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5)V SfyCtgfii Qcfyr.
It. II. & J. K. JONES,
V Editors and Publishers
Entered t the Postofflce at Flsgstsff, Arlsono,
'as Second-class Matter.
Ono Year 8 M
8lx Months t0
Throo Mouths , TB
Single copies 10 cents: two copies IScontsj
all over two copies. 6H cents each.1'
Advertising rates given upon application.
Fred Hughes can truthfully testify
that Gov. McCord won't go back on a
Tho silver question is dead, yes too
.dead to talk about, but you can't
mako Congressman Dingloy bollevo it.
Tho alleged wito nuudorer Adolnli
TLuetgort will bo tiled before Jiulgo
JGray, who presided at tho ttial of
ilayniarket anarchists.
Attorney Goneral McKenua will
now bo Associate Justtco of tho United
'States. J ml go Way mil o of California
will no doubt bo appointed Attorney
General by President McKinloy.
After such reforms as tho funding
'of tho Yavapai county railroad bonds,
the prison labor contract ami tho
allowance of tho Woltloy claim, is
there anything left to tcformP
Citizens of Kendrick, Tata county,
Idaho, havo been obliged to tight
largo numbers of beats which havo
invaded their orchards nightly, owing
it is said, to tho falluro of tho wild
berry crop in tho mountains.
A telephone oxchaugo manager In
Staunton, Va., recently advertised for
ugly girls that would attend to busi
ness." Thero wcro actually 25 who
applied for tho positions and confessed
themselves qualified to fill tho bill.
When men commit murder, rape,
robbery aud arson in Arizona, they
locelvo tho sovcrest punishment.
They are hired out to work on canals,
." or irrigating, ditches, and don't get
P familiar with1 the prison t walla until
. a. 1L.11 Mtlll IUnbTHUUi.IiB. U1KBMIU
" i i i.iiL.idu....ii.,aja.....
. -- v . ',.; v t . '.'
- rinri.mtTA ia nanrrrncff-Trnm- Ninr-,Mi.,nrt
Tt . ? tf i .r i 4i-.
4wlll work for statehood for his tent
tory at tho ensuing session. Our del
egato has a similar job on hand, and
wo hope ho will ho ludustiious enough
to get statehood, and wo will not bo
satisfied with an thing less than homo
P. Z. Daly, of Massachusetts, aged
twenty-two years, fell from a brake
beam of a Southern Pacific freight
train, on which ho was stealing a ride,
at Tacna last Wednesday afternoon,
and was crushed bcucath tho whcols
of tho moving cars. Ho lived forty
minutes nfter tho accident and spoke
intelligently and calmly of the details
of tho occnrrcuco and his Identity.
Yuma Sun.
When a person Is convicted of a
folony the jiulgo orders tiiat the pris
oner bo confined in tho ponltontiary at
hard labor.- Under the late order of
things tho sontenco don't mean that
the felon bo confined in tho peniten
tiary, but that ho be. con fined to tho
banks of tho canal, or Colorado river,
whero ho cau fish? wbilq the territory
furnishes n guard to bait his iiook.
That is economy and reform.
In speaking of tho Durrant case a
recent dispatch says: "Possibly tho
Dun ant case' may lead to a tragedy.
This Is the belief of ltov. Win. Tubb,
father of Attorney Tubbs, who was
ouco helping jn tho tight to save th o
condcuiued man. Tubbs has been
missing siuco June, aud a thorough
search failed to find any tr&co of him.
It Is'now belclvcd that In his search
ho found tho realtrourdercr of Mlnnio
Williams and Blanche Lamont and was
slain by him."
Among tho number of Baltimore
Fresh Air Fund children sent to tho
cool hilf couutry of Virginia this sum
mer, there was ono llttlo fellow who
found quarters lu a liospltablo farm
houso at Fort Koyal. When the cows
camo'up in tho evening to tic milked,
tho boy wont down to tho barnyard
with bis host to sen tho operation. Tho
cotoa fwere standing about placidly'
contentedly chewing the. cud. Tho
boy watched tho milkmaids at woik,
aud his oyes dealt with growing won
der on the ceaseless grind of the cows'
jaws.1 At length ho turned to his host
and salds And do you havo to buy
gum for all thorn coyvs?"
Denver News.
States District
Ellinwoodof Atizona,
in an interview
Tho News, ..'.announces that au
... t '''
ofl'oit is to bo made by tho people of
that territory for homo rule, which
means that thoy shall bo permitted to
elect their governor and other terri
torial officials, and wo presume- also
their judges. In other words, thoy
will ask that tho territory bo placed
on tho sumo footing as a stato, except
that they will continuo to havo only a
delegato in congress instead of a con
gressman nnd senatois.
