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R. H. & J. E- JONES,
Editor wd PnbUthtrt
One Year , 1 W
Six Month 1 CO
Three Month 76
Single copies It cents) two copies 15 cents;
all orcr two copies. 1 cents each.
Advertising rates given upon application.
' Tlio Into method of reforming the
curronoy Is to contract it.
Tlio Greeuland whalo has been
kuowu to ronch tho ago of JO years.
Tho Southern Paciilo company and
others proposo spendlug $250,000 In
'improvements at Santa Monica.
fTho Santa Fe Is said to bo teailug
tip four miles of track between
Kanchlta and Fallbrook, to abandon it.
If the home rule bill becomes a law
tlio day that It is signed , will be cele
brated in Arizona as emancipation
The law requiring the registration
of .voters is a very expensivo luxury to
tho taxpayeis and economy would
suggest its repeal.
'Santa Barbara has a proposition
from tho Union company of Sau Fran
cisco to erect a $1,000,000 sugar fac
tory foria'land bonus of 2500 acres.
Tho Missouri penitentiary has 18
convicts who are serving life sentences.
Nineteen hare 99 years banging over
them, and 14 are hung up for 60 years.
The advance agent of prosperity
must be traveling in an ox cart, or be
certainly would have arrived on this
side of the Mississippi river before
Germany will have an industrial
palace, 700 meters square, on the
banks of the Seine near the Qnai
d'Orsay, at the Paris exposition in
Capitalists are planning to build a
20,000 betel at Indlo, capablo of ac
commodating 200 guests. Con nested
with the hotel will be a number of
cottages for invalids.
Unsuccessful efforts have recently
been made to file on the San Cle-
mente island, which is a government
reservation, because of the barbor
stone quarries there.
A $300,000 check was drawn by tho
Tillo Insurance and Trujt company on
the Fanners and Morchants bank of
Los Angeles last week in part payment
for tho Cerrltos ranch land purchased
by W. A. Clark of Butte, Mont., from
Jotham Blxby.
Tho board of supervisors of Cochise
county advertises for bids for county
pi inting in a manner that is easily
understood by all patties interested in
the manner. They specify the quality
of the paper to be used, as well as the
quautity of woik required. They re
quire four hundred copies of the gieat
register priutcd.
.()ur MatkV bill for home rule iu
Atizona is one that will be more favor
ably received by our people than any
legislation that has yet been intro
duced for our benefit. kHomo rule has
been a popular cry, and the provisions
of this bill supply It. We hope for
its early passage. Tombstone Pros
The Poor Man's Karnlna).
Jas, W. Bell of St. Louis, Mo., un
der the above heading, has this to say
The postal savings bank system is
at once convenient, safe and pronta
blc; and for those reasons is vastly
superior to any private banking sys
tem yet devised for the beneut anu
security of the smaller class of deposit
tors. The earnings of the humbler
classes are a tbonsand-fold mora lm
portant to them, representing as they
do the struggles of flesh and blood,
than tho surplus accretions of the man
of means, aud nothing higher could
engage the attention of the govern
ment thau iu following the examples
set It by other countries in, making
due and adeauate nrovislM for the
ssJe-keeplsg of the hard-ared and.
honorable; accumulations of the work
ing people and farmers, particularly
ia the Western aud Southern States,
where there is at present only one
savings bank for 17,120 voters. A
postal savings bank system would en
courage saving by working people In
the country and sparsely populated
districts. In the small towns and
villages, away from the centers or
population, such depositories would bo
of great benefit t3 all.
The Skylight Ulty Sliould Get Heady
For tho Great llusli.
Theio Is no question but what thcia
will bo livo times moro visitors
lino uoxt summer thnu over bofoi o,
uud wo must nrrnugo to ontoitidu
them if we desire their picsenco.
