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The Flagstaff sun-democrat. (Flagstaff, Ariz.) 1896-1897, June 17, 1897, Image 4

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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t ! VwTw"'"'t-jLLjijwr,ff'
,'V "ltl"IMIll''"M
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7n-"nrki-.-;?;,:; ..Sr'1 TO
:i- ' m&m$
i MfwS S&tfUKfa'ita
v. K - . -,i"-" twr ' fffi
v t - v ,
Boots, best
$6 a pair.
of all
Ctuet t
& Coon
and E. &
W. Collars.
and Cuffs
The prettiest,
n e 7 t e s t, most-;
up-to-date line of
Neckwear in the
Stetsons, Lion Brand
and Eagle Brand ai;e all
sold at prices that defy
rah a x
m. k IPs.
Nine-ounce Riveted Overalls at
per pair
Fred Busby's Hand
sewed Gloves; get a
pair and try 'em 1
G'lvt'innr FiHiiklln ll wefk ap
proved the 1-lnlra i'f 8. S. Preslim In
the ii whkI nf 5U0 nnVieil liy IIih Trr
riioiv fur llm c;i)Iiii-h nf Jim Parkt-r.
The mailer whs luiiinil iivhi' l iIim
audit"!' in I ""tic a win i ant cowling tlio
amount. Rf)ulilli'ttii.
'l'' ii porter was iiifui iiipiI j fieida'
thsit a nipeliiijr nf pIiIzpih whs In-lit In
puMif sclioul liiiililln; TiiH4iUy even
iur, at which nippllnjf ii imiihitloii wm
passed leqitesliiijj the, hniil'd nf srhiNil
truiiee to provide fuipplii", 4i-hod
room mnl learln-rs fur a Kni'lerinirlHii
School fur lln 1 MSI rillil inn nf children
nuder six jears nf age. Courier.
Mr. Shepanl bought nil llm ratlin nf
F. T. Lh Pi Kiln anil Jnhn Mt-nilt fur
fulurf delif piy anil Ims gntm Into the
Tnntn rniintry in Sfni i-h nf mine. In
tlie past two years, thn Shnpanl Km,
barn pui-cliMwl almost all the rati If
belonging to thn omnll ilealcra hIiiiiit
the Allantlo & FaHflo fmm Navajo
Springa to Wlnslnw. and still want
xnnrr. Winslnw Mail.
The hoard nf supprtlgnrs ypatrday
dl.allnwpd thn bark salary claims of
Yavapai rnnnty M-nffirlals. Chii-f
Jusllrn Baker has declmeil the law
valid and Marlcnpa rnnnty has paid
bfr officiala Id arrnrdanre with this de
cisinn. Cnrnninn rniinly siipfrvlanra
arreplrd the validity nf I lie art with
ont question and allowed thn rlaimaol
ber (.fflclala. The rase will he taken
to the rimrt by thn ex-nfDrers of I III"
county. Journal MIiip.
The scheme fur an rlpotiir lijrhi
plant for our little riiy, la In a fair
way to hesome a reality. The projec
tors, wllli hut litlla or no effort, one
mlj;ht sav, have received sufflrii nt en
couiaempnt to convince thpin thai
the enterpiise will m he a losing niip.
We feel warranted In making llm pie
diction that Wiuslnw will he lighted
by Vlertrlelty by or before the 1st nf
September. The next Improvement
will he electiiu street railways. Wins-
low Mail.
Tbe.Enginee.rlng and Mining Jour
nal has just completed its annual state
ment for 1896 and it is probably I be
roost accurate and comprehensive state
ment yet published in that connection.
It indicates.an increase of about $20,-
000,000 in tbe minora! product nf the
United States in 1896 ovor 1895, of
wblch increase 911,830,167 was in our
gold product and $7,470,882 in our
silver product Tbe Engineering and
Mining Journal has done a great ser-
vico to tbe business of the country in
on earth, at
kinds, ready made and tailor
at prices to suit purcnaser.
and be suited.
