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" v mtur - .
nnd drug store opposite tha depot. Tele
phonos: Store. 10 ! residence. 33.
ur b,
rlxona. Office and residence In the
VV ArUona.
Presbyterian parsonage Teleptiono No. 43.
I WOfllce hours from 8 to 11 a. to i S to p. in.
,. tona. Office, ono door east of Post'
o lice. Telepbooo No. 31
notice In all the courts in the rourui
Jadlelal District.
Una litigation a orswm-
omc at oonrt hooss. JTlMtff. Arts
i, Office In the Babbitt building. Flag
staff, ArUona. Practice before the Land
I'epartment aspecalty.
-. on . i, ninoiiit iwnnvvp.iTJ.lv
U Will prattles In kit courts of the fourth
Indlclal district, omee with is. u. uosnsy in
lbs Babbitt tralldlnx.
. Ileeta everv Thundar nlirht. In Q. A.
fall. Vlsltlne Workmen are cordially lu-
Tlted. C. A. BUSH, M. W.
Lows SriCRs, Recorder.
meets every Tuesday evening In O. A. R.
nan. visiungoreinren
attend. Da D.J
Louts Brims. R. 8.
brethren cordially Invited to
r Regular meetings on the first Saturday
night of each calendar month In Masonic
Hall. Ktlpatrlck building. Sojourning
brethren cordially invited.
YY. 11. ANDERSON, Master.
J, QcTnmc Savaok. Secretary.
1 of the World, meets the first and third
ondaysln each month. In tho G. A, R. Hall.
Visiting Sovereigns cordially welcome.
' T. 8. .IlUNOll. Counsel Com.
T. E. Puuxim. Clerk. ,,
. Ransom Post, O. A. It. No. 4. Depart
ment of Arizona, will be held In O. A. R. hall
on second and last Saturday in each month.
E. R. JONES, Commander.
E. II. Cress, Post Adjutant.
I, mecU every Friday evening In Masonic
jail. Visiting brethren cordially Invited.
J. E. JONES, N. O.
J. L. DouammTT. secretary,
15. K. OF P.
night In their
All visiting
1VJL meet every Wednesday
'M&e asJl-lo-G. A. K. half.
-ATnrT.Tn niimtoil. rev. F. DILLY.
I Pastor. On bundays: Low Mass at 8
o'clock a.m.; High Mass at 10: a. m. Sunday
School at 3 o'clock p. nn. Kosary and Bene
diction of the Most Blessed Sacrament at 4
o'clock p. in. On week days Mass at 7:30
a. tn. On tbo second Sunday of each month
prayer meeting at 10:30 a. tn. Sunday-school
at 11-15 a. m. All cordially Invited.
Church and Lareux Strtots. O. P. Wil
son. Pastor. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7D. ui.
Sundays; Sunday school at 10 a. m.. Oicar
Gibson, Superintendent. Class uioctlog at
12:15 p. ni. Epworth League 630 p. m.
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 7:30
Everybody welcome.
tr North Ban Francisco street. 11. P.
Cbrscr, pastor. Sabbath services: Preaching
11 a. tn. and 8 P. m.; Sunday .school, 10 a.
m.l Y. P. B. C. E. prayer meeting, 7:15 p. m.
Mid-week conference and prayer, Wednes
day evening at 8 p. m
Is extended to all.
A cordial invitation
Interest i- Paid on Time
-sjiV- ' '
and Savings Deposits,
F -7r-,
Drafts 3old Upoij ;
4 '
All Foreign oGrjfries.
We have an Extensive Patronage and Cor
respondence throughout Arizona, and Invite
your Hanking Business upon Liberal and
Conservative Terms.
B. N. FBEEMAN, President,
. T. E. POLLOOK, Vioe-Preeident,
Boa't Tobueo Bjlt and BrnotaTout Ufa Away.
If vou want to quit tobacco-Mlnir cosily
and forever, boniade waU.stroBK.mngtiaUc,
iSlt of new life add vlKortuUeT-o-To-Bac,
the wondor-worltcr, that jnjkce weak : men
stronaT. Many gain teu pounds in ten days.
OverWrocurod. Buy No-To-Bao oryour
druIst,VunderlgU8MOteo to cure, ah or
.0r Booklet and ample mailed frae.A.
opond promptly to all calls from any
nn the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad.
The Eoute From the Grand Oanyon
to Flagstaff Surveyed.
