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Sow Bold Robin Redbreast Van
quished Hla Enemy.
'Copyright, 1837.
They were u very demoted couple just
mt this time, though I have reason to
belief e that nt other seasons of the
;year they nagged at one another a good
lilt, like other husbands and wives. He
was a handsome fellow, and as for
Jhcr she was as fond and affectionate
jia a lovesick little robin redbreast ran
tc. They had built and furnished their
house in the topmost branches of the
caly tree In our street, close to my
tudy window a poplar and I enjoyed
splendid view of their honeymooning,
.and of his kindnesses and courtesy to
her behavior which made me smile
-as coming from him, because it was so
very unlike him as he was for 11
.months or so of the year. Well, they
liuilt what appeared to be a satisfac
tory home from their own point of
-iev, and chirped nnd congratulated
one another endlessly over the accom
plishment. Soon after It was finished
ahe laid uu egg therein, and presently
another; then a third und a fourth, and
X think a fifth.
Then there came a time of compara
tive quiet; there was less chirping nnd
Idle conversation. She sat and dozed
on her eggs as ho did much the same
upon the garden paling, or on an nuja
-cent branch of the poplar, or nnywnere
that came, looking deeply dejected. Oc
casionally when she left the houso In
order to get a bit of dinner or break
fast, ho would go und sit on the edge
of the nest, nnd sometimes hopped in
.and fussed around, and kept poking the
ggs with his beak, turning thcinoter
-and ocr nnd gloating over them in a
way 'which displeased the missub, seem
ingly At last the eggs hatched and a busy
time began; a time of innumerable ex
peditions on the part of both parents,
zoraglug expeditions to every point 01
ho compass; a time of funny noises
Jrom tiny, unseen personalities among
the straps which formed their home: u
bad time for the worms and such like
game, for the youngsters were vora
cious and Insatiable and kept their
parents on the move all day and every
About a week after tho hatching of
'the eggs, Thomas, the cat from No. 15,
down this row, began to take an In
terest in the family. He had, appar
ently, made his calculations as to the
batching of those eggs, having w a tclied
the parent birds at their honeymoon
ing, and, probably, taken a note of the
dnte of the laying. When the young
arterc were a week or so old, Thomas
,javr up all his other engagements in
order to come and lie in my garden and
;irae up into the poplar tree, and blink,
Jicking his lips at internals. During
this time nothing could seduce Thomas
Irani this fascinating occupation. His
friends would come ocr the wall and
apeak to him, nnd try to uean him
-from tho contemplation of the robin's
west, but he took no notice of them, he
"Jiadn't time; his calculations were too
-absorbing. It was so difficult, you see,
Xo decide as to the e:act age at which
, young tobin has attained his high
water mark of succulency.
So Thomas' friends would come and
shake their heads 01 er him and go and
"talk to their other acquaintances about
"the deplorable falling away of dear
"Thomas nnd the hope they entertained
that he might still recoter his lost
;jground when he should hnc got oer
vtbat unfortunate craze of his. Some of
the community laughed consumed ly
over this phase of Thomas' career; they
said they could nut help recalling what
happened to Eliza another member of
-the society a couple of years ago, when
dihe "took to bird hunting. She had
.caade a bid for the season's brood of
"tata very couple of robins and had
fared badly at their hands or heads;
'it bad been a killing sight, they said
.killing! It might be there would be a
wrallel spectacle on this occasion, if
'Thomas really Intended to make a bid
-.for the youngsters up aloft.
Thomas certainly did Intend to do so.
'He was only watting until the proper
Biomc'jt; there was plenty of tlmel
.Kvery' day, every hour, added Its quota
of succulent bird flesh to the already
rotund little bodies in the nest I Ha,
Jial the time would soon arrive! it was
steady hcrel
Mr. und Mrs. Robin took no notice
"whatever of Thomas Indeed, they
mever once betrayed the fact that they
4uiew he was there, though Thomas la
szrizi wr
sod blinked up nt their happy dcmestlo
home and calculated and licked his
l!pe all day long. I thought it odd that
these devoted parents should feel zo
anxiety as to the proceedings of
Thomas. To me it seemed clear that
his intentions were far from being
honorable; yet these optimistic people
either disregarded him altogether, or
If they observed his presenco at all
desired to show their contempt for his
machinations by pretending to be una
ware of his existence.
