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The Flagstaff sun-democrat. [volume] (Flagstaff, Ariz.) 1896-1897, September 30, 1897, Image 3

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All contract and bills for advertising pay
able monthly.
Advertising rates given upon application.
Business locals 10 cents per line (or Brst In
sertion, and Scents per line for each subse
quent Insertion.
Tnx Hon-PimocratU pleased to contribute
public matters, but all notices of festivals,
airs, meetings of societies, suppers, enter
tainments and mention of marriages, .births
and deaths beyond the regular announce
ment, will be charged for at regular rates.
Lecture at M. E. church to-morrow
District court convenes at St. Johns
next Monday.
Take your watch and jewelery re
pairs to J. A. Maurer at the postofflce.
A new stock of fall shirts and under,
wear was opened this week at the Cash
, Store.
The Santa Fe. Pacific railroad com
.pany Is handling an immense amount
of freight.
Good cheap shoes at M. J. Bagnall's.
Try tho 2.50 and $3.00 shoes. Re
pairing. Subscribers failing to receive The
.Sux-Dkuockat will please notify the
For freshest cuts in beaf, mutton.
veal and pork, go to Mnhlenpah &
Deputy Sheriff Martin Bugglin of
Williams was holding down our side
walks the first of the week.
V. F. Goodhue of White Hills, cum it
In Friday on business aiid while heio
Jtiade this ofllec business call.
The finest and only cnmpletu stock of
Men's Furnishing Goods, Clothing and
Shoes In town, at the Flagstaff Cash
The citizens of our neighboring town
of Holbrook estimates the cattle ship
ment from that point this season at
20,000 head.
We learn that . J. BeTln, a former
citizen of this city, is uow located in
Dawson, Alaska, and Is receiving $14
per da1)' for playing a piano.
Babbitt Bros, shipped two carloads
.of cattle Tuesday from Hackberry to
Los Angeles, California. ' A. H. Boas-
ley had charge of tho shipment.
A. D. Ripley of Williams was here
.Saturday attending the lodge of Odd
Fellows. Mr. Ripley Is District Dep
uty for this order in Northern Arizona.
L. W. Cumberland and G. G. Hunt
concluded it was too warm In Albu
querque for health-seekers and are
now in Flagstaff. Albuquerquo Dem
ocrat. .
Mohlenpah Mudersbach have tho
cleanest, nicest, most convenient meat
mat kot in town. Their meats are all
fresh and of the finest.
The teachers of our public school
arc reudeiing good service Prof.
Drew and hU entire corps of assist
.ants are giving the very best satisfac
tion in their respective departments.
H. W. Adams left for Flagstaff Sat
urday night to enjoy a short layoff
.and meet Mrs. Adams, who is return
ing from a visit to her old borne in
Pennsylvania. Phoenix Republican.
Services at M. E. church next Sun
day: Sunday School 10 a. m. Class
meeting 11 a. m. Song services 3 p.
m. In the evening, review of quar
ter's lessons by children. Public in
vited Parents especially.
Havo you seen the new $12 suits at
Weatherford's? They nro English
worsteds, made in the latest stylo of
.merchant tailoring, with deep collars
: and wido sleeves, and are liner than
any $18 suit ever sold here. The $6,
$8 and $9 suits received with this lot
are record-breakers for value.
W. J. Mulvenon received a telegram
today announcing the death in Los
Angeles this morning ot Henry Spauld
Ing formerly of this county. Clarence
Spauldlng left on this morning's train
having been advised of the serious ill
ness of his father. Besides the above
ion deceased leaves a wife and two
daughters, one of the latter being the
wife of Sheriff Ralph Cameron of Co
conino county. Prescott Journal-Miner
27th lust.
"r m - "-
Fresh oysters, celery, full lino of
cukes mid tinu cecum candies at Coflln's.
Sixty cents for Levi, Stiauss & Co.
overalls ut Flagstaff Cash Store.
Messrs. Black, Babbitt Bros, and
J. A. Vail, made a largo shipment of
cattle yestvrday.
For Same 200 head of rams, be
longing to J. D. Newman. Apply to
E. B. Newman.
J. C. Adams, mayor f Phoenix,
passed through on No. 1 Tuesday on
ills return from Chicago.
V. D. Powell and daughter, Mrs.
M. M. Fisher, left Sunday for Los
Angeles fur a ten days visit.
Infants' shot s, 25c and up; ladies'
and men's tan shoes below cost. Re
palling. At M. J. Bagnall's.
Frank Owen by, a rancher from Oak
Creek, disposed of a wagon load ot
vegetables here the first of tho week.
D. R. Prime has added greatly to
the appearance of his premises on
Aspen avenue by tilling It and level
lug up bis yard with dirt ami flue
Treasurer Daniel Francis as ex
ofllelo collector Is ready, anxious and
wllliug to receive your taxes lor the
year 1897.
Try Schilling's Bst tea and baking powder.
J. W. Thurbur has commenced the
erection of n dwelling on west Aspen
avenue. J. C Grim has the contract
to build ,lie same.
Services at Presbyterian church Oct.
