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The Skylight kicker. [volume] (Flagstaff, Ariz.) 1897-1898, December 09, 1897, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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, ;w" - - r- -,,t - rpimgp v. tw rti.tfiirp, - ,. ttt" nyr-n-n-irrmn (
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I ' yQL.XY.-yOsi't. . FLAGSTAFF, AHIZOKA, THinDAX DECEMBER 9, 1897. ' - lOo PER COPY 'Tjfel
, i
tit "-" '
, i, -m U-l, J!
lMtOFKssio.VAi.. rriinu mi; i;m iiAim nnilMaUiflei.il mound Is a coiiioratiouiu SO l JUMfM HI? TPRRDR of the samo grado at this season last . RoMkMtteioedpwt. I M t
v ; .asgssssasgteg llllii AMv rUIi IlUiUii KULli! Cllb,tm, It ,, ,,,,, . lllnnv ,. &g. A lttluN Ur IMUlUtl. year .0... readily m chic.ep.ti7a r0" wiZESr4-W. I Kfcl
Surgeon. Flagstaff, Arizona. Will re
spond promptly to all culls fiom any point
on the Atlantis & 1'adtlc Railroad. Ollloe
and druir store oppusllu tlio depot. 'Tele
phones; mora. It): residence. X.
VV i Arloni.
rlront. Ofllco kiuI residence In the
Prihvt MrttiM rmrmtitiri,. 'rdmihilMO ISP. 4-
tJSrOfilco liours (row 0 to 11 u. mi 3 to 4 li. in.
7 3. MILLER, M. 11 . I'l.AC.ST A FF. ARj
lZi. lontt. Oltlce, one door Cast, Of Post
uitlcu. Tclephono.No.3l
" Will practice In all the court in the ourtn
Judicial District. Land litigation a 81'KUAL
1Y. Ottlce at conrt house, flagman", Axlig
i, Office In tho llauuttt building, Fluff;
naif, Arltona. I'ractlco before tho Land
Department a specalty. a
Will practice In all court of.lhe fonrlu
Judicial dUtrlct. Orace with KsrUosuey In
the llaubltt building., r
A O. U.
f. Meet
ft. hull. V!
Meets every Tliursduy night, InO. A.
II. Vlsltlns Workmen aro eordl.illy lu
sted. . " O. A. llUbll, il. V.
LoutaSriKits, Rocorder.
I. O. I'., NO
l me eta every Tuchday uvnilnc In u. A, It.
lull. Visiting lirvtliren cordially lnltvd to
..n.i T.t ii r iiuivKirv ii ir
1JHANNEN. 0. 11.
Louis Spiers. It. S.
JP Ite
.AGSTAFF I.ODOE. NO. 7. t". fc A. M.-
KeRular meetings on tho llnt Hnturdny
lit of each cnleudnr month In Masonic
Hall. KIlDatrlck buiUUni;. bojournltig
brethren cordially Invited.
W. II. ANDEllSON, Muiter.
J. Guru mn fcUvAOK. secrotury.
P of tho World.
Mondays In each mi
World. miits tho nrt und third
klnttflnvs In i.iiMi nifkntli. In thu Q. A. It. Unll.
Visiting Sovereign cordially welcome.
T. S. 1111MJII, Counsel Coin.
T, E. 1'ci.liam, Clerk.
. ltunsom lost. G. A. It- o.4. lKp-irt-munt
of Arlzonu. will beheld In CI, A. It. hnll
on second und last Saturday In tucli uionth.
E. It. JONK.N Commander.
E. II. Chess, 1W Adjutant.
O. O, 1-VL VGSTAh V LODGE. NO. 11.
meota'cvorv Friday ecnliiit In Masonic
I. yuttlng brethren cordially Invited.
I Douoherty, Secretary.
no. is. K.'Or i.
meet every Wednesday nlgiitin tneir
cnnilu ball
In O, A. If. hall, ah v)ituig
-satiiomo ciniRon. nr.v. r. dillV.
i. l'astor. On t-uudnys! Ijw Mass ul
o'clock n. in.: High MassatlO.:n.tn. fcundny
School ut 3 o'clotk p..m, l.'osary and lleno
diction of tho Most Itlessed fcacrament ut 4
o'clock p. in. On week das Mus3 at iW
a.m. On the second SuinUv lf euch irtontli
pr.iycr meeting at 10: a. in. Sunday-school
utllilSa. m. All cordially lnttcd.
