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The Skylight kicker. (Flagstaff, Ariz.) 1897-1898, November 25, 1897, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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rOIj. XV. NO. J'2. .
Burgeon. Flagstaff, Arlcona. Will ro
imnd promptly to nil calls from any point
on tha Atlantic & l'aolUc Railroad. Otllce
ml drus store opposite the depot. Tele
phones: Store. 19 1 residence. 32.
i Arltona. Ofllconnd resldenco In the
Presbyterian parsonage Telephone No. 42.
pcroffleo hours from to 11 a. ml 2 to 4 p. m.
lt, ronu. Office, one door oust of l'ost
nice. Telephone No. 31
Will uractlce In all tit conns in lh Fourth
Jn Uclal District
Land litigation a 81'KCIAL-
omee at court boast, llagstaff, Arli
i. Ofllco In tho Httbbltt building, Flag
turf. Arltona. l'ructlco before tho Land
Department a spccalty.
Will practice In all courts of the fourth
Judicial district. Office with K.H. Uosuey In
Uo Httbbltt building.
A O. U. W.-FLA09TAFF LODGE, No. 13,
jf-. Meets every Thursday night. Hi O. A.
K. hall. Visiting Workmen are cordially In
Tiled. O. A. HUSH, SI. W.
Louts Spiehs. Rocorder.
V, meets every Tuesday evening In Q. A. It.
niill. VisltlDg brethren cordially Invited to
attend. DR. I). J. URANNEN, 0. R.
Louis Spiers. R. 9. '
night of
ltcgular meetings on the llrst Saturday
lit of each calendar month in Masonic
Hall. KllDatrlck building. Sojourning
brethren cordially Invited.
W. 11. ANDERSON, Master.
J. Odtiirik Savage, secretary.
1 of tha World, meets tho first and third
ondaysln each month. In tho U. A. R. Hull.
Visiting Sovereigns cordially welcome
T. 8. UUNUII, Counsel Com.
T. E. Pomjam, Cleric. '
. Random l'ost. O. A. R.. No. 4. Icpart
ment of Arizona, will bo hold In O. A. R. hall
on second and last Saturday In each month.
E. R. JONES. Commander.
E. II. CniBS, l'ost Adjutant,
JO. O,
, meet
all. Vh
mceu every Friday ovenlnc In Masonic
: brethren cortuauy inviieu.
J. E. JONES. N. Q.
L. DocatiRRTr, Secretary.
O.'ii. K. OF P.
falgnt in their
r-ATimr.in C'llIIItnil. REV. F. DILLV.
k Pastor. On Sundays: Low Mom at 8
ocka.m.: High Mass at 10:30 a.m. Sunday
School at 3 o'clock p. .in. Rosary and llcne
,ii.ti,. nf ih. M,wi ltlesed Hacrument lit
oVlni-k n. inr On week days Mass nt 7:30
a. m. On the second Sunday of each month
prayer meeting ni ll):30 a. in. Sunday-school
at 11:15 a. m. All cordially Invited.
Church and Lnrenx Streets. C. 1'. Wil
son, Pastor. Preaching at 11 . m. and 7 p. tu.
Sundays; Sunday school nt 10 a. m Oscar
Gibsons Superintendent. Class meetings nt
12:14 p. in. Epworth League 0:30 p. ni.
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 7:30
Everybody welcome
P North San Francisco street. 11. 1.
Conor, pastor. Sabbath services: Preaching
11 a. m.and 8 p. m.; Sunday school. 10 a.
m.i V. P.8. O. E. prayer meeting. 7:13 p.m.
Mld-wcek conference and PrS.,?'1.0,:
day evening at 8 p. m. A cordial Invitation
is extended to all.
J ' zs.
and Savings Deposits,
iL .
, Oraf,3old Upon"-
All Foreigi) Qo(xr)trles,
feint-, c-ijxrj.
We have an Extcnslvo Vtro"8? and Cor
respondence wirougnoui. rwoii. "- "j
your Bonking Business upou Liberal and
.Conservative Terms.
