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The Flagstaff sun-democrat. [volume] (Flagstaff, Ariz.) 1896-1897, October 07, 1897, Image 5

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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All contract! and bills for ndrertlsln pay.
able monthly,
Adrortlslns rate Riven upon application.
Huslnes local 10 cent per line (or flrt In
(crtlon.and firrnln per line for each subso
quontlnsrtloa. Tna Sltt-nKMOCHATli pleased tocontrlbute
public nutltcrB, hut all nnilcosof fwtlvah,
sirs, rocotlnira of soclctlo. Mippors. enter
tainment and mention of marriage, births
anil death In-yond the rejnilnr nnnouiire-
mciit. will tyncliarewl for at regular rated.
How to Devour tlio New Cult With
out Detection.
"Oil, those boy t( 1111111-!" sighed
hitmlannitt niHlron mi Chhs avvuue. nayn
tliB Dftnilt Free iytH. "I dmi't lie
llevo Unit a (Irtncliiui'iit of pollen coulil
keep Hit tl) 1 1 1 1 i t bmimU. Thfirpapn
.Fays they mi Utile terror, ami I gti-is,
he M1011M know." )'" Mijjjjestetl
an outxpokVii neighbor,- "ami he mllii
be ahle, by a little inll'o.speetlou. to
dlwtver the oilgiiml gotttve of llielr
luiscliii'Vimiirss. Frank .used In keep
tliiti"' prn'ly thoroughly stirred tip
"But'these biys of mine, nee right
from mm thing Into uiiuIIiit in fast us
they rati go. It sets ma wild. Vliy,
wo hail uoinpaii for dinner Ihls.uveu
lag, and when I weut In look for the
beautiful, layer cake I bad baked with
my own hands so as to have It nice,
there wasn''. a crumb of It to be fouud.
Nothing could be more annoying."
"That let-alls an experience of Frank
aud tnltiu. We had been raiding the
laiders In both of our houses till final
notice was ihsntd that we must either
reform or take the consequences. Due
evening there was to be some line
company at Frank's aud ho managed
to get mo n invitation. During the
afternoon we discovered the cake and
it was a daisy, all sugared over with
while and surmounted by a piece of
statuary work of the same material.
We (.imply couldn't resist, but we
sought to cast suspicion on the baker,
by carefully digging out the Interior
through a small hole we made in the
bottom. It look slow, careful work,
but we bad our reward as we went
'On the table that shell looked like
a magnlliceut cake. We boyj looked
as solemn as owls through grace aud
all the courses, till it camo to desert,
Then we iigeted as his father took the
long, thin knife, complimeuted his
wife on her taste aud then made a cut.
The steel went through and struck the
plate with a sharp sound, the hollow
cake collapsed, Frank still looked
solemn, aud I took to uiy heels. The
settlement was wilh a rawhldo."
"Frank will have to raise the boys,"
muted the wife. "I'll be rcspousible
for the girls only."
Old People. "
Old people who require medicine to
regulate the bowels and kidneys will
find the true remedy in Electric Ou
ters. This medicine does tint stimu
late nnd contains uo whiskey nor other
Intoxicant, but nets as a tonic and al
terative. It acts mildly on the .stom
ach anil bowels, adding strength and
giving tone to tho organs, thereby aid
ing Nature in tho performance of tho
functions. Electric Bitters is au ex
cellent appetizer and aids digestion.
Old people II mi It just exactly what
they need. PrLo 60 cents and $1 per
bottle at Dr. D. J. Branneu's drug
store. ,
Dolns a Uonktntc Hutlneis.
The man who boarded the train at
Went fluid and carao into tho smoker
bad such a long beck tbat everybody
regarded him with curiosity and sur
prise. Of course no one asked him
any questions, but after getting com
fortably seated tho stranger caressed
his elongated neck in a loving' way,
and said:
; "Gentlemen, the fact that a No. 12
paper colar goes around my neck twice
with half an inch to spare, generally
excites more or Iojs surprise. Per
hapso 1 bad better explains"
We wore all attention, and after an
other caress be continued:
"I opened the first bank in Dead
wijod, aud for six .mmillis therij was
nothing to complain of In the way of
business ami profits. Thru times grew
slack mid I decided to take a vacation."
"And take the funds with Jon," ob
served the man who had a boar-elaw
for a watch chain ornament and looked
to be thoroughly western.
Of course. Yes I packed np'the
funds to lake, along wilh me, as it was
doubtful if I returned. I Dually made
a Mart, , ;
"In the night, of coiifie," qiiurried
"In -he night ves, Nlsrht aeeniei
to he the best titno for a li-inkm. to'
JesVe Deadwonili ' I autirlpitfd no
troiihie, hut after getting fifteen, miles
ittyaj I. was overhauled."
