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The Flagstaff sun-democrat. (Flagstaff, Ariz.) 1896-1897, February 11, 1897, Image 4

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4. . joata n. v. jtcjcinn
Editor and Poblliher
Britrsd at ths rostofflce at FUgtUtr, Arlxoni,
a Second-cUu Matter.
, -
One Year IS Ml
Six Months 12u
Throe Months 76
Adrerllilne rates given upon application
TIih fitlliiwing is District Attorney
H S. Clink's reply in the communiea
tiounflliH Seetetary of the Interior
published in Ibis column lat week:
The Honorable the Secretary of the Inte
rior, Wellington. D. O.-Sik: Your valued
conmunlcullon of the 18th Inst., to Mr. U. M.
JTunnton and ethers, with enclosure from the
honorable Commissioner of Indian Affairs,
inspecting a petition sent to you by citizens
Cf this cout ty requesting that steps bo taken
to confine tho Navajo Indians to tholr reser
vation, has been referred lo me for reply.
1 have carefully considered the remarks of
the fommlssloner. and nolo particularly hit
atser1 Ion that the whole subject of alleged
Interference by tho Navajos with tho caltlo
and wool growers of that section of couutry
Is familiar to this office, and has been for
tome years past." I cannot think that I be
Commissioner has been appilsiUor inoroai
situation hi re. It ho. the Indlau Uuio.iuls
siescrvliiKOf tlm soverest censure. To have
Jinown for years of tho abuses and outruns
to which the settlers of ortliem Arlionn
liavo been sttlijei ted by tho Navajos. without
taking action, seems to mo Incredible, anil 1
slesiru to relieve Ihu Indian Iluro.iuof this
hareby assuming that the facts are un
known to It. Certainly If the truth has been
and Is known to the Commissioner, and ho
fon,Ms In the iewa expressed In his com
munication, then It wou d seem useless to
longer liopofor icllef (loin thilsnuit:u.
It may of course, bo true that, as the Com
inlssloiu-r savs, many of the Navajo have
.lived off the Ueservatlon from time Immemo
rial. This Uoes not seem extiemely prubanlo.
however, from the fact that tue present
treaty with that tribe, and thoeno under
which they acquired tlm icservatlon tnoy
now occupy, was concluded so recintl) us'
JulyS"i.lA vvhn.li dite Uceitalnly wuuin
the inemo'y of man. I'rlor to liiai llmo no
Mavaio had set foot In .Noitheru Arizona.
The Territory was organized In lHoJiuitl by
the time the Navajo reservatlnii was ur-ati-Ized.
the ranges and water of Nor Item Arl
sunahad been Uisiily appropriated by whliu
men, and ever since tli.tl time, unlll fonvu
from them by ihu Jvavajo-, has been used
and occupli d ly tb,m. Nut u .Navajo liuu
ever gratd his Hocks lu Coconino county
unlll about elclit Jiars aijo. At thai time
the country was fully occupied by American
citizens, who bulit up tnu country, ostal.
Ushedsdio, Is and cliuiches. cltlvated Hie
lands, founded homes, and oriuiuztd law
abiding communities. The lands In Jvuiih
cm Arizona ueru then, as thei ure now,
largely a pait of the public domulu. auu
freely ustd for ranu purposes, 'llio Nava
jos weie not lieie, uud the Moiit reserva
tion, larger than many of tho r uslern hiat s.