B. N. FBEEMAN, President. '
T.-E, POLLOOK.'Yipe-Freeiaent,
Don't Tobiceo 8jlt and Siokc Tour Llfo Awy.
If you want to quit tobacco using cosily
nnd forover. boumdo well, strong, raiipetlc,
full of new llfo and vigor, talto No-loCuc,
the-wonder-worker, llmt makes wcuUtnen
ilfotig. My'BBuS Wn IwillM's '" ten day.
Ovorw,uuucuroa. uiiynniww"' J"
utr.i iHM.m uuuAMa w
,.-...-,.,,.-., - .,.. ,
insttamt t
M&MaML0WER. 0. C.
d U. Cm; K. otflLsVa v
fy!iffl!TXV!riim1PJ "r ; '
Mu3HfXJl ' ' SISIH JfMI&et OMl
Tho followluj very interesting war
rcmluisconco hits bcon frequently re
cited by General John C. Underwood
of Kentucky, nt present tho superin
tendent mid secretary of tho Confed
erate Momoilnl Assochitlon, with
hcadqtiaiters in Nashville, Tonn. As
near as I can recollect, his statements
were about as follows:
When a boy in my teens, like most
others of all iieiiods, T dearly loved a
circus; nnd, as my fathui ot licit tho
"show lot" iu a Southern Keutuekj'
town, his children always had tho cov
eted tickets whenever a circus or mo
nagorio visited tho place. After such
visitations tho show fever was ram
pant with all tho boys, mid, upou one
occasion, culminated in tho organiza
tion of a circus, with myfiulf ns ring
master aud 'Jim' liurnam, now a dis
tinguished lawyer and orator residing
at Faycttoville, Tonn., as clown, the
other boys of our sot filling various
positions. During ono of our momor
ablo performances in Mrs. Duuavon's
old blacksmith tbop, at Bowling
Green, Ky., somo ouo informed mo
that boys wero crawling in under tho
wealhcrbonrding, which had bceu
knocked off by tho billy goats In their
attempt to find cover. Untitling to
tho placn of disturbance I found sov
oral boys trying to work their way
into tho 'show1 as stated, mid tho re
sult of my interference was a desper
ate fight willi Fayette Grcou. which
resulted in a drawn battle, for, after
weariug ourselves out iu nn hour's
oncounler, we ero separated and the
show broko up for that day. As a
result from such fistic oncounters
noit her Green nor myself spoke there
after. 1 wont to college, and ho was
educated in tho schools at home, but
during vacations the ono who saw tho
other first ircnerullr i.wcit oniiiv
opposito sido of tho street tho contest
was too near equal to bo renewed.
Tho civil war of tho COs found
Green an advoeato of tho Union, and I
espoused (ho causa of tho South; and
wo accordingly became attached to
tho opposing forces so much as foun
dation for & war story.
"Passing to tho period when Gen
oral liuol was retreating from Tennes
see to intercept General Bragg of
Kentucky, tho summer of 18G2, I
crossed tho Cumbeilaiid Mountain and
went via Deschoid, oil the McMinnvillo
road, to sco my sister, tho wlfo of
Major A. M. Rutlcdgo of General
Polk's staff, who was residing on their
plantation, about ten miles from
"I unexpectedly discovered Federal
troop at Dcschcrd, but at tho same
tlmo ascertained tiiat Buel was re
treating in considerable disorder; aud,
consequently, hail liltlo difficulty iu
avoiding his pickets in reaching tho
McMinnvillo road. After I struck tint
road a inllo or mora tiom tho station I
folt safo, and was riding along quietly,
thluklng of my sister, her children aud
tho 'old folks at homo' in .Kentucky.
I reckon I had traveled sotno thrco or
four miles anil was where the road
was inclosed by a high staked and
ridcred rail fence; and, after I had got
woll into tho lauo,' as it were, what
was my astonishment to sco approach
ing mo around a curvo in I lie road n
Federal wagon train, escorted by a
detachment of United. States cavalry.