Will Not Bo Very Expensive to
'Construct a Railroad. Oyer
The Iloute Tbey Sur
veyed. Tho party of surveyors couslstlug of
thirteen mou who have boen survey
ing a railroad louto from the Grand
Canyon of tho Colorado to (hi place,
arrived hero Tuesday afternoon. Thoy
made tho survey In about sixteen
days, tho sumo being less tlrao than a
previous survey had been made by
soveral days.
The routo surveyed intersects the
Santa Fe Pacific railroad about oun
half mile east of town. It is unoffi
cially reported by those who are in
position to known that it will be easy
and not very costly to construct a
railroad over tho ronte surveyed, and
that the routo has the advautage of an
abundauco of flno timber.
If tho above Is correct tho road will
surely bo built from Flagstaff, as it
will be easier and cheaper to build,
and the additional advautam of
plenty ot timber along tho road will
havo considerable weight with the
capitalists and mino owners behind
this enterpiise.
Another reason why Flagstaff should
bo tho junction or tho proper place
for tho Grand Canyon road to inter
sect the Santa Fe PacIGo railroad, is
because tlioro is a good outlet south
to extend tho railroad through tho
great mineral belt of Arizona.
The survey has been made and the
barkers. ot.thacutcrpris--'irill -bo
guided entirely by tho maps, profiles
and plats furnished them by tho en
gineers, Mid anything wo might say
pro or con would not influence the
builders of tho road ouo jot nor tittle,
but reason tells us Hint thoy will select
tbo routo that is tho least expeuslvo to
build over, and thnt settles It in fnvor
of Flagstaff according to tho best in
formation wu can gather.
Gwynno Dennis, Win. O'Neill nnd a
number of railroad magnates, capital
ists and mining kings aro expected to
arrivo hero Saturday from tho cast
to consider railroad nnd mining mat
ters, and as they aro shrewd business
men thoy will arrive at a conclusion
and act accordingly.
Thero is one thing suro If they want
tho benefit of the exemption from
taxation, they will have to make dirt
fly soon as they will havo to lay
twenty-five miles of track netweon
now and spring, but they don't have
to bo reminded of this for thoy aro
well posted in the premises.
The President's Mother.
L. W. B. In Chicago Infer Ocean:
Tho report that Piesulent MeKiuley's
mother has been strioken with paraly
sis touched Washington, as would the
serious illness of a member of tho
family in the White House. "Mother"
McKinley came to the capital with the
Presidential party. Slio remained
only a few days, but she was. ono of
the most interesting personalities who
attended the Inauguration,, not simply
because she was the mother ot the
Pn-hldent, but also because oi her
youthful old ago and her quaint and
Pmltanic good humor. Sho had all
the simplicity nnd faith of a Puritan
mother, nnd with it the sunny good
nature of ono who trusted a higher
nowor in maklne Plnlu the natli her
son should walk in his great and re-
sponsible position. Sho had hoped to
see William some day become n bishop
in the Methodist church, but sho ac
cepted the wa8 of Providonco, which
led hint to the Whlto House as only n
change from her plan for tho gcnernlJ
good. , m m
Thousands'; of pdo'plo saw "Mother"
Mr-Klnle'at Canton during ! ho Pi esl
dential campaign, because she watched
tho coiiibo of arcnts with Interest; and
was often at her son's 'cottage, assist
ing his wife in leeching nnd dtitor
tnlntng gucsls. Her eight) -figh
joais had not made her nn oldjind
infirm woman. She wns energetic
and alert, koeu-slgUtod aud koen-
witted, and full of sweet good nature.
She walked whero otheis rndo in car
riages. Slio proferrctl a straight
backed wooded chair to ono with
cushions or lockers Tho President
Inherited her good nature and patience
as well as bis strong constitution from
his mother.
When "Mother" McKinley camo to
Washington on the inauguration train
it was her first visit to tho capital.
She came" to attend her sou's Inaugu
ration, and also to see tho capital.
She was a good sightseer wliiio hero.
Slio visited many of tho points of in
terest, and was interested in them all.
She could euduro as much as tho
younger membeis of the paity.
Everybody wanted to see "Mother"
McKiuley, but she wanted to see
Washington. When tho President's
party were ushered into the prlvato
gallery of tho Senate to seo the Vice
President inaugurated, half a dozen
men wauted to, help "Mother" Mc
Kinley down tbo steps, of tho gallery
to her seat in tho front row.' But she
had never before needed help in teach
ing her pew in the church, and this
was like a section of a chinch. She
walked alone to her seat, as did tho
others, and she at once became inter
ested in the proceedings.