X '
Church and Larcux btrtuli. O P. Wil
son, l'astor, 1'ieachlngat 11 a.m. and T p.m.
Sundays; Sunday rehool at 10a. m.. Ccar
Gibson, Superintendent. Clas.s meeting at
12:15 p. in. Epworth Ixaguo 30 p. in.
I'raycr meeting Wednesday evening at ",:lO
EvtrybodV welcome.
X '
Nurtli fJfLii I'ranelhco street. II. l.
corser, pastor. Sabbath services: I'reachlng
11 a. m. and 8 p. tu.i Sundav school, 10 n-
m.: Y. r. B. O. E. prayer mtetlng.lili p. in.
Mid-week conference und prayer, Wednes
day evening at 8 p.m. A cordial Invitation
Is extended to nil.
i. ?
Paid on Time
Sand.Savlngs Deposits.
Drafts 3old Upoi)
. i
''-AH ForeigGoarjfries.
MVc havo an Extensive Patronago and Cor
respondence throughout ArUonn, and invito
your Hanking llusluess upon- Liberal ana
rg Couscrvatlvo Terms.
"" . -
B, NcFREiSMAN, tro3ident
T. E. FOLL00R, Vice-Proaidont.
nnit Tohioco Bolt aad Booko YcM.lifo Away.
. j a ... a..u iAl.nrt natiin. mstlv
VOU WBUW Ul H"'" i""-'" -vn -;-
?ufi of new ilfoaiul vigor; tiluo'Ko.'l'o jto
the 1 wondcr-vor.ter, that makes weak men
strnne MnnV Rata ton ponnda In ten dftj'S.
drumht. under guat-untoo to cure, t or
1,00? Booklet and samplo mathfreo. Ad.
BtUnf RemeCiTCo..CKicttoKv"Vorlt
T, itw. A. MAyi.owEu;j.u. ,((--: ;
, o.H. covin, Kof t,.ijufc-i-.;-tL.n jwlecu
Pooplo of Arizona Wfint to Elect
Their Own Officers,
A Tulle With Mayor OVNelll-Hu linn
No Hope Vol- Statehood, and
Consequently Adocntvs
i Homo Utile,
From the Chicago Inter Octuji,
William O. O'Neill, mayor oU'ics
eott, Ail.., tho iKot-Lnoivn n'.n in the
teriitoiy, talked lhteiMlngly at tho
Wellington hotel jesleiday rehtlUc lo
statohbod. Among othtr things ho
"Tho advocates of Iionic rulo urged
In Its f.ivor that every jiolitieal pailj
for tho I:iS(t twenty jeats hits ic
eoguied its justice by duclaiiog for
it in national conventions, although
each "aityiu In days of triumph has
disiegaided tho promise thus made.
Under the -nescnt s stem the olli
ceisof tho lenitory tho (Jownior,
seerolarr, and otueis nio nppoiiiiuu
by tho l'resldent, fiohi any section of
tho Union hu may deem pioper, and
these appointees in turn till tho minor
politic il ollices with their own favor
ites. Under this system, copied from
lift old continental idea of governlug
conquered colonies, tho people of tho
thtcu lemainliig Iciiiloiks havo no
voice iu the -.election of llielr ofllceis,
and 410 practically iinpoleutt so far
as any diiect lestiuinL on tho public
policicS'e-Otcts oftlio I're?idenl's ap
pointees aio concerned, tho lcsttlt
being that both c.ipital and emigra
tion am lclatded by their unwilling
ness to loeato ill e'lintUHivlfeieHi
iuej,nuvo piacu9ui,yt no
.t . ,. 1. 7
l . . , - - .1 ...i 1-. SJ
t iiTStrt'iS.flj
itiaAi.' -
,Vh6 -hnwliccn too oiten
rVrttK & jft .. -
merely for tho pmposo of pai'"g
pulilical dents or for kindred reasons.
"Iu tho last fouiteun years, of eight
Governors appointed iu AiUnua, all
but tho pteseut incumbent havo bt.cn
remtntd for political or other teasons,
demousltating at lea'it a system of
public policy so uncut tain In its char
acter as to bo tloUlmeutal to tho iu-
tntests Oftho governed.
