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The Skylight kicker. [volume] (Flagstaff, Ariz.) 1897-1898, December 02, 1897, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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IF KBTt.Wfcu !,, I.BSadS S 9-tffVI . 1 I i U ..fiL ... mMSm.
R . KHB jZ.? WS r-' TS.W- v ", ',... i" I V 7 v ' t '-'-.. - w -Vi
.!, kvv. liiwyji-wn . ' w a vj
7- -wm sT" -- 1,4 ' T Mte - "- xBnrv. ,t - u. r
. ,u.o., , jympnm, mn
ru. d. j.
n. VlnirtttnfT. Arlxrtnn. Will .
JL- hurgcon. Flagstaff, Arizona. Will
upond promptly to all calls from any point
on the Atlantic & 1'arlHo ltallroad. Office
ntid drugstore oupotlto tho depot. Tolo
pboaes: store. 10: residence. D2.
, Arizona. Ofllco nud residence In tho
I'reshyterlan Dnrsonii.
Telephone. No. 4J.
1ST Olllco hours from 0 to 11 a. ui i a to 4 p. in.
T? S. MILLEn. M. D., I'LAOSTArr.
Jl. zona, umce, ono
o:tlco. Telephone No. 31
" Will practlca In all ths courts in the Fi
vaaiciai I'mnci
Land lltliatlon a Sl'ECIAL.
Offlc at court bouts. 1 latitat?. Ariz.
naff. Arizona, fractlco before the Land
, VIU.U 111 tuu lUUUIl, uiiiiuiuu. riuii
Lcpartment a specalty.
Will practlca In all courts of the fourth
Judicial district. Office with E. S. Uosuoy In
the Babbitt building.
A O. U. W.-FLA08TAFF LODOE. No. 13.
-, Meets erery Thursday nlfiht. InO.A.
R.hall. Visiting Workmen are cordially In
5 vlJL O. A. HUSH. M. V.
' LoDisSriKRs. Recorder.
W niseis eTery i uesuay evening lu u. A. K.
n.-iii. visiunK nrcmren
attend. I)U. 1). J
Louis Spiers. R. S.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to
JiKA.r.., u. it.
Kcenlar meetlnirs on tho 11 rut Satiirdnv
zht of each rnleiulnr ninnth In Munnln
Hall, Kllpatrlck building. Sojourning
uroiuren curumity invura.
W. II. ANDERSON. Master.
J. Outuhii Savaoe. Secretary.
of the World, meets tho flntt and third
nndaysln each month, In tho U. A. It. Hall.
Visiting Sovereigns cordially welcome.
T.3. iDUNUH. Counsel Com.
T. E. I'ULUAii. Clerk.
. Ransom ro-,t. a. A. It.. No. 4, Depart
mint of Arizona, will be held In G. A. It. hall
on second and last Saturday In each month.
E. It. JONKS. Commander.
F II. Cues, I'oat Adjutant.
I. meets every Friday evening In Maionlc
hall. Visiting brethren cordially Invited.
J. E. JONES. N. O.
J, I DouoiiKHTT. Secretary.
oeta every -Wednesday night In their
e holl'Hi ,,A. K. haH, 'AUrrWUpX
fc&itow. A;.cSoi
V SUrf.V
J ' x . jh tk.
V Pastor. On huudays: Low .Mass at 8
o7nocka.ni.; High Mass at 10:30 a. m. Sunday
School at 3 o clock p. .in. Rosary and Bene
diction of the Most Blessed Sacramont at 4
o'clock p. in. On week d.tyx Mass at 7:30
a.m. On the second Sunday of each month
prayer meeting at 10:33 a. in. Sunday-school
at 11:15 a. ni. All cordially Invited.
nd Larcux Stunts. (!. I'. Wil
JP Church and
ton, Pastor. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 1 p. in.
