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JONES & JACKSON, Publishers.
Summary of tho Daily News.
CoMrTROLLEit op the Cunnpscr
Ecki.ls said that he felt no npprohon
sion over the recent bank failures, as
they were duo largely to local causes,
the condition of tho national banks
throughout tho country being gen
erally excellent.
CniFF Uazkk, of tho treasury secret
service, has issued a circular wnrnipg
against a now counterfeit 810 national
bank-note on the Union national bank
of Detroit, Mich. One distinguishable
feature is that the back of the nolo is
upside down.
Two radical changes in the proccduro
of tho pension office have been made.
All claims for Increase will bo sent di
rect to the medical division without
being passed on by the board of review
and cases before tho board of review
will not be passed on by examiners.
TnE state department at Washington
denied the report that Premier Canovas,
of Spain, had sent Secretary Olncy a
communication accepting the media
tion of the United Slates in the carry
ing out of the autonomy for Cuba.
The sugar schedulo was the subject
of the hearing before the house ways
and means committee on the 3Uth.
The producers want higher duties all
along tho line and tho refiners only on
refined sugar and not so high duties on
ItEritESENTATIVK Wai.kfh, of Mniv
chuM-lf- ehtirman u( tht lionst. im
inittco on unking ind cuirenci will
make ti etc mined effort li pi e t
some legis ati m n the i nencj ilu
lufr the pi. - n' .o---i n cimg c-s
Si i in T v in ' i i i is i' i ogvd ua the
perplex ii ' pi il i"n at jut jrcipner"
who como to tho United States and get
naturalized on purpose to have a shield
when they go back to their own coun
try and got into trouble.
Seciietaiiy Oi.nev, Secretary Carlisle
and Attorney-General Harmon held a
conferenco to decide upon a plan to
prevent tho departure of filibustering
expeditions to Cuba. So vigorous havo
been the protests of Spain concerning
the filibustering expeditions that the
United States will take heroic meas
ures to prevent the departure of any
Senator Woicorr, of Colorado,
chairman of tho special committee to
arrange for a bimetallic conference of
tho nations of tho world, is going
abroad to confer with European bl
motallists on the subject. 1 he trip Is
approved by his associates on the sena
torial committee and by President-elect
A special from Washington on the
1st stated that Congressman Kelson
Slngley had acccDtedthe secretaryship
of tho treasury under Maj. McKinley.
Pkkhidknt Cleveland and Mrs.
Cleveland, assisted by the cabinet offi
cers and their wives and a notable
corps of ladies, received on New Year's
day In tho bluo parlor of tho white
house Tho official programme was
carried out with strict formality, tho
reception beginning with the diplo
matic corps at 11 o'clock. At 13:35 the
general public was admitted and at
two o'clock tho reception closed.
C D. CAiti-ENTKn and C. A. Weyrlclc
were found dead at a hotol in St. Louis.
Investigation showed that both had
been on a spreo and had then poisoned
themselves by an overdose of a drup.
A dispatch from Now York stated
that the missionary society of the M.
E. church was going to ship to the
starving people of India a car load of
corn to bo given by tho great corn
growing states of tho west
The officials of the British foreign
office have denied that tho marquis of
Salisbury disapproved of any of the
features of the proposod goncral arbi
tration treaty between tho United
States and Great Britain, as reported
from New York. ,
Euqenr V. Dfbs, president of tho A.
R. U., announced that he had become
a socialist.
Louis W. Jackson, who was sent to
the Joliot ,(111.) penitentiary for lifo
Juno 1, 18G9, for murder, has been re
leased, lie had never been outside the
walls of his prison since ho went in.
. The members of a church pear
Perry, Olc, had a social and a quarrel
ensuod among tho women over the
reputation of the old pastor and the
men took it up and a free fight followed.
