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W. Q. Greene left for New York this
J. E. Terry and wife are staylcg at
the Bessemer.
Mrt. Abrams of Naco is visiting
friends in this town.
W. Buckland the Prospector man
left for Tombstone today.
Rice Jones bet Smith $100 to 91 that
Texas would go democratic.
George Dunn leayes today on u hunt
ing trip in' the Ajo mountains.
George Clark is at the border sur
veying the new Erie townsite.
Johnny Twomey and a few iriends
drove over to Tombstone today.
Pete Tehany of the Copper Queen
left, today on a visit to California.
Mrs. S. W. Olawson accompanied by
her niece returnediyesterday from her
visit east.
We find Henkel, the jeweler, carrys
the finest line of watches, jewelry, etc,
in the olty. ol2-tf
Harris, the tailor, only charges $2
to clean a suit of clothes, Tombstone
canyon, i tf
B. A. Packard arrived last evening
from Phoenix where he attended the
Masonic meeting.
J. L. Herrick is in town, having
brought in two car loads of hay from
his Fairbank ranoh.
Wanted Position as housekeeper,
by a lady of experience. Apply at the
Richelieu House.
W. H. Schmidt, of Indianapolis, is in
town . on a business trip and can be
found at the Bessemer Hotel.
We are pleased to learn that Mr.
Antone Jeliaek, who has been seri
ously ill. for the past month, is now re
covering. Several handsome new cottages, in
Central Bisbee, are nearing completion,
and others to be erteted are in contem
plation. The loeal tribe of the Improved Order
of Red Men meet tonight at their
council room. Visiting brothers are
cordially invited.
Mrs. C. M. Johnson will give lessons
in embroidery, Kensington and Batten
berg, on Saturday's from 2 to 4 p. m.
Tyler house, Bisbee. nol4 lm
A grand ball is advertised for the
29th, Thanksgiving day, by the Ceme
' tery Committee. The proceeds to go
to the cemetery fund.
There was a pleasaat surprise party
at the Lowell night before . last, given
by a number of young people. A very
enjoyable evening was spent
The trouble is a pleasure, but it takes
the cake to sit down in the Brewery Cafe
at Henry Collman'sand have in front of
you the finest and best delicacies. nl2tf
Wanted, by man and wife. Good
experience in taking full charge of
boarding house, or wife cook and man
work In mines. H. A. Fink, 307 Tem
ple St., Los Angeles. nol4 2t
Commencing December 1st the Bis
bee Water and Coal company will de
liver coal by their new electric ele
vated trolley burro system to all cus
tomers. E. B. Mason, Mgr.
Wanted--Three first class miners
steady work for good men; $3.50 per
day United States currency; board $1.
A. J. Brant,
.Santa Margarita Mine, Sonora, Mexico.
The Methodist Fair will, tonight,
present a program, of musical interest
Last evening the hall was crowded and
a most enjoyable evening wrs passed.
Tonight everyone should go without
Scott White left today for Tombstone
where he will attend to the gruesome
details of the Halderman execution.
Probably the men may be saved today
and so spare the officials this unpleas
ant duty.
The committee of tho Methodist
v .. church fair'are considering the advisa
bility of continuing the fair over to
morrow, Fridayso great has been the
interest taken In their efforts to give
everybody a real good time.
Price and Thomas two experienced
mining men fought In some very rich
copper ore fron Sonora. The partners
have located a number of clulmsin
which the leads are well defined arid
the assays of the ores from which have
run unusually high.
Professor Searaon, Ex Professor of
fhmistry in the Missouri State sohool
of i mines and at present in El Paso
where he Is practising as a mining
engineer Is In .town looking over this
camp. The prpjest&j Is accompanied
by Mr. Lace, staining man.
Charles Harris beers to announce that
ne is continuing his business of tailor
ing and repairing at short notice at his
residence In Tombstone canyon this
aide of the Castle Rook. That he is
now in a position to make clothes and
to repair and clean them at the cheap
est rates and invites the attention of
the public to his fine stock of fall and
winter goods. i2-ti
Dr. F. A. Sweet of Bisbee, one of the
besf men of Aritona and a leader of the
democratic party in the territory, is
now in the city attending sessions of
the Masonic grand lodge. He is natur
ally very muck elated ever the success
irtf iMBir" iY 1 1 " r ' i ' .. iflj&
aHMKXragKBaSF&r , , -v (rgewraMS!
of Marcus A. 'smith, our delegate to
congress Enterprise.