"Just pi lor 10 tho admission of
Utah as a Mat" a bill similar to tho
liome-ltilo measuiu asked for by Ail-,
zona was paused for that leu itory.
Thu glowing disposition iu tho Kist to
di?coiiutcuaiico the admission of any
111010 Western states has nnuouueed
to tho people of Aii.oua that it Is use
less to expect statehood, although
possessing a gi cater papulation and
mouv wealth than lii.tuy oftho states
had at tho time of their admission,
and (heir anxiety to bo tclc;)sed fiom
llin existing coudltiou of appointive of
ficialism Is intcnfciuVd by this fact.
"Their solo ejeshu is simply tho
privilege of exelclsing tho Ameilcnn
light to select their fiwu oillceis, ami
they beliuVu tho Justice of this do
mand, will bo lecognUed by etcn
those who nw most pronounced In
their opposition to tho admission of
now stales, ' s
Mi O'Neill is hero in, tho interest
of a ratlioad which is being built
fiom a point on tho Santa Fo l'.tclliu
lailroad to tho Giaud Canyon of "tho
Colorado, nifil of which he Is rice
president. -Tim road Is to bo seventy
miles 111 length and will connect with
tho largo copper mines which Mr,
O'Neill Is winking in Hie Grand Can
yon, llticko)" O'Ntlll, s i,o h fanill
iatly" known, has nnjuiied gtcnt
wealth h taking uthMiilngi! of the
ptospuciing wliich tiutuiu has donu by
the ciosinu of yclirs. Ilu has nu.
(juiltd largo" copper, asbestos, nnd
ituld iniut'K, whlcTi lio is enabUul to
woik at the etioiinous deplil of C.OQO
feel, oi'piactle.illy nt sea level, ilius
gaining :t gie:t adv.inttigo lfmii a
miniiig standpoint.
The vondcilul louuiluHjnUtOy tho
Mnlei) lleiiHuf Aiistiullii.
Tho malleo hens of Atilinlt.f J:lJ
Us eggs lu a hligo mst. Iheiustls
reallj an ultilklut niotilul of gignnllu
pi'dpoi lions for thu f.i.o of its makotr
and tho iuiposu -it is to ecive. This
mound is a coiporatiou lu
ll is buijt by many pahs,
mnlo and fem.le, woiklng,
coustiuct,'lt. Tlteso saint'
.,.,., , , , . .. sife box ami sold at retail at $1.60 a dozen. I I x?- f
of birds, mnlo and fein.lo, woik ng, J.J ,. , , I ",
' ' a, jf sa t River va by oranges arc In I , I T' - , f
aiiKU 10
pairs or jlocksr birth annually repiir
and ,eulargiy tho fpicer looking cone,
whllirlses up like a turretit dome
ffni tho lovel praiiie.
'Sometimes theso tunnels attain :i
Ijelght of fully fifteen feet iu tho per
pendicular, vilh a ladltts of equal
liicasutement. Many of theso nests
'avo measnted as much as fifty yauh,
or 150 feet around their base. Thrt
would glvo the latgest 0110 measured a
diameter of about llfiy foot. These
mound nests aio enteied tluough a
suit of funnel caity at tho top of the
cone. r
Tio hens of all tho building and re-
.nt.in.tf int, Lit' 111 tlintl tti.,f,non
l J ,' ,"',,
nest. The eggs, nie ileposltcd about $
sk feel helow the suifuce. While
each hen lays her egg In tho family
numnd, no hen drops her egg closer
than twenty inches of that ot her
" .... ,,,, ,
cavity tnado for it wheiciu it is placed
',,., . ,1 1
niMxliuor. ilia egg is tteposucd in a
Iti a veuic.lt position, eaioiuuy coveieu
nud the. sutfaco as eaiefully smoothed
oerby tho hen beforo she ipiils llin
ilest. Conttniy to tho usual practice
of tho biid aud fowl species", llicse
uuilleo hetH lay at uighl instead of in
tho d.iy. Several dayM elapso also
bclwccu tho dinpplpgof two eggs by
tho aaiuu hen,
Tho egjis of Iho niaileo hen aro out
of all proHirtioii to her size. Tlioy
ate its jarge- as thoso o a goose, and
of largo hens aro very much larger.
Tho e2KS thus laid and coteted !u
this gte.it sand qicd iu tho hot dis
tricts aiu never again disturbed by tho
licuf. Tho eggs ma hatched by tho
IlpuK?-Ji!i! ,,ur0
not nlti their exit veiy mucli.
