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The Flagstaff sun-democrat. [volume] (Flagstaff, Ariz.) 1896-1897, November 18, 1897, Image 2

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-A '- Li" " - "
"BftfaC S
H in Jlk
t UK "ft
1 Kw
t jKSB-4 "f
ruBtisnxo bvibt thcbsdat.
R. H. & J. . JONES,
ZOltors and Pnbllthew
hiMit t the Postofflce at ruUff, Arliom,
tawm .. Becon(1.clM, Matter.
One Tear ' W
Blx Months US
Threo Months T5
Single coplcslO cents; two copies 15 cents;
all oter two copies, 6X cent each.
Advertising rates given upon application.
Bome rulo is the parent of economy.
rule will reduce the rate of
Home rule
" deuiption.
is the taxpayer's re-
We don't
from Ohio.
want our rulers to como
It looks like something was tlio
matter with Uanna in Ohio.
Tub Williams News threatens to
change tho first of tho year to a sky
craper in journalism.
The National Stock
vantion will meet in
Growers' Con
Denver, Colo.,
January 25, 26 and 27, 1898.
Ir Mark Smith pushes the capitol
bill steal through congiess, his name
is Dennis In not thorn Arizona.
We haven't received title to a lot in
the capital addition to Phoenix, and
therefore wo are opposed to legalizing
the capitol bond steal.
Three hold ups in Phoenix last
week. One of the victims was surely
a newspaper publisher as the robber
only realized thirty-five ceuts out of
the job.
, . "-'-'
1 luv lttitirfwwl
thousand dollars to
,'binht a capitol
building in the Terri-
J'tory is too much money to rob the tax-
payers of, who havo been held up so
,onon mat inoir property wont equal
Utcir taxes.
. i
Cf Every nirann uhn nnnoses
A ' r
mle indirectly indorses a carpet bag
,jo eminent. The Tucson Star says It1
4 desires home rule, but you can read
V TiMu-oon llio llnoa ilist it. ia ltiftul-lv nn.
, WV... ...... .. ..w- .-- .. .....j -,.
ppscd to it. The Star has the happy
faculty of blowing hot and cold at the
same breath.
A little school girl in the rural dis
tricts of Georgia was assigned a com
position on Temperance," and the
following is the result: Temperance
ii more better than whisky. Whisky
is 10 cents a drink, and lots of it.
My pa drinks whisky. Ho has been
full 113 times. One night he came
1'onie Jato and ma went out and cut
tome hickories and walloped him good
Then she ducked his head in a tub of
fcoapsuds and locked him up in tho
barn. And the next morning my pa
taid ho reconed he'd swear off."
The following from the Washington
Tost is full of truth. It says: "When
a bank is wrecked hundreds of inno
cent ncrsons aro affected, :iiany of
them ruined. Suicides often follow,
iho savlncs of years are lost, tho in-
liei Stance of widows and children is
dissipated and the villain who is re
sponsible for these disasters gets a few
years in tho penitentiary and is then
pardoned and put into position to
liey on the public again. The plead
ings of influential citizens, or of a
3ovlug and persistent wife or daughter
vi 11 ofect a pardon nnd the criminal
tyalks tho streets a free man. Such
m men aro far more dangerous to a
community than a known robber, and
deserves less consideration.
An exchange in speaking of evory
one depending ou himself says: That
old adage, let every tub stand on its
own bottom, is ono that will hold
good in all things. Self reliance is
one of the principles upon which tho
theory is ioundod. We like to see a
man self-reliant, resting upon and
trusting to his own resources. With
most men there are distinct individ
ualism which when properly directed
is a noblo and admirablo attribute of
their natures. Poisons bolstered up
by others all their lives are seldom
good for anything in a crisis. Outside
help is man's greatest curse. It
stifles aspirations and effort and en
ergy. A good maxim for evory youth
of our land, would be: For success in
this life, rely chiefly upon himself
aud bis own independent energies.
And this rule will apply to business
coBcerna u welt M Individuals.
The Aiizena Silver Belt lias opin
ions of lis own and the nerve to ox-
press them. Hero is what it says of
Gov. MeCoid's abuse of the pardon
ing power.