Tills is a very radical doparturo ju
thu policy which tho United States has
always pursued toward the territories.
Tho governor, secrolary aud judges
havo always been appointed by tho
president, and paid by tho federal
government! Whether Mr. Ellin
wood's schemo includes tho paymout
of tho officials by tho territory ns well
as their election docs not appear. Tho
scheme, if authorized by congress,
would placo a portion of tho burdens
of a stato government on tho people
of tho territory, which would bo offset
by tho piivilego of choosing their own
uilers, instead of having them selected
by thu president.
lu iccout years tlieio has been a
well defiued sentiment iu favor of
sclectiug tcriitoriat officials from tho
citizens of tho totritory for which
thoy wcio named. Certain it is that
Micro has been an impiovemeut in this
tegaul. Back in tho days when Col
orado was a territory, and before tho
class often iloiial appointees was as a
wliolo a disgrace to American politics.
Politicians without character or stand
ing at home, aud with little or no
fitness for tho positions to which they
wore appointed, were sent out to tho
West to become governors nnd secrc
taiies and judges. Colorado had its
sharo and kicked so vigorously about
it Hint to this sourco tho lata roform
must bo credited.
Tho Arizona proposition, wo take it,
is made to meet lu a measure the ob
jection raised by tho gold press to tho
demand for admission of Arizona aud
Now Mexico to tho sisterhood of states.
Whenever thoy memorialize congress
tho "rotten borough" cry is raised.
Wo ato told that Montana aud Idaho
and Nevada
havinc statehood. vMiiov.
tt.t i. fc A
'lafge.a reprejeutUonTsVBafist
nois. -J. ne t wnoio "- -- "
. if i a - . .. -"i "
admission of any moro Western states.
Uenco the Ellimvood plan proposes to
secuto a measure of homo rule for tho
ten itoiies nnd cvndo tho opposition
which exists to giving them moro tep
rcsontntlou iu congress. Tho News
would not be surpilscd to seo tho sug
gestion favorably received by tho re
publican political bosses and the por
tion of tho press which shouts for tho
gold standard.
The editor of tho Florence Tribune
asks tho following questions: "What
is tho substauco of the homo rule bill
for Anzona which Congress will be
asked to pass? Who is behiud It?
Tho substauco of tho homo rule bill is
to givo tho citizens of Arizona the
right to elect tho territorial officers
and district judges. The citizens w'6o
pay tho taxes should havo a voice jin
choosing tho officers to handle ind
disbtirso the funds derived from taxa
tion. As to tho second question the Tucson
Citizen answers It partloy when it
sftjs: That nine touths of the people
favor homo rule. Wo are of opinion
that a greater per coat is behind it
than stated by the Citizen. In fact
tho opposition is confined to the gang
aud their satellites. The question is
easily ausworcd, thn people aro behind
the move regardless of.patty.
"Whero aro you going iu such a
hurry?" asked Hostotter McGinn is of
Johnnie Fewscads.
"I am going to old Boudclipper to
ask for tho hand of his daughter."
"Which one?"
"Hint nil depends on what sort of a
humor ho is in. If ho is in good
humor I'll propose for tho youngest.
If ho has a crauky spell I'll proposo
for tho oldest." N. Y. World.
For lcfusing to net as fonco viewer,
an ofileo that survives yet In parts of
New England, a Dcoring (Me.) map,
was fined Iivo dollars, nnd ho had to
pay londpljqrs to escapo at rest for
trying to 'dodgd tho first line.
Ifis settled that 'Indlaukwill have
a United Biethren college, to which
tho national aud state boards have nl
i cady cotiti ibuted $150,000. An effort
Is now being mndu to secure the dona
tion of a site of 100 acres.
Dr. See'u Great DlaeoyerlMW
A dispatch from Boston, Mas)., of
November 30th has the following to
sayeoncerning Dr. See's work while
In Flagstaff:
"Astronomical discoveries of great
value aro reported by Dr. T. J. J.
Seo, who has charge of Lowell obser
vatory In Flagstaff, Arizona.) Prof.
Seo says that tho Arizona air is cloaror
and purer thau at anyVhor station in
this country. Dr. Soo said that since
August, 1896, he has discovered ( about
500 now double stars, and measured
about 700 objects noticed by previous
observers. Many stellar systemt dis
covered aro largo and brilliant and
possess tho highest interest. '
Tho discovery of 500 now, double
stavsls accounted tho most important
contribution to southern nstrouomy
since tho survey of Sr. John Herschel
sixty yearsago.