Moro houses should bo built, our
hotels aud boarding houses should bo
increased, tho ball giouuds and raco
course buouM bo Improved, and a
first-class opera liouso built, and the
streets and diiro wajs graded and im
proved, and a patk made, and employ
a good baud to play iu tho park or
some public place tlnoo evenings each
It would cost soiuo money and labor
to do tills, but it would bo tho best in
vestment tho town ovor made for it
would soon bo returned with compound
Interest besides tlio comfoit and en
joyment our own citlzous would ro
ceivo from these lmpioemcnts sajlng
nothing about tho value it would add
to real estate
Flagstaff is destined to bo tho
greatest health resoit in tho west, If
not on the continent, and tlio timo is
not distant when this fact will bo
established, and it Is timo that wo
wero prcpaiing for a large iucreaso
in population as well as buudieds and
thousands of lsItors, who aronssuio
to coma hs tlio sun shines. Flagstaff
is on tho evo of a grand impioremcnt
boom, and iu less thau twclvo months
she will bo entitled to wear tho robes
of a city, aud it is time that her citi
zens were getting into the baud
m i m
They KncournKO Vs.
Twenty days ago we published a
notice that those who weio iu at tears
with us on subscription would have to
make settlement with us by tho 15th
of this month (which was yestciday)
or wo would bo compelled to drop
them from our list. We aro pleased
to state that wo haven't had to drop
many, and what few we dropped still
lives iu our memory aud we will still
try to collect from them.
Wo have added a number of now
cash subscribers to our list which is
very encouragiug, and neatly nil of
our old subscribers ato advaucing
their subscription for one year, and
sonio for two.
Vlasstnn iMiouId Ilavo One.
' Cue of tho .needs of Flagstaff Is a
steam laundry, and If one was put iu
hero It would pav a good per cent on
the investment from thestatt. Tho
demand for good laundry work exists
now, and tho lucreised demand in tho
next threo mouth) will bo so gi eat
that the washing cnu't bo douo by
This is a splendid location. Tho
work is here, ant'.' tho conditions mo
such that a iauudty could alwajs find
plenty to do and it would certainly bo
a profitable buslueso at this point. A
fow" bundled dollar invested iu this
business at this plao.t would certainly
bo a safo and profitable investment
under proper niduagemtiit.
Tli o South l'art of Town.
Tho south part of town', that ts south
of the railroad track wi.U receive somo
attention noxtspting. ,V largo hotel
aud possiblo an opera nouso may bo
orecled on the south side, besides sono
business houses aud cottages. Tho
location is line, and tho Santa Fe
Pacific company has an interest in
that part, aud tho company won't let
any propel ty thoy own go dead or bo
idle. Tho prospects mo blight for
the south part, and it will not bo
many mouths until tho south paitand
Milton will join.
Town Council.
The town council met Dec. 14th
1897. with J. W. Francis, mayor, 6.
A. Keller, David Babbitt, cotincilmen
and C. A. Bush, clerk, present.
On motion duly carried tho follow
ing claims against tho town wero ap
proved and warrants for same ouleiod
B. F. Taylor, purohaso of lots
18, 14 and 15, blk. 40.. .. $100.00
C. A. Keller, chairs 11.25
Arizona Lumber & Timber
Co., lumbor
Flagstaff eleott ic light, wiring
city hall aud Rights. ....
W. U. Tel. Co., messages....
Babbitt Bros., supplies
Flagstaff Commercial Co 20. 62
C. A. Bush, salary. . . , 87.60
Flag. Democrat, printing, Ac. 27.60
L. D. Laudets, 6 days labor ,-. 10.00
Labor, exponso, water 42.70
Claim of A. T. Cornish for $438.20
was laid over for fin ther consideration.
Thomas Jasper, tho electrician, left
Saturday for a fow da s business visit
to Chicago. During his absonce Thos.
Devlno jvJII look after tho electiic
light plant and see that wo aro not
left in total darkness.
