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Ncte I m k
toting In the first Cooiidge city
♦-lo tion is the DUTY of every eligi
ble citizen . . . and then the second,
and most important duty la to vote
in the city election. Most obvl
oua evidence of decadence in a city
or town la the lack of interest in
municipal voting Os course it is
not to be expected there will be a
lack of interest in this first local
election Hut there Is a definite
•lowness in registration.
whether or not an office of the
Oi'A is to be maintained in Pinal
county has. apparently, been dump
ed squarely into the lap of Uoolidge
Ohamber of Commerce. It will be
recalled that all offices of the OPA
In Pinal county were consolidated
with the Florence office several
months ago and St now developes
that Florence does not have the
manpower to continue the opera
tion. Other towns are uninterested
and certainly what interest or re
gaid in and for the OPA which can
be generated in Cooiidge is pas
sive Th* re is the question of suit
able quarters and the payment of .
rent which the divisional office in
Phoenix contends should be paid
is no longer the major operation
of OPA <»ith the exception of
sugar* folks generally would Just
as soon be rid of it. And they feel
this wsy despite their desire for
price control But price control
comes only with eternal vigilance
even though a great many stores,
honestly operated, wrlll abide by
OPA edicts
of the OPA is that it has not stop
ped the advancing tide of rising
prices. That criticism of OPA is
somewhat unfair because OPA is
but one arm of government and
could not control action of other
governmental agencies. But most
serious criticism of tbe pricing
agency is that it arbitrarily permits
the price of a new product and oft
time an Inferior product, by a new
firm to return a profit to the manu
facturer. tbe wholesaler and the re
tailer while at the same time OPA
denies the original manufacturer
of a similar product to raise prices
sufficiently to cover production
wttbtn 1200 of reaching its Red
Cross quota last week when total
collections reached 12.300. Surely
there should he another 1 200 avail
able so that the stigma of failing
to be generous in a humanitarian
effort may not be charged to Coo
in Arixona continuing to hold a
high level Cooiidge this week re
ceived $1,654.79 as her share of
state sales tax collected during the
month of March for sales during
February This check brings the to
tal sales tAx shared with Cooiidge
to $4,516.93 for the first three
months Cooiidge ha?, been eligible
Should this rate continue, snd
every indication Is thst not much
drop is expected. Cooiidge will re
ceive more than SIB,OOO from sale?
tax revenues this year.
weather, will soon be warm. The
supervisors race for district 3
which comprises all of the valley
area and South Florence, has re
solved itself into a two-man con
test between Frank Williams of
Casa Grande and C. W. Stokes of
COolidge. Bob Denton, who has
given a great many year* of public
service to the board of supervisors
this week announced he would not
be a candidate for re-election
Since the supervisor from this dis
trict has traditionally come from
Casa Grande this is sure to be an
interesting contest and one which
will create a great deal of local In
bonds of the federal government
are (Rill available to Investors and
the U. S. Treasury has six aims in
continuing to promote the sale of
these bonds* They are. Ist: To
combat Inflation by urging Ameri
cans to save for investment in
stead of bidding up prices for
scarce goods with their surplus
cash 2. To keep the savings bond
investment total around its present
$48,700,000,000 peak while money is
plentiful and -goods scarce. 3. To
foster the national thrift habit mil
lions have acquired through patri
otic hewing of war bonds. 4. To
carry on the payroll savings plan
at the request of 90 per cent of
the 57.000.000 waee and salary
earners who Invested regularly in
bonds during the war 5. To estab
lish a thrift and national finance
educational program In the schools
for the 25,000.000 pupils who by
1945 were regularly buying savings
stamps and bonds. 6. To keep own
ership of the public debt spread
among as many Americans as pos
sible so interest may go to
them as holders of savings bonds
rather than to a comparatively few
banks, corporate or individual In
(jja olf &o,^SSlfetanitner
VOU ME ;t coolilk;!-:, hxaiTcoUNTY, ">na, FRii>.\ v. Ai’ini,s, ir, xi mp.kk 5
Alvin Skrla Home
ip*- 7
Pfc. Alvin Skrla has received
an honorable discharge from
the army after approximately
21 months service in the Euro
pean theater of operations.