JosErn Betz. his wife and child were
found dead in bod at Struthers, O., on
the 1st and four boarders were In a
comatose condition when rescued, hav
ing been asphyxiated by gas from a
A cohning mill belonging to the
Miami Powder Co., near Xenia, O., ex
ploded on the 1st, killing Joseph
Kreltzer and fatally injuring Joseph
While a number of boys were thoot
ing out tho old year near Cimarron,
Ok., a heavily loaded shotgun exploded
and Henry Albert was fatally injured
and George Wilton had part of his
hand torn off.
A rAssr-.NQKit train on the Keokuk &
Western railroad was wrecked near
Norwalk, la., and several passengers
were Injured, one probably fatally. It
was a train loaded with teachers going
homo from the stato association and
the accident wasdue to spreading rails
caused by heavy rains.
The Colllnsvllln (111.) zlne works wre
partially destroyed by fire on the 7st
Lo-s, $100,000.
Mrs. Helen M. Gougati handed In
her resignation, at the request of the
committee- at Chicago, of which sho
was a member, and stepped down and
out of tho nationalist part'. Sho had
been criticised for speaking for tho
causa of bimetallism in the late cum
palgn. A TFJUunr.n disaster occurred in the
Santa Gertrusl mino at Pachuci, ono
of tho most famous silver mines in
Mexico. Tire broke out in one pf the
levels of tho old southern workings,
shutting off the exit of 13 miners
The bodlos have not yet been recov
ered. Sankey Cunnixgham was hanged in
the jailyard at Albany, Ga., on tho 1st
for an assault upon Miss Kato Camp.
Cunningham confessed his guilt in a
gallows speech. The hanging was wit
nessed by an enormous crowd.
Henry Wright was hanged at Wil
mington, Del., on the 1st for murder.
W. a Perry, the United States dis
trict attorney, has commenced suit in
the federal court of the Topeka, Kon ,
district to dissolve tho KansuB City
Live Stock exchange for alleged viola
tions of the anti-trust law. Similar
action will also bo commenced in Mis
souri, so as to reach the members in
both states.
BiiADSTitnET's agency gives tho total
number of failures in the United
States for the calendar year 1880 as, 11,
112, which is the largest number over
reported, except in tho panic year of
1893, and 10 per cent, over the failures
of 1895.
A dispatch from Havana on the 31st
stated 'hat den Ku s II vera who s .
(tdel rtnuu AIn eo nl fie head of
t it inareut feces in Pin i d1 1 io,
wni nouriWu and had tuLiM'iututl
il pd of b wran'i,
JAP r.rnoTT of Kansas
mm tl e 00 1 v bird mate i from I)
1 ultua, of Ltica, at Now Yoik, by u
score of 01 to 93. Tho winner nets the
Star cup, emblematic of the American
Av explosion of dynamite took place
on board the British ship Delta in the
harbor at Plymouth, Mass., on tho
30th. Tho vessel sank and two men on
board of her were said to have per
ished. Mathias Setiier, of Decatur, Ind.,
died on tho 30th. Not a particlo of
food had entered his stomach for eight
Josm'ii Spanheimer was held up in
tho elevator of a big office building in
Chicago and forced to give up a valise
containing S513 which he had to pay
laundry employes. Hundreds of men
were in tho building, but no ono knew
of tho robbery uutil the thieves had
The officials of tho Louisville &
Nashville railroad and the Southern
Hallway Co. have offered a reward of
SI 0,000 for the arrest and conviction of
the persons implicated in the recent
Cahaba river bridge disaster near
Brockton, Ala.
DuiyNO the recent Sac and Fox pay
ment the reservation was flooded with
gamblers and whisky peddlers, who
lobbed the Indians. Two Indians have
died and-a number were suffering from
the vilo compound sold to them for
William Whaley and wlfo were
shot to death in faevier county, Tenn.,
on the 29th by masked men. Whaley
was "a professional prosecuting wit
ness." John Lynchtenrero, a cabinet
maker, his wife Lizzie and their two
young children were asphyxiated at
New York on tho 30th.
The Commercial national bank of
Boanoke, Va., has suspended.
The Savannah (Go.) Rico association
held a meeting on the 38th for the pur
pose of securing a higher tariff on rice.