"I immediately looked for chaiico
ami means,, of escape, but Uio fences
being entirely too high to attempt It)
jump either, it was not possible to
roach tho foothills of the Cumberland
range, aud "liiy alternatives wore to
tint, and run or riicci the military de
tachment boldly. I had no sooner
decided lo ndojit lio latter plan than
I thought of the Kentuokf gray hunt,
inff," shirt I wns wearing, at tho tlmo
used in somo dogrodfcby Confederate?,
and, having nu oltP black citizen's
overcoat behind niyjsatd!e.4l,)tbonob
hand and without turning unbuckled
tho straps tliitt
pulling it' IIP,'
held tho coat, and
inittonctl -il across my
. -i . .
breast so that It hung loosely over
my shoulders, concoalliig jlio uniform
and hid tho leather pistol, holstcis
strapped to my waist, and at iho tamo
time I held my hildlo hand over tho
bright buckle of my Confederate
belt, yiiou I got near enough to
tho'fnttuics of tho soldiers
.wham,i,wisjueotinsJiJj)OM-pd, the ,toseoP" replM tho bookkoepiui 'I he!
''a-t -i ,;f"T' '--WM ifcpfjjWS iiWAf til,!i5,i4trkiM
tart rninu'tt&Huo, fjouVot.t o yaJ lartf, office, boy oril e typewr tWMV KifJ I
that was approaching mo was tho self
sitnio enemy of my youth, Foyetlo
Green, and to whom I had neither
spoken nor ho to mo for fifteen years.
I Immediately felt tho possibility of
being considered a spy. because of con
cealing the gray uuiform with citlzon's
overcoat, and I would not Iiavo given
tho snap of my linger for my life; but,
whilo imagining that I would iu a few
minutes grace ouo of tho trees near
by, I dctoi mined if I had to go to tho
bar of justice that day I would send
my enemy to tho other world beforo I
wont, mid I undoubtedly showed tho
fire I felt within. I mot and never
took my eyes off my supposed tnomy,
buVwhon I rodo up along by him, al
though ho looked straight forward be
tween tho care of ids liorso aud avoid
ed open recognition, T intuitively felt
that ho know" mo; nnd, upou reaching
Ills side, ho said iu an uudortono tho
llrst words spoken to me for fifteen
years: N,A11 right, John!' Ho was a
Federal soldier, I a Confederate, aud
ho knew it. I was a possible spy
(though not ono), becauso I could not
havo proved otherwise had I been ar
rested and tried by a drumhead court
martial, for when au enemy is on re
treat there is no great deal of investi
gation made as to whether a suspected
prisouer is a spy or not. Any way, I,
fully realized my situation, and shall
over regai d my nou-idontification by
my supposed peisoual enemy as a real
act truest friendship iu life. That
man went to Kentucky, and was killed
in the battle of Perryvillo reported to
have beeu shot iu two by a canuou
that I w ould cheerfully pay the debt
I owe Iilin and give my rigtot,rrnj
could its sacrifico bring hiiu back to
life." Macon (Ga.) Telegraph.
. . . - ;
"ilouie'TluIir" In AViz'on.
An effort will bo mado during tho
approaching session of Congress to in
duce that body to enact what may bo
called a home rulo law for Arizona
Under tho proposed law tho peoplo of
that territory, without having nny
other representation in Congress than
thoy now possess, would, bo permitted
to elect their governor aud other terri
torial officers.
A bill for a law of this kind was in
troduced in behalf of Utah just before
that state was admitted, and It prob
ably would havo bceu passed if the
enabling act li;td not taken its place.
Tho people of Arizona feel that while
statehood may bo far in the futuro for
them, tliey should bo permitted to
govern themselves iu tho way proposed
at that time for Utah, and which
would give thorn many of the advaut-
ages of statehood, vet without rep
resentation in Congress other than
that which they now have through
their delcgato.