Skrla entered service in Janu
ary of 1944 and went overseas
in August of the same year. He
is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
John Skrla and has made his ;
home in Cooiidge since he was
a boy. His wife is the former
Maurine Langford.
C. W. Stokes to
Be Candidate
For Supervisor
Places petitions in circula
tion Tuesday afternoon—
Supervisor Robert Denton
will not again seek post.
C. W. (Johnny! Stokes, promi-{
nent Cooiidge attorney, thin we> k i
announced his candidacy for the I
office of Supervisor of District So \
3. Stokes placer! his nominatioiy
papers In circulation Tuesday aft-j
ernoon following a statement by j
Robert Denton, Casa Grande law- j
yer and Incumbent supervisor, that
he would not again seek the of- j
Stokes ha* been a resident of •
Arixona since 1929 and of Final
county since February of 1937
when he moved to Florence from |
Tucson to assume the management
of IMnal Title and Trust Co . a firm
which was subsequently merged
with Surety Title and Trust Co.
Married, with one child. Stokes
was admitted to the bar in Ari
*ona in 1936 shortly after bis grad
ation with an .LL.B. degree from
the University of Arizona He Is
also a member of the state bar of
New Mexico.
Entering the army as a Ist lieu
tenant in March of 194! Stokes
served continuously until his re
lease in January of this year with
the rank of full colonel He com
manded tbe 706th tank battalion
through operations on Guam. j
te. le Shima and Okinawa.
Since his release from the army I
Stokes has been actively engaged
in the practice of his profession in
County Flower Show
Slated at 4-H Club
Fair, Kenilworth
A flower show open to everyone
In Pinal County will be held this
year in connection with Kenilworth
4-H club Fair at Kenilworth School
on Saturday. April 27. Entries may
be made from 9 to 11:30 that morn
Requirements are that all entries
must he grown in home gardens.
Exhibitors must furnish their own
containers, which may range from
Jars to any type of vase, or con
tainer, the exhibitor selects.
Mrs. Joseph Blakeman, Kenil
worth Homemakers, Is general
chairman of arrangements. Mrs.
S. C. McFarland. Mrs. Raymond
Sroaf and Mrs. Nelson Olson, have
been appointed flower committee
for Cooiidge Womans Club. Mrs. ]
Etta Rathbum. and Mrs. V. S
Owen will serve on the flower com
mittee for Casa Grande Womans
• Mrs. Charles Cohen returned
Sunday from Los Angeles, where
she spent two weeks visiting their
daughter, Lee. and Mr. Cohen's
brother and wife. Dr. and Mrs.
Robert Cohen. Charles Cohen
spent a week in Los Angeles, re
turning home Friday.
#Dan Wallace, who was working in
1 California, has returned home for a
1 month's rest. He served for many .
months in the Mediteranian area
and has not been well due to in-!
• juries received. '
Hold Hearing for
Stanfield District
Testimony Indicates Need
for Proposed District. Su
pervisors Nominated.
Mr H !., Anderson, assistant to
jo C William-, st He conservation
c omnds-doner. held ft hearirg on!
the proposed Stanfield Soil Con-;
Iservation District, west of Casa l
Grande, last week. The hearing ■
was attended by 27 land owners or !
?h«-ir representatives and presided
over, at the request of Mr. Ander
son. by K K Henness, county agri
cultural agent From the testi
mony presented at the hearing it
was determined that the need exist
ed for the district as proposed.
A referendum has been submit- ,
ted to the land owners of the pro
mised district to be held Saturday.
April fi. 9 a m to 4 p. tn at the
Agricultural Products Company girt
office at Stanfield. In ord* r to cre
ate th** distrbt the land owners
lof more than half of the 21,000 j
j acres of agricultural land must I
j vote, and 65 per cent or more of I
j those must be In favor of the dls
j trict At th«* same time an election
j will he held to elect three super- j
j visor* to manage the affairs of the j
.district, if the lan 1 owners act
favorably. Nominees for the super
visors are Allen Rodgers, El wood
j Smith. N S Cooper and Rex An
‘ derson. one of w hom will be elect
•ed to serve a six year term, one j
four years, and one two years.