Tho hen issovnyshy and igilnnt
that no ono U ublu to study her ma
tciualaud domestic habits with satls
f.ictinn. As slm lays her egg at night,
and tians.icts most of her affaits in
the night watch so that no naturalist
or ctuipus iudividtt.il can fen other
out, possibly rlio steals lo her expected
brOod under cover of night also, and
lives them thu parental uucai thing
which they must snielv tlced after the
nipping of tho eggshell.
Hush iiatuialtsts have been cm ions
to know how this peculiar fowl builds
that nesl. Tho bltds hao been scon
win-ling at it, and tho mounds have
been inspected, but tho piling of the
dirt is not front the imniediato vicinity
for that Is umllstuibcd. Small spring
aud tho liku cuter into tho plastic
uiitsoni', which stauds stoinis ami
heavy i.ilus, wheu thoy do fall, with
out serious injury.
Theso huge cones stand for years,
to ho annually nested in by iho same
flock which oilglunlly cousti tided the
family incubator. When detected the
hens emit a pitiful little cackle, add
flutter aw'ay liku a Wounded innocent.
Tho young of a covey cither ioo( undoi
tho sand or hidu behind soum mound
or object of ft ieiidly color.
Vhy uXccro la Called "Coon
Many ) eats ago, when supcistition
lieltl irie.iter sway than now, and tlio
ItifltioncfS of tho occult nud wcited
wertv most pntenl, a cuuning uegio
slave hud acquired thu loputation of
possessing ' familiar spuit aud of
bctug'iiblotu peifoim many uneannt
niisteiies. Ills fellow slaves held him
In great awe, and even his master
IguiW to a belief m IitS pow cis. i.'iis.
utiaiiy leu to a wager, in which a
greater pail of tho master's foiluno
Was stnkcd 011 tho negion's ditlne
nbltltv. A luitul was placed on the
lawn nnd it lio cuon jiluced under the
battel. J'heit tho negto wiolhsaj ef
whs suit for and told trf iufdi 111 Iho
cuittd what wa tiudertho lunel. Ho
Hied hi various wuy to cse.iu tho tix
pocuto. biit wiihout success. Realiz
uglhathu was eotueivl, l(! I.-aued
on l)m band d.-joetcdl nnd 1em.11 kcd.
tWcJI, jnu'lo-gut this old coon al
:.sf,' win ivup in ,1 glum shoni up-
plamletl' S.tulbu's reui.ii kablu- astuto-
iiiSj anil, his reputation was formrl
llijhly established.Froni tho Raltf
inoro Sun.
rOUVi'llI I 11 1 I 1 IU In U Mi h i inMniM ilfllilMim IttllaMUMIaall Mail HI I hi
i iiftv Jiavjiif .ir YiiwftA JTvor.'iHmniwKwvmmkmmmzJuaEttxtt'-. .
"frjxZKVJiYvt 1 IEBBirallftS&lri naaHQllflKWir f w VtiavM""
iMaBaaaaaBsJaaaaVaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauaaaV? (ntHaaaaaaaaaaaaaajaaaaaaaaaiaCrBaaaaaaBaaawBHaWaTi jbbW aaauaakiKud a
&.JMF. tfttrorWMffMaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaWaTqaaWEiJ're ig?--,'
Bitement Ean High The Skunk
P4 naa ine rtigni 01 viay.
lPVaa a Hot 'iluio in the Knst l'nrt
of Town nna the Air yan I.o
den With tho Odorof War.
Tho Particulars.
I he cry of "skunk!" skunk!" ul-
tetVd by femalo voices Tuesday iu the
fotonoou caused tho ofllco force of The
tijt'Knit to rush out doois to asceitalu
ttrhat w as' tho matter. Coming from
t,be! direction of tho couithuuso wc
beheld a handsome.
full-grown 3kuuk
fading his way towaid
, , .... .
our ofllco
pursued by two ladies who wero poll
ing him uilli stones aud sticks.
sfrlio aggiessiveness of tho ladies m
'3j I couraga iu tho men, and they
Usplayoil a great ileal of valor when
llisKunk was in tho lead, blanloy
Jy . 111.,.
