Public in and for Cochise
county, Arizona territory.
My commission expires December
15, A. D. 1901.
Filed end .recorded at request of J.
G. Pritchard, August 6, A. D. 1900, at 2
p. m., iri 'Book ' Is 'of Incorporations,
pages 510, 511512.'
Fank HABBCounty Recorder.
First publication August 11, 1900.
Notice of Sheriff's Sale.
Whereas, by virtue of an execution issued
out of the Justice's court of S. K.'Wllliuini,
a justice tf the" peace In und for Precinct
No. 2, C"uuty of, Coohlse, and Territory of
ArizotiaBhd "dated' the1 thirtieth day of
July,A.:D., 1909. In'a certain notion wherein
Otto W. Geisenhofer 1 named as plaintiff,
wherein said "plaintiff (recovered Judgment
against 'William Pump, the defendant for
the sum of aeventy-one-($7l) dollars In law
ful money of the'Unlted States of America,
aud cost of suit now assessed at Kleveu and
one-half S11.5Q) dollars, ou the 80th day of
JulyJWOO. -' ,,
I hve levied upon the following described
property in Hartford Mining district, Coun
ty of Cochise, Territory of Arizona,, to.wit:
The Native Copper Mine," the notice of
Records of Mines, at page 209, in the otUco oi
tne county recorder oi uachiso county, ArJ
Hotuesteadllue.'' the notice of location of
hich"isJrecorded in-Hook 17. Records of
flti. ,Mt nnvli 9mr A Ian. tka 'irjln,.,.c.,. Ulnn U
the location notice of which is recorded iu
bookii, lleoa
ook'lL"Heoords'oMf!tiel. stoaso 20flf"'airof
.... . r ;'.r '. j 7.
wnicurciaims are recorapa tu
a claims
are recorded tu the office of
ounty Kecorder df
ecorder of Cochise Count v
Tombstoue, Aritona,- to wbioh record is
hereby made for n, more definite description
or said mining property.
Ihereforef Notice is hereby clvon thnt on
Wednesday, the 2th day ot August, 1900, at
S 0'qIocIiT.j. m.r;of that 'day, in Irout of the
court bove door, at the county seat of Co
child County, at Tonibstone. Arizona. Twill
M" A11 RJfarJXS IBmp tere,t pf iUld
lu andto th aboyoi described property, at
publlp sale by auction, lor cash only, to tho
Lluhest'andbiiot'blddbr, to' 'satisfy said ex
ecuUonfttid 11 costs.
Dated the 4th darof August, 1900.
..,, .-, r,- t ScuttWhite,
By . , Sheriff
Olid. UravW, Deputy Sheriff.
First publication, Auk. 8. 1K.
I, the undersigned, hereby give
notice that after thia date I will not
bet responsible for any debts contracted
by my, wlfeLotta Burden.'ln Bisbee
or elsewhere. Dated tfie 18th day of
July, 1900.
E. E. Burden.
Survey No 1478,
United States Land Offics, j
Tucson, Arizona, August 11, 1930 j
Notico is hereby given that Thomas Hig
glns and V, C. Fenner, whoso post office ad
dress Is Bisbee, Cochise county. Arizona Ter
ritory, have this day filed their application
for a patent for 14U0 linear feet of the Del
Norto mine or vein, bearing copper and
other metals, with surface ground 500 feet
In width, situated In Warren mining dis
trict, county of Cochise and Territory of
Arizona, and designated by tho field notes
and official plat on file In this office as survey
No. 1478, approximately in township ,No. 23
south, range No 24 east (UhsUrveyedl of Gila
and Salt Rlor base and meridian, Arizona,
said survey No 147S being described as fol
lows, to-wit:
Beginning at cor. No 1, the nw. cor , iden
tical with tho NE cor. Auburn lodo and on
tho s. side line Galena claim at s 65 deg. 27
min. 80 sec. w 427 60 fee.t from the se. cor. of
that claim, a pine post scribed 1-1478-D.N L ,
whence original location bears n. 75 deg. 10
min w. 42 40 feet, and U. . mineral monu
ment No. 4 boars n. 23 deg 47 min. w 2359
feet; thence 8. 19 deg. 07 min. e 274 00 feet to
e. end center Auburn lode. 546 60 feet, same
bearing to cor. No 2, Identical with the se,
and ne. corners of the Auburn and Del Mar
claims respectively, a pine post scribed 2-1478-D
N L ) thenco s 19 deg. 02 min. 80 sec. e. to
center e end Del Mer lode, being 294 00 feet,
same bearing 537 90 feet to cor. No. 8, identi
cal with the so. and ne. corners of tho Del
Mar and Harrison lodes respectively, a pine
post scribed 3-1478-DNL.; thence s 19 deg
14 min e. 242 20 foot to cor. No. 4, tho sw coi ,
Identical with location and with the uw.cor,
Hlggln8 lode, on Iron pin set In bed rock,
chisolcd 4-1473-D N L.; thence U'W deg. 81
min e 200 80 feet to n nd center Higglns
lode 249.40 feet, same bearing to cor. No. 5, a
pine post scribed 5-1478-D.N L.J thence N. 65
deg. 27 min. 80 sec e 135.20 feet to cor. No.