A Farco to bo llondcrcd by tilt
Htuirnruinntlu Circle llceer
Oth,JH07. SVj
Quo of the most attiai'live feMij
of tho coitiui'r holiil.its tvlll bo
dtiction of tlio f.neo "Lend Meri
Shillings," alDthldtt's Opera
December 30th, 1807, by tlio Fl
Dramatic Ciicle. This is tho
piece of Joo Juliet. son, lately rai
by him in tho most celobiatcd tl
of Chicago, and tho fact that
A. Fly nn is m cliaigo of tho nl
ment is mi nssiiiniico that t
elToilby our local talent will
usual an immense success aud a tte.it
to tlio judicious people of Flagstaff.'-
Au excellent musical piogram will
bo rondcicd in connection witli tlio
fat co by our best talent, under the
managemuut of Mis. T. A. ltioul.iu
and Mis. D. J. Brnuucn. Only pop
ular pticcs will bo charged.
Judge Milligaii's couit has been In
active ltmnliig operation forsoeral
da s. No less than seven men have
been pl.teed under airc&t for gland
larceny, mid tho Judgo has taken up
their examinations sepaiately. The
names of the pai lies accused arc: J.
F. D.i-:ks, Gieen llonnitl, Ptesetvo
Wheeler, Waid, Clnis Jurgcusuu,
Jom) CInne and Yb.uio. Alt the
pat lies h.nu been hold to await the
action of the giaud liny in a 3,000
bond each, except Gieen Ho waul who
has had no cMiiuiiiatiou as jet, anil
Picseno Wheeler who wns loleased by
tho Judge. Tho parties ato accused
of taking a uumber of sheep belonging
to tho Aiioiia Land ami Stock com
pany, but ns wo liavo not hcaid all
tho testimony in tho. cue wo offer
no comment cither way.
Tho lectute on Hun Htir at tho l'res
by toiian chuich last Fiiday etcning
was well attended and thoioughly
enjoyed by all. Tho now light gives
a clear distinct picluio of ten feet iu
diameter. The tiext lectin o will have
for its subjects "Aitlc Exploration, or
a year within tlio Ai tie Ciicle." This
will bo followed by somo illustrated
story, prob.ibly tlio wild lido of John
Gilpin. For full p.nliuulars see small
bills, ami also the posloflico bulletin
boaul on Fiiday.
in tIa
w ; li
fifteen hundred and lift) -four pounds
iu weight. One of'which weighed four
bundled and twenty-six pounds fjet.
Theio wero larger hogs iu tlio lot thau
tho four mentioned, but they wcii) not
so fat and was not selected by the
By some means some of the "kids"
about town h.tvo obtained clgaicttcs,
nud have been smoking them of late
mound bams and out houses. It is a
tlolation of law to sou or give away
cigaiettes to minors under certaiu
itgcs, nud it is dangeious to piopeity
for thorn to bo smoking and using tlio
about barns. Tho atithotilios ate on
the nleit, and if it is not stopped nt
once tho law will bo put in force.
Sliecl Commissioner, William May
flower, mado himself solid with" the
business men on tlio east end of Aspon
avenue llii3 weeK uy lajiugaoroau
sidewalk along tlio noitli side of said
uvenue. Tlio office of the Skvliiit
KiCKF.it can uow bo reached from any
paitof tho city on nn elevated lail
lond, or an elovated sldownlk jwo
should have said. I
Postmaster T. J. Co.il tor, is con
Icinplnliug electing iu tho ncai' futuie
a bilck building on tlio southeast cor
ner of Laioiix stteetand Aspen nvpnuo
to bo used for n postoflicc. This ior
ucr is a nice location, and will bo fon
vonicnt for a mnjoiity of tho patijins
of the office. ,
Jeiry Woodbiidgo who has made a
success iu tho wool growing business,
at lived from Now Mexico this morn
ing where ho has been looking after
his largo bunds of slieop. j
Molcnpnh & Mudcrsbach hate, the
cleanest, nicest, most convenient uleat
maikoUn town. Their meats aro all
fresh and of the finest. '
Others' have it fow Stetson hais in
stock,-but tho only full lino jf Fall
styles ns yet teceived hero can be seen
at tho Casli Storo. ' I
Tho dangers of civilization nre over
woik, wony and germs. Wo neell a
vitalizing power to sustain us. Learned
men and oxpuilehco, point to pure
Whiskey. Pilinitivo men did uot need
whiskey. Wo do. Changed condi
tions bilng ftesh needs. And THE
whiskey is HAKPEU,
sold m
fftkMi u Vrt,i,nrftliHr-flfc'lfcm mn pmu iiibbiwji brtu
J--i3y i-T-fl iVi b L'" Tr-Wl m ,m s !- s.knKssslJ
"2imw3f(?mrrj' mmMmaapmimim
. t vp;j.j .';-Bifc -v v-r.w jl ... l'i fiiim.iufB wvviMsniMPMinM i
.. Z. Tft A ji.. jj.i i -mitJ --- m .ss.J', a j.stJ- tCsU
i,,,,.cra-i!WMiW5,iiA.v3iJ tMm.mKrmzmmmmm
& if'JrsffiZ'&t fifetJj' f,li(6sKKAJlP0JM3i
uieen alnsrweeKvxmtiwsmaiiiaavesc --.r.. r- --?--g.,- .r - - t-.
