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JONES ft JACKSON, Publishers.
: APRILJ897; :
: Sun. Hon. Tue. Wed. Thur. Frl. Sat ;
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Summary of tho Daily News.
Gkx. Maximo Gomez, commander of
the Cuban insurgents, has sent a letter
to President McKlnley, which Incloses
one also sent to cx-1'rcsldent Cleveland,
which either went astray or was kept
secret by the recipient. Tho letter
draws attention to tho Spanish atroci
ties in Cuba and appeals to tho presi
dent to enter a remonstrance against
the horrors committed on the pacific
population by tho Spaniards.
Thk president has nominated Frank
W. Palmer, of Illinois, for public
printer. He was public printer under
tho Harrison administration.
Judou William It. Day, of Canton,
O., has been selected by tho president
as a special commissioner to Cuba to
participate as the representative of the
president In the investigation to bo
inado by tho Spanish authorities into
the alleged murder of Dr. Ruiz.
Tue statement thut Gen. Lee's serv
ices ns consul-general at Havana would
be dispensed with after April 15 is de
nied by the stato department at Wash
ington. The issue between Peru and tho
United States with respect to the im
prisonment of Ilnmsay, the American
sailor, is becoming a serious matter,
tho Peruvian government refusing to
jnecede to tho demand of the United
States minister to set Ramsay at lib
erty Immediately.
An i-nthuslastic gathering of ex-union
soldiers was held at Washington the
other night to form a soldiers' and
sallon)' national monument associa
tion. The object 61 tho meeting was
he cniction of a monument at Wash
ington, in memory of the officers and
enlisted men of the army and navy of
tho United States who fell in the war
of the rebellion.
The report that congress had decreed
an increased tariff on tobacco, to take
effect April 1, caused great consterna
tion among cigar manufacturers nt
Tampa, Flo., and they began to draw,
their tobacco from bond on tho 81st,
Word was sent from Washington after
wards that it applied only to tobacco
TinponC ?.ftcr April 1. Orio man paid
8117,000 duly.
, SECitETAny or the IXTEmon Bus;
gave a hearing to a large congressional
delegation who desired to protest
ngainst tho forestry reservation order
issued by President Cleveland setting
jBSldo large tracts in various state?.
Tho general proposition urged was
that tho proclamation be either re
voked in toto or Its operations suspend
ed until an investigation could bo
made as to the character of tho lands
cmbrad in tho reserve tracts.
Senator Mokrill gave it as his opin
ion that the tariff bill would not be
finally acted upon in the senate before
September 1, but this view Is not
bhared by other senators on his side,
many of whom predict that an adjourn
ment will be readied by July 15.
SEcnKTAnv Lono has issued an order
to stop some of the wasteful leaks in
the navy, especially in the caso of
ships in course of construction. It was
said that all tho maroon leather up
holstered furniture of the battleship
Indiana was ripped out and dark green
leather substituted to suit the tasto of
her expectant captain for which tho
government had to pay.
The monthly statement of tho pub
lic debt of tho United States showed
that at the close of business on March
SI tho debt, less cash in the treasury,
Amounted to 81,003,002,300, a decrease
for the month of 88,038,254.
A new farmers' bulletin, which is
likely to provo of great Interest to
chicken fanciers, is being sent out by
the department of agriculture. It is
devoted to a careful and thorough de
scription of standard varieties of chick
ens. Tho bulletin is practical through
out, and gives a plain description of
each variety of chickens, so that it will
prove a trustworthy guide in the se
lection of stock for tho arm or the vil
lage lot.
The president and his cabinet con
sidered on the 2d the question of re
winding Mr. Cleveland's order setting
apart 21 forest reservations in the west.
Xho president announced his intention
to act on conservative lines and wanted
Uoro information on tho matter.
Maj.-Gen. Wkslfa' Mekmtt has been
-. officially notified of his transfer from
Chicago to tho Now York command to
succeed Gen. Uuger, retired on account
I of age limit ' ?,"",
A DisrATdi from San Antonio, Tes.,
said that tho cattle grazing season had
opened and a rush of shipments to the
Indian territory began on the 1st from
uiany different points in southwest
Texas. It was estimated that no less
than 8,000 car loads of cattle would be
shipped from the section around San
Antonio to the Indian territory graz
ing lands by April ,15.