But presently the little speckle
breasted boys and girls had nearly
grown out of the parental mansion;
they would take to flying soon; their
fat little bodies were as succulent nnd
delicious as they would eer be, nnd
Thomas knew that. the time had come
for his climb. Thomas knew very well
what had befallen Eliza. She had been
foolhardy. Eliza had rushed the thing,
and had been detected and Ignomlnl
ously sent home by a combined attack
of the enemy. Thomas intended to act
with discretion and intelligence.
One morning Mr. Itobln had left the
premises upon a foraging expedition.
Mrs. It had absented herself upon a
similar enterprise; the time had come.
Thomas crept, snakelike, along the
grass of the lawn, looked up the pop
lar, uiinxcu, opencu uw uiuuiu wuuuut
sDcaklm?. and lumncd four or five feet
up the long bare trunk of the tree. At
the snme Instant Air. Jiouln pere ar
rived on the scene. He darted quickly
in from the opposite side, so that the
trunk was between Thomas nnd him
self, and settled himself quietly upon a
branch, whence ho could see all that
The cat Thomas, Ignorant of the
proximity of danger, clung on to the
trunk like rrlm death and hauled him
self up a few feet. Mr. Robin, su
premely ignorant 01 the circumstance,
interested himself In a feather fnr
away under his wing; he worked hard
to And the feather, pulling It out at
last, and letting it float out of his beak.
Thnmns clunir on to the tree trunk.
all the claws of all his feet being requi
sitioned for the exertion, and stored
up at the nest, gathering strength for a
rush. Mr. Robin yawned and pretend
ed to be deeply inieresica in me 10
llage of the poplar, which, of course,
formed no portion of his real diet,
tlinnn-li hi nicked at it now and nibbled
n little, for effect. He did this in case
Thomas should have caught sight of
him, in order that Thomas might. In
that case, suppose that hla own mote-
ments had not ueen oDservea. ane
luLre trunk of the nonlar was a long
one, you see, nnd Mr. Robin was anx
ious that Thomas should not dc aiarmea
before he had reached an elevation
whlrh would suit the nlans he had laid
out. As a mutter of fact Thomas had
not seen him at all, up to now.
At length the assassin tne wouiu-ne
assassin took a long breath, blinked
twin., nr thrice, nnd scrambled about
20 feet higher up the tree. Then he
stopped to rest. Mr. Robin yawned
ntrnln. tint out the leaf he was pretend
ing to cat, chucked concealment to
the winds nnd his own round body into
the air, and flopped down upon the
branch nearest to i nomas nenu; 10
V,o itnnttnrnlile distrust of that dlshon-
. Individual, who thus found himself
suddenly In nn extremely awkward po
sition between the devil and the deep
whom ne miner resemoiea just now,
cm Mr. Rabin renresentlnir the devil.
and the drop of nearly 30 feet the deep
Thomas looked upwards and per
ceived a climb of 15 feet, at least, to
the uearest bouffh; he looted down-
wards and it made him quite giddy,
so high had he climbed. Also his paws
and muscles generally were strained
and weary, and the devil, in the shape
of Mr. Itobin, sat and yawned and
watched him, as though with Indif
ference, though with a very nasty look
about the eye, up above. Thomas
blinked and his ears lay back on his
head with rage and fenr, and his back
tried to arch, but failed by reason of
his uncomfortable attitude, which did
not lay Itself out for arching; and
Thomas opened his mouth to swear or
say his prayers, and I cannot say for
certain which, because no sound came.
Mr. Robin allowed Thomas to thor
oughly enjoy his position for a minute
or two; then he called up his wife.
"Come on, missus," he cried, "nnd you
shall see some fun; I hao Thomas, the
cat, on toast; no hurry!" or words to
that effect. Mrs. Robin arrived at
once and sat down to watch, nnd I
verily believe the five little ones popped
their heads out of the nest and watched
Mr. Robin now took the field, nc
quietly left his bough and poised him
self in air close to Thomas' distracted
person. Thomas rudely spat at him
and viciously struck nt him with one
-A KL2g&&rM 1 v?.f
tr.w si rrt : j- nrir' u'jjij iii i j m
of his front paws, which he unfasteneo
from the bark of the tree for the pur
pose. This nearly lost him his hold
and he quickly grabbed the" trunk
again and spat freely. Then Mr. Robin
delhered his main attack. He swooped
at Thomas and dug his businesslike
beak into his head and his body; once,
twice and a third time he repeated his
blow, and Thomas found his voice nnd
rummaged his vocabulary for all the
worst things it contained.
