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Casa Grande Valley
Like a Blanket
■ ■
Eitfßfl i 1 %
ii m_Jr H Or
A. J. Dajimvay ani family spoilt
* .iday ii. die >. mai mountains,
»• ar the top of the world on the
Superior highway.
J. E. 1 uler returned ti'oai Phoc
s. y Monday, where he has been on
• atdness fo.' the past tno weeks.
C. F. Gilbert, of Peoria, is visit
‘..g the family of his Jaughtei, Mrs.
J. E. Butler, who lives between
( oolidge and Florence.
David M. Kinney, pioneer case
proprietor of Coo Huge. died rerent
h of paralytic stroke, in Aikansa
Word of his death was received
here early this week from his son.
Monday afternoon occurred the
•death of D. L. Ilcason a res
•‘Jent of North Coolidge, who has
“»*'en ill for some time. Funeral
sci vices were held in Casa Ghande
Wednesday evening Mr. and Mrs.
K. J. Jones and Mrs. D. S. Davis
.• ctored to Casa Grande. They via
it d wUh Mrs. Bait, and Halo brbv
s.a. and with Mr 3. Lane, and baby
Chas. W. Dodd arrived from
Cl’.be Tiiurssday. The gentleman
w 11 be here for about ten days on
business connected with Coolidge
Crmp No. 174. W. O. W. W. A.
*i hompson , financial secretary of
local camp, received the poll
.o’es of the members this week.
U is rumored that S. P. Morgan,
«, f Casa Grande, who served tli.s
•county as representative in the
. t.te legislature last session, is
-« filing out for state B<.,na'oi. He
-% ill be opposed oy Lob Jouce, of
Jb enco. iSulh are democrats.
Victor Ward to Maurice S. Dodd;
Sat. Mtg. S% of SWy* 10-5-8 west
of 8. P. R.R. right of way, contain
ing 37% acres.
E. R. Turman vs. Arizona Supe
rior Mining Co.; Writ of attach
ment for 1940.00. re 15 mining
Harry J. Valentine vs. John H.
Peterson; Executio n re gasoline
pump, etc.
Dolores Bennett, Admx., to
Heard Byram; Admin, deedre half
interest of Mercedes Vasquez in
lots 6,7, and E% of SW% 6-7-6;
Dolores Bennett, Admx., to
Heard Byram; Admn. deed to half
interest of J. M. Vasquez in lots 6,
•7. and E% of SW% 6-7-6.
Richard J. Jones to D. O. Roe;
W. D. lot 10, blk. 21. Jones addi
tion to Coolidge. SIO.OO.
A. V. Mercer to Arizona Live
stoc Loan Co., Chat, mortgage, cat
Julio Quinones to Co-oporative
Mercantile Mexicana; Q. C. D. Pos
sessory rights in land in Mexican
town of Superior; unsurveyed land.
Julio Quinones to Co-operative
Mercantile Mexicans; Bill of sale
furniture, ec., in store in Mexican
town, Superior; $5305.50.
B. J. Norman to W T . A. Tenney; j
Partial satisfaction re lots 14, 15.
16, in blk 36, Casa Grande.
Christina Tenney to Saidee H.
White; W. u. above desc. $lO.
11 vd C. Templeton to Phoebe C.
Templeton; Q. C. D. lots 10, 11, blk.
2. Ist addition Cast Grande, $lO.
Floyd C. Templeton to Phoebe C.
Templeton; Q. C. D. lot 5 and W.
6.3 ft in blk 9, Ist addition to
Casa Grande.
Floyd C. Templeton to C. M. Tem
pleton; Mtg. lots 3,4, E% of SW%
.30-9-6; sll6O.
Gayle N. Nichols, Ass. of labor
Lucky Tiger No. 1 et al, mining
State of Arizona to May C. Pur
dy; Pat. E% of NE% of SW%, 25-
Richard J. Jones to Geo. E. Lay
man; W\ D. lots 15, 16, blk 20, Jones
addition to Coolidge. $lO.
