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The Flagstaff sun-democrat. (Flagstaff, Ariz.) 1896-1897, August 12, 1897, Image 2

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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jlv ', tvivttJUD JCTXKT TBCMDAT.
f. S. MXSS (I . . JIOSSO
Utters w FaUUhers
I tk Peeteaee'at riatstaf, Aibm,
M Biteae. bUii Matter.
obYmt taw
Three Heath.,.. T
Mas) coplesMceatst tire cosies UmUi
11 orer two copies. Hi cents each.
Aeertlla rates eItm upon application
1'rr combined value of the hone
property nf London, Paris and New
York kt9,' 60,000. V
Tas weallb of CHcotilno county Iq
taxable property haa Increased 99,
813.67 In .twelre month.
Tro assessed valuation of the Terri
tory, for 1897 is 129,499,353, which is
an increase of about 82,000,000 over
' ' One of Th 'sniootlii'st railroad sys
tem in the East Is the Pennsylvania,
which is Mug 'sprinkled with oil to
keep down tin lnt.
Goveiinor McI'okd Saturday Issued
commissions to J. II. McClintock,
Harry Zuck ami L-e (J ray us trustees
of the IVrrlloiinl Not mnl School.
It is estimHted thnt for charity pur
poses Urentr New York expends 850,
000.000 yearly, wliiuh i about $16 to
every nisn, toman and child within it.
President McKiklkt hasappcinted
i. H. Bowman of Holbrook oud Dor
atiy Patton of Chicago Rceiver and
Register reipnctively of the Tucson
laud office.
Joaquin MiLLhitoratiiue other poet
miner imtes the "impressive silence"
of the Alaskan wild. It is so still op
there that It la impossible to hear the
report nf the secretary of agriculture.
Postal savings hanks are not a
great way off. The sul'ject is receiv
ing the attention of our ablest finan
ciers, .while nearly every metropolitan
newspaper is clamoring fur its adop
tion. The new board of equalization now
complices C. P. Leilch, member for
tbecccoMl district; J. F. Black, mem
ber for the first district, and T. II.
BurniUier of PreK-otl, member for
the third iIIkI ilct.
As Senor Cauovas, the dead prime
minister of Spain, has been responsi
ble for General Wvler, the laiter's
recall, who is in ill-favor with the
queen-regent, now that Ills protector
is no more, is expected. The Pubaus
hail with joy the death of the famous
prime ininUier.
Flagstaff i rapidly becoming ' a
great summer resort for all Arizona.
Away up ammit; the pines of San
, Francisco mountains it has many allnr
..' in .attractions to the dwcjlera (if the
'heated plains in tho way pf sylvan
"dells, rippling brooks and shady lake
, sides. Kinsman Miner.
Mahconi. a yoiiii Itajfan, has made
' remarkable strides In thohltherto Im
'" possible feSt of telegrspliing, without
' wires. In bii experiments In London
last Snnday, cement and ' brick walls,
, proved no obstacle in sending a, lues
'sajie from one side of the city to a
"' receiver on I be other side, demon
,V tstrating'berond .dottut thai telegraph-
. ,;lDg witnout wires is, no, q ream, oi a
rientistbut a reality. . -..
AKOTHE Inland nxite to tho gold
fields of Alaska has been opened, up
to afl eat Ibrf, of prtispectlve.lmmlgranu
VO I lie niooujfcc. wiio giTO uj !
from Victoria to Calgary, ! -British
Columbia m yigC&aaian
Pa'cltio railroad. Leaving the main
'line here a run of Jahuodrodj miles'
north to Edroontonh.eBdirKtbo
'ij- 'A ii.fyA. j!- .
railway, himd. ""?" JrJv. "
lla fd MAMalik JfkAMt VntUk 1 a t! eSAM-
of eighteen miles', DtisgsjiiMtniir
7. " i.famoasiMacksnale'jrlver.w-'Up which
:.. ;v .' rfeeigh1 hLMraws
r-'v".a '.neororalei'Vf sUdistan?
where It Is necessary to haul one's
supplies overland. At regular Inter
vals, are the trading poets of the Hud
son Bay Co., where accommodations
nd additional supplies may be had,
making the trip a very safe one. At
the mouth of the Mackensle Is the
Arctlo sea, and sevetal miles west
along the shore is encountered a good
elsed stream which has Its origin with
in a few miles of the diggings. To go
up the river a sail may be used nearly
all the way. The chief advantage of
this route Is its safety and the accom
modations afforded by the Hudson
May Company and besides it is much
cheaper man any otaer route.
