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VOL. XIV. XO. 35.
10c PJ3B COPY"
all. Visiting Workmen are cordially lu.
Tl.,ed' ., J. O. GRIM. M. W.
Louis Brians, Recorder.
""OURT COCONINO. I. O. F.. NO. 690.
1V1 m v&?,rl T'Jesday evening in G. A. R.
.. ' -vlsUln8 brethren cordially Invited to
attend. UK. U. J. BRAN
WEN, -'. K.
xAjuin oriEiis. n. o,
Regular meetings on the fir
..-.? 0!.ach calendar month
. F. & A. M.
Hrst Saturday
Hill. Klin,;,Ct i." .11. ''"" '! ."'""'"
MAnl 1 t m ftf .. (.ahIa
brethren cordially Inrlwd. "' "Juuru,UB
i n D w' ANDERSON. Master.
J. OcTiiuiK Savaqe, secretary.
jl ui uig norm, meets mo nrst and thrd
Monjlays In each month. In the O. A. K. Hall.
. .-uviiik ouicmmn rortiiaiiy welcome.
T. E. PoLUAVoff0"- C0UnS0' C'W-
. Kanspm Post. . A. K.. No. 4. Depart
ment ol Arliona. will bo held In Q. A. R. hall
on second and lat Saturday In each month.
v . ,F- " JONES. UommanUer.
K. II. Chess. Post Adjutant.
iUl'.t',i.0.,rcrrl'r!'lay owning In Ma-sonic
all. Visiting brethren cordially Invited.
. . J. E. JONES. N. O.
J. L. UoL'onEKTT, Secretary.
1VJ, meoUi vvrry Wednesday night In their
castlo hall In G. A. IS. hall,
brothers Invited to attend.
C. II. Com.E. K. of It. B.
O. c.
Pastor. On Sundays: Low Mam at 8
ock a. m.; High Mass at 10:30 a. m. Sunday
School at 3 p. n. Evening services at 7-l
B. m. On week days: Mats at 7:30 a. in.
n Iho second Sunday of each month, prayer
meeting at 10:34 a. m.: Sunday School at 11:30
-ra. All cordially Invited.
TTIRST M. e. oimunii
JT Church and Larenx Streets. O
t fl p. wn.
son. Pastor. Preaching at 11 a. m. and T p. m.
Sundays; Sunday school at 10 a. m.. 0cnr
Oiton, r-upcrlniendent. Class meeting, at
)2rl5 p. m Epworth League 0:30 P m
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 7:30
Everybody welcome.
PRESnYTEniAV r-minrm.
North San Francisco street. 11. !
Corner, pastor. Sabbath services Preaching
u a. m. anu p. m.; sunaay school. 10 a.
m.i Y P.8. O. E. prayer meeting, 7 15 p. m
Mid-week conference and braver. Wednes
7 15 p.
day evening at 8 p. in. A cordial
is extended to all.
Surgeon, Flagstaff, Arizona. Will re
spond promptly to all calls from any point
on tbo Atlantic & Pacific Railroad. Office
and drug ktore opposite the depot. Tele
phones: Store, 19; residence, 32. -i
T 8.
V V. t
Arizona. Office and resldenco In the
Preabvterlau parsonage. TeleDhono No. 42.
tafOfflcc hours from 8 to 11 a. mi 3 to 4 p. m.
ronu. Office, one door east of Post.
-t -win i.
Will praotlce In all th oonrts in the Fourth
Jadlelal District. Land litigation a SPECIAL
OQIee at court noose. Flagstaff, Arl.
. Office In the Babbitt building, Flag
staff, Arizona. Practice before the Land
Department a specalty.
Will practice la all courts or the fourth
ndlolal district. Offloe with K. S. tiosney la
k Babbitt building.
)r. J. A. Miller, den
tal surgeon. Patrons
eared for all aloag the
lline of the A. A P.
'Offlce In the Ilabbltt
block. Those desiring
work In his line should
call on him.
Interest Paid on Time
and Savings Deposits.
Drafts Sold Upoij
All Foreigr; Goaijtries.
Wo have an Extensive Patronage and Cor
respondence throughout Arizona, and Invite
your Hanking Business upon Liberal and
ttonservattvc Terms.
S, N, FREEMAN, President.