Si i;es, who is a good shot, armed hitn-
,ff;...i 1 i.
favoilto weapon, a six
:iud lushed to tho sqeno of
cain.igo and wasted two shots
skliuk without spilling blood.
ut tho
this timo tho skunk was inclined
toliill on Mis. Norn McC'abe, who was
aijiiod with a doublc-bladcd ax. At
.. .... ,.. ,
uueiuto mo junior cuiior 01 j he
lubuisi: appealed on tho scene with a
dljTwii beer boltlo (it, was empti) and
liirw this missile of death nt thu un
frftpectiug skunk. Foituuately he hit
tholliottstj whloll was much latger lhau
flfter this nupaiallel act of bravery
orr thp pal t of tho editor he mliied
ft the Held of battle and tho skunk
Mrs. MeCaba.wJio didn't
' W..rT'. T ,"H
It wasn't many minutes after this
until tho war whoop was given, aud
wc jooked and beheld tho skunk mak
ing his escape iu tho direction of thu
jail or courthouse, but fate was against
him for somcouo struck him with a long
handle shovel aud .repeated it until
ho was dead.
P. S. Just befotc going to pi ess
we lc.au that W. II. Carroll was au
intctcsted spectator in the skunk bat
tle, but as ho was not actively en
gaged in tho skirmish, under tho late
uilliig In tho war department at Flag
staff, ho would not bo entitled to n
nonsiou or full nay, unless ho can
piovo that ho throw somo missile w itliin
a dozen foot of tho skunk.
George Habbitt, of the firm of Mab
bitt llros., after tho smell of battle
had somewhat vanished, emerged
fiom amouj: tho boxes iu the basc-
mont of their mammoth mcicautllu
establishment, anil mado a circuit at a
safe distance from tho deceased skunk,
whoso carcass had begun to petrify,
and timidly iuqulrcd of thoso who
were stfindlng over tho corpse if it
was dead. When he was assuicd that
llfo was extinct ho approached nearer
and tie wed tho remains for thlity
minutes and inqulied if it was sure
enough dead, and tho odor potrilled.
The ItipleMdo Comianr Sent Out a
Cnrload Yesterday. .
Tho Hist cavload of otanges from
thu Salt River valloy was sent out
yesteulay moinlng over tho S. F. P.
& V. They weto shipped by the lu
glesido company anil wero conslgued
Chicago. The shipment consisted
qf 350 )ovh of tho navel variety. Tho
boxes l Im from 80's to 12C's and fruit
1 . ; . i . m
STF lftj')S ( uJ , I.
llti 1 MWUmV I
of the sauio grndo at this season last
year sold readily In Chicagp at $7 a
box and sold at retail at $1.60 a dozen.
Salt River valley oranges t aro in
greater demand iu Chicago than any
other variety, a fact which is crucify
ing to California glowers, who aro un
able lo get In on tho catly fancy
tnarkot. Several California men have
tried to do so this y ear by shipping
immature fiuit winch failed to please
tho fancy of tho eastern buier. There
is not now aud theto will not be for
ueaily a month auy fruit in California
fit to ship.
Chicago commission merchants havo
advised local growers not to ship until
the fruit Is lnatuie aud so not Imperil
the excellent icputatlou already made
by tho Salt River valloy oranges.
Another shipment will bo mado by
tho Inglcsldo company In time .to
reach Chicago for tho holiday trade.
Their oichaid alouo will yield tin ec
cailoads this year. Phoenix Repub
lican Dee. 2.
Notes About Women
A woman 'J7 years old
tides a
bicjelo iu Dubuque, la.
Tho Chcuy sisters will succeed the
yellow fever lu New Orleans. Mem
phis Commercial Appeal.
"Mile. Maik Twain" is what tho Fi
gato of Palis calls tho daughter of
Samuel L. Clemens.
Miss Piatt is a coloied woman who
is a successful Chicago lawyer. She
speaks several languages and is much
pationUed by foicigncrs Her prac
tice is coulined almost entirely to
ollicu woik.
Thctc H somolhiug about tho name
of Jessie Lincoln that lecalls that of
Jessie lloutou Fremont. Both ladies
weio mauled lather suddeuly, accord
ing to patcinal Ideas. St. Louis
Globe Democrat
Ju7pkalaur Is at a loss to 'lsnbw
li othc-the neonlfe of. 'the United
nwzvtiril&w - r ." -- K ;
,.,.,, t,,. li mil n,, '' If llitv I
Count ry'
in tho light of an exclusive
peisotial possession, like a hotso or
house, sho would piob.tbly not now
be enjoying thosalubiious climatoof
tho federal capital. Now Yotk Com
meicial Adveitiser.