The Texas houso passed the senate
bill appropriating 825,000 to buy tho
San Jacinto battlefield and improve it
for n state park. It was understood
tho governor would approve the bill.
Cattle men 'in Oklahoma and the
Indian territoryhavo commenced ship
ping cattle to Europe. Tho first ship
ment went via Galveston, Tex.
NbaiuV 812.U00 hud been raised in
St. Louisup to the 2d to aid tho flood
sufferres in the south.
At Kansas City, Mo., tho other night
Dr. Jefferson D. Goddard, shot and;
killcd-Frank J. Jackson, a laundry-
man. There was bad "blood between
tho two men, Jackson being jealous of
Goddard on account of the lattcr's
many visits to iMrs. Jackson. Dr. God
dard ran a drug store for Mrs. Jackson
and his visits were said to be on busi
ness. Jackson was fond of morphine
and whisky and did not live with his
wife, but managed her laundry on a
Five hundred employes of clothing
manufacturers in St, Louis struck on tho
2d. Last fall the price paid for making a
coat was reduced from 05 to 50 cents.
It was promised that tho old rate
would bo restored in the spring, but as
this has not been done the workers
A test caso to decido tho right of tho
order of Modern Woodmen to exclude
liquor sellers from membership was de
cided at Lacrosse, Wis., recently, the
judge sustaining the order's right to
exclude any individuals and to bo at
all times tho sole judge of the qualifi
cations of its members.
The steamer City of Columbia, one
of the largest boats on the Chattahoo
chee river line, sank in 30 feet of water
at Smith's Point, near Columbia, Ala.
The pilot accidentally steered the boat
upon a rock. Tho steamer and cargo,
consisting chiefly of flour, arc a loss.
Henceforth the headquarters of the
National American Woman's Suffrage
association will be in Xcw York in
stead of Philadelphia, the transfer
having been made on the 1st. The
work will be In charge of Mrs. Carrie
Chapman-Catt, chairman of the com
mittee on organization and campaign.
Cambridge Sprinob, a health resort
In Pennsylvania, was almost entirely
destroyed by fire on tho 1st, involving
a loss of one life and property loss of
8200,000. Thirty business houses and
a dozen residences succumbed to the
At the Fifth Avenue Athletic club at
New York on the 1st Oscar Gardner, of
Kansas City, knocked out Jack Grant,
of New York, in tho ninth round.
A SPECIAL from Toledo, O., said that
a gigantic farmers' trust was being or
ganized in this country. Several
branches were secretly organized, and
the order Is strictly oath-bound. It
orglnatcd at Lancaster, Pa., and was
incorporated under tho laws of New
Jersey ns the Agriculturists' National
Protective association. It is patterned
somcwlmt after the anthracite coal
The diplomatic representatives of
the powers nt Constantinople havo re
ceived instructions from their respec
tive governments to open negotiations
with the porto for a, definite with
drawal of tho Turkish troops from
Thk full-blood Cherokccs held a
mass meeting recently ten miles abovo
Fort Gibson, I. T., on the Grand river,
for tho purjoso of uniting the full
bloods in a now political party to op
pose tho Dawes commission in nny
agreement looking ta a change in their
present form of government. They are
to have another mectlilg to decide on
their course of action.
Huoit Miller, 25 years old, under nr
rcst for setting fire to a four-story
brown-stone apartment house in Brook
lyn, admitted that in 1891 he had fired
eight houses in which ten people had
been burned to death. Miller coolly
related the details of his awful crimes
and then declared that ho was a victim
of pyfomanla, caused by excessive ciga
rette smoking.
Cretan refugees at Athens, Greece,
hnve appealed to tho heads of Euro
pean countries to raise the blockade of
Cretan ports In order that food sup
plies may be admitted and avert the
famine whicli threatens thousands of
helpless men, women and children in
the Island. The lied Cross society has
made an international appeal for aid
for tho Inhabitants of Crete.