There seems to bo no ground what
over to object to such a law except on
the pal t of politicians whomay think
thoy would havo a belter chanco of
appointment bv the president th.au of
election by tho people.' Eastern peoplo
surely cannot object. It does away
wllli their chief ground of opposition
to tho admission of new slates in tho
Far West, which Is that admission
would lucreaso tho sticngth of tho
West, and particularly of the free
coinage clement, in Congress. Ticro
would bo no such lnerenso Iu this case
There would bo no sfiuators and no
representatives. Tho territory would
havo no vole iu Concrcss. It couh
not lutcrforo'iu matters of nation
,",. ... i. J
legislation any moro man chu up,
and at nresent its dolctfiito has fu
It would l)o nothing more tfau
simple Justice to give" tho peopll of
Arizona a right tp elect their owufcfll
cers. There is no reason why 8-fn"
telligout n,community should be filed
by men appointed by a power sittlted
2.WmJjjsaway from tholr owwe.it
oi govoruincnrt uongross suoui
JH witli tliu ld.u.i of fgivlug. ,tho 1
this much homo riijo, and Ki
onnoiionts of statehood for A
should accept it as a means of htliji
in a mens ti iu
th demand for J Hit to
Denver (Col.)
"ll tllQ ULMlll'ijtiU' l.l?l
IU al
the bookkeeper. "Which do vol
i o not KoojTnior cer.'AWUMtoVeccliW c w
WAV.ffiaU'O MSL in!e K6jMm
went'orui8uefoTsiii assort yy Plftfor
There aro 111 hoiiSes under course
of cqnstructiou in tho city of Phoenix,
whlcli speaks a great deal for Arizo
na's metropolis.
T. 0. Jordan, immigration commis
sioner.of Maricopa county has filed suit
for U;200 against that couuty for two
ycarsfscrvices as such commissioner.
The Phoenix Gazette of the 21st
says: Strangers who havo beeu coining
iuto IkTobulx by tho carloads tho past
two tniiulhs aro now arrrlving by tho
train .load.
Tho average for this
been over one hundred
aud'twenty dally.
Tirttcrcage iu tho Salt Hivor val
ley this coming season will be simply
immense. Providing that no late
frosts-visit our vicinity, the fruit crop
will lifttho largest in the history of
tho valloy. Tho orango crop is great
ly in excess f that of any preceding
year.FJioeulx Gazette. t
A Mexican by tho nnmo of Vasqucs,
livingfnear Tempe, is ossifying. He
believes tho causo of hls'malady Is due
to sotko water which ho- drank five
ycaifago. Ho was traveling in So
nora,Mexico, and going 2G hours
without; water, ho camo to a spring,
and UTflnk freely of tho water. It is
said that jlho Yaqul Indiaus can't bo
iuduoedto drink of the waters from
this sjriug, because they think if they
dojtlwv- will turn into stono. This
Moxttan now believes that this is tho
causffof his ossification.
A'"urIons phenomenon was noticed
hen the ,!-3 of John
worth nnd- Ctotaln Harlis
ed front tho" old burying
groktjjjjwi (he Austin' place 'near
T,eiiitf!r,ihc Double Butte cemetery.'
Tlleirpoden portion of the coffins,
altWmi;h thoy havo been in tho ground
v c't2onr..Mrrj JYidLureservi'tl,
tho motallic portions wero eaten by
nift. 5'ho coffin holding the icmaius
nil Honingsworth fell apart on being
removed, and it disclosed tho fart that
although -Hollingsworth was au old
man tit tho tlmo of his death and al
most lrild, his head was covered witli
a Illicit luxurious mass of hair aud his
beard 'had grown to the waist. The
bod' was remarkably preserved ,duo
no doubt to the salilcrous soil iu that
patt.of tho valloy. Gazelle.
Itccord Breaker ns a I.over.
"You'robig, handsome, well-off and
fascinating. Now, toll mo why you
never married till you wero 38 and
thin honored mo as the object of your
mnlure affections."