T, E. FOLL00K, Vice-President.
A Wide Field of Mineral Bearing
Some Characteristics and the Nature
of Formations The Situation
and a Summary of What
la Needed.
Whether this part of Arizona is tho
homo of mines which once contributed
a goodly share to the wealth UiM
made tho old Montczumas a famous
line of opulent princes, but which now
aro lost, except as they are the bright
ppot in somo hazy record or dim tra
dition, is not of so much concern to
our people, as aro the probabilities of
contributing territory to pinduce
mines of tho present, that will bo
factors iu homo improvement and
revenue. Tlioso most heavily con
cerned in the progress of community
interests, luive. been so absorbed in
establishing a permanent basis for
local affairs, and hence so much
devoted to tho security of iuauguraed
industries that they have been able to
giro little notice to needs of tho pres
ent for tho opening up of our mining
territory, and much less sustained and
consistent effort in that direction. As
a consequence, while business sagacity
and activity in beaten channels is
noticeable, tho faculty that derives
faith in uhat cannot be seen by deduct
ions from conditions and experience,
is not a distinguishing trait of this
vicinity. Nevortucl8 it cannot bo
disputed that our people possess the
spirit and tho keen preemption neces
sary to take proper advantage of
proven opportunities to advance and
sustain progress in homo affairs. The
question of chiefest concern, is to take
care that this displayed faculty is so
directed that it will be most effective
in attaining desired results, and tho
purpose herein, is, to attract interest
to mineral areas tbat may prove of
immense advantage in affect ling loca
As to the alleged mineral areas
smith of Flagstaff, the writer is not
familiar enough with the sitcation to
feol warranted in expressing an opin
ion, and yet, be has been assured by
men, who seemed intelligent, and who
certainly were sincere, tbat nil the
way to Mormon mountain rich float
has been found of both gold and silver,
aud it is a safe assumption tbat where
good mineral float is found sooner or
later rich deposits are bouud to be un
earthed. There are always those in
any community who find fault, who
arc doubters, and tbeir influence may
retard for a time, but their views can
not cover the oro chimney deeper, and
in destiny's own good time, where na
ture has given surface indications to
strengthen her promise, tho noisv
skeptio will be proven a calumniator.
That float is found carrying good val
ues should be sufficient stimulus to tbo
hand that is seeking the hidden source,
and tho faithful prospector needs no
better tonic than to find now and then
a little piece of tho float ho is follow
ing, elusive though tbo body may be.
The bell below town can be made very
beneOcal if the facts aro as stated, and
:irn carefully gathered and advertised.
s to the mineral sections to the
thward, the writer is better ac
quainted, and feels competent to ex
press a meritorious opinion., Somo
of the districts adjacent to the Colo
rado river are now attracting increas
ing interest, and others as yot virtually
unknown, in which surface indications
give promise of excellent results from
development, and may prove northern
Arizona a more valuablo mining region
than thus far it has been supposed to
be. It is the outlook in these sections
and the relative influence thoy may I
exert upou Flagstaff's prioress tbat is
the patticular nurimse of.thls nrUi
It is quite possible do ono here has
HUi'P,,8ed lhere was any pier ground
iiuiiu vi Hi-re in at was or any value
whatever, but this is a mistake, for
along tho entlro length of the Colorado
from tho juncture of the Greeu and
Grand, lino gold is abundant in both
the river and upland gravel bars. Of
course much of this can never pay fur
working, but deposits hero and there,
are now frequently found that with
the right kind of appliances will give
good returns for handling. This gold
I Is so light and lino that it has been a
puzzle in tbo past how to save it at a
prolit, hut now proper methods, are
becoming better understood, and this
industry is certain to grow in impor
tanre. From the granito gorgo in the
Grand Canyon to somo distance above
the mouth of the Little" Colorado,
there aro numerous bars of consider
able size, the surface ground of which
will yield from CO to 75 cents per yard,
and from Lee's ferry north, good dis
coveries have been made, mid a num.
her of men aro now woiking tho more
convenient bars. AloiijrlhuSan Juan.
where tho excitement if '92 sense
lessly raged, some splendid fltids have
been uncovered since, that aro prov
ing of surprising value, aud several
plants are now successfully operating
in the same locality where the Gabel
excitement onco held sway, and
proved so ephermcral. The difference
between now and then, is,tbat exper
ience aud knowledgo is utilizing what
ignorance and greed bad once tramped
thoughtlessly past.
copper zond or lee's fsttitr.