/rtS il *» 11 0
N ****»w TuCSON
The Mountain States T. v 1 . Co.
cew are back >m the job again
a: era short vacation. They will
firi.ih the outside wiring no thai a
« nneti un oin be i-.ado iu aboai
:uree weik.» with the Main street
tvntral* switchboard, so that Cool
idge will have its o*vu to
less wih.
Mrss. R. J. Jones entertained a
number of ladies of the Coolidge
Woman’s Club by a lawn party
Monday night, the directors and ex
e utive board being present. Dur
ing a discussion of a tentative
-ohedule of plans for a program of
i ’. eats for the coming season, re
'reshment3 were served.
During the latter part of this
month cantaloupes will start nov
ii/. Approximately ISO acres are in
melons. Dolvin and Wason have
’ .0, H..nson and Kortsen 10, H L.
Sic an 15, A. M. Hooper 10. H. B.
Roundtree 5. A number of other
* .rmers may contribute from small
ops. The melon tr<_ws will he.p
increase business here.
Boh Junes, running for state sen
■ a tor, was giving greetings to his
j many friendsst in Coolidge today,
i Friday.
W. L. Kirk, pioneer of Coolidge,
!is back again. He is painting a
house for R. J. Jones.
! - * ' ■ ■
The Arizona Edison electric
range demonstration at the Wo
[ man’s Club is a big success.
Telephone 157R11 when
you want fine job printing.
No job too large or too small
er. S. Army, Discharge to Paul R.
Marjorie A. Brew vs. D. C. Bear
et al; Judgement re lots 5,6, 7, ,
and NBW% 25-10-7.
Harry F. Bryant to Heard Byram,
W. D. NEI4 14-6-5, being half inter
est; $lO.
Frederick B. Hodapp to Heard
Byram; Assignment of Mtg. S%
of SW»4, 25-6-4; SISOO.
Lewis Oleson to Heard Byram;
Partial satisfaction 7.6 acres in
SW% of SW'/ 4 . 28-6-6.
E. G. Dentzer to Eric Erickson;
W. D. lots 8, 9. 10, 11, blk 4. Supe
rior.; $lO.
Milton C. Miller, Trustee, to Fern
M. Richardson; Sat. Mtg. SW 13-
( 3; $2500.
Harry Pollard et al.; Ass. labor
re brady et al mining claims.
S. Y. Satathite to Alvy Hender
son; Chat. Mtg. 1000 goats and 100
kids; SISOO.
Wayne Goins to Alvy Henderson;
Mtg. half int. NW% of SWH. 417-
14; $267.78.
Pinal Co. Title & Trust Co. to
Abigail Tuttle; W. D. lots 15, 16,
blk 25, Evergreen addition, Casa
Sarah Isabelle Beutell to Wayne
Goins; W. D. NW»/ 4 of NE%, 4-7-
17; SSOO.
Jessie M. Finch to Sarah Isabelle
Beutell; W. D. to above desc. prop
erty. S6OO.
Edna Jackson to Joseph J. Jones;
W. D. lot IS, blk 2, West Coolidge
addition to Coolidge townsite.
N. O. Dugan to Firsi Nat’l Bank.
Florence; Chat. Mtg. cotton crop;
Naomi A. Hall Nurse certificate.
John H. Moss to Florence Day
Furr et con. and Louise Bon Boyd;
W. D. W% of NE% 27-8-8; $lO.
Pinal Co. Title & Trrust Co. to
Frank O. Blake; W. D. lot 5, blk 15.
Evergreen addition, Casa Grande.
Frank O. Blake to Lynn B. Tut
tle; Mtg. lot 5, blk. 15, Evergreen
addition, Casa Grande; $3164.
T. J. Craig to Elsie J. Whitney;
Mtg. W% of 15-6-6; SIOOO.