"Pi drably tho pardoning power was
never moiobittiagcously abused than
it was last wook by Governor McCord
when he toleased and restored to citi
zenship two of the most notorious
criminals confined In the territorial
prison Hal fold and Stiron. convicted
and seutoneed to 25 rears imnrison.
niont for tialn robbery on the Atlantio
& Pacific, in 1889, which was one of
tho most dating hold-ups ever at
tempted in Aiizona. And it was ouly
through tho indomnitable courage and
perseverenco of Buckey O'Neill, then
sheriff of Yavapai couuty, that thoy
and their two confederates were pur
sued into Utah, captured, tried aud
cwnvlcted. They were delt leniently
with, receiving each a sontence of im
prisonment, when thoy should have
been hangod. There is no justifica
tion, neither can theie bo any pallia
tion, for granting clemoncy to sucu
hardened criminals, and McCoid is
deserving of the severest censure.
The governor is making a record for
himself in the pnidoning of convicts
such as no previous executive dared
attempt, and in this, as in other
matters connected with tho ten 1 tonal
government over which ho has control
ho has acted in a hlgh-hnudcd aud
autocratic manner. If retribution
over ovci took a mail McCord should
suffer the penalty of his sins nguiust
Why Old Clocks Have II1I.
tfrom tho Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
Not ovor ono who looks at the dial
of a clock knows that tho four l's
which are in placo of tho usual IV to
to design a to tho number 4 are there
because of tho obstinacy of Charles V
of France. When Henry Viccairied
to the king the first accurate clock
the king said to him that tho IV was
wrong and should bo changed to JIJI.
vick saiu, Tou aie wrong, your
majesty." Wheieat the king thun
dered out, I am never wrong. Take
It away and correct tho mistake."
Flora that time to this day the four l's
havo stood at the mark, of the fourth
hour. 'i
Stub Eadr. (
Kichcs have wiugs and travel at a
scorctiei's pac.
A woman's lips are the rose and her
tongue is tho thorn.
When an editor cannot take a joke
tho humorist has to grin and keep it.
It always makes a man feel out of
placo whou ho loses his situation.
Blessings in disguise- usually have
a hard timo proving their Identity.
Whenever a gill thinks as much of
a man as she does of heiself that is
Some peoplo lcaru enough in six
weeks' travel to bore otheis for a life
time. But few peoplo burn their fingers
heaping coals of fire on an enemy's
Tho man who marries a wealthy
grass widow makes hay wbilo tho sun
l'oor Relation.
Like thorns in your prosperity are
your poor relations. They aro always
cropping up at inopportune times, and
they are forever basking in the reflect
ed light of your greatness and your
social prominence. They como to
your funerals and presume ho mingle
their tears with yours; they oven
spend their money for flowers. Thoy
call you by 'your given name and they
nsmo, their children after you. They
have so many children.
Poor relations have no conception
as to relative values, they havo such
extravagant tastes. Thoy like beef
steak with butter-gravy on it, and
they like extract in their pudding
sauce, nnd thoy like to go tho matineo.
No wonder they are poor! Thoy havo
an eye to your apparel, and thoy won
der how soon you will pass it oyer to
them. They even liko silk linings.
Tiioy happen in at meal-lime with
their fulsome appetites, and when yon
have company too, and they never
know enough to go homo; ' and then
they ask for tho second plato of soup.
Poor relations have such a good diges
tion. If thoy are not too poor to
havo aspirations they contrive to give
their children a few lessens in music
and elocution, thereby encouraging In
thorn tastes away beyond their sphere.
They aro not so poor as titer deserve
to bo.
Then their children grow up and
aro good looking and oven happy,
and they nil paddlo about ou the sea
of life in their leakyold craft of mis
fortune, bound for nowhere, so long
as they can float; and they havo a
better time thau anybody.
Poor relations are a deadly nuisance.
kind1 of sense
R. MMt
In JoBt sunlight
your family
They expect
you to remember ti
. A " J, s
ia your will.
Thoy glow'mndabtu.
Cthe light of
yourgreatnMai If
ry embarawing.
"The most vlold
andfearless of
the bruto creation
o peccary, or
wild hog, of Me:
fusajl C.
