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The Benson signal. [volume] (Benson, Cochise County, Ariz.) 1915-1921, July 10, 1915, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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/7sMj. 8l! a:iti Store
c o.
- |g|Ki!l Profits ■
Miality Work Shoes
■and See the Display.
mm - Fifth st
Store "g
B|H< B<ER, proprietor |p
BpiES and toilet articles §
Sb Carefully Compounded J$
8 fjaoazines and Periodicals
8 Motions, Stationery I
i #%>
■ a (j
% $4-
■BIB Agency:
UC'o. Spaulding Atiibtic Ccords
0 ■man Fountain Pen Cbmpany
Bntal Tailoring Company
Mwactory, Return end Get Voar Money
, wnurwniiL mynw
urge Stage
Installed at
Wright Walker, manager of the
Auditorium and skating rink, has
installed a large &tage to accommo
date traveling show companies.
The stage, While not yet com
pleted, is Well arranged and pre
sents a striking appearance in the
building. The scenery, is elegant
and was all painted by Mr. Walker.
He also did the carpenter work. A
place at the front of the stage has
been constructed for footlights,
which will soon be installed, and
an orchestra pit will also be pro
vided, making the stage arrange
ments strictly up to date.
As soon as the stage and acces-
Cries are completed; it is the inten
tion of Mr. Walker to present a
show of probably a series of show?.
The house will also be open to
good traveling companies, and it is
very probable that Benson will
soon become a regular stopping
point for traveling Shows and give
the people an opportunity bt see
ing a better class of entertainments
than in the past.
Band Dance
Was Bio
The Band dance given Monday
nfght, from a social standpoint
and a financial benefit to cue band,
was a decided success.
About seventy-five tickets were
.sold and over $l3O was in
frofri the sale of tickets and the re
freshments, whi6h were served
from a large booth in one end of
the hall.
The dance was given at the Audi
torium and the capacious building
afforded plenty of room for the
large gathering. The building
was well ventilated and the danc
ers enjoyed comfort. The floor
was in excellent shape.
F. H. Greissinger, Nick Mar
tinez, Carlos Castaneda and Miss
Josephine Castaneda composed the
orchestra with violin, cornets and
piano. The music was erccllent.
The affair was opened by a band
.concert. The band played the
grand march, and following that
jthe music was furnished by the
Miramonte Items
(Special Correspondent)
The celebration of the Fourth
was participated in by all last Sat
urday. The program, consisting
of various songs/speeches and re
citations, was very well rendered
and enjoyed by all present.
The barbecue st lunch time was
a popular hit with the people who
were present, weo enjoyed the pal
atable rebast provided,
j. The afternoon was spent in race
running and other sports, for which
various prizes werertwarded.
The ice cream, which was served
free to all, was a pleasing feature
of the day.
A big dunce took place in the
evening, and all present enjoyed
the occasion.
The new school house is going
up fast, and another week's wbrk
will bring it to completion.
The ladies of the Bee Hive Club
served dinner to the workers on
the school building last Wednes -
day. About fifteen men partook
of the meal furnished by the pub
lic spirited ladies.
Fob S^L'E—Musical instruments, .
sewing machines, baby, buggies. j
ft era Second Hand Store.
Auto Tourist
Logs Sunset
Short Line
The following article, from the
El Paso Herald, records the trip
made by a tourist over the Sunset
Short Line, the route following the
Southern Pacific railroad between
Lordsburg, N. M,, and Vail station,
about thirty miles west of Benson.
The log was made froth west to
east. The article says:
W. J. Rand thinks that the new
“Southern Pacific between
Lordsburg and Tucson is going to
Lake mtich automobile travel away
from the Bofderland route, because
it is so much shorter. While the
Borderland is scenically the finest,
the new roiite saves many miles, the
distance from El Paso to Tucson
over the new line being but 218.2
miles as against 271.9 miles by
way of the Borderland.
Mr. Baud drove over the Bor
'■ Jerland from El Paso to California,
but on his return drove from Tuc
son straight through along the
Southern Pacific to Lordsburg over
the “cutsff.’ J He says With the
completion of sofne grading work
now in progress the road will be
fairly good even in wet weather.
“Leaving Tucson at 6 o’clock in
the morning,” he said, “we easily
made Lordsburg by 4 o’clock in
the afternoon, and we stopped en
route at Willcox, Bowie, San Simon
and Steins. We made Derhing by
7 o’olock iff the evening, stopped
over for an hour and a half, and,
eaviug there at 8:30 p. m., were
in El Paso by 1130 in the morning.
This is an average of better than
19 5 miles an hour. This route is
better and shorter by 92.3 miles
than the route around byway of
t Mr. Rand kept a log of the
“cutoff,” which he has Kindly fur
nished the Herald for publication
in the automobile section. Between
El Paso and Lordsburg fie followed
the Borderland, also between Vail
and Tucson, and the Borderland
log maps cover these portions ol
the road. Between Lordsburg and
Vail Mr. Band’s log covers the sit
uation. It appears below, the first
column of figures indicating the
distance from Lordsburg, the sec
ond the distance from Vail.
142.6 00.0 VAIL. Cross railroad left.
141.6 01.0 Cross-wash. Turn left around
ranch house.
139.9 02.7 Fork right. At 03 6 grades
through hills.
132.6 05.0 Radium Springs water, At
06.6 through hills.
135.8 06.8 Ranch, right, water.
131.8 10.8 Ranches. Water.
129.4 13.2 Right fork.