At tho White House she charmed all
who mot her. Slio was the opposito
of all that makes up tho glitter cf
Washington society. Thero was in
her manner that frank simplicity
which pretended to nothing, the souse
of humor which saw the ildiculous as
well as tho grand, and the wit to make
her conversation as cntcitalning as
that of the accomplished diplomat.
Tho President wanted, his mother to
remain in Wnshiogtonforgouik,
nfier theTi
slio musSJjM,
ids hi other J6B.frtsii&!erii
ing her tMnitasjiqtAfffleloflKe -
iranlon af home, nnd she would havo
nothing to do,
"But, bojs, don't you know that 1
havo two houses that will bo vacant
tho fust of April, and I can't afford to
loso the rent? I must go homo nnd
find tenants for them," replied
"Mother" McKinley, with a twinkle
in her oos. Her seiuo of business re
sponsibility silenced her boys, though
ouo of them wns Ptesidont of the
United States, with tho task of re
viving the business of tho whole
country by a wiso policy on Ids hands.
"Mot bet" McKinley went home.
Saylnga of Children.
Wiicu Harry was 2 years old ho
opened Iho main entrance door to
admit a caller uho wished to see
"grandma." Harry felt it Incumbent
upon him to entertain the caller, who
was a crusty old lady, somewhat at
odds with children in geucral. The
youthful entcitnincr instinctively felt
tho slight'antagouism, but brately en
deavored to perform his solMmrortaut
task. Tho caller prrsoutly J made use
of tho stock Interrogation;
Well, Harry, will you go homo
with me?"
"No, ma'am," said Harry, honestly
and somewhat 'bluntly.
Foolishly mulled, the caller said.
"Well, I don't "Want you, nuyway."
JUarry looked earnestly nnd search-
ingly at her, aud then cliuched tho
whole thing by saying, with religious
siucerity aud rcilectod thankfulness:
"JXO, pmy iioou loiks wants me."
At the tinio of one of.tliu late presi
dential campaigns,' when oven children
caught (be Infection of politics, Hattle,
botween 3 and 4 yoais old, accom
panied her mother upon a visit to
snmo ,iIbi'8 m Michigan.
Upon tho
urst ovonluc in tho strnueo house.
when Hat lie's, hour for coiug to sleep
came, sho was so exulted it was difficult
for her to compose herself.' At last
lier mother said.
' "Haltie, dear, I am anxious that1
you get quiet and go to sleop, because
I want to go downslalis and' join lu
tho evening pi njers." ; " -
"Wliu's join' to pwnjP" asked
Hattle. .
"Why, iiiule William, of couiso,
"Uuclo William pniiy?" said tho
baby. wl(h 'wide-eyed nstuiiisliiueiif,
nid 'sptitigliig tip Its her bed lu Iho
vigor of her shrpiiau:4 "W'y, I fawt
bo was a demokwat?','
ms&iffi3mM. MMMwmwM&mmm
ajaBSMt,2KssssssssssSsssssssssssBls'Esttst Mstf ssssssssMssssTssssstissssWTsTsS iMsfisr TVllTnfiVll
",T'"""" -.'-W."'X . .. T il'l TBssT'Ht'UsJrJ Isssfc-iir iti 'VasssVsssf'VVBT I
titomMJummm tMBmm&mmmnm
inn and ew Mexico Must Not
loAdssUted Into tho Union.
; .
Wow we'givo a paragraph taken
fivnja'paniphlet issued by tho Board
oMBiniMiissions of tho Preshytoiian
cUI&mP'Wew Yotk for 1897. Tho
comment on said p.uagiaph by Iho
Graham Guaidlan Is it-produce. Tho
paragraph leads as follows:
"If Cougiess should jiuld to tho
clanftr of New Mexico nnd Aiizona
for admission to tho Union, theto
wollM ho at ouce two gical States
conUollod fiom tho beginning sucialty,
politically and u-ligiously by tho
Itoinish lik-rut chy. No ouo call pic
diet what iiilluenre, dcstiuetite of our
chctfchcd institutions, such States may
not n'; lime exeil over our laud."
Tho above U takeu from a pamphlet
issued by tho Boaul of Homo Missions
of tho Piesbyteriau church at Now
Yoikforl897. Cau It bo that intelli
gent men will indulge in such nariow
compacted nonsense, nud especially in
a matter of which tho above shows
thoy know nothing. Iisajs: "Thero
would ho tit once two great States
controlled from the beginning socially,
politically and leligiomly by the
Komfitsh henarchy." Nothing cm bo
further f i oin tho truth, of which tho
members of tho bo.ttd must coitainly
bo awaio if they know anything about
the existing conditions hero nt all.