The mineral territory if tho great
canyon country may j pjrjv .bo
designated as zones, perhaps really a
connected belt, but appearing on the
surfaco only in such places whore the
internal forces of mother nsturo havo
been able to force tho oro bearing
material through the supervening
sandstones and limestones. The section
east and south-east of Leo's Ferry of
great extent and distinguished by
massive deposits, is one of these sur
face occurrences. For some time
after tho first discoveries were made it
was supposed to be too low grade to
be profitably handled without the
lowest possible transportation facili
ties, but recent thorough trials have
proven the ore to baro a much belter
average value than bad been estimated
for it before. Utah parties are now
giving the section a careful examina
tion with a view to adequato redaction
works, and tho reports made public
of tbis work indicate that the result is
At the other extreme of the mineral
territory that cau bo made tributary
to Flagstaff, on tho headwaters of
Cataract creek draining out of the
Coconino forest, is an occurrence of
copper ores'tbat is proving remarkable.
Its distinguishing quality is, that tho
mineral crops in tops to enormous
chimneys, tho real extent of which
is not yet known, and the territory
embraced in this peculiar formation
Is constantly enlarging as prospectors
extend the scope of their examinations.
The oro as a rule, is low grade, but
carrying with it chutes of material
wonderfully high grado in copper
contents, and all containing somo val
ues in cold and silver. Interest in the
section is steadily increasing, and it
bids fair to bo an important auxilliary
to tho town that can control its grow
ing trade.
In the deepest part of tho Grand
Canyon are numberless bodies of cop
per material, somo of it extraordinary
for tho per cent of copper contained,
and with many quite oxtonsivo bodies
of low grade stuff. This ore zone is
more or less united with the granito
fissures underneath, though not pos
sessing the peculiar minerals disclosed
in the Granite veins. The ore tracts
are irregular in their positions, somo
resting directly on the granite, somo
appearing in veins in tho semi-metamorphosed
rocks intervening between
tho granite aud the overlying limes,
and some tucked snugly away in rich
little chimneys between the bluo lime
stone and the upper sandstones. The
area of this ore snne is co-equal with
the extent of the granite, being 60
miles long in a direct line up and
down the river, and a very irregular
diameter of from 6 to SO miles accord
to the width of tho canyon. The
trouble with tbis mineral belt at pres
ent is, its inaccessibility for cheap
operation, involving tho same objec
tion that retards the development of
the lower veins of the gorge, but time
and an appeciation ot what is needed,
will witness the introduction of facili
ties that will overcome) this obstacle in
a large degree, and when tbis is ac
complished, our town will realize its
value as a revenue producer.
But fow havo supposed there would
ever anything important develop in
the lino of these minerals in the can
yon, and especially to nickel has not
been considered, but the work of the
past year has demonstrated results
that promise extraordinary things in
the future. Not only have innumer
able veins been found containing gold
and silver, but the presenco of nickel
is almost certainly determined by the
diKcovcry of green clouded quartz
carrying a substanco very much re
sembling crystalized or rosin zinc ore,
but instead of a brown streak from
the scrap of steel, this ore-yields a
green tint and metallic lustre.. Wheth
er this material can be found in useful
quantities must be determined by more
thorough worir, but its valuo, if
abundant, may bo estimated when it
J understood piat there is not n real
lirst-class uickol mine in tho United
States, while it is a metal coming into
important demand by reason of iu use
in the manufacture of the highest
quality of armor plato not only is there
nickel, bat evidences are uot wanting
to indicate tbat the same granites are
tin bearing, for, while no tests for
this mineral have been made so far as
known, some of the pyrites in the
canyon strongly resemble tin sui-
phurets. These minerals arc impor
tant if they can be developed, in useful
quantities, aud how valuable they
would be to this city's interests, with
their gold and silver accompanyments,
if rightly utilized, can hardly be
realized. Besides these, and in con
tiguous territory are well known
asbestos rocks and schistose belts,
containing remarkably transparent
mica slabs, and when it is understood
tbat the former in long fibre is worth
12 to 15 cents per pound, and six-inch
sheets of. tho latter $15 per pound, it
may bo understood what income pro
ducing interests such enterprises may
How these mineral zones may prove
important feeders to Flagstaff in the
future, and the essential preliminaries
to place them in the propor light to
attract investigation and development
naturally should bo the concluding
feature of this article. The first im
portant step must be to induce atten
tion and interest, and ultimately
associated with this effort, is the need
to encourage undertakings looking to
tbo encouraging of operating facilities.
