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The Flagstaff sun-democrat. (Flagstaff, Ariz.) 1896-1897, June 17, 1897, Image 2

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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fetort at tk Potteae at ructttf, Arltau.
a Beead-clu Uttur.
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all over to rrplrk I) rrolttcb.
AdrertlilDK nut jrlvn upon application.
THURSDAY, JUNE 17, 1897.
TUB Jil'Hlll Cll') t'f TcXMH thin fl'HKOII
la said Id l)f lhn iHrHMt in itx hlxiory.
Jt heatliiiHifil ni 40.000.000 lumliel.
Two wIIm iiuiiilfieig u th luitijr re
cently mi I Ik Mime iIh mif at Ruck
fiinl, III., Mini Ihu oilier at George
town. Del
CONOKKSS iH now bt'Hrip-il wllli H
petition tiiniHiiilng nix million iiHinen,
klli) ihul laKly In imj-tiizn CuIihii
belllgmi(- .
One of ibe ii-m HtiMiipiilii lilxior.v
tnwitnl H-iwliiHlloii whs itiMilit lam
-SninUy on IVnitleut Fume o( ilie
Fmich rt-i'ulili..
'JlIK filfe llle of I lie ci.lhHJie of I lie
UiiIIkI SlHit-s for tin inonlli of Max.
1897, WHiiiip.lil N.489.950. unil in
silver l,60il.()00.
ItIsrIhImI llml tin ihIIiomiIm anil
tt-Hlllii line- ivi-i-iwil Hiinimlly 150,
000,000 f i im lhn govei iitnenl of the
UuitillSite for lairtini: llio mail.
TllK tliiiihui' of Mai Kllen Lease,
Mit-s Eelyii LuiiIhc, will deliver her
flit le.'ium in July liifnie Hie Clmu
tauqun Society Hi Jitllii-Hlmwi, N. Y.
TllE woiIiI'h uniHleur lecord in liioy
cllng WHr reeenlly binken by Charles
Bllanof IhdimiM. He if only 17 ) earn
old and he covered a dinlancu of 60
jaida in 6 cecoinU.
IllKKE nle eililj-heven liienilteis iu
the Untied Slnlea Senate, and that
bwly ha 430 eniilne.i. au aeiaj: of
five In eaeli mi in Iter. The amount of
-wolk ilii-cu l.tH makers bare In du lunst
be Hialllnjr.
TllCvotiiuieivial tourUla glVH Arl
zona and New Mexico credit fur lielng
the deal -firliU in Iheir line. They re
port larger nrdern mid belter cnlleo
tlonn from the merchants of these two
TerriiorleH ihnn in tin- Rwteru State.
Flaostamt, a IhiIh city not half
tbe fcizt) of ltidland, has raised $2000
lot a Fourth of July celebration. And
what are we doingP All going in
iSOllie town that ha lhn sand to gel up
their ohu -elebiatiou? Redlaods Oil
ri.'iah. Fbesident McKinlet baa aiolnled
Wm. M. (jilfflili of Diiiiiug Springs,
feual count). In be United Stales Mm
ahal for Arizona. A goMl aiioint
ment no doubt. He is a native of
Chester count), Peinis)lvHiiia, and ha
lived iu Aiisota fur twenty lire )ears
III speaking of Francis Schlatter,
and of his death from starvation, an
eachaogo remarks: "Whatever mir
acles tie may have been able to per
form iu other lines, be should uarer
bave attempted to live without eating
without first running n country news
paper." The Attorney Oeiieml of California
is ptepat ing a petition to preaent to
the Sttpienie court for a writ of man
dale to compel the warden of San
Quciiiiu piiaoii to execute Theodore
Dm i ant on the 9tli of July. How
jrell lie will succeed is a question fur
tbe public to aolve.
Tub Galveston News has ventured
the following prediction as to the
fut in e crops of Texas this year: "Texas
this) ear will give each Inhabitant of
tbe Stale, one bale of cotton, six
bushels of wheat, forty bushels of corn,
one fat hog, two bube!s of peaches,
twenty bushels of oats, one-quarter of
beef, thirty dnxen eggs, ten chickeiis,
ae turkey, two pounds of honey, ten
pounds of wool, batf a mutton, balf a
btuhel of Irish 'potatoes, two bvshets
f sweet potatoes, tweaty watermelotu
and many other thluga unnecessary to
meiitlnn." Tbe Los Angeles Herald
In commenting on the alaive ):
'That is all tery ulce, but who will see
that each person gets the proper divi
dend? The problem of the times Is
nt one of production, but of distribution."