Mr. Anderson appointed O. G.
j Croy. George Anderson, and Harry
i Belford to sene as the election
board for both the referendum and j
j the election.
o— —— —
Driver Os Stolen
Car Overlook*
57,900 Cash Booty
Nearly SB,OOO. a stolen »ar and
j driver were bagged by Underaheriff
Travis Wall Monday after Pinal
county oficers had ♦ stablished
'three road blocks. James Martin
Kenworthy had overlooked the
I - a*.h when earlier In the day lief
i had looted th*- wardrobe trunk of
P J Scott for a change of clothe- j
Wall only learned of the mon y
when he railed the sheriffs office
j to repoit the apprehension of Ken
Kenworthy, who was picked up
jby P J. St ott in San Antonio to
j drive for him. is alleged to have
j left Tucson w ith the car after Scott
entered a clinic there. Kenworthy i
picked up Scott's luggage at a tour
ist court . In the wardrobe trunk
was a till containing forty one 1
hundred dollar bills, 26 fifties and j
110 twenties and 40 tens. When
Ken worthy looted the trunk out
side of Tucson to get a brown suit.
I a shirt and tie he failed to notice
the till though only an undershirt
! was throw n over it.
Scott, reporting the oar theft to
Tucson police, made no mention j
of the money In his first statement
to them. Scott, a resident of De
troit, Is said to have been on his
way to Phoenix from New Orleans
at the time the theft occurred.
I In a statement to Pinal county
officers Kenworthy said that he
was raised in an orphanage and had
spent some time a* mental hospi
tals. Both the stolen car with its
$7,900 in cash and Kenworth were
returned to Tucson by Pima coun
ty's undersheriff John Higgins.
Wayne Hall Will
Head Cooiidge
Lions Club
Wayne Hall was elected presi
dent of Cooiidge Lions Club a*
Wednesday night’s meeting in the
recreation hall of Cooiidge Meth
odist Church.
Officers who will serve with him j
j for the coming club year are: Rob
jert Gammon. Ist vice president; Ed J
j Wildermuth, 2nd vice presidnet; J
!B. Dennison. 3rd vice president;)
Vernon Faries, secretary; C. L. J
Skousen. treasurer; Gordon Corbin,
tail twister, and Bob Burns, lion
Delegates appointed to attend j
the Lions district convention at j
Mesa April 12 and 18 were Hall,
Faries and Skousen.
Carl Anderson, district engineer
; for * San Carlos Irrigation and
Drainage District, was guest speak
er of the evening. He painted a
; gloomy picture of the water and
' power situation for the coming sea
• Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Penn of
i Tajunga. California, left Monday
i for their home after a four day
| visit with Mr. and Mrs. Nelson
| Olson. The day before the Penns
arrived Mrs. Olson's brother and
his wife. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Mon
i roe of Seattle, Washington, who
! had been visiting her for the past
110 days, left for the coast.
Pulliam Candidate
For Superintendent
Os Instruction
Nolan D, Pulliam who now holds
th*- position of assistant state su
perintendent of rublk- 1" tr .ctlon.
yesterday annouat e J his candidacy
for tne office of state superintend
ent of public instruction.
Mr. Pull Pm. shortly after his dis-1
I charge from the United States
i Array Air Corps, qualified for the
I doctor >f education rt-gr c at Stan
ford University. With the excep
tion of three and one-half years In
| the army he has been continuously
engaged as a teacher or adminis
trator In Arizona schools for more
than 20 years. Ilia first position in
Arizona was as teacher In Mesa
Union H ;h School. He la'er be-|
c .one prim ipal of the Franklin !
I School in that city, following which
he served for nine consecutive
Jr t#*” ' mtf *■*
years as sujH*rintendent of the
Madison School District in Phoe
nix. In 193 S Pulliam was appoint
ed executive secretary of the Ari
zona Education Association, a posi
tion he held until hi- enlistment in
the service in early 1942.
Commenting on the position he
seeks, the caml. oj.e s/d: "In the
efforts to se* im
prove merit In the effectiveness of
our state's public schools, the office
lof state superintend*nt of public
! instruction has a significant re
sponsibility and opportunity for the
exercise of educational leadership.
