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ABMC. .. 1 imi ' V
For President
of Ohio
For Vice-President
of New York
For Delegate to Congre
For Councilman
For Assemblymen ,
For Sheriff
For Treasurer
For Recorder
For District Attorney
For Frobate Judge
For Assessor
For Surveyor
For Supervisors
For Superintendent of Seboolt
For Justice of the Peace
For Constable
i '
Those who 'prate that Smith will
oarry Bisbee had better remember that
Col. Brodle had a majority in this camp
last eleotlon.
Judge Bradley Is one of the sure
winners. He has made a magnificent
record as probate judge, and the voters
believe in letting well enough alone.
Warner and Woods are a Bisbee
legislative team that will Becure almost
a unanimous vote In Bisbee. xney
are men of the people, and the people
.know they can be trusted to any ex
tent. The Spenazuma Mlnlng.Co. defended
on the rostrum yesterday by Smith is a
company that advertised "a gold ledge
half a mile wide, running 81,000 to the;
ton." Mark's inference Is that It Is
good to. "skin the tenderfoot."
Mark Smith took a retainer from the
relatives of Chris. Robinson and then
failed to attend the second trial of Sid
Page, Robinson's murderer. Yet
Smith is the individual who celebrates
his own high and lofty motives, ana
has been known to aver he would soon
r smite off his right band than do
unrighteous act.
x It Is a fact, readily to be proven, that stand to talk for the ticket. It was
District Attorney Land has attended nothing short of an insult to the Intel
the examination of only one felony case llgence of Bisbee'
tried In Bisbee during his term, though
he has been called by a local justice
more than a score of times. Bisbee Is
too far from Tombstone to suit Mr.
Land. . George Swain promises to at
tend avarv examination to which he
may be called by a Bisbee justice of the
Voters, it is prooaDie
that Mark
Smith has failed to make himself elig
ble for the office he seeks. When the
Prescott Courier (Democratic) made
assertion that Smith was really a citi
zen of Los Angeles, possibly it was
right. For from Tucson, the scene of
Mark's supposed residence, comes au
thoritative Information, publicly print
ed and not denied, that the name of
Mark Smith does not appear upon the
Great Register of Pima county. The
Jaw of Arlwsa is that, to be eligible
( " VI r . ftl
m , nm' .iM.i'M
for office, the candidate must be a citi
zen, a resident of the election precinct
and a qualified voter. As briefly put
by a Cochise county lawyer: "To bo a
candidate a man must be a voter, and
to be a voter his name must appear on
the Great Register of the county
whnmin hfi claims residence." Is it
possible that Mark did not care to do-
nate szou to tne county scuuui iuu u
Pima countv? May be he was afraid
County School Superintendent John
Hughes would get away with the
money. Andagain, is it possible he
hadn't the" qualifications for registra
tion? Whatever the cauee and what
ever the effect, he was contemptuous
enough of Arizona's laws and customs
to fall to register, as a voter.
Did you contrast the difference in
the speeches of Governor Murphy and
Mark Smith? Did you note the former
"talked from the shoulder"? That he
said what he had to say in a manner
that left no doubt of its truthfulness
and accuracy? And did you note that
'whatever was said by Marcus Aurelius
was "orated"? delivered with studied
pasture and carefully modulated voice
acted, in fact? That's the difference
in the men. One is a genteman and
his language corresponds; the other
seeks election only by. abuse of his op
ponent and by insinuations that dis
grace only himself. Yesterday after
noon and evening Smith stooped so low
as to insinuate that Murphy was bribed
to issue that circular warning investors
against wildcat mining companies.
Tombstone, where Smith lived most
of the time he has been in Arizona, is
conceded to Murphy by a majority that
will mean about three votes to him to
one for Smith. Not much of an en
dorsement for the tearful Marcus, Is it?
Yavapai county, Oakes Murphy's form
er home, (and as well the home of the
famous railway bonds) has been con
ceded by the Democrats to Murphy by,
a majority that will mean the revers
al of 700 votes since the last election.