Nine prisoners at the county jail at
Orcencastle, Ind., recently effected
their escape. They were at work upon
tho rock pile when ono of the prisoners
seized the overseer and his legs were
pinioned to u post by Irons and the
prisoners then scaled the inclosure.
A special from Monmouth. 111., said
that tho bank at liiggsvllle was bur
glarized. Three explosions broke the
outer vault, but tho iron safe was not
touched and tho robbers only got 8400.
The bank at Oneida, the dispatch said,
was also robbed and 83,000 was secured
by tho burglars.
A drawn bout of 20 rounds between
Jack Evcrhardtt of New Orleans, and
"Kid'' McPartland, of New York, took
place at Now York on tho 30th.
AN oyster sloop was caught in a
squall near Pcnsacola, Fla., and sank,
drowning John Constantino, his wife
and fivo children and his wife's sister.
A BATcn of 11 convicts' was working
in a field at Waynesboro, Go., when a
storm came up and the keeper strung
the convicts on n chain and secured
thorn to a tree. Lightning struck tho
tree and shocked the convicts, killing
ono named Dent, who was tho llth'and
end man.
Count Radeni, primo minister of
Austria, tendered to tho emperor on
tho 2d the resignation of himself and
the entire cabinet The reason was
that Count Radcni found it impossible
to maintain a liberal majority in tho
xecentlyclectod rcichsrath.
The four members of the "Button
gang," named Francisco Gonzales y
Borrego, Antonio Gonzales y Borrego,
Saurlano Alarid andPatrlcloTalcncia,
condemned to death for tho murder of
ex-Sheriff Frank Chavez, were hanged
together on one scaffold at Santa Fe,
N. M., on tho 2d.
A. neoro named Alexander Tercll
was legally huncred at Houston. Tex..
on tho '2d for an assault on a vrhlto
The jsteamcr Griggs struck an ob
struction on the Chattahoochle river
near Columbia, Ala,, on the night of
the 1st and soon sunk. The engineer
andfour deck hands were drowned.
There was a panic among the passen
gers and some jumped overboard be
fore the boats could be lowered.
The oldest veteran of the G. A. R.,
William Harding, celebrated his 100th
birthday recently at his farm near Wa
seka, Minn. He is aisoa veteran of both
the war of 1812 and of the Mexican
war, and in 1802, when over 05 years of
age, he enlisted in the Fifth Minnesota.
A Cleveland, O., dispatch stated
that the Gocblc iron producers had
formed a pool to oppose the Carnegie
Rockefeller interests.
The model for tho statue of Francis
Scott Key. tho author of "The Star
Spangled Banner," has been completed
at New York and it will be cast in
bronze and erected nt Frederick, Md.
It will bo unveiled on June 14, 1S93,
"Flag day."
At Houston, Tex., A. .1. HolAian and
his wife, Bertha Holman, who wero
married two weeks ago, committed
suicide by taking morphine. They
left letters in which they asked to be
burled in the same coffin, but gave no
reason for the tragic ending of their
Notice has been given by tho as
signee thut the news service of tho
United press will bo discontinued after
the.night of the 7th.
Two women and. n baby were smoth
ered to dcatix by smoke on tho 30th in
a houso at New York which was par
tially consumed by fire.
A dispatch from Rome says that tho
pope is wrltlngan Importantcncycllcal
letter which will be published in tho
United States in May, when the con
gress of American. bisEops meets.
A dispAtck from Cincinnati stated
that whisky distillers' finished goods
had Veen odrssccd to 81.18 a gallon,
an advance of one cent
A cyclone passed over Gradys, Ark.,
on the 31st and laid waste the village.
Four colored women were killed and
several other persons were injured.
The six-day bicycle race ended at
Washington at 10 p. in., on the 3d, nil
the men being in an exhausted condi
tion. Five of them made over 1,500
miles and will get part of the prize
money, the score standing ns follows:
Shock, 1,070; Albert, 1,015; Golden, 1,-
6in; Lnwson 1.5S-J; Cassidy, 1.554.