ZLi CS H- ..
hPJ 0
securing these stat IkIIps. Tombstone
Up tn Ma) 28 1 hi re hare been shipped
from Tiii-Hiiu thn present jem 22,619
head nf ratlin. llenx shipniHiils iliir
iiiir lh same pei iod am. mule I. to 95,.
828 he.nl. Total Wilcnx shinni 'iiu up
t diite HgregitH 30,022 Im id L'omb-
StniiH Prnspet'tiil.
Tliecisn nf the Territory v. Pmil
L'Hke, c't trrt'l with IjhI'i uuoisaory
with Si'luiliz. to lliu mui'iler nf G. W.
K. McNarr, WAi diHiiiispil to-dHy
iiiiiIhi-thn N irtoii act, pmeil by iho
last Legislature. Tim nninler was
ciiminilteil in January. 1895, and
Seh ii 1 1 J! and Loskn wern died joinily
and i-oiirli-led of thn miirder a'nd
sentenced to he hung on August 9 of
t hat ear. An ap-eal was taken to
the SnpreniH court and a slay of
execution granted and tbe case has
been dragging along ever since.
Under thn Norton art, repealing the
law conmriiiug miir der, no convirtion
can be bad tir a greater crime than
manslaughter, in rases committed
prior to it-s piussage. Loskn was never
charged wiih actively participating in
thn murder, but was charged as an ac-
cnss'iry before, thn fact, and as the
law dues not require any such in cases
of manslaughter the defendant was
released. Schullz will be tried fur
manslaughter. Journal Miner.
mi m i i i-ni-i k
Fits May Fight.
Buffalo. N. V., June 14. John L.
Sullivan arrived in Buffalo this even
iug, in company with bis backer.
Frank B. Dunn of Boston, and linrae
dialely started on a hunt fur Champion
Bt Fitssininioiis. The rival pugilists
came together at the Lceum theater,
where Fitssimmnnii' Vaudeville com
pany is holding forth.
Sullivan wanted to talk fight light
away, hut was prevailed upon to wall
until thn conclusion of tbe per
formance. At 11 o'clock to-night Sullivan, Filx
Simmons, Qui mi, Martin Julian and n
host of other sports met at the Tiff
ham. Sullivan Issued a formal chal
lenge to Fitcsimmons for a finish fight
for the world's championship aud n
aide bet of 95000. Dunn produced
91000 to bind the match. Fitrslm
uiuus at first declared tbat he thought
be bad earned a rest and did not In
tend to fight again for at least a year,
but on Sullivan urging him strongly
to arrange a match, tbe champion
promised to take the matter under con
sideration and give Sullivan a definite
answer shortly. Tbe meeting between
the fighters was quite friendly.
m fl J flfO D
Tbrllltna- Combat Iteported During-
the IUngiing Hbow In
Grand Forks.
GbakdFobksJn. D.. June 10 A
terrific combat iimk place this after-'
noon. In the iiiknagHiie tent of the
Ringling UrntlJis' world' greatem
shows, the like, cf which will perhaps
never be seen again in the United Stales
at any rale. A io)al Bengal tiger, sup
posedly second L,r in fighting abil
ities to the lion, fcamn so near meeting
death in the rriithlng coll of a mou
rner serpent tlnuihe will be a piellj
sick Beugal fur noiue weeks to come,
If, indeed, he etfr entirel. recnviis.
As soon as I lie, side allows have fin
ished their afternoon opening, the
pe( formers go to dinner. At thin
hour, usually a little afier two
o'clock, the audience is seated in the
lug fit ens tent and the pei furniture is
going on. Mile. Mauetll, who liHinllei.