The many changes in conditions af
fecting each individual such as his
j choice of vocation and preparation
for it, together with the responsi
bilities of citizenship, strongly sug
• cegr the need for constant vigilance
In order that our school system
may keep pace j n its roll of serv
. ing modern youth. Our educational
1 functions should not be limited to
the classroom or institutional pro
gram but • hould embrace all types
df youth services available In the
community to Insure a co-ordinated
Voters Urged To
Register Now For
Town Election
Registration for Coolidge’s first
municipal election, which began
last Wednesday, has been moving
somewhat slowly, according to A.
D. Tyler, town clerk. Tyler reports
that between ion and 150 persons
have registered to date, and urges
that every qualified person come
in and sign up for the May 27 bal
A full turn-out at the polls will
assure a representative vot°. Tyler
pointed out. and in order that every
eligible voter has his say in nam
ing the couneilmen for the coming
term, it is necessary to first get
his name on the registration books.
Seven couneilmen are to be elect
ed. ore of which will subsequently
be chosen as mayor. While no pe
titions have yet been circulated it
j is expected that several will soon
make their appearance.
Hours for registration are be
i tween 9 a. m. and 5 p. m. at the
| clerk’s office.
Rotary Sponsors
Teenage Pfcrnc
Saturday Night
Teenagers of both high school
: and grammar school age will have
a real fun party tomorrow’ night
when they go on a desert picnic
sponsored by Cooiidge Rotary Club. I
The group will gather at Cooiidge
Womans Club at seven o’clock,
from where a truck will leave for
the desert. A bonfire, weiner roast,
and group singing will comprise
the evening’s entertainment.
H. A. Unger, general chairman of
arrangements, is being assisted by
Mr. and Mrs. Isadore Rhoore, Mr.
and Mrs. Glenn Wilson, Mrs. Unger
and Martin Talla.
• Mrs. Ivan Reynolds, is now* able
to be up and around after a major
Floy to Ballot on
New $97,000 School
Voting Limited to Owners of
Property in School District
No. 11.
A special bond election will be
held in Floy on May 11 at which
property owners will vote on a
proposed $97,000 bond issue for the
purpose of building a new school.
The expenditure would increase the
indebtedness of School District No.
11. the district in which the new’
building would be constructed, to
more than four per cent of its as
sessed valuation, providing fumis
for erecting th* new structure as
well as furnishing and equipping it.
The bonds would be dated June
1. bearing interest not to exceed
2*-j per cent and would mature on
the fir-t of June each year from
1947 to 1965 Inclusive.
The voting will be held at the
school house between 6 a. m. and 6
p. m. and balloting will be limited
tn owners of property situated in
j the school district.
Cooiidge Flying
Qualifies to Give
Yets Training
Russell White, instructor and co
uvn* r of Uoolidge Flying Service
this week announced his company
> s been granted federal recogni-
Mon as a flight training school un
ier the provisions of the G. I. BUI
of Rights. This will mean that
'light instruction for veterans In
and around Uoolidge can be had at
government expense and, if the vet
eran takes flight training on a full
rime basis, he ,is eligible for an
additional subsistance allowance
while training, or a portion there
of, has«d on the amount of time
he spends on this instruction.
The proceedure for the veteran
who is Interested in obtaining a
private pilot’s license necessitates
his fir-d making application to
•he Veteran’* Administration for a
ertlflcate of eligibility. When this
certificate Is obtained it is pre
sided to a recognized flying school
tnd another form which 1s avail
able there is ff’led out and all ne
•> ->ary paper, ire then returned
to the veteran’s administration for
final processing. When these pa
pers have been approved the vet
eran is notified he Is eligible to
start training. The course of in
struction for a private license cov
rs six to eight weeks.
* Flight instruction will be under
the direction of Russell F. White
who ha i been an instructor since
1941 when he worked in the civi
lian pilot training program at Phoe
nix Sky Harbor. In 1943 he Joined
the staff of Arizona Airways in
Safford where he instructed in the
navy secondary flight training pro
gram He remained there until the
government closed all war training
service private contract schools. He
-tarted the flying school in Coo
iidge last May and the present
equipment consists of one Aeronca.
two Fairchilds and a BT-13.