Sundays; Sunday school at 10 a. m.. Oscar
Gibson, Superintendent. Class meetings at
12:15 p. in. Epwortli League. 0.30 p. lu.
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 7:30
Everybody welcome.
JP North fan Francisco street, II. P.
Corser, pastor. Sabbath services: Preaching
11 a. m. and a p. m.; Sunday hchool, 10 a.
m.j Y. P. 8. C. E. prayer meeting. 7:15 p. m.
Mid-week conference and prayer, Wednes
day evening at 8 p.m. A cordial invitation
Is extended to all.
Interest Paid on Time
and Savings Deposits.
Drafts 3old Upor)
All Foreigr? eoaijtries.
Wo Iirvh an Extensive Patmnase and Cor
respondence throughout ArUona, and invito
our uaniunK iiusiuess upou iiiwrm niiu
onsoryatlve Terms.
B. N, FREEMAN, President.
T. E. FOLL00K, Vice-President.
Don't Toouco B; It ul Smoke Tour Life Away.
If you want to quit tobacco v.alng easily
and forever, boniado wcll.stroDg.mnguctlc,
lull of new life and vigor, talio No-Tb-Bac,
ma (orover, Doniauo wt
ull of new life and vigi
the wonder-worker, tliut makes weak men
strong. Many gum ten pounds in ten days.
O vor 400,000 cured. Buy No-To-Bac of your
druggist, under guarantee) to euro, oOj or
1.0O. Bookiot and sample mailed free. Ad.
BtwllsK Kemody Co.. Chicago or Nov York.
Three Men ?Dead or Missing and
Two Others Injured.
Twont v-fllve (Jars Burned The Dam-
oko to l'roporty la Estimated
Kouitlily.nt Onellundred
Thousand Dollars.
Monday aficrnoou a freight train
composed of thirty-one cars and a ca
boose, drawn by two locomotives,
pulled out of tho yatds at Flagstaff
for tho west, woll-ladon with furni
ture, wares, bicycles, cigars, Chlueso
tojs and Christmas goods.
All wont well with tho train uutil it
passed seveu or olght miles west of
Williams whero tho road is down
grade, ami when near McClullan sta
tion tho air which controls tho Wost
inglioiiso brakes gavo out and (tho
I rain ran with doath speed for about
two and one-half miles and flow the
track,-carrying with it three human
beings and great destruction of prop
crty. Tho wrecked train was tho liist sec
tion of No. 33 and was drawn by en
gines No: 105 and 101). Engineer Win
Watson and Irromaii Beit Sporry at-
iciuicti engine lO'J, which was tho
front one, whllo Frank Newton held
the throttle tin No. 105 with Thomas
Fold as his fireman. Tho train was-in
charge of Conductor Thomas O'Kelly.
Little did tho eiew think as they
pulled out of Supal station that death's
door was so near at hand.
When tho air gavo out tho hand
brakes weto insuflelont to check tlm
tf, -i HkMMiT "fc - iTTi "sKs&J
tstnftwmm asifinif vi; Va
inu oniT.woWfWM tomeetihe lawral
tloom faeo to face. It soou came. No
sooner had tho front cugiuo jumped
tho track when tho rear oue and 25
loaded cars leaped Into ouo last mass
of destruction. Tho crash of such a
mass of cars cannot bo described..
Engineers Win Watsou and Frauk
New ton aud fireman Bert Sperry were
burned to death, while Frauk Ford,
tho other fiioman, escaped with his
collar bono brokcu and one leg badly
hurt. Conductor O'Kelly received a
woiiud In tho head hut It Is not a dan
gerous one. Head brakeman Foster
rocolved a light bruiso on tho heaJ.