By join enraged depositors, of
Weil, no. That's where (t lms'al
wiijs hurt me. It was a crowd in pur
suit of a man who had stolen a $20
mule, and though they couldn't Hull
the mule they Insisted tint I was the
man. (ientlemen, when a western
crowd Insist It's 110 use to argue mat
ters." "l'hey had a ropy, of course?" ob
served I lie man with the bwar-claw,
"A new one, sir. and of proper di
mensions. I had got away wilh ot'er
$25,000 In cash, but they proceeded to
hang me for stealing a $20 mulo'
"Antljs that what'ptillod your neck
out si) longP"
"It was. They ett mo nothing to
stand on, and yon have no idea what a
strain the neck must bear. I had
been hanging about two minutes when
they realised their blunder and cut me
down. Mr life was saved, but my
neck was as you see it now."
"And von got away with the nion
ey?" "I did. Yes, the crowd apologized
and rode off, and 1 went to Montana
and opened another hank."
"And perhapin you are on the skip
from Montana at the present time?"
Thai's what I am, sir. I closed up
two days ago, and have about $28,000
In my grip. It is a neat, nice business,
this western banking, though it gets
mixed up with other thing now and
then. Gentlemen, closely observe-my
neck. Yon can't offend my feelings,
but I assure you that I am still smart'
ing tinder the loss of dignity. I will
now turn up my' coat-collar, forget for
the moment 'what T havo suffered, and
if you want to start a game of poker
you can count mn In."
Woman of Note.
The Princess Louise is .engaged in
ilpluring the Ujjure of an angel wilh
stretched wings, which is to be
placed over the' altar In the Prince
Henry of B.ttteuherg Memorial chapel
at St." Mildreds'.
Mrs. Burton Harrison likes country
life, gatdening, boating, traveling;
Sarah Grand reproves frivolous pe.
sons bylindlng recreation in sociology,
mtisio and country life; Mti'Ie Corell
tlnds reading sufficiently diverting.
Tho statement has been frequently
made that Miss Kingsley, who litis hem
lecturing In this country, Is a daughter
of Charles Kingsloy. In point of fact'
she Is a daughter of George Kingsley,
a brother of Charles.
Miss Helen Hay, who, as tht)datigh.
ter of the American ambassador to tho
court of St. James, has alrnady won
distinguished social success, mails her
debut as a poet in "Two Sonnet,"
which appeared in Harper's Maga
zine. It has often been stated that the
grave of Jenny Llnd, tho "Swedish
Nightingale," has been neglected, and
is not even marked by a slab. This is
not truo. A handsome cross marks
her last resting place on Malvern Hill,
in England.
Tetter, Salt-Itheura and Eczema.
The intense itching and smarting, iuci
it to these diseases. Is instantly allayed
applying Chamberlain's bye ana
'n Ointment. Many very bad cases
ve been permanently enred by it. It
is equally efficient for Itching piles and
a favorite remedy for Bore nipples,
chapped hands, chilblains, frost bites
and chronic sore eyes. 25 cts. per box-
Dr. Cody's Condition Ponders, are
Jnst what a horse needs when In bad
condition. Tonic, blood purifier and
vermifuge, They are not food but
medicine and the best in use to put a
horae in prime condition. Price 25
cents per package.
SPINAL zrftrft
- . Scl-f. p's Best baking Your money back
... ,.v .,rr.r ..a ' powder ( ' rssA
;. :...;u v , -. .,- mm :." w m .
': i' -''" ' '" "' V ' t. '' if yu. don,t' like Schilling V ;
r ;"v; ':;?.-' stronSer than apy; coffee. '-'-f;,V'
. in -?T' 'Sfv' 't
Ii ! Urtt 1,1 titi il
P'T. fie -1 r . (.''ly, f
,, 1, r-t rri I "r Ills: eniy to
i'lOilS PillS take, easy to operate. 2.
I'liiceH nl lnlereHi.
Table of dlitHmv ft ti FI;ifftnlT,
Arizona ,lt-
urauii t;anon 01 ute (..oionuio
River 65 lulled. Scetnn imlescrih.
Cataract Oniiriin Ci mile. The
abodeoflhe Siini lul'iu4, (!,iu lie
entered only mi Iwr-ele,. k.
N nl unt I Itriilge lh miles. Arch,
250 feet; . tilth, 500 feet; height, 275
Montezuma Wells ami Castle 60
miles. Point of great interest.
Walnut Canyon 8 miles. Tint home
of the Clitf Dwellers, a prehistoric race
of four". hundred years ago. Walls of
castles perfect.