White has 3.000 hours flying time
accumulated since 1928 and has
never had a forced landing or an
Traffic Violations
Bring Court Fines
Traffic violations brought fines
to four persons in justice court
♦ his week. J. S. Tucker, Cooiidge,
paid $25 on a reckless driving
charge; Bobby Sweeper. Cooiidge,
was fined $12.50 for speeding; Le-
Rov Simmons, Cooiidge, charged
with reckless driving, was assessed
*l<V) and Gordon Bock. Olston, S.
Dak. paid $12.50 on a speeding
Continue Search
Tn Robbery Case
T.ocal and federal authorities are
still seeking clues to the robbery
last week of four Cooiidge concerns.
Questioning of two men. held in
Tucson on robbery charges there,
failed to produce evidence that the
pair were involved in the Cooiidge
• Clarence Rexton of Monrovia,
California, returned Sunday to his
home after a week’s visit with Mr.
and Mrs. Mitchell Cagalj. Over
night guests at the Cagalj’s home
on Saturday were the Misses Ade
laide and Madeline Giacoma of
• Mrs. C. A. Christensen and Mrs.
R. V. Campbell attended Parents
Day Tuesday at Arizona State Col
lege. Tempe, as the guests of their
daughters, Mis~ Betty Clark and
Miss Vera Ca pbell, students at
the college.
Bill Pew Home
% t'i '"'ip
William C. Pew, Jr., store
keeper first class, has received
an honorable discharge from
the U. S. Navy after many
months service in the Pacific
theater. He has been awarded
the Asiatic-Pacific ribbon with
three campaign stars, Ameri
can theater ribbon, Philippine
Liberation ribbon with three
campaign stars .Victory Medal,
and Good Conduct Medal. Pew
enlisted In the navy in the
summer of 1942 and went over
seas the following year. He is
the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. C.
Pew, Sr., and has been a resi
dent of Coolidge f6r many
Raymond Sroaf
New Owner of
Arizona Land Co.
Purchases business of J. J.
Jones ls also secretary
of Coolidge Chamber of
Bffeettr*' April Ifct? Vaymond
Sroaf became the owner of Arizona
Land and Investment Co., formerly
owned by J. J. Jones. A compara
tive newcomer to Coolidge, Sroaf
has a wealth of past experience on
which to draw to help him in his
new undertaking.
He came here In March of last
year after having worked on war
construction contracts and as an
investigator with the war food ad
ministration. He graduated from
law school in 1929 and worked for
two years in the county attorney’s
office in his home state of Okla
homa. He has worked as an at
torney with the national park
service, handling land titles and
auto claims for seven states, in
cluding Arizona. When he first
came to Coolidge he worked as a
real estate salesman with Jones
and later obtained a license for the
sale of automobile insurance. At
present Sroaf holds state licenses
covering his activities as a real
estate broker, auto and fire insur
ance salesman, and he is also the
agent for the Stat*> Mutual Building
and Loan Association.
He is active in chamber of com
merce work, being the secretary of
that organization. Prior to the first
of April .Sroaf was the acting sec
retary' of the Chamber of Com
merce and he is also the acting
secretary of the Pinal County Re
search Association. He is a mem
ber of the Lions club.
In taking over this business.
Sroaf will keep Mrs. Hope Taylor
and Mrs. Louis Pritchard who will
continue with the bookkeeping and
the secretarial work.
Four Unhurt When
Auto Overturns
All occupants of a car which ran
off the shoulder of the ’highway
at Olberg Junction Friday night
and turned over, escaped injury.
Driver of the automobile was Kent
Coombs, 22, a former msident of
Coolidge, now living in Phoenix.
Three companions were also riding
in the car. Roger Gates, highway
patrolman, who investigated the
accident, said Coombs was appar
ently blinded by the l’ghts of an
oncoming car.
#Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Talla of
Chiekasha, Oklahoma, left Wed
nesday for Los Angeles after sev
eral day’s visit with Mr. and Mrs.
Martin Talla. The men are
• Mrs. William Elam and Mrs. R. C.
Wallace spent Sunday in Phoenix
visiting Billy Elam, their son and
grandson respectively, who is in a
hospital there.
•Mrs. Frank Wright had her ton
sils removed at Coolidge Hospital
last Monday.
Sale Os City And
Ranch Property
Is Booming Here
Five Homes Purchased, Four
Business Properties Change
Hands, Ranch And Desert
Land jells
Sales of Coolidge property have
been brisk recently, due partly to a
number of out of state residents
coming here to make their homes.