Intirvvmd Utwevnthe custi rn line ol lliU
county and the JvumiJo icservatlon. lu
dlscussitu llilsiiuestlon. theiefoie. It siiould
always bo homo lu mind that Ifpilorltyof
posses-lun mails anyihlng. and It usually
does in tho West, the white men wire hire
first. 'I hey hud built curials. devempeu
water at gnat expense, built substantial
houses, coustrucod extensive ieservolr and
tanks for water storage, and acqulied vested
rights lieloie the .Navajo Indians had crossed
the l.lttlo t olorado liver, uud, as 1 have
stated, It was only aliout eight years ago
that thej co niueiicid lo move In tills direc
tion. Hut they came, notwithstanding the
fact that when In re they are about one hun
dred and fifty miles from the nearest point
on their re-ervatlon. it Is admitted that
until about six years ao It was possible ti
Set along peaceably with thjm. lutrudors
though iliey were. Hut as their numbers In
creased, they becamo more bold and aggres
sive, and their depredations became very
noticeable. Not content with usurping the
range and pastuiago of the settlers, they
tole their cattle, sheep and horses.
The ( ommlssloner'a statement that "many
f the Navajos have settled In the vicinity of
springs or other water sources, and grazed
their flocks upon the lands of the adja. ent
country; In aome Instances they have taken
homes leads under the public land laws of
the I'nlled tjtates," etc. has do application
to this section. No Navajos have ever settled
pon public laud In this county under the
homes e.id or any other law. None of them
have ever settled here In any manner save In
the usurpation of the rights of some white
nan. No sign of Improvements has been
made by any of thoin. with the exception of
two or three attempts at farming on a small
scale In the vicinity of Tuba ( Ity. about 100
Solles north from here.
Again, tho ('iviimlssloncr says: "The
White have pushed themselves Into this
country and endeavored to dispossess the
Indians of lands which rightfully. In many
lnstuiicts. belong to them." This Is abso
lutely fa'so und shows that the Commis
sioner Is not advised as to the truth of this
matter. The whites fere hero before the
Indians came, us I have before stated. It is
the whites who have been and are being dis
possessed; not the Indians. The Indians
liav o nevur been wronged in this county, un
less perchance by some Irresponsible tran
sit m. for whoso acts the citizens here, who
have never countenanced or tolerated such
conduct, ought not to be hold accountable
On the other hand, to relato tho unlawful
acts and outrages committed against the
whites by the Navajos would burden this
communication with monotony. None have
Interfered with the Indians In that to which
ho had a. color of right. No citizen nnw
wishes to .oust any lud an from the use of
Wliat.i.i.u.lnij iu. nooiilj ask v.ia. tlw
Absolutely Pure.
Celebrated for its grrat leavening strength
and healthfulness. Assures the food against
alum and all f rms of adulteration common
to tho cheap brands.
February It, 17, 18. 19 Ford's Comedians.
March lS-Klchard & Prlngle's (Hilly iter
sands) Minstrels
Government give us the same, piotectlnn
that It would giro the Indians In case we
trespassed on their reservation. If ihe In
dian Is to have the stme rights off the reser
vation that he haon. and the white man Is
to hvi no rights either off or on. a aealnst
th Indian. It would seem. In all justice,
that the Indian Bureau should prmldeaome
manner lu whleh wh'to men might adopt
tr'bal relations
The Commissioner mentions tho fart that
an approprlailon has been m ide for the pur
pose of ronslruetlng Irrigating dllehes ntnl
thedevelopmontof water for stock, ngilcull
ur.il and olhcr purposes. This Is very laud
able so fur as It goes, but If Ihe reinrdsfor
tho past ten years are consulted II might be
astonishing to observe how few Indians h iv
lieen recalled tn the reservation through
such means. The Navajos are not an agri
cultural people: they are nomads In tho
sti Iciest sense, and tho development of a
river on every square nil u of tliMr reserva
tion wouid not miIvm the pnseni difficulty.
As tho pjsent lllustilous President of tho
Un t (1 Bimes has obsuived. It Is a condition
uud not a theory tint confronts us. When
Ihu ranges occupied by white men become
t ocrowdid. ihey sell some if thelrstock.
Wle-n the same roriillt'on confronts ihe Nav
ajos, thoy appropriate somebody else's
rango and the Hupuifnances.