Rut hard swearing did not save
Thomas. He could not hit Mr. Robin
back, because he knew that if he did
he must let go his hold and fall to tho
earth. Nevertheless he did strike at
Mr. Robin, for that hero had aimed a
fourth and a fifth shot at him, and the
attack was painful, as well as dangerous
to the eyesight. Thomas flashed his
wicked green orbs at the enemy swore,
spat and struck out at him. The Inev
itable happened, of course. Thomas
A baffled, beaten, dejected cat was
Thomas as he crept across the lawn,
accompanied by Sir. Robin, who was
now joined by his lady; and over the
paling into No. 4 he went, and across
No. 4 garden and into No. 3, still jeered
at and Insulted by his escort, and there
I lost sight of tho party. What sanc
tuary the defeated one sought I do not
know; but this I know that I saw no
more of Thomas for many days, nnd
when he did return his countenance
wore that chastened expression which
is assumed by those who have seen the
error of their wicked ways and have
made good resolutions for the future.
As for the little Robins, they grew
up in peace, and in peace they took
their ultimate departure, whither I
know not.
It was after the departure of these
birds and their heroic parents that
Thomas reappeared in society.
A Close Calculation.
When the notorious Lueger, whose
plntform was the extinction of the Jews
of Vienna, was up for election aa bur
gomaster of that town a poor Jew took
n bribe of a couplo of florins to vote for
him. "God will frustrate him," said the
pious Jew. "Meanwhile, I have his
money." Household Words.
Suicide In Ireland.
Ireland, with a population of 4,704,
000, has one of the smallest suicide
rates iu Europe only ten to the million,
Dear friends, a tala I'll tell (though par
haps you know It well).
How to polish up the silver till it shines.
Without labor when you're tired, house
ktoper or help that's hired,
I will tell you all about It In these lines.
Peel potatoes three or four though if
small you might peel more
Boll them just about three-quarters of an
While they're boiling add some salt, or the
whole will be In fault.
And your temper turned from sweet to
awful sour.
Take a tarnished stiver mug-, spoon or
sugar bowl, or Jug,
Put them In and let them boll a llttlo
When you take them out you'll find that
the tarnish stayed behind.
And their brightness, I am sure, will
make you smite.
Good Housekeeping.
Mnhr Excellent Reform Deilcni
Have lleen Exhibited Recently.
A great many designs hate been
brought before the world of motheia
for infanta clothing. Several of thete
deserve full approval, as from ahygie-jlc
point of view they possess double the
value of the old-fashioned patterns.
Particularly Is this reformation to be
commended in the exclusion of thellnen
day shirt for the rest of finest hand
knitted or woven wool. Theformertlny
garment Is no doubt pretty and dainty
In appearance, but its comfort is much
to be questioned. The woven vest may
be described as an Ideal shirt, as it con
tains the minimum of weight with the
maximum of warmth. Its silky smooth
ness Is comfortable to the tender skin,
and it never falls into the chafing rucks
end wrinkles of its linen companion.
The design for the long flannel is a
thoroughly comfortable one. It is made
with a little straight bodice cut from
one piece of flannel and nicely orna
mented with a trellis work of fine coral
stitching worked in white workingsilk,
which stitching also is carried around
the rest of the bodice, giving a pretty
effect. The armboles are merely hol
lowed out and secured by narrow straps
of flannel. The entire bodice is bound
with white lute ribbon. The depth of
this little bodice when made should be
five inches, the width about twenty-.
live Indies, tnis allowing for ai
comfortable wrap over in front, the!
points at the back fastening neatly with
silk strings. The skirt of the flannel
is merely astralghtpIccesome2Sincbes
in length and about 41 in width. Chica
e Chronicle; a
Tne Proper Way In Which to Perform
This Important Operation.
The upper teeth should be brushed
downward and the lower teeth upward
from the gums. Do not brush the teeth
crosswnys, as they are apt to become
loosened and the gums will also suffer.
The Inside of the teeth should be
brushed in tho same way. Tepid water
is the best to use both for'cleansingthe
teeth and rinsing the mouth out after
ward. The tooth brush should be email and
curved, so that the bristles can get in
all the interstices of the teeth. It should
not be too hard, and, when a new tooth
brush Is purchased, it should bo soaked
in water for several hours before using.
If the brush is dried on a towel after
being use'd, nnd stood up on end in the
air, It will last much longer. Tooth
brushes should never be kept in closed
Tooth powder should be chosen with
great discretion. For general use the
following will be found a very good
powder: Mix together half an ounce
of powdered bark, a quarter of an
ounce of myrrh, oue drachm of cam
phor and one ounce of prepared chalk.