United States to Heirs of Johhn
A. Chantrry; Pat. NW% 15-7-8.
United States to Laura B. Chan
try; Pat. E % 15-7-8.
H. M. Kennedy. Trustee, to G. W.
Ware; W. D. lot 13, blk 3, North
Coolidge; $lO.
Estate W. F. Brown; Decree of
distribution re W% 26-6-7.
That Coolidge will be in a short time the largest
town between Phoenix and Tucson, and metropolis of
this valley, is no longer predicted, but is borne out by
its present active building growth, demand for more
housing facilities, and construction planned to accom
modate business that will distribute from this point.
Coolidge is now recognized as the valley’s commercial
city, and location for fine homes.
Thursday afternoon J. J. Jones, who hasi been in Los
Angeles on a business trip, wired to R. J. Jofces, of Cool
idge, that the U. S. government had awarded a lease and
signed the same, to the Coolidge Masonic Temple Associa
tion. The lower floor of r he Masonic Temple now being
rushed to completion, on Main street, will be occupied
after July Ist by the officials of the San Carlos Indian irri
gation Project.
The offices, N. W. Irsfield, engineer in charge, nave
been located in Florence for some time.
Offices of Engineer C. H. Soutliworth, in charge of
the San Carlos District offices and staff are not at pres
ent affected by the change, but will be later
Including Mr Irsfield, eight people are employed in
the offices making the move to Coolidge, and it P expected
their families will accompany them here.
Thursday The Examiner interviewed C. B. Bruce, of
Bruce Bros., who were recently awarded the contract of oil
ing and graveling the Phoenix and Tucson highway from
Coolidge 17 miles south to Picacho.
Mr. Bruce arrived here from Long Beach Tuesday. His
father, E. S. Bruce, who will be here with his son, super
vising the work, will come to Coolidge within the next two
His other son ; J. S. Bruce, will remain on the coast at
tending to the firm’s interests in California.
Today, Friday, the start of the arrival of'equipment
is expected. .Two trucks are already here, being driven
over from the coast early this week.
“Bruce Bro 3. will not maintain a camp, the men will
be quartered in Coolidge, and we expect approximately
thirty men on the force, one half of whom will be workers
living here or in this vicinity. The job will last between
three and lour months. Our contract to do the required
work was $125,000. Coolidge, being our headquarters, will
benefit accordingly.” stated Mr. Bruce.
Owing to its immediate proximity to Coolidge the
development of the country adjacent to Randolph has
considerable interest. After the project became legal
last Tuesday thru the action of the Pinal Board of Su
pervisors who on that day adopted the resolution creat
ing the boundry lines of the Randolph Irrigation Dis
trict, Donald Scott, its engineer, started the drawing
of the plans and specifications, and preparing of all de
tails, to place before the state certification board to
obtain formal authorization for a bond issue. The
bond issue election will then be called as soon as pos
Mr. Scott in his reports estimated the total con
duction costs, including cement-lined canals, as approx
imately s4l per acre, or less than $400,000 for the
entire district. Directors of the district are William
Detwiler, president; S. P. Saule, secretary; and Charles
Estate of Thomas V. Dykes; De
cree of distribution re lots 3,4, 5,
blk. D. Casa Grande; lots 13, 14,
blk 10, Casa Grande; fract. blk 12.
Casa Grande and improvements;
also Ey 2 9-7-5.
Louis Stoeger to Homer H. Mar
tin; W. D. lots 10, 11, 12, blk 1
Stoeger Sub.
Matter of Guardianship of Leona
Katherin Bates; Letters of gu«r
--u anship issued to Louis B. Wftit
H. J. et al; Affidavit
of labor re Elgin No. 1 et al mining
Estate of Teresa Donaldson; De
cree of distribution re lots 1, 2.
E%of NW%, 18-6-7.
Herminia Arriola to Mariana S.
Montana; Q. C. D. blk 188, Flor
i ence; $lO.