Fireman Ford was sent to tho Santa
Fo Pacific railroad company's hospital
at Albuquerque. Tho remains of Wm
Watson wero brought to this citv and
.4. i ... ,; - . . . , i, -
embalmed and will bo shipped to Bran
don, Wisconsin. He was a in o in be r
of tho Masonio fraternity at Winslow,
Arizona. He was 42 years old and
leaves a wifo and ono child. Frank
Nowton was about 34 years old and
leaves a wifo in Winslow. Bert Sper
ry was a single man and about 27 or
28 years old. Tho reinaius of tho two
last mentioned havo uot been found.
Tho loss of property to the railroad
compauy is estimated at from-$76,000
to100.000. It Is considered by the
compauy to havo been tho most de
structive wreck for yeats.
1 . 1
Fatuous Folk.,
. Lord Uosebcrr's Incomo is said to
bo $ i',000,000.
Anthony Hope, tho novelist, is in
Amcticn, givlug a sorics.oi leadings.
Ambassador Hay was graduated at
Brown unlvcislty and was of tho class
of '58.
Litllo King Alfonso has received a
now plaything fiom Queen Vicloiln,
II Is the honoraiy grand cross of her
now Hojnl Vicloiiau older.
Governor Atchison of West Viiginln
Is very domestic lu his tastes, aud
when through tho caios of office he
amuses himsell placing tho violin.
Carl Schtiiz has tho lust pair of sluovo
bullous worn by John Qumcy Adams,
They wero glvonjto Sehurz'lly (lie late
Charles Sumner. ' ,"'
Thomils Dunn English, tho aged all?
thor of Ben Bolt," complains bittujly
of tho treatment, of tin, tot of tho
liltle song which has buuu rendered
famous by "Trilby."
Tho King of Slam Is to visit Queen
Victoria noxt summer lu his 2,500-tou
steam yacht, Maha Clutkri, which was
built for him lu Scotland.
Next June," writes Dr. Parker in
a cheory letter, "it will bo 50 yeais
si ii co I preached my (list sermon.
Preached it from a sawplt ono sunny
Sunday afternoon. Preached It on Iho
banks of the Tyno."
Tho mikado of Japan, though pas
slouately fond of horse racing, allows
no bottmg on his track, and pursues
tho sport purely for sport's sake. Ho
has agents uow in tills country look
ing for 20 llrst-olass horses for tho Im
perial stables.
Tho German Emperor invariably
carries with him wherever ho goes a
small revolver. His majesty is a skill
ful shot, and the chasseur who accom
panies hliu everywhere has received
orders to Inspect this weapon every
morning to insuro the fact of its being
In working order.
Herbert Schmalz Is a very popular
paintor'witb English philistines, aud
his picture, "The Return From Cal
vary," has been touring hi the British
provinces for ruoro than four years.
In somo of tho Lancashire towus as
many as 3,000 persons have visited it
iu a single da'. Sixpence Is tho
charge and It sometimes takes the
attendants thrco hours of an crouiu"
to count tho coppers.
Tho now governor of Alaska, J. G.
Brady, is about 60 'years old. His
lirst visit to Alaska was made as a
missionary representing tho Prcsb.Me
yiau board of missions of Washington.
After somo expetienco with tho mii
tlvcs around Sitka, he concluded that
tho most effective wav to conveit
them to Christianity would bo to
couple religion with industrial train
ing. As governor Mr. Brady will
SI" 'WIiJUWueM'feMe ?' ii
IIlKa Priced Itellcs.
A tooth of Sir Isaac Newton was
sold in 131C for tho sum of f3,650. It
was purchased by a nobleman who had
it set In a ring which ho wore con
stantly on his finger.
Tho hat worn by Napoleon Bona
parte at the battlo of Eylan was sold
in Pails In 1835 for $400. It was put
up for sale at fl00, and thero wero 32
Tho coat worn by Charles XII at tho
battle of Pultowa, aud preserved by
one of his oflkeis and attendants, was
sold in 1825 for f 11,875.
Tho two pons employed In signing
tho treaty of Amclns wero sold in 1825
for $2,500.