The burilen of thi taxes collected In this
couuty Is borne directly and Indirectly by
the stock Int'rcst. The Navajos piynota
limn of tli s, and vet wo are told thtt the
country and tin fulnus th-reof Is theirs,
and tint It would bu ernel to siythem nay.
At this moment there are about 30 Nav ajos
In this countv. pasturing about 23000 sheep
and horses. If the dlsplaie, as theycer
talmy must In time, an equ'il number of
Ainiricans. vvl li an equal amount or sto-U,
no complaint whatever will be heard If the
f'omn Isslonerwlll permit them tornniroover
I ho Nawijo leserva Ion. If tho Indians are
to bo allowed the freedom of thnentlrn Terri
tory, why shuuld tho hollow prulenso of a
reservation be longer mtlntalned? The
boundaries should he wiped out. and the
whites given an tqual chanco with the In
dian. In conclusion, Mr. Secretary, you havo the
testimony of Tu prominent cltlrens of this
county as to tho condition of affairs here. If
yuudeslro moio proof, we ransupuy It In
aliundanco. Hut wo earnestly ask that you
give this matler your careful consideration.
The situation Is most set Ions: lndeed.lt may
b said to hat u reached a crisis. If the Gov
ernment does not choose to move the Indians
the matter mu-t be settled in some other
way probably In the manner that nearly all
of tho Indian difficulties of tho West liuvo
been solved, with another chapter of sorrow
charged against the ' philanthropic" policy
of the Indian Hureau.
I behalt of the petitioners, I havo the
honor to remain. Very respectfully.
E. 3. Umu,
District Attorney. Coconino couuty.
The wui-Mt half of tlm winter in pant.
The worrit uihii'i hvhii ilisHniuHolB.
Queen Lil Iihm established winter
(iiaitei'M in WHSiiiiisrtiiu Hiiii summer
ijii. titers at Buzzard' Bay. It is said
that Mr. Cleveland will irnw spend
the NUtnnier in Europe.
Tukre is so much mining nevva
fldHtinir Htoiitid town that The Sun
UEMOCKAT will soon he. compelled to
Hilda Mutes ami Mining" dHpartment
toils other attract inns.
THE Missouri Legislalure has passed
h law making it h inisilemeatior or a
.oitductor or lirakeman to bn caught
llirting wliMo Htteiidiii to his other
duties. They should amend tho law
to Include lh peanut butcher also.
Makk Hanna suetns to have lost his
rip. Ho will not represent Ohio in
the. Senate and may accept the port
folio of I'ostmaster-General. We will
not cay that the Senate has gained
anything by substituting Lieutenant
Governor Jones for Hanna, for the
Semite is not so well supplied with
Inain8 that It can afford to dispense
with any. And again it would seem
that sortie provision really ought to be
made for the loss occasioned by the
J sulntlf ntinn of Phf for Hill
i'liNUKKss has passed Ihe bill leiir
iiiir John N. Quai'kenliiish. former
ruiiiiii.tiider in the Navv, for drunken
ties. Hiiiiuiittetl iii 1874. This bill Ihim
been before ('iiliirrcs ver llll".
Tims il.i tlm mighty whmd if tlum
guild out vvniiileiK nit 1
hTARTUNO teleyramit vver sent out
frnm Ctiiiloit lust week staling that
ttpliuid fever hilt! Iit'wkeu out mid that
tint town mm h holhed of malignant
disuses. Hut that did not phasH llie
IHiiililiitM iitlil'e-Keekviri from flllllier
injut mg Mr. Mt'KiulHv'ri now-covered
1,1 v It.
It is evident lliel iintwitliMtauditig
the statiui'li Mttppiirt of Councilman
Duliim and ssfiullin.Hii Ashtiift of
Cim'iiiiiiio eotiitty, it will lie iupossilile
to o,.t Hilt lavoialiln aetioti li the
Nllieleeiith Legirila'Ul'H oil a ft eight
ami lure hill ami u hill to i educe ex
pi ss charges.