.1. 15. Frj, an oxperiencbd milrouri
innu tro;n Suit Luku is in town. Ifo
will rlay bore if ii position in his lino
presents itsolf.
Henry Collraan, of the Brewery cafe,
is placing before his guests tonight de
licious roast venison, potato salad and
impoVted German vegetables, also ven
ison steaks.
Interesting Items.
Four hundred women aro employed
as telegraph operators in tho postoftico
building of Manchester, England.
Now Scotland Yr.rd Is the largest po
lice) i-tatioi: in the world. It in capable
of accommodating 3,000 polico officers.
Mo-r-ow hits' the largest hospital in
Europe, with 7,000 beds. Tbero aro
ninety-six physicians and 900 nurses,
ami aoout. 15,000 patients am oared lor
One of the police officials of Chicago
has discovered that that city has an
oiditimico which prohibits, the erection
of fences tipped with spikes, nails or
other pointed instruments. The law
nas long been a dead letter, and even
tho citj owns many such proscribed
The posroffice authorities of Cape
Colony have tried antomobiles as a
means of collecting mails, and found
the in unsatisfactory. Now in the more
remote desert, on the edge of the Kala
hari desert, they employ camels as mail
transport and find them 33 per cent
cheaper than post carts.
Look Herein
You might not bet on a diamond
ring or watch, but you can bet sure
enough on the limberger and Swiss and
other cheese HenryCollmann cuts up at
tho Brewery. He is the one and the
only ono w ho knows how to please and
cater for his various guests. A man
who never sleeps. Wholesale and re
tail. Delicacies delivered to fami
lies. nl2-tf
Spanish and piano lessons, by uiadu
ate of Snell's Seminary, Oakland, Cnl.
Address Mrs. Edward Zimmerman,
Po9t Oi3ii'p. Bisbee, Ariz. ' o4-tf
This is to notify that Mr. Paul Mor
gan is the only tuner representing us
in this section at the present time.
The Zellnek Piano Co.
Fafelle Oflcin and Collaatora Biiom
OraMtoakad with Old Boole
and Paper.
What to destroy and whut to save in
the way of old documents, newspaper
and other publications, has become a
question requiring most serious
thought. One of the committees of
coBgrew bears this peculiar title:
"Disposition of Useless Papers in the
Executive Departments," and another:
'"Exacnination and Disposition, of Doc
uments." The names of the commit
tees suggest their duties, says Youth's
Not only public officers, but the di
rectors of libraries and museum, to
saj nothing of private collectors; are
often puzzled bj the accumulation of
matter issuing from modern printing
presses. A bill was recently intro
duced in parliament to enable the.tru.
tees of the British museum to distrib
ute or destroy "valueless printed mat
ter in their possession." ,
To this proposal a Shakespearean
scholar of prominence objected, H
argued that no one could discriminate
between what may be valuable and
what valueless for the historical in
vestigator of the future. Who knows
but that the trade circular, the coun
try newspaper, or the street song.maj
throw a most important light several
hundred years hence upon some moot
ed question of our present life?
This 'Ihcussion has an Interest to a
wldsr circle than librarians and public
officers. The man who attempts no
collection of books or papers is com
pelled to choose each day what dispo
sition he shall make of the knowledge
that comes to him; for the human
brain nd memory are storehouses of
limited dimensions, and time is short
To learn what to lay up la memory,
what to omit and- what to disregard,
is an important part of all education.
Cfclaas Maa Corrects tfea IsaaMsstoa
VhMt Waits Can Bay Admtaaloa
to tfca Snake Paaoe.
It seems an injustice to a wall-meaning,
gentle and picturesque tribe of
Indians, as earnest and serious in
tholr ceremonies as the people of
Oberammergau, with their play for
price, to give out widespread the im
pression that the Moki Indians allow
money to enter into their caloula
tions in celebrating their god dances
The contrary situation is the fact
I was present at their last snake
dance at the village of Orelbi, on the
West Mesa, In ArUona, and witnessed
a situation which disputes your assez
tion, says a oorrespondeat of ths Chi
cago Tribune.