In a riot amongst a gang of Italians
at Johnsonburg, Pa., on tho 30th one
policeman was fatally shot and thrco
other were seriously Injured.
A pauily of ten persons and a num
ber of cattle have been engulfed by the
subsiding of a bog of 100 acres near
Castle Island, county Kerry, Ireland.
It was stated that other persons were
drowned at tho sumo tlmo and place.'
Train wreckers displaced a rail on
the Seaboard Air lino near Raleigh, N.
C. and ten cars and tho locomotive of
a freight train were totally wrecked
and the fireman killed.
A freight ongine on the B. & 0
railroad blew up while ascending Wolf
summit, near Clarksburg, W. 'Va.
Vortunutcly tho train was moving
slowly, which prevented a serious
wreck. The fireman was badly injured.
In a boarding house at Atlanta, Ga.
Theodore Flanagan went into the din.
ing room and, drawing his revolver,
killed Mr. Allen, his wife, Ruth Slack,
who had just arrived on a visit, and
badly wounded two other boarders.
The murderer was saved from a mob
by an officer. No motive could be as
signed for tho deed.
Frank S. Black was inaugurated
governor of New York at Albany on
tho 1st beforo a large assemblage.
Levi P. Morton, the retiring governor,
made a long address, in which he re
viewed his administration, and Gov.
Black responded briefly.
County Treasurer Jfrnioan, at
Austin, Tex., committed suicide be
came he had lost 810,500 of the coun
ty's money speculating.
Burglars blew open the safo the
other night in thecreneral merchandise
store of J. U, Haney at Apple Grove,
O., and secured about 82,000 in money,
besides stimps and valuable papers.
An explosion occurred at tho Moni
tor coal mino near Bay City, Mich , on
tho 3lt and one man was killed and
another overcome by pas.
One fireman was killed and thrco
were injured by the breaking of a
ladder at a fire at the four-story build
ing at 9 Strawberry street, Phila
delphia, on the 31st
Fire destroyed a dwelling and busi
ness houso nt Biadford, Pa., and Mrs.
Mary Hendricks was burned to death.
George B. Wilkins committed sui
cide in tho Episcopal church nt Selma,
Ark., at four o'clock on tho morning of
tho 31st. He was vice president and
cashier of the Selma bank which re
cently failed and had been treasurer of
the church for 30 years.
The French coasting steamer Deux
Freres, from Fecamp for Calais, foun
dered In tho English channel and 15 of
her crew wero drowned
The factory of tho Nclsonvillo (0 )
Sower Pipe Co. burned rcccntly.throw
Ing 150 men out of employment for tho
winter. Loss, fully 8100,000; partly
covered by insurance.
Al Cochran, tho cattle rustler, has
been sentenced at Greeley, Col., to 30
years in prison for cattle stealing.
Josnrn B. McCullaoii, editor of the
St. Louis Globe-Democrat, was found
dead on the pavement in the rear of
his residence at 0:30 a. m. on the 31st.
Ho was atllrcd in his night clothing
and had evidently committed suicide
by jumping from the window of his
bedroom. He had been confined to his
room for some time with acute asthma,
complicated with nervous depression,
as a result of his arduous labors lu tho
recent campaign. He was 54 years old.
A REroRT was current in Havana re-
cintH that Miceo, tin surgvn cln. f,
! i nt k; lul as picfiousl nl.i t 1
I tuit only badly wounded and m i w
, vl m reiupcat ng n the s gu i i
uiMtol, uhume "' followers 1 id
nined h'm A reprc entatlvo of t m
i i an junti at Wiv "iorlc hone
stated thai he placed no credence in
the rumor that Macco is alive.
A freight train was wrecked on tho
30th near Austin, Tex., presumably by
train robbers laying for a passenger
ADDITIONAL dispatches.