That's the difference between thetwono crow."
men. '
The men who rigged up that efflgy of
Governor Murphy thus-wrote them
selves down as brothers to the ass that
bore it. They are probably the same
individuals who hired the small boys to
interrupt the republican meetings held
ln Bisbee. The two actions are on a
par. The populace generally is very
prone to hold the head of the ticket re
sponsible for such actions, however
" asinine and impolitic, and the head of
the ticket will suffer accordingly.
0ne o the hits of the campaign was
tbe warning of A. V. Noyes, republl-
0fm caaaidate for supervisor, delivered
Friday night In Bisbee: "This county
has elected too many 'good fellows' to
office. That Is the reason the tax rate
is $4.20. The man who is careless with
his own money will be careless with the
county's money. The bestjman to eleot
to a county office is the man who
pinches a dollar till the eagle shrieks."
P. R. O'Brien has gone to Turquoise
to help out the Bisbeeltes In that neck
of the political woods. He deserves
well of the Bisbeeltes in return. He is
a man of rare ability and of strong
He should be elected, in
all fairness and for the beat interests of
the county
Fair-minded Democrats cannot get
over the fact that Smith niched from
Col. Wilson the nomination that fairly
belonged to the latter. It was machine
politics against the rough honesty of a
man who trusted too implicitly in the
history and traditions of the D?mo-
cratlc party.
No more effective way of losing votes
could have been devised than that last
night in putting a drunken man on the
Despite a reckless waste of giant
powder, the crowd at the library had
half melted away beforo the time when
Marcus Aurelius was duo to speak. -
Bisbee is
a Smith stronghold" no
longer, Tho indications this morning
are mat aiurpny win carry mo pre
ri tint-
Date Graham not only Is a brave
man but he has the requisite intelli
gence to run tho office as sheriff.
A vote for the republican precinct
nominees means continuance of law and
order In Bisbee.
Wilson did more
Smith did In four.
In one term than
The "sympathy racket"
out In Cochise county.
Is worked
T .. I.KV ' ifc . " i?.. . V .-. i. t -f ' i.
f&MMimKmM -' mm - mam&8&.
'.fcU.l"Tr , , . ffltt. fik gfH,N.i . . ., . EAfjX ,. . . ... . v ,. ? , ".
When Smith left
Cochise for Pearcfe
ho was met by
Mart Moore, the
aged father of Ted.
Moore, killed by the Haldermans. To
him Mark extended the glad hand.
Moore thruBt-it aside with scorn. "I'll
shake the hand of no such man as you
are." he said. Herceiy. "xou are tne
man who took my money to prosecute
my boy's murderers and then went
over to the other side because they
paid you more. Doubly damn you,I'm
on your trail and will stay there till
you are defeated." Moore and his
friends raised 8800' and" gav6 It -to
Smith as a retainer. His only service,
they tell, was for the defense and
Moore says that Smith never returned
the 8800.
Mark Smith didn't
explain last night:
Why he left his
post of duty to de
fend the Wham
Why he
didn't prosecute the
Why he didn't prosecute Page;
Why he didn't oppose the Land
Court bill; ;
Why he didn't get Statehood for
Why he didn't do a thing in Con
gress. From the Prescott Prospect (Demo
cratic): "In conclusion we wish to say
that we admire and support people that
are honest In politics as well as other
affairs, and we are a democrat. That
we know that Mark Smith is a usurper;
that he has stolen the honor and
honest money of one of our worthiest
citizens, and before we would support
him we would fall farther in hades than
an iron wedge would drop in forty
years. If our democratic friends on
the local ticket don't like our style
they are 'at liberty to order their names
out of our paper at once. We will eat
vSmlth preaches from the text of "If
you can clnoh the Wall street guys, do
it?" But the Spenatuma ruined widows
and orphans and the comparatively
poor. No Wall Street man would
have touohed the stook as an lnvestos.
The sharks who sold the stook got the
benefit. Their offices were on Wall
A man's personal character becomes
a legitimate subject for oriticlsm as
soon as he offers himself for public
placer The newspaper that falls to
warn the voter against an incompetent
or dissolute candidate falls In its duty.