Sales in business and ranch prop
erty here have also been booming.
Reuben Gold of Tucson, owner
of Reuben’s Home Supply, has pur
chased Freeland Auto Court on Ari
zona Houle\ ard. He plans to com
pletely mod rnize the court as soon
ts materials are available.
Rudy Anderson has purchased a
quarter section of desert land each
rom Mrs. H. G. Richardson and
Ben Warren near Picacho Reser
voir. lie plans to develop the prop
erty. *
Mr. and Mrs. D. K. VanderHart
and family of lowa have recently
moved to a ranch they purchased
from S. C. McFarland southwest
of Eleven Mile Corner.
Ihe above deals went through
the office of Loucks Real Estate
Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Scott of Cali
fornia have purchased the Ernest
H. Rowe home on Lindbergh Ave
nue. The Rowes have moved to an
a part tin nt. The Sam E. Martin
home on West Byrd Avenue has
b‘en sold to Mr. and Mrs. Oscar
C. Delbridge of Durand, Michigan,
who took possession Monday. The
Martins are' building in the Ken
worthy Addition.
Ashley Court near Arizona boule
vard and West Byrd Avenue has
been sold to W. A. Gardner of El
Frida. Oklahoma. He and Mrs.
Gardner are now occupying a cab
in there. They recently purchased
the Church of Christ building on
Third and Walton Avenue, which
they plan to convert Into rental
property. „
Pinal Machine Works on Lincoln
Vvenue has been sold to L. F.
Long and Woodrow Johnson of Saf
ord. Johnson is now In charge.
Mrs. Johnson is assisting in the of
fice. The property was owned by
the. John A .White Estate.
La Palma Service Station and
Grocery at La Palma has been sold
by Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Goodwin
to Mr. and Mrs. 'Stanley V. Tachov
skv of Laramie, Wyoming. The
new owners are improving the
| property.
The William C. Marshall home
on North Main Street has been
sold to R. M. Hanes of Tucson, a
former Coolidge resident. He Is
constructing three-room apart
ments on the property, which takes
in. two lots.
Forty acres of desert land eight
miles south of Coolidge has been
sold by an out of state owner to
Robert G. Stewart, who has recent
ly come here from Los Banos,
California, to make his home.
The Leonard Arnold residence
on West Bealey Avenue has been
sold to Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Henry
of Colby, Kansas, who have come
here to live.
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon R. Faries
have purchased a two bedroom
home on West Roosevelt Avenue
from Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Jones.
Faries, who formerly operated the
Coolidge Cleaners, is now with the
Arizona Edison Company here a*
public relations man.
The above deals went through
the office of Arizona Land and In
vestment Company.
Woman Pleads Not
Guilty As Accessory
Pleading not guilty on a charge
accessory after the fact in Judge
W. C. Truman’s Superior Court
Friday, Geneva Crowley whose true>
name is Geneva Miller was re
leased under $1,500 bond.
She Is allegedly involved in the
wh'ch led to a running gun
i battle between county officers and
W. J. Crowley near Eloy In Febru
ary. A warrant of arrest bad been
issued for Crowley also known as
Sam Van Blunt in connection with
a Coolidge robbery on January 27.
Geneva Miller is accused of pro
tecting and maintaining Crowley at
Floy after the warrant for his ar
rest had been issued. Crowley was
able to elude county officers after
an exchange of between him
self and officers.
• Mrs. Mildred Hendry Is back In
the states after serving approxi
mately a year as assistant Red
Cross director at a canteen In As-
near "the hump” and later at
a canteen in Calcutta. Mrs. Hen
drv’s parents. Dr. and Mrs. William
Jackson, expect her home in the
very near future.
• Mrs. Y. C. White left Tuesday
for Portland, Oregon, to be with
her niece. Mrs. Mary Burton, who
is ill. She expects to be in Port
land about a month.
• Mr. and Mrs. Nazer Knight, who
made their home southeast of Coo
lidge, have adopted a six week’s
old baby hoy. They have named
him Gayln Duane.
• Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Elliott have '
purchased the Edgar Moyer home
on fith Street for investment. Mr.
and Mrs. Moyer have returned to
Texas to make their home.

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