I UK l'ruiiiiiis-.iKi)H Kxp'isilion, to
bet held iii Oiualiu fnnu Ma) lo No
vember, 1898, piomis's to he one of
the vvoiideis of tint ceilltll't. No
motley will ho xp.ired iii Urn Imllding
lux , ami plans have lieeii adopted for
n In .mtifiil sit iifltue vvhich will lie
ciiveied liisiiln mid out, at a cost of a
milium ilolhits, with (line silver Ihe
expiisiiiiiu hiiM lieen atiu'igedto ilm
plit i.il llrlll-ttl) Ihe vas' tiMitlice ol
the yieat West.
I HE i'l luce iln Ciinil i , ivnme vvife.
fui met I) Clillll vV.tnl of Detroit,
empeil wilii a Gvpst violin pl.ixer, h.is
been gtaiied .lillvoice I Ihu 1J Igl.lil
eniiils mill also invnill. il $16.UUU .ill
lin'iu JeaiU. The ex-l'lliieess is
iillnweil to mm-tier t'ltllill'Hii. vvhuvvele
given llllll till- illsloiH of the 11 luce,
one liuui'tacli liiinith anil no inole.
Hull II. Is ill I'lee III I'll i.lllilllil'il un llils
Mile ul I lie vvultril vvutilil Mil el j hate
muiked a new ela ill the eliiaiiclpiiiiiiii
nt itiiii.
ruoiLISJl lots taken a new lease t if
litit unit lieiicelul lil will uucilp.v the
lllghesl pideai.ll III llio gtllei) uf
maul) Hioils stiuli as lonilmll.lii.se
Imll, etc. 1 lie enactment of a law 1m
the Nevada Li'isliittiti) legalism,;
ll.i llglilliig anil exaclliig a license u
1UUU lur em'li glove, culilusl puts
pllllisin on a plane with Ihu ancient
glutll.itor CuiilcMs uf old li nil', (j.tv
elllillri,. Ami) l.Uii'el.S, r'ellellll iillicillls
.mil other liulaUlea will witness llie
Cnniell-t'ilMmiiiiiiis "go." Ami even
low cliuivn iliimiaiics ma) lie seun
Ulllllllg tile speellllnls, vVllil klli'Wo?
ONE of llie IIMM. oe.tililfill Htle.tllls
of water ill 'llie Uesi is Utlglit Augcl
cluck, i lliiiilng into the litainl Can) nn
fioui Ihu mil ill out ol Kiatiab puiieuti,
or as l is must geiieiall) known, the
Uuckskin inoiiiiialiis. Fed b) Im
mense Kpriiigx, clear und cool, it will
lu lime becomo iniunf the prulllusl mid
iiiiiat attractive. luatuierf lo Catijou
liilll isls, for It is chs i iv tiaverseil fnmi
siiince lo moutU, uud is a pleasant
tlip liom ihu hotels on thn Canyon rim.
U some oversight uaiuru forgot to
stock this pruit) irtbuiary with noiii,
although the cieuk abounds with food
auilablu for that choicest of all g.imu,
liah. It would bu wise fur FiagsiutT
uuturprise to take hold of the matter
of slocking this creek properly, witu
an eye lo iis value as a future attrac
tion. In the House on February 1, Dele
gate N. O. Mtttpiiy iutioducud the fol
lowing resolution:
Resolved, That the Secretary of
the Interior be, aud is hereby, re
quested to infoi m the House of Itepi'e-suulativt-s
what action is being taken,
or has been taken, if any, to enforce
ihe terms of the treaty or agreement
with the Navajo' Indians, entered into
June first, eighteen hundred and sixty
eight, under which treaty or agree
ment said Indians are required lo re
main wilhiu the limits of their reserva
tion." Tho resolution was referred to the
committee on Indian Affairs. Mr.