3rd at 11 a. lit. and 7:30 p. m. Morn
ing subject, 'God's Kingdom.' Even
lug subject. "The Power of Purpose."
Don't Make Any Mistake. You
can buy Levi Slrauss's full riveted
overalls at J. W. Weatliurford's for
COo a pair, but NOT the XX which are
worth 75c
William Camhell, an extensive
sheep-grower, has purchased dwell
ing property of J. W. Francis on La
roux street and will soon movu into
the same.
On Monday evening Oct. 4th, the
Lowell Observatory will be open to the
public, and the citizens of Flagstaff
are cordially invited to enjoy the use
of the great telescope in viewing some
of the most interesting of the heavenly
bodies. -
Guy L. Frazer of the Citrus Bolt of
Highland, Cal.. came In Tuesday and
left yesterday for a visit to Nature's
greatest wonder, the Grand Canyon of
the Colorado. This office acknowl
edges a fraternal call from tho gen
tleman. Oue price shoes, warranted shoes,
money back shoes, in green', chocolate,
ox-blood and black, and in all the new
styles. Coin Bulldog and English toes
for men, women and children at the
Flagstaff Cash Store.
Mrs. T. E. Pulllam, wife of ( our
Couuty Recorder; and their three chil
dren will start to Berryvllle., next
Tuesday on an exteuded visit to her
parents, other relatives and friends.
Duilug her absence Mr. Pulllam will
be under our charge.
C. A. Bush, city clerk, moved from
tho court house today to his olllce in
tho city building on Laroux street.
Hereafter tho city council will hold
their sessions in said building, and it
will also be headquarters for the pulico
judge, who will organize a first-class
chain gang as soou as ho can gather
sufficient material.
Lately we havo received so mauy re
quests by publishers outsido the Ter
ritory to be plated on our exchange
list that wo can't afford tho expense,
aud are compelled to decline. It llat
tors us that the Sun-Demociut is at
taining such wido-spread popularity,
and is quoted mote than any newspa
per iu Arizona, but wo are not finan
cially able to Increase our already
larire exchange list, notwithstanding
ll jiiins us to refuse the favor.
I i Board of Trade, or somebody
or pjrson, should get out some adver
tising matter descriptive of the town
and county to send out to porsons
who are wanting Information abo ut
this section, with a view of locatiog
here. We have sent out hundreds of
sample copies of Thk Sun-Democbat,
and answered numerous letters of in
quiry without the hope of reward, and
now we want to divide the pleasure!
of attending to this work with our
rffllr .
' .ll-JJU JIUH-LIM'M mlcliJ I iSjUW WM i.Uji
" Bo) 's Hclmoi "suits from $175 up tit
Flagstaff Cit'h Store. k
For tliM-cliitt Watch ivoik go to J,
P. Arnolds' nl Bagniill'uNliou store.
The town council will be In session
next M lavas a iiiml of Kjitiill-
atioii. .
C. E. Bovoe. mm of tho Vo mer
chants of Williams, was in tho city
A. R. Kllgoro. a prominent cltlz-n
of Williams, was mingling with our
people yesterday.
Died Little Charlie, Infant sn of
A. C. Winkler, died Friday nnd was
buried Saturday.
When In need of a hat you can get a
belter selection In quality, stylo and
price at tint Cash Store than elsewhere.
William Grist aud family loft yester
day for Sellgman where tlmv will re
side. The Sun-Democuat follows
J. C. Milllgau yesterday commenced
tho erection of a hve-room brick
dwelling house In the west part of
town on Apeu avenue.
Photographer J. Piutevitch. who has
been located near the New Bank hotel
for several weeks, pulled tlown his
tenl anil moved to Winslow yesterday.
Mrs. PhuiIIrv. mother of Mrs. W.
II. Pearce, who has been visiting with
her daughter here for the past several
3 ears, will leave for her home near
Green Forest, Ark., on next Tuesday.
Tho Board of Supervisors for litis
county will meet at the court house
next Monday in regular session for
the transaction of such county busi
ness as mtv legally come beforo the
J. W. Francis U building a largo hay
shed on his premises on the corner of
Laroux and Aspen streets. H6 is also
repairing his dwelling situated pn the
same block, preparatory to moving
into the same.
Tho wealth of Coconino county for
the year 1897, as chowu by the assess
ment roll, is as follow: Real estate
$031,323 78. Personal property $1,
513.855.20. Total$2,U5,178.98. The
amount of laxesl assessed ugaiust the
above property is $69,253.04.
..Civil engineer J.-T.'MoWllllams U
out at J. M. Denus' saw mill survey
ing for a railroad three or four miles
iu length, which the Dennis Lumber
company will build for the conveying
of their lumber to the railroad station
at Walker. ,
The Board of Supervisors are offer
ing for sale for such sums of money
as mav be obtainable and acceptable
to said Board eighty-two lots In Wil
liams nnd thirty-nine in Flagstaff.
These lots are held by the Territory of
Arizona uutler.a tax deed.
Mrs. M. A. Irwin nnd her mother,
Mrs. Isabella Onus, health-seeders
who have been stopping with the fami
ly of Mr. W. II. Ashur8t for tho past
three mouths, departed yesterday for
their Phoenix home, much pleased
with our delightful climatu and hos
pital people.