But Kieii ifitwcie title, do llieso to
ligtous piiifefrsora set themselves up to
bo tho judges as to what class of pcoplo
must inhabit a tcnitory fur It to be
come eligible to Statehood? Is not
this the mixing of church and stato,
which is fin bidden by tho constitution?
Do ltk-33 men mean to
rebellion. Theio is a great
deal nuuu dancer in oxpiessinjrsuch
sentiments as tho above then admit
ting ii toriitory even if its peoplo weie
cannibals. If the levciencd gentle
men who published the pamphlet in
question would devote then- energies
to the upbuilding of their church in
stead of attempting to meddle in af
fairs nf Stato they would probably not
be compelled to complain of a largo
deficit in their yearly receipts as they
do in tlio pamphlet iu question. Of
eotitsa it is popular at present iu tho
east to blackmail tho two tertitories
for tlio politicians want no more west
ern Senatois, and wo supposo tho
Board of Homo Missions thought thoy
must kick too, lu older to bo iu the
i Cold at Klondyke.
According to tho Alaska Miner, a
gentleman who has just escaped from
the Klondike region gives tho following
account of some things that happened
there t "A man told mo who had win
tcied thero seven years that It was so
cold In January that thoy froze tho
flames Of their caudles and sold them
for strawberries. He said thoy kept
their fires over night by putting them
out In tlio air nnd letting them frcczo
and then thawed them out iu tho
morning. Ho said ho had seen four
men dii of collo from eating whiskey
that &s frozen so iinid it wouldn't
thaw inside of them. He said tho
cows gvn ice cream till they froze to
death., j He said ho know a clerk in n
hotel on tho Yukon th,nt got rich sell
ing thpt diamonds lie woio, said dia
monds bolng nothing on earth but ico
crystals that didn't thaw till after tho
clerk hid got out of tho country. Ho
said he lind soon a man fall off tho roof
nf a barn aud freeze so stiff before lie
tell, us-that
ra&U. """" ,-r.n: -a-y ivl
rkXTT. rT'sssssrTTWssssssssr'i T TssrlrTr TF7r "iTi- r i T T
mt- cW bi?i&irtciWMisfetafSklntf
Jl-JlJtsfagifcsteJlMP'' '
Tl ifliMnTTsM W i "JiaiiBw mai
l VT l aBsssl missjW' m mf
yfll ill I "?? KSBssMssMsTk
MPov;ovwr350, oiituft.
lit that ho broke in two when ho hit
the ground. He said bo had seen
smoke freeze in a chimuoy till tho fire
wouldn't draw, and he know of one
case whero tlio smoKo irozo niter it
got a hundred feet up and fell back on
tho bouse, knocking a holo in tho roof
big enough to drive a yoko of steers
tluough. Ho said the reason that
nights were so long in that country
was that tho daik got froze so bard
tho da light couldn't thaw its way
through iu less than six mouths."
Xo I too ill For Him.
James G. Blaine is said to have
related tho following story to a coterie
of fiiends while crossing from America
to Europe: "A few years ago I at
tended a peiformancc of "Faust" at a
Dublin theater. In the third act,
Faust, the lost, is dragged down iuto
tho infernal regions iu a blaze of fire.
On tills occasion the actor impersonat
ing Faust was an abnormally large
man, and tho trap-door of tho stago an
unusually small oue. At the proper
time the door sepaiated and a volumo
of bluo and red ilanio burst forth.
Faust was seen dragged by a hidden
power struggling through the open
ing. His legs went first, and he pro
ceeded as fur as his waist. Here he
stuck. Those underneath tiled to puli
him through, whilo ho endeavored to
get out. He could move neither way,
ids portly body completely filling the
npcrture. Thero was an embaviassing
pause. Theaudiauco wore as silent" as
a tomb. Then an old Iiishman back
iu the gallciy aiose and, with his eye
fixed on tho scene, raised his hand aud
fervently exclaimed: 'I thank God,
hell's full.' "
A dNp.tlch from Madison, Wis.,
sajs: Tho case of Lizzie Donomte,
ounr half-breed from Lao la
FlanibCfiUt JilvV?? )? J10"1''' th0 fedei al 1
court, blie uas charged with assault
with intent to kill two Indians and her
case brought up hi! fmpoi taut over
sight of federal la,vs. After sho had
spent 115 data iu jail hcte, Judge
Dunn dismissed her case for want of
jurisdiction. Congress in 1885 passed
a law to provide punishment for as
sault committed by Indians on the tes-
t-rvatiou, but left it to other statues to
settlo in what courts and what manner
tho offence should bo tried. Upon
investigation it was found there is no
other statuo which contains these pro
visions and tho court was without
Tramp With Literary Qenlus.