6, the sp cor., whence original location
beatsn.79deg. 30min e 114 00 feet; thence n.
18 deg 18 roln. w 847 40 feet to cor. No 7,
identical with cor No 8 Hardscrabb'e lode
No 1026, and No. 6 Morning Star lode No
1381, a pine post scribed 7-1473-D.N L ; thence
n.Vldeg 47mln w 467 80 feet to cor No.S.the
ne. cor.. Identical with location nnd with
cor. No. 7MorninsrStnr Lode No. ISSl.apino
post scribed 8-1178-D N L ; thence 8 68 dog 42
min. w. 64 80 feet to cor. No. 9, identical with
cor No. 8 Morning Star lode No 1831, and
with se. cor Galena lode a plno post
scribed 9-1478-D N L ; thence 65 deg 27
min. SO sec w 427 60 feet to cor No 1, the
pluco of beginning
Magnetic variation U deg 47 min e , con
taining 14 41 acres.
The location of this mine is recorded in
tho Recorder's office of Deeds in book 12,
pi go 452, Record of Mines, at Tombstone, in
the county and territory aforesaid
The ad joining--clniniaiita in e on the north
Gn'ena lode. Lowell A Arizona ConDer.Min.
ing and Sirelting company owners; Morning J
star iso. 1831, uepper yueen uon. ju'ning,
company owners; on tho west Auburn, Del
Mar and Harrjson lodes, Lowell Arizona
Copper Mininar & Smelting company owners;
on the south Higglns lode, same owners; on
tho east Hard Scrabble lode No. 1028, South
Bisbee Copper Mining and Townslto Im-
firovement company owners; MornlntrStar
ode No. 1331, Copper Queen Con Mining
company owners.
Any and all persons claiming adversely
any portion of said Del Norte mine or sur
face ground are required to file their ad
verse olaims with the Register of the United
States Land office at Tucson, in the Terri
tory of Arizona, during the sixty days' pe
riod ot publication hereof, or thoy will be
barred by virtue of the provisions of tho
First publication August 14, 1900.
Last publication October 10, 19J0
Survey No. 1479.
NO. 718.
United States Land OrricK, I
Tucson, Arizona, August 11, 1900. )
Notico is hereby given that) Thomas Big
gins, whose post office address Is Bisbee, Co
chise county, Ari?ona territory has this day
filed his application for a patent tor 150Q
linear feet of thq Magenta mine or vein,
bearing copper and other r.io e.is Vt Ith sur-
f f. crniind 600 ft in width, situated in
ft irren mining district, county of Cochise'
and Territory of Arizona, and designated
by the field notes and official plat on file In
this office as survey No. 1479, approximately
In township No 23 south, range 24 east (Un
surveyed), of Gila and Salt River baso and
meridian. Arizonasaid survey No1479 be
ing described as follows, to -wit:
Beginning at cor. no 1, the ne. corner of
location. Identical with cor. No. 1 William
J-A. lode No 1394(Ond corner$,.No4 and 1 of
the Atins and Alabama lodes respectively,
no. 1898. a plno post sqrlbed. J-1479-M.L..
whence U, S. mineral monument no. 4 bears
no deg. 54 min. w. 7200'feet: thenco ,3-, 78 deg.
40 min. w, 800 feet to ri. end center, 600 feet,
same bearing to cor. no, 2, a pine post
scribed z-1478-ai..Li.; tnence s. i7deg: sa min.
e. 250.86 feet to cor. no. S, a pine post sorixed
S-1479-M.L.; thence s 71 deg. .10 min. e..9S16
feet to cor. so. 4, a pine post scribed 4-1479-M.L.