Another simple recipe is as follows:
Add two ounces of camphorated chalk,
two drachms of very fine powdered
borax, half an ounce of powdered orris
loot and half a drachm of powdered
Inyrrh; mix the ingredients thoroughly
together and keep the powder in a stop
nerd bottle. San Francisco Chronicle.
The Csarlna's Coronet.
It is said by the authorities on jewels
and jewelry that the coronet of the
Russian empress is the most beautiful
collection of diamonds ever gathered in
one ornament. It Is composed of four
very large diamonds of the purest wa
ter and 18 others of slightly smaller
size, together with a multitude of lesser
diamonds of exquisite water. The flash
of these beautiful gems reminds the ob
server of a collection of rainbows.
Canon Owen, the newly-appointed
bishop of St. David's, it a Welsh-speaking
Perfect Fitting; of a Goim Require
Careful Thong-fat and Study.
The day hus come when dressmakers!
can and do look upon their calling as
u profession that commands respect.
They are now rightfully termed art
lets, and are just us much entitled to
the name of artist as the men and wom
en who create lifelike statues from
marble, or who with pencil and color
reproduce nature with master strokes,
providing she does the work conscien
tiously, with careful thought and
study, with always a regard for the
eternal fitness of things.
No class of women anywhere has ac
complished as much and made as much
progreiis with so little help as have the
dressmakers. Artists, doctors, law
yers and people in all professions have
recouvse to libraries whose shelves are
fi'Ied with books containing valuable
information and assistance in their
line, but there is a curious dearth of
literature on subjects useful to either
the professional or amateur dress
maker. While we. have many American and
foreign fashion journals sufficiently
crsatile and fetching in their styles of
fabric and details of cut in dress, there
Is nothing to tell how to cut, fit, baste
rrd sew, or the whys and wherefores of
doing certain things in certain ways
to obtain the best results. Dressmak
ers are prone to selfishness, and keep
ccod points they may discover in their
line to tbemsehes, while in other pro
fessions more liberality Is shown in this
particular, and new ideas ore published
and spread broadcast for the good of all
interested in the same line of thought
and study. Until this narrow-minded-cess
is overcome, and dressmakers be
come more altruistic, they will labor at
a disadvantage. )
Many voinen who have talent for
creating handsome, ctylish and well
fitting gowns are denied the opportu
nity of showing their ability in this
line, all for the want of opportunity to
educate their propensities, and a friend
ly, sympathetic hand of encourage
ment from thoso whose knowledge is
sufficient to lead the less fortunate.
Dressmaking, when not properly un
derstood, means the hardest and most
wearing drudgery in which a woman
can engage. But, properly studied,
und practiced accordingly, it is made
comparatively easy and very remu
nerative. Mary K. Howard, in Wom
on's Home Companion.
Ueaatlfnl Nareltr That Is Used for
Play as Well as Sleep.
Babies should be healthy, for there
were never so many things made for
their health and comfort. The new
est of these is a shell cradle, that can be
used for play as well as for sleep.
This cradle is all in one piece, the
material being either silver plate or
white metal. There ore solid silver
shells for the goldspoon baby and
aluminum shells for mothers that
want a very light cradle, one that is easy
to lift from room to room.
The shell is hung from two rods, one
at either end. Its pivot Is such that it
swings at a touch. When baby is awake
he can amuse himself by swaying his
cradle back and forth. A wire frame
work supports the canopy, which is of
lace upheld by metallic cupids. The lace
can be drawn entirely over the sleeping
Wicker clothes baskets can be used in
the same way, but a carpenter must be
employed to fasten the baskets to the up
rights, or baby will be startled from his
slumber by a fall. Cradles of metal are
best because they can be kept thorough
ly clean. When the small springs and
bedding are removed the cradle can be
washed like a dish. St. Louis Globe
Democrat. Grow Yonr Own Parsley.
Plant a box of parsley and place It on
a window sill. You have no idea how
many pennies may be saved by having
parsley growing in the house. Thyme
may also be planted for kitchen decora
tion. How They Settled It.
Because her husband gambles, a Pine
grove (Pa.) woman sought a divorce.
The matter has been adjusted by tho
offending husband promising not to
play cards on Sunday.
Iloomcr for Housemaids.
Lady Harberton advocates the adop
tion by housemaids of the bloomer cos
tume, such as Is worn by lady bicyclist
She says there would be fewer breaks
ages and accident of all sorts.
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