A wig that had belonged to Stcarno
was sold at public auction In London
In 1825,o:sdj.; etBdmfwy fwy fwlyu
dlu for $1,050.
The prayer book used by Charles I
when on tho scaffold was sold In Lon
don in 1825 for $425.
A waistcoat belonging to J. J.
Rousseau was sold for $190, and his
watch for $100.
Last Wednesday afternoon Alberto
Preciado, whoso parents own a milk
ranch ton miles south of town, mist an
accidental death at the hands oV his
older brother. Alborto bad, boon
practicing with a target riflo and got a
cattildgo stuck in tho chamber, so
that it would neither go in nor go out.
His brother, Joso, took tho gun from
Alberto's hands, rematking that lie
knew how to got it out, Tho younger
boy laid dowu on a bed near by, and
had barely dono so whon tho gun in
tho hands of Joso was accldentallv
discharged and tho bullot pierced Al
berto's heart. The coronet's jury
found in accordance with tho nboe.
Tho dead boy was twelve yeais old,
exceedingly bright, nnd woll known
to Yuma's people, as it was his clts.
torn to drive Into town daily with
milk Yuma Sun.
Quite 11 surioiis accident is reported
to have happened at Jerome on Men
day night. Twelvo holes had bcon
drilled and loaded in tho 500-foot
level, when Iho signal was given for
tlienicugtayvay. Two men, In
gelling utmfcf tho winze, weio caught
byiljlng icck and one of them sus
tnluod a broken leg whllo the other
was pretty badly bruised. , Neither of
them is considered dangerously in
jured. Journal Miner.
. fi:
Arizona Oharley is Wending His
in a j.etter, Written to Ills Ilrotlier
njYuuin, this Territory, Clinr
, ley Tells of His Trip to
tho Jfow IMdorndo.
Pnffo upon pago and volume upon
voluino has been published concerning
tho goldfieds of Alaska, until thous
ands of people all over the Uuited
States havo caught tho KlondiLo fever
and ,lhe only thiug that will cool the
fevuf is a trip to tho Alaska goltlficlds.
No doubt a largo amount of the
published matter is ovci drawn, and a
part ij untrue, but that don't diminish
tho K excitement in tho least, and iho
11156 for Klondiko next' spiing will bo
tho .'greatest since the discovrrv of
1ft1 vm.vow
since the discovery
these, mines
which aio described
being fabulously rich.
T'lSiit it is a liaid and dangctous
tilp no ono lufot med will deny, if it
wasn't for Iho piospccL of obtaining a
fotltino in an inci edible shoit time
thertt would bo but fow who would uu
deitako this hazardous journey.
Artxotia has a number of restless
poisons who nro used to hardships and
piivntions, and who dole on excite
ment and adventure. Ono of Ihcso is
Chailio Meadims who is well known
to a "majority of our readeis. Ho is
now on his way to tho Klondiko gold
lleltls anil his oxpeiieuco isptrMally
gii-eUina letter to his brother J. 1).
Aieauows, 01 lunri.
i,j5'V' -tJS3.i.K.fca'3iitf
COtningiiarloh'eZthiiiJrwsll known
in Aiizona it will bo read with especial
interest. Tho parts selected reads as
"Two Months ago yestctday our
party left San Frauci.sco, outfitted
peifeclly and piepared for anything
wo might meet. Tho greatest ob
staslo wo have had to overcome was
work, of which we havo cxpcilcuccd
a long, hard siege, but as wo hao
''' ff v1'
come out of it iu splendid shape, both
ph)sically and financially, wo hate
no complaints to make.
"Yesterday wo sailed down from
Lake Liudcrman with n fleet of threo
boats tho swcllcst on tho Yukon
tho "Arizona," "Santa Cruz" and
passenger boat "Melbourne." Tho
first two boats ate 5, 000-pound
fieightcrs, and nobody else on the
Yukon has their equal.