128.8 13:8 Right fork,
127.0 15.6 Ranches. Water,
122.0 20.6 Under S. P. bridge. Put down
top to clear.
121.2 21,4 Fork. Going west take right.
1 18.5 24.1 Fork. Going west take right.
1 17.2 25.4 Leave railroad; turn left.
116.1 26.5 Either fork.
115.1 27.5 Either fork going weSL
1 14.9 27.7 Cross railroad.
113.6 29,0 BENSON, Garage, hotel, sup
Leaving Benson cross railroad
I 12.3 30,3 bridge.
111.5 31.1 Fork, left.
110.3 32.3 Fork, left.
101.4 41.2 Ranches. Water
100.1 42A Ranches. Water. , ; . t
99.3 43.3 Fqrk, right. Sutfimit Dra
goons. «...
98.8 43.8 Fojk; going west *-ake left,
98.6 44.0, Ranehes. Water,
96.5 46.1 Three roads. Take '■enter.
96.3 46.3 Crpcs railroad into Dragoon,
Gas, Water, store
96.1 46.5 Left fork,
92.8 49.8 Left fork. ,
92.3 50.3 Under 8. P, bridge. O. k,
87.0 55.6 r ork. Geing weat left
Cress railroad.
86.4 56.2 COCHISE, Garstge, stbrfi:
86.0 56.6 Grose, railroad right.
1 84.5 58.1 Fork. Going West take left.
80.2 62.4 Section. Water..
75 3 67.3 WH. LCOX; Garage, stef*
69.9 72.7 Fork. Going west trtke right.
67.0 75.6 Waf^r.
58.1 84.5 Section. Water.
51.0 91.6 BOWIE. Garage, hotel, store.
46.8 95.8 Ranch. Water.
45.3 97.3 Ranch. Water.
43.1 99.5 Section. Water.
35.5 107.1 SAN SIMON. Store, supplies
34.3 108.3 Three forks, fake center.
26.6 116.0 VANAR. Store, water.
23.0 I 19.6 State division line.
21.7 120.9 Fork. Going wdst take right.
19.3 123.3 StEINS PASS. Store, gas.
18.8 123.8 Fork, left.
03.9 138.7 Section. Water.
00.0 142.6 LORdShURG.
To Argue Arizona Hopski Case
Phoenjjt, July S.—To represent
the state in the action brotigbt by
the manufacturers of Barette and
Hopski, Attorney General \Viley
E. Jones and his assistant, Leslie
C. Hardy, leave Friday evenifcg
for San Francisco where the appli
cation for an interlocutory Writ bf
injunction against the Attorney
General; Sheriff Adams, and cer
tain county attorneys will be heard
in the federal court.
Application to prevent the attbr
ney general from inatituing pro
ceedings agaiilst the dispensers of
the drinks was filed by the Mission
Brewing Co. of San Diego and the
Copper City Brewing Company
of Douglan. Judges Mo'rrow, Van
Fleet and Sawtelle will hear the
argument in the case, which is set
for July ii.
Second-hand keys for doors and
padlocks bought and sold. Keys
fitted. Gem Second-flafid Store.
Remember 1 can save you money
on gasoline, distillate and lubri
catiDg oils, both whclesalo and re
tail. C. F. Moss.
H. W, cTZ S GO.
Gold Storage Meat Market
Fresh and Salted Meats, Wholesale a!nd Retail
fresh Fislfi and Oysters in Season
Have You Any Idle funds?
' We can loan your money for you at ten per cent interest on
gilt edge security. Any amount from one hundred to five
thousand dollars. We will give your loans our care and at
tention and collect the interest free of charge. We have
more applications than we can fill.
Pat yoLT money to work here tt will build up Benson and double
in seven years at 10 per cent.
The Progressive Store
■ : f ra ,| heard Over liie Phone
1 “Hello! Is this the Pro
gressive Store ?’
“Yes; ma’am. 7 ’
as to What to order. It be
comes a task sometimes.
What , Mve you t 0 SUK _
» . wi * .£1 L' if/ \ v.
Tomatoes, Head Lettuce, Cantaloupes, Straw
berries, Oranges, Bananas, Lemons
V , i *; ; • d [ 7 W ..
Well, take rhy order, and gee them up tight away/'
‘‘Yes, ma’am. We’ll use the air ship.’
Try .-a. Sunshine .Loaf Cake,. 15c each. Get your
Fruit Jars now. Kerr Economy are Lhe best.
St. David and
St. David and Robitison cele
brated the Fourth with field sports,
barbecue and programs appropri
ate for the occasion. Most of the
Benson people spent the day either
with Bobinsbtt or St. David.
There Was a large erowd at St;
David all day, and the entertain
ment consisted of a ball
horse rahes, fobt races, sack racesji
etc. There was a dance for chil
dren in the hall in the afternoori
and one for adfilts in the evening.
At Robinson the program as
published in this paper two webk?
ago, was carried oiit With pleasing
No accident of any kind marred
the day’s ehtettainfiient at either
Free Literature for Farmers
Farm Advisor A. t,. Paschall, in
a coifimunication addressed to thq’
farmers, Writes:
“I wish to urge you* to write tef
the Secretary of Agriculture, Wash
ing, D. C., requesting him to place
your name bn the mailing list for
the monthly list of publications.
You will receive this list each’
Month, and from the list you maJ
select and write for those
tions which interest you.
as the regular editions last,® :'s
publications will not cost yoj*
thing r xcept the postal remefl

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