A young man, faiily well dressed,
called at the homo of a well-known
South Side woman this morning aud
asked for something to cat. Sho told
him to go to the wood-houso and saw
some wood whilo sho prepared a
breakfast for him. Not coming back
the woman went to tho woodshed and
found thnt Iho tramp had gone. No
wood had been cut, but tacked on one
of the sticks wns a nolo reading:
"Just tell them that you saw me,
but jou didu't see mo saw." (In
diaunpolis telegram to tho Chicago
Arizona nnd Now Mexico United.
Yesterday ot cuing Mr. O. C. Wat
son of Plioculx, Arizona, nud Miss
Lillian Hughes of Albuquerque, Now
Mexico were united iu mnrtiago. The
brido is tho daughter of Mr. Thomas
Hughes, editor of tho Albuquerque
D.tlly Citi.en, ono of the brightest
dailies lu the west. Judging from tho
bride's patents wo feel assured that
Mr. Watson has won a piize that any
gentleman should bo proud to win
Theso ncwlv married noonle M re
side nt Phoenix. Tho Sktuout
Kickkh wishes them many happy and
prosperous years of wedded life.
i 1 .
Rayal asaka the food psm,
ill :
soYM.aiao wtseiviiswvesK. "
Celebrated for IU great leavening strength
and healthfulness. Assures the food against
alum and all forms of adulteration common
to the cheap brands. UOYAL BAKING
Clever Mechanical Oerjeea.
To automatically guide a bicycle a
head block is attached to the under
portion of the frame close to the head
to support a pair ot spring guides
which press against the back sides of
tho forks and hold them straight.
A St. Louis woman has designed a
car strap which will not close up on
the hand, a rod being used, with a
small ring at" one end, by which it is
attached to the car," and a larger
leather-covered ring at the other end
for the hand.
Billiard cues aro to be made with
tho butt hollowed, out so a screw rod
cau bo inserted on which to mount
several circular weights, which are
turned backward and forward on the
rod to balance the cue to the players
An adjustabIecbileN"d'spriug is used
in upholstering furniture to keep the
suiface ot lue scats from settling, a
jmr.v.cd jilato beingattachedai oue Ide-r
of tlio scat and pressed upward at the
other end by the spring to keep it in
A Tcxau has invented aono-wheeled
racing sulky w hich is prevented from
tipping over by the manner of attach
ing tho thills to the harness, the ad
vantage being that the sulky does not
tako up so much room on the track
and tuns easier.
In a new betr-dellvery wagon a ro
tary rack is journaled on tho front and
tear axles aud holds a number of half
round barrel cradles, which are piv
oted so as to tip and roll tho barrel
out as the rack is turned to bring
each cradle close to the ground.
Ordinary tables can be converted
into billiard tables by means of-a new
device, which consists of a series of
tubber-cushioued wood strips, which
are clamped on to the edges of 'the
table, the sttips being made shorter
than the table, when a pool table ls
wanted, so as to leave room for the "
To prevent the stealing of bicycles
a new lock is formed of a siBgle piece
of tubing serving as a strencthenioe
brace for the frame, with a sliding
bolt iu ono end, '' which fits between
two teeth on the sprocket-wheel and1 a
key-hole In the opposite end, in which
the keys is inserted to operate the
Au Englishman has patented a cau
terizing apparatus which can be at
tached to tho coat and used by one1'
hand, the heat being obtaiued from; .,
benzine gas, which is forced agaiasV.
tlio iron to ho heated by a collapsible - w
bulb held in the hand and the heated J
iron being pushed out beyond thej
fJnnio hen wanted for uso.
Tallest Girl In the World. ' '
Miss Minnie Powers of Luckport, N.
Y., lit cigbt'feet la height, lacking one ' l
inch. She Is the tallest woman in the'
United States. She is handsome in
spitoof her abnormal proportions.
The "average heiirht of women in
'Eoglaildis5ieet8iucb.es. The aver-
age height ot American women, ac- "
cording to William Blaite, the expert
on physical culture, 6 feet&lnches "
The two inches in favor of the EnglteE
women are doubtless dne to many geaA'
eratiocs of outdoor lite and sports '
Tho modern American woman, how-'
over, is following heFEbgllsh coosta1
in their iiasibuate' lovo of athletloL
with the 'result that the Youniretr
(American woman have showu a wond-
euui groyvtu au( juoro pronouueed.
toudeuuy to ample physical- proportions.
. :
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