"Owlug to au unfortunate couflict
with a glacier at Sheep Camp, in
wjiich our outfit camo out second best
it has cost- mo a dollar a pound to
bring my stuff over tho Pass. But
I have made considerable money on
tho ttall as much, I imagine, as
many a poor, shireiing Klondiko
miner and that covers a multitude of
"I ran it geueral miners1 supply
store, Including restaurant aud liquid
dispensary, iu my big tent, all along
tho trail. Liquor at sW-bits a drink,
meals $2 each, horse shoo nails as
high as $1 each, hard tack at fifty
cents njake, coffee from ttventy-iive
cents to $1 per cup, nro about tho
ruling piices, so you can sco tho
Dutchman's one per cent is not In it.
Ono of my men gavo $7.50 for a cup
of coffee oil a special occasion, aud
wo cahipcil ono night above timber
line, whero slovowood cost a dollar a
stick. Several limes 1 hao been
compelled to refuse men sleeping loom
2Qtfr8r"BivHk5-5bM mark
1 mi iBflll a I sCw J w
In my tout at $5 each for a night's
"With our five tons of supplies,
composed principally of a trading out
fit with which I intended to do busi
ness with tho Indians at Lake Taglsh
wo havo moved just thitty miles in
threo weeks, and it took eight men
and from four to seveu hoiscs to do
it at that. Nobody else is taking iii
so largo an outlit as I am, aud nobody
else has left tho lakes with as many
as thrco boats.
"Do not believe the repot ts of this
country you sco in tho coast papers.
They do uot contain facts. Tho re
ports of starvation, mounted police
turning people back, mob law and so
foilh, aro fakes pure aud simple.
I occasionally see someone from Daw
son and they say that country is all
light, but not so lively as hero. An
evidence 0 prospeiily hero is tho fact
that I 1 cfuscd an offer of $50 a day
and a month's engagement, to throw
hitch on thiily-ono. hoises.
"Chileoot Pass, though bad enough
is not so tcniblo as pictured, as Miss
Mao Melbourne, who accompanies our
party, rodo over it on horseback, and
I packed 100 pounds to tho horse.
Don't let anjouo steer you against
Iho Skaguay route, though, as it is a
dead frost.
"I havo sent a man on ahead to
prospect tho Ilooda link river. It is
doubtful If v e reach Dawson City this
winter, as the Yukon freezes from the
other end. However, we will ruu day
and night aud try hard to get thete.
At any rate, our party is safo unless
we get caught in a blizzard or tho slush
ice, as the Canadian mounted polico
havo stations evciy fifty miles 011 tho
''If I reach 'Dawson I will go out
thisrwitltOl-ie'Mtid.i'omn Iianb Itf " l'.;i.i-"u.
?gg?raftSBBftf 4sip2
,&S vwv
it The First Vtnbrelln.
New York Journal: Tho umbrella
is a comparatively modem featuio of
modem civilization.
lu 1750 Jonas Han way, a Quaker,
(list went through the streets of Lou
doit cai lying nil umbrella. Three
years from now, 1900. it will bo meet
to celebrate tho sesquiceuteunial of
this most useful implement.
As tills is the ago of celebiatton, it
is not likely that so good an opportun
ity mil bo missed. Already in Lon
don they aio discussing tho proper
manner of doing honiago to tho um
brella. Mr. Han way was a man of strong
character, but It ropuhed nil his cour
age to brao all tho crowd with his
8tiangoiaiu shqild. Tho inhabitants
of this great metropolis received him
with jeers and oven moio substantfal
remarks of dlsapipoval. But ho was
hiipcrlm bablo, and in consequence of
his good example tho umbrella camo
rapidly into geueral use.
Hauway had traveled much lu tho
cast, and thero ho had noted tho groat
benefits derived by tho natives from
tho umbrella both as protection against
tho sun and rain. The cast, with iU
in I'm Holy older civilization, has been
familiar with this as with many other
useful articles, at a time when Etuopo
was sunk iu tho wildest savagery.
lioiituiT Lincoln has accepted tho
presidency of tlm Pullman Paiaco Car
Company. Ho was once widely men
tioned ns a presidential caudidatc.