A comstitdkmt of Congressmsn
Dolliver of Iowa applied for the con
sul-generalship at Montreal and.landed
on the Island of Trinidad. The un
grateful one wrote the congressman
If the government had any diplo
matic mlatlnus with hell, I think I
would have' been selected for the con
sulship there. Trluldsd seems to have
nothing hut blazing skies above and
boiling pitch beneath. It is the ante
room of hell."
Lots of men would be satisfied if
they could merely get In on the ante.
Senor Antonio Canovas del Cas
tillo, piimo minister of Spain, was
a.ssalllald Sunday at Santa Agueda
by an anarchist. The murderer lired
ihree shots, one of which struck the
premier in the forehead and another
in the filial. The wounded statesman
fell tlyliif; at the feet of his wife, who
was xx 111) him, lingering iu acuity for
an hour null I lieu passing nay with
the c,,v of Long live Spain," which
were ihe lart words Umhi his lips.
Santa Agucd is noted for its baths.
The plnen Is lieiween San Sebastiaii.
the'suminei residence of the Spanish
court, and Victoria, the caplial of the
province of Alava, about thirty miles
south of Bilbao. Ihe premier went
there last Thursday to take a three
weeks1 course of baths, after .vhk'h he
expected to return' to San Sebastian to
nienl United States Minister Woodford,
when that )!eutleinau should be offi
cially, received by the queen regent.
The assassin was immediately arrested.
He is a Neapolitan and gives Hie name
of Riilaldl, ,iiit it is believed that this
is an Hs-siini' (I name and that his real
name Is Michele Augino Uolli. At a
special meeting of the cabiuei Sunday
under the pre-ideiiuy of Siioi- Cos
Gayon, uiluister of the interior, the
latter announced that he had lieeu in.
trusted by the queen regent with the
premleohip nd interim.
Thomas fcitoh, erbtwliile of Sau
Diooniiil Arizona, better known iu
the 'Vilver tniued" orator of rti.
fnruia, and, lately of New Y'lik, his
Ikjbii uppotntet to thrt retnoulbli
position of Immiitratioii ComiiiUioiier
at tlin hi t of New York. This luce
is an imi"rtnt one, and ctrries a big
snliry 3m Dieijo Tribune,
Who will get it?
Schillings Best tea is not only pure but it
is--? because it is fresh-roasted.
W;hat is the missing word ?
Get Schilling? 'i (Best tea at your grocer'sj uke out ths Yttttm Titket
(t&ere is one in every package); send it with your guess to address Wow
Moire' August' 31st' '
pOite word allowed for'every yellow
If only oue person finds the word,'
' V
V ir.,-i.rfi.- -i.,in. tt.1,-.
wsj u miyii( wmw.. uvu
fcabieo at the end of the contest
cveral find it, the money will be divided' equally among them.
issrvpewiilreoMve a charming 1898 calendar, no advertisement on it,
V ' -4 ' 7
i'Bosides this thousand dollars, wc will pay (150 each to the two persons
.Wttptdn the largest number of yellow .tickets jn one envelop betweea
JuJMaand the. end of the contestAugust 3ist,
rthis out. You
::Jlbr;iWQjyeeks.rf'J ',.
No Gripe
WkMTMftftksKsefirm ThsMfcoWmk
lease; ssaafceates pills, wales, tear yea's te
teees, are art la MwHh Hoofs. Cssytetake
easy to operate: bins
of Rood's Plus, wtich are
up to date la aver reipeet,
flats, eertataaadson. a
rasftols. MS. G.MTeeaOa, lowed. Maw.
las oelj fills is take wttfc Seed's aersspsnaa.
flagstaff Illustrated.
Ihe August Issue of the Land nf
Sunshine comes to band with its usual
embellishments hi 'the way of beanli
ful half-tones, anil attractive features
of sperial articles on the Southwest
A twelve-page illustrated article
FlNg.taff and the Grand Canyon forms
a pleasing addition to its other beau-th-a.