Tex.,! to a
Bartiett of Lared
Louis Republlo re
This anl-
mal seems utterly
pf the emotion
sseen it turn a
of fear. I have
hair's breadth on
Hviner thing, ft'
path for any
an intelli-
gence in fighting tin
an strangely
nt variance with i
arently com-
plete lack of menti
rlbutes, save
the very lowest
-of instinct.
si i
They are rnrelylfoi
pgly, but go
in droves of, f$m
ands. Their abYtl
s io thous-
scent men ia
particularly marked
lhavo, known
a drovo of themitn
wtja'niau a mile
off and strike as strai
tor mm as an
arrow flies. ThereJfFBouso to try to
frighten them wiillvfiins. The can
nonading" of a full battery would have
no more .effect WBtWniJhan the
popping of fire crackers, ijhe only
thing to do when they get after you
is to run away froiu them "as fast as
a horse can carry you. Aud then
there is no cortainty that they won't
catch you. Thoy are nearly! as swift
as a hoi se, nnd their endurance is as
great as their viciousnbss. ;
"A friend of fuilae 'encountered a
drovo of thorn in $ wtldjpart of.Mexico
a few years agoand!h!s escape was
miraculous. Ho veryl foolishly shot
and wounded a, number of, them.
Then he took rofugelin a tree. The
peccaiics kept hliii in the tree jail that
day and through liivnlghtj They
circled round the' tree? cruutinir and
squealing their deligbt'nt the prospect
of a .feast. Ho isoonY exhausted his
ammunition aud brought down a
peccary at each fire. But this had no
terrois for tho beasts. Along toward
morning the brutes began to eat the
oucs he had killed, and when they had
thus satisfied the cratings of their
stomach they formed, iu line nnd
trotted off. If they Imd.not had some
of their own number to devour they
wouldhave guaidcd. that tree juntil
ray friend, 4b rough sheer exhaustion,
dropped, from JifaLixirek' , '"
wild cats a'ad f tigers Hhati Infest tbe
Mexican wilds lleeffrmjtk pnwarii
with instinctivo fear,nd. even rattle
snakes keep out of their path."
Mrs. J. A. Maurer's' music class
gave their first recital at tho Emerson
High School building -Filday night.
Tho class with tho exception of three
was composed ot'very youug poisons,
who had only been Sunder instruction
for five or six weeks, but they showed
that they bad been under a painstak
ing and competent Instructor. The
entile class acquitted themselves well
considering their, age, and short time
they wete under instructions.
Rev. S. A. Thompson tho Superin
tendent of Arizona Mission Churches
of the Methodist 'Episcopal Church,
will make his first official visit to
Flagstaff Nov. 28 and 29 He expects
to preach in the Methodist church
Sunday night, Nov.- 28r Hold quar
tet ly conference Monday night Nov.
29. Ho takes the placo of Rev. G. F.
Boyard, who was transf cued to be
Presiding Elder of Los ! Angeles Dis
tricts. Calif. Couf.--' t 5
C. P. W.ok; C. P,
Word has been , Received at this
place that on thought 'of Nov. 2d,
near payson, James HMmesley was
bitten by a hydrophobia skunk. He
was asleep and the skunk bit him on the
nose. The animal "had I j'Jbe choked
to death before $t could bo re
leased. The injurediaan J a tar ted the
next day for Chicago for tieatment at
tbe Pasteur institute. Mile is well
knoyo at this place, having lived here I
loryea-s, anu s iroiac wtfeuver
Hoimesicy.iempe jeijn
The Bed MaaWtlt'Worli.
Monday two or three Moqul Indians
obtained some lumber, irom the Ari
zona Lumber & Timber Co., by pur
chase, or otherwise.anil fielghted it
down through town on; their shoulders
to their camp at the east side of tovp.
A reporter of TiiBSuN-DKUociur
visited tho camp and 'found one of the
redmen siltlug tlat,dovn on the earth
sttwiog Jhe lumber iutoitcces with a
dull hand saw, t What uso was going
to bo made, of tho lumber i qulaiqjyn
to us. As we.douH speaiiilie languagp
lluontly, we didn't' interrogate him,
but there is onothlng certain thatan
Indian will woik if he has to set down
iyrdertoget'tofworkv ,
They saddle, you Wil
Theater Co,
2&.K god company occasionally plays
at. xiagstau, nut tbe above named
company carried off the palm so far
this season. They, played here .Thurs
day, Filday and Saturday nights, Md
tho increaso in tho attendance each
successive night was ovideuce of how
well their playing was appreciated by
our people.
They kept the audience well enter
tained from the time tho curtains
were raised until the close of tho play.