; thence s 6 deg 17 min. W..19D 75 feet
to cor, no. 5, a pine post scribed 5-1479-M L i
thence s. 17 deg. 83 min. e, 1018,11 feet to cor,
no 6, the sw. cor , a pine post scribed 6-1479-M.L.;
thenco-n. 78 deg. 40 rotri. e 600 feet to
cor. no. 7, the se cor , a pine post scribed
7-1479-M L ; thonce n. 17 deg. 88 min. w 1500
ft. to cor-o, J. the place o beginning.
Magnetic variation 11 degv 45 min, east,
containing 20 S3 acres.
The location of this mine Is recorded in
the Recorder's office of Deeds of Cochise
county, in book 14, Record of Mines, page.
The adjoining olMmants are on the north
William A., Atlas, Bay State, Nos. 1894, 1898,
1894 respectively, owners the South Bisbeo
Copper Mining and Townsite Improvement,
company: on the south, vacant ground; on
the west Bay State and South Polo, No. 1894.
owners the South Bltbee Copper Mining and
Townsite Improvement company; on tho
east tho Alabama, no 1893, same owners. -
Any end all persons claiming adversely any
portion of said Magenta mine or surface
ground are reouired to fllo thoir aderse
claims with tho Register of tho United States
Land Office at Tucson, in tho Territory pf
Arizona, during tho sixty days' period of
publication hereof, or thoy will be barred
by virtue of the provisions of the statute.
First publication August 14, 1900.
Last publication October 10, 1930
forest Lieu Selection No. 107.
United States Lasd Offior
Tucson. Arizona. July 11. 1900.
is hereby given thut John
Slaughter, whose postoffice address is Bis
bee, Cochise county, Arizona, has made ap
plication to solect under the Act of Junot.
1S97, (30 Stat., SC) the following- described
First 10 acres, unsurveyed, on west lope
Stein's Peak, in Guadalupe canyon, Cochise
county Arizona, in what will be T. 21-S., tt.
S2-E., O. and S. R. B. aud M. The initial point
marking center of tract Is a waste pipe in
center of small rock and cement dam in a
small side canyon leading northwest into
Quadulupe canyon, from which Initial point
monument Xo. 73 of boundary between U.S.
and Mexico bears S. 80 deg. 28 min., W. 37S3
Second 40 acres, unsurveyed.on west slope
Stelu's Peak, Cochise county, Arizona, in
what will be T. 23-S., K. 3M$. G. and S. R. B.
and M. The initial point marking center of
tract is a cross about 8 in. long between
letters S chlsoled on a cement rock, situate
on the break of flat above bottom of Syca
more creek, about one mile up creek from
house known ns "Old Smith Ranche." From
said initial point white oak tree 2 ft. dlam
eter boars N. 28 deg. U min., E. 3 ft., scribed
"S.S. ranch In. Pt.B. T." N. E. cor. ruins
cdobo house 12x10 ft. bears S. 9 deg. 10 miu.
W. 891 ft. White oak tree 12 in. diamrter
scribed "B. T." bears N. 58 deg, 20 mln.,E. 13&
ft. White oak tree 14 lu. diameter, center
stem, scribed "B. T." bears S. 18 deg. 50 min.,
E. 128 ft. Three conical hills hear as follows
S. 08 dfg. K. about W mile, S. 43 deg. 45 min.
W. about y, mile. S.5S deg. 30 min. W. about
one mile. Locntlng monument of rooks 8
ft. bnse,2V$ ft. IiIl'Ii on summit hill overlook
ing Sim Bernardino valley bears S. 38 deg, U
min., W. 3S77 ft. From said locating monu
ment San Jose Penk, Sonorn, .Mexico, bears
S. 77 deg. 85 min., W. about 60 miles. Monti
mentNo.77of boundary between U. S. and
Mexico bears S. 57 deg. 8 min., W. approxl
mntcly 12 miles.
Within (he next thirty days from tho date
of the first publication of this notice protests
or contests against the solectlon on the
ground that the land described, or any por
tion thereof, is more valuable for Its miner
als than agricultural purposes, will be re
ceived nnd noted for report to the Commis
sioner of tho General Land Oiflce.
Milton K. Moore, Register.
First publication July 17, 1900.
f letcher Transfer
Good Service, Prompt Attention
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Leave orders with S. K. Williams.