It was Bunker's wife doliijj tho talk
ing, and lie is n man of truth; so ho
trid to put her off with an evasive
miiwcr. But no woman will dismiss
siih a subject till it is exhausted.
Well," lie answered reluctantly,
as thii way. No man was ever
so susceptible to tho tender passion as
I, My whole family were kept on the
ahp to prevent my marrying beforo I
wif IS. I simply fell head over heels
inlovo with every girl I mot, ami to
n4ct her moro than three times witli
iiltho space of a week without pro
pping lo tier was an impossibility.
V hen the work of looking after mo tit
I mo becamo too arduous father hit
t ion another plan. Ho put mo out on
tl e roai. Mj territory covered the
v liolo western continent. Two con-
t'utive days were never permitted to
l iss without receiving a tologram to
n ovo on nnd attend to somolhlug of
pressing necessity iu some other town.
. "I ..nevei,vsiispectoduy thing but
that Iwas doing au enormous, business
and insisted nt intervals' on having my
salary raised. I would no sooner get
on friendly teims with a lady than
along would come that notice to keep
piri $mw$s & co.
-V vA"01"" 5WI fn
,?Ew?rfl.s4llMWT0 U All A W X e. ?.
goiug. I suspect now that I was
beiug shadowed all tho while. At
last I tired of tho endless chase, in
sisted on becoming stationary for a
time and came hero to run a branch
establishment. You know dear, that
wo were engaged within two weeks."
"What a record! And I suppose
you wero In lovo with a dozen girls
beforo you ever saw mc?"
"Hundreds of them."
"Well, it's a good thing I didn't
know it." Detroit Freo PressN "
C'romatlc Notes.
The list of "dou'ts" printed below
will, it is hoped, be found paiticularly
fitting at this season of tho year. For
the benefit of thoso who are seeking
information as to what is and what is
not proper at table, it-may bo stated
with considerable contidenco that the
maxims herewith attached and made a
part of the exhibit may b followed as
tigidly as circumstances will permit.
Here they are:
Don't cat solid food from a spoon.
Uso your knife.
Don't pick your teeth with your
fork. It injures tho silver plating.
Don't drink out of the finger-bowl.
You dou't know who washed his hands
in it last.
Don't be in too big a hurry to reach
the desert. Givo tho ice cream a
chance to freeze.
Dou't drink too much wine. Re
fined people always 6top short of
actual inebiicty.,
Dou't gobble, even over the turkey.
It can't hear you and In all probabil
ity, wouldn't recognize your voice if it
Don't swear, even if tho butter has
a blase taste. It is admitted that the
temptation lo do so is great, but it:
"must be firmly overcome. This ap
plies especially to tho ladies
Don't take your soup plate in both
inLBjiuli.aiioiijnn nf.ils
contents as you aro unable to dip np
with your spoon. If you havent had
enough, ask the hostess to "fill 'cm up
Don't try to carve the fowl unless
you have had provious experience and
know that you know what you are
about to undertake. Even then it is
always advisable to offer up a silent
prayer for success.
Don't lay your napkin across your
lap, as is tho custom of so niauy
dlucrs-oul. Tuck it firmly in around
your collar and let it hang down over
your waistcoat. Laundry bills are ex
pensive. Don't knock over your dish of hot
tea into your neighbor's lap. I, will
make him warm, but he will endeavor
to hide his feelings by appearing cold
toward you for the remaining courses.
This statement is somowhat paradoxi
cal, but it's strictly true.
And, finally,
Dou't get mad aud write long letters
to the editor because he tries to tell
you a fow thlugs that may not have
occurred to you. Ucnicinber tho final
disposition of by far tho larger part of
the communications dovolves upon the
janitor, and bo's already tho hardest
worked man in tho building.
An Editor's Idea.
Modesty is a beautiful thing in
women, but it don't go with newspa
per men, or shouldn't. Chock is what
thoy need aud lots of it. Best thing
to uso know of, and I uso my share,
you can bet your money on that fact.