Notice for Publication,
til. E. Not 829.
BgSH December H, 1897. f
KotlceH noreuy civen that tlio following
Bftmod settlor imsimct not loo or hln Inten
sion ,to tniko final proof iln support of Ills
Claim, mid Unit suld proof will ho njude be
fere the Clerk of the Trounto Court at Das-
stair,! Ariz., on January 23. 1688. li: Jiimcs
ti. Dougherty, for tlio 3FM Bee. 10. Twp. SO,
no names tno ionowing witnesses to prove
his continuous i csldenco upon, aud cultiva
tion of said land, viz: Alexander J. Diamond
Frank Fay. John O. Harrington, O sorgo
ZeHler, all of Flagstaff, Arizona.
I Frederick A.Tmti.b Jr., ItegUter.
' , Notice for Publication.
i lid. Entry No. 800.
V Iand Offlco at rrcscott. Ariz.,
$.; NoTCtnuerZl. 1897.
-No'tlco Is hereby given that the following-
numud settler has filed notlco cf his Inten
tion to muko final proof lu support of his
claim, and ihat said proof will be mado be
fore theXIlerk of tho I'robato Court at Flag
staff, Arizona, on Saturday, January IS, 1898,
viz: Christian Jurgcnscn for tho southwest
quarter of section 2, township 18 north of
rnngo to cost.
Ho names tho following witnesses to provo
his continuous resldcnto upon, and cultlvu
tlon of, said land, vlzt llarvcy O. lieasley,
Daniel M. 1'raiicls, Charles A. Keller, Wil
liam Leo, all of Flagstaff, Arizona,
Klrst publication Dec. B. 1897.
Notice For Publication.
lid. Entry No. 8S1.
Laud Office at Prcscolt, Ariz..
Ko ember 30. 1897.
Notlco Is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notlco of his Inten
tion to make final proof In support of his
claim and that said proof will bo made be
fore the Clerk of the I'robato Court at Flag
staff, Arizona, on Haturday. January 8, 1898,
tlz: John W. Francis, for tho southeast
quarter of section 28. township SO north.
range 7 east.
Ho names tho following witnesses to provo
his continuous residence upon, and cultiva
tion of, said land, viz: Asa Clark, Georgo
Zctllcr, Marring. Ileal, James C. McUuIre,
all of flagstaff, Arizona.
County Xotlce.
Officii or tiik ItoAitD or Supervisors or
luaBTArr. isoremuerzt. isn
Notlco Is hereby given that the Board of
Supervisors of Coconino county, Arizona,
will receive sealed bids until 10 o'clock, a. in.
on January 3rd, 1898, for furnishing tho
County for the year 1898 with the following
supplies, etc:
1. Printing and Publishing.
2. Stationery.
3. Boird of County Prisoners at County
Jail In Flagstaff,
I. Care of Indigent sick at Flagstaff.
5. Medicines and Medical attendance for
Indigent sick at Flagstaff.
5. Medicines and Medical attendance for
Indigent slsk at Williams.
Bids for printing, publishing and station
ery will be received In lump bids, or for each
Ids aroto.bo marked on cn elope and ad-
im mara.
usand Pol-
ful perform-
Ije let.
to reject any
Board of bu-
AM, Clerk.