The Rlchardion build nc tho lurccst
in ChaUanooga, Tenn., was totally de
stroyed by fire on the 8d, and Boyd Ev
Ing, one of the wealthiest men in that
section, nnd S. M. Pattou, a leading ar
chitect, lost their lives. The total loss
was about 8400,000.
A Madrid dispatch stated that Gen.
Ruis Rivera, the Cuban insurgent com
mander, would be taken to Havana for
trial before an ordinary court-martial,
the Spanish government so directing.
It was said that it was not likely that
the death penalty would be imposed
upon him.
All records for long distance horse
back riding were broken on tho 3d by
Harrison K. Caner and Tristaln Collect,
of Philadelphia, who rode about 100
miles on relays of horses from New
York to Philadelphia in 0 hours and M
TllESlth annual boat race was rowed
by tho Oxford and Cambridge universi
ties on the 3d over the course from
Putney to Morllake, i miles, tho Ox
ford crew winning by barely two
length in 10 minutes and 12 seconds.
Johannes Brahms, tho well-known
musical composer, died at Vienna re
cently, aged C7.
It was stated at New York that all
tho kinctoscope pictures of tho Carson
fight wero practically ruined. They
were developed at the Edison works
and were so defective as to bo useless.
Another disastrous break in the
Mississippi levee occurred at Fowler
lake, near Tunica, Miss., which will
inundate, the dispatch said, the coun
ties of Cohoma, Laflorc, Quitman and
Tallahatchie and lay waste the newly
plantcll corn crops. Tho levee near
Helena, Ark., ,had also broken, for
which tho people, had made such a des
perate fight to save.
The forest fires In tho mountains
near Bellefont, Pa., were spreading at'
an alarming rate on tho 4th and many
thousands of acres of valuable timber
land were going up in smoke.
A fire in George F. Otto's carpet
storo in Cincinnati did damago to tho
amount of over 8300,000.
Tun steamer Fuerst Bismarck
t.At.4 . ffn T nllnn Imr:!.
i;iaui.o vu iiuw xuiiw v - t
Xh Flf tj-Flf th Congreu Aucmblu In B
pome to President MoKInlej'i Procla
A resolution was sgreod to In the senate
on the 2th asking the secretary of the Interior
for Information relating to Mr. Cleveland's or
der establishing forest reserves. Senator Allen
(Neb.) Introduced a resolution declaring that
tariff taxes on necessaries should not be laid so
as to enrich one class at the expense of tho
masses. The bill to prohibit tho exhibition of
prize fight pictures was reported favorably
from the judiciary committee and placed on the
calendar. A Joint resolution appropriating
30,000 for the Immediate Improvement of the
Mississippi was passed. ...The house had an
exciting incident Over the debate on the tariff.
Mr. Johnspn (Ind.) mado a vigorous protest
gainst mo irrelevant discussions with which
the time of the house was being taken up and
20 times tho irate Indlanlan was admonished to
take his Beat by the presiding officer and Anally
Speaker Heed hod to bo hurriedly summoned
to enable business to go on, Mr. Spauldlng
(Mich.) Introduced a Joint resolution providing
for the annexation of Hawaii and making it
into a state. Tho senate resolution appropri
ating money for the Mississippi river was
amended and passed.
Senator Allen (Neb.) mado an argument
In the senate on the 20th on the unconstitution
ality of tariff taxes beyond those requisite for
revenue. Senator Foraker (O.) Introduced a
pooling bill designed to meet the objections
raised by tho supreme court In Its recent de
cision In tho Transmlssourl Freight associa
tion rase. The houso amendments to the joint
resolution appropriating f iSO.OOO for tho savlnn
of life and property along the Mississippi rlvci
wero agreed ta Senator Morgan (Ala.) pre
sented a .resolution asking the president wheth
er he or his predecessor had received any let
ters from Maximo Gomet tho Cuban insurgent
general. ...In tnc house political speeches were
wedged Into tho tariff debate at every oppor
tunity, but the nays and means committee
held the floor with their amendments, about
35 being offered and adopted. It was the last
day of tho debate, an attempt to have It ex
tended having failed.