How men do change.
A nocl .sight of squirrels migrating
was witnessed below Cumbcilaud, Md.
A drove, which nn 030 witness esti
mated to contain 3,000, swam across.
the 1'olomnc liter. About '300 of
them wero killed by men aud bojs
before tiey got into tlm woods.
1 $40 to 70l?eV tlaTVrM
tf -.
ft :Wm 1
--; :
10c PEB COPY ,?M'
""""i""SSSSSS""Sl "feisr
Roysl sukw ths !oodsrs, -. -S S
iflMfe - - - -: A 1
fsssm -: J
Colchratnd fnr Its erA.t InAVPnincp iktrAnrlh X-S,
and healtlif ulncss. Assures the food against
alum and all forms af adulteration common
to tho cheap brands. KOYAL BAKING
A Skirmish on the Southside in
Which a Fiat Iron was Useful.
The Kelluerents Arrested Peace
Itcstorcd The Kditor or theJ
Kicker Itendjr to do
M i
When the editorial paragraphcr.of
a newspaper points his editorials with .
caustic, liko unto tho Kicueh, he ex
pects to bo called upon at any time to
exterminate some disagrccablo citizen
or citizens.
IFrldaKojrilug Wo were sitting in
S?rfejKRRe timM Inappropriately
ArljHlwtiwtwiii), feellug at peaco with ' w
all jktfWqrldwhen a loud continuous
knockiug, aroused us and tbrowed us
into a terrible stato of excitement. ,
Tho back door was locked and the
koy was lost, and it looked like a caso
of run or fight. Wo couldn't do the
former and wo didn't want to do tho
latter, so wo got down on our knees
to pray for the poor wretch beforo wo
swept him off this mundane sphere,
and whispered come iu.
It was a chinaman, on the hunt of a
lawyer, and wo were so rejoiced that
wo dldu't havo to spill blood but we
trembled so loud that it shook tho
house aud caused a largo imposing
stouo to upset. It is a dreadful thing
to take human life and iC always
makes us feel bad for two hours after
wards. We will now go back and bunt up
(ho story. Chinamen Charley who
runs a laundry on tho south aide of
tho railroad owed Hop fifty dollars for '
tho laundry outfit which ho Is rLW
Charley had promised to pay Hop
from time to time but failed to liqui
date Hop learned Thursday that
Charley had made winning at faro
bank, aud he made a bee-line for
Charley's laundry and demanded his
pay, telling Charley that he could, pay
him as ho had made a winning.
Charley warmed up at this and fired
a sad, or flat iron at Hop, landing
hard 011 his head aud thereby causing,
tho claret to flow from tho wouud like'
an irrigating ditch. This was a decis-
Ivo battlo and as soou as the smoke"
was cleared away aud the blood
washed off, Hop had Charley arrested.
It was Hop's request that the victor
ho fined "heap much" as he had
-heap" money. Judge Milllgan acted
vti the suggestion and relieved him of
fifteen dollars of his hanl winning.
for drawing up tho treaty of peace.
Charley to rotaliato had Hop' ar
rested Friday, aud iu Hop's eagerness
to bbtaiu a lawyer he camo very near
oiigiuating a war in the offico of Tub
Kickeu, as stated above, which would
havo been a war of extermination, as
we fight uuder tho black flagon naval
engagement when they occur In river
Hop secured a lawyer" and a Melt-
can" jUry'Who after hnarlno- llm !
deuco 'and probing Hop's wound and
measuring the same with a surveyor's
chalu decided that It was no violation
on the part of tho injured man to get
Uit with his own flat iron, or one that
ho hadn't been paid for, so ho was
paroled and went his, way rejoicing.
- 1W M

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