Two persistent and enthusiastic
white men, one of whom I was, slipped
down into their saorsd snake khiva pre
vioua to the ceremonies and refused
to be dislodged when the members
of the snake order descended to begin
the ritual and wash the snakjss 'prior
to the dance and the performances
all ceastd until we removed ourselves
Our parleying and proffers of coin de
layed the dance at least two hours,
and not until abandonment of the
spectacle, implying personal injury to
our party, was threatened would we
relinquish our determination to fol-
low the ceremony, from sunrise to
du" 1 in oil its weird secrecy and sol
emnity The itim of $100 was tendered tin
siuihe pi.tst to permit our jn- t ..:
This vai declined without i-ve'i ;i con
sideration, and' at no time during the
dance, which did not go on until we
had repaired t6 a prescribed distance,
was there a Hash of the smalli-M-Med
coin or piece pf nionej Tin. Molvis
will abandon their Incant.ttion.s before
they will come to an admittance fee.
Vk BteaTllaa Paople Flad It Cktaper,
Haalthler sad Claaaar
Than Coal.
Psat beats coal. In open fireplaces
where s steady heat and not a crack
ling bliue is wanted the. old -fa fell i on cd
bog blocks have merits not to be found
in the best WalUends. They arc cheap
er, healthier aud give, less trouble, say
the London Daily Mail. - v
This does not mean that you can shut
up your coal cellar, throw away your
scuttle and boycott the coal merchant.
The Durham and South' Wales coal
kings, are still going to hate dominion
over us, hut a,tlmely use of peat may
materially lssaen the coming winter's
coal bills. . f
Unfortunately, the bog owneieiand
peat merchants have missed a great op
portunity. There are enormous depos
its available, especially in the north
and In Ireland, deposits that only want
digging and drying to make the finest
fuel. But they must be dug and dried
in the early summer Autumn will'soon
be here, and no extra supplies have
been prepared. 'The few peat merchants
are already finding themselves flooded
with orders which the- will soon not
know how to execute.
A considerable amount of peat is al
ready burned in London, especial! in
the West End. People, after tours in
Ireland or Scotland, get to love, the
fresh, earthy (Smell of the burning
moss, and take care to secure supplies.
Some doctors are fond of ordering it
in place of coal, especiallyin the case of
patients where quietness is an essen
tial. You can make up your peat lire
early in the morning or last thing at
night by arranging half a dozen blocks,
and then go away, knowing that it will
keep burning for eight or ten hours to
Calaaaa Doctors Par Pavttaalaa- AS
t SJoa to Taetr Patlaato
Tha Chinese physicians, it fe vrtU
known, have long had the credit oi pay
ing very particular attention, to the
pulse. The even pretend to derive a
much more minute and accurate knowl
edge of the state yt the sick from that
source than Europeantpractitonerslay
any elaim to, says London Answers.
The patent it directed to be laid in
bed, with his arms ref.ing on a small
cushion, 't'he physician mut .be'seat
ed and both parties are enjoined to re
main caLm, silent and collected. The
fingers are next to be applied in due
succession, one after another, in order
to judge of the compressibility of the
The Chinese do not Infer solely from
the rapidity of the pulsations. Their
mode Is to compare 'the number of pul
sations of the artery with the inter
tals ol the respiration of the patient.
The number ol pulsations of a man in
moderate health they consider In re
lation to the time of a natural inspira
tion and expiration, four beats of the
pulse during this period they consider
as indicating perfect health. If 'it ex
ceeds five pulsations it is considered as
too quick; if under that number it is
too slow respecting good health. It is
required to reckon SO pulsations in or
der to form a. correct indication. Their
chief divisions' of the pulse are four,
the superficial; the profound, the quick
and the slow". These they consider as
having relation, to the four tempera
ments, the choleric, the sanguine, ti
phkgmtic and the melancholy.
Ir Isoovaa for a Oasaas Bafc-
Ma4 Ooattaaaltr. a It -maMr
Vaaaoa Bo Basts.
Mr. Itiey A. Bsrvea, agtd 91, who
was sent to the insane asylum at Kala
mazoo, Mich., ten years ago from Lan
sing, died' a strange and unusual death
the other day.