M.AMM ,.,
I Paints, Oils and
W Latest Designs in Wallpaper j?
Cameras, Kodaks and Supplies !i
W W !
Hnvrn Vnn fTrloH flni. 4 llfllU
? Or Our Fancy Cool Drinks?
Main St., above
Palace Stables. I
Novelt works Key fit
ting n specialty. Guns,
iiuiiiisi avy iiiK JJiuwiiitii:a
Contractor and Builder.
Estimates Furnished on all Kinds
of Work.
Leave orders at Shaltuck's Lumber Yard.
Estimates of Buildings
American Bakery
ca Brewery Avenue'
New England
Kitchen . . .
Open Day and Night
Snort Orders a Specialty '
Meals served to families '
and parties.
riain Street
Whitehead & Marchell, Proprietors.
Alejandro Garcia
La florita, Sonora, Htxico
Mutton, Pork and Veal. Sausage, for
eign and domestic, constantly on hand.
A. BAUER Proprietor I
Bisbee Candy Kitchen
Fresh Candles Every Day
Ice Cream. Soda Water
Lemonade, Milk Shakes,
Cold Drink for 5
A Biff
Near Radovicrt's Htori. Cleanin;: j
done by new Dry Proces.. Gents' Suits j
cleaned, alxo Lading' skirts, WuWta, Glove's I
and gibbons. Huts a spocluits
City JJarber Shop
Bath Room and Porcelain Tubs
Marks & Wittig, Proprietors.
Everything First Class.
Baggage and Express
Handled With Care.
Leave orders with S. E. Williams. Tel. No. T
Theo. F. Tletz, Prop.
Office and works, Tombstone and Bisbeo
Soda Water, Sarsaparllla, Ginger A e, He,
Orders fro abroad will receive nroinnt ot'
teitlon. Orders for the city of litsbee will
bo delivered free withoutuelay. r amlly or
Bisbee Assay Office.
All Work Guaranteed
Or Money Refunded.
Kodak Pictures
Office, Nob Hill
mi wit
Ice Cream and Soda Water
Sweet Cream,
Cream Parlor;
Confections, etc.
Geo. Dorflinge Prop.
Wallace Building..
Di'iili-'- mi Dr i-roorb- Gtnct-n -Haul
v -i f i Kimii. Miiif Shiw'P
r un lia 'tin. n.i I w.irlitii Aen
t n-ii ru Huiisi IIiiIcimc
aco. Arizona.
Keeps ulwuj s on hand a selected stool, of
Lumber, oors. Sn"b. Moulding), und Build
ing Materials.
Naco, Arizona.
Pat Smith & Co.
Wines ....I
NACO - - - - - - ARIZONA
Pie. Doiiahuuta Calios, etc
French Rtstuuiunt Meals Served in
Thos. Pinelli Naco, Arizona
and Mocha
The best for
Morning, Noon
and Night.
CURRY k CO., naco, a.
D$ Cres
CdpcciAtms in Frcnvh Gocdi
and a I trsc Aortmcnt of
iWt tf rx -. , .iflusai
B. MAiER & CO.,
General Merchandise
Wholesale aud Retail.
When iu Bennm Give us d Call. Good
Goods and Low Prices.
I Elite Saioon
Wm. ohkesorgen,
BENSON, ....
- - Prop.
i Opposite Southern Pacific Station,
Wines, Liquors.
Beer and Cigars,
t'onsuintlv ou Hand.
When in Tucson
c., .
-3"1? aI llie
Park View,
Coolest Rooms iu the city
European Plan.
Rates from 50 cents up.
WM. REID, Proprietor
P. 0. BOX 265
Wholesale Dealer in
Wines, Liquors
I German Delicacies
I Sole owners of the Diamond Mon
i arch Whisky.
Uountry orders solicited.
;'Wheeler & Perry
Wholesale and
Retail Grocers
California Powder Works
Blasting-, Sporting and Hercules
XXX Caps and TT Fuse.
Nos. 36 and 38 Congress Street
The Jersey Dairy
A. W STRUnM, Prop.
Pure, Fresh Milk delivered to all parts o
the city tery evpnlnjr. P Cream I lors;
orsirnllquantlt es. The onl dairy In B -bee
havlne blooded cows Satisfaction guar
anteed. Leave order at the Strumm Board
lux House.
?. Brawn
s ,

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