Senator IlANsmtouan (N. D.) Introduced 8
bill In the senate on tho 31st to present Invent
ors from being defrauded by alleged patent at
torneys. The nominations of Joseph I Drls
tow, of Kansas, to be fourth assistant postmaster-general:
Henry Clay Evans, of Tennessee,
to tie commissioner of pensions; Thomas Ilyan,
of Topeka, Kan., to be first assistant secretary
of the Interior, nnd Frank W. Pilmer, of Itli
nols, to be public printer, were connnned. The
voting on tho miscellaneous amendments to
tho Anglo-American arbitration treaty began.
.. .The house passed tho Dlnglcy tariff bill,
the vote standing SOS aves to li! nays, 2l mem
bers not voting Speaker Iieed had his name
called cut at the last and voted aye. An amend
ment was attached to the bill fixing April 1 as
the date w hen Its provisions should go Into ef
fect. Focb Cuban resolutions wero brought for
nardin rapid succession In tho senate on the
1st. Two of them were ntrrced to one by Sen
ator Morgan (Alx) calling on the president for
any letters from Gen. Gomez to himself and
Mr. Clci eland, and the other by Senator Mills
(Tex.) instructing tho committee on foreign re
lations to report what obligations the United
States had assumed by compelling Cuba to re
main subject to Spain, Another resolution
was by Senator Allen (Neb.) reciting that Gen.
IMvera, of the Cuban forces, had been captured
by tho Spanish and was about to be tried by
drumhead court-martial and shot, and protest
ing against such trial as contrary to the rules
of civilized warfare. Senator Hoar (Mass.) ob
jected to Its immediate consideration and It
went o cr. The last resolution was by Senator
Merrjp C-VA-?- Il 'Iw'srci lfc"t 9 ;t; Pf r
cxislrd In" Cubi end L-OuncuJ t'uo policy of
the United States to accord with bath parties
to tho'confllct wtth full recognition as belliger
ents. The senate In executive session 'con
eluded Its, consideration of all amendments to
tho arbitration treaty and then adjourned un
til the Mh...,The Louse was not In session.
This Time It Is Hern at Kansas City, Also at
Ks crest, Kan.
Kansas Citv, Mo., April 2. What
ever the mysterious light in the heav
ens that seems to be moving from the
Pacific coast to the Atlantic is
whether it is an airship or something
else it favored Kansas City with a
visit last night and thousands of re
sponsible citizens saw it who could for
J;purs talk of nothing else. It is possi
ble, of courm?, that gone -practical joker
with a big kite and a lantern got in an
April fool joke. If ha did ho is the
most successful joker who has ever
done business in this vicinity. And if
it was n joke the joker carried it far
enough to fool people at Kvcrest, Kan.,
a little town in Brown county, Kan
sas, about 00 miles northwest of this
city. Dispatches announce that the
mysterious light appeared there short
ly after nine o'clock and according to
the correspondent, "hove in sight
from the southeast" Kansas City
is southeast of Everest and the
light disappeared in Kansas City
near an hour before it was seen 60
miles distant. The Everest correspond
ent claims that hundreds of people
there distinctly saw the airship. The
car of the airship, according to his
story, was canoe-shaped and. appeared
to be about 30 feet long. It was pro
pelled by four triangular wings, two
on either side, and above the whole
could be discerned a black bulb, sup
posed to be a large gas bag.
Orn. Merrltt Succeeds Gen. linger.
Ciiicaoo, April 3. Maj.-Gen. Wesley
Merritt yesterday received the first
official information of his transfer to
the New York command. Qen. Ruger's
stay at Governor's island expired at
noon to-day, and his successor will
probably take charge in two weeks.
(Jen. J. II. Brooke, of St. Paul, is ex
pected to succeed Gen. Merritt in Chi
cago. Anstrlnn Cabinet Resigns.
Vienna, April 3. Count Badcni,
prime minister of Austria, tendered to
the emperor this morning the resigna
tions of himself and the entire cabinet.
The reason for the resignation of the
cabinet was the fact that Count Badeni
found it impossiblo to maintain a lib
eral majority in the recently elected
TIio President to Take n Trip.