She literally talked herself into the
grave. For ten years her vocal effusions
have been constant, no matter what
time of day or night it was. A stream
of words constantly, came from her
mouth and her shoutings became so
disagreeable' to her hearers that she
was placed in a padded oelL wharathey
could not be heard.
As the woman grow older tae habit
seamed to grow on her, and hsr system
graduall weakened. Even in her sleep
the babble coutlnued. The other aft
eraoon she had a more violent talking
lit than erer and her luags uursiljr raa
out i air.
Salftaa Bcoosaea latarsatoa aad Oyes
flaa Door to Ataortoaa Sla-
totasU sVUsb.
Tho Ualted State eharga at Ooa
stantinople, Mr. Qriscom, has written
the state department, under data of
September 1, 1900, that about two
months ago a United States' firm made
a shipment oi eleetrioal appliances ;to
Constantinople Upon arrival thra
the merchandise was refused admit
tance to the empire, the introduction
of electrical applianoes oi any-description
being prohibited.
Qriscom ouused soma samples of the
goods small reading lamps, toys with
storage batteries attached, etc., to be
taken to the palaee and brought to
tbe attention of the sultan. 'The lat
ter was much attraetsd by the nov
elty of the articles and bought the
whole consignment for bis personal
use. He aiso authorized Hm importa
tion of similar ar title).
'StfiiOTllfyiWfflffCT iwiftt ii"nWwM., -jf - .-".'-vjLi.i
American Museum of Natural HJ
tory Adds to Its Exhibit.
Bxearatloaa on Loner Island Brtnff to
Llcht Many Interesting- aad
Valuable Rantlndara of
PrahUtorIc Day.
When the many relics ofi prehistoric
days which have recently been un
earthed at Weir Creek Point, near
ThrogsNeck, are exhibited in the Amer
ican Museum of Natural History, that
institution will have come into posses
sion of an archaeological collection ol
great scientilic value.
.Raymond Harrington, who i in
charge of the museum's local field work,
has met with unexpected success in his
latest investigations at Weir Creek
Point, between Fort Slocum and Citj
Island. Skeletons, argillite, imple
ments of antique shape, stone cooking
utensils, pottery beads and pipes have
been found in shell heaps since Sep
tember 15, the pieces of broken pot
tery and stone implements discovered
at the bottom of the excavations being
much more crude than those near the
surface. This difference, Mr. Harring
ton saye, tells of the progress made in
the' handicraft in hundreds, of years.
All of the relics come from a period of
distant antiquity.
Twenty skeletons, which have alread
arrived at the museum, were found at
Port Washington, on Long Island,
where excavations were before the sci
entists began to dig at Weir Creek
Point. They were found in pits about
four feet deep, which had been filled
with dirt, shells and broken pottevy
The skeleton of a dog was found under
the skeleton of an adult in one grave.
A stone arrow point between the ribs
tells how the canine died There were
fractures In the skulls, of two skele
tons, probably warriors, found in a
single grave, and the bones of three
children were unearthed together
Mr. Harrington's most important dis
coveries at Weir Creek Point have been
soapstone cooking utensils, a rolled
copper head, telling of probable contact
with Lake Superior Indians, argillite
implements, arrow points stoct Inives,
bone implements-and split bones. A
atone ahl, used in a bow drill in the
manufacture of wampum, is regarded
as a valuable find!
Mr. Harrington expects to find skele
tons near the borders of the Weir
Creek Point shell heap He believes
the Indians of that village had more
respect for their dead than to bury
them in the piles of refuse which the
shell heaps ultimately became.
Attempts to express the meaning of
slang phrases in use in this country
have produced two amusingly curious
words in Europe one in German and
the other in French. The German word
Is "spredeeglisme," our "spread-eagleism,"
and is used for the emperor's
policy. The French word is the verb
"tomater" which means to "stone a
follow with tomatoes."
Tou'rs (ola to take a long vacation
Some day.
Tou will travel o'er all creation.
1 Borne day.
Through old Japan you'll Idly roam.
Slide down old Fujl-Yama's dome.
And see the geishas In their homa,
Some day
Tou wilt bo to Egypt, see tha Sphinx,
Some day.