Some Oriental Saws.
A man may bo known iu three ways:
liy his purse, Ins voice aud his auger.
Scandal injures threo persons; Ho
who ullcis it, ho who heats it, ho of
whom it is said.
A penny In a jar makes a gtcal
Tho punishment oftho liar Is that no
one believes him, even wheu ho speaks
the tiulh.
Tho w olid Is like tho buckets iu a
well, tho full one Is soon empty, tho
empty one soon full.
Tho emulation of tho wise Is tho life
of science.
If some one says: "I havo studied
autt teamed nothing," believe him not.
If auolher says: "I havo learned, but
never studied, uellher believo him
lint if still another says: "I have
studied aud learned," he is to bo be
A sago onco said: "I havo learned
much fiom my teachers, mote from
my companions, aud most from my
- Who Is wise? Ho who can learn
fiom every one. Who Is strong? He
who cau couliol his passions. Who
is rich? Ho who Is satisfied with his
lot. Who is honorable? Ho who
honors others.
Thd )iow custom houso at Tanipleo
Is gltlng employment to COO men in
its eoitsli notion. It will bo a two
sloty builtling und 10UU leci iu icugm
It will 00 finished by Maich I
350 OIRLj.
Cclebrtcd for Its great leavening strength
and hcaltlifulncss. Assures tho food against
alum and all forms of adulteration common
to the cheap brands. ROYAL BAKING
A Habeas Corpus Petition Amuses
the Spectators-
The Mill of Justice Went to Grind
ing At a lllah Ilate of Speed
The Grist Not Ground
Tho healing of a writ of habeas
corpus liefoio Court Commissioner C.
A. Keller, Monday afternoon created
somo interest In legal ei teles, aud the
editors of tho Skylight Kicker re
paired to the com t houso at 2 o'clock
to bo present when the curtains raised.
Having complimentary tickets we
were entitled to front seats and the
pioceedings wero so Interesting that
. . . b "
ccpt Iho prlsonera,wbo 'ref2'
.- -" "
ing the gtist.bst the'steam appeared
to Iks up, and districtattorneyClark
moved to dismiss the proceedings
alleging that mandamus was the
proper remedy for the defendants.
While tho district attorney was ar
guing tlio motion and firing authority
at the court in support of said motion,
Attorney G. W. Glowner, who repre
sented tho defendants, Chris Jnrgo-
scu aud Josa Uliavez keep whistling
down blakes until the court throwed
on tho brakes and ordered the prison
ers brought into court. Deputy'
Sheriffs Wm. Miller and C. A. Bush
acted as ushers and seated them in the
front row, as they also had reserved
seats. Attorney Glowner requested
that one of the defendants have a seat
by him, and he started to obey, when
Deputy Miller pulled him back to his.
seat and wouldn't let him go.
This caused Attorney Glowner to
use some language toward veputy
Miller that was uucompllmentary to
Mr. Miller, and theattorney drifted
back to the dark vagcs aud asserted
that tho tight of counsel to talk with
the accused had never been abridged
from Nero, 'the tryauU time to the
words to that effect, auy
way ho vvont
so far back that the
memory of mau runneth not to the
By this time tho District Attorney
concluded that Attorney Glowner's
system was impregnated with alkali,
and that thoy had better go ahead
with their legal arguments. The
throttle was then thrown open and
Attorney Glowner contended that the
prisoners wero illegally restrained of
their liberties by j. C. Milllgau, who
had issued the warrants aud had re
fused an examination for a period of
ten days. ,
District Attorney Clark admitted
that tho Justice of iho Peace had not
followed up the statute,, but contended
that a wi it of mandamus should be
sued out to compel said justice to glvo
tho pilsonera an examination. Tho
cour t after hearing the arguments pro
and con took the matter under advise
ment until 2 o'clock p. m. Tuesday.
Ou Tuesday tho court met pursuant
to adjournment and continued the
matter until Friday. Habeas 20rr.ua
is not only considered the highest writ,
but tho most' speedy route to liberty
known "to the law. Tho proceedings
tlursjar hare beou novel and intac
$stlng to the writer. "
. ,1
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