Murphy's constituents iu Coconiuo
couuty await the report of the Indian
Affairs committee with great interest
Later The above resolution was
adopted Monday aad the Socretary of
the luterior will now have to respond
to Murphy's request.
-. c
Hi'l' Family Pi'h nrc tho bo?t.
II. C. Hllihens wan taken sick last
Tliiirmlay with a severe attack of
pneumonia. HU condition Friday was
precarious and the services of Drs.
I. O. Cornish and V. S. Robinson
were, called In, who done all they
could for him. He semed to grow
ateiidily worse, and hi life was
Impaired of. The doctors exerted
themselves to the. utmost to save his
life and a change for the better occurred
S.ituiday morning. He lias continued
to steadily improve, we are glad to
I)is. O. D. Weeks and D. A. Clark,
vilapiilhlc expert specialists, engaged
the opera Iioiism Moudiy for eight
nights, and are affording ahnniUiiCH of
eiiieitainmnnt and instruction to the
mi wilii who nightly attend their lec
tures. They have established head
quarters at the New Bulk Hotel ami
are eq'iiipped with one of Edison's best
X f.i.v apparatuses. Tlmy havi per
formed rioiiiii of the difficult and mirac
ulous operations, and only a few days
:igo, while at Williams, Kuccessfully
operated with the X-ray ou the e.Mof
Miss Lillin Roden, curing I hem perma
nent ly of a difficult case of strohlsiuus.
W. N. Stuley, who devoted nix
llniiillis of last seaKoll lo an investiga
tion of the immeiis-H line gull1, placer
Iihim ou tlieS.in Juan river, is in town,
aw ailing (lie arrival of 12 111111" of
imirhiiiery which he will siiip to the
river to use in operating bars in the
old (J.1I1I11 cimp section. Mr. Slaley
t'epteseulH San Francisco capitalists,
who are well pleased with tests liiiiH
tar made mid feel well assuied of
Hutisfni-torji lestiltri from an ecomimi
ill handling ot Ihe gluuii'l nil a latge
M-.'ile. Tin! compiiiy will expend xt
least $'2.r),000 ill the latest impioteil
machinery for line gold saving ami in
ileVelupmmil. Trials thus far allow a
range in the VulllH of the gravel of
ft 111 60 ceiita to $4 "per tard, a giaile
that ceitaitilj justifies the sanguine
expiclalions of Mr. St.lley and his
Spting medicine is a necessity which
HiioiI'h S.iis,ii,iila grandly supplies.
Il polities and vitalizes the blood and
thus gives tone and istreiigih to tho
WiiuIh system.
A t'orrectlou.
Iii our iss.to of January 28 appeared
nil eililoii.il oil the fee system for Ihe
fthei ill's office. All error was made
in qiniting the tigtinn of the cosl for
the nineteen months during 181)1-2.
Il was given as $i6.404 US. 1'ne
matter was iiiiuieili.ituly called to our
intention. but we inadvertent!)
mulled to pu Illicit curiect the mistake
List week. After goiuz over the
luniks in ihu Recotder's ouIch we Hud
that tlm total amount awarded the
Siienlt for lint tei 111 nineteen llliltllllri
was $12,203.12. A tu 1st creditable
Your l'reiu Need
Is pure, rich blood, and a strong and
healthy body, because i'li Mm ap
proach of spring and the beginning of
warmer weather )otir physical Moslem
will undergo radical changes. All the
impurities which have accumulated
during colder weather must now be
expelled or serious consequences wi I
result. The one true blood purilier
prominently in the puhliu ee today is
Hood's Sarrinparilla. Its record of
cures i -unequalled. Its wales are the
largest in the world. A few bullies
of Hood's Sarsaparilla will prepare
your for spring by purifying ami en
rirhiug Tour blood ami toning and in
vigorating your whole system.
From everywhere come words of
praise for Chaiiiberlain's Cough Rem
dy. "Allow ttij to congratulate you
on the merits of your remedy. It
cured me of chronic bronchitis when
the doctor could do nothing form-."