Tou will climb tha Pyramids, mathlnks.
Soma day.
Sail up the vast, mysterious Nils,
Shoot at the festive crocodile.
And kodak everything- tha whllo,
Soma day.
To Italy's classic shores you'll hlv,
Some day.
See Naplti' Bay and refuse to die,
Sorao day.
Alone- tha tourist's usual groove
Entranced, with dreamful ayes, you'U'
ss eld Pompeii and climb Veaoov,
Some day.
You'll do old Roma, and the Holy Land,
Some day.
Pick shells on India's coral strand,
Some day.
Explore the Islands of the ocean,
With naught to stay your locomotion
Wherever you may take tbe notion.
Some day.
Ah, trusting brother, you will find.
Some day,
You've done this only In your mind.
Some day.
But when life's journey's over, and
On Jordan's stormy bank's you stand.
Maybe you'll see the Promised Land,
Some day.
Chicago Tribune
Bisbee Mercantile
and Retail
General Merchandise
Boots and
and Cigars
Finest Brands of
Challenge Competition iu
Quality and Price
Ooms and aeo our
New Store
? Telephone 55. Q
... .v, s.txdbm&i . ' .,fcs;C'
'fflwmmMMKia m. ,. ' .'. r,"TiSN
A PtouMurc to Aiibwci I-ottii-s
Writo fur KHtliuulcs
BOILER WORKS all classes of mininc machinery
Special Ajjents for the Celebrated CAMERON STEAn PUflPS and
Ei, Paso, Texas
O0OO0 0'-&-fr'frO'00'0'0 C''O0-V
Houses and Lots Bought and Sold on Commission.
Houses for Ren . Money Loaned 2C X 7v
CbereMl be
election Bets
Co Pay
tors who'll win no matter who they bet on or how
election goes. This is alwaj's undntfiood when
randy is the wager.
GLOVES AND TIES A splendid' assortment
.trom which timid backers of favorite candidates
can economically. settle.
HATS AND SHOESStetfcon Hals. Hanan
Shoes, other good makes as well. In the heat of a
political argument it's so easy to "bet a good hat"
or a "good pair of shoes." The best kinds of Fats
and Shoes are here
CLOTHING, rea'dy-lo-wear or made-to-measure,
rjome will win clothes. Aside fnm"tb satisfac
tion of winning, there '.s n.i additional satisfaction
of winning such clothing as we've on sale this sea
son. Each suit is so rood i hat no matter which
you pick you can't lose.
A new lor of Women's Walkmn Hats iust
received, and they are even piettier thanthe last.
There's a simplicity about the styles that adds to
rather than detracts from their smart appeaiance.
Wide brim, plain shapes, in smooth or rough
effects, with just a simple silk band. Home bands
are of black velvet ribbon with an additional nar
row band of gilt. Other hats are encircled with
stitching, crown as well as brim.
Ln blacks, browns and grays
to pay. . "
Bank or
Ben Wiluain J. S. Douolas
J. B. Anoius W. H. BnoPHY
lforeltfii Exchange nndTolcjrrnphlo Transfer to nil PaiU of the World. Ac
count of Individual, Firm and Corporations solicited. Matters entrusted to
our core will rnccivo prompt nttentlo 1. Mexican money bought and sold. Agency
for Now Zealand Fire Insurance Company.
5g New Arrivals.
Just in receipt of 0110 oi the largest and
prettiest lino of Men's Flannel Dress Shirts.
Brown's 55 make of (Shoes for Children.
The celebrated Floorshoim Shoes for Men.
Drew & Selby's iino Shoes for Ladies.
A very completo assortment of the latest
modes in Men's Neckwear.
Dress Shirts of every description.
Millinery the largest and most complete line
ever shown here. Come and see them.
-and not much
-. i
W. 11. Hboiht, President
J. S. Douglas, Vice-President
M. T. Cunningham, Cashier
. n . . .
- Jf
'"( V
ko .
T.i .
tj " .' I
N g l
I 4 V
t i- tWS
i.-' . ie
.'x ,3
( J -
lr t
T suS
rmtfmmm&Mak:- -.: ... -;-im&ssxss&'3s
'&s'J:mmsmmsam:T -. , - - -5s-; r eee? kask&

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