T'HK strangest man on earth was
Harry Whaleii. He was rceentU
operated on by surgeons iu Kausaa
Cit), and thwy took from bis stomach
two pocket knives, three kulfi blades,
three ounces of Hue glass, nails and
Maples to the number of sevenl). He
died from the effects of the operation
at ouue.
Jacob Z. Davis died leaving sewnd
millions of dollars. It is staled ')
I hose, who are iu a mili:iu to know,
tliat while D.ivIk's relative' in S.iu
Fiaucisco am lighting over bis estate,
lilt remains are held hi Philadelphia
at secuiily for an undertaker bill of
800. Tina is surely an illustration ol
Ilie litter emiillue-s of iiimih We.iltll.
A San ritiiciMo Ii.1micii hms: T'lie
cniiccasiou oblained b) Jessin Uraul
and hi assnciaie.4 from the Mexican
government for lands Mtriouudiu the
hot spiiugs, of the Jil.uia. aurona the
boundary line, covers also piivilees
for running a Inner) and for gambling.
It is said llml Uraul does not intend
lo filler .the. huiues, but tlitt Kul'iro
people are prepared lo take coiurol of
this feature of tun concession, while
(iraiit attends to I he colonization uiol
deVelopmi ut of tbe mineral unlets
'1 he Identity of the Eastern people is
mil known, but it haa been liarn.tl
that the Dw sera areliguiiug on ihu
purcbaSM of the Bieraou ami San An
tonio lauches, tiiiim miles lielow Tin
Juaiia, lo be used for racing stock. A
local real estate mail who is IiuiiiIIIiilc
the mailer for Giant and bis associates,
is authority for the statement ihat lhn
intended puichssers declare they will
build tbe tlnest gambling house iu the
woi Id at the springs to cost two mill-
inn dollaia, lo iucltida every game of
chance known, wild a lottery iu i
uectiou. The deal is lo elose ibis
Nolle To Wainr Consumers
Numerous cmupUiiits having been
made by water-lakers of the impossi
bility of securing anything like uu ade
quate supply of water, aud it having
been made lo appear almost certain
that lhn supply is ample, if properly
used, aud that the lusulllcleucy is due
solely to lhn wasting ot Ilie water b)
excessive irrigalluu aud otherwise.
uutice is hereby given that
The irrigation of lawns and trees
aud the use of water for oilier than
bourn hold pm poses is absolutely pto-
hibiled, except be I wee u tbe hours of
half-past six aud half-past seveu iu
the moriiiug and eveuiug.
The management is willing to per-
mi', the proper use of water from i s
suppl), under Hie existing arrange
uieiils, aud will eudeavor at all limes
to make the supply equal any reason
able demaud. It dues not lindei take,
however, to furnish water lo be was ed
and it is not the Intention to permit
the waste of water tot continue any
longer. Those of tbe consumers who
feel that the above restrictions curtail
their rights iu any way are at liberty,
ami requested to terminate the ar
rangements under which they uuw ob-
tnlii their supply of water. It is the
intention to enforce the terms of this
notice to tbe letter and it is only on
condition that these, simple restrictions
on the use of the water be onserved
that the management cousents to a
continuance of the privilege of obtain
ing water from the pipes of the rail
road company. A. G. Wells,
General Superintendent for Receiver,
Atlantic & Pari Ho rallioad.
Albuquerque, N. M., June, 16, 1897.
There's no use iu talking," says W.
H. Broadwell, druggist, ha Cygne,
Kan., Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Dlarhoea remedy docs the work.
After taking medicines of my own
preparation and those of others' I
took a dose of Chamberlain's and it
heloed me: a second dose cared me.
Candidly and conscientiously I rau
recommend it as the best thing on tbe
market." The 36 and 60 cent sixes
for sale by Dr. D. J. Brannen's dnig
tte., - - ,,
PKitttY vaikuhild'b dkath;
Perry Falrttlld, father of Under
Sheriff Fletcher Faircblld, died last
week at bis hoiae in Danville, III. The
Daily News of Danville gives the fol
lowing account of the funeral of tbe
deceased and sljttch of bis life:
Simple and impressive funeral ser
vices were lielilUesterday afternoon at
3 o'clock for (Li late Perry Faircblld.
The nbsiqules 'occurred at the First
Methodist EulXpal church, of which
Ilie deceased was au esteemed member,
and were in chrge of the pastor, Rev.