An erroneous imptcssiou prevailed in
the Indian territoiy recently th it Sec
rotay Francis contemplated opening
tho Kiowa and Comanche lends in ad
dition to tho Wichita ressrvation. The
secretary will only assign allotting
agents for the Wichita reservation at
The great six days' international bi
cyclo race closed at Washington on the
2d, the score being: Wallor, 874 miles
5 laps; Maddox, 874 miles 3 laps; Ash
int'er, 873 miles 7 laps; Law son, 871
miles 10 laps; Hunter, 871 miles 10
laps; Foster, $'0 miles 10 laps.
A dispatch from tho Philippine
islands to Madrid on the 3d stated that
3,000 of tho insuigcnts were killed by
tho Spanish troops and only 28 Span
iards lost their lives and 03 were
wounded in a battle on tho river Bu
lacan. '
Conoiiessman R. T. Van Horn, of
Kansas City, and Congressman-elect C
H. Pearcc, of St. Louis, appeared be
fore the house ways and means com
mittee on the 3d to urge a high duty
on hemp, jute and flax.
Twenty houses wero blown down by
a windstorm at Benton, Ark., on the 2d.
Dispatches from Nebraska and South
Dakota on the 3d reported damago to
telegraph and telephone ecrvico and
great inconvenience to railroads from
snow and high winds.
The treasury statement shows the
public debt ou December 31, less cash
in the treasury, to have been 8992,929,
082, a decrease for tho month ot 8.,839,
677. Three trainmen wero killed and 14
cars of freight wero hurled into the
Missouri rivor in a wreck that took
place on the Missouri Pacific railroad
at New Haven, 04 miles west of St.
Louis, on the 3d. The cause of the
wreck was a landslide.
At Benton, Ark., 20 houses wero de
molished by a tornado on tho 2d. " No
lives were reported lost.
The Omaha (Nob.) Savings bank has
suspended. Tho total liability of the
institution was said to be $890,000 and
tho assots exceeded this amount by
A tornado struck, the little town of
Moorlngsport, La., at 3.30 p. m. on tho
2d and ten people. wero killed and
three others fatally injured.
Great damage, 'was dono by the
recent heavy rains in Illinois. Jolict
was threatened with one of the worst
floods in Its history. Families were
moving out of their houses and the
Mexican Paper Do Not Tubs Kindly to the,
American College Sport.
Mexico City, Mcx., Dee. 31. Tho
Missouri state university team played
a garacof football Tuesday at tlm'ln
dianllla grounds, their contestants be
ing the Texas stato university Uam
Neither side scored in either tho first
or second half. Tucker, of Missouri,
was seriously injured in the back of
the neck by a kick. It is not known
how badly ho is hurt. Tho great ele
vation was seriously felt by tho play
ers, who early lost their wind. There
is still talk of getting up a local
team to contest with the Missouil team
on New Year's dny. The Mexican
dailies generally condemn the game as
brutal and express their opinion that
the Latin race is too hot-blooded tc
play the game without losing temper.
Football is a great novelty hero and
aroused public interest, but it is not
likely that it can be acclimated in
Mexico. ;
They Vote to Let the Txt-Ilook Qaistlon
Sovcrely Alone.
Lincoln, Neb., Dec. 31. At a meet
ing yesterday of the educational coun
cil of the Nebraska State Teachers' as
sociation the report of the committee
on legislation was taken up. The re
port recommended that the present
freo high school law and free text book
law bo let severely alone for the pres
ent. The pressing need of
more effective means of securing
attendance in tlio schools wnt
recognized, but no change in the pres
ent law was recommended. It was
tho opinion of the committee, however,
that the school law should bo to
amended as to remedy some of the
evils growing out of unequal taxation.
This was followed by an interesting
discussion on ways and means of put
ting into operation a system of travel
ing libraries in Nebraska.
Oklahoma reichera Petltlou Congress foi
lletter Kducatlonat facilities In the In
dian Territory.
Oklahoma City, Ok., Dec. SI. The
Territorial Teachers' association passed
a resolution petitioning congress tc
take steps to provide free educational
facilities for white children in the
Indian territory, where more than 200,
000 white reside, with moro than 50,001
children of school age, without the
least advantage in the way ol
frco public bchools. The associa
tion also adopted a resolution
urging congress toraiso the age of con
sent in tho District of Columbia from
14 to 1" -rs.