Charles F. Hoff, one of the most dls
tinguished democrats of Arizona, has
resigped from the Pima County Demo
cratic Central Committee. He says the
democrats have thrown free sliver
The editor of The Republican Ad
vooate" bldB adieu to his readers, with
expression of the hope that through
tne puoncation something of good has
come' unto tne county of Cochise. '
A. V. Noyes lives In Naco, nine miles
away, but he is an old resident of Bis
bee and best knows her needs. No
better man could be found for super
visor. f "" """ "
Prohibitionists are entitled to their
opinions, but they should remember that
a vote for the prohibition ticket is a
valuable ballot thrown away.
Smith said the tombstone mines
closed -town because of the slump In
silver. He knew better, and so did the
miners In his audience.
Cochise county will give Oakes Mur
phy a gratifying majority. Tomb
stone, Willcox, Pearce and Benson are
almost unanimous for him.
Professor J. A. Rockfellow is a civil
engineer of the highest qualifications.
He is worthy of your vote.
.The poll tax bill was passed by a
democratic legislature. Don't call It a
republican measure.
Mark Smith was elected once on a
lie the land court bugaboo. People
cannot trust him.
Mark Smith avers that he Is a de
cent man. Then intemperance is not
0. L. Cummings Is a reputable busi
ness man just the man for treasurer.
Remember that a vote for Murphy Is
a vote for Statehood.
The Democrats of Bisbee are tired
of being fooled.
The Democratic Messenger
iHM - WW - - - M - ,K -
. '? ..'.national; i-
. For. President. . ir:
'" " "of Nebraska
For Vice-President
- f of Illinois
For Delegate to.C.o.ngteis
of Pima
, v For Councilman
JAMES S. ROBINSON, of Tombstone
' For Assemblymen
J. EDWARD.BR'QWN, of Bisbee
i , For Sheriff
For. Treasurer
M. -D. SCRIBNER, of Tombstone
.. For Recorder . ' -.
PRANK-HARE, of Tombstone' '
i For District Attorney '. -'
E. W. LAND, of Tombstone , '
jVFor Probate Judge -"
O. R. BOSTWICK, & Huaohuoa
For Assessor
n..fWALTER T, FIFE,of St. David
For Surveyor
GEORGE O. CLARK, of Bisbee
For' Superintendent of Schools
,B. A'.iNiCHOLS, of Wiloox '.
mnnB i- T J a u
THOS "R. YORK, of,- West Hqachuca
7 - il l'
P. J, DELEHANTY, of Benson
B. P. GRAHAM.-, of.1 Bisbee. , .
v 4 diipmiupt
v ....KIMNCT - . -.
For Justice 'of the Peace
georgE' BVwrteox"
,. J. W. WRIGHT ' :
v . '. r : :.
For Constable.
a: kunz
"" -james-pag an
When Bisbee" is interested 'it never
does things by halves. TJhe American
Association of Mining Engineer'a said
a year ago that nowhere on the whole
Pacific1' coast did. .they receive such a
well organized and well carried out
welcome and entertainment as they
did in Bisbee. The Masonio Grand
Lodge was entertalned.here In a man-
ner that attracted favorable mention
from all over the civilized world. Some
ot ovu-Pourth -of -July celebrations
would have done credit to a great city.
But no event in the history of the town
has surpassed the m'agnifioent ovation
accorded'xthe Hon. Marcus A. Smith
and the Defljg,oratj, county. candidates
The town is so overwhelmingly Dem
ocratic,, and. the people are so thor
oughly in earnest in their admiration
for the splendid set of candidates that
are being voted lor today, ana tneir
belief injthe political principles which
those candidates represent, that the
grand demonstration of yesterday was
a natural and fltting.expressiou of the
prevailing.BQntiment. ' !.
Mr. Smith ateppod from he train
into an enthusiastic crowd of admirers,
who welcomed him with loud and pro-
longed cheers which fairly drowned tho
musio of-our --excellent, band and. the
rparlng of the" giant powdar on the
hillsides. He was immediately escorted
to bis seat in a carriage In the proces
sion of candidates which was4u wait
ing. The wagons were docdrated with
apprppiiate.inottoes and with bunting.
Most of the men in the parado curried
red, white and blue umbrellas, which
added brilliancy to the nt'ocession.