J. L. Blose and C. R. Kurrle;
i Lease fhact. lot 12, blk. 9, Cool-
I idge.
State of Arizona to Geo. W. j
Mickle; Cert, purchase W% of
NW!4 36-4-3.
A A. Anderson to Valley Bank j
A Co.; Mtg. above described,
■ $ 30C0.G0.
Miami, Am., June 13. —One has
pay. and plenty, to strike a lady
in this mining town. Henry Oil
man paid $25 for hitting a waitress
in a local restaurant . And he had
to leave town.
Thursday was Lions' Day at Glut)
in- dquarteis, tae Woman’s Olub
'nailing. All ; fficevs as previous'v
.• ai inuted were du:y elected to
!-. ir respecuve offices. Ai tlie
c\t regular meeting they w'll he i
detailed .Vs toilows:
Dave Davis, president
W. Hamilton, vice-president
,I'mmie liinis, second viee-presi
1, S. Craig, third vice-president
A tch Kelchersid, secretary
l ; . C. Jones, long itnvelG.
< -lift Stockton short teira direc- j
: or
t •> i ( o',l. T ?i.i t\ViStcr
Fred Slater, lion turner
Kaiph Langford. i.r-i
’.t''ssrs. A ard of Cuolnige, JarK* n
- n \ar.o W-thick, of C'*a!
’ »n<Te, ana Wallingfoid, of Phoe
nix, were visiois. All made shoit |
i'll ' lunch on served by Lion ,
aig’s electric range demonstra
tors was a wonderful success, and !
all lions and visitors gave hearty
signs of appreciation. j
—o j ]
Phoenix, Ariz., June 13. —Punish-
ment for crime is a necessary evil, |
recording to Earl F. Drake, Phoe
nix attorney. i ■
“Onr penal system as a means of
reformation is a ghastly failurre, j
and the vast majority of prisoners j
are made worse bj their confine-]
iu,ent,” he said.
Drake suggests a system of pi i-!
ve.te boarding homes, where juven-j
lie delinquents can be sent, rather i
than confined in jails.
“It is better to prevent crime,
than to punish it,’’ he said.
A county contemplating
an appropriation for a coun
ty frre librrary will doubt
lessly ask itself te questions,
Why should we estabnsr.
these lhraries? What will
' iey do for our people: ’
The first answer is this:
“A county free library will
afford the people recreation
in return for the tax expend
ed.” By far the greater part
of existing taxes go for tne
daily necessities of county
life —roads, schools, salaries
of officials, hut not one cent
for the recreation or enjoy
ment of its people. That has
made the load burdensome.
Reading affords recre
ation and pleasure. A good
story, a chatty biography, a
technical book on business or
industry, written in the en
oyable style of the day, and
the beautifully illustrated,
charmingly written stories
for children will lighten the
daily cares for all family
The old saying, “All work
and no play makes JacA a
dull hoy,” is true of the tax
situation. The free libraries
are the play to relieve the
tensity of the situation at a
.cost to the taxpayers of less
than the price of one book of
fiction per year,
A second answer is this—
“ County free libraries sup
plement the educational sys
tem.” Schools are poorly
equipped with libraries; —
splendid as are the budgets
allowed the schools, they
i 7
i ! county voters have asked me con
cerning the manner, or principles, in
iM i ] volved, in my conduct of the Sheriff’s
Wm i office, if nominated and elected.
|«p|||| The following constitute a few of
the answers I have given:
: i If elected sheriff I will conduct the
ife Wr • Jmm office satisfactory to the law abid
-wA , %||||||§ ing citizens of Pinal county.
«|P4'«r jpl||||| Irrespective of politics, influence,
race or creed, the lawless will be put
MmUUSr uown.