A New Jewel.
J. P. Arnold, ono of our jowolers
and advertisers not only lias'a nico
lino of clocks, watches and jewelry,
but his wife on Wednesday night the
first of December presented him with
a jowol a girl baby.
Mrs. Arnold and tho little ono aro
doing nicely, but Mr. Arnold is so
overjoyed and excited over tho event
that he can't wind up a watch, nor do
anything but talk about the little
baby gltl.
(live This Attention.'1
All persons Indebted to us .on sub
scription or otherwise will plcaso call
and settle at once, ns wo aro needing
what is duo us very much, and thoso
who fail to scttio by the 15th of De
cember, 1897, we will ho compelled to
drop from our books.
We havo been carrying somo-sub-scribers
for months aud years, but wo
can't do It auy longer, as it takes
niouey to run a paper as well as any
other business. Horeafter wo wilt ro
qulre subscription in ndvance, and will
not deviate from tho requirement.
School Itema.
At the opening of tho school this
year, I promised the pupils of my
room that, if auy of them in any study,
averaged iu dally rccilatiou 90 per
cent or above, up to tho timo of ex
amination in that study, such pupil
should becxcmpt from theoxamiua- '
studies and pupils.
Algebra Louis Burns.
Atithmctlc Pcail Barney, Nina
Burns, Mary Funston, Uuby Green
loaf, Gin co Glim, Minn Jones aud
Lizzie Louis.
American History Lotta Beal,
Mary Funston and Pearl Barney.
Grammar Mary Funston, Ruby
Grccnleaf and Lizzie Lewis.
Civil Government Louis Burns.
Geology Mary Funston.
D. A. Dhev.
Tho dangers of civilization aro over
woik, worry aud germs. Wo need a
vitalizing power to sustain us. Learned
men and experience point to pure
whiskey. Primitive men did not need
whiskey. Wo do. Changed condi
tions bring fresh needs. And THE
whiskey is HARPER.
Notice For Publication.
Ud. Entry No. 8S.
Land Offlco at Prescolt, Arlj..
November 30. 1897.
Notice Is hereby glvon that tho followhig
nnmed sottler has filed notice of bis Inten
tion to make final proof In support of his
claim and that said proof will bo made be
fore tho Ulerk of the l'robatc Court at Flag
staff, Arizona, on Saturday. 'January 8,' 1898,
vizi John W. Francis, for tho southeast
quarter of section 28. township SO north,
range 7 east.
lie names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and cultiva
tion of, said land, viz: Asa Clark, Gsorge
Zottler, Marvin H. llsal, James O. Mctiulrc,
all of Flagstaff, ArUoqn,
County Notice.
OrriCEorTHE BoAnn or BoPERVisons or )
Coconino Coontv, Auizoha Tekritout,
Flagstaff, November 33. 18'JT. )
Notice Is hereby given that the Board of
Supervisors of Coconino county, Arizona,
will receive sealed bids until 10 o'clock, a. in.
on January 3rd, 1898, for furnishing tho
County tor the year 188 with tho following
supplies, etc:
1. Printing and Publishing.
2. Stationery.
2. Board of County Prisoners at County
Jail In Flagstaff. ,
I Care of Indigent sick at Flagstaff,
fi. Medicines and Medical attendance for
Indigent sick at Flagstaff.
6. Medicines and Medical attendance for
Indigent sick at Williams.
Bids for printing, publishing and station
ery will bo received In lump bids, or for each
,Blds aro to bo marked on envelope and ad
dressed to tho Clerk of the Board.
Bonds In the sum of One Thousand Dol
lars wilt bo exacted for tho faithful perform
ance of any contract that may be let.vk
Tba Board roservos the right to reject any
and all bids. By order of th Board of Su
pervisors. T.JE. PeixiAM.'Clerk.
Andy Smith, 'superintendent of the
Western Union telegraph company,
came in from Albuquerquo yesterday.
Chas, Cauall, Hue repairer for tho
Santa Fo Pacific railroad company,
has been spending several days iu the
city this week.
Asa Claik, tho boss hog i-afses of
this soction, killed another five month's
old pig today which weighed 213
pounds net.
Mrs. W. V. Caitmcll has just jom
pleted it very artistic, silk crazy quilt
which will be on raffle at the post-office
next week. There will be 100 chances
at 1 per chance.