C1IA8 F. Hsubl, Toledo. O. For sale
by D. J. Branuen's Drug Store.
Srcbktart Morton is a wonder.
He was assailed in the House the other
day by D'Armaud,' who complained of
his triangularificationableness." It
never phased Morion, who, when he
heard of it, said the Mississippi Con
gressman was "another."
Hood's Pills are the best family
cathartio and liver medicine. Gentle,
reliable, stirs.
This la the complaint of
thousands at this season.
They have no appetite; food
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the stomach and digestive organs, which
a coarse ot Hood's Sarsspsrllla will giv
them. It also purifies and enriches th
blood, cures that distress after eating and
internal mhery only a dyspeptic caa
know, creates sn appetite, overcomes that
tired feeling; and builds up and sustain
the whole physical system. It so prompt
lv and efficiently relieves drspepMc symp
toms and cures nervous headaches, that it
peeiis to have almost " a magic touch."
1 1 the best In fact the One True Blood Purifier.
j r are the la-st after-dinner
"it ' " lS mils to 1 iiF-simn. ase.
A Batch of Breezy Items From
the Railroad City.
Oorreipondenco ot Thc Bon-Dciiocrat.I
Mrs. R. B. Burner lias been quite
nick dining the past week.
Dr. R. M. Francis returned from
Vtlba City, Cal., Tuesday night.
U. W. M.iriin iefi for Phoenix Tues
day, where ho will buy beef cattle.
Carpenter Drake with his force baa
the. Siginaw Lumber Company's dry
kiln about completed.
Depot.. Sheriff Buggliii left Tuesday
night for the Hccnn of Monday night's
train roblierv near Nelson.
J ims Wilson, mtchinist for the
Saginaw Lumber Omipauv, left for
Blaltii!. Wasliiiigtou, Tuewl IV.
Disliiut Attorney 11 D. Ris, of
Prcscott was iu Williams M01nl.1v ami
Tuesday, leiutiiiug to Prcscott Tues
day iiigitt.
Messrs. Button ami S ig.uk ie, are
erecting a new carpenter shop near the
opera, house. This ceitainlv imlicites
thai Williams isslill alive.
Attorney W. W. Dunli.tr leturued
Saturday from Rimlsliurg, vvhete he
has been for several week ptst looking
over the mining prospects of that dis
K. II. HiilTnrd returned Fridav from
.1 tour of Colorado, Texas and old Mex
ico. Mr. liiitford was fm merlv muia
ger for 1 he Postal Telegraph Company
at Ash Folk.
If you waul a rtully nice and Ktlish
shoe or boot, aud one that will do ser
vice, made to order, call on Jaiue Ir
vine in the Postal 'Telegraph building,
ami see him ctnile.
Justice of the Peace W.N. Hunter,
who had his leg hrokeir iu a miiow slide
from ihe roof of Salziuao'x etore some
ceks ago. Is recovering fas1, ami will
soon be able to be down town.
William Nellls left Williams Tuesd if
with his learns loaded with supplies for
the Nellis mines near the Grand Cau
von. The work now being done on.
these claims shown up good ore.
W. I). Kelluird left Tueriilav with.
upplies for the Irvine and Foruej
mines. Messrs. Irvine and Forney
have. shippeil one car of ore, and have
a large quantity of Hue ore lying or
the dump awaiting shipment. Very
promising prospects are reported front
ibis group of claims.
K. N. G.
lioodV pills are the only pills to
tike with Hood's Sarsaptrilla. Cure
all liver ills.
We can afford to have
you try all five flavors one
after another of Schilling's
isesi tea, ana get your
money back if you don't
like any.
Your tea -trade for the
next ten years is worth
oj t runcukO
F t
' ' 1
' "!
. .'
1 -Vg
w j
i t.;.'
?i sg

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