They, with the band, drove through the
principal streets and were everywhere
received with cheers. It was like a
royal progress; -
After the parade, in compliance with
the request of a delegation of tho men
working on the night shift, Mr Smith
gave a short address to a crowd on the
plaza from the library veranda.
Mr. Packard recognized tho fact that
the opera. house, large as it is-wpuld
&2&J&1- fvgw
..irt y v . . , f.Aiv,infcfwsefc.':A4?i . .. .,3iv... r. a
- W -
not moot tho i equiremeuts of the even
ing, and arranged for that meeting to
also bo held in the plaza, and it was
well that he did so, for fully threo
timo3 as many people joined in the
evening' demonstration as "the opera
, h'6uso would have contained.trrhe Hon.
.Al'on R. English was the first speaker
fand was followed by jnost of the county
candidates... Th'eu the idol of the Ari-
''zona democracy, the favorite son of
old Cochise, tho thrice Honorable Mar-
cus A. Smith, took the platform and
rewarded, tho listeners by giving one of
the most telling speeches of the whole
oampaigu He received a welcome that
;lt Is given to few men to receive in a
lifetime. " '
J "Early in -the course of his address
Mrs. J. J. Patton stepped forward and
presented him with a beautiful boquet
of flowers on behalf of 'the ladies of
the , county, Several of the other
speakers received boquets, and one of
the finest had been sent from Tomb
atone for Mr. E. A. Nichols, the candi
date for Public School Superintendent,
who was of necessity absent watching
by the bedside of a sick daughter.
Fitting allusion was made by the
speakers to Mr. Nichols and also to
Judge RobinBon, who is confined to his
bed by illness and whose absence was
a great disappointment.
After such a magnificent demonstra
tion as that of yesterday, no one can
be surprised at the great Demooratlo
victory which tho voters are reoording
' today.
' Mark Smith, who received a magnif
icent ovation, th$ whole crowd cheer
ing itself hoarse, -stepped to the front
and delivered undoubtedly the finest
speech of tho campaign, Here are a
few sentences from that address:
My friends there is nothing that has
touched mo more in this whole cam
paign than tho meeting this evening,
and shaking by the hand the scores of
little ones upon this stage tonight. It
takes me back to twenty years ago
when I first came to this territory and
I was only a boy myself. I want to sue
ybu good parents of these "young men
' and women, who will soon be taking
our places In this life, and It li only a
, . . , ' . . '
iw short years when we shall have to
gtand a3 lde- for themf trai up and teaoh
tbem t(LOV0 their.country, teach them
ct knor ana lve tae constitution of
- J0xb United states.
Thls campaign Is about over, and
thls Is the last night before the elec
tion, and it does mo good to be here in
old Bisbee, and I hope that by this
time tomorrow night the people will
have declared that whatever falsehoods
'That . have gone but and things that
have bcen,said about me, and the peo
ple of BIsbee"wHl say that Mark Smith
is not guilty.
iMn Smith was interrupted at this
"time and 'presented' with a beautiful
boquet of flowers froin the ladles of
Bisbee by Mrs. J. J. Patton.
As I said -this evening in a speeoh
before the miners who are unable to be
with us tonight, I defy those who have
been attacking my personal and prl-
vate actions in Washington and In Ari
zona,, and they can flLd nothing against
me; and there w'as one thing that has
amused me that has gotten out by the
republicans, which is in the form of a
small booklet of about 30 pages I saw
the other day in the northern part of
,J,ho territory, bn the cover of which
said: "What Mark Smith has done In
Congress." This they claimed as my
record In Washington. My friends,
you have doubtless all seen this
pamphlet, and there Is not one stain or
blot In all those pages.
a voice 'Not a Single black mark.'
(Loud applause.) ..
I met the. governor at a meeting in
Helvetia camp last night, and 1 was as
tounded at gome of the things he said.