II. Snow
je it,
i; i st i
t tli H is i te uni
ii i el u .(.lit n im
i of lea I eih und citizens
I Vl a pi i
1 (tnimU (if lu Irtrtmrl.
Hi n i j Dei -Tho dolcga
Mo t ( lurr i i m scletted at the
recent convention of lumbermen from I
all parts of the United States held in
Cincinnati will appear before tho com
mittee on ways and means of the house
to-morrow to urge the placing of a
duty of S3 per 1,000 feet on lumber.
This is double the McKinley duty.
They will also suirirest a duty of SI per
1,000 on logs and 0 cents on milling.
Tho Ills Horn ltearhes Cnnton.
Canton, O., Dec 39. Tho big tin
horn which attracted so much atten
tion in the Illinois campaign reached
here yesterday borne by six men of
Decatur, 111. It. is 35 feet long and has
a bell six feet In diameter. Tho bear
ers declared that up to the time they
reached Indianapolis they had good
success in selling pictures of tho horn,
but that since that time they had not
made expenses.
Consternation Among Cattlemen.
Perry, 0.t., Dec. 31. The leport
from Washington that Secretary
Francis would soon declare the Wich
ita, Kiowa and Comanche Indian
lands open for settlement has caused
consternation among the cattlemen
and they will try to prevent early
action. In the meantime many com
panics are being formed to secure the
best lands.
Oov.-Eleot Tanner Married.
SrRiNOFiELD, 111., Dec. 31.' Uov.-elect
Jonn R. Tanner was married yester
day to Miss Cora Edith English, oi
Springfield, in St. Paul's Protestant
cathedral, one of the oldest churches
in Illinois. Twelve hundred invita
tions to witness the ceremony had been
issued and the church was filled with
people of note in social and political
circles from all over tho state.
Allowed to Clear for Cuba.
Washington, Dec 31. For the first
time since the present strugglo in Cuba
began this government has given per
mission to a customs official to clear
for Cuba a vessel loaded, according to
her manifest, with munitions of war
and presumably for the insurgent
army. The vessel in this case is the
well-known alleged filibuster Daunt
less. L .
An Iowa Uanlc Robbed.
Des Moines, la., Dec 30. Word
comes from Sully, a 'small' town near
Newton, that robbers looted tho bank
at that point Tuesday night. It is re
ported the robbers blew the safe open
with dynamite and carried away an
amount of cash estimated at from
$5,000 to 820,06a
Will Work for .Bryan. , .
Nr.w York, Dec31. The Progressive
Democratio club last' night decidedito
work for tbo'nominatlon of William J
Bryan for president In 1900, and issued
invitations to all' democratlc'organlza
ilons 'in' the north io attend a conven
tion to be held in January.
m mrmmw
Tear blood puro, your appetite good ftad yonr
v b. vivo urpaas in ucuuny conaiuoa a uu
Tho br at la fact the One True Blood Pur fier.
Hnnrl '! Pi I la. cur nausea, indlKeitton
11UUU S flUS biliousness. Bceou. T
The Onus Professor's Unwelcome Increato
of Knowledge.
Ono of Washington's scientific men
found himself in an assemblage where
there wore a great many young peo
ple. Ho attempted to rise or, perhaps,
to decend to the occasion as grace
fully as possible. Havloir been intro
duced to a number of vounir women.
he tried to make himself agreeable by
explaining some of the latest informa
tion on ethnology and ho became so
sbiorbed in his discourse that he did
not notice, until they wero nearly all
?onc, that a youth with a nasal voice
was winning his audience away from
him with a funny song, no tried ifc
sgBin with archaeology as the theme.
A girl with a banjo wrecked his ambi
tions. He thought ho was making
somo headway by means of his remarks,
on paleontology when a man who took
a rabbit out of a silk hat eternally
quenched his pride.