Eaclr one plays his or her part well.
aud consequently they leave littlo
room for ciiticism. This company
will play hero again in a few weeks
and thoy will be greeted by a packed
house. '
The people of Flagstaff will hold a
Thanksgiving service in Babbitt's hall
Thursday 25th Inst., at 10:80 a. m.
Father Dllly will deliver the address.
Rev. Corser will offer the prayer and
read tho scripture. Rev. Wilson will
read the proclamations. Mr. Reid
will have charge of the singing.
Father Dllly will pronounce the Bene
diction. All business places will be
olosed from 10 a. m. to 1 p. m., so
that all who may choose to attend
these services can. By Committee.
The very finest. The ne plus ultra.
Tho creme do la cremo. That's HAR
PER Whiskey in threo lauguages.
East Side Su Frmisct St., FLAGSTAFF
aj?d wagonwork.
Done strictly to order, and all work prompt
ly attended to.
Horseshoeing a specialty.
HfjUeDalrlnirof nil kinds done.
;. je"Hr8tttlsfactlou suarantcqd
urttrat corner Aspen Avenue and
t-' nENHY UELLEIt, Proprietor.
Flagstaff Undertaking Parlors
Everything Up to Date.
ABBE3TQ3 COKFIN8 that afford Pi o toe t Ion
in ant climate.
cJ. C. M!bblGfN
Manufacturer of
Brick and Lime.
Flagstaff Preoinct,
Places of Interest,
Tublo of distances fiom Flaffstaff,
Arizona to
Grand Canyon of tho Colorado
Iliver 65 miles. Scenery Indescrib
able Cataract Canyon 65 . utiles. The
abode, of tho Supai Indians. Can bo
entered only on horseback
Natural uriuce 7o tulles. Arcu,
?60 fectj width, 600 feet; height, 275
feet '
niiles toipt pf great iptcrest " i
Wnlntit Canyon 8 miles, The home
of tho Cliff Dwellers, a prehistoric raoo
of four hundred years ago. Walls of
castles perf ect
Sunset Mountain to nines. an
extinct volcano, supposed to have boon
active four hundred yoais ago
Cavo Dwolliugs 8 miles, tuo uomo
of a piehistorlcrace
Tho Hlack uratcr io nines, in
tho center of tho largest lava beds in
the Vroild
San Francisco Peaks 13 miles.
With an altitude of 11,000 feet. Snow
capped must ot tho year, irom the
inpwltf' n'gnotj glass, one can seo al-
, Tho Mojui Villagesl00 pjUps- Xlie
home of the Snake Dance.
OnV-OooW 20 miles. The famous
Mountain Trout abounds in this stream.
j The Dinner
any other
Are your bake goods satisfactory? If
not, buy
Given away to consumers of their teas and baicing
powder for the guessers of the missing word. (See their,
advertisement in this paper or on tickets in tea and baking
powder.) A guess for every ticket to be hVd in each
package of "Schilling's Best" tea or baking powder.
We are the wholesale and retail agents tor all their
Trie Largest Deparlpt Store In Htizoua.
Tourists and Visitors are always welcome to our Indian Department-it
Our IndianradirigPostRed Lake, Ariz.
All the Delicacies of the Season Fresh from the Market.
You are invited to call and inspect my 8took
Every article needed in outfitting for the
Klondlike, except Tea, Sugar and Coffee,
is manufactured or produced at
Therefore Tacoma offers the cheapest and best outfits,
put up and packed by experienced Klondikers. . Being at
the head of navigation on Puget Sound all Alaska steam
ers start from Tacoma. For free maps and free Klondike
information, address t
Tacoma Citizens' Klmiike Information Bureau,
043 I'aclflc Avenue, TACOMA, WA8H.
Fancy Groceries,
1 UAIlUAnnDCOTnnrr.MovmMNi
rr mnriinnju
- pp rrr-";r-iv.-xrr'!r?i'yaeoiief
V til W j jt
eronc an AFTCII W,??2"?Il?Jl5?!'P!?ffii2
WPklMrtlt rtrUntrortrallwtlcB.
WkWHmKm ,. Bmt,mTnm$mwai. JtrJMt
sl -- ' I jl
tea but
KELLER, Pnorai
jftKAM ir
Jeiite8s& 'v vi Hfc f!
'?'? r , T ..'.V-aw
.- ; . : k
nto i uncujsitY
.BVTV. ETnilHflHS Taala f. -J . -..'
i m m
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