Nrw York, April 3. A Sun special
from Washington says: The president
has decided to flee from tho office
seekers and next week he will enjoy a
Viriof vncatinri bv t&ltin if a trln on ths
Dolphin, now lying idle at the nrj
yuru. a tic vnp nui ui mr two w
three days only.
Mr. Goodman, Williams County, 111
writes us: "From one package Salzer'
German Coffee Berry I grew 300 pounds,
of better coffee than I can buy in stores
r.t 30 cents a pound."
A packngeof this and big seed cata
logue is sent you by the John A. Salzer
Seed Co., La Crosse., Wis., upon receipt
of IS cents stamps and this notice, k
FpIIowin(r.;-"And did the groom kiss the
bride!" "Oh, ye." "Before everybody?"
No, after everybody except the sexton and
the organist." Detroit Journal. ,.
No-To-Iluc, for Fifty Cent.
Over 400,000cured. Why not let Xo-To-Bac- ,
regulate or remove your desire lor tobaccor
paves .money, makes health nnd manhood
Cure guaranteed, 50c and $1.00, nil druggiits.
Deserted Wife (in conversation with sym
pathetic grocer) "And I trusted him sol"" -Grocer
"Confound it! so did L" Tit
BiU. Like Oil Upon Troubled Waters is Hale's
Iioney of Ilorehound and Tar upon a cold..
Pike's Toothache Drops Cure in one minute- "
He "I see-that in making champagne the
crapes arc squeezed six times or more."
BIic "Isn't that nice?" Yonkcrs States
man. All sorts of aches and "pains nothings
better than St. Jacobs Oil. it cures.
He "Why are you so sad, darling?" She
"I was just thinking, dearest, that this is
the last cvcning'we can be together till to
morrow." Comic Cuts.
A lot of bootblacks sitting on a curbstone
may not be India-rubber boys, though they
are gutter perchers.
The giants who frighten us most, ofterr
turn out to be common-Bizcd men on stilts..
Hani's Horn.
A man is usually bald four or five years'
before he knows it.
Not a Well Day
Did 8h 8a Far Months-Can New
Sloop Well, Eat Well, and Pains
Have Disappeared.
" For several months my health bad
been failing, and I did not havo a well
day in this time. I had severe pains
in my back, my limbs ached and I was
restless at night. I suffered with loss
of appetite and severe nervous head
aches. A friend' advised me to try
Hood's Sarsaparilla. After taking this
medicine for a while I found I was
gaining in health rapidly. I now havo
a good appetite, can sleep well, and tho
pains with which I suffered have al
most entirely disappeared. I am gain
ing in flesh. I am still taking Hood's
Sarsaparilla and I recommend it wher
ever I go.n Miss Sabah Smith, 311
Uorth Park Street, Chlllicothc, Ohio, j
Hood's A;
Is the nest-in fact the One True Blood Pnrifler
All druggists. II, six for $5. Get only Mood's.
HnnJIe Dillc set harmoniously n
nOOtl S flllS nooda barsaparlU.
' name or
m the ooDoin or of a t
corlclrom a bottle ol .'
Hires is a signal of
good health and plea
sure. A sound the
old folks like to hear
the children can't
resist it
I', Rootbeer R
It composed of the
yatem requires. Aiding
as digestion, soothlne
the nerves, purifying
the .blood. A temper
ance drink for temper
ance people.
" IX
A sukut smsm t flYmt,
The Waverley Bicycle for 1897 is
the acme of bicycle construction.
New and expensive principles of
construction involved make the
cost of building enormous. Hence
the price is $100.
The only bicycle
with true bearings
Last year the Waverley was as
good as any wheel in the market
better than most Because sew
machinery was not needed for its
continued construction, tho price
of the improved 1896 model has
been reduced to 360 a saving of
$25 to you. Cataltgufftrtt.
ladia&a Bicycle Co.,tiiiHiMcc-
w o h'iww mur wwwwwwwwpu
- J 4i
, , 'I
t Mi
4 '.
4l l&j yii'viiis:
.: ;J
I !,!"
V, sr?.- fJ
s3 . ..ur ? j; s . a..
, a. r .jt.Tii 1?",
.- "
..a . .
"if '
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