Sunset Mountain 10 miles. An
'extinct volcano, supposed to have been
active four hundred years ago-
Cave Dwellings 8 miles. The home
of a prehisioriu race.
The Black Crater 15 miles. In
the center of the largest lava beds in
the world.
San Franeisco , Peaks 13 miles.
Willi an altitude of 14.000 feet. Snow
capped most ot the' year."'Fro'm'lhe
lop with a good glass one can see al
most one-third, of the Territory.
The Moqui Villages 100 mies. The
home of the Snake Dunce.
A.S. Murray and Wife
fUttorid to Health, by Or. Miles Rattora-
tire Nervine.
It. MURRAY, engineer for Keet &
Rountree Mercantile Co., Spring
field, Mo., writes: "I suffered from
dyspepsia, was unable to eat anything with
out severe distress. Treated by several
physicians without benefit, I became almost
a physical wreck and unable to attend to
my work. took Dr. Miles' Restorative
Nervine and in six weeks 1 was, well. My
wire bad a severe at
tack ot La Grippe
which brought on'
troubles peculiar to
her sex. The Restor
ative Nervine hi the
only thing that has
holped her. We both
hope you will use this
'Health ;
in a way to help others as we baTO been."
Dr. Miles' Remedies are sold by all drug
gists under a positive guarantee! first bottle
benefits or money refunded." Book on
Heart and Nerves sent free to all applicants.
DR. MILES MEDIOAL CO., Elkhart, Ind.
Wanted An Idea
Who can think
of tome simple
thlntr tn nAtunl 1
Prefect yonr Mmr; they mar bring jon wrnltb. .
Vtntm J6HM WKDDBHODRH A CO., Patent Attor-
Cert WMhlorwm. I. I'm inr meir aiai pr ww
and new list ol one thoiuaud lnTentlons van tea.
Ererrbodr Bji So.
, Cttsearets Candy Cathartic, Uie tnoit won.
derf ul medical dfscovery of U10 ape, peas
ant and refrehm.U-thoUte,ct(conUy
ind "iltlvcly on AlMjra. Iyer and bowels,
cleansing the entire tj m. dl); colda,
euro heailaolie. Jever, 'hahltniil'i-pnuUpatlon
and biliousness. Please buy nnd try a box
orc"c.C.t(wlny;lo as, m in: rfoldand
suorunteod to curs oy hi. am n"r
1 ' ,,' :,. ;' ' This is a package ., , . -.
' if vmt nc frrv fnn-Vi rf CTAunMiWT , ,k . 't 1
tl a '.fit!' I ', -y --WV (iie-Hol,. Ai:.-.its'here'and can' fully rec mm .mi iIimm. ,'.;&- mtW.r ''
rVifUS.' . 'irootU. A trial will '.'coil fi nee VoU of their "ond vIom:,v' ' " ' - 'wf. V !'
Scfclitig's Best sote ''" . uBrl "' ' u ' "' I
W "V i.. II IfJJ I tfe
it doesn't spoil what you your money back if you
are cooking. don't like it) at
le Largest Dplient
Tourists and Visitors are always -welcome to' our Indian Department'
Our Indian Trading Post.. .Red Lake.-Ariz.
,.'i -y ,.' '
,ii, .'
. ,J
""ifh'"i '
0if 'X'V
Native Pine Lumber, Ties, Bridge Timbers
Telepoh Poles,
'jK 1
Schillings Best tea.
You can buy it (and gct
Stoie in Jdzoiia.
..,;.L.V XV"
- ?,,-' s -. -
?.v . ;..! -ei
. .... j. &,.&vI2l:
f ' .aawr,;.?:
'B.'U:?Wf"TL w
v rtft ft
. vV ;
C. A... GREENLAW,.: '. j, ':
.' .
' ,
'" ' , ' iV'ifr:iw-
:.! - n 'fivjtfs
".. v.-'w;',. sTTJiJ'-.i.sJ
r j't K ,K n.wmwr.wtn
-t'- ,,ilkr'VV,4.?3
,-, i-- yjm
Mining Stulls,
;!;..",, vwmmr
''.-'.... .f . -K
"' v .A.t-ium.mXi 'VM$mF'-.:vi( :.
iJMwjiwimW' .
;'.':',:: czmmm&m.
,NDDEALKB8IN.:..a4fen',V-),?,& : Wm .
"-.' ' -. -.,; ;-''V?iM.-.ti-t . .
n. H'Jh'S Jfl
t ., .1 ( t
' . , l,Y ., -
JsV .
: f.l
.waamcmzM r?
v.- . , 1, , , ' 1 .

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