The article, the letter press nf
which Is short, deals with the many
all-active feat tires 'of the 8kylight
:iiy, Illustrated with excellently exe
cu ed half-tones. It Is withal credlta
b'e to the liusiness nHn of Flagstaff
aid to the Land of Sunshine. This
article on Fhigiaff has beeii issued by
t ntusaiids in pamphlet form and will
b dlMtriltuied patultouslr by our pub
lie spirited ciilzeiif wherever they wiy
do the most good.
With Old friend.
Wh received on Monday ihe follow
I"iC epislle from George Hixwoith,
wlni left, hern a wek ago last Fiidny
f.rihi scenes of his youth in Ohio:
Columbus, O., Aug.. 6, 1897.
Tn my old friends, of which I
trut I have niiinr, I wish to say to
them that I am in the city of Colum
bus Ohio, riht iimoiii; my friends,
iiud I found an old Uhlo boy, who had
formerly winked, In Flagstaff for J. U.
Kllpalrlck, in Ihe pel-sou of Harry
Wan!, who has made It Very pleasant
for me.
Well, I reckon not nh, no not
much hot! I look off outside clothing
at St. Liuls, and then the Arizona
giva-e just filed out of me.
We are to hare an $Hdd boys' galh
ering' Wiliglitud 4si good lime is
I went to hear Debs last night;
big crowd, and he is a good talker.
'Give alt the boys my kind regards
and I probably miv wrile you soon
ajialn. My frieiid Harry Ward is
going to give me a spin around the
city and Ids team Is pawing up the
gravel walk, s I will close. Yours
kindly, Gkoiwb Hoxwokth.
Chamberlain's colic, cliolery and
diarrhoea remedy always affords
prompt relief. For sale by D. J.
Hrauueii's dru: store.
Aldkkuan Manolku of Chicago. who
claimed to have lieeiioffeied a bribe by
a pri'mineiii ciifziMi," hut ivtuscd in
divulge Ills iihiiip, was yestenlaT fined
$1000 and 9(daH iu jail for contempt.
he gets one' thousand doflars. II
M,in ., . ...r iu..4 .-..,;-
vtiu Kfc u act OI CalUUWU U w RMlUK
Those sending three or more iii out
won't see it asrain
" ,
sjwhws Kinnj -
When tou tee Our If ame it meant MOood Lnm
ber, Well Dreuedtl Well Minufactured,
Good Grades and the Beit Attention and.
'-- ' f
i " lri"' .('-". i- '-, ' . i '
..',.,'..' - , ' $' '
If You are going -to enter
Building "DERBY" this yean
Get our PRICES and you arfeji
Sure to be a Winner.
Hoisting Engine
Hi 1
1 i tms eat tscieseuM our , is,
' W also build Stetto aad DoUsi Draw Hoistuw EnRines, both Osareal r
FricM ,snd furnish Wirt Rope, Ore Buckets, Cars, Salves, etc, making coaspkts
.outfits. "Weber",HoUters and Engines use (tasolls, ISeUpa, DpstHtatt. iu .
for fuel. They can be useHJ4Troiiid or oa thedmapr AlUtaetoiaekes ae
difference In the operating of the tyeber."
EvetEacsdoauAbMlateOsHmnts. In wt for iH Mrpotts.
Used by such concerns is K.'C. Consolidated Soultiaf , k Retetec Co., pjjMadtl
'phhiSraeltlnjCo.,GuaeBheims;etc .'-" 'i ,,,' , t-'&jy.
t For prkes and particulars, write tts,! statins dHty.MoliHorM 1 Iwsr. etc.
Catalogues,, "Stationary" and "Hoisting" on application to " ' y '"!
wcdcd fiio iun nicm iyc cihuiu: m 44?s.w.
'ir&tUbit uny jnnu 'UnvtiMiib knuinb uva
siietnts Eifiitiisi ;
01 is it wm
Si- wf 1 i
Costs to run One Cent per
Horse Power pr Hour. No
Coal or Wood and very Kttle
water required.
SB, w, 40, s g. P. Qearsd Hoist, m ri : f
CITti1 Moii
1.1;, a
ttf . .:? T
" S".. . ..
,,' ". iTJiv
. '
..V'S-. irtU 4 VVllift fr.l
. I'C
sr? '.''''f'Svj'y'Mr
Mfc '. 3&- lih '&$: j ji4

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