"My dear," ho said to his wife or
their way home, "I have been thinking
tt over and I find that the evening has
been far from wasted."
"I was very much afraid that yoa
would feel differently about it."
"No. I have made a very important,
and interesting discovery. The merest,
accidents sometimes lead to the most
important .revelations, and to-night L
learned something which completely
overturns nn accepted theory."
"Is it possible?"
"Wohaso been led to believe that
tho chief of all forces is the attraction.
of gravity."
"Well, I havo found out to-night that
thero arc times when we can't hold a
snndle to tho attraction of levity." ,
WnkMuglon Mar.
They Were Keady.
Ono of the district school trustees-
u as a crank on tho subject of fire, and
r-hfi I " en"d around with the eam-
i i r i i always confined ins re
mar f iition addressed to tho
i pi ii it they voulddo n case
O 1 i m uld eaten tra.
ii r as ai ji- i ii J th ui&
1 v, ) omptod hor ischo ars as
' vmt ' e siioul'l givo ivl in
ne nro-e to propound his uccustomeo.
inquiry , ,f-
When the board called, however,. ,
this particular trustee, perhaps from al
desire to emulate his associates in their-
1 1:- m,anaiauavoiaseriouiuincft)yuuac
addresses, roso and said: ,
"You bovs and girls have paid such.
uii:3 ubicuLiuii w nil. uuiica icmuina, 4,Vgu
M.nni!rr whnt mil ivnulil An f T upra irJi "H
make jou a little speech?" T
ijuicu as inoiiQ it a nunurca voices-,
piped in unison f
"Formaline an i march down stairs
Detroit Free P ss.
tl ' Wet
Th? trtTSterr of woman
hood is full of dect
unanswerable enicmis.
Wl-v hMiTn rtttim a
compelled to t iffer l-n
nW hecane thrr are no-
,.. Wl ,h ,r tl.fit tl.a.
source of ther lngheit joys is at the sara
time the cnu'e of then greatest wretched-
a Ti. & wa- nltriK stsksl sarltfsl inlV( i
llai I liK H. ,Via TUH.U limits. .
possible foriomtn to be hppy wives and
most physical tniserr and pain.
by some weaines of the distinctly feminine'
organs arc -w nniuiv umTcieai aiuuus v-
men thst the qnrftion mijht well be asked:
"Is this Nature punishment for the crime
of bin a won in?"
The true answir is No! These suffering
would not exHt if the organism was healthy.
. .. u ..-1. A .H1iiea attitll -rttl1-l1
r0 WtmiRTi Uli- iv tmimc auvu ""'
There is no ned of it. Dr. Pierce's Favor-
! DA.nlAM id . -.ikrfot and nntttvM
cure for feminine weakness and disease.
It gives netitn anu sireiigin u inc spe
cial organs and nerve-centres; heals inflam.,
functional reRuliritv. and restores the nor
mal, TIRoroin nru jiainics-i wuuuuiuu wii.i
Nature intended k
vented by an educated and experienced
nlil.lan Tt ! t!i null, medicine wliiclk
makes bsby's coming safe and compara
tively painless.
Any woman Tvhp would like to know
more about this medicine and about her
own physicial make-up should send si one
cent sUrips to It. R. V. 1'iercc, Buffalo,
N. Y., to pay the cet of mailing only on an
absolutely free co?y of his thousand page
illustrated book. rtThe People's Common
Sense Medical Adlser;" or, 31 stomps for
cloth covered.
A sure and permanent cure for constipa
tion is Dr, Pierce's Pellets , One "PeUtt"
is a gentle laxath e, two a mild cathartiti
fee for InccaM 2.t Jlejeeted ilaum rtopeacd.
All Is fr. .'I rr. wnctir "S?,.',ii!0i,S
aVW JI0otoU a Sent, rjielttt & s.alattta.P.0.
jjii 'I Ml m nv.
nv- Sb--
s VJ
i HI
" i I
' U
sV3 araffiMl
low lands were flooded.

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