But wi held ojir meeting, and while he
had tho "biz fellows listening to his
telling all about the Yavapai bonds and
his mining proclamation, which he said
was done for the protection of the
miner as well as the Investor or Wall
Btreottftplt'allst', wo had the 400 miners
of that c'amp at our meeting. Why,
don't you know, Oakes Murphy and his
following are. making a great hurrah
over a telegram they have received
from Senator Shoup of Idaho, saying
that he will do all he can to help old
Arlinnn tn irnt statehood If the neonle
elect Murphy as delegate to congress,
and they should by all meaqs send him
to congress. My friends, I think of
Idaho, I think of Mr. Shoup, I think
of the bull pens of the Coeur d'Alone,
I think of the blue-coat police that were
thrust upon tho miners, who bad a
perfect right to say they would not
work, and exercise the right of every
American citizen.
The. great tidal wave that swept over
&mmd .resaauuBMre.ft,- tiiSvVmk Jfi -.,!,, -
tho once magnificent city ot Galveston
and buried in its wake thousands of
people was an awful thing and has no
parallel in history, but, my friends, the
great tidal wave that will roll! across
the Pacific and bring with it and to the
shores of our country the great mass of
pauper immigration that work in their
country for 12 cents a day, in Mexican
money, will be a thousand times great'
er calamity than that at Galveston, and
the great mass "of common people .will
be the sufferers, and tne starvation and
want that will come will be terrible to
think of. Take those Chinese in th
Hawaiian Islands, and If the supreme
court decides they are citizens of this"
country, there Is no law to provont
their landing on our shores, and what
will stop the contract labor that will be
brought Into the United states by tho
hundreds of thousands of this people
and crush
out the honest toller and
Mark Smith's Standing in Wash
ington. "We served in congress together and"
few men have ever won my regard and
admiration more than Mark Smith of
Arizona." William J. Bryan.
"Mark Smith Is one of the brightest
men that ever came to congress from
any state or territory." J. D. Rich
ardson, of Tennessee.
"Mark Smith is one of our best silver
speakers. He has been with us from
the h-ginning. " Senator Jones of Ne
vada. I want to see Mark Smith In congress
again. Senator Jones of Arkansas,
Chairman of National central com
mittee. I have known Mark from boyhood.
He is as well known and as much ad
mlrod in old Kentucky as ho Is In Ari
zona. Senator Blackburn of Kentucky.
"X have been proud to count Mark
Smith among my dearest friends for
many years. He can command me at
all times. Congressman Amos J-Cum-mlngs
of New York.
The report that Mark Smith has not
paid poll tax and is ineligible to
office is, as may be supposed utterly
false. The same yarn was sprung four
years ago when it was jutt as far from
the truth as It Is this time. The re
publican push do try hard to rake up .
some flaw in the splendid record of
"Our Mark", but they fall to find It or
to fool the voters regarding it.
It Is the contention of the democrat
ic party that the Constitution is and
must be supremo over every portion of
our country. Hence there can be no
such thing as an American colony be
longing to the United States and over
which our Constitution has no juris
diction. Suoh a situation is impossible
under our form of government.
No Speaker was receited with more
marked demonstration of approval last
evening than Mr. Edward W. Land the
candidate for reelection to the office of
District attorney. Mr. Land has im
proved wonderfully as a speaker dur
ing the past two yean and can now be
reckoned among our best.
The Cochise county central com
mittee thank the voters for the kindly
reception they have given their effort
to place the truth before them In these
columns and for the flattering majority
that they are giving the democratic
candidates today.
The roost reliablp expression of the
sentiment of a community can alwas
be gained from the Small boys. The
Bisbee boys shout at "hll times for Mark
Smith. They are sure of a smile aDd
kind word from him wherever they
meet him.
Mr. C. W. Bostwlck, the candidate
for probsto judge, has made a fine im
presslon In Bisbee, 'iust'as he has done
throughout the county. Billy Bradley
has at last met hls.match and will have
to let go of the county udder
Walter Fifo is tho champion" rustler
of thejeampaign. If he mukes as good
an assessor as he has made a candidate,
the office will be properly administ
ered. That grand ornament to the Demo-.
cracy of (Jocnise, x buerm jonn
Slaughter is In town working hurd for
Dell Lewis and the democratic ticket.
Nobody but a republican ever accus
ed Frank Hare of being lazy. They will
aocuse him of being handsome next.
Scrlbner Isn't
doesn't bav - to.
Go to tho Democratic Club tonight , " , "
and hear the returns. m
t .si
saying much. He M

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