Dr. Manning and family after an ab
sence of several months iu Texas, re
turned to Flagstag Monday where
they can enjoy pure mountain air.
Texas climate didn't agree with the
doctor nor his family anil they ate not
wearing the healthy color they did
wnen they left here.
18 lbs. sugar........ ..
'J cans tomatoes
9 cans corn ,-........
10 lbs. leaf lard -
7 lbs. Ai buckle coffee
17 bars best laundry soap
.. 1.00
.. 1.00
.. i.oo
3 gallon cans mixed pin fruit 1.00
at U. a. COFFIN'S
Highest Honors World's Pair,
Gold Medal, Midwinter Pair.
.A Fwt Cftf CrtMi ! Tartar fewltr.
at Ar
says "Look at me."
'Try me." .
v Schilling's Best baking powder and tea are
because they are money-back:
What is the miasm word? not SAFE, although SthiUimt BtU baking
powder and tea rt safe.
Get ScAitling's Bat baking- powder or tea at your grocers'; take out
ticket (brown ticket in every package of baking powder; yellow ticket in the
tea); send a ticket with each word to address below before December 3tt
Until October 15th two words allowed for every ticket; after that only cm
word for every ticket.
If only one person finds the word, that person gets (2000.00; if several find
k, faooaoo will be equally divided among them.
Every one sending a brown or yellow ticket will receive a set of cardboard
creeping babies at the end of the contest Those sending three or more in one
envelope will receive an 189ft pocket calendar no advertising oa it These
creeping babies and pocket calendars will be duferest from the onesofcred ia
the let cwstest
Better cut these rules out. .
Union Teachers' Agencies of America. '
Ilitv. L. I). Bass, I). D. M'n'g'r.
Pittsburg, Pa., Toronto, Can.. New Orleans, La.. New Ynik. N. Y.. Washing-1
D. C . San Francism, Cal.. Chicago, III.. Si. Louis, M .. D-mver, Col.
There me thousand of positions to lie tilled during the (school term, caused,
by ii'sigpatioii, ilmtb. elc We hud er 8.000 vacancies iluilnjr the pHSt
season. Unqualified facilities for placing teacher in everj psil of the TJ. S. '
and Canada, as over 96 per cent, of 1 linn who letrUleredrbefoie August ae-
cuied positions. One fee legist el 8 in
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
Tomorrow Kvenlnir.
Miss Jessie Ackermaii, the W. C.
T. U. lecturer, has written that she
will1 speak here Fridav (tomorrow)
evening, October 1. The Methodist
chinch will be iIim place of meeting,
the hour will be 8 p. 111., and the ad
mission will be free, so now you have
the data th it will enable you to hear
a woman who has instructed audiences
the world around. ,
Miss Ackerman js an enthusiast In
the study of thu growth and results of
women's cluln. Is an earnest temper
ance woman, and a good speaker.
She has shaken hands with nearly
every crowned head living and some
uncrowned rulers as Gladstone and
As announced last week her subject
will bo "Eight hundred miles on horse
back over Iceland." Come yourself,
Invite your neighbor and tell every
body else about it you can.
Did You Notice
That prices on sugar and other sta
ples have falleu in ibe local market.
Keep your eje peeled, because "there
are others" about to fall. I am get
ting ready to walk out of town, so I
cau give my patrons the benefit of my
saving In R. E. fare. I havo just
started in to sell clothing aud gents
furnishings in earttest. Can givd you
your choice out of the largest stock in
the Uuited States at Philadelphia
prices. My prices are bed rock no one
in Flagstaff can touch them. Best
goods, perfect lit, lowest prices.
N. B Our competitors sotno of
them have been threatening to run us
out of town for tho last four years,
They must bo figuring on a slow race,
ain't it? Geo II. Coffin.
Stockholder's Meeting.
Stockholders of the Green Valley
Miulng Co. are hereby notified that a
meeting of the same will be held at
the ofllco of the secretary, E. S. Gos
ney, in Flagstaff, Arizona, on October
16, 1897, at eleven o'clock n. iu., for
the election of a board of directors
aud other important business.
, Stockholders C J' Babbitt
, aiocKnoioers, E g GoSNEV
J. Pasevitcb, the photographer,
caught tho pictures of The Sun-Demo-chat
force and auotber burro Tuesday.
The80 beautiful pictures wilt hereafter
be kept on sale at this olllce. Persons
contemplating raising vegetables next
summer should procure one to place
iu their garden.
Mackintoshes, Rubber coats and
slickers from $2.00 up at Flagstaff Cash
Money-back says
9 office. Address all applications to .
Hiram Smiih anil family, living, at
: Mormon Dalrv, moved to Snow Flake
Un Apache county this week.
EistSldi San Fraiclsco St, FLAISTFF
OnlyitiiiiJrVueelinTerritory ior$60
Manufacturer of
Brick and Lime.
Flagstaff Precinct.
Flagstaff Undertaking Pirln
Everything- Up to Date. . ,
ASBESTOS COFFINS that afford PiotaeUaaT
In avt climate.
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