No partiality will be shown. No
' '■Efr political influence represented by
Pw votes to lie cast will shadow my
?WWmmSR < m The laws will be inforced,
I 4A It is my opinion that it is unfair
to arrest the humble violator and let
the influential alonev
|||i Slot niac hincs arc a menace to the
THEM OUT, them after
an election If it is unlawful to con
duct them before a campaign it is unlawful after the election, or between
elections. DON’T YOU THINK SO?
If nominated and elected the sheriff’s office under my supervision will
be economically conducted, but consistent with good government, A suf
ficient force of deputies maintained to properly inforce the law in both the
agricultural and mining communities of the county. Absolute impartiality
to all sections of the county.
It is stated the manufacturers of slot machines use influence against
candidates in the counties of Arizona who declare they will inforce the laws
against the operation of. the machines. It this is so, I welcome their op
positionto my candidacy.
are still not elastic enough
to provide ample library
Any department head at
the University of Tuc s on, the
Teachers’ Colleges at Tem
po and Flagstaff quicKly
state that failing students
are invariably poor readers.
Some are eager to make
good at the university and
colleges, but they have had
few boo k s to read- except the
texts, and are bewildered
and overcome with the great
amount of reference reading
required in connection with
all college courses. Those
coming to college from
chools or communities well
book-minded and form that
equipped with libraries are
class of students who do
their work well, who lead in
various activities, and who
graduate with credit.
Because the writer has
oeen a nigh school instructor
and a high school principal
in Ariona, and because this
■ xperience has snowed tne
need for available reading
matter, she undertook the
state chairmanship of the
county free library move
ment and, with the help of a
capable committee ’repre
senting the state library, the
state educational depart
ment, the state women’s
club s , the state Parent-
Teacher group, the Univer
sity and College libraries,
the city libraries, and the
Farm Bureau organizations,
persuaded the Ninth Legisla
ture to enact a law permit
ting counties to establish
free libraries.
It is not a duty but a priv
ilege to accept the terms of
the county free library meas
ure and to extend the liee
use of the be s t books to its
. .A County. Free. Library
means an equal chance for
country children, education
al opportunity for all ages,
recreation through books for
Sr-ate Chairman of Committee
sponsoring and securing the pas
sage of the County Free Library
Law. .
Devoted to
Advertising the Best
Valley on Earth
Phoenix, Ariz., June 13, —A pro
clamation designaing June 14 as
Flag Day, has been issued by Gov
ernor John G. Phillipps, in com
memoration of the 153rd anniver
sary of adoption of the Stars and
Stripes as the Flag of the United
; States.
By act of the Continental Con
gress, meeting in 1777, the Stars
and Stripes were adopted as the
nation’s flag.
Whereas, June 14, 1930, is the
one hundred and - fifty-third anni
versary of the adoption of the flag
of the United States by the Conti
rental Congress in 1777, and
Whereas, the flag of our country
is a symbol to each of us of the
patriotism and loyalty which wo
owe to our country; and
Whereas, It also symbolizes free
dom of speech, religion, and the
pursui of happiness as set forth in
our consitution;
Now, therefore, I, John S. Phil
lips, Governor of the State of Ari
zona, do hereby designate Satur
day, June 14th, 1930, as Flag Day.
I call upon the citizens of our great
country residing in this state to
display the American Flag on all
public buildings and business
bouses and over their homes, and
| for atriotic and civic organizations
to arrange for and hold appropri
ate exercises in honor of the Amer
! ican Flag and the principles for
which it stands.
W. C. Truman, of Florence, has
! made announcement of his can'did
y acy for the office of County Attor
ney, of Pinal County, subject to the
, i votes of the democrats at the pri
| mary election this fall. Mr. Tru
! man is a graduate of the Univer
-1 sity of Arizona, and has practiced
| ':iw in Florence since last summer
He is the son of the late George E.
and Mrs. Truman, of Florence. The
young attorney has demonstrated
that he is well qualified for the po
sition to" which he aspires. His an
nouncement appears in this issue
of the Examiner.
No. i 5

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