Tho citizens of the Verde valley aro
raising a subscription to build a wagon
road from tho valley to Flagstaff via
Mund's trail. This is a move in tho
right direction as mauy of tho citizens
of that section would like to make our
city their trading point, and tho bus!
uess men of Flagstaff will only bo too
willing to receivo their produce and
Orrica or toe Clerk or tub I
Town or KLAogTArr. f
Notice Is hereby given that the assessment
roll of tho town of Flagstaff, Arizona, for the
year 1897 has been mado up and Is now on file
In tho office of tho town clerk for tho Inspec
tion of the tax-payers of the said town.
Tho towu council will meet as as board of
equalization on tho th day of October, 1807,
for tho purposeof equalizing tho assessments
mado, at which time all persons objecting to
their assessments as now mado will bo given
a hoarlng. Ily order of the council.
O. A. Bush, Cclrk.
E&stSidt Sas Fraacisco St., FUCSUFF
and wagonwork.
Done strictly to order, and all work prompt
ly attended to. -
Horseshoeing a specialty.
Flagstaff Undertaking Parlors
Everything Up to Dato.
ASBESTOS COFFINS that afford Piotectlon
In aht climate.
J. G. MlbUGfN
Manufacturer of
Brick and Lime.
Flagstaff Precinct.
l'lnccs of Interest.
Table of distances from Flaffstalf,
Arizona to
Grand C.inyon of the Colorado
River 65 miles. Scenery indescrib
able Cataract Canyon 65 miles. The
abodo of tlio Supai Indians. Can be
entered only on horseback
Natnral Bridge 75 uilles. Arch,
850 feel; width, 500 feet; height, 275
Montezuma Wells nnd Castle 50
miles Point of great interest
Walnut Canyon 8 tulles. Tho home
of tho Clltf Dwellers, a prehistoric raco
of four hundred years ago. Walls of
castles perfect
Sunset Mountain 10 miles. An
extinct volcano, supposed to have been
active four hundred years ago
Cavo Dwellings 8 miles. Tho homo
of a prehistoric raco
Tho Black Crater 15 miles, In
the center of tho largest lava beds in
tho world
Sao Francisco Peaks 13 miles.
With an.nlliludo of 14,000 feet. Snow
capped most ot the year. From the
top .with a good glass, onoran sef al
most onc-thlrd of Ilia Territory
The Moqul Villages 100 miles. The
homu of tho Snnku Dance.
Oak Creek 20 miles. Thu famous
Mountain Trout abounds in this stream.
H...jBL3w?,tiiBL-Jl''. I
? -j "' "!
cti i .a
vs $mv
j i
any other
Are your bake goods satisfactory,?1 If -not,
Given away to consumers of their teas and baking
powder for the guessers of the missing word. (See their
advertisement in this paper or on tickets in tea and baking
powder.) A guess for every ticket to be- had in each
package of "Schilling's Best" tea or baking powder;
We are the wholesale and retail agents for all their.
Tie Largest Department
Tourists and Visitors are always welcome to our Indian Department-
Our Indian Trading Post...Red Lake, Ariz.
All the Delioaoies of the Season Fresh from the Market.
You are invited to call and inspect my Stock
Every article needed in outfitting for the
Klondlike, except Tea, Sugar andCoffee,
is manufactured or produced at
put up and packed by experienced KUwdikers. Beirig.at
ers start from Tacoma. For
uuuiiuduuii, uuuress
Tacoma Citizens' Klinilike Information Burem,
04 Pacific Avenue, TACOMA, WASH,
Fancy Groceries;
Tobacco and ps
a AAt )
r pr zzzlt - u v.wT zzjzzz: t3. ' " v .wv mu b
tronc md after fii!;R2'Tj;ivS!?iw."t4i
CVPIBKXK trnthBSnil restore stnsllwcdcertassk
Vhm rmaan nflfererx ure not dumI bv Doctors u han aliMiv
sstswwjsj (HSU uv (
PrswtaUtls. COPIDKNEIsthooiylnownrnoltoewwlihooii
is. AwrmmBiwnunrociTWBaniBonsrmwwniias
Ut box, sU fit .. br au&ia4 ferHndfWte
- A
tea tiut
store in flrizoaa.
-OHA8. A. KELLER, PnomitTOM.
free maps and free Klondike
W - JU
l "CUWMMl-
(olfwrr, FThsostlSrpeSw, vStts3S5a
vrss"1 V
tt tmi sjw
trsaUol jMk
PweoMSMs sasw st ftnsMMM cmsv
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vmr.o.amwm,9mTnmm,v arm- "
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E.W "!

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