some of the laigest xerpenl.s ever seen
in this L-ountn, appeals in llm side
show and just as aim was almut to
leave for dinner, it nccuried lo hnr to
give a big boa constrictor a little ex
ercise in the grasj, of course in charge
nf a competent attendant. She look
the snake nut of its Imix and placed ii
upon tbe ground, outside the side, show
tent and adjoining thn shin wall of the
menagerie. The man was left to
watch bis snakeship and the enrhanter
went to the dining tetit. But hn at
tendant thought it wasn't necessary to
herd thn snake ton closely, for it didn't
seem inclined to move an inch. So
he went tn the front of ihn tent to
rbat with somn of thn men. He
turned around after a miniiin'biit his
snake had disappeared. Not raring
to have hla lapsn from duly discovered
the pan started tn find him. But the'
snake was gone and not a "ijjn of him
could he see all where. Within iiIhhii
two minutes fioui the time he dixnp
peaied thele came from the meiiaeiie
a flightfiil. eai-plilling )i- thai
hi ought every sleepy aniin.il and man
in lb" lilacn lo his feet in an iiislaiil.
The shllek ratlin fiora the lljfei'a cige
where it HeniuiMloiis suailiog iiiiil
thumping was olng on. Th uei
milled up tn sue, what w.ts tin uii'iei
and they found the big lliii l-f.i..i
snake. He had ciawled under the
side wall, enteied llm cagrf of lh ti
gers, pounced upon one of lliem lhat
was asleep and in an ineitul had his
deadly folds till ice around the ) el low
striped body. It was the application
of a murderous pressmn that caused
I he fearful shilek. Iron feeding folks
prmta, pole., cluh.1. anything and
everything that canrn to hand were
used to beat the serpent off. The ti
ger's throat was in a coil and so were
his forelegs. He was powerless, des
pite his tremendous strength and was
slowly but surely strangling to death.
The oscillating bead of thn monster
swayed to and fro, five feet out of his
reach aud bis vicious roils grew tight
er and tighter. At this juncture the
snake charnier rame in on a run, hav
ing been called by tbe shiftless attendant
before she had reached the dining tent.
She saw tbn situation at a glance and
uttering a sharp command in some un
intelligible language, reached through
the bars aud caught the boa' by the
neck In a second or two his coila
relaxed peiceptibly. He had the tiger
unconscious now and almost squeezed
into. Reluctantly he unwound his
writhing body from that nf his victim
and a few afoxuils Uter wits pulled out
through the feeding grates, as limp as
a wet rag and returned to his cage.
HaA not a re8-uer appeared in the
pei sun nf a snake cbaimer, Ju't when
he did, it thousiind-dollar gT would
have been charged to profit and lo-s.
I he cncus men say they never expect
to see such a thiilling tight agaiu.
Klectrlc Hlttera.
Electric Bilteis is a medicine stilled
for any season, but peihaps mure gen
erally needed when the languid, ex
hausted feeling prevails, .when the.
Ilyer is torpid and sluagish ann me
need of a tonic and alterative is felt.
A prompt use of this medlclue bas of
ten averted long and perhaps fatal
bilious fevers. No medicine will act
more surely in counteracting and freo-
ing the By stem fiom the malarial
poison. Headache, Indigestion, Con
stipation, Dlzijness yield to Efectrio
Bitters. For sale at Dr. D. J. Bran
lien's Drug Store.
" ' l LYMAN H;
1I. i '
Most Handsomsly Appointed
Hotel in
This elegant hotel has had $5039 expended on its renova
tion, rearrangement and decoration. Completely
equipped with all modern improvements.
Electric lights in every room.
Headquarters for everything in the " , .
Drug, Kotioh and Toilet Lihe.
Call and be convinced tbat my
Wines, Liquors, Cigars, etc.
3an Francisco St. HABBY JAC0BY-
The Leading Weekly Newspapefebf'
Devoted to; the Interests of
m V
Territory of Arizona.
Its pages are always Spicy, Newsy and Reliable, and
ready to advance 'the
t oooooooooooo
Subscription Two Dpllars
Published every Thursday.
' r . 1 i '
fiwL' igVis
tice and satisfaction guaranteed.
aid Mist Lib3iaIIy Binagal
t n
. 'i
stock is a fine one.
t,U I
. '
Coconino County and the
common interest of all. i
J ! I
per year, payable in advance.
fr ,
all kinds done 01 shortVo
' IJli.C'l
A JACKSON. Publisher. '
5tr,'&&"' ''"laSSEST

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