In following that thought, I will out
line a policy tbat is accepted by ex
perience as most effectual to tho ends
The first stop should bo to talk of
what you have, being pleasantly per
sistent, and inviting attention and
interest. Do not allow any tiring in
these efforts, for they aro potent in
their accomplishments. Then be pre
pared on overy occasion to direct
attention to accessibility, modes of
convoyanco and facilities for. transpor
tation, with clear proof of how tbeso
may bo made better and more econom
ical. This policy carried out, you
will do all things necessary to bring
into prominence and active life re-
sources tbat possess considerable
merit. Your confidence will thus bo
demonstrated, and your interest,
identified and the enterprise that may'
be aroused will come to b looked
upon as your tributary possession by
the association of your faith with its
Tho course to persuo for tin control
of such trade must be determined by
necessities as they may arise, but
good highways to Lee's ferry crossing,
and to Cataract creek, a railroad to
the canyon, a smelter here, and per
haps in tbo near futuro a plan for
navigating the .Colorado from Leo'B
ferry nearly to Cataract canyon in
Utah a scheme that is perfectly
practicable to attract the inevitably
growing trado of that region to tho
southern railway channels, would
appear feasible as first efforts in ac
quiring the benefits that may havo
been suggested in this review of the
The writer pretends to no infallibil
ity, but docs claim soma merit as an
observer, anil he challenges the most
exacting critic to stigmatize the ideas
illustrated herein as being chimerical
or derivud from aught but a most
substantial basis.
Worthy The Trial.
Agriculture, when important, is the
mainstay aud insures the sustenance
of a nation. Mining, if prosperous,
maintains tho equilibrium of a nation's
prosperity and is tho direct ally of tho
farmer by 'being the one unfailing
consumer of his surplus. Naturally
enough history has always f shown
those people most prosperous, who
combined arid rendered mutually de- ' ' !
pendent within the territory con
trolled by them tho paramount In
dustries of firming and mining, Un
fortunately the glamour that hazily
envelopes ill mining enterprises, by
reason of certain accompanying results
especially dazzlingto tho uninitiated,
has made it a choice field for specula
tive operations, but, divested of these
speculative features, as farming must
be separated from the board of trade
and option manipulator to appreciate
iu merits, mining is as legitimate in
every respect as is farming.
Viewing the question as thus out
lined, it would certainly be gratifying
if a prosperous mining field tbat would
contribute its share towards promot
ing local development, would bo
shown up in the vicinity of Flagstaff;
and how do we know there is no such
a field in the mineral belt south-cast
of here? No one can say there is not
goed ore there. All admit there is
somo gold thcro. In California ledge
ore is being mined, milled and tailings
concentrated at a total cost of less
than 70 cents per ton, and a profit is
made of 25 cents per ton. Of course,
it is only a large ore body and econom
ical facilities for handling that make
such a record possible, but may there
not be big ore lodies iu the local bolt?
Has it ever becu siven a systematic
trial? Wo fancy not, and yet it would
seem no field ever offered moro en
dorsement for a complete and compre
hensive test than the locality in ques
tion. It is worth the prospector's at
tention; it is wortli examination, and
the tenacity of those who pin their
faith to it is worth encouragement
and approval. It would be a great
boon to tho progress of Flagstaff, and
would stamp with the seal of per
manency every local enterprise. Our
pcoplo must not he guilty of the over
sight of such a resource as this, that
may prove the most valuablo of any
wo have. It is worthy of interest,
and attention and every endorsement.
The voto on tho proposition of is
suing bonds for the building of a new
high school house was taken yesterday
afternoon, and 655 votes were cast.
Of theso 500 were in favor of the
issue, while 155 wcro opposed. Of
those opposed, 125 wero from tho
country. The law is such that a two
thirds' vote is necessary for the ratifi
cation of the proposition. Phoenix

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