S. W. Thonitnij. A large concourse
of friends and citizens were present to
pay a last tribute of reelect,
Elder W. H. Welister. who had
been h life-long friend of the deceased,
made tbe opening prayer.
Bv. Thornton's text was from
Second Timothy, 4:8: I fought a
gHid light; I have finished my course;
Inave kept the faith.'
"He lead a liiographical sketch of
Mr. Kail chilil. and then dwelt Unhi
the two following points which char
acleiizitl the life of the. deceased:
I: His tiuconipromlsliig attitude as
a Methodist Clnisilan. The speaker
sketched the religious standing and
principles of enrly men, which were
those of Mr. Fail-child. The latter
had stood for the old fashioned type
of Christianity. - Iu later years wheu
r-veises of fortune came, upon him,
this stern impregnable Christian faith
had served lo keep alive In him
tiiat bright, cheeiful disposition by
which he was always known.
'2. In tlm haul" of life Mr. Fair
child was a spluudid example of men
whom calamity or misfortune cannot
cruh or disparage Through all his
siiuirgleM lie did not become sour, or
gloomy or pessimistic, but always le
taliied his strong, bright and cheerful
ilisposition. He was never vindictive
against ihosu who had wronged him,
aud thought well of hum inity. He
was a very industrious man and atom!
well iu the community.
The church choir sang sweetly the
following hymns: Come Unto Me.'
Shall we Meet Beyond the River,' ami
Servant of G id, Well D me.' Inter
ment occurred nt Spriugbill. Toe
following gentlemen were lhn pall
bearers: George H. Seguer. James H.
Phillips. U. F. Cook, K. R. 1'hlpps, T.
O. Wesinian and Henry Funk. Among
those from out ol town who attended
Hie funeral were: Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam F. Falrchild. Mr. aud Ms. I. U.
Fairchild and George W. Falrchild. of
Blount township.
Daniel Perry Fairchild was born
Novrmocr 18. 1820. in Vaiiderbui,
county, lud., near where the city if
Evausville now stands. He was the
sou of Ormau and Hannah Waguou
Fail-child, aud was the eldest of six
children. The elder Kail child, with
bis family, removed to Kdgar county,
111., in .18x6, and two years later (In
January. '38.) came to Vermillion
coutiiy and settled iu Ulouiit township,
where Perry spent his ImiIiooiI da)s.
Iu 1848 the family removed in Dan
ville. Perry learned the i.l'lck-mak
lug trade, and afterwards started into
business for him-elf, in which he was
very successful and accumulated a
large fortune, until the panic of '73
occurred, wheu he suffered heavy re
verses. He followed the business 64
years and during III it time manufae
l tired 125,000,000 bilck, most of which
have been used in building up this
city and surrounding town. He fur
nislied a large number of the brick
used in building lhn state capllol at
Springfield. Mr. Fairchild was mar
ried April 7. 1842, to Dorens A. Drit-
Ion. who survives him. As a result
of this union six children were bom
tlve of whom are still living. They ale
William and Fletcher Fnirchild, who
reside in Arizona; Amanda Estes and
Elizabeth Fleming, of litis ell y, and
Alice Jemlson, of Nashville, lenu
Francis Asbery tiled in Silver City,
New Mexico, somn venrs ago.
"The last two ears of Mr. Fair-
child's life have 'been passed quh-ll)
at Ids liome. 619 Walnut St. Hn was
a good citizen, respected aud loved
by all Wao knew him.
Govbbnob Franklin has offered a
$500 reward for another escaped crim
inal. It is f.ir Chacon, who broke
jail at Sulomonvilte a few days ago.
He was under sentence of death, and
bis day of execution was la this
month. He has bo doubt relieved tbe
GoverBor of a hard job.
Sometimes lotM -
When you iee Our Name
ber, Well Dressed, Well Kinufaotured,
Good Grades and the Best Attention and
If You are going to enter the
Building "DERBY" this year
Get our PRICES and you are
Sure to be a Winner.
Fancy Groceries,
Groceries, Glass
and Queensware.
Will sell, for a few days, GLASS and QUEENS
WARE at Cost.
J AS. A. VAILr, Proprietor..
Fine Wines, Liquors Cigars.
Schlitz's I "Beer
sometimes EniM.
it means "Good Lum
OB IS IT 10116.
Tobaccos and
a Specialty,
'Mwmi'lw.iii iixumm

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