Wliy shouldu't we have itP No class
are worked so systematically by every
body as the editor. He is a genuine
fish and baits of oveiy kind are being
thrown out constantly to catch him
A fellow (lujght havo a fair share of
modosly when ho first goes into tho
business 6f""pubiisblDgx-a paper, but it
dou't tako very long for him to get
his cyo teeth cut, aud something elso
takes Its place Anolra Union.
Royal Irst the ) 4 n,
Sowst Sfljflwe yowci oOm mw vosk.
Celebrated for Its (treat leavening strenrth
and liealthfulness. Assures the food agalns
alum and all forms of adulteration common
to the cheap brands. ROYAL BAKING
A Great Ballroad.
The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe
lias 1.595.10 miles of main line and
2,968.75 miles of branch lines, making
a total length of road of 4,563.85
miles. Steel rails are laid on 4,298.24
miles of track, and there are 2,466
miles of barbed wire fencing. The
ballast 'consists of 530.67 miles of
stone, 477.71 miles of gravel, 43.56
miles of slag, 222.92 miles of cinders
and 3,226 miles of earth. During the
year 36,986 tons of new steel rails
were laid, at a cost of $395,559.94,
and 1,796,439 new cross ties wer8
placed in the track, costing $704,
524.61. ' The additions and betterments to
railway, etc., which were charged to
construction account, amounted to
'$14,927,500.95, of which $13,858,
937.17 represents the purchase of $16,
000,000 first mortgage bonds of the
Atlantic & Pacific railroad, western
division: "J7rEeu additions "ana belter"
ments of rolling stock during the year
charged to equipment account amount
ed to $72,038.26. Tho rolling stock
consists of 827 locomotives and 525
cars in the passenger, 24,320 in the
freight and 2,069 In the miscellaneous
departments, respectively. The pas
senger earnings of this road shows
decrease dnring the last filial year of
$470,714.16, and the freight earnings
an increase of $1,914,597.64.
. A Hallway Incident.
A sleeping-car passenger on a train
ruuulug Into Portland, Ore., strolled
into a smoking car and took aseat just
in front of a squaw. He was puffing
vigorously at a cigar, and the Indian
woman got more of tho smoke than
she liked. She protested in panto
mine tho conductor, who, being some
thing of a wag, indicated that she
should make use of an Immense um
brella she had by bringing it down
on the man's head. She naturally
presumed that the conductor's author-'
ity to be all sufficient, and forthwith
acted on his suggestion with native
vigor The man's hat was knocked
down over his eye and all but ruined,
and the cigar went spinning galley
west. When he got out of his hat be
turned with not inexplicable ferocity
upon his assailant, -but the squaw
merely looked at him wltn aboriginal
immobility of countenance and -would
n't understand either English' or siga
language, aud whilo the other passen
gers were convulsed with merriment
he had to retreat' to" another car.
New York Sun.
Diminutive Women la OBte, '
Miss Sally Podney, a 25-year-bld
woman of Spring alley, Ohio, weighs
only twenty-six pounds. Her height
Is thirty-four Inches. She is fairly
well educated, having attended the
district schools until she was past the
school age. She has always rejected
any proposition to appear before the
publlo for gain, although she could
have realized a fortune by so doing,
P. T. Barnum. the showman, at ob
time offering her a large sum to travel
with his show.
A man in Morgantown, W, Va., last,
engaged a lawyer to secure damage
for the loss of passage money paid bjr
Jonah wbon thrown overboard and
cared for by tue wlfale. He traces,
his ancestry to Jonas, and hones to-
secure principal and1nteres"NeWr'
!.r i ... ji- -r
I it k n vnenrnmtoi&iJr-'nBrr.
- I
W . V
. U 1 ' T"? .. 1- '-.' ht F.Iu h W A - - Tl ft, n V"-- , rr ' V. IT. -J r L-. 4 ii
VjrA! i.v fffr m&W
t!w, :&sssHmr ... . " '

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