Sale or Ileal Kstntn.
Notlco Is horeby given that In pursuance
of an order of the Frobato Court of Coconino
County, Arizona Territory, made on the 4th
day of December 1837, tho undersigned, ad
mlntstrator of tho ctato of Mary J. Hoffman
deceased, will offer at private sale to tho
highest bidder for cosh In hand tho follow
ing ronl cstato, to-wlt: Lots 1,2,3.4,6,6.,
and 8, In Block IK FlagsUff townsltoslt
uatod In Coconino County, Arizona Terri
tory. Said sate of said real estate will be
mado on Friday, December 21th 1837, at 10
o'clock a. m., of said day, and scaled bids In
writing for tho purchase of said real estate
will bo received at tho office of tho Probate
Judge lu the town of Flagstaff, Coconino
County, Arizona Territory, up to the dato of
snld sale. Dated at Flagstaff, Arizona, this
December 9th 1887. Geo. IIorruAN,
Administrator of the estate of Mary J.
Hoffman deceased.
East S!d San Francisco St., FliBSTJSFF
Flagstaff Undertaking Parlors
EDGABWniPI'LE. Manager.
Everything Up tp Dato.
ASBESTOS COFFINS that afford Pioteotlon
In ant climate.
d, G. MlbblGftN
( - n r a r rt r
Manufacturer of
Brick and Lime.
Flagstaff Precinct.
Hear the Jingling Bells
of Old Santa Claus I
This is the season of joy for the
little ones, as well as for the
older folks.
The question that puzzles us most
V 3nY
at the yule-tide season
m . m m
we give our friends?
' A call at our store
out in the matter bee our line of
toys, dolls, etc., for the little folks.
LADIES! What riill yoa jWe yoflp jervtlet -
man PnionAc arA rD.la?ii)oc? Han w)o cirSrtioch9S8
Fancy Pipes,
""" fv. ..,
Rill- Mil til Pi-it
Qloves. '
Gaps, Walking Slicks,
Slippers and Shaving Sets,
Cigar Cases. Pocket Knives.
Make your friends happy with a
suitable Xmas gift.
He Largest Decartment
Dealers in Navajo Blankets and Curios.
rill the Delioaoies of the Season Fresh from the Market.
You are invited to oall and inspect my Stook
Every article needed iu outfitting for the
Klondlike, except Tea, Sugar and Coffee,
is manufactured or produced at
Therefore Tacoma offers the cheapest and best outfits,
put up and packed by experienced Klondikers. Being at
the head of navigation on Puget Sound all Alaska steam
ers start from Tacoma. For free maps and free Klondike
information, address
Tuna Citizen' Kliriike hfiraatiii lirtii,
044 raclflo ATenne, TACOMA, WA8H.
Fi i crx
: DEALER IN -'f lm
Fancy Groceries, r
Fine Cigari,
Tobaccos and ;
prKs: candies,:
ImW t
I-.Tn . srrrti all tlia horrors otlatpotoDcr. CCNHIIai
BEFORE AMD AFTEH dnys and thsarliiaryoriVnsotaU tost aillsn.
troatatllla. CPPIDBWKIsttsoBlyJOwarmtoearwKbaataasajtssa. MS
XMrtaiATIsilPrM)P.aBwlWi,taBriaaii,Oal Jr4Ml
-. -? W-
is, "what shall
will help you'
VU WtsA.ll IIV J A. It JT VJ If p
i&' Jfr..
Silk Handkerchiefs,
Silk Nechvear,
F.vvv.vy .vi.ii , Ttj
7tT Riin r4-
Hosiery. ' '"
tion ota temoas Freocti pbrsldtn, WW SjSlsklr our rou aall B
vous or (ltaj ol U gnnuiv atases, sash m LastXMiksotf,
InomnIJ,lnslnttlj8siiImlssis.irr DtbK?
rimples, Uofltnns to Kwrr BzbsSMloc Drstas, VaHoaeelaM
S '
l ,H
tl i

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